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  1. Looking for working C3/C4 bot for server elmorelab. Free or paid. DM me here.
  2. I need not to allow dual box in some zones, specifically in RB zones, any idea how to do it? if anyone has any code that can help me, much better Thank!
  3. Paizw sto FiveM server Greek Mafia 1 edw kai ena diastima ligwn minwn. To post den einai gia diafimisi tou server, alla na doume an yparxei kosmos pou paizei se auto to server, apo auto to community 😄 O server einai ON edw kai 1 xrono kai 2-3 vdomades, pou apo mono tou auto, ton kanei polu aksiopisto.
  4. Hello mxc Is there a way to link an item (shift + click on item) to the chat window on an interlude pack? Thanks in advance !
  5. καλησπερα παιδια , εχω κανει τοπικ κ στο "eng section". Ψαχνω globalvote system για L2frozen 1132(java 1.7) ο κωδικος υπαρχει ηδη μεσα απλως θελω νατον κανω να λειτουργει με ΑPI ή γενικως να λειτουργει. ο κωδικος εδω https://pastebin.com/jeAQJ8XS Ενω εχω βαλει το url στο powerpak οπου ενεργοποιει το votereward ειναι σαν να μην δουλευει καν,δεν μου βγαζει καν error στο console. Εαν βαλω λαθος url μ βγαζει οτι το site ειναι offline ή κατι ειναι λαθος στο url. Ευχαριστω εκ των προτερων.
  6. What's up. Imagine I am multiboxing with 5 clients, I want to play with one of them, and have all the others following the main and also assisting to kill. Obviously I can do this by alt+tab each one of them, but it would be inneficient. It would be even better if could replicate the skills from the main client to the other boxes (i.e. playing with 5 archers, main archer uses skill stun, others also use stun). Obviously I'm looking for something cheaper than Adrenaline, because I don't need all the complex scripting and automation of adrenaline... only follow and assist. Private server, Smartguard 3.1. PM me if you have something that works. Thank you in advance.
  7. Hello. I need a soft or method to run a lot of game clients on server with smartguard. HWID spoofer doesn't work (SG detects that windows PatchGuard is disabled). Any method. Thanks.
  8. Am looking for any helping program thats helpful in l2 chrono live official server, if its safe and NCsoft doesnt ban me. Thank you.
  9. Hello ,i am looking everywhere for " .raidinfo " voicecommand in L2jFrozen 1132. I found a code but it had many errors into..
  10. I am looking for a multiskilled person to help with my simple project. I have bought L2Frozen datapack with custom zone and couple custom items which I'd like to "convert" into the newest aCis as I heard its more reliable and has less bugs. On top of that I'dd like to add vote manager, better gk and couple other bits. That's to begin with but there will be more stuff I'd like to add or change. Is there any one with good editing/creating knowledge that would like to help me out? Of course the work will be paid for.
  11. kalhspera kai kalh xronia paidia,to thema mou einai oti exw katebasei duo cracked adrenaline kai me kanena apo ta duo otan ta energopoihsw den me afhnei o server na mpw sto char selection. xerei kapoios ti prepei na kanw ?
  12. Hello mxc I was looking arround forum and i didnt find anything like this , did anyone have any idea where we can find these icons for Macro? Thanks in advance !! https://prnt.sc/wfakju
  13. I'd like to start a fun server where i can play with my Friends. We are looking for something new, because we playing H5 for many years. The choosen one is the Classic. So we need somebody with a working server pack and with a little help to build and start the server.
  14. Hello Please help me decode abnormaldefaulteffect.dat this dat, is from Korean client. No one of my friends seem able to. Ty https://gofile.io/d/DxHVcd
  15. Hi all, i would like to know if exist only Olympiad damage counter patch to implement on a client with no external interfaces. Thank's in advance.
  16. Hello, is there any working link for Pawnviewer for Interlude chronicle? I tried my best to search around for it but sadly I had no luck finding it. (Just found it, lol...) Topic may be locked.
  17. is there an interface for aac? or a way to make an interface work ?
  18. Hi everyone i need a graphix designer to create a logo for my server, to addapt and make one nice background which will be used in my website and maybe 2-3 images i could use in my client. If anyone is interested to do the job inform me via pm here. I can pay with paypall
  19. Hello im currently playing a Gracia Final server and is limited x1 box on farm zone. Trying to find how to manage to place a second player on farm area.. I have tried virtualbox but im playing with 1 fps and is unplayable. So i hear rumors about VPN is working.. anyone with more knowledge on this can help me out if the VPN ill work. And to suggest to me a good VPN to Buy or Free Trial if is working properly.
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF1WnlmMys4&t&ab_channel=GrandSezar
  21. Hey, look for dev for fix me some problems, l2jacis No for free Only message
  22. hi i tried to change spawn protection effect on l2jacis 382 version editing userinfo.java i want to change teamtype to abnormal effect IMPRISION 2 can anyone help me a bit cause i'm too newbie on coding and any help would be most welcome! Thank you!
  23. hello everyone, i am about to open a test server to spend some time and i am looking for l2 pride/finest custom items pack. i am searching for about an hour, i dont know what am i doing wrong with my search but i cant find anything. can someone help me ? thank you for your time.
  24. Hello, We are looking to start a long term project but have a very hard time finding any information about L2 Essence files. They are available in Korea we saw, but no info anywhere in the English community. Also the Classic client (newest) is coming very close, could also be a rework like we see on those 'Masterwork' projects. We think L2 Essence (as a project for a better solo experience) would fit the older (in age) Lineage 2 Community, stripping all the insane cash shop items . Obviously we have a good budget to get the project rolling. Would be very happy to hear form anyone with the appropriate knowledge/information.
  25. Hello everyone. I want to ask for an opinion. i want tofind a free/open source of l2j high five more stable than sunrise or a good one. I was looking on L2jMobius, but it is unstable. L2jDevs, i think unstable. L2jServer, idk, i don;t test yet. So pls, if someone know a good one. Pls link here. Best Regards!
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