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  1. The actual resources of the l2.exe file written in the "C" language for launching with additional parameters (by default, for example, you can find there an alternative connection setting to the server, i.e. usually the server address is written in l2.ini or dsetup (if you use whose or protection) and there is a similar method here (it works by the method of batch files [.bat]). Also, if you want, you can add any functionality to it at your discretion (if, of course, you fumble about it). There is the possibility of changing the l2.exe icon. -Supported chronicles: All (since the re
  2. Here are some programs to edit part of the client system andDP interface - HTML EDITOR.rarhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/428bxb2wojs4k0b/DP%20-%20HTML%20EDITOR.rarDP - SKILL XML EDITOR.rarhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/ieu0ap3b1gkmq6l/DP%20-%20SKILL%20XML%20EDITOR.rarCM - L2UTX VIEWER.rarhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/uv4oykq2wfmwzvy/CM%20- % 20L2UTX% 20VIEWER.rarDP - GEODATA EDITOR.rarhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/mtbnwqoc3bqb2iz/DP%20-%20GEODATA%20EDITOR.rarCM - L2DAT EDITOR.rarhttp: //www.mediafire. com / file / 4a81phs73vxtv3d / CM% 20-% 20L2DAT% 20EDITOR.rarCM - UMODDEL EDITOR.rarhttp://www.
  3. Hello! Who have Scions of Destiny (Chronicle 4) Login Screen for High Five 5?
  4. Hello, i want to share this tool for L2J servers Not my work, It was made by tReXpert It's a tool for make multisell. You can: - drag and drop items - choose how many items needed for - save and more.. Some screens: Virus Total: Virus Total Link: [Hidden Content]
  5. I used these files: [Manual] Create And Edit Skill.usk Lineage 2 - Interlude ◄√I®Us► and I added for Hi5. You can edit the skill.usk file and lineageskilleffect.u Download here: patch_Hi5_and_Interlude_L2VisualSkills
  6. Hi Maxcheaters Users! By request of many users asking me if I have compiler for interface.u, here are my share of my collection. I hope this will be useful for anyone of this forum. Enjoy it!! Interlude Compiler: DOWNLOAD Hellbound Compiler: DOWNLOAD Gracia Final Compiler: DOWNLOAD Epilogue Compiler: DOWNLOAD Freya Compiler: DOWNLOAD High Five Compiler: DOWNLOAD
  7. Hello in file interface.xdat i find windows with texture for gampad function. Its possible use it for 4 more slots for skills/items? how active it? In system i see option "GamePad "ON" but is unactive. anyonr can help me?>
  8. Hi, I'm looking for Deadz or similar for Classic Kamael client. What i need is the automatic things, Enchant, augment, etc.
  9. War /delcared/undelcared icons display in 16x12px is possible to change it on interface.xdat for 16x16 and display bigger picture? Chronicles: Interlude
  10. This is GoS Cracked Found it somewhere and decided to share with you! official site: gamingonsteroids.com Download Vip Cracked Version http://www24.zippyshare.com/v/qksewoeH/file.html
  11. Checked on the chronicles Prelude, Interlude, HF, Helios-GameCost, Salvation-Kr. Installation: Put L2Editor folder into the client folder. Some features: Saves packages as Version 123 Licensee 0. Opens native packages 111, 121. Running on the original LineageEffect, LineageEffect_br, LineageWarrior from Salvation. Problems and issues are still enough but I will continue to work on the availability of free time. If you are interested in further development of the project, you can create issues: https://bitbucket.org/lordofdest/l2editor/issues It is desirable with s
  12. L2Homage Customizing Lineage 2 Read more about the development process in the initial thread Initial thread Check out our Discord if you're interested in the project Discord Channel Download here: L2Homage 6.1 (Recommended) Map Files System Folder (Based on L2Shrine's system folder. Should work well for new projects) WIKI <-- A work in progress. Includes in-depth install guide, both for server software and tool. Please feel free to post any questions you have in this thread. We also appreciate if you'l
  13. Hi can someone help with malaria visual effect for interlude ? i dont want to see it all time as effect(animation) 😛
  14. Hello guys..i am new in forum I need free source for my server High Five version Thank you
  15. Hi guys, showing some of my work, is in the process of development.
  16. We present our own voting system via web. Fully configurable and synchronized with your server! --> Available test online, try now! <-- User: l2jdevs1, l2jdevs2, l2jdevs3, ... | Password: l2jdevs1, l2jdevs2, l2jdevs3, ... Images of vote panel web system List and development status in which it is currently. • Green ------- Feature that has already been tested and added. • Orange ----- Feature in development or partially done. • Red --------- Feature is not yet available. FEATURE LIST:
  17. https://github.com/madyanov/l2mapconv-public/releases Tool for building geodata from client files. Features: - Preview of the L2 map. - Preview of the existing L2J geodata. - Building new L2J geodata based on the loaded map geometry. See https://github.com/madyanov/l2mapconv-public for more information.
  18. - L2 SOFTWARE - Dear Mxc Community, It took me months to decide publishing my script for Lineage 2. This will probably be the biggest share in any Lineage 2 relevant forum. I am the rightful owner/writer of this script, part of which was based on a script made by a person i appreciate a lot and without whom i would not be able to share mine today, with you. I will keep his name private for self-explanatory reasons. Full functionalities of the script can be found down below. You can find the full script and fork it from my gi
  19. Hello MXC! Does anybody of you still have the L2tool.exe application?! Most of links are broken wherever I've searched. It would mean alot to me if somebody could post the link here. It could also help the rest of the community in the future! Thanks! ⚘
  20. Hello Everyone, I bring you not a PHP-based L2 server, not a full-fledged website, but a library that will revolutionize L2J web development. Introduction Many parallel projects have been developed over the years, and L2J today is divided into several distributions, each with a different database, whether by table name, fields, etc. A standard was never established for all banks to respect a specific nomenclature, sometimes they were developed by amateur developers, who despite being skilled, never studied and do not know good practices or follow some typ
  21. Hello people, I play on a cracked interface, Jordan on the L2 MAD server active defense , I made a detour but the auto buff does not work, and the bot selects mobs but does not hit, or the auto buff selects itself but does not buff who knows how to fix it ???
  22. XDAT Editor can edit interface.xdat Download link: Download me Official page: Click me Credits: acmi Github: Click me Chronicles: Interlude, Kamael, Hellbound, Gracia Part1-2, Gracia Final, Epilogue, Freya, HighFive, Awakening, Harmony, Tauti, Glory Days(not finished), Lindvior(not finished), Epeisodeon(not finished), Ertheia(not finished), Infinite Odyssey(not finished) It's not new share, but many people have problem and get error: Uploaded version is portable and working good. UNK description ( credits zefi ):
  23. Hello! I found those 2 tools that saved me a lot of time with the cleaning up of my groups... This can clean up posts / images etc from your Facebook groups Download And this can Decline all pending posts that exists to your group Download
  24. hello, I hope you are well. I'm here to ask you for help, I need a system that works on windows 10. Cronica is GRACIA FINAL. Thank you!!
  25. Hello, Is it possible to target skillbar row other than first one when modifying shortcut key (interface.xdat)? Could this be as simple as passing an additional parameter, I am not aware of, to action or it's more complicated? Client is C6. Yes, I could circle through different rows by shortcuts but that's an overhead I would like to avoid.