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  1. Hello and good evening to everyone. my name is Jimmy or Kozi-G and im from Greece and i want to make a lineage 2 server. i want full information and help to setup the pack of this lineage 2 server. i want whole explanation and i want to make a strong server witch not get hacked and restarting every 1 hour. i want someone professional on this things to build me up from 1 to 100 a whole package as i want it. also i want him to learn me some things witch i dont know. all i want is to Learn about the Acount data base. i dont want to change anything or
  2. Well was searching to delete some files in my HDD, when I found an old c++ project of rGuard with sources of dsetup.dll so I was wondering if this is the ancestor of smartguard and if it worth of making a new project out of it, my aim would not be $ but for free. I can imagine a web application to control the server's options, statistics of users and more. I can see is a free protection for everyone. thoughts?
  3. Hello, my name is Enzo (Shyla nick in project) and I wanna indroduce L2jFrozen project. L2jFrozen is a Stable Interlude project with almost all interlude functions working. Me (Shyla), Nefer and all L2jFrozen Team members are working hardly to make it more stable than ever. Thanks to all devs that partecipated to this project. Till now you can run a server with full protection and no bugs, Epic raids works fine with minions also, Phx is blocked and all kind of attacks are fixed. It got also Auto Events, like TvT, Ctf, Dm and are configurable from configs. We also created a new balance syste
  4. I'm looking for a developer for a H5 server im working on. Payment by PayPal
  5. kalispera tha ithela mia mikri voithia me enan prive server pou exw exw valei ta npc alla den mou litourgoun ola mipos mporo na exw mia voithia me to azimioto panta You Are either not on a quest that involves this npc, or you don't meet this NPCs minimum quest requirements mou vgazei afto mporei kapoios na me help mipos kserei kapoios euxaristw gia to xrono sas 🙂 YG. TO XRIMATIKO POSO EINAI MIKRO EUXARISTW xronis11#0178 to descord mou
  6. Γειά σας μάγκες μου. Για αρχή ζητάω συγνώμη αν είμαι σε λάθος section και δημοσιεύω αυτό το post. Έχω τουλάχιστον δύο χρόνια μην σας πω και παραπάνω που δεν ασχολούμε με το Lineage II. Μάλλον το πεθύμησα και ήθελα να σας ζητήσω μια βοήθεια. Όπως βλέπετε και από το τίτλο ζητάω pride η trinity pack. Είχαν γίνει κάποτε shared αλλά πλέον δεν λειτουργούν τα links. Ζητάω pack μόνο όχι source. Δεν με ενδιαφέρει για να το ανοίξω σαν κανονικό server απλά μόνο για προσωπική χρήση. Σχετικά με σχόλια η μηνύματα «έχω το pack και το πουλάω και τέτοια θα αγνοηθούν. Για περισσότερα
  7. Links: Forum: http://l2jhellas.com/ New Svn: https://bitbucket.org/NickAbsolutePower/l2jhellas/src/master/ New Timeline: https://bitbucket.org/NickAbsolutePower/l2jhellas/commits/ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/HY8nMPp Old Timeline: https://www.assembla.com/spaces/l2hellas/subversion/commits/list How can you help? Everyone can become a part of the project! The first step is to register in our forum(links above) and give us feedback(Suggestions,ideas). Bug reports and custom patches from users are welcomed as well. That way you will help us gr
  8. Hi guys im looking for a NPC for a Multiskills server where you can learn wathever skills of race and classe in the same npc.... or any code for it? Thanks!
  9. Professional Lineage 2 High Five Emulator! Server emulator fully written in Java. http://www.l2jdevs.org Telegram channel: https://t.me/l2jdevs We are waiting you, regards!
  10. Hello Cheaters, I wanna introduce to you my new Project which is a Desktop Application based on .NET named L2Ninja. Table of Contents : – What is L2Ninja – System Requirements – Objectives – The Plan & Main Features – Feedback and Suggestions – Current State – Future Plans – Reported Bugs – ScreenShots – How to Help ? – Releasing Information - Update Log What is L2Ninja ? L2Ninja is a desktop application based on .NET core that aim to help L2 Server and Client Developers to be able to work with L2 Files an
  11. :-beep- yeah: :-beep- yeah: Links: Forum: https://l2jhellas.com/ Svn: https://subversion.assembla.com/svn/l2hellas/trunk/ Timeline: https://www.assembla.com/code/l2hellas/subversion/changesets Compiled Pack: Revision 476 Team: (With the place they joinned the project) Boorinio Nightwolf AbSoLuTePoWeR Goals: Our goal is to provide a stable and free Interlude pack with many custom configs so you can choose from a big variety (what to enable and what not).I will provide a sample of the features in the next segment of the topic. Features: Events CTF
  12. Hello I Have a question. In what document can I find the loot formula in L2Scripts ? Thank you
  13. Hello MxC community, After a long time of work, i decided to share some work of mine with you. It' s a Chronicle 4 (Scions of Destiny) pack based on L2JServer, which can be considered as the most stable free version so far. If you take a look, 240+ commits have been done, but i have been working on the files long before i created the svn. I missed the nostalgic old times so much that i decided to create a pack for free and bring C4 to life. I have been working alone so far, but everybody interested in helping is welcome. I won' t mind if somebody copies the project, too. Some pe
  14. New Project H5 Developed the past year tested on online servers over 4 months online and all features working perfect.. WEBSITE DISCORD
  15. First and foremost, understand that this is something i did on a Sunday evening and I am just sharing my thoughts and findings. This isn't for sale and it probably won't ever be because I have the attention span of a goldfish and I have more important things to do with my time. I did however manage to make it fully functional and support all the features I would want the MVP to have to here you go. Disclaimer, this is NOT your usual shitty tunnelling proxy that you setup on the machine level. This is a reverse proxy implementation purely done in software that acts like a
  16. Psaxnw dev gia na mporesei na mou kanei ena server me l2acis pack an endiaferete kapoios kai exei elwuthero xrono as mou stilei minima tha zitisw na kanei mono 3-4 pragmata.. Enweitai pws tha ginei plirwmi kanonika Euxaristw
  17. Looking for people that willing to spend time in a Gracia final project, PvP and mid farm server. Pm me for more. +Q: What is Elmeth Project? -A: It is a team project of Lineage 2 Gracia Final Server. +Q:What is the mission of the project? -A: Our mission is to create a balanced custom pvp server with "Medium-chance(chances of drops etc.) farm. The server will use stages/levels(tiers) and every level will acquired by similar farm and *online* effort. +Q: Do i need experience to be a part of the GM team? -A: No, all you need is to follow the mission of the team and the rules(Breaking
  18. Dear Maxcheaters, I am looking for some partner to start a Hi5 server, i am going to invest in to L2sunrise or L2l2jmobius, Regards,
  19. L2J-Mobius The Start As a teenager I wanted to make my own game. Back on year 2000...something, game engines cost insane amount of money. Unlucky for me, L2jserver claimed to be legal, if you made no client modifications. I thought it would be a great to use Lineage 2 as a client and customize the server. So I joined L2jServer as Pandragon, later invited as an advanced member. Work with L2jServer At that time trying to launch a live server was devastating. Major reworks where never finished and official informati
  20. Geia Se Olous Psaxnw Enan Dev.. Pou na exei oreksei gia douleia gia na mou kanei ena no custom server (x45).. thelw na mporesei na me voithisei ki olas gia ta features tou server.. na mporesei na dosei kamia idea kai autos.. opoios mporei kai endiaferete gia tin douleia pou thelei na kanei as mou stilei minima na milisoume kai gia timi.. euxarisstw..
  21. L2J aCis Custom Pack Hello to everyone, The main goal of this project is to provide the most important, useful and necessary custom features in L2J aCis project that every pvp server rely on, I've chosen L2J aCis because it’s a very clean and maintainable pack and of course I am going to keep it in that way. Every second week I release 15 new custom features from GitHub and of course you are welcome to join in our team. I want to mention here that I am using only the latest free revision of aCis which the current is 360. The members who giv
  22. Hello all, Will start with a little intro about myself since I am new here. I'm 30 years old, have been amazed and passionate about Lineage2 since it started in our country with C1 since now. So it is around 16 years that I am interested in this game. Tried many other MMORPG , MOBA, Shooter type games. But it is the only one that I come back to after all these years. Played many different chronicles, rates , official and private servers. Would like to welcome all to discuss or join the team of a unique Lineage2 server development. Since the server is yet one
  23. hello lf partner to open l2 h5 server low rate server its l2j but have so many fixes is like l2off almost i got pack full stable and tested which can hold very large amount of players also skill engine is complete reworked so im searching someone serious and with little money to create site and help with some last details on pack skype tzortzoglou2
  24. [GR] hello mxc. meta apo peripou 3 xronia apofasisa gia mia akoma fora na dokimaso kai ego pali ena server pou doulepsa pano se afto to project arketous mines oste na min eiparxei kapio thema to project einai full stimeno me basi ton good vs evil to thema mou einai oti distixos stis meres mas an pas solo den tha kerdisis kai polla etsy to blepo ego dld.. Giafto anazito ena sinergati na mpori na diathesi kapia xrimata (OXI POLLA AFTA THA TA POUME PRIVE) kai na bali idees gia ton server kai na boithisi stin diafimisi tou mazi me enan advertise pou skopebo na pliroso kai