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Found 226 results

  1. I was wondering if someone knows how can i edit this: with my server's information. Thanks in advance.
  2. There is no such thing right now? How do I make my mistake I have to create this?
  3. Hello, I have a problem I have Acis 368rev pack, and I have a problem... I use whole time on VPS this pack and I do not have any problems, but when I try on PC, it's not allowing me to connect in Gameserver, I do not know why. But problem cause this is from source. I search everything in source its looks fine, where I need check maybe please tell me. (I try this on clean Acis pack, works everything fine)
  4. Error Cannot create item null And world dead coming help me please
  5. How can i find the Chat Window arrows? Image
  6. If I buy access to C, am I entitled to what updates? I do not want to get free font more ... If I buy now gain upgrade from 361 to 374?
  7. As I put subclass free, she is by quest. in fact I wanted to make subclass it was necessary only to kill the cabrio, hallate, golkonda and kernon boss to talk to the box and receive the items to exchange for the quest without having to complete the quest
  8. I don't know if this is client or server bug, so I posted on both places (I know I shouldn't). So a title for any player should show up blue, but it only shows blue to the owner of that Character, to everyone else around him his title show's in black, as for everyone else but yourself. Only characters are affected, NPC's and others are not affected. I'm running Acis 370.
  9. Hello, I'm doing a protection for tvt event, but I'm trying to get someone to help me? if removing else does not work public static void AddTvTSpawnInfo(String name, int _x, int _y, int _z) { if(!CheckTvTSpawnInfo(name)) { String temp = name + ":" + Integer.toString(_x) + ":" + Integer.toString(_y) + ":" + Integer.toString(_z) + ":1"; TvTPlayerList.add(temp); } else { Object[] elements = TvTPlayerList.toArray(); for(int i=0; i < elements.length ; i++) { Splitter = ((String) elements[i]).split(":"); String nameVal = Splitter[0]; if (name.equals(nameVal)) { GetTvTSpawnInfo(name); if (_x == xx && _y == yy && _z == zz && _player.isAttackingNow() == false && _player.isCastingNow() == false && _player.isOnline() == true) { ++SameLoc; if (SameLoc >= 4)//Kick after 4 same x/y/z, location checks { //kick here TvTPlayerList.remove(i); _player.logout(); return; } else { TvTPlayerList.remove(i); String temp = name + ":" + Integer.toString(_x) + ":" + Integer.toString(_y) + ":" + Integer.toString(_z) + ":" + SameLoc; TvTPlayerList.add(temp); return; } } TvTPlayerList.remove(i); String temp = name + ":" + Integer.toString(_x) + ":" + Integer.toString(_y) + ":" + Integer.toString(_z) + ":1"; TvTPlayerList.add(temp); } } } }
  10. Hello, i can't "up" my server i had do all right i think, can anyone help me? the port checker from internet tell me that they are close...
  11. good evening, i am here with a question again ^_^ So lets say that i want to see the DEBUFFS my targets has ( under the TargetStatusWnd) ( Only monsters or even players, either of both is fine ) I tried to copy the button party window has to show party members buffs debuffs etc but i didnt succeed. Any help is welcome, Thanks alot.
  12. I'm using ElfoCrash Individual Vote System, and it works with some minor adjustments. However, it does have a big problem, every character from the same IP can just collect the reward, in theory its fine but only if the item is untradable, witch is not. Can someone help me make an IP check ? This is for Acis pack. Thanks
  13. Hello I put event monument in my acis however the player only wins the item if you have online if the player had ofline appears that mistake someone help me? private static void addReward(int obj_id, boolean duple) { Player player = World.getInstance().getPlayer(obj_id); if(player != null && player.isOnline()) { InventoryUpdate iu = new InventoryUpdate(); final Item reward = ItemTable.getInstance().getTemplate(Config.EVENT_MONUMENT_STATUET_REWARD_ID); player.getInventory().addItem("top", Config.EVENT_MONUMENT_STATUET_REWARD_ID, duple ? Config.EVENT_MONUMENT_STATUET_REWARD_AMOUNT * 2 : Config.EVENT_MONUMENT_STATUET_REWARD_AMOUNT,player, null); player.sendMessage("Voce ganhou " + reward.getName() + "."); player.getInventory().updateDatabase(); player.sendPacket(iu); } else { addOfflineItem(obj_id, Config.EVENT_MONUMENT_STATUET_REWARD_ID, duple ? Config.EVENT_MONUMENT_STATUET_REWARD_AMOUNT * 2 : Config.EVENT_MONUMENT_STATUET_REWARD_AMOUNT); } } private static void addOfflineItem(int owner_id, int item_id, int count) { try(Connection con = L2DatabaseFactory.getInstance().getConnection()) { PreparedStatement st = con.prepareStatement("SELECT count FROM items WHERE item_id = ? and owner_id = ?"); st.setInt(1,item_id); st.setInt(2,owner_id); ResultSet rs = st.executeQuery(); int total = 0; while ( { total = rs.getInt("count"); } st.close(); rs.close(); st = con.prepareStatement("SELECT MAX(object_id) as objid FROM items"); st.executeQuery(); rs = st.executeQuery(); int obj_id = 0; while ( { obj_id = rs.getInt("objid") + 1000; } st.close(); rs.close(); if(total == 0) { st = con.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO items VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, 0, 'INVENTORY', 0, 0, 0, NULL, 0, 0, -1)"); st.setLong(1,owner_id); st.setLong(2,obj_id); st.setInt(3,item_id); st.setInt(4, count); st.execute(); st.close(); } else { st = con.prepareStatement("UPDATE items SET count = ? WHERE owner_id = ? and item_id = ? "); st.setInt(1, total + count); st.setLong(2, owner_id); st.setLong(3, item_id); st.execute(); st.close(); } } catch (SQLException e) { _log.severe("Could not update item char: " + e); } }
  14. Hi everyone, I have a problem with my L2Off I would like to leave a mammon npc in giran, but when I sumono it to rotate and I will talk to him, immediately it some
  15. Hello, i whant create GM FOS skill, but purify (skil) can remove it, can you give me advise what need to type in code that bishop skills cant remove my custom GM FOS skill? tnx.
  16. There were monuments at the beginning of the video on the shade. I removed the monuments, but the shade remained there. I would like to know which program and how to do it. I'll be glad if you help!
  17. Hello, I have freshly installed L2j frozen pack. I spawn 50019 (its default buffer). NPC is spawned but when html buttons pressed nothing happened. Any suggestions why? I have tried to check for init py file but i cant find it.. :)
  18. Hello Can Any one tell me how to fix Quest Giant Cave
  19. Hello sinc i saw other post not saw any of it who shered etc. Can some one help me whith link or java i need l2j high five rebirth system like makeing character back to 0lvl and add some item for exaple rebirt scroll etc. Sory for me english.
  20. Hi, Can someone hint me where or what should I do to fix casting speed, attack speed? In example, this is bishop with casting speed 1450... blue reuse bar shouldn't even be visible... or if i have sorceror, prominence reuse faster than aura flare.. Ant this is about attack speed.. 700+ attack speed and i can use stunshot non-stop.. it should be like 1st stunshot -> 2 hits > 2nd stunshot Waiting for your answers buds.. and don't tell me that there is same topic because there is not. There was actually something similar but all links are dead and topic closed.
  21. Hello i want to remove NormalFailEnchant = 0 i want when my weapon gets enchanted with normal scrolls to be crystals..from data base i have it like this but when i have it like this NormalFailEnchant = 5 my weapon gets enchanted +5 when it breaks..
  22. Hey there everybody! I would like to get some help with my case since I tried to fix the problem myself numerous times but nothing seems to have any effect, not even with the help of a friend. So here is the thing: Melee classes like daggers and tanks cannot hit/use skills on a running target. The attacker will chase/run after the target and when he reaches the minimum distance to hit/use skill, he does nothing, just stops and starts running again in a loop. Very rarely you can hit/ use a skill, VERY rarely. For example, you try to kill a Mage with a Dagger> Mage is running from you, you try to backstab but you cant! Even with Dash, I rin to the mage but nothing happens, even from the front! When mage stop running I can use skills/hits. I tried to increase attack range in int range = combinedCollision; if (attackTarget.isMoving()) range += 15; if (npc.isMoving()) range += 15; 15 is the original value, I tried with 50, 100, but didnt change anything. Also,this problem also affects archers in some way, check it, that is not normal:
  23. Hello, i was curious if i can find somewhere a "guide" that can show me how to modify existing custom armors, like changing colors, adding shoulders and etc. Thanks in advance.
  24. Good day. Dear users, who do you have these sources? One person sells them, and this is someone else's work. Alas, there is no connection with the developer. Thank you for attention.
  25. I want to make this area pvp zone but tried many time but i can't. Please, can anyone do it for me? Teleport to Garden of Eva Hidden room - 3 Fountain TP: "76734 245762 -10380" and make here pvp zone. Thank you! :)