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  1. hello mxc, i have question how can i change quest RelicsOfTheOldEmpire reward item? i mean i know where i can change it but i cant give it numbers, REWARDS = [ 6881,6883,6885,6887,6891,6893,6895,6897,6899,7580 ] << this is rewards i want to change it to festival aden, i want to give 40 FA for every success quest, maybe anyone can help? i can write only fa but it gives only 1 and if i write something like this "6673,40" its gets crushed...
  2. Hello, I have one problem using the files, does anyone know how to solve it? Apr 21, 2021 10:22:58 PM net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.pledge.Clan setPriviledgesForRank SEVERE: Error while storing rank. java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'rank,privs) VALUES (268439441,6,8388606) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE privs=VALUES(pr' at line 1 at com.mysql.cj.jdbc.exceptions.SQLError.createSQLException(SQLError.java:120) at com.mysql.cj.jdbc.exceptions.SQLError.createSQL
  3. where i find the animations of the interlude skills ? which system file is ?
  4. You are trying at some point to add the flags of the alliance so that they appear on my website, but more than the verses I found or something is missing from some point of view to provide the functions that should be added correctly, please.
  5. Hello, can I somehow stop shop to update prices it's self?
  6. Ello folks, i want to ask if this method added on Skill.java do what i want. What i want? A item keeped on inventory by player and for change bufftime to 2 hours in this case. If SkillDurationList it;s 1 hour, with this Item ( 2 hours ) Total i want to be 3 hours. Here it is method. ( I don't know if it's good as method ) P.S.- if player doesn;t have this item, he can get time of buffs from SkillDurationList. Project L2j-Mobius ! Greetings ! if (player.getInventory().getItemByItemId(17423) != null) { if (player.getInventory().getInventoryItemCount(17423, -1, false) < 1)
  7. Hi, How to change weitgh penality the inventory ? I thought about changing the itemdata, but there are too many items to change manually
  8. Hello, Need help with script, need capture info about olympiad in interlude (/olympiadstat) How can read the system messages? var p1, p2: pointer; matches, wins, loss, points : integer; OlyStat : integer; begin //1673 1 Your current record for this Grand Olympiad is $s1 match(es), $s2 win(s) and $s3 defeat(s). You have earned $s4 Olympiad Point(s). 0 79 9B B0 FF 0 0 0 0 0 none OlyStat:=1673; while (true) do begin //laSysMsg - system message appeared. P1 - message identificator (cardinal), P2 - message data (TMemoryStream). Engine.WaitAction([laSysM
  9. How can i edit skill bars to be more than 4? I open interface.xdat but i don;t know where it is that. it is many things there. Thank you! Pls i want to know the way how i can extend that with +2 or more bars. Thank you!
  10. Hi Guys, not sure what I did wrong here, I exported the original texture and changed the color and created a UTX package for all my new color buttons, when I try use the button, it doesn't stretch like the original in the UI utx file? (picture attached) Please can someone help me figure this out, been pulling all my hair out. Thanks.
  11. Hello everyone, For several days i've been contacting all the adrenaline resellers trying to get a license for adrenaline, but nowadays no one sells, i've used adrenaline in the past, but i've came back to l2 in the recent days. Everyone mentions the elite status and that I need someone to vouch for me in order to be able to buy the elite status, the problem is that I don't know any1 who has it. la2bot.eu,l2soft.eu,adrenalinebot.com, etc... Any help is welcome. Kind regards, Amaral
  12. Hello guys i run the program propertly but after that when i log in to my L2 account the program dont show me the account? Whats the prooblem ?
  13. Good night, how are you? I think this should go in the client section. I am working on a downgrade to Vanganth a while ago I was able to leave it functional with C4 without mutant patches or anything weird, the only thing I am missing is the package that is responsible for showing the privileges, I leave a video so that they understand me better, my doubt is: what is the package that takes care of that? for example I see in ALT + N almost all the privileges unchecked (I have the privileges for example I can remove the title, open hall doors etc as seen in the video) There is an o
  14. hi, is this possible to change gift of queen buff for example to work only on its owner player? affect_limit = {1;1} not working 😞
  15. Good afternoon everyone, I realized that there are some interfaces that have the option alt + home where they remove all the fogs, I was wondering if it would be possible to delete any file or modify something to permanently remove all the fogs so that it is not necessary to always stay using the alt + home command. If you can help me I will be very grateful, thank you all.
  16. Hello. First off, I'd like to mention I'm clueless regarding client mod. I know how to add custom textures or edit existing ones and that's about it. Custom icon drag: I have added some custom icons for a few items however if I try to drag and drop one of those items (for example register a shortcut) the icon does not appear next to my cursor like it normally does with existing icons. It works fine, the shortcut is registered correctly but it looks weird. So I was wondering if someone could point out if I need to do something specific for it to work as intended.
  17. How can i get combo box value in ai event menu_selected? I have combobox <combobox width=80 var=target list="Me;My Target"> and bypass link action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=-601&reply=1317732353&s0=$target" it sends menu_select?ask=-601&reply=1317732353&s0=$target to the server I tried action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=-601&reply=1317732353&s0= $target" $target space separated and now it sends menu_select?ask=-601&reply=1317732353&s0= Me but in menuselected
  18. Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night. I would like the help of some charitable soul who could adapt this code for a Gracia Final Jserver rev. It's using java 7. The code is "skin click" from JFrozen interlude. Code: https://pastebin.com/z7mDu3Kx Rev: https://maxcheaters.com/topic/183804-l2-pride-sources-compileddb/
  19. Hello there fellows members, i am new in l2 gamserver developing, and i am trying to add custom npc's to my server, the thing is that i have the sql file that needs to be imported but it gives me an error as there is no custom npc table in my database. i cant seem to find how can i create on that works with the right values for it to then be able to accept my custom sql file. could someone please assist me? thanks in advance
  20. Hi, i have npc buffer which can be summoned with skill. problem is player can summon how many he wants at same time. how can i fix it? if already summoned one buffer need to disable skill or something to prevent summon second buffer.
  21. I know you guys are tired about helping ppl, but if there is anyone who can help me personally about database I'll be glad, if I have to pay for your help I am also rdy for this so please give me personal help. PS. Sry but I rly need help.
  22. Hello mxc, I need little help, website shows that game server is online but login server offline when both should be online, ppl can login without any problem but unfortunately website shows it offline, what can possibly make this issue? Port and everything is fine I guess cus, game server working and I just copy past gs code and changed port to login. What you think what is the problem?
  23. Καλησπερα θα ηθελα να ρωτησω εχω ενα acis pack κ προσπαθω να φτιαξω τα ραιδ να εχουν fix respawn time πχ Baium spawn 20:00 καθε σαββατο η καθημερινα στις 20:00 κτλπ πως μπορω να το κανω αυτο? εχω βρει πως κανω edit το respawn time αλλα δν εχω βρει πως μπορω να κανω κατι τετοιο
  24. Hello mxc I have a graphic problem when i click on buffs i get black screen and i have to click again at same point to remove this black screen also when i click on different images , text ingame i have same problem , did anyone know this issue or any suggestions ? Preview bug : https://gyazo.com/80c8a5279eae796bae179e141d0adb6d Preview bug : https://gyazo.com/a06c1baef2237889ab9620cfd72d23ef Client : Interlude Thanks in advance !!
  25. Hi! Anyone knows hot to fix Castle information window? I didnt found any config for it.