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  1. Hello any have l2help.html (buffs on alt+x>help) wanna this file
  2. Hello guys can someone help me where i can find this Interface i will post one video from youtube if someone got it pm please thank you
  3. Hello. I would like to vote for the server without restrictions. I found a way to vote with a change of IP address. However, after a few votes, the block appears on the PC. I tried changing the MAC address but unfortunately it doesn't help like a VM too. Does anybody have an idea ? All this in order to receive profits for voting.
  4. hola, algun bot, interface que funcione en l2amerika.com, que no sea de paga en lo posible
  7. Hey guyz, i'd like to tell you a trick on how to fool low skilled adms/gms and gain gm status on your char. You gonna laugh since its too funny also. Tested and worked,and also proved how unskilled todays admins/gms are. Required: 1) - n00b-low skilled adms/gms. 2) - quick reactions (Targeting, Typing) Log 2 characters in game and go to a place alone (example wh or blacksmith). Hide ur 2nd char behind a wall, or near the area,to a range that is possible to target him. Pm any online adm/gm and tell him that u want to show him a bug for coins or smth like that. Tell him in order to show him the bug, to delevel you to level 1, using command //changelvl 1 - (Exactly! Most admins/gms don't know what this command do) When he use that command,you'll gain gm status on your char,now you need fast reaction. Fast /target 2ndchar , and use the same command (//changelvl 1). Then restart your second char fast He'll probably ban/kick u in first 5-10 seconds,so u have to act fast.(Don't try log 1st char again...) That's it,u now have Gm status on ur second char. Log when Adms/Gms are offline,and have fun pk everyone :D Magic? Nope. Just low skilled Gms everywhere :)
  8. Hi guys, I get HWiD ban 1 year ago on RPG Club serv for multi windows, its end of 2017 and ban is still active. Do you know any solutions how to bypass it?
  9. mou vgazei afto https://imgur.com/a/8lnJt logika afto pou exw dn pernaei ...
  10. Since usually asked me on pvp servers how to do this,i'd like to share it. Here is a small trick on how to bypass armor/weapon masteries penalties. It's easy,and only seconds required :P Create your character. Classes: Archer (can't equip heavy), or Tank (can't equip light). Don't change class,even if server's starting setup require it,close window from "x" and walk to town's GmShop. Buy your heavy gear (Example Iq set for archer etc.) and your desired weapon, or light gear (Example Drag Set For Tank etc.) and your desired weapon. Now wear your equipment and go change class, you'll have Heavy on Archer or Light at Tank , or whatever armor/weap you want for your class :) Notes: 1)After changing up to 3d class you won't be able to use the items since no mastery,that means u won't be able to Unequip them. 2)If your server has Armors/Weapons with farm,just farm with a bot char,and trade them to a new char to make your desired class not have penalty.. This is mostly for interlude high rates,since most of players play archer classes. My Suggestion ? : Do this trick and equip a Light Armor(Dragonic Leather set) on class Shillien Templar. Use Duel Might and skill Deflect Arrow.No other archer in game would beat you,and they'll mostly ask you what you did. Most would think you're a buggy archer. (no use cubics,because they'll understand it :P). I hope you like it :)
  11. Lineage2 summon bug :) Bug can use on Castle Siege , Territory wars , Fortress or just to troll someone by dont accepting trade , party forever :D Comment! Video Tutorial : Hope You enjoy :) Possible to fix this one ? :)
  12. Hey budds,i would like to share a trick to lag server that has no lameguard or servers that are just vulnerable to phx.There are still many of them outthere and i just tested it on l2allstars(c6) before like 3-4 days ago.Surely old packet hack users may already know it. Trick requires droppable items,and effect on buffs from buffer.If this is shared again i am really sorry for posting it again,but as i searched i didn't find anything similar.So here you go playaz: 1)Run phx as administrator,log with your character and get close to the buffer. 2)Drop 1 Adena on he ground and catch packet : DropItem(Clientside).Copy and paste it on Send. 3)Now take a buff or a dance,i use to do it with dance cause the effects sticks on your char.Example Dance of Warrior.Catch Packet : ByPassToServer. Copy and paste the packet to Send under the first code. 4)now use a social action,one that you want (ex. Dance,Victory etc.) and catch packet Social.Copy it and paste it on Send after the above codes. 5)now say something on chat. (ex. spam) 6)catch packet Say2,copy and paste on Send after the above packets. 7)On Send go to One Packet and untick it.Now go Send Every and turn number 100 to 75 and tick it. 8)By the time you click it will start to drop adena,have dance effect on your char,spam unlimited without chat ban and also char will act social action.(Stay near buffer for buff effect range.) This trick creates high traffic and lag to serverside of the server and is usefull to pwn fail servers and retarted administrators.You can have fun on an unprotected server,and you can sell this trick too to a brainless who thinks that you are hacker. Note: Your screen May stop during the procces and start after some mins,it's because of the packets sending fast. In the future i may create a video,right now i cannot record it.If anyone finds such server i can help on the trick and show you the trick,just inbox me.Follow the steps and Have fun.Good luck ma boyz!
  13. loipon ayto to bug to kana sunexeia sto l2 RS sto palio osoi xerete.... loipon ftiaxneis macro.... sto 1 vazeis : /attack sto 2 vazeis//attack to vazeis kapou 5 fores... meta vazeis peripou sto 5:/targetnext... loipon pas kai vriskeis ena mob p einai makria apo ta alla to kaneis target kai patas to macro.... kwlas to koube me to macro me ena ziloteip i anaptira opws kanw egw kai molis psofisei to mob kai xanakanei respawn to xanakanei target mono t kai to varaei..... affineis to pc anoixto kai pas gia cafe ( dn xerw an exei xanaginei post an exei ginei peite na kanw remove...) ty
  14. How i can change rate of these three skills? <skill id="11" levels="12" name="Trick"> <table name="#mpConsume"> 22 24 25 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 34 </table> <table name="#magicLvl"> 49 52 55 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 </table> <set name="weaponsAllowed" val="DAGGER"/> <set name="mpConsume" val="#mpConsume"/> <set name="magicLvl" val="#magicLvl"/> <set name="power" val="50"/> <set name="target" val="TARGET_ONE"/> <set name="reuseDelay" val="30000"/> <set name="hitTime" val="1200"/> <set name="skillType" val="AGGREDUCE_CHAR"/> <set name="operateType" val="OP_ACTIVE"/> <set name="castRange" val="400"/> <set name="effectRange" val="900"/> <for> <effect name="RemoveTarget" noicon="1" val="0" /> </for> </skill> That is example. <effect name="RemoveTarget" noicon="1" val="0" /> I removed 0 and i pasted 100 but and that dont work.
  15. ENJOY O0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR3TWWozCAo
  16. Geia sas pedes ime new sto forum vrika ena 'trick' edelos tuxea ... Loipon to Bug Ine Gia Servers p dinoun vote reward p den ginete na ginoun trade Loipon ti kanoume..! Gemizoume to Inventory PX o xoros ine 250 emis vazoume 251 afto mpori na gini skotonodas mobs i ama doci allou idous Reward o adm Loipon ! auto p 8a ginete ine to reward tou char sas na pefti katw sta podia tou.. Den 8a mpeni PX sta Q ! Meta pate me tn Main Ke ta mazevete :D an exei gini post soz k delete!
  17. Hi all ;) Do you know any good trick / hack / bug in L2Dragon.net server?? Thx for info ;)
  18. what lucky today i just open google and find inject in first server who google show me :) 555216 +blxUBRztpCB5yb+RRCVOUiYhyE= abrahammedina wLwnS3Z6iKGSNxfiPRqiPP9tv4g= ACplayC YaeLdtEyxFZIoRTlsgCkacUjdDM= adena1 QL0AFWMIX8NRZTKeof9cXsvbvu8= adena2 QL0AFWMIX8NRZTKeof9cXsvbvu8= adena3 QL0AFWMIX8NRZTKeof9cXsvbvu8= ajar amfF7pleJF1Rxa2J6FFU6oIH110= aka1 AhV5kOe9s/6wCxy3/l1UDXgPcFo= aka2 AhV5kOe9s/6wCxy3/l1UDXgPcFo= aka3 AhV5kOe9s/6wCxy3/l1UDXgPcFo= aka4 AhV5kOe9s/6wCxy3/l1UDXgPcFo= aka5 AhV5kOe9s/6wCxy3/l1UDXgPcFo= alan r70YOG/VuekfC6gRk1gmLKtSfyA= alejokpo32 5zzoHCO/ZN+FgpNXOhVMQlj9V3w= alfonso ux9K8UJrgjOIU938afJq4R8efWU= amiguito 947iA18S71FmGdXLYmzhm82cgDI= andreax qM6pIO4OyRobiSAWkqp5Il+7UGg= andrellis32 b6CTOdWeoZ1EcGeRtvHiuoS5z8o= andresitox W2KjPp1sz0JqSyoNSoWKhpzadpo= antistara PSHxWLibs9bpOaSkOU1e8RauVJE= anto HX1myQEonXFCKPUnw0BHLjYddKM= antony KaQMitjM81zxMsz4APijj+ueFkw= armitageST o2cHKghTJmECbHP20xb6dc5IJ88= asd321 CQr5ckUBA3PJSv3THapao/JF2hs= atahualpa 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  19. Hello, Facebook Auto Likes Button, It allow you to have 200+ Likes in few minutes. Doesn't need your Facebook Informations, You should take your image URL link. Download Link: http://goo.gl/a1Ata1 Attention: Disable your antivirus, in otherwise wouldn't work, Enjoy ! Let us any feedback :D
  20. Geia.Vrika ena trick kai enai arketa aplo opote skeftika na to kanw post dn xerw an exei xanaginei an exei ginei kante to delete.Loipon an paizete se server pou exei enchanter kai p.x. to safe einai +10 pate to oplo mexri +9 kai meta pate sto enchanter kai to kanei +19.dokimasmeno se Freya servers
  21. Ξεκιναω λεγοντας, μπορει να το ξερετε και να λετε ηλιθιοτητες. Μην κραξετε, γιατι οκ, μπορει εσεις να το ξερετε, αλλα μπορει καποιοι αλλοι να μην το ξερουν. Λοιπον το κολπακι αυτο ειναι για να μασεις PvP "εννομα και σωστα" γιατι δεν farmαρεις PvP, εχει ως εξης και λειτουργει σε PvP server: Ξερετε πως σε μερικους server δεν εχει καλο συνχρονισμο και "τα πινει" ο server οταν εισαι σε PvP. Ξεκινας κανοντας Tyrant ή Gladi. Βαζουμε σιγουρα, 100%, το buff: Chant of Revenge και το song: Song of Vengeance. Οπως καθε ενας, ξερει οτι το reflect φτανει συνηθως στα 14% σε PvP server. Ωραια μεχρι τωρα? Παμε για PvP. Λογο του μη-συνχρονισμου οταν εισαι σε barrier το damage συνεχιζει να το τρωει ο αλλος συμφωνα με το system, αλλα λογο του barrier δεν το περνεις. Λοιπον σε αυτα τα δεκα δευτερα μπορεις να παρεις δυο PvP απο τον ιδιο. Την ωρα που εισαι σε barrier, βγαζεις την armor και τρως ΤΡΕΛΟ damage. Οπως ειπαμε πριν το reflect ειναι περιπου 14% οποτε λογο του μη-συνχρονισμου πεφτει ο αλλος, αλλα το regeneration του συνεχιζει. Οποτε τον βαρας ακομα και οταν εχει πεσει και τον ξανα τρως. Ελπιζω να ηταν χρησιμο, και μην κραξετε. Οπως και μπορει να το εχουν ξανα πει. Δεν το ειδα βεβαια στις πρωτες 4 σελιδες, αλλα αν υπαρχει διαγραψτε το :)
  22. Simera 8a sas pw ena akomi agapimeno mou tropo na kerdizw se oly...prosoxh den einai bug einai tropos...Loipon... Kanete mia buffer character Kanete me tn tropo pou sas eipa ena Dragonic bow ++ oso mporeite pio poli kai pernete kai ena Arcana Acumen oso + 8elese kai mporeite eseis auto den mas endiaferei... Pigenete oly me Robe Armor kai me to Arcana equiped... Oso pio grogora mporeite kanete ola ta buffs sas prin ta 20'' gia na sas fullarei ta Mana Points pali automata... Afou teleiosete ta buffs sas fast forate Light Armor kai to Draconic Bow pou exete poli ++ kai GG!!!! Teleio Attack speed , Teleio Critical Rate ktl... A kai episeis rixnete kai ena Hold gia na min mporei na kouni8ei o allos kai travate kai ena heal se ora anagis
  23. Some Scripts For L2 PHX Auto Target PK Auto Target Anti-Target Teleport Char Info Critical Error Enchant Invisible Magaz999Plus RunTitle Radar Lag Fake GM Doors Action Chat Download Uploaded By eXtinCt
  24. +16 max +3 safe Once i boughed 55x weapons and out of 55 weapons i get 1 weapon +11! So ... I pissed off and i started enchating weapons ( 1 wep in inventory till it breaks ) and i had alot of weapons with +13 +14 +15 +16 So... I counted around how many times weapon should FAIL to get 1 max enchant, number was 15 - 16 example: ( i want 1 weapon to get max enchant ) DO NOT - 10 weapons( In inventory ) x 15 FAILS = Chances are 149 BREAKS 1 Sucsessful DO - 1 Weapon ( In Inventory ) x 15 FAILS = Chances are 14 BREAKS 1 succsefful So we need do this : Create new character , with no items on it , even delete newbie items , only 3 items should stay in inventory , Scrolls, Adena and 1 enchantable item. Now enchant it till it breaks - YES TILL IT BREAKS! You break it buy new one and on... and on .. and on... I assure u out of 15 (MAX) you will get 1 max enchant ( if server have +16max ench, i dont know about higher ) Its better enchating than, enchanting BUNCH of weapons in inventory! NB! why character must be clean? - Cause , all other enchantable items you wear or you keep inventory makes same effect as i told about 55x weapons! why its so usefull what i told , cause many people FAIL at enchating by buying buCNH of items into inventory and start enchating them , +1 +1 +1 +1... - +3 +3 +3 etc! now if you are smart enough , you will go L2NET forums , ask someone to create enchant script to enchant 1 item till it breaks! ( ofc when u are lazy ) I tested this in many servers, everywhere works! its not a bug, its Logic, all enchanting is not about LUCK , its about CHANCE! but CHANCE is possible to calculate! in russian retail server i have +14 set Bluewolf heavy, +13 sword! on pvp server I get max ench on every server i go!
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