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Found 6,622 results

  1. Good afternoon everyone. I need your help for troubleshooting the following error: I've tried to run a clear installation of the database, recompiled the pack, but without any changes, from the original work.This happened suddenly and unexpectedly. I am running stock L2JHellas coding.Looking forward for your help.
  2. When I click press Start/Stop Bot (PASUE) Nothing happend any ideas how to fix this problems Bot name is : L2 farm bot ver 1.5
  3. Has anyone got any idea how to edit elements of the character creation screen in Grand Crusade? Need to edit/remove elements in red boxes as shown on the screenshot For example: Classpath (need to remove 4th class) Awakened Characteristics (need to remove) Ertheia race button (need to remove) I've tried XDAT Editor, but I cannot find the corresponding window. Thanks
  4. Guys I'm racking my brains with this, I need a system h5 that works 100% on the following protocol: 273, but all I find are 268. The ones that are 273, like the rpg club, etc and others that I have, when I open the inventory, or other things from this photo crash below, what can it be? I'm trying to find a functional system 273 to be able to edit the interface, because I've tried with protocol 268 and it didn't work. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Hello, everyone. Currently, I'm working with my high five server developed by As you know, basically, item enchant system in high five doesn't support 'continue' function. ( without it, the whole process became quite inconvenient because every time players have to manually move the weapon or armor item into the empty box in the item enchant frame. So, I wonder the way to add the 'continue' function into the process just like the grand crusade version?(
  6. Hello everyone. Who can tell me where i can find in java First Page of Community Board? Maybe i am stupid and i no have knowledge somethimes, but it is happend now. A simple questions no have answers. So, Where ? l2r.gameserver.communitybbs { If it's here, in what location ? } l2r.gameserver.communitybbs.BB { If it's here, in what location ? } l2r.gameserver.communitybbsManagers { If it's here, in what location ? } Thank you !
  7. Why Login server doesn't start? http:// When i click there, nothing happend...sht of java. What i need?
  8. This error it is because...? [javac] javac: invalid target release: 12 [javac] Usage: javac <options> <source files> [javac] use -help for a list of possible options BUILD FAILED C:\Users\Admin\git\master\L2J_Mobius_CT_2.6_HighFive\build.xml:64: Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details. Total time: 2 seconds or what java i need for L2jMobius? I have jdk-12.0.1 with enviroments applied.
  9. Ok so my problem it is only one. I can compile and install this server but after all Login crash. So no option to connect and try this project. I was use JDK.12, all what i was found and see was bug on java 1.7 Can someone help fix this error.
  10. Hello guys , i m wonder if some1 can know why the facking shitty skill dont land always while my target dont have any dodge , its not moving or something else .. i m using l2jmobius , i m not java dev , i know few .. You use Tribunal Damage message bla bla You use tribunal You use tribunal Damage message bla bla any idea ?
  11. The thing is I can have 2 boxes in town or one in town and one in a farm zone, but I can't have both of them in the farm zone. It say it's restricted. If there a way to get rid of this? Thank you.
  12. Hey I have on my server file Phantoms Can u tell me how i enabled the fake players and spawner them to me ?? I want admin commend
  13. HI all, i add attribute to a weapon to 450 and in gamne i can't see on weapon. I think it is not applied. Can help me someone?
  14. Hello, i have a simple queston. How i can change this line StringUtil.append(html1, "<br><tr>", "<td><img src=\"" + item.getIcon() + "\" height=32 width=32>", "</td>", "<td>", "<font color=" + (cat.isSweep() ? ("ff00ff") : ("ff9933")) + ">" + item.getName() + "</font>", "<br1><font color=\"00cc66\">Chance: </font>", "<font color=\"ffffff\">" + roundChance, "0%" + "</font>", "<font color=\"00cc66\"> Min: </font>", "<font color=\"ffffff\">" + drop.getMinDrop() + "</font>", "<font color=\"00cc66\"> Max: </font>", "<font color=\"ffffff\">" + drop.getMaxDrop() + "</font>", "</td>", "</tr>"); To read from HTML file? To load from NpcInfoTest.html. Now altview it is showing by this code. Java. But i want to make java read html. ( I hope SweeTs see this) Thanks.
  15. hello, I try to re-add a socket /bone name in unreal edit to a weapon, but it seems unreal editor is not saving the names of the new socket /bone i add, any ideea why? Is there some other software does this or a fix?
  16. How can i export PSK with sockets/bones , umodel seems to erase sockets at export?
  17. Well, i need a bit help. Back in past. Not more. I want to fix something and i didn't know. I make 2 category of drop. DROP and SPOIL . All good. I see Drop with Orange color. but Spoil i see still like Drop. Not like Fuchsya. I put cat.isSweep(). No chance. First Item it is Spoil drop. Second it is Drop normal Here it is java line. StringUtil.append(html1, "<tr>", "<td><center><img src=\"" + item.getIcon() + "\" height=32 width=32></center><br>", "<center><font color=\"ff9933\">" + item.getName() + "</font></center>", "<br1>" + "<center><font color=\"00cc66\">Chance: </font>", "<font color=\"ffffff\">" + roundChance + "0%" + "</font>", "<font color=\"00cc66\"> Min:</font>" + "<font color=\"ffffff\">" + drop.getMinDrop() + "</font>" + "<font color=\"00cc66\"> Max:</font>", "<font color=\"ffffff\">" + drop.getMaxDrop() + "</font></center>" + "<img src=\"L2UI.SquareWhite\" width=280 height=1>", "<br>", "</td>", "</tr>"); How i can set this line to add Drop Spoil like this color? Thanks
  18. So i want to make vengeance give buff only if any people are nearby. Current XML: <skill id="368" toLevel="1" name="Vengeance"> <icon>icon.skill0368</icon> <abnormalLvl>3</abnormalLvl> <abnormalTime>30</abnormalTime> <abnormalType>PD_UP_SPECIAL</abnormalType> <affectLimit>10-10</affectLimit> <affectRange>200</affectRange> <effectPoint>-8784</effectPoint> <hitTime>1000</hitTime> <magicLvl>77</magicLvl> <mpConsume>35</mpConsume> <operateType>A3</operateType> <reuseDelay>900000</reuseDelay> <basicProperty>NONE</basicProperty> <magicCriticalRate>5</magicCriticalRate> <targetType>SELF</targetType> <affectScope>POINT_BLANK</affectScope> <affectObject>NOT_FRIEND</affectObject> <conditions> <condition name="EquipShield" /> </conditions> <selfEffects> <effect name="MagicalDefence"> <amount>4050</amount> <mode>DIFF</mode> </effect> <effect name="PhysicalDefence"> <amount>5400</amount> <mode>DIFF</mode> </effect> <effect name="ResistDispelByCategory"> <amount>-80</amount> <slot>BUFF</slot> </effect> <effect name="Speed"> <amount>-40</amount> <mode>PER</mode> </effect> </selfEffects> </skill> Tried to add: <effect name="Vengeance" />, got effecthandler for it, but question is in which overrided function i should perform the checks if the people are nearby? l2jmobius.
  19. Hello guys, what i must edit to make max level 100? I have Experience.xml but only there i must edit? And i don't know the corect coordonates for Hi5. P.S. for critics, i don't need ready code. I need a link or a tip/hint for 1 level more, then i create for all.
  20. Hello Everyone, Iam facing a problem when Iam trying to shift click on an NPC to wats droplist. When I do with GM everything is cool but when I do with normal player its not working. The pack Iam using is acis and working on on the method onActionShift
  21. Hello; I would like to know how I get the Experience table, I use the Vangaanth's REV L2OFF, I would like to get lvl80 players up much slower than it is now! Why do I want this? Players get 100% lvl80 and can't take Karma out by killing mobs! Thanks!
  22. How can I get the top System box in Chat Window Options to stay checked for my server patch? I check it. Click OK. Add my Options.ini to new system, but will not stay checked for my patch. Your help or advice is appreciated.
  23. LF Hellbound Data Pack or Hellbound files to add to L2j Frozen Interlude Server. Seems impossible to find.
  24. Hello guys, I'm playing on l2 exilium server ( and i tryed install deadz interface version 2.4 but i have some problem. I replace all the files it contains in the folders, I open the game normally, I type the password and the PIN, but when I start loading the game I get a critical error. I did the test with all the files, but it is when I replace the interface.u file that I have this problem. I'm attaching a photo of my problem for further understanding. I apologize if there is already a topic on this subject, it's that I'm new and I do not understand much about the forum. I also apologize for the lack of knowledge in the subject, I am a simple player, I only know how to play and I do not understand anything about programming. Who can help me, I thank you very much.
  25. How i can set activeChar to not use CB on zones farm? Just in peace zones (Towns)