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Found 303 results

  1. ONLY PAYMENTS ARE ACCEPTED: PAYPAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY SERVICE -------------------------------ALL SERVERS NA Classic------------------------------- Driver (It is not PowerLvl) Do not hesitate to ask! Note: This service is 1.3$ per hour ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ¿ Do you need help to sell characters or equipment ? I help you with that! If you need something specific do not hesitate to ask, we are looking for it! --------------------------------SERVER---------------------------------- Giran NA Classic --------------------------------SERVER---------------------------------- Talking Island NA Classic Adena Adena outstock --------------------------------SERVER---------------------------------- L2 Club x3 Classic Elemental Summoner (69) Note: Basic equip B grade + Cloak : thebeaver1988 : fb.com/thebeaver1988 : +584247172027 Only Paypal
  2. WTS Coins (COL) 0.50e each, server is selling them for 1e each, atm 1 coin costs 16m adena in game. So it's 1e = 32m adena. Find me on skype Soil231 or message me here, using only paypal.
  3. adena 25e/100 mill- over 2 bill stock-ask for some items if need too AQ3 77pp+pof-naked 77bishop +balance+cleance-naked 77tyrr-naked 77pr,almost 78-naked 72ee-naked 63bd-naked 78cov+gate-bw set 77 sws-bw set 78ol-naked 76prp,no pof-naked 79titan-naked 76tyrr-naked (all chars have deys,emails-some of them be transwered to newly created gmail for sell)
  4. Webpage: www.l2jmaster.com Contact: www.facebook.com/L2JMaster or Skype: L2JMaster Team Chronicle: High Five Part 5. Base: High Five 100%. Java: 8.1. Gradle: 3.5 Rev: V-011 Stable. Pack: Source + Geodata Premium + Pathnodes Premium. + Textures + System Access: FREE SUPPORT FOR LIFETIME & UPDATES. PERFECT TO ALL RATE SERVERS. Custom: Premium Account System. Subclass Between Elves Castle Manager Cloak. Champions / Super Champions with Aura. Community Board (Auction, Rebirth System, GM Shop, Gk, Services, Rules, Rankings, RB/GB, Online, etc). Announce Hero Login. Announce Castle Lord Login. Announce Boss Kill & Boss Spawn. Blue Spoil Class Switcher. Class Cloak With Stats. Cancel Return. Clan Leader Name & Title Color. MultiFunctionZone / Custom PvP. PvP / PK Nick & Title Color. System PvP / PK Reward. Support PvP / Pk System. Stack Subclass. Quake System. Auto Restart Game Server. Chat Limit per Level. Master Transformation. Newbie Guide. Dead Player Chat Disabled. Custom Start Title on Newbie Characters. LeaderBoards (Arena, Craft, Fisherman, TvT). Custom Clan Halls. Recipe Elegia System. Vote Reward. Wedding System. Welcome Message. Fantasy Isle Parade. Auto CP Pots Shift + Click. Commands: DressMe Command + Races, Online / Offline. (New design, Armors & Configs) Epic. Online. Go To CL. Go To Mob. Teleport (.Giran. .Aden, etc). SellBuff Online/Offline + Enchant Skills. Repair. Combine Talisman. Hellbound. Change Password. Divorce. Engage. Bank. Premium. Events: Achievement System. Casino. The Avatar Element. Questions Event. Event Engine (TvT, CtF, DM, SV). Pc Bang Points. Squash Event. Monsters. Legion Squad. Traesure. Classic Events: Gift of Vitality. Character Birthday. Heavy Medal. Christmas Is Here. Hallowed You. The Valentine Event. Freya Celebration. Love Your Gatekeeper. Master of Enchanting. Elpies. Rabits. Race. April Fool's Catch A Tiger Npc's: Augment Manager Bug Report. Deluxe Gatekeeper. Scheme Buffer. Premium Scheme Buffer. Delevel. Uplevel. Vote shop. Donate Merchant. Forgotten Scrolls. Medal Shop. Services. Top PvP / PK. Safe Enchant. Protections: Antibot. Npc AntiBot Over Enchant. Enchant Near Warehouse. Class Item Protection. Instances & Quests: Crystal Caverns (Baylor). Seed of Infinity: Attack and Defence (Sufferng, Erosion, Infinity Ekimus). Zaken (Easy, Hard, Night). Freya (Easy & Hard). Tower of Naia (Epidos & Beleth). Pailaka Injured Dragon. Seven Signs (All 12 Quest). Seer Ugoros. Fixed / IMP: Lucky Pig. Blood Altars. Nevit's Blessing System All Working (Hunting Bonus, Nevit's Voice, Bonus Time, Nevit Hourglass). Nevit Herald. Treasure Chest (Retail Location and Drop). Valakas Family. Missing Html's. Skills. Custom Items: Premium Item for Status. Donate Coins. Vote Coins. Rune Spoil / Adena Cowboy Outfit + Hat. Archer Red Armor + Hat. White Royal Suit + Hat. Green Wizard + Hat. Dark Assassin + Hat. White Assassin + Hat. School Uniform. Santa's Outfit Class Cloaks. Castle Cloaks. and More... Contact: www.facebook.com/L2JMaster or Skype: L2JMaster Team
  5. Sell Item And Adena on Innova Core: 30b Adena - 5 eu 1b, Ulti Robe Set +10 - 400 Eur, PVP Retri 2 Sa +10 300 - 80 Eur, Abu tali Lv1 40 Eur, Longing Tali 25 Eur. Write me in email: info [eta] freya [dot] lt Or pm here on forum. SCAMMERS DON'T EVEN TRY, NO EUROS IN MY PAYPAL, NO ITEMS FOR YOU!!!
  6. http://L2shop.info - always available and at a good price! -ADENA (Need supplier on all servers!!!) -PWLVL available TI from 1 to 76 * Giran from 1 to 76 * Aden from 1 to 80 CHARACTERS -ITEMS -EPICS -Passage of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd profession (class trasfering quests) ON THE ALL NA/EU/RU/FREE SERVER Top servers: Talking Island GIRAN ADEN GLUDIO L2Elixir.com x3 L2E-Global Interlude Final x7 [Skelth] / [L2E-Global.com Interlude Final x7] / [GameCoast.net x5 FENRIR] / L2Era x50] / [L2E-Global.com GvE] / [KetraWars x1] / [L2ERA x25] / [L2lionna x15] /[L2Classic.Club x3] / [ GameCoast x3] / [GameCoast x10] / [Asterios.tm x7] / [Beyond.lt x3] / [KetraWars.net x1] / [Naia] / [Core] / [Chronos] / [Paagrio] / [Gran Kain] / [Shillien] / [Einhasad] and many others - FAST! QUALITY! SAFE! Ask all the questions you can via live chat on our website - http://L2shop.info!
  7. - Offer you assistance in selling your in-game goods. - We have a great experience as Middle-Man and good reputation as Merchant. - The largest open trade online chat ( over 1000 active users ) - - Facebook open trade group ( new search system ) - - The largest marketplace ( we collect goods from all sellers in one place ) - Skype - llesaneda Facebook -Maxcheaters - Attention!!! Not to be scammed follow next steps:
  8. WELCOME TO L2PROGAMERS FAST DELIVERY!!! GREAT DISCOUNT SYSTEM!!! POWERLVL SERVICE!!! PRE ORDER ADENA-ITEMS!!! MIDDLEMAN SERVICE!!! CLEAN ACCOUNTS WITH ORIGINAL MAIL!!! BEST PRICES ON THE MARKET!!! WEBSITE LINK: WWW.L2PROGAMERS.COM ATTENTION:THE FINAL TRADE WILL BE ON OUR WEBSITE LIVE CHAT WWW.L2PROGAMERS.COM TO AVOID SCAMMERS PM ME HERE ON FORUM TO VERIFY YOU ARE TALKING WITH US THERE IS A FAKE WEBSITE TRYING SCAMM PPL !!! FAKE SITE: l2progamer.com WTS ON GIRAN NA CLASSIC: ADENA: 1kk - 0,8€ CHARS Spec. Master lvl 79 VIP-3 € 150.00 Adventurer lvl 78 VIP-4 € 180.00 Full Skills,VIP4 for 3 Years,TOI Lv3 El.Summoner lvl 78 VIP-4 € 120.00 Destroyer lvl 78 VIP-4 € 120.00 VIP for 1 Year,TOI Lv4 Tyrant lvl 78 VIP-4 € 120.00 Bladedancer lvl 77 VIP-2 € 120.00 Sh.Elder lvl 77 VIP-2 € 120.00 Spellsinger lvl 77 VIP-3 € 100.00 B.Hunter lvl 77 VIP-1 € 100.00 Soultaker lvl 77 VIP-4 € 120.00 Tyrant lvl 77 VIP-2 € 90.00 Gladiator lvl 76 VIP-4 € 100.00 VIP for 2 Years Warlord lvl 64 VIP-2 € 60.00 WTS ON TALKING ISLAND NA CLASSIC: ADENA: 1kk - 1€ CHARS: G.Khavatari lvl 79 VIP-4 € 120.00 TOI-4 Sh. Saint lvl 78 VIP-4 € 150.00 Hierophant lvl 78 VIP-4 € 200.00 Bladedancer lvl 78 VIP-4 € 150.00 D.Avenger lvl 65 VIP-4 € 100.00 12months VIP-4 Overlord lvl 61 VIP-1 € 60.00 Elven Elder lvl 61 VIP-0 € 50.00 WTS ON GLUDIO NA CLASSIC: ADENA: 1kk - 0,8€ WTS ON ADEN NA CLASSIC: ADENA: 1kk - 0,8€ WTS ON SKELTH: ADENA: 1kk = 0,35€ CHARS: Cardinal 81 lvl € 550.00 Titan 80 lvl € 225.00 Hell Knight 79 lvl € 225.00 Spectral Dancer 80 lvl € 275.00 Arcana Lord 79 lvl € 175.00 Hierophant 79 lvl € 200.00 Evas Saint 79 lvl € 170.00 Tyrant 79 lvl € 120.00 Dark Avenger 76 lvl € 80.00 Hell Knight 78 lvl € 100.00 Ghost Hunter 77 lvl € 150.00 Dominator 78 lvl € 160.00 Soultaker 78 lvl € 125.00 Titan 77 lvl € 100.00 ITEMS: Baium Ring Lv3 € 1350.00 Ant Queen Ring Lv3 € 275.00 Core Ring Lv3 € 300.00 Orfen Earring Lv3 € 400.00 Baium Talisman € 375.00 Talisman Of Insolence Lv6 € 225.00 Sobekk's Hurricane+8 S.Othell 10 € 300.00 Bow Of Peril+16 S.Tyrr 13 € 625.00 Demon's Dagger+16 S.Othell 10+Lilith 1 € 475.00 Demon's Dagger+10 Othell 6 € 70.00 AOBA+10 S.Othell 10 € 90.00 Cabrio's Hand+7 S.Feoh 11 Augm: refresh M.Skills € 500.00 Soul Separator Yull 10 Augm: refresh P.Skills € 90.00 Dark Crystal Robe Set+6 € 375.00 Lilith 4 € 170.00 WTS ADRENALINE KEYS FOR ALL NA CLASSIC SERVER: ATTENTION:THE FINAL TRADE WILL BE ON OUR WEBSITE LIVE CHAT WWW.L2PROGAMERS.COM TO AVOID SCAMMERS PM ME HERE ON FORUM TO VERIFY YOU ARE TALKING WITH US THERE IS A FAKE WEBSITE TRYING SCAMM PPL !!! FAKE SITE: l2progamer.com I ACCEPT PAYPAL , BANK TRANSFER & WESTERN UNION !!! PM ME HERE OR ON OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAILS AND QUESTIONS!!! WWW.L2PROGAMERS.COM
  9. Selling some items and services and NC WEST Classic servers Talking Island / Giran / Aden, and that's what we have : TALKING ISLAND ADENA = 350M STOCK REFINED QUEEN ANT'S RING ( AQ RING LVL 3 ) Naga storm Blue wolf heavy set +6 POWERLEVEL 1-80 ANY LEVELS, FEEL FREE TO ASK FOR WHATEVER LEVEL RANGE GIRAN ADENA = 900M STOCK POWERLEVEL 1-80 ANY LEVELS, FEEL FREE TO ASK FOR WHATEVER LEVEL RANGE ADEN ADENA = 400M STOCK POWERLEVEL 1-80 ANY LEVELS, FEEL FREE TO ASK FOR WHATEVER LEVEL RANGE Accepting Paypal ( Only "gift to family/friends" payments within NA/Europe/Australia regions. If you are from South America and the country restrictions do not allow you to transfer the funds via aforementioned method, consider finding a third party person ) and Venmo if you're an American citizen. NOT DEALING WITH : RUSSIA/UKRAINE/BELARUS I can get a proper backing from major conflict sides of Bartz/Skelth/Talking island through almost all the periods those servers do exist. For all the business inquiries contact me via Discord : Don Rumsfeld#6272 or Skype : live:.cid.e8035e3920546c78
  10. Hello, L2 classic - Giran ACC: Prophet 65.41%lvl all skills / 2x7day 50% xp runes / can change email Arcana Lord 78.53%lvl VIP4 75k points / Servitor sharing, feline king, felline queen, worrior servitor, worrior bane / Att Fire 2star 7lvl, water 3star 4lvl, wind 5lvl, earth 8lvl WC 60lvl naked WTS Item: Doom heavy armor, Helm, gloves all +8 Bow of Peril +10 Water 1+8 Iss 10 bellion bop damascus deadmans glory colichemrade guardian sword kaim vanul soes wizard tear bloody orchid DLE flaming dragon skull lacerator dismantler tallum blade spiritual eye tallum glaive BOMT Sealed DCR, Tallum, Majestic sets. Be CAREFUL there is some retarded scammers! When you make deal with me be sure me discord ID or skype information is same like in this post!!! Write me in skype for more info. skype - donatas.kkk2 Discord id - 551347947191795726 Paymen: PayPal ---------------------------------------------------------- Sold! sorcer 56lvl - SOLD to - Pufa SE 57lvl - SOLD to - GiranGamer - Op**** WarLord 60 / Se 52lvl - SOLD to - 13********* SE 52lvl - SOLD to - GiranGamer - Op**** SE 63lvl - SOLD to - johnpapas21 SPOIL 49lvl - SOLD to - somalo Warlock 64lvl - SOLD to - Cường SPH 52 / EE 51 - SOLD to - babykate Hawkeye 71lvl - SOLD to - SpeakNoEvil Spectral Dancer 78lvl - SOLD to - ftreal Shillien Saint 78.89% - SOLD to - angelsdecay
  11. Hello im want to sell adena and Donation pound on l2 Pandora. Adena - 150kk = 1$ Donation - 15 DP - 1$ More info pw
  12. servr: l2 pandora classic 30x Chars: Ghost Sentinel 84 special wishes for class contact me contact me here or on skype:f6x5bqog
  13. Wts Vesper/Periel dual sword +10 L2Dragon Pm facebook martin mampe stoimenovski Discord: gggg#4851
  14. 3 new classes from new kor update Death Knight ( 14 aug ). For all chronicles. Contacts: Skype: Support_La2-Pro ICQ: 634024371 Site: www.l2j-mod.ru
  15. Some ppls know and it's pretty official that Arion (1.5k players, 500 real with decent peaks in the evening for oly and stuff) is gonna merge into Pandora (4k players, atleast 2.5k real), same admins, same stuff, same chronicle, same site, same vote's redirection (lol). Btw im selling: char lvl 85, full attributes, nm+6/8, weap a +++ othel super 13 fear augument, some other A weap (typhon, sirra +4), legendary cloak, fulled belt, fulled pendant, toi6, garnet 4, ruby 3, ignis +7, 500 donation pounds, bracelet of duty lvl 5, agathion bracelet lvl 4, agathions +3+4, fashion item +1+1, 3 high appeareance, lot of mats and some more useful stuff, HERO. PM ME on forum if Interested, i'll give more infos.
  16. Design: -> Community Board theme -> Community Board Html -> NPC Html -> Interface Theme & Style -> Game Features -> Websites -> JAVA Services & Codes / Mods More services: - redesign whole game ( new interface textures / new buttons / new panels ) - design banners and logos for your server - design html however you want or like your favourite game From my point of view, i like diablo game Here is one example: lobby interlude Buffer Community Board: choice 2: Buttons change texture on hover and clicked L2 PURE NEW COMMUNITY BOARD WORK FOR ANY CHRONICLE PS: can add any function you immagine or any design and style ( use your immagination and contact me ) CONTACT SKYPE: l2developer (saddam)
  17. I made it a long time ago, but there was no time to make a video for it and publish it. There are effects, sounds, skills, attack animations. Suitable for all chronicles. There is an opportunity to do all the "elements" style. There is a place for copyright of the project. Write me: Skype: Support_La2-Pro ICQ: 634 024 371 Personal messages. In game:
  18. WTS Phantom Ranger 77 lvl, empty char, with email - 120 Euro
  19. Mystic Muse 78 - Eva's Saint 78 - Hierophant 77 (60%) - Bladedancer as a gift Mystic Muse dc robe set +3 tateossian set Sub class quest - Done Eva's Saint bw robe set mace of the underworld +6 - mana up A grade jewls Hierophant karmian set homu+acu c grade jewls all accounts have premium
  20. Welcome to SellersAndFriends.com DELIVERY IN 60 SECONDS* - Lightspeed delivery! AFFORDABLE PRICES - we are not the cheapest but is it worth to risk $ with super cheap prices? 200+ LOCAL PAYMENTS via G2A PAY - Visa / MasterCard / PayPal / Skrill / WM / WeChat and more! END-GAME ITEMS - gear up now and stop wasting time on farming BONUS ADENA TO EVERY PURCHASE - more you buy = bigger the bonus AFFILIATE PROGRAM - recommend us to others and get commissions for their orders TRUSTED PREMIUM SERVICE - Guaranteed protection against fraud! PRE-ORDER ADENA and ITEMS - pre-order what u need and we will inform you when it's available Classic Lineage 2 Adena NCwest: [Classic TALKING ISLAND] [Classic GIRAN] [Classic ADEN] [Classic GLUDIO] *instant delivery available during our business hours: 6am - 12am UTC+1 Lineage 2 ITEMS ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE STRONGER YOUR NEGOTIATION SKILLS ARE = LESSER THE PRICE :D If you wanted to upgrade your old GEAR this is the best moment! ****The available item list is always up to date on our website!**** Stay in Touch with us!
  21. WOWClassicGP.com is committed to offering various WOW Classic products, like World of Warcraft Classic gold, items, powerleveling and so on. Competitive prices, 100% safety and fast delivery, as well as the considerate 24/7 Live Help will definitely make us the best choice when you need anything in game. And all our customers can be absolutely well served whenever you come to our store. Three guarantees for you: 1.Deliver WOW Classic Gold Instantly 2.No Accounts Banned for Safe Guarantee 3.Professional 24/7 Live Help https://www.wowclassicgp.com/