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Found 71 results

  1. Hello I've a website where I sell phishing sites for any website, I make the sites with setoolkit and it's pretty simple, SSL Cerificate are included in every package, and with the $10 package you get a domain and a SSL certificate. All packages last for 1 year Your can use ''SonalK'' when checking out to receive %10 off Thanks! Website -> You can message me here also if you are interested
  2. Description L2J-Robot is an emulator of the client of Lineage2 Interlude that aims to provide the user certain comforts and tools such as artificial intelligence for the automation of the acquisition of experience and elements of the game among other features that are in development. Screen Shots Login Main Systems * System to view inventory and items equipped. * System to see passive and active skills. * System to see the stats of the character. * System to read and write in the chat. * System to move around the map and interact with the different objects of the game. * Ai system customized by classes (in development) Project Forum
  3. Simple mod for all chronicles of Lineage 2. Etcitemgrp is maked for Interlude, but you can easy make it for another chronicles. I'm based on Helios idea of this mod and created a Santa puzzles mode for you. Idea is in puzzles drop ( need to collect all puzzles: 12 puzzles ) and you can change puzzles in gmshop or special shop to unique server item. P.S I can make another puzzles for you. If need another puzzles - write me. P.S.S Unique Lineage 2 mods for you - all mods for Lineage 2 projects. It's FREE for all users, but if you want another unique add-ons, write me: Contacts: Skype: Support_La2-Pro ICQ: 634024371 Personal messages You can download mod with link: DOWNLOAD.
  4. Demo: Download link: Click here Credits: Unknown
  5. This effect can be done under any npcs, I think this effect will decorate your server! Credits: QualideaTeam
  6. Download Password: 19396 Credits: DEADZ Notice: this patch not inclouding auto augment or auto potions. it.s 1.8 Version 2.0 Version will share it when i get it.
  7. Agathion - Aquarius Agathion - Cancer Agathion - Aries 3 Agathions - Zodiacs with effects and sounds. Only client side for Interlude ! Updated the link, added the missing sound pack ! DOWNLOAD
  8. SWGFlurry : Star Wars Galaxies Private Server SWG Pre-CU Server with CU, NGE Items. Village Jedi Unlock Enabled. Flurry Offers Custom Content, Unique server features only found on Flurry, We try our best to pump out content for our community every 7 days, looking forward to having you join our community. Selectable Xp at Character creation 1x 2x 2.5x Double Xp is available every Friday - Sunday Server Percs 10 Base Planets 24 Custom Planets 35 Playable Player Professions 37 player races/species to choose from Pre-CU, NGE, CU Vehicles Pre-CU, NGE, CU Armor Pre-CU, NGE, CU Clothing Pre-CU, NGE, CU Weapons Pre-CU, NGE, CU Decorations Pre-CU, NGE, CU Housing No Looted Weapons Or Armor "Weapons and Armor are crafted only from players" Componentes, deeds, rare items,craftbles, collection items. Enhancements, decorations, junk, paintings, TCG, all can be found in many loot tables and much much more. World bosses Unique Poi's Tons of new badges to earn Unlockable Jedi profession Main Website Main Forums Live Server Wiki Custom Live server Resource Map Custom Automatic Galaxy Harvester Resource Integration Jedi EnabledPublish9Enhnaced Crafting SystemCollection SystemArtifact SystemSilver Loot CratesGold Loot CratesPlatinum Loot CratesHeroic Boss Loot CratesNew Crafting Professions
  9. Credits: Raccoon
  10. Credits: Raccoon
  11. Hello people , I started this project about a week ago. It's a Patch Updater for an upcoming L2 Server. I want your opinions and suggestions on what to add or remove and of course if you like it. Automatic Self Updates like any game-launcher out there. Coded with VB.Net language with encryption as well. Links can be changed via URL without having to change any codes. Able to change the download path via .ini file outside or inside system folder. Images will be included as well. Not the PSD files due my copyrights. Automatic display latest news from WordPress Posts or text files Automatic Server status Report
  12. Hi there Just an simple snippet of code taken from seven signs AI and adapted to work on other NPC. No big magic here. Also code needs some additions (for example return an error message if player does not have any seal stones) Credits: NCSoft? i guess? :D if( reply == 2 ) { if( myself::GetInventoryInfo( talker, 0 ) >= myself::GetInventoryInfo( talker, 1 ) * 0.800000 || myself::GetInventoryInfo( talker, 2 ) >= myself::GetInventoryInfo( talker, 3 ) * 0.800000 ) { myself::ShowSystemMessage( talker, 1118 ); return; } i0 = myself::OwnItemCount( talker, @blue_sealstone ); i1 = myself::OwnItemCount( talker, @green_sealstone ); i2 = myself::OwnItemCount( talker, @red_sealstone ); if( i0 > 0 || i1 > 0 || i2 > 0 ) { i3 = i0 * 3 + ( i1 * 5 + i2 * 10 ); if( i0 > 0 ) { if( 2 == 2 ) { myself::DeleteItem1( talker, @blue_sealstone, i0 ); } else { myself::DeleteItem1( talker, @blue_sealstone, i0 ); } } if( i1 > 0 ) { if( 2 == 2 ) { myself::DeleteItem1( talker, @green_sealstone, i1 ); } else { myself::DeleteItem1( talker, @green_sealstone, i1 ); } } if( i2 > 0 ) { if( 2 == 2 ) { myself::DeleteItem1( talker, @red_sealstone, i2 ); } else { myself::DeleteItem1( talker, @red_sealstone, i2 ); } } if( i3 > 0 ) { myself::GiveItem1( talker, @adena_of_ancient, i3 ); } } }
  13. Hi there, my first share :) Long story short: I took piece of code from Mr. Parker (original thread: here) and reworked it for my needs. Idea: player comes to donation NPC with a wish to increase clan level. If he is in clan (player does not need to be clan leader), clan level is not 8 and player has 25 Coin of Luck, clan level will be increased, if not - NPC will return an message (via Say). Here is the snippet of code, I am sure everyone will fit it easily, basically it's plug and play :) if( ask == 123123 ) { if( myself::OwnItemCount( talker, @coin_of_luck ) >= 25 ) { if( talker.pledge_id != 0 ) { i1 = myself::GetPledgeSkillLevel( talker ); if( i1 != 8 ) { myself::PledgeLevelUp( talker, reply ); myself::DeleteItem1( talker, @coin_of_luck, 25 ); myself::SoundEffect( talker, "ItemSound.quest_fanfare_2" ); myself::Say( "" + + ", your clan is now at maximum level. GLHF!" ); myself::ShowPage( talker, "misc_shop001.htm" ); return; } else if( i1 + 1 > reply ) { myself::Say( "Sorry, " + + " but your clan is already at max level." ); myself::ShowPage( talker, "misc_shop001.htm" ); return; } } else { myself::Say( "Sorry, " + + " but you do not have clan." ); myself::ShowPage( talker, "misc_shop001.htm" ); return; } } else { myself::Say( "Sorry, " + + " but you do not have 25 COL to continue." ); myself::ShowPage( talker, "misc_shop001.htm" ); return; } } Credits: Mr.Parker and a little from me ;)
  14. Hello MaxCheaters users. Here is a huge pack of awards i found on my pc. These pack is old so i don't remember the author, if anyone know the author of these awards let me know to update the topic. I made some of them for some requests i have but the huge pack is not mine. Here is a small preview image: Download link:!BpdAiY7R!o9T5ndpl8bW_B0M50O6G4g2_s9aFlFUXzlhW1OaFm2o RAR Password:
  15. Preview of the Costumes: Demo 1 Demo 2 Demo 3 Demo 4 Download Link: Click Credits:MultiCrazY Chronicle: High Five
  16. TravelCream Free Landing Page is a Travel Guide Landing page in PSD format. All coming in one neat PSD file that you can customize easily to fit your need. However, it can be useful in making a website where people can search flights, hotels or activities in any city. Credits for this psd goes to Guillaume Mickael . Format : PSD File Size : 12.40 MB Download:!wwNwHYSI!XqZ4IXLI9BZeBcjgWLn8wpvBxo6RTcOLj45agd_mCfE Resource from:
  17. Huge Logo Pack 1231+ Editable Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Logo Files 30 Textures Pack Vector shapes Editable text Layered Free fonts DEMO: Download [1,34GB]: