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Found 50 results

  1. I'm looking for this login screen and I cant find it anywhere. If someone have either the files or the entire client I would be so happy.
  2. Hey, i need donate system whit paysera or paypal(priority paysera), who can make pm here or skype rycka019
  3. So I recently changed the max level to 100 and I was wondering if anyone has the correct experience values for 85-100 lvl.
  4. Hello, i wanna do if killed like baium, give for all online players item, or for all players who do damage to npc. pack l2jfrozen
  5. Hello, I would like to ask if there is a gameguard killer available for l2j interlude client. Since I'm like 12 years away from these things, I'm not able to locate these files I used to use. Long time ago we used to use Fyyre's patches for wildcard and l2.exe without themida shell plus one or two more files. Unfortunately, I can't remember or find a gameguard killer nowadays since she dropped the project. If there is someone who might be able to help, please, let me know. Since I'm afraid if I might have posted to a wrong section, correct me please! Thanks a lot for your time, Tacitus
  6. Hello i use this mode multi function zone -> And i need 2 things 1. when ONLY in multi function zone works command .exit and teleport to town or custom location (better custom location) when player not in multi function zone this command don't works. 2. i need multi one more location pvp, when i add one more location on zone.xml it's all works, but respawning at first one zone, SpawnLoc = 47422,185880,-3512;47706,185782,-3512 I need spawnloctwo = loc.
  7. Hello i have interlude l2jfrozen, i need script code. Register on olympiad only can players who have 30 pvp or more.
  8. Hello i have bug on l2jfrozen i have stackable life stones, if i have like 2life stone in one socket and i wanna augument weapon it's uses all life stones, if i have 100 then 1 augument = 100 life stones, what bad who can tell? ScrollStackable = True etcitem database 8762 Top-Grade Life Stone: level 76 false none 0 stackable none -1 0 0 true true true true InterludeItem none etcitemgrp 2 8762 0 3 3 3 0 dropitems.drop_mineral_unique_m00 dropitemstex.drop_mineral_unique_t00 icon.etc_mineral_unique_i03 0 2 53 0 0 1 1 ItemSound.itemdrop_mold 2 0 0
  9. Good morning, Mr. I was away and I forgot a little the operation of the forum so if the post is in the wrong area I'm sorry! I was wondering if it would be possible for someone to provide the core of a JFROZEN without javalution free or paid, if it is paid how much would that amount be?
  10. Hello i need script who in server have bigger pvp scores 3 top places they get the IMPRISIONING_1 effect But when someone get from 4 to 3 place they changes effect old one lose big_head effect new one in top 3 place get the effect. pls help L2jFrozen pls help :)
  11. Hello who can help me? L2jfrozen I wanna to do if player wanna logout clicking -> restart button in game he logauted to start in login password not in selection charecter.
  12. Hello, i need l2jfrozen script, for life stones I wanna just with 2nd click on lifestone opened window what weapon augment wihout gemstones. will be great if it's works like enchant just click and augmenting -> next augment on weapon will delete previous augment.
  13. Hey, i wanna clean system pack with GameGuard But only with main system pack can connect to server and working GameGuard.
  14. Currently i am looking for 1 or 2 people that are skilled in scripting, to help me finish my Classic 3.0 extender, as currently i do not have the time to be able to finish the extender, and all the script work itself. I am looking for people willing to help build a npcpos and AI mainly, but there is other script work that will also need to be done, feel free to contact me here, or on skype at alestria69412 for more information.
  15. Hello, Anyone knows a highly customized server? examples: - max enchant 65535 with hard farm zones - custom items and reasonable progression - just custom and unique stuff (skills, classes, etc, level cap...) Pls don't post mainstream servers, only ones that really stands out from the mass :) Don't care about online (can be 5ppl), rates should also be reasonable. thanks in advance
  16. Hello guys, I've seen some similar posts in the past about Shadow Items in Interlude. What I want to know is a) if and b) how , can i make a shadow item losing its mana even when not equipped and even if player is offline.Any help would be appreciated. (Avoid the hate speech please, I can assure you im a newbie but i can copy/paste a code or make some changes)
  17. How to bypass smartguard protection without paid adrenaline version?
  18. Hello everybody. I have made a custom patch for my guildies in the server i play, with a very custom interface with a lot of added functions. As i wanted to prohibe enemies from using it, i've put protections in several scripts, that detect the clan name of the character, and trigger some "mechanisms" :P if an enemy is spotted using the patch. I want to upload it for public download, but the thing is... although most of the people in the server are newbies in lineage editing, some dudes know to open interface.u, read the scripts, and recompile the interface.u file using the method that Savo shows in a video. And if they do, then likely will bypass my protections. What i need is, to encrypt the interface.u file, and make it unreadable by WOTGrealExporter. I've been searching a lot and the only program that seemed to do the thing, is a paid one. (which is unreachable for me, for many reasons) Do you know any alternative method to do this? Or can anyone encrypt the file for me? Thanks!
  19. Hola, buenas tardes .. Estoy buscando un guión para este captcha, ¿podría alguien ayudarme? el anti bot hace preguntas y da opciones de respuesta Hello, good afternoon .. I am looking for a script for this captcha, could someone help me? the anti bot asks questions and gives response options Have version 1.71 craked Adrenaline
  20. Can someone remove the snowing effect from the Ice queen castle area/frozen lake area cause it too foggy also causes lag? Is it possible?
  21. Hello guys , sorry for create many topics but I need some help to create some custom mods I was searching my hi5 and I couldn't find Stat like Knock back but I found it at l2pride source!! There is any example or guide how we create new stat or adapt from other source? I wanna about 5 new stat knock back resist knock back magic accuracy magic evasion etc *wrong section , move this please to English section.
  22. Hello guys , i wanna create some custom features and i wanna check pride source and pack Links are dead from that old share , can some1 find me a link or share me his pride files? Thank you <3
  23. Hello guys , tittle , I m new on HI5 client and i m searching that skill
  24. Hi, Im newbie can you help me make scripts for Hi5 Version, i can not target the npc and buff command.