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  1. I got an l2jteon pack, but when i try to run it , i got that error any one can give me a solution ? Thanks !
  2. Welcome to Lineage2 Broken Server Features L2Broken is a gracia final server, based on L2Pride. It has been reworked and updated to provide the best game play ever with continuous development. If you loved playing on L2Pride well this server is made for you. Wondrous Cubic The Wondrous Cubic is an all in one item that offers basic functions such as a Global Gatekeeper, GM Shop, Skill Enchantment, Augmentation, Symbol Maker, and Class Upgrades. The Cubic also provides some more advanced features like an In-Game Password Changer, and allows you to view player detailed sta
  3. Hi everyone I'm looking the last rev or close to it, with the same features of l2tales, l2destiny or l2redmoon. Pm me and drop me your best price. Please, do not offer the old l2tales files was shared here or l2ava, l2injustice, etc. I know them and I know how it looks like. Cheers
  4. Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for 2072576KB object heap Server terminated abnormally Send you bug to : http://www.l2jfrozen.com server terminated Send you bug to : http://www.l2jfrozen.com Restart® or Quit(q) moy bgazei auta pws tha to ftiakso?
  5. Basic Rates Custom Items Rates: x1000 Safe: +4 Max: +16 Blessed Scroll Chance: 90% Starting LvL: 80 Starting SubClass LvL: 80 Max SubClass: 4 Karma Rate Drop: 60% Buffs skills Time: 3 Hours Auto Learn Skills Max Enchant skills: +30 Max Buffs Amount: 36 Max Dance/Song Amount: 14 Anti Fail Buff System All Skills Working Olympiad Period: 1st & 15st of month Siege Period: 2 weeks Top LS Chance: 45% Anti-bot System Protection Anti-Feed Protection Walker Protection Smart Commmunity Board Alternative Clan Leader System Character Control Pa
  6. ] Hard PvE server with special and unique custom items,skills,stats and hidden mysteries. Can you handle it ? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello dear players, we are happy to announce you something big, something special and really unique ! Our proffesional lineage2 team working on private Java platform for about 4 months with 3.000 Euros budget is finaly done. Something big is here and really unique features are waiting for you... lovers o
  7. Hello i'm trying to dislay the inventory of player at the community board , but i have no idea how to make a scrollable and small window just like the inventory of l2. Here is an image of what i have right now but if a player has 50 items in his inventory it will be a mess!!! https://postimg.org/image/c5a663ou5/ and here is the html : <table width=190 height=80 valign=middle bgcolor=171612> <tr> <td></td> <td height=40> <table width=208 height=45 bgcolor=171516> %ITEMS% </table> </td> <td>&
  8. I know a bit of java (not big knowledges), and a lot of IA,behaviors bugs inside l2j and l2rebellion. I doesn't have too much time to test, fix, test pay for someone fix it. I need two things, a stable base (I know anything its 100% bug free, just a stable base of behaviors, many l2jru have this already) And Phantom System working fine. Cya
  9. Well, I have some java knowledge, but Im searching for someone who have solid knowldege to do some ideas I have, more stable than I can do. I have one idea/job right now, but if the guy knows and do the job fine I will contact him again and again for more work. My dev doesn't have time, then Im searching for other guy. If are u interest and have knowledge, send me a pm. Thanks for your time.
  10. L2MMO3D is a new high rate High Five server with plenty of great features and more to come. Players that try it will immediately notice the quality of the server. Web:http://l2mmo3d.wix.com/l2mmo3d Attention New Players : If you go vote once you login , you can have : Full raid boss jewels set +20 Full Elegia armor set +20 by your choice Full +20 s84 Weapon Rates 10000x xp 11000x sp 15000x adena 10x drop 10x spoil Enchant Rates Max Enchant Weapon +20 Armor +20 Jewels +20 Safe Enchant +5 Scroll Enchant Success Weapon Success Rate 75% Armor Succes
  11. Platform: High Five Chronicle Server, and Forum Time : CET Website: http://l2sphinx.com/ Forum: http://l2sphinx.com/community System: http://www.4shared.com/zip/HjJDroj7ba/system.html Start: 30.07.2016 16:00 CET Donation is voluntary, for the purpose of helping to maintain the server. Hardware Intel i7-4790K 4790K 4,0 GHz 32 GB of RAM DDR3 1333 MHz 2 x240GB SSD SOFT 250Mbps bandwidth Anti DDos Protection Rates: Experience (EXP): 6x Skill Points (SP): 6x Adena: 5x Drop Items: 3x Spoil: 3x Boss Drop Items: 2x Grand Boss Drop Items: 1x Weight Limit: 5x Manor: 3x Party EXP &
  12. GRAND OPENING 1/8/2016 TIME 20:00 GMT+3. La2Hellate PVP Information http://la2hellate.com/ Chronicle: Interlude (C6) We work with no custom equipments. *RATES * XP: x3000 * SP: 3000x * Adena drop: 3000x * Drop: 1x * Party XP rate: 3000x * Party SP rate: 3000x * ENCHANT RATES : * Normal Enchant Scroll Rates: 70% Max 12 * Blessed Enchant Scroll Rates: 85% Max 12 * Crystall Enchant Scroll Rates: 100% Max 16 * Enchant Npc: 100% * Safe enchant: +3 * Max armor/jewel enchant: +16 * Max weapon enchant: +16 * BASIC THINGS: *
  13. Hi, I'm fighting for a few days with the problem of combining login <=> game server. Potential testers reach only a selection of server, referred to as the game gets stuck. the whole is mounted on 2 "home made" Servers. by the lack of permanent IP using the no ip address without - because it kind of makes problems. servie at No. 1 is the SQL database and Login to 2 GS is faster machine. within the network you can log in without a problem and even play. all is possible without using ipconfig.xml. short info ipserv wen ip4 - login and sql (with it do not have any problems so
  14. good morning can not be killed anyone anything that monster npc only by skill and I drew that at gameserver console
  15. Καλημερα παιδες Δεν μπορω να kill ενα mob παρα μονο με skill και μου βγαζει αυτο εδω στο gameserver console
  16. i have this problem in spawn a custom npc. (Java npc) http://imgur.com/LJk3HVe Npc & type http://prntscr.com/bpv18n http://prntscr.com/bpv1om How can i fix? please help me:D im newbie in l2jacis. thanks
  17. I offer to help you setup your own l2j server on a VPS, Dedicated or home server enviroment. I will also give you tips and show you how to manage your server. Now because my time is limited at the current period i will take only a few customers at a time. Since this service is for newbies i will work only with Windows or Debian based systems like (Ubuntu, xUbuntu etc.) Note: I will not provide with any files. Here is a list from things i want from you: Understand and Speak English in a good level Have Skype to communicate Have a verified Paypal Account Have your own l2j fil
  18. Server Information: * General Specifications: INTERLUDE * Do you want to understand a little about our server? so come on! * Like FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/Originslineage Site: www.l2origins.net Experience (EXP) 300x Skill Points (SP) 300x Adena 3000x - Game-CP and individual unique game with several statistics. - System Anti Farm bot - Origins Coins in Mobs of custom areas of the Global GK (Who accumulates more coins will be awarded every month). - GK Global Gatekeeper (towns + special places). - GK Raid Boss (With all the npc areas without the need for quest). - ALL ITEMS PURCHASED
  19. hello forum, I was implementing l2jphoenix engine to rev last public of L2jacis and not achieving it work if someone could help me the dif ? thank you very much greetings from Argentina
  20. I've linked a GM shop to the community board using multisell lists with null for the L2Npc instance. I have NO problems getting the multisell lists to load, however I'm finding that at random intervals I cannot make purchases through them. They all lock up at once, so it doesn't matter which list I try to buy from. I've tested and found that it has nothing to do with whether I'm in combat, whether I load the list right after I log in or if I move around a bit first, nor does it have anything to do with where I'm located. However, if I wait a bit and just go about my business for awhile, it
  21. Hello My Name is Mohamed its my first time to make a private server Here is my Work (( Private Server )) ___________________________ L2j Interlude 1000x High Rate PVP server Apella with Custom Stats (( focus on balance )) Vesper Weapon with Custom Stats (( Focus on balance )) AIO with hot spring buffs (( Ressest 20 min only )) + aio duels 3 Farm Zones (( Safe, Farm 1, Farm 2 )) Vote Reward System (( l2network, l2topzone, l2hopzone )) Events every houre + GM events "i doubt you can farm ;D " Easy Farm, you will not west your time !! A LOT OF FUN WITH US .. COME AND CHECK EM OUT
  22. Hello i'm new here, first of all before posting this topic i searched for around 1 week about how to open java (jar files) with eclipse and as usual i failed :D, so i decided to create this topic. ok now let me tell you my OS: i have two PCs so i have two OS: windows 7 x64 windows 10 x64 _____________________________________________________________ My Problem is, i need to know how to open jar files to edit on em like if i want to config AIO system, or Auto Vote reward. so i have Server Pack L2JFROZEN (( revision=921M )) V4. I have few problems in the auto reward vote and the tradable
  23. I'm looking for the L2JServer's HightFive latest revision. I need a source code or compiled version, because the GitHub repository is closed right now... :( Anyone have it?
  24. Hey guys, Everything is right ? I came to bring a video on how to install server LINEAGE in linux. They were separated into two videos. Parte1: Is subtitled . Parte2: by me!