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Found 1,482 results

  1. Hi, lf protection from l2neo on Jeremy > TTs quest... when talk with Jeremy char freezing and must use captcha, and captcha display on random place or in chat :)
  2. Hello :) , I need a working HopZone "Vote catcher" for l2off files. I dug through the internet. Since the no longer working Vote cather Vanganth, I have not found mention of a new working version for L2OFF files. Of course I will pay for the script.
  3. Could someone help me adapt this mod for l2jhellas? Index: config/ =================================================================== --- config/ (revision 5) +++ config/ (working copy) @@ -320,4 +320,18 @@ DressMeLegs = Imperial,6374 DressMeBoots = Draconic,6381;Imperial,6376;Arcana,6385 DressMeGloves = Draconic,6380;Imperial,6375;Arcana,6384 DressMeWeapons = Draconic_Bow,7577;Shining_Bow,6594;Arcana_Mace,6608 + +#============================================================= +# Global Drop +#============================================================= +# Configuração de Drop Global +# Liga / Desliga Drop Global +AllowGlobalDrop = True +# Ativa Drop random que aumenta de acordo com level do MOB. +AllowRandomQuantityDrop = True +# Itemid,chance,min,max;Itemid,chance,min,max +GlobalDropItems = 6392,100,1,2;6393,50,1,3; +# Itemid,chance,min,max;Itemid,chance,min,max +# Essa configuração é para mobs do tipo Champion +ChampionGlobalDropItems = 6391,100,1,2; \ No newline at end of file Index: java/net/sf/l2j/ =================================================================== --- java/net/sf/l2j/ (revision 5) +++ java/net/sf/l2j/ (working copy) @@ -690,6 +690,11 @@ public static int CLIENT_PACKET_QUEUE_MAX_OVERFLOWS_PER_MIN = 1; // default 1 public static int CLIENT_PACKET_QUEUE_MAX_UNDERFLOWS_PER_MIN = 1; // default 1 public static int CLIENT_PACKET_QUEUE_MAX_UNKNOWN_PER_MIN = 5; // default 5 + + public static Map<Integer, List<Integer>> GLOBAL_DROP_ITEMS = new HashMap<>(); + public static Map<Integer, List<Integer>> GLOBAL_DROP_ITEMS_CHAMPION = new HashMap<>(); + public static boolean ALLOW_GLOBAL_DROP_RANDOM; + public static boolean ALLOW_GLOBAL_DROP; // -------------------------------------------------- @@ -1133,7 +1138,31 @@ */ private static final void loadPlayers() { final ExProperties players = initProperties(PLAYERS_FILE); + String globalTemp = players.getProperty("GlobalDropItems", ""); + String[] globalTemp2 = globalTemp.split(";"); + for (String s : globalTemp2) + { + List<Integer> list = new ArrayList<>(); + String[] t = s.split(","); + list.add(Integer.parseInt(t[1])); + list.add(Integer.parseInt(t[2])); + list.add(Integer.parseInt(t[3])); + GLOBAL_DROP_ITEMS.put(Integer.parseInt(t[0]), list); + } + globalTemp = players.getProperty("ChampionGlobalDropItems", ""); + globalTemp2 = globalTemp.split(";"); + for (String s : globalTemp2) + { + List<Integer> list = new ArrayList<>(); + String[] t = s.split(","); + list.add(Integer.parseInt(t[1])); + list.add(Integer.parseInt(t[2])); + list.add(Integer.parseInt(t[3])); + GLOBAL_DROP_ITEMS_CHAMPION.put(Integer.parseInt(t[0]), list); + } + ALLOW_GLOBAL_DROP_RANDOM = players.getProperty("AllowRandomQuantityDrop", true); + ALLOW_GLOBAL_DROP = players.getProperty("AllowGlobalDrop", true); STARTING_ADENA = players.getProperty("StartingAdena", 100); EFFECT_CANCELING = players.getProperty("CancelLesserEffect", true); HP_REGEN_MULTIPLIER = players.getProperty("HpRegenMultiplier", 1.); Index: java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/scripting/scripts/custom/ =================================================================== --- java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/scripting/scripts/custom/ (nonexistent) +++ java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/scripting/scripts/custom/ (working copy) @@ -0,0 +1,125 @@ + +package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.scripting.scripts.custom; + +import java.util.List; +import java.util.Map; +import java.util.Map.Entry; + +import net.sf.l2j.commons.random.Rnd; + +import net.sf.l2j.Config; +import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.datatables.NpcTable; +import; +import; +import; +import; +import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.holder.IntIntHolder; +import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.item.instance.ItemInstance; +import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.scripting.Quest; + +/** + * @author Tayran.JavaDev + * @version 4 + */ +public class GlobalDropMonsters extends Quest +{ + + @Override + public String onKill(L2Npc mob, L2PcInstance killer, boolean isPet) + { + int levelMobMin = 0; + for (int i = 1; i < 81; i++) + { + levelMobMin = killer.getLevel() - 8; + if (i > 10) + { + if (killer.getLevel() == i && mob.getLevel() < levelMobMin) + return ""; + } + } + if (mob.isChampion()) + dropItem(mob, killer, Config.GLOBAL_DROP_ITEMS_CHAMPION); + else + dropItem(mob, killer, Config.GLOBAL_DROP_ITEMS); + return super.onKill(mob, killer, isPet); + } + + private static void dropItem(final L2Npc mob, final L2PcInstance player, final Map<Integer, List<Integer>> droplist) + { + Integer key; + Integer chance; + Integer min; + Integer max; + Integer itemMin; + Integer itemMax; + Integer count; + Integer rnd; + for (Entry<Integer, List<Integer>> entry : droplist.entrySet()) + { + key = entry.getKey(); + List<Integer> valueList = entry.getValue(); + + chance = valueList.get(0); + min = valueList.get(1); + max = valueList.get(2); + + if (mob.getLevel() > 9 && Config.ALLOW_GLOBAL_DROP_RANDOM) + { + itemMin = mob.getLevel() * min / 5; + itemMax = mob.getLevel() * max / 6; + } + else + { + itemMin = min; + itemMax = max; + } + count = Rnd.get(itemMin, itemMax); + + rnd = Rnd.get(100); + + if (rnd < chance) + { + IntIntHolder item = new IntIntHolder(key, count); + dropItem(mob, player, item); + continue; + } + } + + } + + /** + * Drop item. + * @author Tayran.JavaDev + * @param mob + * @param lastAttacker The player who made ultimate damage. + * @param item instance IntIntHolder. + * @return the dropped item instance. + */ + public static ItemInstance dropItem(L2Npc mob, L2PcInstance lastAttacker, IntIntHolder item) + { + if (Config.AUTO_LOOT) + lastAttacker.doAutoLoot((L2Attackable) mob, item); + else + return ((L2Attackable) mob).dropItem(lastAttacker, item); + return null; + } + + + public GlobalDropMonsters() + { + super(-1, GlobalDropMonsters.class.getSimpleName()); + if (Config.ALLOW_GLOBAL_DROP) + { + for (NpcTemplate npcTemplate : NpcTable.getInstance().getAllNpcs()) + { + if (npcTemplate.getType().equalsIgnoreCase("L2Monster")) + super.addKillId(npcTemplate.getIdTemplate()); + } + System.out.println("[Drop Global Activated] All L2Monster have been added with Global Drop Items"); + } + else + { + System.out.println("[Drop Global Disabled] No L2Monster was changed"); + } + } +} \ No newline at end of file
  4. Hello MaxCheaters..i am new on java codes and i was wondering if it is possible to write a code when a party of 5+ players get into the party zone and 1-2 of them die (dont res them and they press to village) and the party get lower than ex. 5 players to teleport them all back to teleport spot.. thanks in advance !
  5. hi. every link is dead for share of l2vendetta epic weaps for IL or H5. I find only dark knight armor and dark knight mask but all dark knight weap links are outdated like this one: anyone have them? None have old patches or something? Someone must have Dark Knight Weapons. I not know my request was so difficult.
  6. Hi, some1 have working soft fort edit .dat files l2ear classic ?
  7. Anyone knows a interface working on L2Appeal? Anything works on that! Helpzzzz
  8. Hi guys, do you mind checking your files for those clients: The first one seems to be part of the korean Classic Age of Splendors Update. The second one, I think, belongs to the Classic Goddard update, which was released some time ago. The third one I don't know about! :O EDIT: To check if you have clients containing one of those lobbies just go to ur client's map folder and rename the "Lobby01_Classic.unr" to "Lobby01.unr" (make sure you to do a backup of both files Lobby01 and lobby01_classic) and start your client using the l2.exe (l2.bin) located in the system folder. If you need any other client, just ask. I think I have most of them! ^^ EDIT: Found this Client, but just in KR: There Should be a NA one. Please share if You have so i can get rid of the KR one :D Found the NA Client. The only ones missing are ToI and Goddard! :)
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking for the following Lineage 2 Freya H5 Client: I have the RU version which contains this login screen, but it lacks the top left Anniversary Logo... Would you mind checking your files? Would be nice , if someone still has those korean H5 PTS files. :) If you need any other client, just ask. I think I have most of them! ^^
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking for the following Lineage 2 Valiance / Epeisodeon Clients: As you can see there is a difference between both login screens. The first one is missing the female warrior. The second one has a female Warrior holding a SWORD. Would you mind checking your files? Would be nice to have both of them. :) If you need any other client, just ask. I think I have most of them! ^^ EDIT: Those Login Screens are from Korean Clients (pts and first live). So if you still have a korean epeisodion client somewhere in your collection, please check!!! :)
  11. hi, some1 have good soft for open .utx files - and good search icons here ??? use l2tool but its not good must use page down all time and see only 1 icon... :D and unrealUD give me all time error :/ thx
  12. I'm looking for a trusted and skilled client modder to do a job for me. I have a few costumes with ukx and utx but I have one problem, they are as one (outfit and headpiece), and im looking for someone to split them into 2 items, costume and headpiece separated and to fix a bug with the head because the character hair/head is staying in the way. Do you want to do this job or know someone to do it? I can pay. Send me a message. P.S: Costume staticmesh is as one. Found someone.
  13. Hi everyone! I'm looking for something like that Since the download link is dead does someone have something like that? I'm looking for Extra Skill bar on C4 I'm looking also for something that ignores Aggression from tanks etc...!
  14. Hello, is there any share of hero cloaks for high five? Like Cloak of Darkness, Cloak of Light. On some servers they are called Cloak of Baium, Cloak of Valakas.
  15. Hello there! I am an old L2 player but this post has nothing to do with the L2 actually... I am working on a fitness & nutrition blog and i need a logo for it. I am looking for a person who is skilled and creative and knows how to work with Corel. The reason i need the crest to be made in Corel or same kind of software is that i need it to be made via vectors,not pixels since i will print it on clothes and other stuff. I am paying for your work of course, right now the logo is the only thing i am missing in order to start the advertising campaign on social media for my blog. I am waiting for you guys to contact me via mail at , where we can discuss more about your prices and how i want it to look.
  16. Hello there friends. How are you? Staying safe due the pandemic? I have a question to make. I need to merge 2 different skills from one LineageEffect.u to another file. What i wanna do actually is Copy from one LineageEffect.u the skills *Hydro blast* and *dash* and paste them to another LineageEffect.u. I was searching all over the internet and i wasnt able to find any solution. Can you help me out? Thanks in Advance :) (Interlude - C6)
  17. Hello can anyone tell me if it's easy or how to take feature from one interface and put it to another ? i would like to take options menu from interface ona latest and add it on elfen interface if someone can explain me ty
  18. Hello MaxCheaters one again. I saw someone with a custom H5 War icon (2 swords etc etc) above their head. I was wondewring if anyone got that file for Interlude. And if it's possible to share it with me. AND/OR Thanks in advance!
  19. Hey guys! I am looking for interface for prelude of war part 2! If possible one with auto enchanting (items and skills) I'm new to all this regarding interface and such. Also one for H5 client! I am also looking for other things such as a custom glow for H5 that works with servers that have enchanting up to 65k Thanks, Zukii
  20. Hi, Lf patch with custom animation rage of all debufs Overlords. (circle on ground) Anyone have it? i know its is old patch but all link are dead i need skillgrp and file with animation plz help i find it problem solved. topic to closed!
  21. Hello, is there any working link for Pawnviewer for Interlude chronicle? I tried my best to search around for it but sadly I had no luck finding it. (Just found it, lol...) Topic may be locked.
  22. Hi guys I'm playing many interlude servers and I'm looking for a version of interface for l2 damage or other interlude server.. Can someone share a link to download this program cause its really helpfull for aug/skills etc.. Thx
  23. Hello, any can share this plis? I need script when any report me just auto-enter captcha or give me alert. Ty