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Found 18,966 results

  1. Hi, As the title says, I am selling adena in this server. Send me a message if you are interested. Regards
  2. WTS L2Lionna Project HF Build 200€ Full Source 400€ no bind ip Server is ready for opening Support & Editing is Extra 50€ unless you can do it by ur own Features Preview More Screenshots Discord: sanyol#3608 or pm me on forum
  3. WTS AQ 120 eu MJL (unsealed) 140 eu Draconic Bow +3 [Focus] 200 eu WC 79 CoV naked 200 eu
  4. TEZZA +12 ZAKEN +12 QA+12 BAIUM +12 ORFEN +12 DRACONIC SET +12 (+SKIN) DARK CRYSTAL ROBE SET +12 AM (acumen ) +10 contact me for to see what we can do with the prices , will be nice to sell it as a pack
  5. L2JServer H5 Customized Server Files By L2jSunrise Possibly the only L2JSERVER project which did not discontinued over the years. Create a free account and track our projects progress Well written documentation & guides Available extra features that enhance your gameplay Regular updates & fixes Support Compatibility with many external libraries & addons Here's some useful links regarding our project Features & Information ➥ In-game Preview ➥ Test-Server ➥ Testimonials ➥
  6. I would like to offer You my NEW Updater / Launcher with custom skins. BASIC FEATURES: - no virus detections, - automatic patch check, - automatic patch download on new release, - automatic soft files check / manual hard files check, - install full game client as option, - fast download, - no disconnections on small files = no slow downs, - the fastest files check = check full game client of 50GB in just few sec., - full control of Your patch link, - the fastest patch build and the best compression, - multilanguage support, - awesome custom skins, - works on any Windows 32-bit/64-bit, - no additional Windows hotfix of app requirements, - support L2JSGuard or Smart Guard server protections, - C++ CONTACT: - Discord: Ave#7309 - Skype: mrave20 PRICING: - for latest pricing, please send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE CUSTOM SKINS! Supported games: Lineage 2 / Tantra Online / Rohan / Aion / Cabal / any many more...
  7. WTS 1000coin - 2eur If you take all will make it cheaper, can use a middleman in your expense. only paypal skype: metalinis_lietuvis8009
  8. Hello MC :) Selling L2Reborn x1 Great Sword >> Tallum Heavy Set >> 120 EUR AQ [~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] ALSO Prophet 78 lvl with 3 class and Sub Hawkye (PP Naked 250 eu or equip 320 eu) Without equip Or DC(R) set+ Mysterious Sword(Acumen)+3 LS=Solar Flair 7lvl Sub-class Hawk 66 = PL set+C jewerly, MJ(L) set sealed+Carnage Bow Arcana Mace +3 (Acumen) (AM 180 EU) Phoenix Set jewerly
  9. AWM Proxy - 12 years on the market with excellent quality. 200,000+ WORLD MIX Proxy for any purpose! We sell our proxies (non-public, collected on the Internet), which are available only to us in large numbers and with frequent IP changes, which allows them not to be banned in SEO. Our proxies are suitable for almost all professional tasks! OUR PROXIES ARE SUITABLE FOR: – Proxies for social networks: work with VKontakte, Instagram,, Facebook, YouTube and even Periscope. – Our proxies are also good for search engines: Parsing Yandex, Google, KeyCollector, Magadanya, Ya.Catalogue. – We're perfect as proxies for avito, bookies, Ebay and even Amazon. – And also for thousands of other tasks! ARE RECOMMENDED BY THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMS: – Zennoposter – EpicTrafficBot – XEvil – Rubot – WhiteHatBox OUR ADVANTAGES: – Fully automated operation, everything comes out automatically. – Huge number of proxies from different countries and subnets with constant changes, every 15 minutes 3% of proxies are updated. – Only elite IPv4 private proxies – Extremely low prices for so much. ONLY 95$ A MONTH! ACTUAL PRICES ARE ALWAYS ON THE SITE Also provide you with Free Public Proxy - it's about 10,000 public HTTP(s) free proxies available worldwide and we collect them for you completely free of charge Website:
  10. I am offering my services as developer mainly on java. Please feel free message me on skype or discord. Languages JAVA HTML SQL XML Platform Windows Desktop Price minimum 5€ per task Accepted payment methods: PayPal Skrill Skype: pn-brutus Discord: BruT#3879
  11. - Service Seller Socks Good - Socks 5 VIP - Pass Paypal Blacklist Service Price Example daily 30: It is allowed to get maximium 30 socks for a day. If do not get them you will lose 30 socks in a day ( no incremental socks). An account will be expired after 30 days Payment Methods - PLEASE LOGIN TO PLACE ORDER - Auto payment Perfect Money - PM - Auto payment WebMoney - WMZ - Auto update socks new 24/24 - How to get socks5? -> After buy a package -> Click login -> Click VIEWSOCK -> Click ***.***... to get socks5! -> Contact: Skype: - ICQ: 673820903 Welcome to
  12. Hello, time is like an endless river, we can fight it as many times as we like but truth be told we can never win the fight nor stop time. Sadly with a heart filled with sorrow and grief I have come to the decision to sell the l2mid server and everything with it. Not many of you know but truly I am almost 35 years old (or young some might say) also I have a little daughther. So as you can see the picture I don't have as much time as I used to to run the server full time. If any of you have interest in buying and continuing the l2mid legacy by all means contact me. Here is a list of everything that comes with the l2mid server: -domain name, website, server pack incuding source (vanganth) -100% ddos protection with all scripts. including cliext.dll -all registered email accounts since 2009 -facebook, vkontakte groups, pages with real players. discord:
  13. WTS Adena L2Reborn 80KK in Stock Also have Some A Grade Items Payment by Paypal or Paysend
  14. lvl 79 se (has full skills) - bracelet 5, bw set, phoenix jewels, weapon with iss13, divine inspiration 3 learned - 200 euros lvl 76 pp - bracelet 5, bw set, phoenix jewels 140e lvl 75 tyrant (no items) - offer lvl 77 necro (full skills, no items) - bracelet 5 - offer lvl 77 wc (full skill, bw set, bracelet 4 - very close to 5, needs around 40% for 78, also have gate chant book in wh) - offer lvl 79 cardinal (full skills, bracelet 5) - 180e also have the following items: avadon +6 set - offer bw robe set +6 bw light set +6 spiritual eye yul13 - offer toi6 - 110e i have immediate access to the email and chars can be transfered to your own account
  15. Greetings MaxCheaters, Since, I have received many reports lately from members, asking me to be a middle-man to your transactions, as well the scam reports don't have an end in our forum, I am willing to help you through these Middle-Man services. You can add me on skype or you can send me a private message directly here, with what you want. :takamouris --- Middleman Services --- The seller and/or the buyer have to send me a pm with the following information: 1. Your skype id 2. Tell me if you are the buyer or the seller 3. Tell me with whom you want to do the transaction 4. A 4-digit code (just to make sure that when I will add your skype id to refer this 4-digit, otherwise the person, who will add you, will be a scammer) Example: Skype id/name: maxcheatersMeVsYou Buyer With MeVsYou 1223 General info: 1. The only possible payment is through Paypal, Skrill, Paysafecard (with password). 2. Buyer and Seller have to keep valid proofs of their transaction in any case. 3. You must send the money as a "Gift". If you send it with any other option, then I will refund the money and the trade will be canceled. 4. Buyer pays 15% fee for this safe transaction (under discussion for amounts >300€) 5. Communication is acceptable only through a private message (pm) to my account in MaxCheaters. (Later on, we may proceed with skype communication skype:takamouris ) 6. I am responsible only for the transaction. Any dispute after the transaction is not my concern as a middle-man. 7. In case, there is any delay from my side, both interesting parties have to be patient until I check the pm and come in contact with you. I am here just for those who want to do a safe transaction. (No-sense posts will be deleted) Edit: Be careful, skype users who use my nickname are scammers (l2tower1991, l2tower, anatolios, maxcheatermevsyou, friedrik, Frederick lightofhope, Matt etc.). My trades/transactions can happen only via pm (personal message through MaxCheater forum) or by adding me from the skype button above. Don't trust anyone who is just sending you a printscreen and pretending to be me. You have just to wait till I will reply you via personal message!
  16. Essence Blue, WTS: Spellbook : Devour Spellbook : Hellfire Spellbook : Elemental Burst Send your valid offers to Pyres#7732 in Discord
  17. WTS AQ Baium Zaken Antharas DB+12 DB +13 DRAC SET +11-12 IC SET +12 AM +14 Discord raTTleSnK#1918
  18. Contact Info: - Facebook : - VK : - Discord: MrPro#5193 - Skype: alexmanakos Lineage 2 Advertise Guider and more, Social Media Booster, Contact Info: - Facebook : - VK : - Discord: MrPro#5193 - Skype: alexmanakos
  19. wts adena 15 eur 100kk stock 400kk i would like to sell all can get 800+ if needed
  20. adena in stock - 117kk price per kk 1 euro ________________________ Skype : Rat_t1 Discord : Syxme#6198
  21. WTS on Valhalla - Age Remastered #4 ( opened 28 aug ) Adena C/B/Some low A equipment Subclass/Noblesse chars 66 Discord pre1ude#3106
  22. L2J PvP interlude project with source server feuture's *NOTE IF SOMETHING DOESNT FIT YOUR NEED CAN BE CHANGED FROM CONFIGS! Custom character creation spawn location Welcome PM message Buffer with: Full Mage, Full Fighter and + Berserker Prophet Buffs, Songs, Dances, Extra Buffs, Restore, Noblesse, Remove Buffs. Augmenter: Augmentation Lifestones chance: Mid-Grade 5%, High-Grade 10%, Top-Grade 15% Donate Augmentation with 10 Donate Coins active/passiveconfigs ! Boss Manager + .boss command Gatekeeper: Maintown, Olympiad Town, Castle Towns, Arenas, Farm zone, Special Boss, PvP Zone, Epic Boss. Class Manager Skill Enchanter: Normal Enchant To start skill enchanting, you'll need 1 book of giant. Maximum skill enchant level is 10 from this npc. Donate Enchant To start skill enchanting, you'll need 1 donate coin. Enchant chance is 100%! No enchanting fails! Enchanting don't cost any EXP/SP! Maximum skill enchant level is 15 from this npc. Wedding Manager Warehouse Keeper: Deposit Item, Withdraw Item, Deposit Clan Item, Withdraw Clan Item. Symbol Maker: Draw a Symbol, Delete a Symbol ( Drawing a dye its free, no adena cost) Donate Manager: V.I.P 7days,14days,21days HERO 7days,14days,21days Noblesse Change Sex Rebase Change Name Clan Lv 8 Full Clan Skills 100k Reputation Points (To start using Donate Manager you will need: 5 Donation Coins) (Rebase & Full Clan Skills cost: 10 Donation Coins) V.I.P & HERO Status cost: 5,10,15 Donation Coins) Vote Manager: HOPZONE,TOPZONE Vote system with announcement Clan Hall Manager Castle Manager Special Shop GM Shop Top PvP/Pk Hourly PvP Event: About PvP Hourly Event Top 5 PvP Hourly Players will get: 1st: 1Hero Crown & 2000 PvP Coins 2nd: 1000 PvP Coins 3rd: 500 PvP Coins 4th: 240 PvP Coins 5th: 125 PvP Coins ( Hourly PvP Event pop ups every 1 hour on the players screen with the full details) Subclass Manager Unlimited Active Augment skills and 1 passive Event Engine: CTF/TVT/DM Random PvP Zone: Random respawn after death inside the PvP Zone ( 8 different spawn locations with 5 sec protection) NOTE: When Random PvP Zone changes to a new area the players inside the zone will automatically teleport to giran town V.I.P: .vip command V.I.P Status Time Remaining A V.I.P Player will get: x2 vote reward, 30% Adena Bonus, x2 PvP Coins + 4 different Cloack skins MENU: .menu command Personal Message: on/off Trade: on/off Party: on/off Auto Potions: on/off Character repair + .repair command PvP/Pk Color System Announcement to all player when player rich the maximum of the enchant Same IP protection for PvP VOTE EVENTS and OLY Restrictions Items: Noblesse Coin, Hero Crown 24h, PvP Coin, Event Coin, Custom Server Potion with +100 m.def +100 p.def and +1k hp, Custom Server Tattoo with 10% boost atk speed speed and casting speed, Clan Reputation Item 10k Clan rep, Infinity Scrolls 5% chance Safe 4 max 15 with infinity 20! NO BUGS!!! and many more!!! You can send me a private message to send you the server patch so you can test it by your self!!
  23. Selling Adena & Items on MMOWAY VANILLA x3 Looking for suppliers also SKYPE: live:b63045a60462c53c Skype:
  24. Hello, Guys as Title says Selling Adenas on L2Saga x10 Dominion 1b 6 Eur in stock 10b + Contact me on forum
  25. According to the title; selling 20B Core - 2 Euro per, 100B Naia - 2,8 Euro per. Stock is final and the prices are non negotiable. SEPA Bank transfer within EU region or PayPal. Discord : Hellscreams#2801 P.S. I am not selling small amounts, PM me for bulk (20+) B purchases only.