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  1. in frozen source where can i find pvp/pk title prefix? i want to change something there but cant find where it is ... if any1 know give me direction pls .. 😕
  2. Hi guys, Can an item in the bag can target the player when open the htm?
  3. Hi to all! Again i raise that old "dust" about Dynasty i know... now i try add Jeweler, Platium and Satin Dynasty into interlude.... Again typical problem with "shoulder attach" i have not found any tutorial how to add properly...my knowledge in 3ds max is pathetic ( same is my English i know) I start with Blender.... used blender 2.8 ... i added both models... connected em with each other... WORKS! looks fine... no problem... even bones seems to remain in their own places.. exported .PSK model...! Import in UE.... WOOOOOOOOOOORKS! Textures attached correctly....TH
  4. need Script "move to target (back) all time , and use backstab" TL2Live.X/Y and TL2Live.ToX/ToY to find back HELP
  5. Hello, I try to understand what the column 2 values do, but it makes no sense (0/10/20/40) look at the .dat below, any idea what column 2 does?? 0 0 a,none\0 1 a,LineageEffect.enchant_radiance\0 1 4 0 10 20 0 0 30 0.10000000 0 10 20 0 0 30 0.10000000 0 10 20 0 0 30 0.10000000 30 30 40 20 20 30 0.80000001 30 30 40 20 20 30 0.80000001 35 45 60 25 35 50 0.80000001 35 65 90 25 55 75 0.80000001 20 70 145 10 50 130 0.80000001 0 50 180 0 44 155 0.80000001 65 50 110 45 25 100 0.80000001 60 30 150 40 10 135 1.00000000 203 0 240 203 0 240 0.30000001 153 0 240 153 0 240 0.50000000 120 3
  6. Hi! The new clients are now can use for Classic and GOD server. Like Prelude of War - Classic Kamael. Is it possible somehow to use GOD items like armors/weapons in Classic Server?
  7. Hi, i dont want to add community board to my server for buffer, also buffer npc is not good in my opinion, people need to go to towns everytime for buff. So I want to create custom command .buffer which will open buffer window. I think i need to find cmd event handlers and call some buffer ai from handler function. first i dont know where can i find cmd event handlers and second maybe it will not work like that i don't know, so i need your help again guys. chronicle is epilogue with myext64
  8. hi there, i have question, i just compiled server just set up everything correctly and run game & login server w/o any error but i cant log into game.. any idea what is the problem? and yeh when i set up already compiled server its worked...
  9. Hi everyone. I need a help, I want my main village to play all other towns songs. I mean I want the songs of all towns and villages to be played in one village, song after song. Is there a way to do this? Thank you so much for your time.
  10. Hi, I edited Npcgrp.dat, added custom npc and after that im unable to start client. it says: Edit: I was using bad version of l2fileedit, admins close this if if want.
  11. hi, im using MyExt64 I want to call ShowMultisell from ai, or directly open multisell from html but none of them working.. server is epilogue. when I try to call ShowMultisell from ai it says "multisell not allowed" when i try directly from html it does nothing, html window just dissapers but multisell window not openning. "bypass -h menu_select?ask=-303&reply=803" where 803 is id of multiseel that i created: MultiSell_begin [server_manager_weapon_b] 803 is_dutyfree = 1 selllist={ {{{[great_sword];1}};{{[adena];8000000}}}; {{{[
  12. my buffer npc have no reaction when i try to talk, its not showing buffer_npc001.htm here is my ai script. class 0 buffer : citizen parameter_define_begin string fnHi "buffer_npc001.htm" string fnYouAreChaotic "buffer_npc002.htm" string fnNotEnoughAdena "buffer_npc003.htm" string fnWait "buffer_npc004.htm" int ItemBuff 57 int Amount 1000 int Delay 500 parameter_define_end handler 13 11 // CREATED variable_begin "myself" "_choiceN" "_code" "_from_choice" variable_end push_event // myself push_con
  13. I have autopots in my server when you join olympiad you can use autopots (only if they are enabled before you join) if its close you cant use it. I want to auto-close autopots when you join in arena. Thank you a lot if you can help
  14. Anyone knows how to edit the handlers of the buttons on top of the community board?
  15. What files do L2Escape and E-Global use? .. they use same pack.. I want pack and pay to add customs
  16. Hi, Unsure if this is the right place, but its the closest I found. Looked around the forum for suggestions for Anti-Bot, but most of them are quite old topics. What would be the best Anti-Bot at the moment considering price, ideally Life Time or annual licence. Understand that it might not block adrenaline, but as it's for PvP server I need something to block interfaces and some older bots atleast. any suggestion, review and feedback on the systems would be appreciated. I was looking at Strix-Guard, but website looks to be dead - https://strix-guard.info/en/p
  17. Hello everyone. Well, previously he used Mobios and there he uses Java 14 in his projects. However when you save with "Ctrl + S" it removes unused items and adds the ones you would use if the call is correct. is there any way to configure if the imports come alone or and just using java 14 it already has this automatic tool. sorry for the translation you are the best
  18. Hello! i looking for FoI animations (like on movie) or can be other colors but in a separate new file, because the server blocks the edited filelineageeffect.u Can u help me?
  19. Hi Everyone, I'm using C4 client and the server is l2 off . I create my custom wyvern and when i ride the pet become a strider,I searched and i think is a client side problem, So where can I edit for this problem? Some one can help for this? In the image where I attached the wyvern is dissapearing and It's becoming a strider. Thanks a lot.
  20. Hi everyone, I made the custom wvyern where I also created the item and it works, I just can't ride it. Where can I modify to make it rideable. I'm using l2 off C4. thanks a lot And the l2server respond User.cpp 7228 cannot ride normal pet. Thanks Again
  21. Hello, can anyone teach me how to disable titles in game? and how to use pvp title prefix, i want something like this as pvp title [0][0] (ofc 0 increases every time kill some1).
  22. Hello, I have a H5 server, and I need help to incorporate dynamic adena to the server. For example lvl 1-40 x15, lvl 1-62 x12, lvl 1-76 x9, lvl 76-80 x6, lvl 80-83 x4, lvl 83-85 x2. If anyone has any ideas or has code ready, it would be helpful. Thank you
  23. I want to ask your help mxc, if there are still ppl who's able to help pls respond. I want to change 'champion mobs' something like this.... Well it's hard to write my English is not full yet... That what I want >>> BOSS (LVL 1) after death BOSS (LVL 2) after death BOSS (LVL 3) and so on till lvl 20. I hope you guys get it what I mean and if you can help me.. I don't mean full Java code (I think I have to make it in Java) just some part of it as example (l2jfrozen 1.5). 🙏🙏
  24. -Hi .I get into point , i need this code that already exist in l2jfrozen 1132 https://pastebin.com/jeAQJ8XS to edit so it works with api keys and server url instead only details of server. -I want it cause this code isnt work any more . -Can this done ? Thanks in advance
  25. what i have to add this skill to make it available only in olympiad ?? <skill id="341" levels="1" name="Touch of Life"> <set name="hpConsume" val="1215"/> <set name="power" val="50"/> <set name="target" val="TARGET_ONE"/> <set name="skillType" val="HEAL_PERCENT"/> <set name="magicLvl" val="78"/> <set name="operateType" val="OP_ACTIVE"/> <set name="castRange" val="40"/> <set name="effectRange" val="400"/> <set name="reuseDelay