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  1. Server is live!!! Http://l2deity.com https://www.facebook.com/l2deity/ Safe : 6 Max : 25 Normal : 65% Blessed : 85% Crystal : 100% Full Working Buffers Individual Vote Manager Clan Manager Full GMShop with customs etc. Dyes Manager Augmenter Global Gatekeeper Warehouse Top PvP/PK List Skill Enchanter .away .tvtinfo .deposit .back .tvtjoin .withdraw .online .
  2. Here you can download the latest clean Lineage II Interlude client. Title mostly says what does it contains. It is the original Interlude client with the latest updates from NCSOFT made before Kamael was released. Also it contains a Windows 10 compatibility fix. System Protocol: 746 MIRROR 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7roVVCYr_0nZnhsUjhDUW1VMzg/view?usp=sharing MIRROR 2: https://mega.nz/#!5xFgCTwZ!dJSLc9Xf8J90bv2V4WQPmggCtxo5EGs_ytHR9-VJMRw Enjoy. PS: If you already have a fully-updated Interlude client with the already shared Windows 10 Fix -
  3. - Interlude (C6) PvP Server; - Starting level: 80; - Free Weapons, Armors, Jewelry and Consumables up to S-Grade; - Safe / Max. Enchant: +10 (100%); - Olympiad Max. Enchant: +6; - Buffs slot: 24; - Buffs duration: 4 hours; - PvP Class Balance; - PvP / Olympiad all day (24/7); - Heroes changes every day; - 12 Raid Bosses; - Castle Sieges every two days; - Cancellation / Mage Bane / Warrior Bane / Block Wind Walk returns buffs; - PvP / Olympiad anti-feed protection; More information can be found in our website: http://halisha.com ATTENTION: Server isn't online, BETA 2016/02/01 (look at
  4. Sick and tired of new chronicles that look and feel like Star Wars? Feeling nostalgic about good ol' Lineage II C6? Then you just found a server with promising logevity, experienced, active, friendly dedicated staff, GM events, no corruption at all and lots of fun! Player suggestions are always welcome! See you soon at the Grand Opening: 8 January 2016 GMT+1 http://promo.lineage2azure.com/ https://www.facebook.com/l2azure/ RATES: EXP/SP: x25 Adena x15 Drop: x15 PartyExpRate:x1 Spoil: x10 Seal Stones: x10 Raidboss: x10 Grand Boss: x1 Features: Autoloot: ON GmShop: Up to B-grade Skills: Auto
  5. http://l2paradise.net Rates: » Xp 9999x. » Sp 9999x. » Aden 9999x. » Drop 1x. » PartyXp 2x. » PartySp 2x. » Starting character level - 80. Enchant rates: » Safe enchant +5. » Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+18). » Crystal scrolls max enchant (+21). » Simple enchant scrolls chance - 80%. » Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 95%. » Crystal enchant scrolls chance - 100%. Unique features: » Main towns - Giran, Goddard, Gludio. » Apella Armors,L2Gold Weapons. » Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants. » Unique primeval isle PvP Zone. » 5 Raid Bosses » Casino event manager. » Wedding
  6. Hello maxcheaters family :P i know that there is probably a lot of this kind of topics but i didint find what i need and some of them are rly old, so Im looking for server platforms for INTERLUDE and HIGHT 5 i do u know any good ones i dont care if they are with price or free i need good one
  7. After months of intensive playing we dedicated to make server wipe. All characters will be deleted and game starts from zero for everyone. This wipe will bring important fixes and updates for server and players, list of updates players will see in web page and inside game. It`s great chance for new and old players to start, who got bored. We promise you a good, interesting and stable long term game then ever before. See you all from 01/09/2017 ! Rates: » Xp 9000x. » Sp 9000x. » Aden 9000x. » Drop 9000x. » PartyXp 2x. » PartySp 2x. » Starting character level - 20. Enchant rates: » Safe enchan
  8. Hi. WTS Adena,items or pwlvling in l2.bnb.gr x10 new server (4k+ online) interlude Item : upon request Pwlvling 1-60 lvl atm Adena : up on request Chars for selling now : TH/WC/SPOIL 60++++ sold Pm me here
  9. Well i have a problem when i try to log in to servers.. The situation is this. If the account is new when i can't create character. When i press to set the race window is not responding. If the account has already char inside i cant pass the server select screen... Any ideas?
  10. Hello. WTS Adena/Chars/Pwlvl in l2dawn.com x5 interlude contact pm
  11. Get ready for the ultimate gaming experience at our server ( interlude)! Our server provides you a balanced gameplay, and its supervized by an international staff. Going live on 12.08.2015 20:00 GMT+2 web: http://lineage2draconian.hol.es Server chronic: Lineage II The Chaotic Throne: Interlude Server rates: XP x105, SP x105, Adena x105, Drop Items x85, Drop Spoil x85, Drop RaidBoss x25, Drop RaidBoss Jewelery x1, Drop Quests x20, Quest Reward x25, Manor x3, Seal Stone x3. Max. Enchant amount 16 Enchant Scroll rate 66% Bless Enchant Scroll rate 75% *Rat
  12. BETA Mode Lineage 2 AncientHeroes starting at 14 August 2015 hour 08:00 AM (UTC+02:00) Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN-SB_wesdM Features Client: Interlude Type: PvP XP: 1000x SP: 1000x Starting LvL: 80 Max LvL: 89 Subclass: 80-89 Acumulative Skills ______________________________________ Custom Enchant System: Safe enchant: +4 Max enchant: +20(Normal Itms) +10(Custom Itms) Enchant rate decreases every enchant level with -3 or 5%. Chance:100%(Normal Itms) 75%(Custom Itms) Augmentation Chance:20% with Top For more info visit www.L2AncientHeroes.com
  13. Hello. WTS Adena in Lineage2azure.com server. price negociatable. P.S Selling any char, any level. Or can level up your char (online 24/7) fast+trusted services, contact me here.
  14. Hello. WTS adena/items upon request in server l2e-global.com x25. Server started 19/06/2015 , high online, nice community. p.s can sell pwlvl your char 1-80 or any you want. Write how much adena, what items or donate coins you need. HOT!!!! X2 DC SETS + FULL MJ JEWELRY + MANY MATS + BP 80 / SPS 79 / BH 70 ++++ ONLY FOR 20 EURO !! Contact via PM, payment PayPal. Sold: x2 DC Sets 400kk 80 GC
  15. Welcome To L2][Anarchy Server Rates: Experience: 1000x Adena Drop: 1x Item Drop: 1x L2Anarchy Customs: Apella Armor / C6 Weapon's Enchant Rate's: Safe +5 Max 25 [Armor +25 - Weapon +25] Blessed Scroll: 80% Weap/Armor/Jewel's for +25 Crystal's: 100% +25 PvP Color System: 250 500 1000 2500 5000 Hero Skills: Fixed Olympiad heroe's: Every 2 Week's! Olympiad: Start'S AT: 6:00 MM Finish at:
  16. Melina x25 will be free to play and will run on L2OFF/PTS platform not L2J. On 04.07.2015 (Saturday 04 July 2015) at 20:00 GMT+1 we invite you to witness the true form of Lineage 2 together with thousands of other players from all around the world! RATES Melina x25 Chronicle: Interlude XP: x25 SP: x25 Adena: x25 chance retail Drop (Epic Boss): x1 Drop (Epic Boss Jewelry): x1 Spoil: x10 chance, x1 amount FEATURES Auto Loot (Auto pick up) Mana Drug (Increases mana regeneration) NPC buffer (1h time) First and Second classes on NPC Pipette Knife buyable on NPC
  17. Hello. I want to sell my services, I can level up any char to any level, do any quest, drive your character when playing in CP or playing solo, play in nights. Playing L2 since C2, know all quests, zones, all ways to farm etc, I got plenty of time to play, got 2 pc's, so can turn up to 4 windows. Play time : 24/7 almost Chronicle : from Classic to H5 (interlude, gracia final/epligue, freya including). Im not taking offers for GoD like L2 Core. Server/Rates : Any from x1 to pvp server. Services: Pwlvl (any char from spoiler to buffer), Quests (sub,noobless, class change etc) Drive chara
  18. Website L2Ae PvP is hosted on C6 Interlude client Rates: Starting level 85, Max Level 95 Global Gatekeeper! Item Store! Mysterious merchant! Password Changer! Enchant Engine Preview: Safe Enchant +5 Max Enchant +20 Buffer: All buffs 3 hours, death doesn't remove your buffs All buffs included on the buffer, except some which changed to costum If you want to get rid of a buff, just choose it again from the buffer and it will be removed Heal from buffer every 3 minutes, can't be used during pvp Economy: The server's economy is based on Golds and Glits, to
  19. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> http://www.l2bypass.lt/<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< server start will be 19/04/2015 (Sunday) 1 p.m. (GMT+2) L2ByPass server Chronicle: Interlude (C6) EXP: x1000 SP: x1000 Party EXP/SP: x1 Drop: x2 Olympiad: Starts at 16:00 (GMT+2); ends at 00:00 (GMT+2) Enchantment Max Weapons Enchant: +25 Max Armors Enchant: +25 Max Jewelry Enchant: +25 Safe Enchant: +4 Normal Scroll: 75% Blessed Scroll: 80% Crystal Scroll: 95% Main informat
  20. Hello. WTS L2mid adena,items price upon request pm what item you need or how much adena.
  21. Community, Synergy is based on the old lineage 2 server. We wish to provide you the best gameplay possible to enjoy as much as possible.This servers aims to focus on a retail like gameplay without the hardcore grinding part of retail or low rates. It allow casual player to have a great experience as well as hardcore ones. Server Platform: L2OFF. Launch date: 18.04.2015 at 21:00 GMT+1 (Saturday 18 April 2015) Server name: Arius "The world of Arius will contain constant unique gameplay updates to keep things fun." Chronicle: Interlude ** Rates * Experience : 100x * Skill
  22. Hello guys. I'm an old member of this forum and I was a maniac after Lineage 2. Right now I want to come back in this world and I'm looking for a team to open a brand new Lineage 2 Interlude server based on L2J or L2OFF. If anyone is intersted and have the skills to help me working on it, please PM me or mail me! I want to say, my server is up and is running 24/7 with 100% uptime. Got a DELL server with: * Debian 7 OS * Intel Core i7 (8 cores) * 24 GB of RAM Memory * 2 TB HDD's * Unlimited bandwith at 1 Gbps * 24/7 server uptime with UPS
  23. Ladies & gentlemen, we proudly present Lineage II Elcardia. This server has been opened one time in the past but closed due lack of players. This one, is a newer version of L2Elcardia with +/- features. The results will amaze you, because we did our best for you. Because words are poor receipts for what time hath stole away, let's see the preview. Server Rates - Experience Points: x1000 - Skill Points: x1000 - Adena Drop: x1 - Consumables Drop: x1 Enchant Rates - Safe Enchant: +4 - Max Enchant: +16 - Max Enchant with Crystal: +20 - Normal Scroll Ch
  24. Ψαχνω code ωστε οταν ο καθε παιχτεις που κανει login στον σερβερ να πρεπει πρωτα να βαλει secondary Password δεν εχω βρει κατι σε c6 l2jfrozen
  25. L2-FACTION 2015-03-11 (TODAY) WEB: http:l2-faction.com CRONICLE: INTERLUDE Unique Angels VS Demons server mod. Two factions: Angels and Demons. Adena, exp, sp, faction point rewards from pvp and for capturing the flags. Enchant with Simple Scrolls: Max +16, Chance 75% Enchant with Blessed Scrolls: Max +16, Chance 80% (donating for server). Faction Manager. NPC Buffer NPC Teleporter: teleports directly to captured and static flags. GMSHOP. S.Gr Shop. Skill Enchanter. Dyes maker Augument Zones changing every 30min. 1. Gludin 2. ZONE 3. ZONE Chaos event give your cha