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Found 530 results

  1. L2 SKELTH I ONLY DO BUSINESS BY SKYPE Skype ID: zacksxx Zacks (ID skype: zacksxx) would like to chat with you on Skype. It’s free! https://join.skype.com/invite/NgGtHokdcK0y My mail skype now is isaque.cristian@gmail.com - For my future costumers: before you add me on skype, please send me a message in Maxcheaters email box, im going to ask you 4 digits or something, so you can prove thats you are really you and i am really me. Recently i had people trying to scam my costumers in a many ways so i need to do this in order to make you(costumer) safe. Also i use whatsapp if you are afraid of negotiating using skype, i can give my number phone to you add me for message in Maxcheaters. Please Check all my information and make sure you have my trusted info/contatcs. ( I NEVER NEGOTIATE IN GAME ) ADENA 1kk - 0,8€ STOCK 0 ITEMS IN GAME: BOW OF PERIL +10 (BOP) (SUPER OTHEL 8) - 500€ TALISMAN OF INSOLENCE VI - 800kk or 750€ DARK CRYSTAL ROBE SET - 95kk or trade for NM heavy set. CHARS: Elemental Master (ES) 79 - 400€ / 500kk (50 days left) (8kkk scroll exp) (No Personal data) Cardinal (BS) 78 - 400€ (No Personal data) Dominator (OL) 78 - 400€ Dreadnought (WL) 78 - 250€ Hell Knight (DA) 76 - 230€ Mystic Muse (SPS) 77 skills from 78 - 220€ (No Personal data) Ghost Sentinel (PR) 78 - 220€ Duelist (Glad) 78 - 180€ (No Personal data) Grand Khavatari (TYR) 76 - 150€ Titan (Destro) 76 - 150€ Archmage (SC) 78 - 150€ SOLD: SWORD MUSE LVL 77/70% SUPER RUNA TYRR 11 DOOMCRYER LVL 76 (with cov) CORE LVL 3 AQ lvl 3 DUAL SLS +10 OTHELL 8 EAB ECLIPTIC AXE +3 ACUMEN LVL 10 SET BW ROBE SET DOOM HEAVY +3 SET KARMIAN +6 TALLUM BLADE CAKES 20% CAKES 30% SCROLL 45% DEADMAN`S GLORY +9 SET BW HEAVY +6 ORFEN LVL 3 - 1,2K euros TALISMAN lvl 7 - 1k euros DEMONS STAFF +4 ACUMEN 7 - 9kk Warlord 73 Phantom Ranger 70 Soultaker 76 Elven Elder 63 Spellsinger 69 Tyrant 59 Sword Singer 64 Bishop 63 BladeDancer 61 Gladiator 70 60% Prophet 56 70% - NAKED (FULL SKILLS LEARNED) Elemental Summoner 61 with or without Gear Tyrant 62 - full gear BW hvy Belion Cestos +3 othel 5 Elemental Summoner 58 - all skills learned Warcyrer 60 - (all skills learned) Dark Avenger 61 and Warsmith 55 Shilien Elder 53 Warlord 55 Gladiator 66 - FULL TOP B (BW set and Duals Samuray) Elemental Summoner 58 PR 60 in same account TH 58, SPH 50, PW 46 Dark Avenger 40 Sword Singer 44 Elemental Summoner 50 Gladiator 57 Shilien Elder 56 SpellSinger 56 Prophet 52 (all skils) Gladiator 52 Elven Elder 53 Warcryer 52 Shilien Elder 52
  2. Dear friends, Our site: l2-scripts.com Site l2s-guard New server side is finally here, take a look at it: L2s-Guard Documentation We offer a 7 days free license for existing servers that want to test our protection in real life condition prior launching it on live servers. OUR KEY CLIENT: GameCoast.net - Completely protected from Adrenalin several months! (Helios) OUR KEY CLIENT: l2ashenvale.com.ar - Completely protected from Adrenalin several months! (Classic 1.5) OUR KEY CLIENT: http://l2era.com/- Completely protected from Adrenalin several months!(HF5) (to be oppened) OUR KEY CLIENT: mithrilmines.com - Completely protected from Adrenalin several months! (Interlude) We glad to announce that our lineage 2 protection system has been fully tested and ready to distribute. Here are some key features of the protection: -Global update distribution network.To ensure fast and reliable updates. Introducing server side auto update system - get our updates instantly without any effort and for free! -A special method of traffic encryption. Using own technology the encryption does not affect the delay(ping) and ensures reliable data transmission server-to-client client-server. -Hardware-level -integration to detect keystroke and mouse injections to prevent all clicker bots at the source instead of individually detecting them. -NEW Hwid Module, which allow the administrator to restrict access to the game in part or full. This part of completely reworked. Our NEW HWID is completely different from the ones anybody provides in l2, which increase the security of your accounts and bans. -Easy installation server and client side. Help with installation - free. -Any login port is provided by client request for free. -Technical support working 15 hours a day and seven days a week from 9:00-00:00 local time (on weekends from 11:00-21:00/free schedule). English support is available around the clock. -License and updates are issued for 12 months with free updates! -We are AD FREE NO logos or any word what protection you are using! (if you do want our logo you may paste the .dll manually). -We can hide your identity and your project will never be listed as L2SGuard customer (some prefer to stay incognito, it helps them to protect from actively developed bots). Our key feature when developing the SGuard was to give the same quality service and pricing to people worldwide using various chronicles not matter what language they speak or pack they are using. NEW Modules Price Table = -0$/5 days! No obligations!* -125$/3 months! You can add the difference within 1 month to extend it to 1 year! -200$/year(12 months)! (We won't disconnect you after your license is expired!) - Best offer! *limited 1 time per customer. custom, outstanding, obfuscated and pts packs are excluded from the promo. -Plans above are permanent! -Partner promos won't apply for 3 months licenses. -Does not apply for certain chronicles and some PTS servers. -Updates and support are FREE for the whole subscription period! -When purchasing the annual(yearly) plan, you are getting for a lifetime all features, we won't disconnect you after the license is expired! -Save more than 50% when purchasing the annual plan comparing to competitors! Main L2s-Guard module: - Bot protection - Packet hack protection - Traffic encryption - Clickers protection - File protection (similar to CRC, but newer technology) for free! - Free updates (client and server) - Free Tech. Support - 1 IP change in a year is free of charge! - Most of sub services are free is asked not often than once in 3 months. - After your license ends, we won't turn the protection off (except promotional licenses). You will be able to use it even if your license end, but won't receive updates. We encourage our clients to extend the license to help us evolve and continue giving a great service worldwide and provide the lowest cost possible. Additional Modules - DNS(Domain) for your server to change the IP anytime you decide or protect yourself from DDoS using proxies ; reduce ping latency. - Login server address change. - Transfer protection files to person. - Integrated Unicode chats using our protection. Thai, Arabic, Vn etc. just name it. (price varies) - Custom launcher code to your server that will run the game through l2.bin and not from l2.exe covered by our protection! - Up to 300 lobbies - up to 10 pieces in 1 pack. --Main features: ---All chronicles are supported and each chronicle has different lobbies that you can choose for you. ---All lobbies are loaded in random. Each client launch will show a different lobby. ---No lobby limits, you can insert any amount of them. ---Integrated into our guard - so every patch approved by us will work. ---Most lobbies are animated. ---NO PATCH ADD-ON, even if you choose 200 of them all your patch weight will remain the same. ---Cheap & cool thing to make your server more private. We can make custom lobbies that aren't posted in our collection for additional price, we can add NPCs as well for additional price by custom order. Helios examples: Video ; Screens Preview bellow ---Damage on screen system: click All* additional modules are 1 time payment (that means you don't have to pay for them or extend them) and cost 50 USD. We have only 1 standard option, it costs 200 USD one time payment (any chronicle and any pack), and 0 USD per month for updates & technical support for 12 months! In addition we will help you with protection installation if you need it for free! We accept Paypal! Supported Lineage 2 Java Packages: -Scions of Destiny -Interlude -Hellbound -Gracia Final -Gracia Epilogue -Freya -High Five -Awakining -Tauti -Glory Days -Lindvior -Ertheia -Infinite Odyssey -Underground -L2Classic 1.0,1.5,2.0, 2.5, 3.0 -Helios -Grand Crusade Supported PTS packages: -C1 -C4 -C6 (interlude) -GF -vanganth (Gracia Final, Interlude, High Five) -other private PTS packs -Indicates that those chronicles are supported and at least 1 live server was ran on our platform. Also, our protection will work (or we will make it work) with your custom client features (for example integrated chats, new packets, external visual effect etc.) STATISTICS OF OUR USERS AND QUANTITIES CAN BE FOUND HERE ANTIVIRUS SCAN RESULTS: HERE For more information you can always contact l2-scripts managers: Skype: Urchika (You can write here in your native language even if it's not English!) Please visit our website to learn more about our protection & terms of usage: http://guard.l2-scripts.com JOIN US FOR SUCCESS! *PTS packs are currently supported but not all of them, if you want to be supported, please, contact us. (price stays the same). **New chronicles will be adapted without any additional fee. ***Prices are not subject to change by regional location, package origin or language spoken! We try to keep up with competitors and do the maximum work for the minimum amount of time, working almost 24/7 and protecting your server as its own. PM me and enjoy quality combined with great service! WARNING: CONTACTS UPDATED
  3. Here everything to sell: ITEMS: DC Robe set / TM heavy set / DB focus / HD clean / TT set / MJ Jewels set x3 / NM heavy set / Tallum robe set / BW hv set / BO jewel set +3 also some more mats and more shit, for more info skype: kamildwaxd2
  4. WTS 83 billion adena on L2 Lionna H5 50x. Price: 25 Euros Interested: PM
  5. Me and my friend are selling our accounts Storm Screamer full sub Set vesper robe noble Fundation PVP full att +7+7+7+8+8 Jewels vorpal +5 +5 +5 +5 blessed freya +5 Weap Vesper Buster +9 +acu +300 wind + wild magic augument (need 12k fame to pvp) Sigil vesper +8 PVP defense belt TOP hero cloak Skills +15 +20 +30 Mystic Muse full sub Set vesper robe noble Fundation PVP full att +6+6+6+6+6 Jewels vorpal +4 +4 +4 +4 blessed freya +4 Weap Vesper Buster +8 +acu +300 water + wild magic augument + PVP Sigil vesper +6 PVP defense belt TOP hero cloak Skills +30 all 8 Titans 85 with 2 sets moirai +4 and 2 vesper slayers +300 fire Khavatari 85 full sub Vesper noble +4 Vesper fighter +4 +300 jewels vorpal +4 Almost 50b in adena. ALL 50 Euros.
  6. Treasure Hunter lvl 71 - 73% 18days 16x Mid-grade EXP-Ticket (50kk exp each) 6x XP-Rune 100%EXP 39x normal EXPscrolls 13x medium EXPscrolls 28x high EXPscrolls 22x rice cakes 20x pirate fruits bracelet of duty level 4 + 740 daily coins Warcryer lvl 69 smany mid-grade exp tickets xp runes 100% many exp-scrolls Spellhowler lvl 53 with 7,47 % (silence, tempest, cdl learned) 5 dandy balls 6 xp scrolls some buffscrolls +4 wit -5 men +4 int -5 men +4 int -5 men Shilen Elder lvl 52 sold DD+8 with othel 8 sold BW Heavy Set +3 sold Doom Heavy Set +4/3 sold BO Set +3 sold message me offers. paypal only.
  7. CHARS : wc noblesse 79 lvl main elven elder 78 lvl bd 79 lvl wl 79 lvl sold sws 79 lvl prophet 79 lvl saggitarius 78 lvl noblesse bishop 78 lvl items: doom heavy set sold / bw heavy set / mj light set / mj robe set sold / tallum heavy set 3 set tts +3 / mj set sold 2 hd focus 1 db focus + 2 db clean 150kk adena 10 ews 40 eas Droconic / ic / major more info pm me skype : Partytime1993
  8. S> adena 0,6, bd 58, destroyer 78 SKELTH live:dahanae13 skype
  9. MAIN YULL LVL 100 - 22% DUAL WYNN LVL 99 - 70% exalted lvl 3 almost completed, only need reach lvl 100 with dualAria bracelet dex +3Turtle NecklaseComand BeltTalisman AnnihilationFreya and Zaken Soul CloakMaster Fishing Rodwondrous cubicXp rune IIIOld elemental shirtDye +5 dex, earth resistence +25Dye +4 STR +2 luckDye +5 dex -2 con, earth resistence +20 send me offer
  10. dual titan lvl 90 a lot of vitality items r grande weapon and armor exalted lvl 2 completed send me offer
  11. Здравствуйте. Представляю вам вторую версию моего мода для клиента игры Lineage 2 High Five! Много новых функций, которые дадут вам большое преимущество в игре над другими игроками. Мод продается с привязкой на 1 компьютер. Цена: 2000 руб. Обновления и фиксы автоматические! (бесплатные) Для покупки мода напишите мне в скайп: xxxaruxxx1 ============ EN Description ============ Hello. I present to you the second version of my mod for the client of the game Lineage 2 High Five! There are many new features that will give you a great advantage in playing over other players. Mod is sold with a binding on 1 computer. The price: 2000 rub (30 EUR). Updates and fixes are automatic! (free) To buy a mod write me in skype: xxxaruxxx1 Video demonstration with a description of the functions
  12. - Spectral Dancer, lvl 78. A lot of accesories and low/mid/high grade scrolls tickets. Dyes. Bracelet Lvl 3. Talisman Insolence 3. Zaken cloack. Duals C...etc. Price: 150€. · Various chars in account: 40 AQ. 43 PlainsWalker. 37 Monk. 37 Cleric. 25 DarkWizard. *Account suscription expires in 5 days.* - Warcryer, lvl 48. Full plate armor set +6. Augmented Yaksa mace +4 (othell lvl6). Augmented Tarbar +12 (Iss lvl6). Talisman of insolence lvl 1. Agathion lvl 3. C jewelry. Dyes. Brigandine set, ...etc. Price 50€ without items/armor/weapons (see bellow). · 1 char in account: Scavenger lvl 30. *Account suscription expires in 30 days.* Payment via Paypal. Add me for more info. Send me PM for Skype. Regards. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Edit:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - SpectralDancer offer by 150€. (Man D.Elf, the picture it's a example). - WarCryer 50€, without items/armors/weapons. (Man Orc, the picture it's a example). (50€ more you take with you the pack items/armors/weapons . You will not find this price lower, I assure you).
  13. skelth server! pm here or skype liakourakos7 1kk=0.9e pp=66lvl bd=68lvl sws=67lvl wc=69lvl da=66lvl spoil=66lvl destro=66 lvl tyrant=66lvl all with first email! we can use midle man if needed! original owner! pm here or skype liakourakos7
  14. I'm offering Java Services for any chronicle in a decent price. I'll also upload some template system such as "Tournament System", "Dynamic Faction with Bases", "League of Legend Event standalone", e.t.c. Payments: -Paypal, E-banking Trust issues: -You don't have to pay whole amount of requested money before the code, you can pay like a 30-40% and the rest of the money after we are done. You can also ask/speak to any of my clients on skype. Shared Codes: -Unlike many people i've noticed i never work with shared stuff neither other's work. If you notice even a line that is shared you can take your money back and report me anytime. Any system i make is being written live on your computer via teamviewer or any other software you might like. My skype: gamepsychology94 Custom Mods - Code Templates (You will get the .diff directly to your skype and i'll help you to install it) 1. Lock down monsters When a player hit a monster, the monster is locked on this player. No other player can damage(Lower HP) this monster unless X seconds pass without locker player hit the monster or if the attacker is in same party with the locker player). Price: 7e 2. Bind Location You can bind your town location to specific NPC and when you click "To Village" and only if you meet requirements (No participating in event or olympiad or karma), you will get respawned back in the binded town. There is XML configuration that you can setup your towns, your respawn locations and your item that are needed per town to be binded on. View xml here). Price: 10e 3. Jurassic Town Event (Every X minute/hour a random town that you have configured is attacked by group of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs randomly hit players and summons until time expire. If dinosaurs die before they exctinct, players who are inside that town receive automaticaly X rewards. Announcements of casualities and the end and alive dino on each kill are sended to in town players. Event is configured by XML and configs. View xml here) Price: 25 4. Tournament Party Event A party (2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 7v7) vs another party. It create matches automatic on manager and has all proper checks in case a player disconnect or time runs out to give victory or tie. Also matches are running simultaneously, this mean after for example 2v2 starts, it get replaced by a new one immediately. Price: 50 5. Kamaloka for aCis with Instance Engine Kamaloka instance in aCis or any interlude project you want (Easy adjustable). Also it has fully Instance Engine from High Five, this mean it create Instances dynamic or via xml parse. Consider the real kamaloka's monster does not exist in Interlude client so you either have to replace with some custom (downloaded) or with some other interlude's monster you like. Price: 40 6. Vote Poll (Imgur) Admin can create a vote poll (Range of question is dynamic though html, for example he can set 2 or 3 or 4 or 10 but minimum is 2), and broadcast it to all players. Players are able to vote and the results will return as html back to all admin-GM in server. Price: 20 7. Easter Egg (Pastebin XML) When a player detect an easter egg he can type /reaster and if he meet the requirment of easter (NpcId, Distance, NpcName, Items, Level e.t.c) the easter is been disabled and added to his collection. Easter can restart after X time if in config it has restartMs bigger than 0. You can request as many easters you want and however you want it. (Each easter will be extra money). Price 30 8. TWITCH STREAM Player submit his twitch channel. If he stream more than x hour he get reward per minute/hour for his streaming (as long as the game title is Ex. Lineage 2: Interlude and title is ex. L2Elite). Price 30 9. API VOTE SYSTEM (Pastebin XML) Player can vote in any site (Topzone, Hopzone, Network). Any time he want he visit NPC, select which site he want and if he has vote he will automaticaly receive reward. The reward items along with reward buffs are fully configurable with chance and enchant for items. Price 30
  15. [Shopsocks5.com] Service Socks5 Cheap Great Promotions 5-10 Days - Open New Site Shopsoks5.com - 10/11/2017 -> 10/12/2017 Payment Instantly Perfectmoney, Bitcoin, Wmtransfer, BTC-E ( Please click Buy Socks ) Our proxy service offers you a solution to Internet anonymity problem:Best Quality SOCKS5 PROXIES! Service Price PLAN DAILY For example, Daily 60: It is allowed to get maximium 60 socks for a day. If you don't use, you will lose 60 socks in a day ( no incremental socks). An account will be expired after 30 days PLAN CREDIT For example, Credit 60: You will have unlimited day. After you get enough 60 socks, your account will expired. PLAN API For example, Socks List 30: You can get unlimited socks5 per day. Numbers of socks5 will get at Socks List and it will be auto change socks everytime. An account will be expired after 30 days Payment Instantly Perfectmoney, Bitcoin, Wmtransfer WMZ : Z994476647137 PM: U15580999 BTC: 14Wmsja5BVH6srbW7YtQRLni8xH97b7iwx [Shopsocks5.com] Service Socks5 Cheap Contact: Skype: Shopsocks5 Email: admin@shopsocks5.com ICQ: 727362912
  16. Dear Users, I offer my services in client development for any of the Lineage 2 chronicles: 1. Creation and customization of Splash screen for your server (or website). Splash package will be inside a .dll file with a restriction of view/change/remove the native SystemTextures files. 2. Creation and customization of the "Mini Logo"(above the login/password input), animated logo is also available. 3. Creation and customization of the "Loading Screen"(after choosing your character), animated loading screen is also available. 4. Repaint and game interface customization as you want it. 5. Repaint and integrate from other chronicles elements add-ons for weapons, armors, wings, cloaks, helmets etc. 6. Designing and integrating effects for lineage 2 NPCs and Monsters. 7. Integration of any kind of items, monsters, NPCs from, and, to any chronicles. 8. Designing and integrating masks, helmets, accessories and wings from any games and more. 9. Design and creation of animated icons, logos(HTML dialogues), server copyrights insertion in the client's interface. 10. Development and integration of item's copyrights (for weapons, armors, wings, cloaks, helmets etc.) 11. Any work related to Photoshop & 3DS Max. 12. We layout your PSD into our updater's source code, many features included. 13. Turn-key updaters for your website, we can handle any request. Updater functions: 1. Player's online output. 2. Server status output (ON/OFF). 3. Updater's new versions checking. 4. Any amount of hyperlinks and buttons can be added to the updater. 5. Switch between languages in the updater instantly (RU/EN is currently available). 6. Updater will recognize the language of the user's system and make it default (no need to switch languages manualy for international projects). 7. Upon successful update, the game will launch automatically. 8. Players may choose between download the full client or the local patch. 9. News output from your website into any field on the updater. 10. Shortcut to the desktop. Below you can find examples of my most recent works.
  17. Sell destroyer level 74 Blunt top D +15 Yul rune Lvl 6 Sword Berseker Blade +10 Lvl 6 Othel Set Blue Wolf +6 and 5 Set . Jewels : Black ore top B + 3 Talisman Insolence lvl 2 . Set Doom Heavy + 0 Set Mage Demon + 3 Set zubei, parts blue wolf, crystals other objects in ware Runes level 1, 2 and 6 in ware " iss Rune " Aeore " etc. Pm here or skype brian.devesa1
  18. Adena 600kk stock all a items on order s weapons + SA : 150€ Pwlvl 58 - 79 Commend here or msg me private
  19. WTS Adena on L2 Elixir x4 WTS Elixir Coins for regular customers also provide a service PwLVL( fast exping) 33-78 lvls Cheap price and Fast Delivery BIG STOCK contact with me skype: Cy660Ta paypal / qiwi / webmoney system
  20. I've got for sale character and items on L2Lionna x50 server. -Ghost Hunter -skills: I didn't enchant some useless skills like: Drain Health, Focus Power(cuz of Focus Death), Lure, Silent Move, Accuracy, also skills like: Freezing Strike, Sting and Power Break are left on +15, others are maxed !!! -Vorpal Light Set +6/6/6/6/8 full attr -Skull Edge +6 Crt Dmg full attr -Shirt CP +6 / Top Belt PvP Def +6 / Black Hero Cloak -Zaken +6 / elegia earring +6 / tezza +4 / elegia ring +6 / vorpal ring +6 PM me with offers :)
  21. I am selling scryde x70 adena and some elegia parts. If you are interested write pm
  22. Hello guys! About "Topadena" team: We are a group of experienced Lineage2 players, we play L2 a lot of time, we know almost everything about this game, that's why we can be in the top on every server and sell some adena to our customers. We aren't bot users - don't worry, all adena we make is LEGAL. We're working on our website, be patient. At the moment we sell : ADENA ON SERVER: - L2 Elixir x4 also selling EXP 0-50lvl, can do profession quests too. DISCOUNTS EVERY TRANSACTION!!! some1 has cheaper -> we make price lower ! Contact: skype: topadenaa email: topadena@gmail.com Facebook (like our page and get -10% to every transaction) https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=674686165987517&ref=bookmark Good luck!!!!
  23. WTS BD lv48 male with original email , tons of exp scrolls SOLD PROPHET lv55 femal with original email, tons of exp scrolls SOLD BOUNTY HUNTER lv56 femal with original email, tons of exp scrolls 60 EUro 50 days Have : Full plate set, Avadon set. Yaksa Mace+6 othel, tons of mats. etc etc BLADEDANCER lv43 female with original email, tons of exp scrolls SOLD payment via PAYPAL Skype: takilaszlo90
  24. Hello, selling adena on l2lionna 1b=0.5 eu. Pm me on forum for price or skype: adena seller live