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  1. Hello Folks, I'm Sharing Essence Based Interface which is made from a Brasilian Guy called "Ona" The person copied from other projects features and started selling it as his own , claiming that everything has been made by him. So i've removed every possible protection from his interface and i would like to share it with everyone. Do not waste anymore your money for stolen projects Download: [Hidden Content] Mirror: [Hidden Content] if you have issues with installing the interface or missing any textures pm me back In order to get download link you have to react & reply. Credits: Sanyol
  2. NPC Interlude NPC Pack v9 [Interlude] NPC Pack v10 [Interlude] NPC CT2.3 NPC Pack v11 [CT2.3] NPC PACK v12 [CT2.3] Weapons Interlude Epic Infinity Weapon's [Interlude] Ares Shield [Interlude] Blue Icarus Weapons [Interlude] Atom Weapon [Interlude] Axe Weapon [Interlude] Black Antharas Weapons  [Interlude] Blood Weapon [Interlude] Cosmos Weapon [Interlude] Custom Belive Weapon [Interlude] Custom Diamond Weapon [Interlude] Demonic Weapons [Interlude] Demon's Weapon [Interlude] CriticalError Compile Pack [Interlude] Dramata Weapon [Interlude] Duality Weapon [Interlude] Evolution Weapons [Interlude] Fire Core Weapon [Interlude] Frozen Weapon [Interlude] Gold Weapon [Interlude] Tesla Weapon [Interlude] Titan Fire Weapons [Interlude] Vesper Blue Weapons [Interlude] Vesper Cristal Weapon [Interlude] Weapons Fire [Interlude] Weightless Weapon [Interlude] Soul Desert Weapon [Interlude] Sword and Shield  [Interlude] Tauti Frozen Weapons [Interlude] Tauti Weapons [Interlude] Tera Shield [Interlude] Red Shield Zevs [Interlude] Shield Zevs Blue [Interlude] Shield Cavera [Interlude] Shield Russia [Interlude] Silver Blue Weapons [Interlude] Fusion Weapons [Interlude] Fafurion Weapons [Interlude] Light Weapon [Interlude] Pack Shield [Interlude] Pack Weapon [Interlude] Blaze Weapons [Interlude] ByOrion Icarus Weapons [Interlude] Draconic Bow Gold [Interlude] Emerald Weapons [Interlude] Mystical Weapon [Interlude] Pack Ice Shield [Interlude] Rifle Weapon [Interlude] Weapons Pink [Interlude] 2 Shield (21) [Interlude] Animated Shield [Interlude] Blood Black Weapon [Interlude] Demon Weapons [Interlude] Dual Fire Demonic [Interlude] Freya Weapon [Interlude] GOD Weapon R90 [Interlude] Pack Virus and Tera Shield [Interlude] R95 Weapons [Interlude] Valakas Weapon + Red and Blue Effect [Interlude] Vesper Weapon [Interlude] Weapon (894) [Interlude] Weapon (895) [Interlude] Icarus Orange Weapon [Interlude] Ixion Weapon (1) [Interlude] Ixion Weapon (2) [Interlude] Pack Shield (34) [Interlude] Pailaka Weapon [Interlude] Weapon (16) [Interlude] Weapon Ice (7) [Interlude] Weapons CT2.3 Chaotic Weapon [CT2.3] Christmas Weapon [CT2.3] Cobra Weapon [CT2.3] Colection Boss Shield [CT2.3] Crome Weapons [CT2.3] Demonic Weapons [CT2.3] Desert Eagle Weapon [CT2.3] Dracyid Bow [CT2.3] Dynasty Black Weapons [CT2.3] Epic Shield [CT2.3] Dusk Black Shield [CT2.3] Fantasy Shield [CT2.3] Flaming Mordor Weapons [CT2.3] Glow Pooh [CT2.3] Hades Weapon [CT2.3] Platinium Weapon [CT2.3] Raziel Weapons [CT2.3] Special Weapons [CT2.3] Spiked Pole [CT2.3] MxC Shield [CT2.3] Pack GOD Shield [CT2.3] Pack Shield (IC) [CT2.3] Piece Shirt [CT2.3] Skull Weapon [CT2.3] Fire Bow [CT2.3] Liquid Weapon [CT2.3] Mini Pack Shield [CT2.3] Movie Weapons [CT2.3] Redemption Weapon [CT2.3] Ice Weapon [CT2.3] JCR Weapons [CT2.3] Libra Weapon [CT2.3] Pink Bow [CT2.3] Shiwer Bow [CT2.3] Hard Weapon [CT2.3] Hero Flame Weapon [CT2.3] Huron Golden Weapon [CT2.3] Ice Haze Weapon [CT2.3] Ice Infinity Weapon [CT2.3] Ancient Weapon [CT2.3] Aqua & Reptile Weapons [CT2.3] Champion Weapon [CT2.3] Freya Weapons [CT2.3] Guess Weapon [CT2.3] Goddess of Destruction (R,R90,R95,R97) Weapon [CT2.3] Weapons H5 Amon Weapons [H5] Accesories Interlude Valakas Axe Wings [Interlude] Vergonus Helmet [Interlude] Pack Helmet, Wings, Dreds [Interlude] Action ULTRA Wings [Interlude] Aganim Blue Helmet [Interlude] Aganim Blue Wings [Interlude] Aganim Yellow Helmet [Interlude] Aganim Yellow Wings [Interlude] Agatise Blue Helmet [Interlude] Agatise Blue Wings [Interlude] Agatise Yellow Helmet [Interlude] Agatise Yellow Wings [Interlude] Aion Axe Wings [Interlude] Angry Wings [Interlude] Apocalipsis Wings [Interlude] Astral Helmet [Interlude] Atom and Weightless Helmet [Interlude] Atom and Weightless Wings [Interlude] Wings Fire [Interlude] Wings ROZA [Interlude] Wings SMART [Interlude] Wings Water [Interlude] Wolf Mask [Interlude] Wings [Interlude] Wings Blaze [Interlude] Wings DEMON [Interlude] Wings DRAGON [Interlude] Wings Eternity [Interlude] Wings FELINYA [Interlude] Sauron Helmet [Interlude] Supreme Evil Dreadlocks [Interlude] Supreme Evil Wings [Interlude] Valakas Axe Wings [Interlude] Sealed Hell (R90) Jewels [Interlude] Sealed Immortal (R85) Jewels [Interlude] Sealed Kadesh (R95) Jewels [Interlude] Sealed Moirai and Vorpal and Elegia Jewels [Interlude] Sealed Vesper Jewels [Interlude] 3 Wings [Interlude] Atom Helmet  [Interlude] Atom Helmet [Interlude] Atom Wings 1 [Interlude] Atom Wings 2 [Interlude] Awaking Wings [Interlude] Axe Dreads [Interlude] Axe Helmet [Interlude] Axe Helmet 1 [Interlude] Axe Wings [Interlude] Baium Black Hair [Interlude] Beowolf Wings [Interlude] Bio Plasma Dredy [Interlude] Blood Angel Wings [Interlude] Blood Dreds [Interlude].7z Blood Wings [Interlude] Cold Wings [Interlude] Dark Wings [Interlude] Demon Helmet [Interlude] Diadem Helmet [Interlude] Agro Wings [Interlude] Aura Snow [Interlude] Donate Helmet [Interlude] Felicia Wings [Interlude] Geffers Hair [Interlude] Geffess Wings [Interlude] Gladiator Dreds [Interlude] Goddess of Destruction Jewels [Interlude] Gotten Helmet [Interlude] Gourd Jewels [Interlude] Hallowen Mask [Interlude] Helmet 1 [Interlude] Helmet 2 [Interlude] Helmet Demon [Interlude] Helmet Fire [Interlude] Helmet Master [Interlude] Helmet of Earth [Interlude] Helmet Water [Interlude] Hero Jewels [Interlude] Hero Wings [Interlude] Histeria Helmet [Interlude] Horror Mask 1 [Interlude] Horror Mask 2 [Interlude] Ice Blood Wings [CT2.3] Ice Wings [Interlude] Imperial Wings [Interlude] Infiniti Wings [Interlude] Kadesh Yello-Blue Wings [Interlude] Kunda Helmet [Interlude] Mini Pack Helmet [Interlude] Mini Pack Wings, Dred Baium [Interlude] New Icon [Interlude] Numenor Wings [Interlude] Octavis Jewels [Interlude] Pack Hair [Interlude] NevesOma's Wings [Interlude] New Tattoo 1 [Interlude] New Tattoo 2 [Interlude] New Tattoo 3 [Interlude] Pack BM Epic Jewels [Interlude] Resident Evil Mask [Interlude] Santa Hat [Interlude] Sealed Dynasty Jewels [Interlude] Sealed Eternal (R99) Jewels [Interlude] Wings Green [Interlude] Pack Click [Interlude] Pack Helmet and Wings [Interlude] Pack Vesper Wings [Interlude] Plasma Wings [Interlude] RB Didem Helmet [Interlude] Pack 6 Wings [Interlude] Pack Cloak [Interlude] Pack Drakyl Helmet [Interlude] Beowulf Baium Hair [Interlude] Blaze Helmet [Interlude] Demon Wings (44) [Interlude] DYNASTY GOD Wing [Interlude] Fire Dreds (19) [Interlude] GOD EQUELIBRIUS Wing [Interlude] Maska and Wings [Interlude] MATRIX GOD Wing [Interlude] Mini Pack Dreds (36) [Interlude] Novice Mask [Interlude] Anakim & Lilith Wings [Interlude] Bone Blue Para Staff [Interlude] Helmet (71) [Interlude] Jaka Helmet [Interlude] Jewels Vesper Blue [Interlude] Kunda Helmet [Interlude] Pack Wings Of Aion [Interlude] Resident Evell Wings [Interlude] Resident Evell Wings 2 [Interlude] Risident Matrix Dred [Interlude] Shock Wings [Interlude] Cabelo Baium Dreds [Interlude] Desert Ice Eagle Wings [Interlude] Domi Jewels [Interlude] Freya and Lilith Necklace, Lindvior Earring, Tauti Ring (Jewels) [Interlude] Goku Mask [Interlude] Hellsing Helmet [Interlude] Mask Shadow Spirit [Interlude] Mini Pack Epic Jewels [Interlude] Pack Tattoo Manipulador [Interlude] Wings Ice (46) [Interlude] 2 Aion Helmet  [Interlude] Blood Wings (e33) [Interlude] Demon Helmet [Interlude] Demon Wings Blue [Interlude] Hat (2) [Interlude] Morgana Wings [Interlude] Seraphim Helmet [Interlude] Akamanah (red blue green) Helmet [Interlude] Baium Hair [Interlude] Black Wizard Hat [Interlude] Demon Helmet (2) [Interlude] Demon Wings [Interlude] Hat (4) [Interlude] Valakas (14) Wings [Interlude] Wings (7) [Interlude] Accesories CT2.3 Akamanah Helmet [CT2.3] Anakim and Lilith Wings [CT2.3] Antharas Mask [CT2.3] Skill Adena-Coin [CT2.3] Templari Jewels [CT2.3] Wings [CT2.3] Wings 1 [CT2.3] Wings 2 [CT2.3] Pack Cloaks[CT2.3] Lighting Cloak [CT2.3] Super-Man Cloak [CT2.3] Zaken Sword, Helmet [CT2.3] Black Cloak [CT2.3] Baium Hair [CT2.3] Electro Helm [CT2.3] Epic Wings (Ice) [CT2.3] Euromoney [CT2.3] Frutifire Jewels [CT2.3] GoD Helmet [CT2.3] Daedric Helmet [CT2.3] Desert Eagle Helmet [CT2.3] Desert Eagle Wings [CT2.3] Despair Jewels [CT2.3] Helmet Glad [CT2.3] Dyansty Helm [CT2.3] Dyes +5-0 [CT2.3] Dynasty Mask [CT2.3] Helmet Tamplier [CT2.3] Hood and Helmet [CT2.3] Istina Jewels [CT2.3] Montana Wings [CT2.3] New Icon 1 [CT2.3] New Icon 2 [CT2.3] Pack Aion Helmet [CT2.3] Pack GOD Jewels [CT2.3] Pack Kamael Wings [CT2.3] Pack Tattoo [CT2.3] Relic Jewel [CT2.3] g Pack Cloak [CT2.3] Pack Cloak [GoD] [CT2.3] Armors Interlude Anakim Armor [Interlude] Aidios Armor [Interlude] Anakim Costume [Interlude] Apocalypse Blaze Armor [Interlude] Apocalypse Blood Armor [Interlude] Apocalypse Fire Armor [Interlude] Apocalypse Ice Armor [Interlude] Ares Armor [Interlude] Armor by Teoma [Interlude] Armor Legendary [Interlude] Atom Armor [Interlude] Aulakiria Armor [Interlude] Avangard Blue Armor [Interlude] Avangard Yellow Armor [Interlude] Akronos Armor + Elite Breastplate [Interlude] Black Armor [Interlude] Death Armor [Interlude] Red Armor [Interlude] Zaken Blue Set [Interlude] Dynasty Armor and Weapons [Interlude] Blood Armor [Interlude] Black Vesper Armor [Interlude] Beleth Armor [Interlude] Black Dragon Armor [Interlude] Benom Armor [Interlude] Axe Armor [Interlude] Celestial Tauti Armor [Interlude] Christmas Cloth [Interlude] Crystal Armor [Interlude] Dark Dynasty Armor and Weapon [Interlude] Death Armor [Interlude] http://uploaded.net/file/hdrrkskr (File deleted) Real Armor [Interlude] Real Fire Armor [Interlude] Real Water Armor [Interlude] Single Mesh Armor [Interlude] Ultimatum Armor [Interlude] Pack NoControl Armor, Helmet, Wings [Interlude] Pack Vesper Orange Armor and Weapon, Wings, Helmet [Interlude] Pack Vesper Red Armor, Weapon, Helmet, Wings [Interlude] PRO Jewels [Interlude] Purple Ixion Armor [Interlude] Kunda Armor [Interlude] Numenor Armor [Interlude] Olympus Armor [Interlude] Pack Armor and Weapon (la2world) [Interlude] Pack Armor, Weapons, Wings, Helmet [Interlude] Ice Ixion Armor [Interlude] Immortal Armor [Interlude] Intact Armor [Interlude] Just Armor [Interlude] King Resident Armor [Interlude] Goddess of Destruction Armor (R90 R95 R97 R99) [Interlude] Gotten Armor [Interlude] Green and Black Armor [Interlude] Hell Armor [Interlude] Ice Armor [Interlude] Element Blade Armor [Interlude] Ferrum Armor [Interlude] Fire Armor [Interlude] Gloves [Interlude] Aida Armor [Interlude] Bio Armor [Interlude] Bio Llazma Armor [Interlude] Bio_Nix Armor [Interlude] Blaze Armor [Interlude] Blue and Yellow Character Aura [Interlude] Falien Biowolf Armor [Interlude] Fire Armor (95) [Interlude] Fire Armor (98) [Interlude] Fusion Armor [Interlude] Dynasty Colored Armor [Interlude] Gold Eternal R99 Armor [Interlude] Green and Yellow Character Aura [Interlude] Ice Armor (96) [Interlude] Pack Armor, Weapon, Icon, Wings, Helmet [Interlude] ResiDenT Evell Armor [Interlude] Resident Matrix Armor [Interlude] Soul Desert Eagle Armor [Interlude] Vesper Dragon Blue Armor [Interlude] Water Armor (47) [Interlude] Antharas Armor [Interlude] Demonic Armor [Interlude] Inferno Armor [Interlude] Vesper Green Cannabis Armor [Interlude] Blood Armor & Weapons [Interlude] Blood Poseidon Armor [Interlude] Blue Armor & Weapons [Interlude] Demon Armor[Interlude] Ice Vesper Armor [Interlude] Dark Electro Armor [Interlude] Gold Armor [Interlude] Gretres Ixion Armor [Interlude] Pack Jewels (New Icon) serv. La2-Nika[Interlude] Armors CT2.1 Naruto Cloth [Gracia Part 1] Armors CT2.3 Again Armor, Wings, Tatoo [CT2.3] Legion Armor, Helmet and Wings [CT2.3] Sky Armor [CT2.3] The 17 Heroes Armor [CT2.3] Infinity Armor [CT2.3] Mitrael Armor [CT2.3] Naked Patch [CT2.3] Natural Draconic Armor & Weapons [CT2.3] Goddess Of Destruction Armor [CT2.3] Green, Purple, Black Draconic Armor [CT2.3] Ice Dragon Armor [CT2.3] Ice Vesper Armor [CT2.3] Desert Eagle Armor [CT2.3] Epic Dark Knight Armor [CT2.3] Freya Armor [CT2.3] Armors H5 Odyssey Armors [H5] Credits by SHEV, Empatic, NevesOma and others unknown
  3. L2PTS Files High Five: 273 Mega.nz Link: [Hidden Content]
  4. Hi everyone, it's been some time I've started to work on H5 extender but I kept it private because there's still f*cking LOT of stuff to fix and add (see TODO, stuff marked with + is done/investigated, stuff marked with * is to be done). It also requires you already have proper H5 binaries (l2server built on September 28, 2011 - I've promised not to share them) and Visual Studio 2005 toolkit in some newer Visual Studio (I'm using VS2019). It's still very incomplete but I hope someone will be interested and I'll have more motivation to continue with it. Link to bitbucket repository: https://bitbucket.org/l2shrine/extender-h5
  5. Bring to you the full version of the best available l2 encyclopedia...info about recipes mats monsters raids quests anything you want and only 11mb! Regards NS [Hidden Content]
  6. TP Data: -51464 22568 -8576 -57000 12696 -3368 -48264 17096 -3192
  7. hi everyone , i was make simple html 5 template for lineage 2 Download Video
  8. Hello, this is the functional ADVEXT user panel for all chronicles, from interlude to h5 L2off of course, I made small changes to it so that it also works with Vanganth and the Eressea extender (MyExt64) The information of the panel is here: http://www.depmax64.com/forum/index.php?threads/account-panel.1882/ It costs 165 Dollars You can download it here: Download To configure it is very simple, you just have to edit the conf.php file that is in the root folder. Its functions are: Changing password Password recovery Ip binding Account logs Inventory viewer Changing character name, or color name/title Function "I'm stucked", which gives ability to teleport to nearest town.
  9. Do not ask / pm me how i got them or where i got them. Do not expect diamond accounts with ultra rate skins . Enjoy Credits for the account list : theingty Note* There are some 30 level accounts around silver and gold elo , hurry up and get em.
  10. My fellow cheaters, I present to you my Lineage 2 Client Collection! I have been collecting clients for many years as far back as C4 and decided to share all the clients I have collected over the years. This post is for all the Lineage 2 client collectors and private server owners out there who (like me) just need to have them. I hope you enjoy these and find a good use for them. These clients are original, unmodified non-patched and non-updated other then of Ertheia & Infinite Odyssey. Note* Please use Firefox or Chrome with the MEGA plugin to download files larger then 1GB. To make downloading easier please use Jdownloader 2 http://jdownloader.org/jdownloader2 If any links die, feel free to reply here I can upload them again. To check the hashes use your favorite hash checker or try Hash Calc. https://github.com/gurnec/HashCheck/releases Easy to use and works with the hash files located with the clients. 00 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Chronicle - Prelude (Beta) Size: 1,035,219,724 Bytes MD4: a471148e856172f70a99f80c36b7565f MD5: c8dede814654bb31bcfca84409dcf54a SFV: 4e41c6d5 SHA1: 2be17e47aeea7ec9b05a312a0b36b6e226affc3b Version: 2110??? 01 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Chronicle - Chronicle I - Harbingers of War Size: 1,408,286,417 Bytes MD4: 69412fad27a0e2b1740fe5d09276d0ea MD5: fb529041247eba63ff5eae9259d32907 SFV: a7194fba SHA1: 263806bdfabe42550c639f05120445f66022d1e3 Version: 20040120 02 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Chronicle - Chronicle II - Age of Splendor Size: 1,741,570,531 Bytes MD4: 69412fad27a0e2b1740fe5d09276d0ea MD5: 3d2dfbe22dcdbbaf6207bdd462634101 SFV: 474283fd SHA1: 91db90ace7beb5d9511db732eeebc4a391452003 Version: Unknown (Sorry can't find it) Original Client 03 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Chronicle - Chronicle III - Rise of Darkness Size: 2,020,964,081 Bytes MD4: c645e9af87f6261c68e7300362674b26 MD5: d50340ddccd70b39de89a78e0e19d054 SFV: ea2c3b19 SHA1: 989f680fe3176ec1e754ca3c350eb6e7aab55b75 Version: 35 04 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Chronicle - Chronicle IV - Scions of Destiny Size: 2,486,325,936 Bytes MD4: e3b5fef8e53337b0e791dbab4e9b304f MD5: d551e337edeef28cbd790824806bfd0f SFV: aaf197f2 SHA1: 51ab07241f2ace0ada8dc5af7b99c50d63937499 Version: 40.0.0 05 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Chronicle - Chronicle V - Oath of Blood Size: 3,025,460,459 Bytes MD4: 1c7c48c4548033fdefeb576647881ee4 MD5: 3431a478100bf63fd4ae1181511a88fa SFV: e730db44 SHA1: 8c624e9f067db2d3b31eec715cf08cb5c416eb45 Version: 73.6.8041 06 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - Interlude Size: 3,209,918,284 Bytes MD4: e32a73f30fc90f92bcbb0191f358f592 MD5: db3416ff19f047fbeca3f21f6bd27103 SFV: 0f57ed01 SHA1: 0bd16658e4f5eb64be250723890743b9c0e77de4 Version: 90.7.2281 07 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - The 1st Throne - The Kamael Size: 3,996,494,790 Bytes MD4: 24c5b8efae8a82b6e3dbc479c3121f20 MD5: e1ea93e522c675cf146745894a353d6e SFV: 3e89ecbb SHA1: f9c738b1a9b2ca9cd3c598e6f8e619bf1678e36c Version: 109.7.12031 08 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - The 1st Throne - The Kamael - Hellbound Size: 4,066,972,835 Bytes MD4: 6615e7d43e14dad7035c576356272790 MD5: def77c07b3d8670475cd2b5db2a19f77 SFV: 46772eb2 SHA1: 53f4b6d2a5ef5d3a92f8a6a09c2ad8fea9412a4c Version: 122.8.4141 09 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - The 2nd Throne - Gracia Size: 4,147,544,781 Bytes MD4: fd0160e4255c54a89e4c9b1395dfe0d7 MD5: f268d0fd5c9a05cb3bf35c9bdec03138 SFV: e9e281ea SHA1: 0bb4c36ffaff2d5b39d629cb10c61d5422e0d5ef Version: 131.8.7311 10 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - The 2nd Throne - Gracia 2 Size: 4,200,419,772 Bytes MD4: 6c607753be56245529b4d5e60a37ebca MD5: aea3e81bef1971a490fde5210ad86982 SFV: 11efaee2 SHA1: 03324f5913b9c8e7f0ed2d66457735d3b296d9f3 Version: 135.0.0 11 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - The 2nd Throne - Gracia Final Size: 4,865,944,588 Bytes MD4: 44838022143c51f82afe12ab8053f843 MD5: e484757b2be733903f488a6d8125bb79 SFV: fcbccf51 SHA1: 80b0b77dfdac71d4d5998e9b7fa46b46012a805d Version: 152.0.0 12 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - The 2nd Throne - Epilogue Size: 5,191,798,480 Bytes MD4: e6df2571ae07dd4abf9e1d279f8689ce MD5: 1bda47628ed8f2fcb2ed5f624579b9ff SFV: 28b9b924 SHA1: 817b290a0597a6bca9efaa7b566266e8153810ea Version: 170.0.0 13 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - Freya Size: 5,833,212,503 Bytes MD4: 435612f188a36240ac4969a8f3d798ae MD5: b0cc4ca3e987b67ac8c2d5cebf79eba1 SFV: 21cf5597 SHA1: 4473c8dd6a99be3d556641bb54530aaacf9f30c6 Version: 2.6 14 - Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne - Freya - High Five Size: 6,126,940,346 Bytes MD4: ba82edbeb1e84b150c01f64efba67a35 MD5: c8eeaed1a4328486c2ad913209579e2e SFV: 1057c5b3 SHA1: 5e31d8dce7418218dddb0a4995c12b5e882fca4d Version: 198.0.0 15 - Lineage II - Goddess of Destruction Size: 6,129,276,610 Bytes MD4: 0fc9c295c50108c9093d0dff8497e8e3 MD5: 159e330cfe894c57d511ee1ad0fcf6b8 SFV: bf091c32 SHA1: 5d5aa3fea5f73f5f64366ebd9ab1880cec63458e Version: 16 - Lineage II - Goddess of Destruction - Harmony Size: 6,247,247,102 Bytes MD4: 130f63cb5ab205cc544d43f3fb048cb8 MD5: 4f5461c66964832c4fe8eab2ba63a13b SFV: bea03977 SHA1: da77cb98c6ab2bbfb2128b12573b7d3d0c8ee00d Version: 17 - Lineage II - Goddess of Destruction - Tauti Size: 6,512,350,444 Bytes MD4: fd1f67e4601c0f3fc7a00501b27a0c1c MD5: 1bfd997362e220b7c5b1eeaa19e23040 SFV: 7a75e5fa SHA1: 85ee5605f9d7085450f6ee65125a309edbba0513 Version: 18 - Lineage II - Goddess of Destruction - Glory Days Size: 6,637,660,873 Bytes MD4: 2fe2f520ee6f09c51c85b1589aeec205 MD5: fbd9e02f9e4d2d5d410058fcb97fc494 SFV: cdf24771 SHA1: c4b4e6696fd3eff9d687029be0c291b37d9e3b22 Version: 19 - Lineage II - Goddess of Destruction - Lindvior Size: 7,192,754,409 Bytes MD4: 642e798b28a0404d706b4f6bc8103319 MD5: 093fb6e60dae6754859c51a58dd4c6c2 SFV: d7ce983e SHA1: 1067673288979e0f187ba5d7317857d0fd9ca3e2 Version: 20 - Lineage II - Tale of Aden - Valliance Size: (7,282,510,313 Bytes MD4: f6a46da6a9bfb0ec1f653d8daaf28103 MD5: 99f2a558b95b3b6dceb76c8f4dcd5ae8 SFV: 539384f8 SHA1: 03caf5c6322da8e43d910fa42adee6784db95a07 Version: 21 - Lineage II - Tale of Aden - Ertheia Size: 7,869,495,037 Bytes MD4: 9203c405ebfe034601be73bd1bd5c355 MD5: 2fa397761844e9cf937bac53761cc667 SFV: 4a4c663e SHA1: bbe9b58d46bcab4c2c392e985a1567b25f107123 Version: 22 - Lineage II - Tale of Aden - Infinite Odyssey Size: 8,054,754,689 Bytes MD4: cf8881f1d978f1b417129d0f4f002675 MD5: 05b7ff95174fde2adf81f1c53275c369 SFV: f741f97d SHA1: 7570dc5a6ad23d496250cef1ab1ae9a9b0c4116a Version: 23 - Lineage II - Goddess of Destruction - Helios Size: 8,276,007,144 MD5: d1284e9e80fda17855619a9cb6da428f SFV: 3e465f8c SHA1: 12ab9db7fd37ed5511d31ed98484309e7a3c851d SHA256: 431671f257b13995d03671986ee4425ec24bc53fc6e835e4a8ee89bc3f2adfc0 SHA3-256: 2882368e3be5d1d20586c216e3f7305ef7d488c74b57a04d8b8b435ae0392857 Version: 24 - Lineage II - Goddess of Destruction - Grand Crusade Size: 8,518,060,874 MD5: 3eb39292520b4032404b5eecc1780339 SFV: 8f512b71 SHA1: 752e1534ded8d3ebbc0f4eea9b7c74f7b107dee9 SHA256: 5aac250beffb0b040be958fd878a6ff5d19eb775b48322910cbe0ac8808ae87e SHA3-256: 6498d1456a8df116a1d98d28b7ba2e6852a67a41c362e8fc0463aefcb8c88aa0 Version:
  11. In this particular topic I will share, or at least try to share all released Lineage 2 clients so far. Most of them will be NA (or later EU) versions. Some of them might be in another localization (eg. KR, if they are KR exclusive only, or if I miss the NA or EU counterpart). Remaining Missing Clients for Passwords to go Free For All: * - Korean Freya Anniversary Client (High Five Part 1 Anniversary Login Screen) - Korean Epeisodion Live Client (Woman with Sword Login Screen) - Korean Classic Age of Splendor Client (Baium Login Screen) - Korean Classic Goddard Client (Goddard Login Screen) All other missing clients - Check Spoiler for Info (Missing Systems - Check gray Icons) All clients are already preinstalled and repacked. Each respective repack contains the official / retail / unpatched (some are patched since missed them in my collection) client, which will run on the intended OS it was created for only! Files are Password Protected!* Chaotic Chronicle Saga (NA): Chaotic Throne Saga (NA): Goddess of Destruction Saga (NA): Epic Tale of Aden Saga (NA/EU): Lineage 2 Classic (NA/EU)*: Lineage 2 Essence (NA/EU)*: Lineage 2 ARENA (RU): *NOTE: Classic / Essence is included in Live releases since "ETA Ertheia". Check links / revisions to avoid duplicate downloads! *NOTE: Each repack is password protected and available for active users only! You need to contribute, share, help, create something related to L2 here on MXC! Leave me a message. I will send you the corresponding password, if you meet the conditions. All passwords will eventually go public after the collection is complete. You are not allowed to share passwords among other users! (Excluding Prelude Alpha/Beta and GOD G*Star Clients, since they are unlikely to be found) CREDITS: Akar0 (Systems), AlisaCodeDragon (Systems), Bonux (Clients/Systems), Finn (Clients/Systems), Mobius (Clients/Systems), webdes27 (Clients)
  12. 1. Interface por Celestine MxC This interface, I believe, was created by @ Celestino, it is one of the most beautiful and leanest works I have ever seen, it does not contain a bug, but it is not as "complete" as the others today (ex: Wellinton Interface V3). Download the installer: https://mega.nz/file/bA1DgLDa#tFu-lUpQCmlKbbHqO32DmzmRRnyUCRqzbYV6Ri4-wSY or download .rar files: https://mega.nz/file/qAtByKzS#MvLyNd3sI3uCxy6N8laYJvFysqwNOmunN729lzempRk 2. Interface Classic Ona Latest (Damage on Screen Classic): Damage claims on the OpalSnow screen and @ Celestino & @Iordanov the rest work! Download the installer: https://mega.nz/file/OUVFgYwD#d-0SiJq8nRUiv1jSE5uh5Ltop4F8mB6lDq0Ycgbc3Mw or Download .rar files: https://mega.nz/file/yRcWTDQI#ENIdN14hLtZf1002uElq2Cw9pZNmteIesd-lHI-r9ys 3. Interface Iardonov 3.6.10 Credits to @Iordanov and thanks for improving my accuracy with the mouse pointer, because these small and confusing buttons on the man bar hahaha! ... Other than that, your work here is fantastic, as always! Download Installer: https://mega.nz/file/zJ8mHYrD#esVBz4rajS3Y86Lrf296YClimo0UJyrYJyYRhgfDeXc or Download .rar files: https://mega.nz/file/HF0FyaKC#Iwf7dSbOnnIVQCxxoTgj3Q3W6AHuwU-KMNDwTrsMRyY 4. Interface Iardonov Full Functions Cracked Credits for @Iordanov, this is my favorite! Download Installer: https://mega.nz/file/bZsB1YCB#wjrzbBVgV-IKOTJIHC1LT_Y_jR-yAdToCvR2m-jMX5w or Download .rar files: https://mega.nz/file/3QEGhR7R#HotgU7Zc_jyjtcyqpR7wFSVjK86m-AnocOMkaKQx0rk 5. Interface Wellinton V3 - 2020 Credits for codes: Sanyol and assembly of the Interface and Animations and skill.grp: WELLINTON SOUZA Download Installer: https://mega.nz/file/zF8g2CAA#VEfyUL7FaFVxuC0UHkynnfJD5XidEWqY2sxmgAyUm3U or Download .rar files: https://mega.nz/file/KAklgAwJ#f8BuB2vAaATWzCu4Hp12Y1I_hGRdLGS8uDyhPiue2es 6. Interface Essence 2.0 by AikoN Credits for AikoN Download Installer: https://mega.nz/file/mE0mWYQK#Pfoy1wvuAV31O4C-JHdC0X9K-XpsYZbDp1ww8QXMkDU or Download .rar files: https://mega.nz/file/WRlH3Kra#GzgIZoIpomYlkO6tuIdCqcjbdfvdO_Bt6ZZmomfHUOw 7 Essence Interface Interlude Cracked Very beautiful interface but very poorly optimized. Credits for Sanyou Download Installer: https://mega.nz/file/CZUjAaCC#4UDFo_OADmmGIw9edMly_VONT-Qp6PH97QN61d50SFA or Download .rar files: https://mega.nz/file/jAdlhY5D#T_jzOAittqdtC_Rpl4InK_24moqwHSmtwbzn8kb3SfE 9. Recompiled Interface More the 80 Custom Skills with animations like Songs-Dances-Chants. Here is a preview for some of the skills! Credits for @fakosgr(LumosDH), @lordanov, @Celestine, @OpalSnow, @Asuki, @GLO, @Aikon, @Hool1gan Download Installer: https://mega.nz/file/zFsASYAK#xc3CE_JA-fLnFGlfJp6egtGHTC1UdCHGAUUVjDVdY1I or Download .rar files: https://mega.nz/file/uF02XCRL#maag0buhdf2C0YPyEQdrWiZGHGMzBKzKpGBRQW6eTwo Note: After installation, you will notice the presence of a file called a low FPS PC. This folder contains the lineageffect.u and skillgrp.dat files edited without any visual effects and edits. (Not even the overhead buffs). Install only if you want a lighter experience (It is for weak PC). 10. Iordanov Interface Version 3.6.9 A quick preview Credits for @lordanov Download Installer: https://mega.nz/file/2E1ChaKQ#g6CIV7MP3qHLoW_CZl2Xyd4ydNcp314UAxMDmbs2kcM or Download .rar files: https://mega.nz/file/vdsk1AKR#dnIdfz74qeAKPcArH94P-oR655kTzjNMgvQgb7kgNFk UPDATE 27/04/2021. 11. Dandilo, Personal Editions: More Imagens: https://imgur.com/a/9NXUUa6 Demonstration: Credits for Dandilo, viRUS, Neophron, Celestine, Wellinton Souza, AikoN, L2Sublimity, Penacho, CriticalError. Download Installer: https://mega.nz/file/nA9EGDSa#MihbWaVPojFm1v0i29dq1tFmaOqulYD895zQS_U4xAU or Download .rar files: https://mega.nz/file/TA8yGDSI#EhXYwWMKK9J98ZZSBGLTLKHt-fdLHO8mDKTzc8PhsJw 12 Neophron Classic [Start Edition]: More info: https://www.l2jbrasil.com/forums/topic/124482-neophron-classic-start-edition/ Credits for Neophron Download Installer: https://mega.nz/file/iFFXGaKI#T7m_2axJvUdYUZwZ62X0lNTvex_J3sJRfACqnJZWbT0 or Download .rar files: https://mega.nz/file/3YV3XCQJ#swZ4ed6j9dhHx5XuIspEZf3gB3E2wNP7wTmFl95FE5s BONUS: Finally, I share some textures by Aden, Giran and Goddard. Download the installer: https://mega.nz/file/2ElwnSxC#8L2ApexEcsl72aYi9RTjjCwDzjoAqRTuiikyVq-6b7U or download .rar files: https://mega.nz/file/yV0VBSbT#apqby5FvlOwHjkfwyCR_Rd-76SoRpeXhXMQcY-yeUK8 To install just select the game folder selection and click "yes to all". The installer was created using Winrar. I assure everyone that the installers do not have a virus. But if someone has doubts about my suitability as a person, and wants the files in .rar and not in an installer, here are the links. I leave the files in an installer format because it makes work easier when installing an interface. Thanks to all the creators of the Interfaces!
  13. Since i'm quitting L2 for good and i can see that the only things people share these days is their old trash i am sharing this for old time's sake. To the moderators out there and the administrator of this forum. please dont delete this post there is no point. l2 is dead anyway maybe this will revive it a bit. Also to the selfish little s......ts out there : STOP SELLING THIS AND START SHARING REAL CONTENT. https://www.4shared.com/postDownload/_q2-HNmKei/JJFH.html
  14. I ran into the problem that on the GK client it is impossible to use bind for different keys (only "pressing the mouse wheel" MiddleMouse works) I had to invent a bicycle: Aliases [0] = (Command = "rmode 1 | set input MiddleMouse rmd3", Alias = "rmd2" ) Aliases [1] = (Command = "rmode 5 | set input MiddleMouse rmd4", Alias = "rmd3") Aliases [2] = (Command = "rmode 6 | set Engine.Input MiddleMouse rmd5", Alias = "rmd4" ) Aliases [3] = (Command = "show fog | set Engine.Input MiddleMouse rmd2", Alias = "rmd5") Aliases [4] = (Command = "set Engine.Input MiddleMouse rmd3", Alias = "myMiddleMouse") MiddleMouse = myMiddleMouse Modes: 1 Wireframe - it is convenient to watch mobs under textures or enemies. 2 Dynamic Light - very useful in dark locations or caves. 3 Fog Show - turns off all fogs or fogs on the map. 4 Default mode - disables all of the above. 3-4 modes can be combined with a long click on the central mouse button. + increased zoom, removed camera reset on the right silk. It is also suitable for the High Five client (but it is better to copy the first 5 Aliases .. replace in your file, assign the wheel button MiddleMouse = myMiddleMouse, do not forget to remove the ";" semicolon in front of the assigned key). Download
  15. TP1: -8616 -217704 -3144 TP2: -15960 -192648 -3688 Update v1.0: Added High Five version of maps
  16. My oldest work. Found on HDD and never has used. Download here. P.S. For reshares link on my blog is obligatory.
  17. Hello Folks once again im going to share now the Classic Version the reason im sharing this stuff as i mentioned before the logs are writed on Essence Share i've did Download: [Hidden Content] Mirror: [Hidden Content] to get the link react & reply Credits: Sanyol for removing Protection
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