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  1. L2 Ruby - International PvP server Releasing August 1st 2017 Server Features: Rates XP x2000 SP x2000 Custom adena rate Enchant: safe +6 max +25 +6 - +18: normal scrolls 70% chance blessed scrolls 100% chance +18 - +25: crystal scrolls 100% chance Augment: high grade life stone 15% skill chance top grade life stone 25% skill chance Unique features Custom npcs Custom leveling and farm zones Custom enchant colors that you can also disable Automated events every hour Custom farm zone with a custom made town All subclasses available at
  2. After months of intensive playing we dedicated to make server wipe. All characters will be deleted and game starts from zero for everyone. This wipe will bring important fixes and updates for server and players, list of updates players will see in web page and inside game. It`s great chance for new and old players to start, who got bored. We promise you a good, interesting and stable long term game then ever before. See you all from 30/06/2017 ! Rates: » Xp 9000x. » Sp 9000x. » Aden 9000x. » Drop 9000x. » PartyXp 2x. » PartySp 2x. » Starting character level - 20. Enchant rates: » Safe enchan
  3. Grand Opening [Ara x250] - 20 May (20:00 GMT +0) Test Server Online join and try us!! http://l2ara.eu Test Server system http://www6.zippyshare.com/v/Tle0R9g1/file.html Server Rates - Exp: x250 - Sp : x250 - Adena : x1 - Drop : x1 - Spoil : x1 - Safe Enchant: +3 - Max. Enchant Weapon: +16 - Max. Enchant Armor: +8 - Max. Enchant Jewelery: +8 - Normal Scroll: 66% - Blessed Scroll: 75% -Crystal Scroll:85% NPC - Global Gatekeeper - Grand Boss Gatekeeper - GM Shop up to s grade - NPC Buffer|Pet|Macro Buffer - Augmenter - Skill Enchanter - Castle Manager - Symbol Manage
  4. Hello, We are looking to invest in a Pride like server. Currently looking for; Files and/or solid pack ( H5 or higher, even if it's ertheia without any of the God Features other than mobs and raids, instances, drop items and skills are not required) Developer that will work on the project from day 1 till end and has good communication skills. Developer will have to create basically every function of the server, if you're not up to it then simply don't apply. Server is Pride like so expect PvP/PvE like in the original pride with some changes here and there to make gameplay more fu
  5. Grand Opening 06.05.2017 WEbsite: www.LA2KHAOS.com
  6. Greetings to all. Recently I made the decision to move my old H5 server to the new "master" one available on L2J, However, a few error has appear :?: , when try to put my customization environment, which is made by this list: 1 - Auto Announcement: handle auto announcement over the server, 2 - Event Manager: handle faenor events like GlitteringMedals, L2Day, MasterOfEnchanting, Valentines, etc... 3 - Services Manager: main NPC which handle Buffer, Gatekeeper, Shops, Clan, Warehouse, Dyes, the list is endless 4 - Subclass Stack Manager: handle substack system 5 - Tattoo's Workings
  7. Website : www.L2demente.com Forum : www.L2demente.com/forum Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/dementel2/ Hello Community , i hope people enjoy the playing game.Server is online we waiting all to join game, we worked a lot on our server to provite you the best gameplay. Our goal is to give players the best high rate experience. SERVER ONLİNE! Exp : x1000 Adena : x3000 Drop : x3 Spoil : x5 Weapon Enchant Rate ; +3 to +7 : 85% +8 t
  8. Hello guys , i would like some help here please. I'm working on 350rev acis pack and today i implemented masterio's pvp rank system into it , it's working except from one problem!!! Some tables won't get their data stored on shutdown or restart and i will get an error when the scheduled table update is running. Note : this "pvp system" needs javolution , so i installed the jar via eclipse , *i took javolution from l2j server hi5* L2DatabaseFactory.java public Connection getConnection() { Connection con = null; while (con == null) { try { Line 142 con = _source.getConn
  9. Hello i have a problem with souldhound male and female when i want to play mage soulhound i wear robe and sigil and my pdef and mdef are getting 1k+ down like i have a penalty or something but only mdef and pdef other stats are getting normal
  10. Hi i sell my services for develop codes for l2j servers with source or compiled version(without source) prices between $5 - $40 contact skype : ezequiel.canciani facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ezequiel.canciani.7
  11. Informations • Rates: -XP 9999x / SP 9999x / Adena 1x./ Spoil x1 • Server Interlude Client. Retail server with custom modifications. • Extra info -Buffs 2h,Offline Shop,Tattoos, Rebirth System,Increased movement speed on all classes,ANTI-Buff added on all Classes. Gameplay Character Creation A new character will spawn in the basement of Aden . Here you can buff yourself up and you're good to go! The new character will start with all the needed items. Noblesse You can buy Carandine letter from misc shop. Rebirth System Once a player becomes level 80, he can choose to rebirth at the rebirth
  12. http://l2jblackbird.com The goal is to have a party orientated server, as from our experience best time in L2 was playing in the party. Face challenges together, pvp together, have drama together. Main server idea/story: Party play starts late in game forcing people to grind alone or quit before reaching the end game. We are adding new group mobs starting at level 20 so that there would be interest in making parties and exp/pvp together. These new mobs, we hope, will be challenging enough to keep gameplay interesting and good enough to make it worth to pvp for them. Basic server inform
  13. Hello guys, I'm excusing for this topic but i need help with an antibot captcha to my Gracia final server. This is the antibot http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/105460-share-captcha-antibot-system-updated-1762011-version-2-please-lock-it/ The problem is when i start the server all npcs are removed from the world. Also when spawn a mob and kill it few tims captcha appears, when close the html i write the command .captcha and notting appears. I think that the problem is inside of L2Npc.java for the spawns and voicedcommandhandlers captcha.java and antibot.java. This is the whole codes
  14. L2Beast High Five low rate server made with love to this classic and most amazing MMO of all times. Join in epic adventure in the World of Aden! We are starting on 24th February 17:00 GMT+1 Join to open beta http://l2beast.com Register your game and forum account right now. Rates: Exp: x5 SP: x5 Drop: x3 Adena drop: x3 Spoil: x2 No game ruining donations- only vitality and fashion items! No custom changes to game content for best gaming experience. Website: http://l2beast.com Forum: http://l2beast.com/boards
  15. http://l2max.eu https://www.facebook.com/l2max.eu/?fref=ts EXP: x15 SP: x15 Adena: x7 Drop Items: x6 Spoil: x6 Weight Limit: x5 Comfortable Community Board (ALT+ B ) Sub-Class Free without Quest Bonuses for newbies NPC Buffer with 2hour Bufftime Off-line Shop mode, Off-line Buffers mode Auto Loot, Auto Learn Skills Vitality System Auction System Olympiad Period 2 weeks (Heroes at 1 and 15 of each month) ANTIBOT Protection
  16. Kalhspera.. Tha ithela na rwtiso ean ginete na perasw se l2jserver interlude pack custom_armor/weapon/tele/npc apo frozen se l2j? Gnwrizei kanenas?
  17. Luna 50x is an unique PvP server which has been worked on for over three years and first went live on the 1st April 2009. Quick Overview Before getting started, please note that this list will not include retail features available in Luna. Only some of the custom features and various information we found useful to publish has been added in this listing. - 50x Pvp Server. - Highly secured server. - Experienced Team. - Stable. No lag. - Antibot System. - Rebirth System. Custom Gameplay - Custom Economy. - Custom Playgrounds. - Custom Events. - Custom Stores. Enchant Inf
  18. Server Features: Gracia Final High and Low Rate Combined. PvP and PvE Basic Features NPC Buffer Book of Secret Automatic Events Olympiad Farming Areas Merchants PvP Colours PvP Rewarding System Stats on accessories Working Raidbosses Custom enchant rates. Starting level: 80 Max level 95. Unique Features Items Currency: Dest Coin, Dest Silver and Dest Gold Item Currency: Eva's, Shilen, Einhasad and Gran Kain Hearts There are 6 tiers of armors and weapons: Rare, Heroic, Unique, Epic, Legendary and Obsidian. Epic and above will be extremely hard to obtain. Rare to Heroic These Armors a
  19. Hi i would appreciate it if some guy could give me or send me a right link to download l2pride pack, the only thing that i found is the shared one in this forum that doesnt have the custom items.
  20. Hello i would like to ask about a code (L2J Frozen) that PvP Zone auto changes every x hours and mobs from area is auto deleted. for example. Zone 1 with mobs id x Zone 2 with mobs id y When zone 1 changes to 2 mobs deleted and when zone 2 its on new mobs spawned. Budget 15-20euro.
  21. Hello, first of all I apologize because my bad english forces me to use the translator of google ... I am interested in learning a lot about the subject and learning more complex things, but I am new and I just compiled for the first time a serverpack xD At the time of registering the server I miss the following error out of curiosity look for the file, I found it... I wanted to know if anyone could teach me how to solve this
  22. GRAND OPENING: 2016/12/27 WWW.L2NEO.COM Server rates: Xp / Sp - 100x Aden - 50X Drop - 25x Spoil - 25x Quest Reward - 3x (Not for all) Quest Drop - 10x (Not for all) Raidboss Drop - 7x Rate party XP - 1.3x Zero our Reward - 2x Olympiad: Olympiad Starts 18:00 (+2 GMT) Olympiad Ends: 24:00 (+2 GMT) Hero Changes: Every Sunday 24:00 (+2 GMT) Olympiad points have to be exchanged on Sunday Hero Status can be retrieved from Monument of Heroes Enchantment Rates: Max Enchant (Weapon / Armor): +16 Max Enchant (Jewelery): +8 Safe Enchant: +4 Simple Scroll: 50% Blessed Scroll: 55% Additi
  23. Welcome to L2 Dethecus L2 Dethecus is a very unique server and has another gameplay style. Rates: x75 Gold rate: x10 Drop rate: x2 Raid rate : x1 Dethecus is based on faction wars , so we the races are like that: Horde: Dark elf , Male dwarf , Orc Alliance: Human, Female Dwarf , Elf Dethecus is a typical retail server , no crafting though. Auto learn skills Augments possible Buy/Sell and generally every lineage2 feature is included Factions got their bases but you can run around in L2 towns and meet enemys too on peacefull zones.. You can only hit them
  24. Hey there if somebody is looking for some java dev work, I need some help. (pre compile real development, new code) should be fairly easy stuff, we can work together. Work will be paid via paypal or paysafe (if you want) add me on skype: sannehwat first job is simple and easy (for testing) there will be a lot more work opportunity in the future.
  25. How can i fix the red marked errors: 1. ipconfig.xml | I tried to copy default-ipconfig.xml in eclipse Project Explorer, then re-named it to "ipconfig.xml", which has just been lead... to another error. 2. missing property for key | I simply don't understand this, i've checked the "Feature.properties" in eclipse Project Explorer and all values are listed there, so... why is that? oO 3. hexid.txt | Do i have to create this file by myself or why i cant find it in eclipse Project Explorer? x.x 4. mapregion | How this data can't be exist? x.x Is there any way to fix that?