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Found 32 results

  1. Hi LF help in setting up proxy servers (2-3) for my l2 server, not for free
  2. where I find ertheia system patcher? (dimentioal stragers) I want patch my original system folder. (not patched system) help me please.
  3. Any server like old c6 pride with events.glits,silver.golds.??
  4. Hello there! We are a small team working on a game called Archlord(3 members). Official private servers has been closed few years ago and out are 2 private servers. We wanted to work for a open source/closed source of Archlord game(similar to WOW game). We are looking for developers to help us developing a newest emulator. Out there exist an episode of this Game episode 2(latest is episode 7 with more fun features,downgrade cna be easily made for the new emu if we succed to give something new to players) What we have done: 1.Decrypt/encrypt function we have(got them saved somewhere on my computer done to put in emu - c++ code need to remake it for other language if needed depends what language we will choose,i used to work in java as l2 servers but i accept every help of language programming) 2.Its XOR encryption 3.Got latest episode 7 serverfiles incomplete with PDBS files builded in c++ (for loginserver/gameserver we have pdbs files we had every function inside - this will help us much easier to develop the emulator got so many things for a new start emulator) 4.Got crypter/decrypter program for client 5.Got editors for client 6.Launcher source for client 7.Wanted mysql or postgresql database building We are paying monthly from donations,and we need 1 or 2 developer in team. Thank you very much for attention if there is needed for any detail please PM me i will try to give more information via discord ! With pleasure a human with heart like you!
  5. Hello Guys i need support to create a new custom slot item in l2off vanganth! i pay for this service Thanks Contact me on Inbox
  6. Hello everyone, well... after many inactive years i decided to play L2 once again (im kinda lost tho). Because i have no idea how the things are atm on lineage 2 community etc... So im asking ur help to give me ur suggestion. So i would like a server with some or in the best scenario all the bellow features: 1)A stable server with no intention to close after some months. Good anti-hacking system,ddos etc...w.o lag issues. 2)New server, i will make an exception for older server if it has rly high quality content with action (no desert like). 3)Many active ppl 4)Rates 5 up to 30 5)No custom items etc thanks in advance.
  7. Does anyone have the mod .dressme that works on the latest version of L2JServer H5 and can share with me? please. I have one here, it works fine, more like type: BIGSWORD and BIGBLUNT have been removed from the project. the weapons does not work correctly. https://pastebin.com/J2maC8i8 Without the type: BIGSWORD and BIGBLUNT the mod does not differ the weapons of one hand nor two hands
  8. https://www.l2tml2.com/ --- > New Server interlude mid rate (STACK SUB SERWER 1+1) STARTED! We invite everyone to the game, you will not regret itSERVER STACKSUB 1+1Basic FeaturesRates:Exp:x70 Spx70 Adenax60 Drop x1Enchant Rates:Normal Weapon x60Normal Armor x60 Normal Jewels x60 Blessed Weapon x65Blessed Armor x65Blessed Jewels x65Safe - 3 Max - 16Olympiad game:- Competition period 1 week.- Olympiad start time [06:00 PM] end [00:00 AM] UTC+1- New Heroes every Friday [12:00 PM]. Custom FeaturesItems:- Vywern Summon- Nobless Item- Agathion AccesoryEvents:- Fortress deffence- Lost Island- CTF- TVT- DMRaid Bosses:- Valakas 72h- Antharas 72h- Baium 48h- Benom Tezza 48h- Zaken 24h- Queen Ant 24- Event Boss- TyrannosaurusMachineHardware:8x(4xcore) 3.0GHZ4x Ge-Force 1060 G.P.2000TB HDD+500GB SSD 64GB RamSoftware:Windows Server 2016Internet connection:1GB/s Dedicated
  9. WoW Mortal Expanding WoW private server. Currently has a Instant 85 Cataclysm server. Have a fully active community and forums! Helpful and friendly staff, with daily events. Fully scripted raids and dungeons, competitive arena seasons and much more. Why not come and have a look? You have nothing to lose and I bet you won’t regret it. So come on down too https://wowmortal.comand let the fun begin.
  10. Hello to everyone , looking for a dev , witch can help me to implement a phantom engine (fake players witch run and fight in game) i have the code i have all files i just need help to implement from (grind team pack h5) to (mythras pack h5) i have all files but i dont know how to implement on mythras pack i tried 123124 times but something going wrong because they dont spawn in game after finished implement...
  11. Hello, i just want a good vpn that can vote on HOPZONE...at the mommenti use private tunel but when i vote on hopzone it says the following message : Request blocked as you appear to be browsing from a VPN/Proxy/Server. Please contact HopZone.Net teamif you believe this is a mistake!] so is there any good FREE unlimited VPN that i can vote on HOPZONE without problem? Thanks!!!
  12. Grand Opening: 27 May 2018 - 6:00 PM (UTC+1) Community: Website: https://www.l2tml2.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/L2TimeMachine Twiter: https://twitter.com/L2TimeMachine Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/zFM4TT Basic Features Rates: - Exp 300x - Sp 300x - Adena 80x Enchant Rates: - Normal Weapon 60% - Normal Armor 70% - Normal Jewels 70% - Blessed Weapon 70% - Blessed Armor 80% - Blessed Jewels 80% - Safe - 3 Max - 16 Raid Bosses: - Valakas: 5 days (120h) - Antharas: 5 days (120h) - Halisha: 3 days (72h) - Baium: 3 days (72h) - Zaken: 2 days (48h) - Queen Ant: 2 days (48h) Olympiad game: - Competition period 1 week. - Olympiad start time [06:00 PM] end [00:00 AM] UTC+1 - New Heroes every Monday. Custom Features Items: - Apella Sets - Ferrum Sets - Nobless Item - Agathion Accesory Raid Bosses: - Skylancer: 4h - Water Guardian: 4h - HellMan: 4h Events: - Fortress deffence - Lost Island Machine Hardware: - 8x(4xcore) 3.0GHZ - Ge-Force Gtx 1060 Gaming - 2000TB HDD+500GB SSD - 64GB Ram Software: - Windows Server 2016 - Internet connection: - 1GB/s Dedicated About Armor Sets Every armor set from "D" to "S" grade, are available to buy in gm shop. But we are sharing you the two another sets. It is not so easy to get them! Apella set is a rare thing, but you can get it by farm medals... "No pain, no gain" The hardest items to get on server are "Ferrum armor sets" That is a VERY VERY rare thing, what u can obtain with only one way. To get an Epic rare Ferrum armor set u have to won olympiad two times in a row. That mean u need to be a hero by two weeks! At last after second hero giving of a row, if one of your character is a second time ascented(hero). Then u will get a Ferrum Token! It gonna let you to exchange it for a Ferrum armor set! We are waiting for you! Best Regards L2TM
  13. https://discord.gg/HTjhfMp if you can do that, thaat would be great. also can u join my server https://discord.gg/Me55FYD
  14. Hello i remember using a bot long time ago but i dont remember its name. It was so awesome cause i didnt need to open a L2 Client. Currently im using a notebook to play L2 and its not that good. If i open 2 Clients my notebook get really hot. So i remember i used to play with this type of bot. But i need help remembering its name. Does anyone know if im making sense?? :D Maybe it was so good that it was a dream and im imagining things LOL.
  15. Hello , From where i can get decent files for H5,Interlude or Classic . I want to make a local server! We are 30-40 old friends and we want to play on local ! Thx.
  16. Hello, i wanna ask someone got this captcha code?
  17. Hello as the tittle says I am looking for someone to upgrade my interface hi5. Drop me a pm
  18. Hello guys , sorry i don't know where i must put this topic . i have problem here , i'm trying to make l2.bin required 2 files to start the game " patcher.dll" "entry.dll" who can make it required please help me The Files : https://www95.zippyshare.com/v/UEgIOfYQ/file.html
  19. i have seen many login screens, custom ones that are nice but in all of them the character creation screen is kind of the same, the area where humans elves etc stand....kind of old the question is : Can i change that location?( how do i control the camera ) Sir @deMEV ??? (^_^) could you make one for me ?( we will talk about the price on skype if the answer is yes ) thanks for your time.
  20. Someone can help me to adapt l2ava/l2mythras donation shop to l2j? Or create something like it that will be able to sell enchanted items ? Thanks!! or there is any donation shop for l2j look like this??
  21. when you move in the game theres a blue crosshair on the ground how cam i change to red ????i had it a while ago and i saw alot of streamers with this plz help :) i allready posted here a few years back but the link was removed :) ty
  22. Hello to all , i have just one simple question about Border of community Board , any can tell me how i can change de border of community board from clean h5 client ? i mean the frame only for example my frame is blue and normal and i want to make another colour and little editing someone can tell me where i can find the frame (board) in h5 client ? thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english
  23. Hello, if i what restrict few skill in olympiad what i need to do? can i add code with ids of skills in L2OlympiadStadiumZone.java, or i need to do smth else? thanks.