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Found 52 results

  1. Hello! I looking for animation this skill (look on video) i wanna use it for dash animation in my own patch. Need skill.grp id and animation file. Anyone have this? Chronicles: Interlude
  2. Hello members, I made a useful search action only for gms in order to save some of your time while you want to search items (ids,actual names etc). (Its 15 min code since i copied Bookmarks code and edited it) write //search to open the html or //search {word} for directly search Coded in aCis 370 rev Video Code Html P.s Dont forget to add the commands in adminCommands.xml ps2. i didnt design the html cause im lazy. Edit: Updated by @StinkyMadness
  3. Looking for nice custom icon for tatto item (.utx file if someone have plz share) Acumen, soul haste, wind walk etc.
  4. Well, I had a little time to spare, and I went and got some things for you. Use wisely and creatively, abuse, innovate! Lines for Etcitemgtp: Interlude ( can be edited for another chronicles ) Download Link: Have Fun!
  5. We are happy to announce the Big Opening of a brand new marketplace for Gamers This is the place where gamers meet up together to sell & buy independently. By buying directly from seller you avoiding Middle Man (classic game shops) and saving up to 80% of the total price. Besides it is 4 times safer for your ingame account by buying directly from the players as classic game shops put you in risk by selling from many sources and warehouses. Take a look at the digital goods categories that are available now: Game currency here you can find more than 15 Ingame currencies including Lineage adena, Eso gold, POE currency, Tree of Savior silver Gamecards the keys to your favorite Games of all genres: Fortnite, FIFA, WoW and many others Top up cards cards for your X-Box, Playstation or your accounts on Steam, Blizzard etc. Join our fast-growing community! For Buyers we are offering: Hassle free purchasing directly from the seller Faster delivery in Real Time as you are buying directly from the other players. More than 150 payment methods available For Sellers: Fast onboarding, you can start selling right away. Payouts via Bank transfers, Paypal, Webmoney, Visa/Master card Flexible, userfriendly platform with order tracking, own payment system with 100% worldwide coverage Be the first who monetize gaming skills by selling Gold, Accounts, Keys and other gaming merch.
  6. This adaptation is suitable as Interlude and HF 5. Files without any additional processing (protection, etc., etc.) Download H5 and IL: Link
  7. This adaptation is suitable as Interlude and HF 5. Files without any additional processing (protection, etc., etc.) Credits: volond1 Link: Download
  8. Hello! Adrenaline script for alt+b autobuffer of your Scheme - 5 euro + personalized autorestock(shots/mp pots/etc.) + 2 euro Captcha ALARM included creating other scripts on demand. works 100%, for more info pm or skype. For Sale: Archmage 78lvl - SOES - Avadon robe Adena (100% safe) Connact: Skype - xdonalfonso Paypall // Allegro To all scammers: Dont try to trick me on fake statements, im too old for that
  9. i need to change/add icon of item grades on interlude client , for example on weapongrp i noticed grades are numbers like 1,2,3,4,5 where can i find those icons so i can add 6,7,8 ?
  10. LINEAGE 2 QUEST DROP RATE CHANGER FOR WHAT DO YOU NEED THIS ? : If you want increase quest item drop rate automatically , this program will be usefull , since to edit quest item drop rate you need edit ai.obj , find target random function , and taking in account that Lineage II (c4) have : -305 quests. -967 random functions related to quest item drop chance. (aprox value) -650 npcs that gives one or more quest items. (aprox value) Can be really weird task to adjust all quest drop rates of your server , and users just will ignore quets since usually them do not match with server rates , they probably level up 2 or 3 times before end quests of their level , and even if you increase quest reward probably doing a quest do not worth so L2 at least old chronicles , became just farm game . --------------------------------------------------------- WHAT THIS PROGRAM DOES : This program is able to scan all AI.obj NPC classes and determine the exact random function where each NPC decide to drop a quest item once he die. Then it find the random function and replace constant numbers for a variable that user can understand and edit example : class 1 medusa : warrior_agresive{ int 2_1_testimony_of_fate_medusa_ichor = 2; //== int 100_50_test_of_the_war_spirit_hermodts_rib_bone = 50; //> EventHandler MY_DYING i0 = gg::Rand( 100 ); if( i0 > 100_50_test_of_the_war_spirit_hermodts_rib_bone) { if( myself::OwnItemCount( c1, @hermodts_rib_bone ) == 0 ) { myself::GiveItem1( c1, @hermodts_rib_bone, 1 ); } } } EXAPLANATION : int 100_50_test_of_the_war_spirit_hermodts_rib_bone = 50; //> //This is the parameter , a variable number that can be easily edited -int = integer value . -100_50 represent the original values of the random function example : "i0 = gg::Rand( 100 );" and "if( i0 > 100_50_test_of_the_war_spirit_hermodts_rib_bone)" , originally was : "i0 = gg::Rand( 100 );" , "if( i0 > 50)" . -"//>" means the kind of condition in this case > that means MAJOR THAN so : if number between 1-100 , is major than 50 it will drop quest item. -If we want increase rate we should lower the parameter and change 50 for 40 result will be 60% instead of 50% , math formula : 100-(40/100)*100) = chance , be sure of undersand the kind of condition before edit a parameter , the parameter value do not represent its percent ... i0 = gg::Rand( 100 ); // variable i0 = random number between 0 and 100 if( i0 > 100_50_test_of_the_war_spirit_hermodts_rib_bone) // if 0-100 variable number Major than 50 , user will receive item : @hermodts_rib_bone, -------------------------------------------------------- CHRONICLE COMPATIBILITY: C4 : Working and tested INTERLUDE : AI (vanganth) : Working . But need decompile with decompiler modified for c6 (inside vanganth pack) INTERLUDE : AI (depmax) : The same than IL vanganth and if you compiled with depmax compiler , need setup it as compiler/decompiler on program GF : AI vanganth : would need setup vanganth GF decompiler GF : AI (depmax) : would need setup depmax H5/GF decompiler H5 : AI (depmax) : would need setup depmax H5/GF decompiler ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TO WORK WITH GF / HF of vanganth/depmax: At GUI interface just setup COMPILER / DECOMPILER path for ones thats work with the chronicle and extender that you need. But probably if you use other compiler/decompiler than default (c4) , the predefined commands that the program uses will not works if the compiler is different , so you need to replace default compiler parameters on config file of the program (there is not graphic interface for this) This is advanced config parameters that you can change at config.ini compile_parameter$NASC.exe -file //For vanganth compiler it may "NC.exe -target " *Important add the space too decompile_parameter$denasc.exe -f //For depmax compiler it may "DECOMPILE.bat -file " nasc_rand$gg::Rand //For depmax compiler is "Rand" nasc_dot$:: //For depmax compiler is "." //single dot Those are the output text strings that the compiler gives after some error , or on sucess compile , if you using other compiler than default , run compiler manually , and check what output it gives when sucess and when error , and edit config.ini compiler_error_message$ID Error compiler_ok_message$Done in --------------------------------------------------------- INSTRUCTIONS : SETUP: -OPEN SELECT AI FILE : click here to select the target ai.obj file , it can be ai.obj (but in ASCII format , you can change format with notepad ) , or directly with already decompiled ai.nasc file -DECOMPILER : Select decompiler program path -Compiler : select compiler program path BUILD AI MODES: -MERGE RESULT WITH CURRENT AI : This method will process ai file , modify the ai classes that meets the conditions , compile them , and finally will ask you to select ai.obj file (not decompiled) to replace original classes for modified ones. If some nasc class have compiler error , program will not merge it. -BUILD NEW FULL AI.OBJ : This method will process ai file , modify the ai classes that meets the conditions , compile them , and build new ai.obj file from 0 (this method is not recommended because many of AI files can give errors during compile even if program do not modify them like : queen_ant , valakas , etc... and it would need to check all compiler errors and a lot of manual work , before have full working ai PARAMETER MODES: -PARAMETER PER CLASS : This mode will add drop item parameters on each npc class that have quest example : class 1 medusa{ int 100_3 quest_medusa_1 = 33; } -DEFAULT NPC PARAMETERS : This mode will store all parameters on a file , then you must copy all parameters on default npc ,it may overload a npc.exe since quest parameters amount can be like 600-800 , and setup 600-800 parameters on all npc that descent from default npc ... , but it would be easier to edit manually when needed since all parameters are on a single class -REPLACE PARAMETERS : This method will not setup parameters , just will replace old values for new ones acording to the multiplier , and conditions you setup. (I recomend run this mode , if you want to parse ai.obj more than one time , since once you add parameters on ai.obj you couldn't not parse again with this program) QUEST DROP ITM RATES: -RATE MULTIPLIER : On this field you setup the multiplier , default x3 so : int 100_3 quest_medusa_1 = 3; ----> (3/100 * 100 = 3%) We multiply the rate -------> (3*multiplier / 100 *100 = 9%) -----> parameter value int 100_3 quest_medusa_1 = 30; -RATE PERCENT TRIGGER : Here you must setup the minimum rate percent where program should apply multiplier , by default 15% so program will only multiply rates below 15% chance. -MAX RATE PERCENT : Is needed because program may multiply rate value , if new chance value more than MAX RATE PERCENT , new chance will be adjusted to MAX RATE PERCENT. MISC OPTIONS : -SHOW CONSOLE : Check this , if you want see all compiler output (it will slow down the program) -QUICK TEST : This is very interesting feature , check this if you dont want to compile , just generate a parsed ai file without compile it , so you can see all changes that the program does to ai , on nasc format that is readable for humans :)
  11. provided adaptation for c2 client can be easy adapted to c0,c1,c3 clients other chronicles: can be adapted too, but must do some street magic
  12. Hey there, I already have an old version of the patch but I am looking forward to update it a bit and add these new (as I have seen), unique class icons in the party that instead of just showing who's a fighter or a mage, shows the exact class by one of the class' skills. Any help on what do I have to do or what do I have to replace?
  13. Download
  14. Hello, I've got a simple question regarding the creation of items in the source code. I noticed that each time a mob drops an item, a copy of it but with null value is appearing in the player's inventory (Disappearing after inventory refresh). After a small research I found out that this method is to blame: public L2ItemInstance createDummyItem(int itemId) { L2Item item = getTemplate(itemId); if (item == null) { return null; } L2ItemInstance temp = new L2ItemInstance(0, item); return temp; } So my question is: What is this method's usability? What If I remove it from the addItem method on L2PcInstance and correct the double item issue on players inventory ? Would would be the impact? Thanks
  15. Hello guys, is possible add shift + click item in chat from highs chronicle to interlude?
  16. Some shit i found on internet - link password - lightfusionmaxcheaters P.S. Also contains some shitt armor - not fully maded but you can try to put some textures, packages are free to open .
  17. Hello guys, i'm selling items and adena in l2dragon (the guys that will buy stuffs will receive a gift) If you are intrested to buy something leave me a PM with the offer Accepted payments : PayPal. -- General -- Adena in stock : 65kkk (65B) // SOLD : 30KKK (30B) Festival Adena : 2.200 SOLD Blue Soul cry 17 Donation Pounds in stock : 1180 // SOLD : 1180 -- Armor -- Top-Grade belt +6 (PVP DEF) Striped Mithril shirt +9 (CP) Vesper Shield Found. +8 Elegia sigil +8 SOLD Cloak Of Hero Black Cloak Of Hero White SOLD Elegia Leather Helmet +6 Attri. lvl 7 Elegia Leather Breastplate +6 Attri. lvl 7 Elegia Leather Legging +6 Attri. lvl 7 Elegia Leather Gloves +6 Attri. lvl 7 Elegia Leather Boots +6 Attri. lvl 7 Vorpal Leather Helmet +8 Attri. lvl 7 Vorpal Leather Breastplate +8 Attri. lvl 7 Vorpal Leather Legging +8 Attri. lvl 7 Vorpal Leather Gloves +8 Attri. lvl 7 Vorpal Leather Boots +8 Attri. lvl 7 Elegia Circlet +8 Full Attri. lvl 7 SOLD Elegia Tunic +8 Full Attri. lvl 7 SOLD Elegia Stockings +8 Full Attri. lvl 7 SOLD Elegia Gloves +8 Full Attri. lvl 7 SOLD Elegia Shoes +8 Full Attri. lvl 7 SOLD Vorpal Circlet +6 Full Attri lvl 7 SOLD Vorpal Tunic +6 Full Attri . lvl 7 SOLD Vorpal Stocking +6 Full Attri. lvl 7 SOLD Vorpal Gloves +6 Full Attri. lvl 7 SOLD Vorpal Shoes +6 Full attri. lvl 7 SOLD Vorpal Leather set +6 Attri. lvl 7 Vorpal Leather Set +4 Attri. lvl 4 -- Jewels -- Earring of zaken +5 Blessed erring of zaken +8 SOLD Blessed Necklace of freya +8 RIng Of Queen Ant +8 SOLD Elegia Earring +8 Necklace of Frintezza +4 Vorpal Earring +5 SOLD Vesper ring +8 x2 SOLD -- Weapon -- Mardil's Fan - Holy Spirit (ACUMEN) SOLD Feather eye blade (FOCUS) +5 Vesper dual dagger - Gale +7 Vesper Shooter +7 - Clayrvoiance (Focus) AND MUCH MORE.. If you are intrested to buy something leave me a PM with the offer. Accepted payments : PayPal.
  18. Hello i want to ask some help abot custom item I want to make a item like "wondrous cubic" in l2 pride (Gracia final) the point is that i have npc all in one and i want to make it to be like item, when u pres the item to open the html's of the npc. but i want it on interlude(acis) i Tryed some times, and i try to remake it from gracia to interlude but no one works, i try to make it like skill but same result. if any one can help or give me a hint, i will be very thanksful :) p.s. excuse me for my english
  19. 10 new icons! For all users :) Dir: NevesOma_icons.i01 -> NevesOma_icons.i10 DOWNLOAD IT ( click me )
  20. Hello i have duals C +10 150$ Name duals raid*raid Deal will be made with help maxcheaters member
  21. Bow of Peril full Bow of Peril shaft Bow of Peril recipe Demon's dagger recipe Demon's dagger blade Damascus Blade Damascus recipe Lance recipe Doom leather armor recipe 100% Doom leather armor part Doom plate armor recipe 100% Doom plate armor parts Doom heavy set - Tunic of Doom recipe 100% Tunic of Doom parts Stocking of Doom recipe 100% Stocking of Doom parts Blue Wolf breastplate recipe Blue Wolf gainters recipe BW hvy set BW bp Blue wolf Tunic recipe Blue wolf Stocking recipe BW roba set Heavy War Axe Deadman's glory recipe
  22. SELLING CHEAP ADENA ON L2 E-GLOBAL 7X 50KK = 1$ 1 BIL = 20$ I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL 2.5 BILLION ADENA LEFT (I'm still selling some items i had left so i might have 1 more billion soon) SELLING DOOM CRYER LVL 79 WITH MASTER ACCOUNT 20$ Also selling: Hawekeye lv 79 (naked) Silver Ranger lv 79 (naked) Sword Singer lv 78 (naked) All of these 4 chars very cheap, just contact me so we can talk Bladedancer lv 75 (naked) YOU CAN MESSAGE ME HERE OR ADD ME ON SKYPE: TIRANOFABIOREX TO TALK ABOUT PRICES ALL THE CHARS INCLUDE MASTER ACCOUNT DO NOT MESSAGE ME IF YOU'RE SCAMMER, IS NOT WILLING TO GO FIRST I CAN LINK YOU THE ADENA, I'M JUST LEAVING THE SERVER AND WANT TO GET RID OF EVERYTHING EDIT: LOWERED ADENA PRICE FOR 50KK=1$ AND SET PRICE ON WC FOR 20$
  23. WTS Items,adena,chars on e-global x7 for more information check Discord (don't need install) or PM hire Top offer: Arcana (ac) 150 water att + DC set (robe) +TTS set 25kk - 1€ 28kk - 1€ Currently available chars: MM 80 (sub quest,75sub,noble) + coins for change name WC 78 (COV) /for more write PM/ Accept only paypal! Trusted accounts check other post