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Found 5 results

  1. mou vgazei afto logika afto pou exw dn pernaei ...
  2. Trick LF Unban SGUARD

    LF Unban SGUARD PM :)
  3. Trick HWiD Ban

    Hi guys, I get HWiD ban 1 year ago on RPG Club serv for multi windows, its end of 2017 and ban is still active. Do you know any solutions how to bypass it?
  4. Since usually asked me on pvp servers how to do this,i'd like to share it. Here is a small trick on how to bypass armor/weapon masteries penalties. It's easy,and only seconds required :P Create your character. Classes: Archer (can't equip heavy), or Tank (can't equip light). Don't change class,even if server's starting setup require it,close window from "x" and walk to town's GmShop. Buy your heavy gear (Example Iq set for archer etc.) and your desired weapon, or light gear (Example Drag Set For Tank etc.) and your desired weapon. Now wear your equipment and go change class, you'll have Heavy on Archer or Light at Tank , or whatever armor/weap you want for your class :) Notes: 1)After changing up to 3d class you won't be able to use the items since no mastery,that means u won't be able to Unequip them. 2)If your server has Armors/Weapons with farm,just farm with a bot char,and trade them to a new char to make your desired class not have penalty.. This is mostly for interlude high rates,since most of players play archer classes. My Suggestion ? : Do this trick and equip a Light Armor(Dragonic Leather set) on class Shillien Templar. Use Duel Might and skill Deflect Arrow.No other archer in game would beat you,and they'll mostly ask you what you did. Most would think you're a buggy archer. (no use cubics,because they'll understand it :P). I hope you like it :)
  5. Hey guyz, i'd like to tell you a trick on how to fool low skilled adms/gms and gain gm status on your char. You gonna laugh since its too funny also. Tested and worked,and also proved how unskilled todays admins/gms are. Required: 1) - n00b-low skilled adms/gms. 2) - quick reactions (Targeting, Typing) Log 2 characters in game and go to a place alone (example wh or blacksmith). Hide ur 2nd char behind a wall, or near the area,to a range that is possible to target him. Pm any online adm/gm and tell him that u want to show him a bug for coins or smth like that. Tell him in order to show him the bug, to delevel you to level 1, using command //changelvl 1 - (Exactly! Most admins/gms don't know what this command do) When he use that command,you'll gain gm status on your char,now you need fast reaction. Fast /target 2ndchar , and use the same command (//changelvl 1). Then restart your second char fast He'll probably ban/kick u in first 5-10 seconds,so u have to act fast.(Don't try log 1st char again...) That's it,u now have Gm status on ur second char. Log when Adms/Gms are offline,and have fun pk everyone :D Magic? Nope. Just low skilled Gms everywhere :)