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Found 6,713 results

  1. Hi everybody im new in l2j server developement, im working with jericko90 acis faction pack , and im trying to create a gmshop but when i spawn the npc with admin character nothing happens. Ive created the npc in xml /npc ,the htm ,and set it to L2Merchant. Nothing happens but an error, im going to sleep now but tomorrow ill post screenshots, ill apreciate some help. Tnx AND sorry for my bad english . Greetings
  2. Hello, i need help with this code, i decide to create this AI, All works good, except, when chaos start walk myself::AddMoveToDesire( 95904, -110652, -3344, 5000 ); the character starts follow him on camera action, my question is, exists any method to paralyze character or something??? can anyone help me? thanks class 1 doctor_chaos1 : citizen { parameter: int social = 1; handler: EventHandler TALKED( i0, i1, quest_id, talker ) { if( myself::GetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1 ) < 0 ) { myself::ShowPage( talker, "doctor_chaos_01.htm" ); myself::SetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1, 1 ); } if( myself::GetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1 ) == 0 ) { myself::ShowPage( talker, "doctor_chaos_01.htm" ); myself::SetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1, 1 ); } if( myself::GetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1 ) == 1 ) { myself::Say( "How dare you trespass into my territory! Have you no fear?" ); myself::ShowPage( talker, "doctor_chaos_02.htm" ); myself::SetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1, 2 ); } if( myself::GetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1 ) == 2 ) { myself::ShowPage( talker, "doctor_chaos_03.htm" ); myself::SetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1, 0 ); myself::AddTimerEx( 1, 1000 ); } } EventHandler TIMER_FIRED_EX( timer_id, talker ) { if( timer_id == 1 ) { myself::SpecialCamera(, 1, 200, 0, 15, 7000, 7000, 0, 0, 1, 0 ); myself::Say( "Fools! Why haven't you fled yet? Prepare to learn a lesson!" ); myself::AddTimerEx( 2, 3000 ); } if( timer_id == 2 ) { myself::ChangeMoveType( 0 ); myself::AddMoveToDesire( 95904, -110652, -3344, 5000 ); myself::AddTimerEx( 3, 5500 ); } if( timer_id == 3 ) { myself::Suicide(); myself::Despawn(); myself::CreateOnePrivateEx( 1025512, "dr_chaos_gigantic_golem", 0, 0, myself::FloatToInt( 96030 ), myself::FloatToInt( -110777 ), myself::FloatToInt( -3312 ), 0,, 0, 0 ); myself::AddEffectActionDesire( dr_chaos_gigantic_golem, social, 0, 0 ); } } }
  3. Hello i have a servers, located in thailand. I am using good Spec for PC server from OVH, How to make my server no lag in Europe, ETC? Please Help me , thanks. If there anyone who can give solution / suggest please contact me. This is my spec pc server : Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz With Size 16 Thread 3696 MHz Capacity 4500 MHz Capacity Memory 62GiB With SSD For maximize system CPU Port Connection 1Gbps International with 10Gbps DDOS Protection
  4. how to fix "you are either not on a quest that involves this npc, or you don't meet this npc's minimum quest requirements" I tried to find answer around the internet but no solution, i am using frozen pack, pls any1 help me to fix this , i cant use any buffer bcs of all quests write this :/ pls any useful answer :/ i am hopeless
  5. hello. trying to check classic server online players with l2net. but i cant to check,error crash.
  6. How to set this event to happen more than 1x per day? <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <list xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="./xsd/configs.xsd"> <config ENABLED="false" DURATION="10" NOTIFY_DELAY ="5" DAILY="true" DAY="0" HOUR="00" MINUTE="00" RANDOM_MINUTE="5"/> </list> <!-- ENABLED option is global that means if it is false Raid event will be disabled --> <!-- DURATION option is the time that boss will be spawned in world --> <!-- NOTIFY_DELAY option is a schedule time that will send notification of raid location --> <!-- DAILY if this option is true raid event will be daily, make sure DAY option is 0 --> <!-- DAY option is to set which day of month boss will spawn, make sure if this is higher than 0 DAILY option must be false --> <!-- HOUR option is a 24 hour format about the time boss will spawn --> <!-- MINUTE option is the minute of hour boss will spawn --> <!-- RANDOM_MINUTE option is to add a random time in minutes so time won't be the same. -->
  7. I am wrong with some accessories for c4 some normal handle other gets this go in the accessory someone can help
  8. Hello guys, how can I open UNR files? Im trying to open/edit the UNR files in the maps folder but I cant find a proper program. I tried with Unreal Engine 4 (I know it is because of version), and UnrealEngine2 editor. I was just trying because i searched and found it may can open unr files... can you give me a hand?
  9. Hey guys, I'm using L2Mythras pack from the shares, I got a problem where the system thinks everybody from the same PC, for example, in Olympiad when a player register nobody can register, unless he unregister then another player can register alone too, If I changed "OlympiadPlayerIp" to False so it doesn't check IP, they can register and with events too and for sure it's gonna be with voting, so the server kinda think all players from one PC but their IP's are totally different. so is there a way to fix this ? like disable the HWID and make it only based on IPs ? Please if you got an answer help me.
  10. how to give all players nobbless blessing can any1 tell pls? (dont ask pay for this little help ..)
  11. Καλησπερα! Ειμαι σχετικα καινουριος Developer. Θελω να φτιαξω εναν Interlude server retail αλλα θελω να προσθεσω και δικα μου custom. Εχω βρει καποια πραγματα μεσα στο Forum ομως δεν ξερω ποιο source να διαλεξω και να δουλεψω πανω σε αυτο. Επισης αν γινεται θα ηθελα και ενα link για να μπορεσω να βρω το source ωστε να μπορεσω να ξεκινησω γιατι μεχρι τωρα εχω βρει μοναχα compiled packs. Ευχαριστω!
  12. anyone can tell me whats the command to spawn items directly to player's/ target's inventory? and the command to reward the whole server (ct2.3) thx
  13. Hi everyone. I make server multiskill and i want to know how i can learn with 1 click all levels of skill?
  14. Hello I dont find how is manage visuel effect of Kamael soul charge for create custom Chargesoul effect I dont find in skillgrp.dat a visueleffectID and dont find effect in lineageeffect.u or lineageskilleffect link Who can help me? Thx
  15. Hello I already did everything and can not solve what I did wrong? Code : private void showRaidBossDrop(Player player, int bossId, int pageId) { final NpcTemplate npc = NpcData.getInstance().getTemplate(bossId); if (npc == null) return; final List<DropCategory> list = new ArrayList<>(); npc.getDropData().forEach(c -> list.add(c)); Collections.reverse(list); final int limit = Config.RAID_BOSS_DROP_PAGE_LIMIT; final int max = list.size() / limit + (list.size() % limit == 0 ? 0 : 1); list.subList((pageId - 1) * limit, Math.min(pageId * limit, list.size())); final StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); for (DropCategory cat : list) { for (DropData drop : cat.getAllDrops()) { sb.append("<html>"); sb.append("<center>"); sb.append("<body>"); sb.append("<table width=\"256\">"); sb.append("<tr><td width=\"256\" align=\"center\">%name%</td></tr>"); sb.append("</table>"); sb.append("<br>"); sb.append("<table width=\"256\">"); sb.append("<tr><td width=\"256\" align=\"left\">" + _messages[1][Rnd.get(_messages.length)].replace("%boss%", npc.getName()) + "</td></tr>"); sb.append("</table>"); sb.append("<br>"); sb.append("<table width=\"224\" bgcolor=\"000000\">"); sb.append("<tr><td width=\"224\" align=\"center\">Raid Boss Drops</td></tr>"); sb.append("</table>"); sb.append("<br>"); final Item item = ItemTable.getInstance().getTemplate(drop.getItemId()); String name = item.getName(); if (name.length() >= 43) name = name.substring(0, 40) + "..."; sb.append("<table width=280 bgcolor=000000><tr>"); sb.append("<td width=44 height=41 align=center><table bgcolor=FFFFFF cellpadding=6 cellspacing=\"-5\"><tr><td><button width=32 height=32 back=" + item.getIcon() + " fore=" + item.getIcon() + "></td></tr></table></td>"); sb.append("<td width=236>" + name + "</td>"); sb.append("</tr></table><img src=L2UI.SquareGray width=280 height=1>"); sb.append("<br>"); sb.append("<table width=\"64\" cellspacing=\"2\">"); sb.append("<tr>"); for (int x = 0; x < max; x++) { final int pageNr = x + 1; if (pageId == pageNr) sb.append("<td align=\"center\">" + pageNr + "</td>"); else sb.append("<td align=\"center\"><a action=\"bypass -h npc_%objectId%_RaidBossDrop " + bossId + " " + pageNr + "\">" + pageNr + "</a></td>"); } sb.append("</tr>"); sb.append("</table>"); sb.append("<br>"); sb.append("<table width=\"160\" cellspacing=\"2\">"); sb.append("<tr>"); sb.append("<td width=\"160\" align=\"center\"><a action=\"bypass -h npc_%objectId%_RaidBossInfo " + _lastPage.get(player.getObjectId()) + "\">Return</a></td>"); sb.append("</tr>"); sb.append("</table>"); sb.append("<br>"); sb.append("<table width=\"256\">"); sb.append("<tr><td width=\"256\" align=\"center\">L2EUA</td></tr>"); sb.append("</table>"); sb.append("</center>"); sb.append("</body>"); sb.append("</html>"); final NpcHtmlMessage html = new NpcHtmlMessage(getObjectId()); html.setHtml(sb.toString()); html.replace("%name%", getName()); html.replace("%objectId%", getObjectId()); player.sendPacket(html); } } }
  16. i means LienageII UnrealScript Editor,any1 know who made this tool?how to contact this guy? thx.
  17. Hello guys. I try search on google how to edite lobby, but all tutorials is dead or deleted. Ii found some program like this L2smr, but not understand how it work.. (Try replace login screen) Please, someone tell me how it is work.
  18. Even putting a reuse time of 2 seconds in the potions and autopotion, players using custom interface can take advantage of this bug and regenerate their CP absurdly watch the video Is there a way to put something like a protection that if using the item too fast the player takes kick or jail? XML <item id="5591" type="EtcItem" name="CP Potion"> <set name="icon" val="icon.etc_cp_potion_i00" /> <set name="default_action" val="SKILL_REDUCE" /> <set name="etcitem_type" val="POTION" /> <set name="immediate_effect" val="true" /> <set name="material" val="LIQUID" /> <set name="weight" val="25" /> <set name="price" val="200" /> <set name="reuse_delay" val="1000" /> <set name="is_stackable" val="true" /> <set name="is_oly_restricted" val="true" /> <set name="handler" val="SoulShots" /> <set name="item_skill" val="2166-1" /> </item> <item id="5592" type="EtcItem" name="Greater CP Potion"> <set name="icon" val="icon.etc_cp_potion_i01" /> <set name="default_action" val="SKILL_REDUCE" /> <set name="etcitem_type" val="POTION" /> <set name="immediate_effect" val="true" /> <set name="material" val="LIQUID" /> <set name="weight" val="100" /> <set name="price" val="500" /> <set name="reuse_delay" val="1000" /> <set name="is_stackable" val="true" /> <set name="is_oly_restricted" val="true" /> <set name="handler" val="SoulShots" /> <set name="item_skill" val="2166-2" /> </item> AutoPotion: /** Configuration */ private final static int MP_MINIMUM_PERCENTAGE = 80; // Example MP pot will be activated if MP is lower than 75% private final static int HP_MINIMUM_PERCENTAGE = 95; // Example MP pot will be activated if HP is lower than 75% private final static int CP_MINIMUM_PERCENTAGE = 95; // Example MP pot will be activated if CP is lower than 90% private final static int POT_TRIGGER = 2000; i use l2jsunrise (H5)
  19. hello would you like help with this for (ItemTemplateHolder holder : template.getItems()) html.replace("%items%", ItemTable.getInstance().getTemplate(holder.getId()).getIcon()); I want that whenever I add items in the class xml generate the icon of the item in an html
  20. Hi guys. Short question. How could I disable the champion spawn for certain monsters with a certain title? The monster type is L2Monster, and the title is MonsterSpawn. Would it be possible to exclude these mobs to be transformed into a champion mob? if (Config.L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE) { // Set champion on next spawn if (!(this instanceof L2GrandBossInstance) && !(this instanceof L2RaidBossInstance) && !(this instanceof L2ChestInstance) && !(getTemplate().title.contentEquals("MonsterSpawn") && (this instanceof L2MonsterInstance) && (Config.L2JMOD_CHAMPION_FREQUENCY > 0) && (getLevel() >= Config.L2JMOD_CHAMP_MIN_LVL) && (getLevel() <= Config.L2JMOD_CHAMP_MAX_LVL))) { final int random = Rnd.get(100); if (random < Config.L2JMOD_CHAMPION_FREQUENCY) { setChampion(true); } } } As you can see I tried with the getTemplte.title but I doesn't work. Any help or hint would be great. Thanks!
  21. I've found an interface with damage on screen feature and i would like to copy it to another interface. Do i have to edit interface.xdat / interface.u or both? i edit .xdat but it didnt worked. Also when i enter the game a message at center top appears Welcome to edit interface bla bla bla i opened interface.u but i can't find it.. any ideas where is it?
  22. I've exported many textures and 3D models, every import has worked except for this fucking homunculus sword. After the export it is a simple DDS file -> loaded and edited in Photoshop. Saved as DDSTX3 with Alpha Channel and imported again. Unfortunately this error happens and I honestly don't know where it comes from. It is half transparent and the other half not..... Any idea why this happens?
  23. Hi I am newbie and I hope I get help there, I cant reg in oly what do I have to do? Its need any configuration in system or I just missing some fails and have to download?
  24. The thing is I can have 2 boxes in town or one in town and one in a farm zone, but I can't have both of them in the farm zone. It say it's restricted. If there a way to get rid of this? Thank you.
  25. I checked all possible buffers but none of them worked, I want random buffer w/o images or anything like this, just buffer that works for frozen