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Found 18,897 results

  1. Hello, I sell adena on naia, atm I got 13 billion, soon more. Adena are from cash out. im using PayPal.
  2. Hello Dear Players, After a short break I present you the account that i made ready for its new owner. Server is L2 Tales SCARLET x15. (Year 2020) - Fresh open 1.Again character is Duelist - 3 sertificates, noblesse status - skills +15/30 2.Attached you will find a list of equipment: 2.1 Vesper Noble Heavy Foundation (Chaos) set +6 level 7Attribute - PVP on Breastplate) - 14k Fame (Worth 250 Donation pound) - server currency 2.2 Periel Dualsword +8 7 lvlAttribute-Passive Duel Might (Main, Olympiad weapon) )Worth 250 Donation pound) - server currency 2.3 Vesper Dualsword +6 7 lvlAttribute-Passive Reflect (Olympiad weapon) (Worth 40 Donation pound) - server currency 2.4 Heroic cloak - Black color (Worth 200 Donation pound) - server currency 2.5 S grade Belt - PVP Attack Damage (Worth 150 Donation pound) - server currency 2.6 Vorpal Jewel set 5pcs-+4/5 2.7 Frintezza necklace +6 2.8 Olf T-Shirt +6 2.9 All talismans - alot each 2.10 All active augments - olympiad ready 2.11 10,000,000,000 Adena The ones, who is interested, contact me and in short time become the owner of all described above. For contact in Discord: Shazam#6913 Email: Price for (1.) / (2.1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11) - variable Price in EUR/USD Payment terms: 100 % advance Instant transfer of ownership after receipt of payment. (less than 5 minutes) Best regards, Update. The character will be Duelist hero in first grand olympiad period.
  3. I've quitted Lineage today and i decided to cash my toons on my present server out., Interlude. Prophet lvl 52 - 25 Euros Hawkeye lvl 52 - 20 Euros Both have no gear. Both have e-mails. Prices are firm, no negotiations are possible. My discord contact is Psyche#2631 Best wishes!
  4. One of better equiped bishop on server. -Vorpal Robe Set<PvP> +8/8/6/6/7 -Hero Cloak White -Olf+10 -Epic Belt+4 Defence -Vesper Shield+10 -Talisman +2MEN -Vorpal Ring -Vesper Ring Found(resist stun)+6 -Bless Freya -Zaken Earring -Earring of Hawksbill(Its like Antharas +2MEN, +2CON) -Agathion Anakazel -Mardil's Fan+acu+Found(+1CON augu) -2x Vesper Buster+acu(150 fire)(I can add some LS to make augu for oly) As Gift I can add acounts with Judi and DOD for freya hard(all chars done, judis +15/25 ape). Price 199Euro, but i open for offers;P.
  5. Hello i am selling my project with current dedicated - expires at 7-august the price with the dedicated including compiled 50euro with source 80 , machine is dedicated box not vps from sovahost 8gb ram Xeon + SSD
  6. wts adena essence red 270kk for 47$ can go 1st only with trusted members rest money 1st then trade
  7. L2jpacks- Faction inbox
  8. RSorder is a reliable site which has been offering various kinds of RS products, including gold, account, items, power leveling and so on since 2007. Besides, there are game updates and various promotion on our site for you! You can buy All RS products from us conveniently and quickly with mobile. And you never need to worry about the security of your personal information on our site. RSorder won't share your information to any third party without your permission. Customers' needs and satisfaction first! - It's our unshakable mantra.We will try our best to fulfill all your requirements and expectations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summer Double Offers Enjoy OSRS gold, RuneScape gold and other products with 6% off for all, and double Loyalty Points for RSorder members from July 6 to July 13, 2020! Notes: 6% off code "RDS6" for All orders. Every 100 loyal points can be used as $1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summer Flash Sale Here comes the RSorder Summer Flash Sale in this hot season! Chance to enjoy totally 200M OSRS gold & 1000M RS3 gold for free at 3:00 AM GMT on July 13, 2020! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Long Term Code] RSYK5: 5% off Code for all RS orders anytime! OSRSA10: 10% off Code for OSRS Account anytime! LEV8: 8% off Code for All OSRS Powerleveling Orders anytime! LEV10: 10% off Code for $200+ OSRS Powerleveling Orders anytime! MGQH8: 8% off Code for all minigames and quest helper anytime!
  9. Hello community, I would like to sell my lineage2 project here. My source is based on l2jmobius, i have fixed many issues overtime and completted the datapack missing things one by one. I have a group of testers who helped me discover and fix all problems untill now. What i offer you is a up to date source which i have upgraded to 272 protocol, you can use the last official client and log to the game. If you wish buy my project you can contact me via skype and i will provide you anything you need and test server ofc. Why i consider my project worth to try and purchase? Because i've been working day and night with passion for the game and i have fixed allmost everything you can find, i am helped by a group of 30 friends who test the game A-Z and helped me find all major and minor bugs. In case you will find any problem in game i will help you fix it, because it will also benefit for me, while i fix the problem for you i also fix the problem for myself so this mean you will have my free support For a nominal fee i can help you configure your server as you desire, and create whatever features you wish to have on your live server. LINEAGE 2 CLASSIC KAMAEL 272 PROTOCOL JAVA SERVER What you can expect? - L2OFF Geoengine without annoying bugs and moonwalk problems - Skills working similar to PTS Official server - Corrected AI - Server run smooth without errors or any crash - Well optimised and able to handle as many players online as your dedicated machine and internet connection can handle - Completted missing data (skills, items, quests etc...) - Implemented new 272 protocol server functions which are working without problems image hosting For the haters who will say is just an updated l2jmobius source i invite you to test and compare how skills work for example and check the geoengine movments, i just listed 2 major problems you will find in l2jmobius basic source, there are more, if you request more information you can contact me in private and we can discuss anything. YES! Support is free, once you will buy it from me I will not leave you alone and I will help you. If you are new to lineage2 developing i can guide you and explain you what you will have to do in order to manage a live server. The only things that will cost will be additional features. Why i sell my project? I want to give everyone a chance to open a modern classic server even if they have no knowledge, i can teach them whatever they need to know! PS: if i sell my project this does not mean i stop developing lineage2 game. How i started to work with lineage2 servers? I do this for a long time but i've never been 100% focused only on this thing, as long as my company where i was working does not exist anymore, guess what happened? I woke up with no job, so i started to take this thing more serisously and i started to make new friends from the actual lineage2 game, so i had the luck to met a clan leader who came to me with all his friends just for help me to test the classic game because i am not so familiar with the latest patch notes, so overtime together we successed to bring this l2jmobius source to the top. YES, is not a shame to use l2jmobius as a base, it is better than l2scripts anyway and way more flexible when it comes to add new features. Datapack was a total mess but we took care of that. Skype contact: email contact:
  10. Hello, Server x15 Scarlet Selling Glad +30/27 skills, VNHF 7lv +66678 ,belt+6, Hero Cloak, Olf +10, Talisman +2str, Embryo agathion, Vesper fund duals +11 + pvp p.atk I have also: -Claw of Destruction +7+SA+Fund -AQ, Baium Ring, Neckle of Lioness -DP and Adena -Spoil with a lot of mats -VNHF+6 7lv, Vorpal Tunic set +66655 7lv For more info and prices pm me on forum or mail :
  11. adena + PP 64 full equipped in B/C for live play cheap ratio Benoix#1937
  12. Hello, there im selling the following items Rising Star +10 Acumen,300 Fire Veniplant +8 Acumen 300 Fire 2x Vorpal robe +6 120 Element 4x AQ 6 olf +10 1 Weaver +10 1 Weaver +9 6x Hero Cloak Phasian Agathion 100 Bilions Added in stock 2k DP Added 2 AQ 1 Zaken 2.2k FA +2 Hero Cloak 1 Belt Magic Skill +2 Olf +10 1631 DP Discord: Celestine#8699 Skype: Celestine.mxc Payment Method Paypal Friends&Family Only
  13. Hello, As my title says, wts gear on l2 tales. VNR sets +8/6/8/8/8 lvl7 Vorpal robe set +6 lvl7 vorpal hwy set +6 lvl7 Veniplant +7 300 fire Buster acu +6 300 fire/water Hero cloaks Olf +10 freya necklase tezza necklase +8 AQ ring +8 and more... add me on discord/skype for more skype > discord > prodavac.itema#5520
  14. WTS NECK OF VALAKAS ON L2 warland pm me
  15. Duelist 82 lvl all skills Learned Equipment: Tal*Dama +5, Full Majestic Set Heavy +3+3+3+5, ToI Ring +6, DV Ring +6, Brooch lvl3, Tali Bracelet lvl3, Agathion Bracelet lvl3, Protection Cloack +4, Dragon Belt +3, Aden Tali ,Eva Tali, Speed Tali, Authority Tali (all +4), Gems Moon+4, Onyx+3, Zicron+3, Spinel+3 rest gems +2, All Agathions +5, Einhasad +1, Elements all 2nd Evolution lvl 10 More Items and Consumables: 50 boxes for Aden Tali, Eva Tali, Speed Tali, and Dragon Belt for try over-enchant, Sayha's Blessing x450, cookies x200, Baseball Exp Boost x10, many other consumables for farm non stop for 2 months (3 Million SS, 70k Spirit Ore ++ etc.), 60 Dino Island Stones for recharge. 400 Mil Adena Other: On Same account Necro lvl 70 and Dwarf lvl 70 with B Grades and basic gears (Better than Adventurer Quest free items) Pet Strider lvl 60 Character is w/o clan and keep growing 400 Euro
  16. Hello folks.. im selling those codes : Random PvP Flag Zone PvP/Pk System Color Donate System with clan lvl/clan rep/ change sex/change base/ hero / vip Event Engine Hourly PvP System and lots ... pm me or comment here!
  17. WTS VNHF +6 lvl7 x4/ periels +10 and 11 / antharas/jade claw/ vorpal robe +8lvl7 *+6 also*/ olf 10/ belts phys/deffense/ baium/aq Hero cloaks x9 full chars also with max aug/talismans str/allstat talisman. ......................................................KinkoV#4337
  18. - Service Seller Socks Good - Socks 5 VIP - Pass Paypal Blacklist Service Price Example daily 30: It is allowed to get maximium 30 socks for a day. If do not get them you will lose 30 socks in a day ( no incremental socks). An account will be expired after 30 days Payment Methods - PLEASE LOGIN TO PLACE ORDER - Auto payment Perfect Money - PM - Auto payment WebMoney - WMZ - Auto update socks new 24/24 - How to get socks5? -> After buy a package -> Click login -> Click VIEWSOCK -> Click ***.***... to get socks5! -> Contact: Skype: - ICQ: 673820903 Welcome to
  19. Hello every1. I have for sell my private things from few servers. Essence Blue: Adena 10kk - 1,9e (for now have around 450kk, will be more) Death Knight almost 81lvl (without gear) Raid Fight x3: Adena 10kk - 1,5e (for now have around 450kk, will be more) Sagittarius almost 78 (less then 1% need to lvl up) without gear - nobles PP 77 (with POF, karmian,Mysterious Sword+acu) Naia: Adena 1kkk - 4,5e (for now have around 5kkk, will be more) Pm me here on forum or catch me on discord: Raksel#4393 ALL THINGS COME FROM LEGAL SOURCE AND HAVE BEEN ACQUIRED BY ME WITHOUT BOTS !
  20. 14 years in business, 9 years on maxcheaters, buy from trusted! First trades 2011: WTS Adena on Classic Vanilla x3 server MMOWAY.COM WTS Characters: Prophet 48+ / SE 46+ including mail LEGIT ADENA NO ADRENALINE!! Sell Price: 1KK = 2Eur Current stock: 50KK Skype: asioradena Deliveries everyday between 9:00- 23:30 GMT +1 WTS Adena on Official server Lineage Essence EU Blue + Red LEGIT ADENA NO ASI WIN NO ADRENALINE!! Sell Price: 10KK = 2 Eur Current stock: 400KK - BLUE Sell Price: 10KK = 1,5 Eur Current stock: 40KK - RED Skype: asioradena Deliveries everyday between 9:00- 23:30 GMT +1 WTS Adena on Interlude x3 server LEGIT ADENA NO ADRENALINE!! Sell Price: 10KK = 1,5Eur Current stock: 1KKK+ AQ, IC Set, S Grade Weapons PM for infos Skype: asioradena Deliveries everyday between 9:00- 23:30 GMT +1 All goods in games (adena, chars, items) belongs to administrators of above servers, i sell my time to farm them. Refounds are not possible.