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Found 138 results

  1. Professional Lineage 2 High Five Emulator! Server emulator fully written in Java. Telegram channel: The suscription includes the following: 3 paid mods of your choice (with a price below 20€). 1 paid event of your choice (with a price below 20€). Bugs priorization. Private group chat with the L2JDevs team members. Compiled server pack with, at least, one update per month. Compiled geodata pack with, at least, one update per month. Access to the VIP area and support. Suscription Price: The suscription costs €150,00 per year. Click here for suscribe. If you're interesting in the suscription but you don't need a year suscription or you don't have the totally money, contact me by PM to talk about that. Best regards.
  2. Hi guys im looking for a NPC for a Multiskills server where you can learn wathever skills of race and classe in the same npc.... or any code for it? Thanks!
  3. Professional Lineage 2 High Five Emulator! Server emulator fully written in Java. Telegram channel: We are waiting you, regards!
  4. Hello Cheaters, I wanna introduce to you my new Project which is a Desktop Application based on .NET named L2Ninja. Table of Contents : – What is L2Ninja – System Requirements – Objectives – The Plan & Main Features – Feedback and Suggestions – Current State – Future Plans – Reported Bugs – ScreenShots – How to Help ? – Releasing Information - Update Log What is L2Ninja ? L2Ninja is a desktop application based on .NET core that aim to help L2 Server and Client Developers to be able to work with L2 Files and do their routine task easily with the less bugs possible. System Requirements : – Operating System : It’s mainly built for Windows OS, maybe in feature will consider working for a Linux version, have no decision about this yet. Application been developed and pretested on Windows 10 64 bit-based Processor, but should be working fine with Windows 8 and 7. will confirm that when testers prepare their report. – .NET Framework : This Application based on .NET core which means you need the proper .NET version to be installed in order to run it. Required .NET version for this to run is .NET Framework 4.5 . Also there will be two Installer Packages for this Software one of them will be shipped with proper .NET Offline Installer, and the other one without to reduce installer Disk Size. – Disk Space : For the current State and version the application needs approximately 50 MegaBytes as Diskspace Objectives and Aims : First i started this project a private little tool that help me to work with Lineage Development to reduce time and efforts, also i was using a lot of well known tools which was annoying process routine to use about 2 or 3 programs to do a simple task, so i wanted to create a tool that combine what’s needed to do Lineage stuff. It had a very non-organized interface and a mess everywhere but who cares it was just a private thing to make job done no more, after that i decided to make more researches on Lineage communities to see what applications they use and what known bugs are out there to improve my little application … and after some fixes i decided to improve it more to be usable but someone else so i started a Discussion to ask people in MxC community, about what they think about it and how to make it useful to others. By the community members feedback i got new suggestions, ideas and problems that L2 Developers face when working with there daily tasks. At that point i had new objectives : – Create an organized and clean interface – Best User Experience … working on Accessibility and Easy to Use concepts to be usable by anyone without very extensive experience requirements – Provide many tools in one application so you can give your Alt-tab a lil mercy – As most Coders/Developers spend a lot of time in front of their screens so they need an Eyes relaxing mechanism, that why i work on multi Interface Colors Schemes so applications users can adjust it to fit better in their working environment lightning – Reliability ….. i got reported by a friend on MxC community that some L2 Tools out there sometimes deletes and corrupt files by mistake, so i try to work hard on reliability and backups mechanism, and the main concept here is to make that application never use your files directly or replace it until it’s verified as a valid modification process. – Listening and Listening then Listening …. i believe that something made for the community should be made by the community it self, that’s why i insist to ask people about their opinions and listen for their problems and suggestions . – Responsibility … wont leave this project and stop updating at least until i can rely on another .NET developer to take the flag so i can take a break then i back again, until then i’ll be responsible for the updates and fixing bugs ( i don’t pretend to be a good coder and will never do but i’ll try my best) – Eyes Catches First … i’ll try to achieve a beautiful interface to make it at least non-disturbing looking if not catchy The Plan & Main Features : – UTX Files : Supporting the main tasks for UTX Files such as decrypting, encrypting, searching inside the file, view items, export a single/multi/all to readable and editable files – System Files (dat, ini, int) : The ability to work with System files and edit them in a more readable way by listing it’s contents into a Grid for more readability, save them back or export, as well as searching, replacing and validation, also providing a new feature which is Applying patch so you can share modifications with others to import it into there system – Splash Tool : Capability of working with L2 Splash Image files with features as encrypt, decrypt, replace original with new one and viewing an encrypted file with respect of Transparency mechanism in Lineage so it will show it after applying the transparency mechanism so you wont see that green and pinky colors. Also the capability of replacing original BMP Splashes with almost any image format and support transparency so the application will process your transparent pixels and apply the original Lineage Transparency Keys and definitions – Server XML Files : Editing XML Server Files visually without caring to open/closing tags, attributes … etc, which can cause big problems for a simple mistake if done by hand. Well we all know that XML Files structure are different so i’ll implement an XSD Validation to detect the XSD that XML uses and apply it to it . But older chronicles pack doesn’t support XSD, in this case i’ll make it skip XSD Validation and just scan the file to detect scheme, but i have plans to add custom XSDs to the application for certain packs like aCis, since it has fans so i can’t skip fans of aCis so application we have a special support for aCis server files – Config Editor : Work with .properties file, i know it’s plain easy to edit files, but why not just having all in one with some extra features and auto complete organized editor – HTML Designer : Not a regular HTML Designer but a special WYSIWYG HTML designer and Editor made for Lineage, how many time you had to start the server and log just to see how the html button will look like or if some color fit or not, it’s just pain also most of us got Critical Errors just for an HTML mistake. – Database Tools Just a little tool that helps you with backups, monitoring and custom modifications such as adding agumentations, change access levels, change passwords, scan for dual boxes and much more … but how can i know the database structure ? Well i’ll implement a database scheme definitions for most known packs (at least known to me) so you can you can select the pack you work with and application will load proper definitions – Icon Finder A tool that help you search and find the icon you want and it will be working in three ways : First : Search by src .. ex. : Icon.blablabla and this will show you the icon preview Second : looking into a list of icons and get the src location of what you selected, based on extensive search into a file you select or default files set by application Third : Search by Item ID, ex. : 57 > will show Adena Icon Also this tool will be integrated into HTML Designer, so you add icons to HTML document on the fly without even know the src for it. – Color Tools Here you will get a color picker so no need to open Photoshop just for picking a color, also get the valid color codes Lineage system files or HTML files – Report Tool So if you got a bug or problem or something you can send me a report without leaving the application and go to forums or emails … etc – Snippets Desktops are screaming nowadays .. everytime we found a good snippet, link, guide … etc we create a new text file to desktop and save it to it, by time ending up with many text files, so with this tool you can save your snippets, todo lists, links in organized categories that’s created by you. – More features coming to futures plans or maybe to current plan if requested by the community Feedback and Suggestions : – Some editors deletes file even when doing the process right Credits : VanGon Status : Fixed – Try to improve it as much as you can Credits : baksteen Status : I’m on it – Being able to import files and create ready to use utx Credits : SweeTs Status : It Supports UTX files operation but working on more operations – You could add drag’n’drop as a optional way to load files Credits : SweeTs Status : Done – add a small ‘preview’ window for the UTX files. So, you can see what icon it is, if you want to see it bigger/detailed, then you click ‘view selected’ button. Credits : SweeTs Status : Done – Improving DDF Files Credits : Sdw Status : Fixed Some as npcgrp.ddf, itemname-e.ddf and need testing to detect other problems to fix - Thing of creating your own project's website, and gather all the traffic from your users there (reports,requests,download etc). Credits : @`NeverMore Status : Published at - have a script to automatically encrypt+overwrite existing in directory Credit : @big man bill Status : In Progress Current State : – Metro Style Interface – Multi Themes adjustable by use via Application Settings Panel – Encrypt a UTX file with one-click – Decrypt a UTX file with one-click – UTX Browser : Browse UTX Encrypted Files, look inside contents with a grid sortable by type and name, search inside it, export selected textures, export all at once, view selected texture or content, (Adding a live preview without a click) – System File Editor : Open Lineage system Files, Show Contents to a sortable grid, Modify, Search, Replace, Patch, Export to Text File, Save them after validation to original file or another location based on user decision – File Editor Chronicles Support : it support from C3 to GrandCursade – Modified DDF files for the System File Editor to reduce errors and bugs – Splash Tool : Open an Encrypted Lineage Image such as Splash screen and live preview it – Splash Tool Automatic Encryption or Decryption State, so the application will recognize if the loaded image is encrypted or not – Decrypt Encrypted Lineage Image – Convert Encrypted or Decrypted Lineage Images to another Formats – Replace Encrypted Original Lineage Image with none Encrypted Image – Transparent Preserve for L2 Images so you see a transparent image into the preview without green and pink extra colors – Ability to replace original Lineage Bmp Image with non-BMP files with automatic Transparency translation for PNG files to Original Lineage Transparency Mechanism – Drag and Drop Editor : you can now drag and drop a lineage file to the application and it will load the proper tool for it – Shortcuts for most Application Functions - UTX Browser Now have a live preview support which means when you click on a texture from the grid you'll see how it look like in a preview box, and you can click Full Definition Button for full preview - Adapted File Edit Grid with the Selected theme for better visualization Future Plans : I’m aiming high for the future to this application to a very handy tool for Lineage Development progress and make it easy to attach a server project to it to provide a management tool for the server as well as monitoring and maybe it will come with a server pack in future… who knows …. Reported Bugs : will be posted here when receive it from testers …. Screenshots : - Live Preview Added September 2nd - File Edit Theme Adaption : Added 10th September 2017 - Color Detection : Added 10th September 2017 - Advanced Color Picker : Added 10th September 2017 Note : Will add more Screens over time How to help ? Well any hand will be appreciated, here is a list with things i could use a hand at : – Report bug or Problem that exist now days when work with L2 Files – Suggest a Feature or Update or even a simple modification for any thing even if buttons order – Pm me if you can join the project as a Tester to find bugs – Share any opinion with me Releasing Information : The plan is that Project should be Ready on 15th of September, getting more hands and help as listed in “How to help ?” section will make things faster Update Log : - 2nd September 2017 Add Live Preview to UTX Browser > Thanks to @SweeTs Enhance Search Process , you can now just type in and out and it will be processed without a single button click Modify Grids to Adapt automatically with Selected Theme and Style for better Visualization Add Screen shot of Live Preview and Search within UTX Browser - 10th September 2017 - Adapt File Edit Grid with the Selected theme for better visualization - Automatically Detect Colors Parameters and Add it as Background, for accessibility purpose. So you don't need to check how this color looks like anymore - With Double Click on a Colored Element you get an Adobe-Like Color picker, which automatically translate values to the valid syntax of dat files (rgb and rgba) Note : A Video will be available soon
  5. Links: Forum: New Svn: New Timeline: Discord: Old Timeline: How can you help? Everyone can become a part of the project! The first step is to register in our forum(links above) and give us feedback(Suggestions,ideas). Bug reports and custom patches from users are welcomed as well. That way you will help us grow stronger and keep providing you a stable and free interlude pack.
  6. :-beep- yeah: :-beep- yeah: Links: Forum: Svn: Timeline: Compiled Pack: Revision 476 Team: (With the place they joinned the project) Boorinio Nightwolf AbSoLuTePoWeR Goals: Our goal is to provide a stable and free Interlude pack with many custom configs so you can choose from a big variety (what to enable and what not).I will provide a sample of the features in the next segment of the topic. Features: Events CTF Event Raidboss Event Death Match Event Hitman Event TvT Event VIP Event Chaos Event Peloponnesian War Capture Them Treasure Chests Castle Wars Protect The Leader Custom Configs And Mods PvP/PK Color System Faction Good vs Evil Stuck Subs mod Custom Voice Commands Advanced PM System Vote System PvP Rank System Advanced Community Board Automatation Configs Siege Reward Engine Various Flood Protectors Npc Crest Anti Bot System Note: This is just a small sample of what l2jhellas can provide!! How can i help? Everyone can become a part of the project! The first step is to register in our forum(links above) and give us feedback(Suggestions,ideas). Bug reports and custom patches from users are welcomed as well.That way you will help us grow stronger and keep providing you a stable and free interlude pack. Thanks for your time please be nice keep the topic clean ( ) and have a nice day! Ps Project bug reports in our forum not here!
  7. Hello I Have a question. In what document can I find the loot formula in L2Scripts ? Thank you
  8. Hello MxC community, After a long time of work, i decided to share some work of mine with you. It' s a Chronicle 4 (Scions of Destiny) pack based on L2JServer, which can be considered as the most stable free version so far. If you take a look, 240+ commits have been done, but i have been working on the files long before i created the svn. I missed the nostalgic old times so much that i decided to create a pack for free and bring C4 to life. I have been working alone so far, but everybody interested in helping is welcome. I won' t mind if somebody copies the project, too. Some people may ruin C4 just like they did with Interlude, but i' ll take the risk. If, by any chance, you get any errors, i' m here to provide support, so as to keep the pack clean and stable with all my strength. For further support, you may visit forum. Useful links: Forum SVN Repository GIT Repository (NOT used) Total Commits (SVN): 724 (Ongoing) Total Commits (GIT): 711 Last Updated: 12-04-2020 Check forum for compiled versions: Link 1 Link 2 Enjoy. ^^
  9. New Project H5 Developed the past year tested on online servers over 4 months online and all features working perfect.. WEBSITE DISCORD
  10. First and foremost, understand that this is something i did on a Sunday evening and I am just sharing my thoughts and findings. This isn't for sale and it probably won't ever be because I have the attention span of a goldfish and I have more important things to do with my time. I did however manage to make it fully functional and support all the features I would want the MVP to have to here you go. Disclaimer, this is NOT your usual shitty tunnelling proxy that you setup on the machine level. This is a reverse proxy implementation purely done in software that acts like an elastic load balancer. A while ago a server owner wanted to pay me to implement a proxy engine for his server. The basic concept is actually so easy that I gave it out for free since i did it in like 10 minutes. However, what i found interesting as I was making the main engine was the idea that players could almost seamlessly transfer from one proxy to the other. This would mean that without a visible disconnection the player would be able to be transferred from a bad performing, or loaded proxy to another one. And then I spend an afternoon trying to figure out how to do it. Here is the result. The whole engine is called L2 Server Fabric. It is a proxy engine with just a bit of java code and then a .NET Core (fully cross platform) piece of software that acts as a proxy. It has more logic in it for health, pings, data sharing with the server but at it's core it's a proxy. In the example above I spin up 10 proxies from a single instance but obviously you would only have one proxy per instance. The proxy in fully configurable and it works in 2 ways. Traditional proxy selection This option is shown in the video. You can have multiple proxies and people are able to choose whichever they want. It's what you probably have seen in most of the servers around. Autoproxy Instead of showing all the proxies, which exposes the full list of proxies to potential attackers, the system will only show one proxy without telling the user which proxy that is. It will look like the server doesn't actually have a proxy. The proxy that the system will choose is automatically selected based on the following criteria: Geolocation - The user will get the proxy with the lowest ping to his location Player count - If a proxy is full, the next closest and free one will be shown Health - If a proxy is unhealthy or down, it wont be shown Keep in mind that none of the options exposes your server's real IP. The admin can force transfer individual players from one proxy to the other or move every player from one proxy to the other if they want to. Here is a diagram of the connectivity and workflow. Possible usages: If you are running it one some company's backbone, it can offer better connection to the players especially for people from Brasil or Russia if you are hosting in Europe. The increase would be minor if any and that depends on your hosting and infrastructure. DDOS attackers have to pick a proxy to take down as they don't know the real server's IP. However if you have enough proxies, Server Fabric will automatically detect the one that is stressed and it will automatically transfer your players into a healthy one. Shortcomings: Changing proxy will temporarily make the player go offline for up to 2-3 seconds. I tried leaving him online, but it would be unfair to take damage and die due to the change. You can enable "Transition transfer" more where you can say that you won't a player to change to a new proxy but the action won't kick in until he does something with a loading screen like a teleport. You can't see the real IP of the player in the actual gameserver but rather the the proxy it. Server Fabric fixes that by exposing an endpoint which you can talk to to get such data. Potential future additions: I'd really wanna make a website which would allow you to see all the proxies, create new ones, transfer players etc. I would like to know your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks
  11. Psaxnw dev gia na mporesei na mou kanei ena server me l2acis pack an endiaferete kapoios kai exei elwuthero xrono as mou stilei minima tha zitisw na kanei mono 3-4 pragmata.. Enweitai pws tha ginei plirwmi kanonika Euxaristw
  12. Looking for people that willing to spend time in a Gracia final project, PvP and mid farm server. Pm me for more. +Q: What is Elmeth Project? -A: It is a team project of Lineage 2 Gracia Final Server. +Q:What is the mission of the project? -A: Our mission is to create a balanced custom pvp server with "Medium-chance(chances of drops etc.) farm. The server will use stages/levels(tiers) and every level will acquired by similar farm and *online* effort. +Q: Do i need experience to be a part of the GM team? -A: No, all you need is to follow the mission of the team and the rules(Breaking the rules will lead to an immediately ban).
  13. Dear Maxcheaters, I am looking for some partner to start a Hi5 server, i am going to invest in to L2sunrise or L2l2jmobius, Regards,
  14. L2J-Mobius The Start As a teenager I wanted to make my own game. Back on year 2000...something, game engines cost insane amount of money. Unlucky for me, L2jserver claimed to be legal, if you made no client modifications. I thought it would be a great to use Lineage 2 as a client and customize the server. So I joined L2jServer as Pandragon, later invited as an advanced member. Work with L2jServer At that time trying to launch a live server was devastating. Major reworks where never finished and official information was interpreted wrong. Fixes for these problems either took months to be committed, or if shared by non inner team members, denied even as tempfixes. Also even under GPLv3 license, they would not commit work of fork projects (see L2DC, aCis etc). Supposely to be open source and unlike other emulator projects, many things where kept and still are strictly available only to inner circle members. (See Hellbound committed after years and GeoData tools that still are private.) Goddess of Destruction After some time I saw many packs, selling for hundreds of euros, that actually was L2j plus my free shared implementations shared on L2jServer forum that was never committed. So I decided to share all my work for free as a new project based on russian forks. In fact, I was the first person that shared freely Goddess of Destruction files. L2jUnity Relationship For two years I worked with russian forks, but at the same time I worked with L2jServer as well. So I tried to make a GoD based L2jServer, at that point L2j did not have an Ertheia branch. Right after making that, L2jServer inner team decided to make an Ertheia branch. Since I already worked with L2jServer and it was open source I used it and made a new branch. Right after making that, L2jServer team (except Zoey) decided to leave L2j and make L2jUnity private. Since then L2jServer is essentially a dead project and their inner team is now known as L2jUnity. A year later when they released a free version, I used it, mainly for their reworked skill system. Since then I am blamed to use their, essentially free and shared work, as if I stole it. Main reason that lead making the project private in order to find serious people to work with. Project Progress Merged most of the work made while working with russian forks. Hundreds of commits fixing severe L2jUnity inherited issues. Made Interlude and HighFive branches following my way of working. Reworked many core features noone dared to touch to match retail behaviour. Fixed hundreds of bug reports made by people that had live servers. Added several custom features requested by people that had live servers. Followed all game updates from Ertheia to Salvation and Classic. Project Future Recently I decided to stop accepting subscribers on 1/1/2019. I do not agree on how things are done on L2j projects. Download FREE compiled versions. Register to my forum for more news.
  15. Geia Se Olous Psaxnw Enan Dev.. Pou na exei oreksei gia douleia gia na mou kanei ena no custom server (x45).. thelw na mporesei na me voithisei ki olas gia ta features tou server.. na mporesei na dosei kamia idea kai autos.. opoios mporei kai endiaferete gia tin douleia pou thelei na kanei as mou stilei minima na milisoume kai gia timi.. euxarisstw..
  16. L2J aCis Custom Pack Hello to everyone, The main goal of this project is to provide the most important, useful and necessary custom features in L2J aCis project that every pvp server rely on, I've chosen L2J aCis because it’s a very clean and maintainable pack and of course I am going to keep it in that way. Every second week I release 15 new custom features from GitHub and of course you are welcome to join in our team. I want to mention here that I am using only the latest free revision of aCis which the current is 360. The members who gives reputation on the first post will get full access for every release, and they don't need to wait for every 15 updates, I will make a private repository for them as well, I will give them my full support for any adoption, if for example they have acisVersion>acisFreeVersion exclusively, there is no problem at all ! GitHub Link => NPCs Scheme Buffer =============================================================================================== Gatekeeper =============================================================================================== Warehouse Augmenter =============================================================================================== Skill Enchanter Ranking =============================================================================================== Class Manager PasswordManager designed and developed by me =============================================================================================== Custom Properties CustomStartingLvl = True CharLvl = 80 CharTitle = True CharAddTitle = EnablePvPColorSystem = True PvpAmount1 = 500 ColorForAmount1 = 293546 PvpAmount2 = 1000 ColorForAmount2 = 00ff00 PvpAmount3 = 1500 ColorForAmount3 = 0000ff PvpAmount4 = 2500 ColorForAmount4 = ffff00 PvpAmount5 = 5000 ColorForAmount5 = ff0000 CustomSpawn = True SpawnX = 149999 SpawnY = 46728 SpawnZ = -3414 OnlineOnLogin = True WelcomeHtm = True PMWelcomeShow = True PMServerName = L2-Sample PMText1 = Have Fun and Nice Stay on PMText2 = Vote for us every 24h NewPlayerEffect = True EnableNobleCustomItem = True AnnouncePkKill = True AnnouncePvPKill = True EnableHeroCustomItem = True HeroCustomHours = 1 EnableCustomSubClass= True =============================================================================================== Balance Balance System Added + (Anarchy balance system http://www.maxcheate...ancer-for-acis/) =============================================================================================== Events TVT Event Added =============================================================================================== User Commands .tvt_join (joins the user in tvt) .tvt_leave (leave the user from tvt) .tvtstatus =============================================================================================== Admin Commands //balance //reload balance //tvt_start (not waiting for the TVT_EVENT_INTERVAL and immediately starting the event, if and only if the state == EventState.INACTIVE) //tvt_cancel (immediately cancel the event, if and only if the state == EventState.PARTICIPATING) //tvt_add (adding a simple user in the tvt) //tvt_remove (removing a simple user from the tvt)
  17. Hello all, Will start with a little intro about myself since I am new here. I'm 30 years old, have been amazed and passionate about Lineage2 since it started in our country with C1 since now. So it is around 16 years that I am interested in this game. Tried many other MMORPG , MOBA, Shooter type games. But it is the only one that I come back to after all these years. Played many different chronicles, rates , official and private servers. Would like to welcome all to discuss or join the team of a unique Lineage2 server development. Since the server is yet one of a kind, will not spill out all of the ideas that make the server and its gameplay unique. At least for now. Prefer to do it when I'm comfortable and with people I feel I can trust and maybe already in the team. Mostly looking for an experienced dev team, GM, with same of similar passion for L2. If not join the team, at least consult me on my project. Can't promise that will start paying you money right a way, but that is the goal, to be payed for all the work you put in. And having a loving part time or even full time job that you are passionate about. Looking to fulfill the dream of mine and many others to have a job that they love. Also , it might be a little soon, but also looking for an investor. I guess that is it for now. Please replay to my post if you lack some info, or have some questions. Looking forward to chatting with all of you, and maybe bring something amazing to the people how love L2 and like to see something new and added to their favorite game.
  18. hello lf partner to open l2 h5 server low rate server its l2j but have so many fixes is like l2off almost i got pack full stable and tested which can hold very large amount of players also skill engine is complete reworked so im searching someone serious and with little money to create site and help with some last details on pack skype tzortzoglou2
  19. [GR] hello mxc. meta apo peripou 3 xronia apofasisa gia mia akoma fora na dokimaso kai ego pali ena server pou doulepsa pano se afto to project arketous mines oste na min eiparxei kapio thema to project einai full stimeno me basi ton good vs evil to thema mou einai oti distixos stis meres mas an pas solo den tha kerdisis kai polla etsy to blepo ego dld.. Giafto anazito ena sinergati na mpori na diathesi kapia xrimata (OXI POLLA AFTA THA TA POUME PRIVE) kai na bali idees gia ton server kai na boithisi stin diafimisi tou mazi me enan advertise pou skopebo na pliroso kai episis na diathesi esto kai 2 ores to poli tin mera den xriazome gia event dioti exo arketa gia na balo ton gm na kanei event kai (ksero oli exoune prosopiki zwh giafto kanis den kathete poli sto pc idika an eisai enas aplos GM) to poso pou tha diatheso tha to sizitisoume prive dioti exo kanei erebna gia ola. an se endiaferi to olo thema stile mou prive. sas efxaristo pou afierostate xrono esto gia na to diabasete. to system pou exei einai sxedon san to palio ton 1 GvE server dioti epeza kai thimame arketa apo afton. edo exo merikes foto einai palies pou simeni oti exo alaksi kapia apo afta
  20. Looking for known/trusted l2j dev for high five mid rate
  21. Hello Maxcheaters!) :troll: Imagine you open compile Chronicles classic 1.5 & 2.0 This server was on the project melcosoft and has been tried online 300+ people! Given that I no longer work for melcosoft, fixing the server is still going! If you have any questions, please contact me in skype:support_nice_team SVN Link:
  22. Hello everyone! We from Dimensional Games searching for one more developer (programmer or marketer) to join our project. We don't mind if he is new to java (we are using l2j) we will help him learn. Other languages that will be used (C# for Patcher, C++ for Protection). About the project: Client will be high five. We are focusing on a fun server, where people will have to do something, so there will be much farm and PvP. Many unique features will be added (they will be announced soon). For more info send a PM
  23. Well was searching to delete some files in my HDD, when I found an old c++ project of rGuard with sources of dsetup.dll so I was wondering if this is the ancestor of smartguard and if it worth of making a new project out of it, my aim would not be $ but for free. I can imagine a web application to control the server's options, statistics of users and more. I can see is a free protection for everyone. thoughts?
  24. A week ago I posted an idea for a project. Then I thought I can afford wasting a weekend, so I developed it. L2BattleRoyale, is fair and balanced PvP on repeat. There is no gameplay other than the different battle royale game modes you can queue for. The game engine is developed to run unlimited amounts of different games at the same time in the same or different maps. You just queue for a game and as soon as there are enough people in the queue a new game will start. The basic idea: Giran Town is the Main Server lobby. This is where you can show-off, buy cosmetic items and queue for games. The level is always 1 and it doesn't matter. There are no NPC monsters or traditional spawns. Soulshot and spiritshot are not needed to have a viable class. The base stats are the same across all races. Armors and accessories are purely cosmetic and don't offer any stats. HP, CP and MP are all equal across all races. Your stats and skillset is based on the weapon you pickup. (D grade weapon give one spell depending on the weapon time, C grade gives 2 etc.) There are currently 4 Weapon classes in the game. Archer, Dagger, Duals, Mage. You can only have one weapon on you at a time. Unequipping a weapon will drop it. Dying will drop your items (Not your cosmetic ones) Picking up a weapon while having one equipped will drop it. Game stages: Once you queue the game waits to see if there are enough players to spin a new game up. When there are enough players the engine will teleport them into random locations in the map. The blue and white circle appears and a countdown starts. Once the countdown is over the white circle will become the blue one. People outside the blue circle take increasing damage over time. Look for chest and items and try to find the strongest one to kill your opponents. Repeat until there is one person alive. Teleport back to the lobby. Economy: The economy is pretty simple. There is no way to gain any competitive advantage by buying an item. Upon finishing a game you gain adena. The amount you get depends on how long you lasted in the game and how many kills you have. Adena can be spent on Armors or Accessories (That are purely cosmetic) A leaderboard with kills, deaths, wins, etc will be visible for everyone to see. Maps: 2-Man Solo (ONLY FOR TESTING) 5-10 Man Solo (On the map shown below) 25 Man Solo (On a bigger map) More depending on the demand Duo and squads will follow later based on the demand. Thanks to @Kara` I was able to do some testing, however I need more people to help me test. Testers will receive a unique accessory that only Testers and Helpers can ever have. The server will launch some time in early July depending on how the testing and open beta goes. It will NEVER have donates that can give any competitive advantage, EVER. You will only be able to donate for cosmetic items, and that's purely for those you will want to support the server. (I don't do this to make money) Here is a video of a 2-Man Solo game. (This map is for a 10 Man game) So yeah that's it. Pure balanced PvP on repeat. Sounds like something you would be interested in? Join the discord server:
  25. Looking for a l2j developer to work on our already bought files. Will do all the development of the server and set it up as instructed. Must be experienced so previous examples of work will be appreciated, specially if he isnt Greek. Will be paid after discussion. If you're interested please be kind to send me a priv message with your skype so we dont expose any private information. Thanks