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Found 142 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm using L2Mythras pack from the shares, I got a problem where the system thinks everybody from the same PC, for example, in Olympiad when a player register nobody can register, unless he unregister then another player can register alone too, If I changed "OlympiadPlayerIp" to False so it doesn't check IP, they can register and with events too and for sure it's gonna be with voting, so the server kinda think all players from one PC but their IP's are totally different. so is there a way to fix this ? like disable the HWID and make it only based on IPs ? Please if you got an answer help me.
  2. Hello I'm trying to create this but I'm in error my ability <skill id="7065" levels="2" name="Adventurer's Box"> <table name="#extractableItems"> 1882,20,18;1876,20,16;1879,20,10;1881,20,10;1880,20,5;1874,20,10;1875,20,10;1877,20,11;57,150000,10 4039,4,20;4043,4,20;4044,4,20;4040,4,10;4042,4,10;4041,4,10;57,160000,10 </table> <set name="capsuled_items_skill" val="#extractableItems" /> <set name="target" val="TARGET_SELF" /> <set name="skillType" val="EXTRACTABLE" /> <set name="operateType" val="OP_ACTIVE" /> <cond msgId="129"> <and> <player invSize="10" /> <player weight="80" /> </and> </cond> </skill> my item <item id="9217" type="EtcItem" name="Adventurer's Box"> <set name="default_action" val="capsule" /> <set name="material" val="PAPER" /> <set name="weight" val="1" /> <set name="is_stackable" val="true" /> <set name="is_oly_restricted" val="true" /> <set name="handler" val="ItemSkills" /> <set name="item_skill" val="7065-2" /> </item>
  3. I would like to ask for a help, my shield is trasnparente, and it seems to me that it could be the weapon.grp, can anybody of good heart help me? Thanks <3
  4. Καλησπερα,θα ηθελα να μαθω πως μπορω να βαλω κωδικα στο project μου απο paste bin σε project που εχω κατεβασει στο eclipse
  5. Well, i need someone to decrypt some protected files: https://mega.nz/#!RmxmWYBR!iDFqvYT8VEZBkX8nxAzzdIZTimq7sNhmTGKJkssX5s8 PS: i tried with every known way.
  6. Hello guys, first of all apologize if i post on a wrong section but since is a request support section i believe is right place, so i have an acis372 pack ive fixed alot of things in it but not im stack at a liitle thing everytime when i enchant my skills and i just restart my character (relog) all my skills goes back to +0 if anybody had this problem could please share the fix?
  7. HI, i want to know that how to change name process l2server.exe , why? if you run 2 servers, the second says that l2server.exe its running and cant open, if the process name change, that not apeared and can execute 2 server y 1 machine. i try with some programs but stil working bad, i know that in depmax old with source it more easy to compiled.
  8. Hello guys, I'm having a trouble for extracting files from H5 system/LineageEffect.u , it has a logo for npcs and I want to change that logo, I tried to delete it but it deletes the effects of the npcs as well, so I tried to open it with UTPT but it doesn't make me extract and I can't view scripts, it gives me this error http://prntscr.com/o1ph8u and this http://prntscr.com/o1phh1 . so how can I remove a single file from the LineageEffect.u or edit that file to change the logo? thanks in advance..
  9. The problem i am facing is that i am using an imported armor from another chronicle, everything works perfect except the shadow of it. When i am wearing the armor only shadow of head and hands it is appeared and if i remove everything shadow of the character comes back. So my question is: where is shadow located (on systextures or animations) and do anyone knows how to fix it/edit it. Thank you in advance.
  10. hey i use l2jacis and how do siege every day? siege.java https://pastebin.com/vppmvvyG
  11. Hello Everyone, I recently downloaded L2 Mythras source pack shared on mxc forum and i have managed to solve captcha errors, but its seems to missing some images from server files or client files im not sure which one its it.. Can someone please help me with those images or at least can recommend any person to solve this? Thank you very much
  12. Hello guys, need help, how to disable grand boss quest teleport. expl. When you get to baium,valakas or antharas lair, other ppl cant teleport. until rb dead or you dead, how to disable this that all ppl can tp anytime? thanks.
  13. A friend needs help to adjust something in a photo. So he needs someone with basic photoshop Knowledge, so anyone who can help add him on skype: propo1992! P.s If you make any agreement i am not responsible...
  14. Well i tried to implement the Zakensword class on lower chronicles from CT 2.5. And i figured out that on CT 2.5 "AttachedBone" was implemented on NAgathion class. What i tried to do was to make a new class since was not able to 'touch' engine.NAgathion so i made my own: class MyAga extends Pawn; var enum EAgathionMovementType { EAMT_FOLLOW, EAMT_FLOAT, EAMT_ONVEHICLE, } MovementType; var enum EAgathionType { EAT_DEFAULT, EAT_ATTACHED, } AgathionType; var enum EAttachedBone { EAB_NONE, EAB_HEADBONE, EAB_SPINEBONE, EAB_R_HANDBONE, EAB_L_HANDBONE, EAB_R_ARMBONE, EAB_L_ARMBONE, EAB_R_FOOTBONE, EAB_L_FOOTBONE, } AttachedBone; var vector DestLocation; var Rotator OriginalRotationRate; var int RandomAnimPercent; var int RandomSpecialAnimationState; // -1 to decide, 0 failed, 1 success var bool NeedMaster; // for 3D UI var pawn Master; var int MasterWaitType; var float MasterWaitTypeChangeUpdate; defaultproperties { OriginalRotationRate=(Pitch=0,Yaw=30000,Roll=0), RandomAnimPercent=20 NeedMaster=True bCollideActors=False bCollideWorld=False } And my own class for npc class br_aga_zaken extends MyAga Config(User); defaultproperties { GroundMaxSpeed=180.00 GroundMinSpeed=60.00 AgathionType=1 AttachedBone=2 CollisionRadius=0.01 CollisionHeight=5.50 } when i compile those two properties disappear : AgathionType=1 AttachedBone=2 and what i get ingame is this It doesn't follow the character but it spawns on the correct position
  16. Where can i edit thismenu? can find it in interface.u https://postimg.cc/FfkrGFx0
  17. Hello. I decided to add my server logo and plate it on lobby. I painted Logo, created alpha chanel for it. saved as tga. DXT3, All Mi pmaps. Then opened Unreal Engine, created new project, imported with dxt3. on properties enabled alpha. saved etc. finally. i go to lobby and my logo is perfect. Just problem is, when I set lower details on game, the logo becomes pixels. What did I wrong?
  18. Hello Everyone. I am an Old l2 player who stopped playing after Interlude and just came back some months ago to l2. During the time I was away I gathered some Programming knowledge ( M.I.T Student in Germany ), and was hoping to put my new knowledge thowards a Private project ( L2 Classic ) for the fun of it. My goal is to develop stuff for fun and Private use for now, and some open source projects in the future ( Hopefully I get to that Point ). I have been lurking these forums for a couple of months now and realised many servers ( L2 classic ) that are up and running are "buying" files (?) instead of writing their own stuff like we used to do back in c1-c6, now since that is NOT my way of having fun, paying for stuff that I would have more fun doing myself I politly ask you guys for advise and a tip in the right direction. My request: I would like to know where I could find some " Base " L2J files for L2 classic if possible. I tested a server with L2 Classic 2.8 and would like to work on such files or above (2.8+), so far all I found were websites SELLING them which seems to be the way things work now. I dont want to steal the work from anyone if thats what you think, I would like to grab some base stuff where maybe noone ever wrote a single line of code on top. I would also like to ask if there are any guides among the community to kickstart new developers of the L2J Classic scene. And ofcourse some feedback of experienced users would also be welcome, anything and everything that helps me find my path :) I dont know If im breaking any rules by posting this in the Help section, I thought it would be more appropriate than using the discussion forums for this mather. I would be trully grateful for any and all the help. Best Regards.
  19. Hello, i want to finish 4 raids spirit in classics. Where I can find x,y,z coordinates where is right place for these RBs?
  20. PT_BR = Ola membros do Fórum sou novato, e estou escrevendo esse código mais logo a quanto o tempo termina ele teleporta mais gera muitos erro ao GameServer Esta funcionando mais queria retirar os erros que da em Google translator EN= The members of the Forum are newbies, and are signing this code sooner in time the teleports finish some more errors to GameServer This works more wanted removed the errors that in Model.Foke Model.Player Model.Walker WARNING Exception in a Runnable execution:java.lang.ClassCastException: net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.instance.Walker cannot be cast to net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.instance.Player package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.zone.type; import java.util.Collection; import java.util.concurrent.ScheduledFuture; import java.util.stream.Collectors; import net.sf.l2j.commons.concurrent.ThreadPool; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.serverpackets.ExShowScreenMessage; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.serverpackets.ExShowScreenMessage.SMPOS; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.Creature; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.instance.Player; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.zone.SpawnZoneType; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.zone.ZoneId; public class EventZone extends SpawnZoneType { protected ScheduledFuture<?> _counterTask = null; protected int _timer = 5 * 60; public EventZone(int id) { super(id); } @Override protected void onEnter(Creature character) { if (character instanceof Player && _counterTask == null) _counterTask = startCounter(); character.setInsideZone(ZoneId.PEACE, true); ThreadPool.schedule(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { ((Player) character).teleToLocation(83597, 147888, -3405, 0); ((Player) character).sendMessage("Evento Finalizado!"); } }, 1000 * 300); } private ScheduledFuture<?> startCounter() { return ThreadPool.scheduleAtFixedRate(new Counter(), 1000, 1000); } @Override protected void onExit(Creature character) { character.setInsideZone(ZoneId.PEACE, false); if (getPlayers().size() < 1) resetCounter(); } @Override public void onDieInside(Creature character) { } @Override public void onReviveInside(Creature character) { character.setCurrentHp(character.getMaxHp()); character.setCurrentCp(character.getMaxCp()); character.setCurrentMp(character.getMaxMp()); onEnter(character); } public Collection<Player> getPlayers() { return getCharacters().stream().filter(pl -> pl instanceof Player).map(cr -> (Player) cr).collect(Collectors.toList()); } protected void resetCounter() { if (_counterTask != null) { _counterTask.cancel(true); _counterTask = null; } _timer = 5 * 60; } class Counter implements Runnable { protected Counter() { } @Override public void run() { if (_timer < 1) { resetCounter(); return; } for (Player player : getPlayers()) { int minutes = _timer / 60; int second = _timer % 60; String timing = ((minutes < 10) ? ("0" + minutes) : minutes) + ":" + ((second < 10) ? ("0" + second) : second); player.sendPacket(new ExShowScreenMessage("Event Farm: " + timing, 1100, SMPOS.TOP_CENTER, false)); } _timer--; } } } BR= Soucer Acis Atual! EN= Source Acis
  21. Hey guys.i would like to find out how to set a reuse to a quest that allready exist and has unlimited time's to use it? For example quest with name WatchingEyes has unlimited uses. when you complete it, you can get the quest again and use it unlimited times per day. how am i going to set a cooldown to it? i want every 12 hours. here is the quest https://textuploader.com/1dmtt thnx you for your help i appreceate it!
  22. Greetings guys , Bug: Duel ends in tie , and they can walk normally with Snipe or Ultimate Defense while keeping the stats after duel ends Could anyone help me understand what's causing this bug and point me in the right direction in order to fix it ? (Using L2JFrozen ) Thanks in advance
  23. Hello / good morning, I developing Seven Signs update of Classics client and I want to implement Spirit Info and Manager. Someone who knows how to get packets for these features? or any help to get it or tip? Can I parse all packets from installed client? :) Thank you.
  24. Hi there community. Maybe somebody can help me. Im trying to make some animated image to insert in lineage 2. I just make it with After Effect and then i exporte it to .Tga , everything its okey. (like 200img btw that isnt the problem) The problem is that when i import them to UE2 the img is Upside. First time i sopose that it was my mistake i check it with photoshop and no, it was okey. Just trying to find the solution I save it again replacing the old one, (With photoshop) in .Tga and now the img look good. Maybe an expert or somebody that know more than me im just trying to learn about this, can give me a hand or tell me what im doing wrong. For what i think the problem is how i make the .Tga in After Effects but i try every posibility at least things that i dont know what they are. But no solution. Thanks for your time! Hope get an answerd (Sorry my english)
  25. I use windows 10 (x64 bit) for run l2 interlude game and when i try create a character all game freeze, anyone have any solution for this ? i have this problem in any server...