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Found 88 results

  1. Hello, Guys today i gonna share you my interface which got stolen from some of brazilian guys the reason i share it is they trying to sell it to other people and they ofcrouse saying to people that dont have idea that this interface and features made by them as we all know people diying for money so i would like to share the current version with the community members all features will be listed below i hope you will like it enjoy it Features: Costumized Mini map From Higher Chronicles Creator Neophron Costumized Skill bars up to 5 Auto Skills Spam Auto Buffs Auto Use Potions Elixir/CP/MP Auto Use Potions Magic Pot/Haste Pot/Attack Pot Casting Skill Bar Critical Damage / Ressisted on Screen Hold Target / Ignore Agression Buff sizes x24 to x16 Debuff + time Custom HP/CP/MP Status Bar copied from Author Savo Custom Macro system auto spaming Macros with right click if u press on it Customized Darkdelux HP/CP/MP Bar Preview: Auto Augment Auto Enchant Auto Skill Enchant and much more this is the oldest version of the interface TIP: dont get scammed by these two people T3ddy / DM Moshpit those brazilian people was trying to sell the interface for a huge amount of money but mostly people got informed already Credits: Neophron Elfen Darkdelux Savo Download Link: [Hidden Content] Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  2. yaw, Guys im back Again and this time i bring you V Interface with full Functions because many people have big mouth and talking a lot i would prove them that i can do anything i like since they prove me wrong so lets start some pictures Infos: Every feature working perfect without any problems lets see who gonna get mad after this good luck using it guys hf Features: Auto Augment Auto Enchant Auto Skill Enchant Auto Macros Usage Fast Items Deletion trought Inventory Auto Farm = Bot Debuffs & Timer Olympiad Damage Calculator and much more what are you waiting for? Try it now! [Hidden Content] Information: d3c.dll file was a bypass to work on protected servers since it's not working anymore just delete it and good to go few antiviruses may dedect it as a virus u can avoid it and just delete that file Cheers
  3. Dear, Cheaters today i would love to share with you a detailed interface i've fixed a lot of bugs and changed a lot of things since me & Iordanov are 6 years Friends he told me share it clean w/o bugs the reason we do this is because a Brazilian person T3ddy & Moshpit selling on black market the current version but they are kinda stupid since interface not work on 80% of servers with smartguard people pming me to fix their thing but since they bought it from other hands i no offer any support to them lets start Note: we are not responsible if interface not works on some protected servers you want bypass? buy it and we can disccus about it. Some Screens.. Shows in different Row Domi/WC/Ressists/simple buffs Shows Debuffs in Seperate Row Options: Party Classes / & New Party Icons Auto Assist 1st Ma 2nd Ma Classic Mini Map: KeyBinds: Invite/Dismiss/Changepartyleader/trade Shows Enemy casted skills Skill Gauge Debuffs & Timer Olympiad Damage Calculator Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  4. Hey , little about me, played this game for a long time , and during that process ive kept updating the patch to get max fps and visual advantage over the others. Ive already tryed most of the patches out there , but i think ive manged to gather one of most advanced pathes out there , with gaining max fps & having uptodate animations. Dunno, just felt like it to share in this forum in detail :good sir: Cheers ! Important tips: - Always have a clean Lineage2 installed and when u want to play just copy the original and paste. - That way u will always start fresh (more fps & less crit errors)! - When u start l2 press (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC-->Processes-->L2.exe right click-->Set Priority-->High)! - When playing l2 play on Full Screen! DEAR USERS DONT SPAM PW IN TOPIC IF I DONT RESPOND IN PM , UNLESS YOU WANT UR POST TO BE REMOVED [Hidden Content] Im not the author of most of these files , if im breaking a rule , please inform me before locking/editing/deleting topic. Ty :*
  5. [Hidden Content] Password: 19396 Credits: DEADZ Notice: this patch not inclouding auto augment or auto potions. it.s 1.8 Version 2.0 Version will share it when i get it.
  6. Hello MCX family. I am here to Share my Custom Interface patch-pack for C6. Its a path-pack of more then 100 files that i collect from other ppl. I am not the EDITOR or the DEVELOPER of the files. I just collect them! Special thanks and Credits to @Asuki @Celestine @Iordanov @L2Neophron savo Elfen DarkDelux _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First of all i got @Iordanov SHARE and replace some files with @Celestine and @Asuki custom patches and shares. In this patch-pack you will see Custom bar Custom Inventory Custom Skills (Credits to Celestine) Custom Abnormal Effects and Hero aura (Credits to Asuki) Custom plate With features like Invite - Dismiss - Change party leader - Trade Custom AIO panel for Augment - Enchant - Skill enchant - Timer Custom Option panel Custom Macro icon and Automacro - Autoloop (Right click the macro when you create it) Custom Map (I dont know who create this pm me for Credits) Custom Minimap with features (I dont know who create this pm me for Credits) Custom Clicks (Credits to Celestine) Preview Custom FPS on screen (Alt + End= FPS - Alt+home= Disable effects for better performance) Custom Damage - MP POT - HP POT - CP POT and Self skill on Screen (Credits to *!* ) MapHack and InfinityZoom (I dont know who create this pm me for Credits) Also Custom Splash Screen - Sounds -MAPS and many many more. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is my very first post here so if i forget someone to give a credit or you need an information please be patience. This is what you see when you download the patch-pack __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All the files are Virus free. The patch-pack is 480MB. IF THE LINK IS BROKEN PM ME OR LEAVE A COMMENT. Say a thanks there is nothing wrong with it. Leave a comment if you like the share. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .::Sources::. https://rawr.pro/ https://www.l2jbrasil.com/ https://forummaxi.ru/ https://maxcheaters.com/ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Hidden Content]
  7. Dear, Users since many people requested for this version trought pms i wanna just share it here it's been a long time i was getting to many pms so here you are now.. Download Link: [Hidden Content] Full interface description: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8ktmz9kueQOTmlhUElNVS1DN1U/view Update 2.1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MBKWtJSGiIoJl5zjfEf_OltTRzmeZ0tg/view Promo- video: Reply to see the Download Links replies like Ty,Wow,good,cool will be deleted and you will be warned without any warning.
  8. Hello, Guys Today i will share with the community my latest interface version the reason is im working on new one with h5 features into it with more bot things into it and etc so i will share this version with the community use it at your own risk if there is any problems i will not fix anything thats why im saying use it at your own risk since you get my files u can do what ever u want with them selling them will not offer you any money but people will dissapointed but i will not say the reason i've added copyrights remove them by ur own some of them u cannot remove because client closes and something last you cannot edit interface.u for many reasons Thanks What is new on this version? Two map versions party images auto assist 1st Main assister 2nd auto assister and much more.. which i wont explain since you can figure it out alone :) a quick video preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr3rnwlAzXg&t=768s Download: http://rgho.st/6FMyGVh2k
  9. - Functions - Exclusive Layout - Programming in PHP PDO - Anti Inject - Rankings Standards - User panel page with donations & unlock function char - Server Status - Script - Players Online - Register account - Recover password - Pages stylized and configured - Majority of information is within the connect / conect.php - Required SQL statements within the site - PSDS the logo editable - Visual Site V.1.0 the site was built intended to be objective and organized, so is a light and elegant site - Account Register The website has a whole record done in PDO, with email and SSN, for those who do not remember SSN is a code that the system generates, is used to recover the password if you lose it... - Password Recovery The system uses login, email and SSN for password recovery, only with all the information the player will be able to modify the password. - Ranking System The main rankings are: 1. PVP 2. PK 3. HEROES 4. CASTLE SIEGE 5. RAID BOSSES Download:[Hidden Content] Credits: Upug
  10. Download Link:[Hidden Content] Credits: Virus Chronicle: Interlude Included Hoods Costume Pack#2 Chronicle: High Five Download link:[Hidden Content]
  11. Hello, Guys since i saw many people have fps issues and they have bad computers i gonna share today with u one patch this patch is totally clean without many edits better fps in mass fights less lag :) Download Link: [Hidden Content] Password: Hool1ganFCDD in order to download the patch you have to reply on this topic NOTE: Spam replies will be deleted and the member will be warned Author Hool1gan
  12. Since i'm quitting L2 for good and i can see that the only things people share these days is their old trash i am sharing this for old time's sake. To the moderators out there and the administrator of this forum. please dont delete this post there is no point. l2 is dead anyway maybe this will revive it a bit. Also to the selfish little s......ts out there : STOP SELLING THIS AND START SHARING REAL CONTENT. https://www.4shared.com/postDownload/_q2-HNmKei/JJFH.html
  13. var Buff:Tl2Buff; item:TL2Item; member:TL2Live; const //TEXT for invite inviteText = 'beniz45cm'; function SetForegroundWindow(hwnd: integer) : Boolean; stdcall; external 'user32.dll'; function captcha:boolean; begin if engine.dlgtext.contains('Refresh') or engine.dlgtext.contains('Captcha') or engine.dlgtext.contains('60 seconds') or engine.dlgtext.contains('Bot') then begin SetForegroundWindow(Engine.GameWindow); PlaySound(exepath+'\sounds\'+'PlayerAlarm'+'.wav'); delay(2500); StopSound; end; end; function CheckDeath(Obj: TL2Live = nil): boolean; begin if (Obj = nil) then Obj:= User; result:= false; if (Obj.Dead) then begin result:= true; Engine.FaceControl(0, false); while (User.Dead) and delay(999) do Engine.GoHome; delay(5555); end; end; function HaveAgroMobs(): boolean; var i: integer; begin result:= false; for i:= 0 to NpcList.Count-1 do begin if (IsAgr(NpcList(i))) then begin result:= true; exit; end; end; end; function IsAgr(Mob: TL2Npc): boolean; begin result:= (Mob.AtkOID = User.OID) and (not Mob.Dead); end; procedure checkbuff; begin CheckDeath(); if not (User.Buffs.ByID(1323, buff)) or (buff.EndTime < 300000) then begin print('NEED REBUFF '); delay(10000); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbshome', True); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbsgetfav', True); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbsbuffer', True); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbsbufferbypass_cast 187 x x', True); if (User.Buffs.ByID(1323, buff)) and (buff.EndTime < 300000) then print('REBUFF DONE'); delay(1500); end; end; procedure restock; begin CheckDeath(); // IF SS less then 1000 if (inventory.user.byid(3951, item) and (item.count<1000)) then begin //3951 id of BSSA print('RESTOCK SS'); Engine.FaceControl(0, false); delay(1000); if (HaveAgroMobs) then begin print('Killing aggro mobs'); Engine.FaceControl(0, true); while (HaveAgroMobs) do delay(10); Engine.FaceControl(0, false); while (User.InCombat) do delay(555); end; // PORT to town Engine.bypasstoserver('_bbshome', true); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbsgetfav', True); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbsgatekeeper', True); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('13', True); delay(3500); // OPEN GM SHOP if user.InRange(-44683, -113079, -224,10000) then begin // XYZ of ORC Village engine.bypasstoserver('_bbshome', true); delay(500); engine.bypasstoserver('_bbsgetfav', true); delay(500); engine.bypasstoserver('_bbsfile:smallNpcs/gmshop', true); delay(500); engine.bypasstoserver('110', true); delay(500); Engine.NPCExchange (3951, 25000); // Buy BSSA print('RESTOCK BSSS DONE'); end; end; // IF MP pots less then 50 if (inventory.user.byid(728, item) and (item.count<50)) then begin // 728 id of mp pot // while user.incombat do delay(1000); print('RESTOCK MP'); Engine.FaceControl(0, false); delay(1000); if (HaveAgroMobs) then begin print('Killing aggro mobs'); Engine.FaceControl(0, true); while (HaveAgroMobs) do delay(10); Engine.FaceControl(0, false); while (User.InCombat) do delay(555); end; // PORT to town Engine.BypassToServer('_bbshome', True); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbsgetfav', True); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbsgatekeeper', True); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('13', True); delay(3500); // OPEN GM SHOP if user.InRange(-44683, -113079, -224,10000) then begin // XYZ of ORC Village engine.bypasstoserver('_bbshome', true); delay(500); engine.bypasstoserver('_bbsgetfav', true); delay(500); engine.bypasstoserver('_bbsfile:smallNpcs/gmshop', true); delay(500); engine.bypasstoserver('1c', true); delay(500); Engine.NPCExchange (728, 500); //buy mp pot print('RESTOCK MP POTS DONE'); end; end; end; procedure tospot; begin CheckDeath(); if not user.InRange(92504, 109576, -3744,20000) then begin //XYZ of SPOT // IF NOT on spot move to spot print('Moving To Spot'); engine.facecontrol(0,false); delay(1000); checkbuff; //PORT to Hunters Engine.BypassToServer('_bbshome', True); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbsgetfav', True); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbsgatekeeper', True); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('1e', True); delay(500); Engine.MoveTo(117160, 76808, -2672); engine.settarget(32864); // Target NPC delay(100); engine.dlgopen; // TALK with NPC delay(100); engine.dlgsel(2); // Choose option 2 delay(1500); Engine.MoveTo(98488, 109720, -3696); Engine.MoveTo(97304, 109608, -3680); Engine.MoveTo(96552, 110216, -3712); Engine.MoveTo(95656, 110040, -3632); Engine.MoveTo(94536, 109816, -3680); Engine.MoveTo(93736, 109704, -3664); Engine.MoveTo(92504, 109576, -3744); delay(500); Engine.facecontrol(0,true); delay(5000); //Engine.dispel('dance of shadows'); print('ON SPOT'); print('Start FARM'); end; end; procedure onspot; begin CheckDeath(); // IF ON spot and buffs time less then 5min REBUFF while user.InRange(92504, 109576, -3744,20000) do begin // XYZ of SPOT if ((User.Buffs.ByID(1323, buff)) and (buff.EndTime < 300000)) then begin print('REBUFF'); Engine.FaceControl(0, false); Delay(1000); if (HaveAgroMobs) then begin print('Killing aggro mobs'); Engine.FaceControl(0, true); while (HaveAgroMobs) do delay(10); Engine.FaceControl(0, false); while (User.InCombat) do delay(555); end; repeat checkbuff(); until ((User.Buffs.ByID(1323, buff)) and (buff.EndTime > 300000)); Engine.FaceControl(0, true); end; restock(); invitePT(); end; end; procedure invitePT; begin //IF someone pm with inviteText inv him to PT if (ChatMessage.Text = inviteText) and (ChatMessage.ChatType = mtPrivate) and ChatMessage.Unread and (ChatMessage.Time < 3000) then begin if Party.Chars.Count < 8 then Engine.InviteParty(ChatMessage.Sender) else Engine.Say('party is full', 2, ChatMessage.Sender); end; end; begin delay(500); //load settings | Change name or comment Engine.LoadConfig(exepath+'\Settings\'+'LokrenUP3'+'.xml'); //load map | Change name or comment Engine.loadzone(exepath+'\Settings\'+'GEM_L_3'+'.zmap'); delay(500); while true do begin CheckDeath(); restock(); checkbuff(); onspot(); invitePT(); tospot(); delay(1000); end; delay(1500); end. Simple farm script (gem dragons as example) with rebuff, go back to spot, restock. You'll need to change bypasses for ur server to make it work. Tested on http://l2mercury.com/ How to check bypasses for my server? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQHZm4p_LO8&amp;feature=youtu.be
  14. Download Links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] in order to see download links you need to reply.. spam replies like ty and etc will be deleted and you will be warned Credits: AccentGod good luck using !!!
  15. long time no see you guys ! since its been so long from my last activity on forum and lineageii ! i want to share you guys a little demo from Unreal Engine 4 demo that i modified long ago it uses 2 models from lineageii and skyrim and seeing how lineageii would look from unreal engine 2.5 to 4 is interesting the elf model is from lineageii freya high five if i remember and using original mesh and skeleton and textures the model supports any walking and running speed by default when you import and set it in engine but that i did not set to a key or gamepad analog or touch screen at least yet currently i try make time to work on a working 28gb size map, so if you want it just comment ! it is big in size but needs the villages and skills and mobs and quests ! aniway extract from arhive the TowerOfGlass folder where you want open infoa.txt file found in TowerOfGlass folder and you will have all info how to change settings the demo is set to epic quality so be carefully to not fry your gpu specially if you use render quality to 200 to make downscalling if i remember or use gpu dsr or downscalling current settings are windowed in 1280x720 so you better change it to fullscreen on your native monitor resolution i recommend use the console ~ key and with arrows keys select 30 fps or even 15 fps don't use left alt as it is buggy an used for blink like skill to test something ! i'm serious about gpu getting hot ! download if you have any questions just ask ! ill be surfing on forum to see what you guys done since my last activity ! hope you like this simple basic beautiful demo ! good to see you all again ! mary christmass to you all ! and a happy new year ! sory for my bad english like allways ! oh yes you can press left shift to run ! run right click on the file C:\TowerOfGlass\TowerOfGlass.exe and select run as administrator exit left click in window and press altf4 controls a, s, d, w, space, leftalt, mouselook console commands just open console with ~ key and you can chose one of the settings scrolling with arrows keys and press enter settings go an open file C:\TowerOfGlass\TowerOfGlass\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini and you can find and set those examples [ScalabilityGroups] sg.ResolutionQuality=100 ................................................................... this is the quality renderer, example if you have set a resolution of 1920x1080 and set this to say 50 then it will render game at 960x540 and keep the resolution of 1920x1080 [/Script/Engine.GameUserSettings] bUseVSync=True ............................................................................. self explanatory ResolutionSizeX=1280 ....................................................................... resolution width window ResolutionSizeY=720 ........................................................................ resolution height window LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX=1280 ...................................................... don't touch LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY=720 ....................................................... don't touch WindowPosX=-1 .............................................................................. don't touch WindowPosY=-1 .............................................................................. don't touch bUseDesktopResolutionForFullscreen=False ................................................... don't touch FullscreenMode=2 ........................................................................... 0=fullscreen, 1=fullscreenwindowed, 2=windowed LastConfirmedFullscreenMode=2 .............................................................. don't touch Version=5 .................................................................................. don't touch AudioQualityLevel=0 ........................................................................ don't touch
  16. Hello MxC community. This is a client mod for C4 client which increases buff slots per row from 10 to 12, just like later chronicles. So far, the maximum visual buff limit was 30. From now on, it's 36. The limit for party window buffs was also updated to 12 per row. There is already a patch of mine about party for 15 buffs per row, but the reason of reducing the amount was symmetry, according to user interface. In this picture, we see the old interface with 36 buffs + Focused Force (server-based) on character. Client limit of 30 buffs was overflown and etc status bar was broken. Also, servitor status window consists of a maximum of 20 buffs. Now in this picture, we see the new interface with enhanced abnormal status window and 36 buffs + Focused Force. Limit of buffs is 36 and even if it reaches 37, etc status bar will still be there. This was a small client bug that got fixed in the way. Also, servitor status window consists of a maximum of 24 buffs. Though it looks small as a feat, it's almost practically impossible to modify slots. After a lot of struggle, the changes were injected and gave us a 100% functional window. It has no flows and not to mention that even tooltip hover is a bit more accurate than before. This issue was first reported in our forums by WilliamFS in 2013. http://www.l2jlisvus.com/t310-maxbuffamount-and-shining-bow-focus-s-a Download Link 1 Just paste the file into your system folder. I hope you find it useful. Enjoy. Best regards, DnR
  17. Hello, to this topic i will share few most usable fonts for Photoshop CS6 for your Imaginary Creations.!!!! Download Link: [Hidden Content] Credits goes to:1001fonts & DaFont
  18. Hello, to this topic i am gonna share 400+ photoshop styles that i found from other source/community... Preview: Download link: [Hidden Content] Credits goes to: brusheezy.com P.S.:In order to use it you will find a file inside the rar folder that has .asl... You must search the Photoshop CS6 program in order to be installed automatically.!!!! Have fun and Wish you have a nice creativity progress!!!
  19. Simple Lineage II bot that uses Computer Vision to find possible targets and monitor HP/MP/CP. Written to learn C++ basics, but can be useful for someone. Download: https://github.com/madyanov/l2-cv-bot/releases Features NPC detection HP/MP/CP monitoring Mouse and keyboard emulation Stuck resolving TTS alarm subsystem (captcha, low HP, CP decreasing, etc.) Custom behavior support (LUA scripts) Buffs/debuffs monitoring How to use Interception driver is required for mouse and keyboard emulation. Install Interception driver (start `cmd.exe` as Administrator, then run `install-interception.exe /install`) and reboot Run Lineage II client, select character and teleport to any exp/farm location Run `run.bat "<title of the Lineage II client window>"` HP/CP/MP bars must be 100% at the moment of bot start, but if not, you should wait until they will be 100% and then press Space to reset bars position To stop press ESC or move mouse Customization Current version developed and tested using Windows 10 and Gracia Epilogue client, so with another Windows or Lineage II client it may not work. Edit `run.bat` file to customize CV for another client. Note that for colors used HSV and BGR color models Edit `Brain.cpp` to customize bot behavior. Custom runtime behavior scripts are not supported OS related stuff placed in these files: `Window.cpp`, `Capture.cpp`, `Input.cpp`, `Intercept.cpp`
  20. Yaw many people was waiting for the moment to share them the V Interface they said they offer zero support and etc so many people told me they want it free so there comes the day for the share Current version has no Auto Augment things etc what it has? Trash items trought inventory Options for buffs Options Misc Auto Macro settings Keybinds bind ACP = Auto Potion Custom party icons Everyone can run it any time no critical errors or protection about limitations means you will not get dissconected after 30 Minutes or so.. also wintainc i will share you in few days also the original version which contains auto augment auto bot auto enchant auto skill enchant etc things Q: will be there any updates in future? A: Yes Q: even for both versions? A: Yes Link[Hidden Content]
  21. Boa tarde galera. Estou mexendo com interfaces ja faz um tempo, entao algumas coisas/conhecimento eu ja tenho. Entao estou vindo aqui compartilhar com voces algumas coisas que ja editei e tambem saber se alguem que esteja nessa "vibe" querer editar toda a interface do interlude. Bom vou deixar algumas prints do que ja editei. GmShop: Warehouse: SymbolMaker: Grocer: Map: Inventory: ChatFilter: Macro: Quest: Key Bind: Clan: Option: CharInfo: AutoBuff: Actions: Skills: Trade: Créditos Interface: Iordanov (Versão 3.9) Janelas: Neophron Edições: Onã Interface usada: http://rgho.st/8pBLYW7PW
  22. Dear cheaters, Here is my script for tanks to protect your Main Assister or anyone you want (from your party or in general) from enemies that cast a skill on them. Feel free to test/use it, it works. Made this function now and thought i should share with you guys Have fun all Link: https://pastebin.com/kF5UJsEm If you would like to buy my pvp script, here you can find more information:
  23. MapleStory 2 might have only come out a few months ago, but we're not letting that get in the way of a massive update to turn Maple World upside down! Join the fight on the Sky Fortress, unleash your inner strength with the new Soul Binder job, take on other players in the Maple Arena and so much more! Here's more about the MapleStory 2: Skybound Expansion - Phase 1.
  24. I'm writing a brand new Gracia Final/Epilogue extender, if you want to try it or have a look at sources, I'll put some development versions here: it's hosted on bitbucket. https://osamelahora.cz/MyExt64/ https://bitbucket.org/l2shrine/extender-public Now it does almost nothing but I'll add some new stuff over time... I'm adding new stuff over time :) MyExt64 What is MyExt64 MyExt64 is new opensource extender for l2off Gracia Final server (l2_off_gracia_final) supporting Gracia Final and Gracia Epilogue chronicles. It uses some knowledge from OSIE extender, MXC extender and maybe other extenders. Features Supports protocols 83 (Gracia Final) and 152 (Gracia Epilogue update 1) Protocol 87 (Gracia Final update 1) should be working but is not tested Supports Gracia Epilogue skill enchanting + buy/sell Supports Gracia Epilogue refund Supports Gracia Epilogue mail system Bunch of bugfixes (some ported from OSIE, some ported from MXC extender) Voice commands - offline trade, experience gain on/off, server time, online player count Configurable item enchant (safe/chances) Custom drop/spoil rate algorithm Custom event drop algorithm (flat chance based) Players in the same command channel are treated as allies Configurable max level for main/subclass Global shout/trade Vitality multiplier Configurable clan restriction (penalties) Configurable buff slot count + max divine inspiration bonus Configurable vitality level ranges Configurable autoloot system Embedded Gracia Final AI (NASC) compiler How to use it If you're not familiar with l2off, it will probably require learning some stuff (MXC forum is a good start). To just use the last build, copy following files from server folder in this repository to your server folder: * MyExt64.dll - main extender file * MyExt64.ini - extender configuration * MyExt64Loader.exe - extender loader and run the server via MyExt64Loader.exe If you're more experienced with messing around PE files, you can add MyExt64.dll to import table of L2Server.exe and add call to DllMain. How to compile it You should get Visual Studio 2005. Maybe it would be possible to compile it on some newer Visual Studio, but you'll have to define your own templates for std::vector and std::map (and possibly more containers) to match memory layout of their VS2005 versions. MyExt64 has no external dependencies and requires only standard libraries for Windows development.
  25. https://www.mediafire.com/file/cr0fgag8mnern1t/skill+dragon+claw_interlude.rar