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Found 39 results

  1. Is there anyone who can adapt this weapon set from AION to L2HF Playment with Paypal only.
  2. Hello once again dear users. In every chaotic Zone (auto flag) out there, the target instantly loses the pvp flag when it leaves the pvp zone, instead of losing it the normal way, some 15 seconds afters (blinking purple/white). In my experience, that is not a good thing cause people will simply run out the zone to run from pvp. I tried to fix that by using a few things, but none worked correctly. In my attempts so far, the target takes flag when runing out, but it will never go away. To make it disapear I need to relog. Most of the times, that is what happens. I looked in the to check how it worked there, and tried that as well, but in that case the Flag stays just for 1 second and disapear (But it works corrrectly when in siege). In the shared, it is set like this: if(pvp_enabled) activeChar.stopPvPFlag(); (instantly removes the flag) So I tried to use the same method used for siege zone: if (character instanceof L2PcInstance) { ((L2PcInstance) character).sendPacket(new SystemMessage(SystemMessageId.LEFT_COMBAT_ZONE)); // Set pvp flag if (((L2PcInstance) character).getPvpFlag() == 0) { ((L2PcInstance) character).startPvPFlag(); } } } But it doesnt work like in a siege zone. I Also tried something like this: if (activeChar.getPvpFlag() != 0) activeChar.setPvpFlag(0); activeChar.updatePvPFlag(1); With this, the target will get pvp flag when it run out the flag zone, but the flag will never go aways like it was intented. Any help pls? Im using l2jfrozen 1118
  3. Hello fellow users! How can I create the following things in HTML for the NPC? The most dificult one is the bar couting the number of buffs.
  4. Hello guys, i noticed that in all l2jpacks i've worked the damage from skills,arrows are given before the animation-arrow is on the target. Is it about any synchronization? Why all projects have this thing? should increase the delay of the HitTask ?
  5. Hello there! We are a small team from 2009 that we work with Archlord mmorpg serverfiles,tools,hacks and bots. As we got some serverfiles that we have been worked on them a little few months ago(no source,we are working with packets changing on the actual serverfiles and client). Most features are working(nosieges and combos yet implanted but isnt hard to implant them!) The serverfiles are episode 2(client episode 1 and episode 2 works fine without errors) and we succeded to get ingame with episode 3 client(new features,new packets so we wanted to use this one to upgrade the serverfiles with new zones,items,etc). We have been edited few dll`s to succed entring in game but we have few problems in game like: NPC spawning,monster spawning,deleting items(inventory trash doesnt work). ERRORS CLIENT SIDE: NPC-doesnt show ingame(wrong packets in client than the serverside) MOB-doesnt show in game(wrong packets in client than the serverside) MOUNTS/PETS-doesnt show in game(wrong packets in client than the serverside) We wanted few enginers with experience in IDA pro,wireshark,wpe pro or other tools that can capture packets and try help us to figure out which packets needs to be replaced from the serverside in the client(important things to be done are monster shown,npc shown and delete option,inventory trash). The serverfiles are now compacted,we have been earsed unuseful files,and did some modification on them,some restructurations , faster loading and removed black whole from the consoles(causing crashing without any reason). If you are capable , interested to help the community and you have experience with those programs or other programs that you worked before dont hesitate to contact me! Thank you very much for your attention,and have a good day dear mates! Sory for my bad english! WIKIPEDIA info about the game:
  6. Hello Guys i know there is somewhere maxvotes/l2topzone (old files or ripped dunno) does anyone still have them to share? I know there is a lot scammers out there "selling" those files, please if someone still have them send link by pm or just post here if you wish. Thanks in advance guys.
  7. Hey guys what im looking for is the source files of xavius... i dont want to see any negative COMMENT about my request since this is for a personal testing and idea inspiring(stealing :P) cause there are quite a good things in it ! Thanks in Advance!
  8. Hello, I've been searching for days now, but I was not able to find anything.. so here I am. I would like to modify the client (that is a 2.0 classic client) to show some usefull info (like level and aggro of monsters, and also on screen Spoil Success or Failure) Any of you knows where can I find a modded system? If not, can any of you tell me what should I do to mod it? (like sharing at least the L2FileEdit to work on) Thank you in advance
  9. hello to everyone i need to download frozen throne dota. but i need and cdkey i need to play online any idea. thank you!
  10. Buy Site complet for l2off vangath
  11. Request fto4games fairytail

    Hello,im wondering if anyone here got any character there that is not playing and is willing to share
  12. what is the most stable custom ready pack *interlude* with source that i can use and support at least 200people
  13. Hi. With latest shared L2FileEdit in Classiv Saviors (2.0) / Grand Crusade I cant save 50% of .dat files. For example: I can edit and save weapongrp_classic.dat, but armorgrp_classic.dat I can open but cannot save, anybody can save 3-4 lines for me?
  14. Hello friends. I'm looking for an auto-captcha script (any server). I just want to see the string attached. Not the captcha alarm, but captcha auto - answering. It would be great if someone could help me out. Thanks
  15. Hi, iam looking for exp caps for C4. Basically i need info how much exps in total are needed for each level up. If someone can help it will be nice :) Thanks
  16. kalhspera paidia tha ithela na mou peite gt etsi ksafnika opws leei kai to tragoudi mou vgazei auto to error!!!!
  17. Hi Guys. I'm looking for one bot. One interlude bot for the es-l2 ultra. I have try many IG at 1.79 ver but no luck !
  19. I'm looking for this file. addsound.jar Thank you.
  20. Hi. I'm trying to edit Item Skill: Hydro Blast in skills' xml but reuse time not work. Help please, how to edit reuse time at skill ? p.s in game when i use Item Skill: Hydro Blast my spiritshots dont uses why ?
  21. Hello, is there any shared script for lizardman quest in h5?
  22. Hello guys i need ur help i'm searching a developer for acis pack just for five mins job just update my pack with latest version! xriazomai enan kalo developer gia acis pack apla na peraso merika code kai teleytea ekdosi apla pm! thank you!
  23. Hello , any servers now like l2server or pwnstars thanks
  24. Hello guys as the title says i request for the costum starting level code for acis rev 360.. i already tried multiple codes shared here in the forum non of it works and i also tried to do it by myself but im a newbie so didnt have much luck.. any help would be appreciated Thanks in Advance, VanGon
  25. Looking for PUBG hack, ESP, anybody have it coded ? We are two friends who interested, contact me