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  1. Greetings, After i changed to JDK 11 these following errors occured to L2NPCINSTANCE.java import org.omg.PortableServer.POAManagerPackage.State; (The import org.omg cannot be resolved) and following the previous error this error occures: || qs.getState().equals(State.active)) (State cannot be resolved to a variable) After searching in google i realised that it's possible that method org.omg is no longer used in JDK 11 , any suggestions on fixing it? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, i seem to be having issues with H5 interfaces, no matter which one i install - if it includes interface.u file always get the SAME exact error. Tried with interfaces: Deadz 1.8-2.4 (multiple versions) Edkith Peepoclown (thats the file name, cant remember exact name but its the essence style one) Given that this happens with as soon as that file is touched there must be some issue elsewhere - anyone knows what's up? Spent some time on google but just see a lot of these errors with no solutions
  3. Yesterday i post a problem with my offline buffer sellers ,i was just forgot 1line into offlinetradetables. NOW my problem is so AKWARD!! The code is 100% functional ! I use 2databases in navicat 1 for testing and 1 clean( no1 name=test and no2 name=main server) (*1 serverfiles with 2 databases , so the code is the same*) Problem: In my code seller changes name color & tittle when selling buffs(like offline shops) . & when he stop selling it return into normal. -In my test database everything works perfect , when buffer sells automatically changes colors
  4. Looking for advice regarding text alignment, with deadz 2.4 changed font name (tried both by placing file in the system and via xdat change). Where can i edit alignment, as after changing it out as you can see the image - title is moved to the right as is misaligned? P.S. tried to copy font info from 1.8 interface xdat which displays just fine (tahoma.ttf, same sizes) but getting same result
  5. Can't make 'custom' armors to show missing set parts/whole set bonuses. Anyone got a clue?
  6. Hello folks , well im getting into the point: im facing a problem with offline buffers. I can set them as offline buffers and work ,but they aren't restoring after restart ,also give a error at system . pics: https://imgur.com/a/unUqNOA + i can't fine the mistake :/ .. thanks.
  7. Hello mxc Looking for an expert to solve some issues on 7s festival (interlude pack), please pm me thanks !!
  8. Hello, i put my ".menu" with trade option. Disabled/Enables. And method work, block trade request or allow. Depends on state. And i want to save this choice of player on character_variables. I put as fallow on .manu case "trade": if (!activeChar.getVariables().getBoolean("trade_off", false)) { activeChar.setTradeRefusal(true); activeChar.getVariables().set("trade_off", true); activeChar.sendMessage("[Blocked Trade]: Enabled !"); } else { activeChar.setTradeRefusal(false); activeChar.getVariables().set("trade_off", false); activeChar
  9. i want to add the shop rotating symbol to some locations on a map, , how can i add emitters to a map without using l2editor?
  10. Hello, im trying to put nobless blessing into debuff bar, but ive no idea which line to edit in this version, it was easy to make on H5 client. If anyone got any ideas, please help. https://imgur.com/ws1Gf5v
  11. Hello. So I was messing around with ExServerPrimitive packet on aCis and I was trying to draw a circle around a capture point (dominion event). But I've noticed some very strange behaviour of this packet. From my understanding, each primitive is saved in the client under a unique (?) name, like an object id. In addition to that, you need to actually send an empty packet of the name you are modifying if you wish to clear the packet in the client (or exit and open up again). However, if for example I log in 2 clients from the same PC, only the first will get t
  12. Greetings Client Developers, actually i am phasing a problem that Icons from a Red armor. that i have on my server do not exist.... can some one send me Just an armor set UTX icon. i dont care about color... i prefer a red. but i dont really care.... please! ty I forgot to mention that it is Intelude Client
  13. Hello, i want to ask why isn't saved to database my choice? I want to store in db /allblock and isn't work. I have set variable on RequestBlock.java and pic it's like that https://ibb.co/N1h8gcG If anyone can help. Greetings !
  14. Good Morning. I tried to separated the classDamage ,because l2jfrozen uses 1config for classDamages with an option to enable the same edited stats to olympiad ,so i created an new config with olyClassDamage,but it seems it isnt work. code: "Deleted" EDIT: I fix it, sorry for topic spam ! Have a good day!
  15. Hello cheaters. I want to know where i find methods to make functions available from photo available? https://ibb.co/svkj2vp If i should create them, i want to know how i can do this. I don;t have any ideea how i can create those methods. Thank you !
  16. i d like to know about AiTaskManagers what value should they be, and what impact does a higher value has on the server, what is the positive of increasing value or leaving it at 1 ?
  17. Hello, any know how to resolve problem with a small results button at fishing window? This button appear only if I have Wolf/Baby Pets summoned ... If nothing summoned, or Cat, Golem, etc, will this button not appear. on Interface.xdat look all good 🙂 button Nr. is 1428 Thank for ideas/help.
  18. Hello, I'm updating the entire paging system of my Npcs adding the system recommended by master TK I come across a problem, is not generating a new page, and my command was broken. https://i.imgur.com/PZ1aOrH.mp4 Fixed!! Fixed
  19. Hello there. I would like to know the reason why was my topic deleted. I'm talking about the topic where i was advertising my server L2 Viral. It was simply deleted. No one sent me any info or anything. As far as i know of my topic was within the forum rules. Can i have a reason why this happened?
  20. Anyone knows where/how to change the IP/Domain inside the unpacked Fire.dll? https://mmo-dev.info/threads/hguard-cracked.1568/
  21. Hi , i facing a problem with teleport for grandbosses,even if player have the quest item,player get the message: " You are either not carrying out your quest or don't meet the criteria. ". Pic:
  22. Hello , i recently added a code to protect newbies from attack of other players,depends at level difference of players. "player is getting skill(anchor)" when hit player with 10+ level difference. but this is based on "TARGET" and player is also paralyzed when they use buff to other player with 10level difference. I want to allow buffs to other players no matter the level difference . code: i could add restriction skill ids but i think is simplier way than add every skill id :/ . L2jfrozen last rev Thanks in advance!
  23. Hi everyone, im creating a acp for l2scripts server Currently i havig problems to encrypt the password, i try with the common base64_encode(pack("H*",sha1($password))), but is not working (The stored password has 88 char lenght instead 28) Any one working with this source know how is the password encryption?
  24. Who exsplain me how make form one target skill animation for mass skill animation? (use skill and see animation on all party/ally members)