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Found 6,939 results

  1. Hello guys It is possible to add more auras like tvt and champions. Client has red and blue, I want to add more colors. It's possible?
  2. Hi guys, I'm working on an interlude server, but with classic Saviors 2.0 client, my problem is, to solve the problem of the wrong icons to complete the armor set. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to fix it, but I can't find the right file to edit.
  3. Καλησπέρα σας! Θα ήθελα να μάθω πως μπορώ να κάνω όλα τα Dyes να πηγαίνουν σε όλα τα class. Π.χ. Στον Overlord δεν μπορείς να βάλεις Int +4 Men -4 σε retail servers. Υπάρχει κάποιος τρόπος να αλλάξει αυτη η ρύθμιση? Hello there I would like to know how I can make all Dyes go to all classes. E.g. In Overlord you can't put Int +4 Men -4 in retail servers. Is there a way to change this setting?
  4. καλησπερα,θα ηθελα να ρωτησω πως σε πακ l2jfrozen θα εκανα την αρμορ οταν πχ πηγαινε +16 να ειχε καποιο effect. κοιταξα αυτο εδω το ποστ αλλα ειναι ισως παλιοτερο ρεβ.
  5. Hey guys, I'm using L2Mythras pack from the shares, I got a problem where the system thinks everybody from the same PC, for example, in Olympiad when a player register nobody can register, unless he unregister then another player can register alone too, If I changed "OlympiadPlayerIp" to False so it doesn't check IP, they can register and with events too and for sure it's gonna be with voting, so the server kinda think all players from one PC but their IP's are totally different. so is there a way to fix this ? like disable the HWID and make it only based on IPs ? Please if you got an answer help me.
  6. geia sas magkes... prosfata asxoloume meta apo polla xronia me l2jserver interlude pack. Afto pou thelw einai an mpwrite na dokimasete na mpite ston server exw aniksi ports. ala den kserw an mpwroun na mpoun atoma mesa.. edw einai to link. download system: test system interlude
  7. Hi guys. I ran Storm's based C4x64 server the first time and everything looks fine except lack of NPC spawns. I played on some private C3 server many years ago and as I remember NPC were twice or three times denser. The //npccount command gives 34.7K spawns, but when I summed all and from npspos.txt I got number about 50.6K. Also when I start L2NPC.exe it doesn't create window but after 5-10 minutes NPCs show up in the game. I also seen a few "failed to increase total npc because of npc quota" errors. 1. Do someone know valid count of NPC spawns? 2. Is it depends on server RAM amount (I set 8Gb on VM) or count of online players? 3. Is there config variables that affect this? 4. Do someone have really good npspos.txt script or improved version of L2NPC? P.S.: NPC spawn info & NPC distribution from L2Server console:
  8. Hello guys, I am wondering if you have encountered with situation like this: It seems to me that bug is visual only that affects with buy/sell (/vendor /buy). Guy sells fake stems for 500 adena and right besides him another buys for 1000. Obviously buy item is fake and can not be sold to player shop. Another instance that grabbed my attention, was that guy was buying Antharas earring on my server, checked his items there was no Antharas earring. Somehow guy started a fake /buy. If any of you could give me pointers where to look I would be more than happy. chron - IL
  9. Hello friends, i need giran trade zone, i need specific place players can't use private store, like other servers. (on acis)
  10. Windows 7 x64 Pro SQL Server 2008 Created the OBDC files with C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe
  11. Hi, I am looking for help of how to remove quest from transform_teacher class so people do not need to make "More Than Meets the Eye" quest to learn subclass specification skills. Edit: title addition and grammar fix
  12. can explain me how to put one class here for equip only light and bow just edit him and answer me to replace ...thanks! # for disable class use item use like this # ClassNameId="10" <- classId # and itemType for weapons can't use like BOW;DAGGER;POLE.. # and itemType for armors LIGHT;MAGIC;HEAVY;SHIELD --> <Class id="92" ClassNameId="92"> <Weapon ItemType="DAGGER;SWORD;BLUNT;POLE;FIST;DUALFIST;BIGSWORD;BIGBLUNT;DUAL" /> <Armor ItemType="HEAVY;MAGIC" /> </Class>
  13. Hey there. I've been trying to create a buffer using just html files. Files L2j frozen I've used so far the following: <button value=" Pa agrio Fist" action="bypass -h custom_dobuff MakeBuffs PaagrioFistbyUsweer" width=75 height=21 back="L2UI_ch3.Btn1_normalOn" fore="L2UI_ch3.Btn1_normal"> <a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_buff 271 1">warrior</a> <a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_support 271 1">warrior</a> I've tried also some other combinations but nothing has worked so far. I just get a "Running lazy cache" warning in the gameserver console. Any idea what's going on?
  14. Hello guys,I'm dealing with a problem in which whenever I try to connect to a server my game crashes and it doesn't show me an error window,it just crashes.I can't get passed that ever,everytime I select the server and press continue it kicks me out.I've updated my graphic drivers,vga is enabled.I've done everything that's out on the internet.Can someone help me out? thanks.
  15. I have ran into a problem with guards during fort sieges barely dropping any Epaulettes even when the drop rate set to 100%. One of the reasons why I barely drop them because my character is level 85 and all guards appear dark blue (5+ level difference I suppose). So I thought I will just simply change guard levels in npcdata.txt. Did that and set them all to level=80. Anyway that did not solve my problem and as it seems their level still didn't change (5 level difference is light blue and guards are still dark blue for me). P.S. my npc_pch is also fine and updated not sure if it matters when I change npc's level anyway. So I am seeking for help from someone who knows how can this be fixed without tweaking AI (no idea if this issue if bc something deep in AI). Or perhaps someone thinks they know how can this be fixed and can help and guide me, would appreciate it.
  16. Good morning everyone, I am starting to learn something about interface editing, but I still find it very difficult. I want to make simple edits, but can't find the files to edit or even the textures. Can anyone help me by showing me the path where I should edit? What I want to do is: Edit the inventory texture. Add screen damage like classic. Please help me.
  17. Μάγκες καλησπέρα έχω l2jacis pack φτιάχνω new mob με new I'd βάζω το template που Θέλω στο type βάζω monster και μόλις κάνω restart τον server το mob έχει εξαφανιστεί. Έχει κάποιος ιδέα για αυτό το πραγμα; Και θα μου ήταν πολύ χρήσιμο αν μπορούσε να με βοηθήσει κάποιος να το φτιάξω γιατί έχω φάει ήδη 3 μέρες και δεν βρίσκω τι φταίει.ευχαριστω και καλό μήνα!!
  18. sql~>global tasks~> restart issue to shutdown.picture: java shutdown code:
  19. hi guys , could someone from the old school help me? I'm looking for one of the files called "Help.hml" that were pasted inside the L2text folder that allowed buffing you with resistances through the npc inside some server ... can someone confirm if this still works?
  20. Hello i have a problem with my Auto-Restart config ..i use an code for auto-restart ..and when i setup True it says me that message in gameserver console : [AutoRestart]: The restart automated server presented error in load restarts period config! Here is my config: i use l2jfrozen 1132. HELP .. OH Btw with Restart via Global_tasks i get error after restart and server crashes :/
  22. Good morning / afternoon / night! I'm starting to edit the Interface file and decided to make a modification in the bar, however, I have problems as follows attached pictures. When I first in the game This happens when I click to have the skill bar turn horizontally. Original files: Files edited by me: Help me!! This is the video of the bar I want to edit, I don't want it this size anymore, I want normal size.
  23. hello guys there was a problem with i was using it suddenly it disappeared from my skills and i cant use it all dagger classes there is no bluff but my database says that all the dagger classes have it a visual bug or something else? thank you
  24. Hy guys, I have a problem with the pet equipment on my interlude server. The pets work, they can be summoned, leveled, attacked with, but cannot equip any pet items on them. I put the items in the pet inventory, double click it and it says : "Your pet cannot carry this item". It won't activate with that green border around the item. And after that, the item becomes unequipable from the pet. To retrieve the item, i must unsummon the pet. There are no errors in the gamerserver or in the log files. Also, the pack i am using is the latest from L2jmobius. Maybe someone had this issue and might be able to help me. Thanks!
  25. Hey, Currently to enter Frintezza and Freya I must be part of command channel. I wish to remove this requirement and be able to enter it with a single party of 9. Unfortunately I can't find a way how to do so. Setting min_user=2 does not seem to help and it still requires command channel. instantzone_begin id=136 name=frintessa_battle max_channel=5 max_user=45 min_user=2 duration=120 time_limit=5760 reset_binding={06:30;{0;2;4;6}} entrance_cond={{check_level(1);80;85}} delete_no_user=30 required_item={} deleted_item={} remove_buff=0 start_pos_type=designatory start_pos={{-88015,-141153,-9168}} order_end_pos_type=origin order_end_pos={} disorder_end_pos_type=origin disorder_end_pos={} door_list{"deleted from this code example bc too long"} area_list={} spawn_npc=yes associative=yes instantzone_end Is there a way to do this command channel requirement optional and not "must have" without fucking up whole AI class?