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  1. L2eKo it's made from pure passion for the game of Lineage2, especially for the Interlude chronicle. The Server will be Launched on 10/Mar/2017 @ 18:00 #################### Rates Information #################### Experience Rates: x123 SP Rates: x123 Adena: x234 Party Exp: x 1.2 Party SP: X 1.2 #################### Enchant Rates #################### Safe +4 for Armor Safe +4 for Weapons Max Enchant +16 for Armor (With Blessed Enchants the item wont Break, it will go to +4 instead) Max Enchant +16 for Weapons (With Blessed Enchants the item wont Break, it will go t
  2. GRAND OPENING 26 FEBRUARY 2017 SERVER WILL BE PVP ONLY DURING BETA TIME - ALL ITEMS FREE - FARM ZONES IMPLEMENTED - NO QUESTS IMPLEMENTED - NO BOSS IMPLEMENTED WATCH THE LAST TOPIC POSTS TO SEE THE UPDATES AND THE CHANGES TO SERVER We are here to present you one of the greatest custom interlude server Server will be opened as BETA TEST for 5-7 days, every player will start with full donation coins and will be able to buy everything. On beta all players will start from level 76 and will have to exp to level 85 (normal will start from level 1) Server website: http://www.l
  3. Server is not mine, just advertising http://lineage2redux.com/index.html http://lineage2redux.com/forum/index.php Server Rates: XP Rate: 5000x. SP Rate: 1500x. Safe Enchant: 3 Drop Rate: 1x Enchant : (destruction scrolls) available Safe +3 Max armors/jewels +10 Max weapons +16 everything based on adena,you can gear up like in 1-2 days (max)
  4. Dear Lineagers, I want to tell about new interlude custom pvp server. Server Just Started! Join Us! http://l2xs.eu -=Server Rates=- - RateXp = 2000. - RatePartyXp = 2000. - RateDropAdena = 2000. - Drop: 1x. - Spoil: 1x. - Safe enchant: +5 (on all) - Max Weapon Enchant: +30 - Max whit Crystal Scrolls Enchant: +35 - Normal Scrolls: 60% - Blessed Scrolls: 90% - Crystal Scrolls: 100% - PvP server, Average farm. -=LifeStones=- - High Grade LS Chance = 15% - Top Grade LS Chance = 20% -=Custom server=- - Custom Weapons: Dusk weapons, Infinity weapons, Monster Wea
  5. Opening: 2017/03/01 - 18:00 GMT+2 Lineage2 Interlude (C6) private server. Server is PVP style so you don't need to level up. Server is without custom items at all. In server start you get free A Grade gears, to get S Grade you need little farm mobs or raid bosses (about ~30 Raid Bosses in server). And much more! We are waiting for you all. Join us and be best of the best. Main information: Main town: Giran Castle Town Farm: Easy Start level: 80 Start items: A Grade. Soulshot/Spiritshot: No consume. Arrows: No consume. Noblese: No quest, you need noblese coin. [i]No custom items at all.[/i] R
  6. Multicraft x30 Opening 11/2/2017 19:00 GMT+2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- L2 Midwars was born out of passion, created by a person who knows what players want and has the power to fulfill those wants. The main reason for L2 to exist is to provide a stable platform for uninterrupted fun. Midwars is a International mid-rate x30 Interlude based server. The server will officially open at 11.02.2017 at 19:00 PM GMT+2. Visit our forums and be a part of our community! -------------------------------------
  7. I come to all convene the pre-inauguration on April 28, 2017 of L][ IllusiOn and the official premiere on May 5, 2017. The project can be accompanied by ( facebook.com/ldoisillusion ). We are building a team to better serve you. * Server Version High Five * •Start level: 1 + 1kk Adena + Fast Book with (GK+RANK+INFOSERVER) •Auto learn skills •Subclass without quest & exp •Max subclass level: 85 •Max. Sub-Class: 5 •Become noblesse with Gold Bars •No Grade Penalty. •8 Different PVP nick colors •Custom Npcs •Working Offline Trading. •XP/SP: 100x •DROP: 100x •There are re-des
  8. Dark Elf Female Main Class Spectral Dancer Subclass Duelist Full RB Set +20 Tattoo of Damage +20 Imperial Set +20 Majestick Set +20 Dragonic Set +20 Duals +20 passive Might lvl 10 Dragonic Bow +20 Passive Duel Might lvl 10 Dagger Rsk.Haste Active Duel Might lvl 10 300 Vote Coins 15k PvPs (you can rename) http://www.l2damage.com "Images" http://i.imgur.com/UtjaA4U.png http://i.imgur.com/AQmiCpU.png http://i.imgur.com/MCP8jji.png http://i.imgur.com/eyZMgld.png http://i.imgur.com/PBELNBK.png Payment via Paypal-Paysa
  9. GRAND OPENING 17/02/2017 AT 19:00 GMT+2 MAIN INFORMATION » Custom Farming Zones. » Custom PvP Zone System (Changes every 1 hour). » Custom NPC.
  10. Hello and welcome to L2Force! We are glad to announce our new project.This project is based on our L2 Knowledge and how we imagine a PvP server.We work on this project for 2 years. A Custom PvP server which has as its biggest goal to reach the highest level of Balance, taking into account the ideology of the owner company of Lineage II, NcSoft as a MMORPG Mash PvP Game. Paying great base in the game setup of all sides and thanks to the help/recommendations of several users of Lineage 2 & members of Maxcheaters forum, we believe that the final result will be something beautiful and at the
  11. Welcome Mxc Community I wish to introduce new upcoming PVP Server Rates: » Xp Sp Aden Drop Reworked to PvP« » Starting character level - 80 (start Up Engine)« » Free Weapons, Armors, Jewelry and Consumables B-Grade« Enchant rates: » Safe enchant +4 « » Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+12) « » Crystal scrolls max enchant (+12) « » Simple enchant scrolls chance - 70% « » Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 70% « » Crystal enchant scrolls chance - 100% « Augmentations: » Top life stone skill chance - 20% « » Augmentation skills: 1 active + 1 passive (20%) « Unique features: » Main to
  13. WELCOME to L2Tiger L2Tiger is looking for reliable Testers that will TEST and PROVIDE us with informations that we can not find with out YOUR help. Everyone is WELCOME to join us and explore our server and features. Are you intrested in become a Tester or just to join the server for fun ? Contact us at Skype : live:lineage2tiger Or E-Mail : lineage2tiger@gmail.com With message Tester Alpha Test Begins 11/1/2017 and Ends 21/1/2017 Sincerely Thank you. -D3X
  14. Server is for big stats and custom items amateurs. Don't like it? - Don't comment :) http://www.l2sp.eu/ INFO * Rates * Xp 9999x | Sp 9999x | Adena 9999x | Drop 9999x Adena/Drop rates are customary moded, so that server could have a great economy. Easy farm difficulty. _______________________________________________ * Enchant Rates * Safe +5 Max +40 Simple Scrolls 85% Blessed Scrolls 95% Enchant level +5 _______________________________________________ * Main info * Starting level - 80 Subclass level - 80 Unique Economy System No Grade and Weight penalty Rebirth system Anti heavy
  15. www.l2allure.com The server will go live on Friday, February 3rd, at 7 PM EST (12:00 GMT) Patch/Updater: https://www.l2allure.com/downloads/Lineage%20II%20Allure.exe Hello everyone, I have decided to go ahead and open this project up to the public. The goals of this server are as follows: -All classes are useful -All crafting is useful -All zones are useful -Everything has a purpose There are no custom gears. There will be custom hunting zones, boss drops, things that need to be tweaked and modified as time progresses, but the ultimate goal is to have the a reall
  16. Winter PvP server х55 by Averia.ws team! Grand Opening is on 3rd February 2017, 7:00 PM (GMT+3) We guarantee high starting online, successful start without force majeure circumstances, european audience and stable work of the project! Briefly about the server concept : This time we decided to focus on the PvP component of the game. - For those who do not want to sit in instances or to hide in the corners of the locations from other players; - For those who prefer a good brawl in the fields, at the siege or at the Olympiad, without monotonous mobs' farm; - For all, who determines for himse
  17. Fresh Start. In order to avoid some bugs we made a lot of changes we fixed a lot of things and L2 Rebirth is going to re-open completely different and UNIQUE game style like no other pvp server around -General- -Starting lvl 80- -Custom Starting Zone- -Free Noblesse- -Custom PvP Areas- -Farm Areas- -Vote reward system- -Olympiad 100%- -Retail Siege Giran Only for more action- -Buff slots: 56- -Fully working skills- -Working Clan Halls- -100% retail gameplay- -Dualbox allowed- -Fllowles geodata & Pathnodes- -Balanced classes- -100% Uptime- -Max subclasses 3- -Max alliance
  18. After 4 months of intensive playing we dedicated to make server wipe. All characters will be deleted and game starts from zero for everyone. This wipe will bring important fixes and updates for server and players, list of updates players will see in web page and inside game. It`s great chance for new and old players to start, who got bored. We promise you a good, interesting and stable long term game then ever before. See you all from 27/01/2017 ! Rates: » Xp 9000x. » Sp 9000x. » Aden 9000x. » Drop 9000x. » PartyXp 2x. » PartySp 2x. » Starting character level - 20. Enchant rates: » Safe ench
  19. Luna 50x is an unique PvP server which has been worked on for over three years and first went live on the 1st April 2009. Quick Overview Before getting started, please note that this list will not include retail features available in Luna. Only some of the custom features and various information we found useful to publish has been added in this listing. - 50x Pvp Server. - Highly secured server. - Experienced Team. - Stable. No lag. - Antibot System. - Rebirth System. Custom Gameplay - Custom Economy. - Custom Playgrounds. - Custom Events. - Custom Stores. Enchant Inf
  20. Live 30/10/2015 18:00 CET Three years ago, when this server started, no one put faith in us. We've been here for 3 years, and due to unavoidable circumstances, we formally closed the server some months ago. Somehow, over time, the reverse situation happened and until the very end people still had faith in us in that we somehow wouldn't close. This server is for those who to this day still hope for something better to come. During our absence we have taken the time necessary to create a new team, rewrite L2Aeron on a new source, innovate on features, and improve our infrastructure, whil
  21. L2 Order VS Chaos Interlude Factions Server Website: http://l2ovc.com Forum: http://l2ovc.com/forums Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2OvC/ Opening Date: 25/11/2016 16:00 GMT+2 The game play is based on a routine of events which will run constantly one after another, each event has its own unique set of features. The event routine includes maps, faction events, mini events and a chance for a boss event at the end of each routine. The Portal NPC will display statistics from past events as well as personal player statistics. Every weekend there's also a unique retail like event runn
  22. Hello folks! I am here to present you our new Lineage 2 Interlude server! http://www.line2age.net We are starting the open beta tonight, at 6PM (-5GMT)! Come in and have a look of what we are building for you! The server runs with L2Off files with 99.99% quests working and superwell balanced class system. We have no customs added! Server rates are 100x XP/SP, 250x Adena, 10x Spoil Enchant safe: +3 Enchant max armor: +12 Enchant max weapon: +16 Further info in our website http://www.line2age.net!
  23. L2 Beta - Lineage 2 Freya. Official Launch: 26/12/2016 12:00 GMT -3 Download and Create now your account and join us in this Adventure! New Lineage 2 server! Come and give it a try! Instant PvP! Server time: GMT -3 Rates: Exp: 1000x / Sp: 1000x / Adena: 1000x Enchant Safe Enchant +5 Max. Enchant Weapon +20 Max. Enchant Armor +16 Enchant Rate: 85% Configurations Chronicle: Freya All Raid & Grand Bosses Working. Olympiad System Working Retail 100%. Personal Password . Olympiads Times - 18:00 ~ 00:00 Hours. Shop Off-line /vendor or /buy Chaotic Zones. Enchant's are limited on Olympiads +6
  24. Server : http://l2token.com Openning date : Friday December 16th, 20h (Paris Time) Contact : cl2token@gmail.com Server main idea : Play Olympiad and improve your equipments gradualy. Olympiads are openned 24/7 and heroes selected everydays. Server max +8. No Farm. Features : High Five Chronicle Main Currency: Olympiad Token They can be used to buy boxes from these you can get a random item of the grade of the box Everything you need is at the gm shop,every character starts with low s grade , to get better items you don't need to farm you have to play olympiad or pvp Enc
  25. I need @ NAIA: +++ PvP Light set +++ PvP Dual Daggers Obsidian/ Ruby/ Diamond 5 Lindviors Earring Blessed Antharas Tautis Ring Please pm me with your skype, or leave comment here:) SKYPE: xmacaron666 I will consider all offers. Have some cash to spend :D !