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  1. Hello everyone , I would like to present you our Lineage Interlude PvP server , L2Etnia. After some months of daily working we are glad to announce that it's time to go online. We are trying to make a stable server and something different, but to manage it we need your help. Remember that we are people too , so be patient and we promise to you that server will become better day by day. Also we want to update server often , adding new custom features , new events and many others. Share our server and call your friends to join too! We are waiting you all on the Grand Opening. Grand Opening :
  2. http://L2ALIVE.LT L2Alive is coming back ! L2ALive is coming back for you, guys. We're coming back with awesome game moments, with unique system, unique adventures and unique entertainment. While we were doing this wipe we invented much more amazing updates. We want to say about new era, about new start from zero. We're glad that You guys are loyal for us. We are publishing now about the new start at .... and we want to say - Let the new wonderful L2ALive season begin! Greetings from L2ALive.lt administration! Server Start 2015-02-21 16:00 (GMT+2) EVENTS •Clan Event Clans which ha
  3. The Best PvP/PVE Server with the most Balanced Classes that you ever Seen before! Chronicle: Interlude L2TheGold will be a Lineage II: Interlude server. It will be 85% similar to the old Gold Server. We will remove/tweak features we think are poorly thought of and add features to make it a pleasant server to play on. If you need something fresh and ORIGINAL game play TheGold is here This page explains about the basic L2TheGold features and gives some information for the people who are not really familiar with C6. Rates: xp 90x / sp 90x / adena 90x (all adena is divided by 100/all shops pric
  4. Website: www.l2ngu.eu Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2ngu Server start: 2015.02.20! Two factions: Pirates vs Guards Unique maps system (changes after 50min) Mobs ,champions mobs treasure chests(drops enchant scrolls) on every map There is 20% chance that will be spawned raid boss on the map Artefacts - use seal of ruler skill to capture area and get reward, also will be rewarded all team members which are near artefact After death you can use "To Siege HQ" function, if your team haven't any flag you will be ported to base flag, if team have flags you will be randomly ported to flag
  5. Hi guys. :) I playing lineage 2 c6 pvp servers. And now looking for clan. PVP SERVER! More info about me.. skype: skype: karolis.fizikas or skype: buoozeq + TS, n-18 .
  6. Reunion x3000 PvP Server Features WEBSITE The server has successfully launched 8/1/15 21:00 GMT +2 Main Town GIRAN Shopping Area Flying Insland Buff Slots : 60 Custom Bosses Olympiad 100% Retail like DualBox allowed 100% Retail like gameplay without any variable custom items , only the typicals. Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes Active and experienced development/GMteam! No corruptions! Not used accounts will be deleted after 2 months NO LAG!!! 100% Uptime Max Subclasses = 5 Max Subclass level = 80 All active/passive augments are fully working! (Only 1 ACTIVE and 1 PASSIVE) All f
  7. Reunion x3000 PvP Server Features WEBSITE Server is going down for maintenance Server is going down for maintenance, for updates and last commits making the gameplay more creative and powerfull! Today at 21:00 GMT + Officialy Openning! Stay in touch with us. Main Town GIRAN Shopping Area Flying Insland Buff Slots : 60 Custom Bosses Olympiad 100% Retail like DualBox allowed 100% Retail like gameplay without any variable custom items , only the typicals. Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes Active and experienced development/GMteam! No corruptions! Not used accounts will be deleted a
  8. http://L2LEGEND.NET Welcome L2 Legend Players! Dear players we was online more than 4 months online! We are saying thank for all of you who was with us. But how you see where are no players left in server. So we decided to make a wipe. Therefore, we want to announce server Grand opening! Server will start 2015.01.10 16:00 GMT +2! L2Legend is the place where you can trust, make fun, find new friends and spend your best days! •EVENT• •Facebook EVENT! Go to our FACEBOOK page, find post about NEW SEASON, press SHARE, LIKE and post some NICE COMMENT. We will randomly choose one player
  9. Rates: XP: 1000 SP: 1000 Adena: 1000 Drop: 1 Party XP/SP: 1 Starting level: 80 Enchant Rates: Safe: 4 Max Weapon: 12 Max Armor & Jewels: 10 Normal Enchant %: +4 to +10 = -5% each enchant Then drops to -30% for +11/12 Blessed Enchant %: From +4 -5% chance each enchant taken. at +11 chance is 20% Crystal Enchant Rate: 90% (Events Only) Buff Setting: Buff Time : 1 Hour Buff Limit: 26 + 4 Augment Settings: 1 Passive or Active Top LS rate : 25% Main features: Captcha anti bot system Global & Individual voting system (Hopzon
  10. Hello max cheaters, here is a new server. A simple server created with hard work. It's a pvp server with custom items and you can enjoy playing this. Grand open: January Specific day will be announced in our forum/page: http://l2-risk.boards.net/ Take some time to anwser this poll when you read all this post (important for us): http://strawpoll.me/3225759 THE PVP SERVER YOU WERE WAITING FOR HAS ARRIVE!! L2-RISK FULL PVP SERVER ~SERVER INFORMATION~ Chronicle: Interlude C6 Type: Custom-FULL Pvp Server, Stuck-Sub Server Patch for a special layout *different from other servers Reopened o
  11. [L2Hot] Halls of Thranduil Private Server running Interlude Chronicle. Free and Unique in every way. Our team working since 2010 year in constantly on developing the greatest game atmosphere, class balance to offer our players the best Lineage 2 Experience. Stable economy, constantly working on achieving the highest level of balance. Open Last Days Of December 2014. Site : Update Soon. Forum : Update Soon. - Experience (XP): x30 - Skill Points (SP): x30 - Drop (Adena): x20 - Drop (Items): x20 - Spoil: x20 - Seal Stones: x15 - Drop (Raidboss): x10 - Drop (GrandBoss): x1 - Drop (Grand
  12. Dear L2 Aria World players, We have received many suggestions from players who wanted a fresh start, on a newly server from the beginning with more players. We would like to inform you that we will close Lineage 2 Aria current server at November 20th 16:00 GMT +2 and we will start a new , fresh server! All characters (included banned), items, clans, accounts etc will be deleted and everyone will start from the beginning! As you have already noticed, our server is stable and will stay stable! Website: http://www.l2aria-world.eu Forum: http://www.l2aria-world.eu/forums Faceboo
  13. Hello Maxcheaters community i want to announce you that this amazing server is going to be online this Sunday 9/11/2014 at 7:00pm GTM +2 SPECIAL GRAND OPENING EVENTS: #‎PVP_POINTS_EVENT‬! Players which will be in 1st and 2nd places in PVP list at November 10th 23:59 (GMT+3) will be awarded by Armor/Weapon +16! Do not miss your chance! All players who will try to box their PVP points will be kicked from event and jailed for 12hours! ‪#‎Clan_Event‬ Event for CLANS, which have 15 or more players ONLINE! Conntact with administrator and your Clan will receive clan hall
  14. http://L2LIVE.LT Hello We want to apologize you and announce new start date. We had problems with server HDD, thus we were forced to do Rollback - it means we put 12 hour older copy of game. But many people lost the items they were gathering, so we are forced to do WIPE, this means the game will start from zero! Also we want to say, that this kind of problem will not happen again. After this incident, we bought our own dedicated server, which saves up to 500 GB/S DDOS attack. Also our server is specially designed to launch game servers; also , to prevent such incidents, we will be doing
  15. Lineage II Abblet - The pure pvp feeling. - - - - - - - - - - - - - Dear members, I'm happy to introduce you L2Abblet. L2Abblet project has been officially started from today (31/10/2014). - - - - - - - - - - - - - Server Rates - Experience Points: x1000 - Skill Points: x1000 - Adena Drop: x1 - Consumables Drop: x1 Enchant Rates - Safe Enchant: +4 - Max Enchant: +16 - Max Enchant with Crystal: +20 - Normal Scroll Chance: 70% (from +0 to +16) - Blessed Scroll Chance: 90% (from +0 to +16) - Crystal Scroll Chance: 80% (from +16 to +20, in ca
  16. Interlude PvP Costum Server L2 SHOOK Coming Soon !!! Server isnt ready yet..Some last changes left to be done ..We ll announce you soon exactly the date of Grand Opening !! Website~http://l2shook.eu Forum~http://l2shook.eu/forum/ Fb Site~https://www.facebook.com/pages/L2Shook/314288118754271?ref=bookmarks Promo Video ~ http://youtu.be/TSqBpByqSj0 Server World Features Exp : 500x SP: 500x Adena : 200x Drop: 10 x Safe Enchant : +4 Maximum Enchant : +16 Normal Scrolls Rate (Max enchant +10): 70% Blessed SCrolls Rate (Max enchant+10): 100% Crystal Scrolls
  17. OUR PROMO VIDEO: Hello people,we would like to introduce you our new project.You have seen lot's of projects saying that they are the best,that they have 100% balance and all this stuff.No we are not the best no we don't have 100% balance but we have a very good GM Team which is working very hard to have a huge success in this project!We are sure there will be some fixes,because no one is perfect in this world but we will fix them as fast as we can without telling bullshits to our community!We will provide you a project that will have lot's of fun with a cool GM Team which will be the
  18. Startup System Starting level: 80 Starting adena: 100kk Starting Town : Goddard Starting Items: Greater Healing Potions | Mana Potions | Spirit Ores Basic Rates Experience: 1000x Skill Points: 1000x Party Rates: (EXP/SP) 2x Adena Drop Rate: Custom Drop Rate: Custom Basic Features Auto Loot: Enabled Auto Loot Raid: Disabled Auto Learn Skills: Enabled Weight Limit: Disabled Death penalty: Enabled Max Subclasses: 3 subclasses per character Subclass Without Quest: Enabled Autolearn class skills : Enabled Offline Shop : Enabled (Currency: Gold Bar) Augmentation High Grate
  19. http://l2euphoria.com exp » x666 party x2 sp » x666 party x2 adena » x1 drop » x1 enchant safe: +5 enchant maximum: +20 normal scrolls max enchant (+15), chance (90%) and don't break. blessed scrolls max enchant (+20), chance (80%) and is safe. normal augmentation within 100% of chance, provides only an active augments. proper count of pvp points allow to gain one extra passive augment, then level it up.
  20. Hello everyone. I am looking for some help! First and most important is: How can I change this picture in the login screen? The same picture exists in the Gatekeeper chat too..! In the gatekeepers HTML there is these line of code : <img src="Sek.cbui371" width=280 height=1> <img src="l2xeontex.1" width="250" height="132"/> <img src="Sek.cbui371" width=280 height=1> but, I do not know there to find these pics and how to change them..!! PLEASE PEOPLE, help me!
  21. Website: http://l2ghost.eu/ Forum: http://l2ghost.eu/forum/ Facebook Page Experience Rate: x1000 Skill Points [sP] Rate: x1000 Adena Drop Rate: x1000 Drop Rate: x1 Quest Drop Rate: x1 Full Interlude Geodata & Pathnodes Fixed Macros (Without /delay) Max Enchant +12 Safe Enchant +3 Normall Enchant: 70% (up to +10) Blessed Enchant: 100% (up to +10) Crystal Enchant: 50% (from +10 to +12) Karma Drop Rate: 35% (After 5 PK Score) Top-Grade LifeStones Rate: 35% Instant 80 Level 1st class transfer – FREE. 2nd class transfer – FREE. 3rd class transf