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Found 516 results

  1. L2Server extend part IlExt.dll invoke CNpcSpeedLoad::Initialize() in dllmain L2Npc Extend part NpcExt.dll invoke CNpcSpeedLoad::Initialize() in dllmain
  2. Hello, I have l2sunrise h5, I searched in files for location or path of upper buttons of community board. But not found please help me to find buttons location in html files or where else of community board. see photo please it's not in html\index btw. thank you
  3. Since i made it to show a member how to do it i'll share it with everyone. Just follow the steps and you won't have any problem. The tutorial was made for Interlude but it's the same proccess for every client the only thing that changes is the amount of splash screens. Download the tools used including all the files used on the tutorial: Decryption Key: p_WaOjbCts14KgIQCyvRLeF0FLHQ7yomj6MNbY_4LkY Rar password: [Hidden Content] Enjoy!
  4. Χερετώ όλα τα member του Maxcheaters...Επειδή το post είναι μεγάλο θα περάσω κατευθείαν στο θέμα... : 25 Μαρτίου 2013 Updated Όλα Τα Links! Τα Link που ακολουθούν είναι ολα τα προγράμματα που θα χρειαστείτε! Για να τα κατεβάσετε ακολουθήστε τα παρακάτω Link ;) 1)Java JRE,JDK,JAVA x32 2)Java JRE,JDK,JAVA x64 3)Navicat Navicat 8 4)MySql MySql Server 5.1 5)Eclipse Eclipse 6)No-ip No-ip 7)File Edit File Edit Πρώτα από όλα κάντε Extract όλα τα Rar στην επιφάνεια εργασίας! Ας ξεκινήσουμε λοιπόν: Install Java : Κάνουμε Εγκατάσταση το αρχείο με όνομα (jxpiinstall) και πατάμε install! Εδώ περιμένουμε...Ανάλογα με την ταχύτητα τις γραμμής του Internet θα ολοκληρωθεί και η εγκατάσταση! Εδώ πατάμε Close! Τώρα κάνουμε εγκατάσταση το αρχείο με όνομα (jre-6u18-windows-i586-iftw-rv) και πατάμε Install! Εδώ περιμένουμε...Ανάλογα με την ταχύτητα τις γραμμής του Internet θα ολοκληρωθεί και η εγκατάσταση! Εδώ πατάμε Close! Τώρα κάνουμε εγκατάσταση το αρχείο με όνομα (jdk-6u13-windows-i586-p) και πατάμε Accept >! Εδώ πατάμε Next! Εδώ περιμένουμε μέχρι να ολοκληρωθεί η εγκατάσταση (*Υ.Σ Εδώ σε μερικούς μπορεί να βγάλει ότι υπάρχει μια νεότερη εγκατεστημένη έκδοση...Δεν υπάρχει κανένα απολύτως πρόβλημα συνεχίζετε κανονικά)! Εδώ πατάμε Finished! Τέλος με τα αρχεία Java! MySql Server Install: Ανοίξτε το αρχείο με όνομα (mysql-essential-5.1.43-win32) και πατάμε Next! Εδώ επιλέξτε Complete και πατάμε Next! Εδώ πατάμε Install! Εδώ περιμένουμε μέχρι να ολοκληρωθεί η εγκατάσταση! Εδώ πατάμε Next! Εδώ πατάμε Next! Εδώ βγάλτε την επιλογή Register MySQL Server now και πατάμε Finish! MySql Server Config: Εδώ πατάμε Next! Εδώ επιλέγουμε Standard Configuration , Next! Εδώ πατάμε Next χωρίς na τροποποιήσουμε τίποτα! Εδώ βγάζουμε την επιλογή Modify Security Settings και πατάμε Next! Εδώ πατάμε Execute! Εδώ πατάμε Finished αν είναι όπως η εικόνα παρακάτω τότε μεχρι στιγμής είμαστε εντάξει...! Τέλος και με τα Config tou MySQL Install Navicat: Τρέχουμε το αρχείο με όνομα (navicat8_mysql_en) και πατάμε Next Εδώ πατάμε I accept the agreement , Next! Εδώ πατάμε Next! Εδώ πατάμε Next! Εδώ πατάμε Install! Εδώ περιμένουμε μέχρι να ολοκληρωθεί η εγκατάσταση! Εδώ πατάμε Finished! Navicat Config: Ανοίξτε το navicat και πατήστε δεξί clik και New Connection...! Εδώ γράψτε localhost όπως είναι και στην εικόνα και πατήστε ok χωρίς καμία τροποποίηση! Εδώ δεξί click στο localhost που μόλις δημιουργήσατε και New Database! Εδώ γράφεται l2jdb και πατάτε ok! Τέλος με τα Config του navicat!
  5. Hi! Can someone tell me if there is a place were I can download L2J fille with source? I want to learn how to make my own server.... P.S: A host and a price aloso...THANK'S
  6. New method Downlaod the latest phx Watch this video by djpliku 1st Method Normally if you try to log with phx you will get this error General protection fault! History: NConsoleWnd::RequestAuthLogin <- NCAuthWnd::OnLoginBtnClick <- NControl::SendEventMessage <- NCButton::OnClickButton <- NCButton::OnLButtonUp <- NCVirtualWndMain::PassToFocusedWindow <- NCVirtualWndMain::PassToFocusedWindow <- NCVirtualWndMain::PassToFocusedWindow <- NCVirtualWndMain::DispatchWndMsg <- NConsoleWnd::DispatchWndMsgX <- NConsoleWnd::MasterConsoleEventProcess <- UEngine::InputEvent <- UWindowsViewport::CauseInputEvent <- UWindowsViewport::UpdateInput <- UViewport::ReadInput <- APlayerController::Tick <- ALineagePlayerController::Tick <- TickAllActors <- ULevel::Tick <- (NetMode=0) <- TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop How to bypass it: Step 1: open your client. Step 2: open the phx. Stpe 3: hit this button Step 4: enter your acc, and select the server till the char selection. Step 5: click again this Now you're in and you can see the packets. 2nd Method You cannot enter in l2 with phx?that's mean your system has a What you must do:Download a clean system and edit your Now i'll show you how to do that You must have L2Fileedit and a clean system(i will post the links above) Ok, first step open the fileedit, click Open and decrypt and target your l2.ini from your "protected system", you will have something like this After copy the ip and open the l2.ini from the clean system and hit Save and decrypt, be careful you must save it with 413 version The last step is, delete the old system(with nophx.dll) and copy the clean system in l2 folder. Patched systems/File Editors/ etc(c4 to Godess of Destruction) Gameguard killers/tools for l2 here Third way here P.S i know it's easy, but many new users come in "our world" and don't know about these simple modifications. [glow=#330099,2,300][shadow=red,left]----<L2Phx Support>----[/shadow][/glow] All L2Phx versions [L2Phx]Enchant Gracia [L2Phx] Ghost Hack [L2Phx]Enchant Interlude [L2Phx]Free Teleport [L2Phx]Learn Skills [L2Phx]Script for Teleporting [L2Phx]Br1nk Mod v.1.0 [L2Phx]Multiply Gold Bars [L2Phx]Make Announcements even you're not gm [L2Phx]Enchant Exploit Gracia 2
  7. Hello everyone, This is will be a very short guide. FEEDBACK It does matters sometimes... However, this is a grey area. If dude A haven't scammed dude B, that doesn't mean he/she will not scam you. People are unpredictable sometimes. GET TO KNOW THEM Get to know the person you're trading with. I personally don't do business with people I know nothing about. There's probably a lower chance that a scammer will share personal information with you. Try to get as much information as possible from them - where are they from, what else are they selling, when did they start it, with who else was he/she; is he/she working with. Check for common friends or business partners/L2 servers. LEARN HOW A TRADE WORKS If you're buying L2 services and you're the buyer - 1st test what you've asked for, 2nd pay for it and 3rd get the product. If it's about trading items in L2, I'd personally push for the items first before money - in-game items are less valuable. Would be nice for the buyer to provide a proof that he/she has the money. MIDDLEMAN This is perhaps the best option to go with. Only use very trusted persons that are doing this for a long time. If you're trading items in-game - this is very easy and it needs no explanation. If you're using a middleman for L2 services, chances are the middleman will not delete the code/product he got from the seller after he trade. If you care so much about this as seller, then use a middleman which has less interest for L2 scene. Same rule apply to other services. VOICE You can try to have a voice-chat with the person you're trading with. Hearing each other is the most human thing you can do. Don't you think? RUSH Be aware! Scammers are mostly rushing, want to have it done as soon as possible. SUSPICIOUS? Is the person you wanna trade with suspicious? Abort it! There are other persons you can trade with. He/she is not the only one.
  8. Hello everyone Today i will show you how to setup L2NET. Prerequisites L2NET L2NET-Updater L2NET interlude L2.ini Direct-X SlimDX SDK .Net Framework 4.0 Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package: Needed Configurations Lets start. Note if you want to setup L2NET for interlude server don't download L2NETUpdater 1st:We install all the above programs 2nd:We extract the L2NET and we put inside the other file with name L2NETUpdater.rar and we extract it,then we run the L2NetUpdater and it start updating the files and we just wait. 3rd:We create second system folder and we copy the files from system and we paste them to the system2 plus the l2.ini that you download from my link. 4th:After we press double click to the second system and we go to the l2.exe right click and then properties and we copy the position like the photo. C:\Program Files\L2WarGate\Lineage II\system2\l2.exe 5th:Then we go to the L2NET folder and we open the txt file with name Interface.txt 6th:Then we delete the old position,and we paste our position that we got from the system2.Be carefull and dont delete any of this numbers cause it will not work it must be like that C:\Program Files\L2WarGate\Lineage II\system2\l2.exe 7th:Open Lineage 2 and log in. Click on Start, then click RUN. Type CMD and press Enter. In the black window type "netstat -n" (without quotes) and press Enter. And search for the IP with port 7777 8th:After we got our server IP we open the loginlist.txt and we paste the ip there like that. 9th:Now follow my steps. 10th:Now ready to check if it works As you can see you can open the map by pressing File>Game window,to be sure that it works it must be like the photo below (you can see your chararacter name and stats).If you want to enable(green)/disable(red) L2NET you press Commands>Toggle Botting Thanks for reading my guide.
  9. Hey guys if you are doing a project from the scratch and looking for a way to connect community board with the htmls i think this is a good way to do it even though there are many ways! I am just giving the idea here so please don't flame with better codes and stuff :) I will do this in l2j mobious H5, i think it works mostly in all packs but let me know if it does not. 1) So you basically you are gonna create a new custom script that will extend Quest, in this case I named it (scripts/custom/CommunityNpcs/ 2) Set the ids of our custom npcs 3) You have to add them on firsttalk , talk, startnpc each one separately just like bellow 4) Then the link where you have stored your htmls 5) So if you want to create more npcs connecting them to CB you can simply copy and paste the else ifs and set more ids 6) Some packs i think require the scripts to be registered on scripts.cfg so do that as well if you own such pack package custom.CommunityNpcs; import com.l2jmobius.gameserver.cache.HtmCache; import com.l2jmobius.gameserver.handler.CommunityBoardHandler; import; import; import; import; /** * @author -Invoke */ public class CBnpcs extends Quest { private static final int Merchant = 36621; private static final int Gatekeeper = 36622; public CBnpcs(int questId) { super(questId); addFirstTalkId(Merchant); addFirstTalkId(Gatekeeper); // addTalkId(Merchant); addTalkId(Gatekeeper); // addStartNpc(Merchant); addStartNpc(Gatekeeper); } @Override public String onFirstTalk(L2Npc npc, L2PcInstance player) { final int npcId = npc.getId(); String mainhtml = HtmCache.getInstance().getHtm(player, "data/html/CommunityBoard/Custom/main.html"); if (npcId == Merchant) { String html = HtmCache.getInstance().getHtm(player, "data/html/CommunityBoard/Custom/merchant/main.html"); CommunityBoardHandler.separateAndSend(html, player); } else if (npcId == Gatekeeper) { String html = HtmCache.getInstance().getHtm(player, "data/html/CommunityBoard/Custom/gatekeeper/main.html"); CommunityBoardHandler.separateAndSend(html, player); } CommunityBoardHandler.separateAndSend(mainhtml, player); return ""; } public static void main(final String[] args) { new CBnpcs(-1);"COMMYNITY NPCS LOADED"); } }
  10. Hey! Since all of old posts have damaged images i feel obliged to create a new Guide about that ! So first of all we will need some of the following programs! 1) Adobe Photoshop Portable CS6 2) An encrypter and UnrealED Lets start! 1) First of all we have to create the icon we like even if it is Button/Logo or just an item icon! If you want to create an Item icon dimensions have to be 32x32 if it's a button or Logo i prefer the following dimensions. Remember that you can't add any dimensions you like because unreal editor will get you error. So the dimensions i prefer about button goes like this 256x32 for the icon and 204x19 for the button For example your button have to be like this : after this we save the file at our desktop as TGA Lets do the Logo now! Dimensions of the image have to be 256x256 or Unreal will get you an error again so be cearfull! You add the image you like, like that : And you save it like TGA too ... Attention if you want to add a transparent image you have to create alpha . 2nd) We have to create the UTX. Open unreaal Engine We click on File : New and we continue like that After this we Import our images (File ---> Import) We press Okay to all here If your logo is transparent you have to right click on image ----> Properties ----> Surface and edit bAlphaTexture from False to True 3.) Encript the UTX After this we just have to save our file ! Then we will need encript.bat Be sure that Encripter and your UTX is on the same Folder! Right Click on encript.bat edit with notepad or notepad++ Replace utxname.utx with your utx and run it ! Then a new UTX file will appear with enc- in the front of the name just rename it and delete enc- Drop that UTX to your systextures folder and you are done! Server Side : <img src = utxname.logo height=90 width=256> width=94 height=21 back="utxname.btnb1" fore="utxname.btnb1">
  11. here is a batch file that checks ur ping (ms) towards LoL EUNE Gameserver/ PS: to check the code just right click and edit Dont know if its shared again
  12. Well some guys ask me how I can stream, what options I need etc So I decide to make a guide 1)Go to and make an Account. 2)Then go to download Xsplit and Register too. 3)Open Xsplit and log in with your Xsplit account. 4)Go to File>Add Screen Region. Click on top left of the screen it will automatically select your whole screen. 5)Go to View>Resolution>1280 x 720 (16:9) - HDTV (video) View>Frame Rate>30.00 FPS View>Transition>Fade View>Transition Speed> 300 ms 6)Broadcasting with XSplit Broadcaster. 1. Adding own3D Channel Go to Broadcast -> Edit Channels On the right side click "Add" -> "own3D" Username – your own3D username Password – your own3D password Quality – set quality to 6. Do not set quality 9-10 at high resolutions. Max Bitrate – select the maximum video bitrate you want to stream with, we do not recommend the maximum bitrate to be higher than 1500kbps. Buffer size – do not change this. Resolution – set it to "Default Mixer Resolution" Audio Encoding – we recommend 44.100 KHz Stereo with MP3 codec. My settings are like this Changing the VBV Max Bitrate (kbps) and VBV Buffer (kbit) is for the Quality of your Stream and it depends from your Upload Speed. I Use 600 with 300 with 0.80/0.90 Mbps Upload. Sometimes I use 650/300 but it lags a lot so the 600/300 has a nice result. The own3d TV Guide suggest you these options Settings Examples: The high-end PC – Warp 3 in HD CPU: fast Quad Core like 4×3,2gHz or even better RAM: 4+ Gig RAM Bandwidth: Upload 2000+ Kbit/sec In “tools -> settings -> channels -> edit” you want to have this: In the “View->Resolution” tab you want to have resolution: 1280×720 (16:9) – HDTV (video) frame rate: 25fps The mid range PC – the standard gamer CPU: fast Duo core like Intel i5 2×3.2gHz or even a cheaper quad core like 4×2.2gHz RAM: 4+ Gig RAM Bandwidth: Upload 1200+ Kbit/sec In “tools -> settings -> channels -> edit” you want to have this: In the “View” tab you want to have Resolution: 900×600 (16:10) or 1088x612 (16:9) Frame rate: 20fps or 25fps The slow-mo PC CPU: standard Duo Core like Athlon X2 2×2.7gHz RAM: 2+ Gig RAM Bandwith: around 500 kbit/sec Owned Tv Notice:You see, if you are no hardware junkie, you will almost always be rated to have a slow-mo PC. If you just have a slow internet connection and a mid range PC, we won’t have any problems to find a good setup for you, but it is possible to be unable to stream with a slow-mo PC at all. Note that laptop PCs have different CPU. They are almost always way slower than desktop CPUs to have a better power efficiency. In “Tools -> Settings -> Channels -> Edit” you want to have this: In the “View” tab you want to have resolution: 640×360 (16:9) frame rate: 20fps or 15fps When you finish with your options, go to Broadcast>Select your Channel, for example OWN3D - DASK1, open your browser, go to search and CTRL+V or right click>Paste to take your Stream Link. Hope it helped you.
  13. This guide was shared years ago. I am not the original author. This is the only guide ever shared to generate geodata from the client. Tools needed. Stazis L2 Geo Converter (GeoConv) Download: G16ed (A heightmap editor that works directly with the UEd3 G16 format (16-bit greyscale.)) Download: UTPackage (extract) Download: Unreal Engine 2 Editor (Create UTX) Download: L2J-GeoEditor (Convert to L2J format and create the PathNode) Download: HEX Editor - (I use UEStudio or Ultraedit) Download: Find it on the web :P Important: In this example I will use the map T_22_19, but applies the same procedure for any map. First we need to extract heightmap images from UTX files (T_22_19.UTX, T_22_20.UTX etc.) * Put this file T_22_19.UTX in UTPackage/Textures and execute "unpack.bat" * Open UTPackage/RAW folder and find the file 22_19.raw * Open this file with Ultraedit and search (Ctrl + f) for "40 80 10", the first byte after this string is the start of the heightmap image. * Copy this address, in this case is 107h * Open the windows calculator and switch to "Scientific" mode, select "Hex" and input "107", select "Dec" and now you have "263". * Open G16ed, go to "File -> Import -> RAW data, search for 22_19.raw and in the field "Data start offset" input "263" and click in Input, Ok, Ok. * Go to "File -> Save (Ctrl + S)" and use the name of the map for your new image (22_19.BMP). Now you have a perfect G16 heightmap image. Now we need to create an UTX file with the image that we have saved. * Open UnrealEd and in the windows "Textures" go to "File -> New" and complete the fields. Info -> Package: T_22_19, Group: Height, Name: 22_19, Class: Raw Material Properties -> MaterialClass: Class"Engine.Texture" (Select Texture from drop-down) * Go to "File -> Import" and select the image 22_19.BMP and ensure that the fields are correct. Info -> Package: T_22_19, Group: Height, Name: 22_19 Options -> Masked: uncheck, Generate MipMaps: uncheck, Detail Hack?: uncheck, Compression: none * Go to "File -> Save" and save this file as T_22_19.utx. Now we can create our Geodata using Stazis L2 Geo Converter (GeoConv) * Navigate to the Textures folder in the game, rename your original T_22_19.utx to T_22_19_O.utx and put in this folder our new T_22_19.utx * Open GeoConv and change this params. Min Plane Angle to XY: 20, Stairs Height: 10, Optimization Different: 80 * Click "Open Packages" and select 22_19.unr in "Lineage II/MAPS", allow the process to finish and now you have your GEO 22_19_conv.dat in the folder "Lineage II/MAPS". * Convert this GEO to L2J format and create the PathNode with L2j GeoEditor or HDGE. Known Issues * Some geodata are not correctly generated or can't be generated. * Using "Stairs Height: 10" can cause problems with the stairs (If you use "8" check all the stairs in the map for correct NSEW).
  14. Hola gente, alguien con mayor exp me podria dar un skill pasivo xml para un pack java c4, osea el skill sirva para q los criticos magicos y fisicos tanto Matk y Patk no sean exagerados y puedan equilibarar las razas en pvp ya sean magos o warriors... ojala alguien me de una guia ya que e visto ese skill pasivo en varios c4 pero nadie lo comparte....... Mil Gracias por si alguien me ayuda!!! saludos cordiales......... Hello people, someone with a higher exp could give me a passive xml skill for a java c4 pack, that is, the skill works so that the physical and magical critics both Matk and Patk are not exaggerated and can balance the races in pvp whether they are magicians or warriors ... hopefully someone will give me a guide since I have seen that passive skill in several c4 but nobody shares it ....... Thank you so much for anyone helping me !!! best regards.........
  15. Im looking for someone if they can help me with vote reward and shift click on mob's to show drop list. We are hiring too if someone knows and can me it fast.
  16. You might have seen a lot of stuff like this around google but most of them are outdated. Most of the cpus/gpus can't be found in markets anymore so, First of all i would like to point out some common mistakes during settings, but before that, let's explain let's see what every Setting means. FPS Camera FOV (Set by default to 90, if you are playing in FPP Mode set this to 103, it will give you a wider field of view. If you're playing TPP then its pointless to switch unless you're toggling between FPP/TPP perspectives during fights) Brightness (you all know what brightness is, i move on) Lobby FPS Limit(Maximum Frames/Sec while in lobby, pointless to set more than 30 imo) In-game FPS Limit (Depends on your screen, it's good to limit this based on your screen cap) Smoothed Framerate (it's a crappy sync, not sure if it synchronizes with all G-Sync,V-Sync,Free-Sync techs, wouldn't surprise me if it didn't though) In my opinion turn this off Screen Scale (The higher you put, the better resolution you get, if your computer isn't that strong it will decrease your FPS) Anti-Alising (This is a setting to make objects look smoother, decreasing your jaggy edges in game) Post-Processing (this deals primarily with lighting effects, makes the game look nicer visually [depending on the screen] but it affects fps) Shadows (you all know what shadows are, in PUBG they're pointless most of the times i set to low/very low) Textures(Controls overall game graphic quality, affects BOTH cpu and gpu) Effects (Useless setting that determines the quality of molys/smokes/explosions etc) Foliage (This is a texture setting for trees/grass, pointless to make it high unless you have a good GPU) View Distance (Affects the distance that the fields and buildings get rendered by your GPU) V-Sync (adds input lag, unless you're using an old monitor and a new gpu or vice versa, turn this off) Motion Blur (Piece of crap, blocks your visibility, turn this off too) Sharpen (This one makes everything in-game look sharper. You won't notice a big difference between on and off, usually depends on your screen monitor, so you have to check this on your own) A huge common mistake that many guys do is setting everything to very low. As mentioned above, most of the settings require both CPU and GPU usage. If you put a setting to "very low" you relieve your GPU but you give some extra work for your CPU. So if your computer barely loads pubg (unless you wanna have a barbeque) you should consider between switching all settings to low or play pubg lite. Setting everything to ultra is a mistake too, you will suffer by many glitches in graphics. Standard settings Low (everything set to low) Competitive (Anti-Alising HIGH, Post-Processing LOW, Shadows Very Low, Textures HIGH/Ultra, Effects LOW, Foliage LOW, View-Distance Medium/HIGH) Ultra (everything set to ultra) Now let's get to the hardware, your minimum goal while playing pubg is to get at least 60 frames (without huge drops ofc), if you can not get using any settings then you should probably switch game or computer. Here are some suggestions depending on your Monitor FPS Cap & Resolution. 60 FPS Monitor, 1080p Resolution CPU - Ryzen 5 2600 (1600 is fine too but their difference is 10 euros, so unless your motherboard is too old you should get 2600) GPU - GTX 1050 Ti or RX 570/580, i 've played in 1050ti and rx 570 both in competitive settings, my fps were fine RAM - 8 GB DDR4 at least 2100 Mhz 144 FPS Monitor, 1080p Resolution CPU - Ryzen 5 3600/3600x(Picking r5 2600 might result in bottleneck with the following GPUS) GPU - RX 5600 XT for competitive settings and RX 5700XT(i suggest powercolor)/ RTX 2070 for High/Ultra Settings RAM - 16 GB DDR4 at least 2666 Mhz ( i suggest 3200 since prices are almost the same. Make sure ur ram doesnt have CAS Latency more than 16) 60 FPS Monitor, 2k resolution Same as 144 FPS@1080p 144 FPS Monitor, 2k resolution CPU - Ryzen 7 3700X GPU - RTX 2070 Super/ RTX 2080 for competitive settings, i'd suggest 2070S due to it's price. They have small differences in performance. 2080 ti for high/ultra settings RAM - 32 GB DDR4 at least 3200 Mhz Common Requirements for all OS - Windows 7/8/10 64 bit DirectX Version 11 Connection at least 250 kbyte/s available at the time you play ( 1mByte@8mbps is fine) 35 GB Free space ( I suggest NVME M.2 SSD) PS: Im neither an intel hater nor amd fan. When it comes to high end, amd offers the same performance for less than half of the money than Intel. For example R5 3600x (for the price of 200 Euros) has almost the same performance with I9 9900KS, I9 9900K and I9 9900KF (CPUs that worth more than 500 Euros). You can check out more here PS2: If you struggle finding the best settings for your gear, feel free to post your PC specs below.
  17. i updated the patch 5 may 2020 we already tested on windows 8, 7, XP and including on linux with wine C4 client and patch works perfect till windows 10 build 14393 at more recent windows 10 builds as the game auto close at launch you must add l2.exe to DEP exclusion We have documented this error as a DEP (Data Execution Prevention) related problem and is solved excluding system\l2.exeHow to:1) Right click the start button and select System2) Click Advanced in the left navigation bar3) Click on Performance4) CLick on "Data Execution Prevention"5) Click on "Add exclusion" and look for system/l2.exe6) Ok, OK, OK and restart if needed if anyone experience crash error please post here good quality screenshot or post detailed crash error info otherwise i might not be able to find a fix or solution updated topic i may mistake to post this in general section can be moved to client development or be adressed to my post in preview servers
  18. Hi guys i tryin to play DA and is hard for my My build is +4 str - 4 con and VNH. Weapon- Vesper cutter focus and i have still problems on oly. Maybe my build is completly wrong? Some suggestions? Most important skills are +30 im talking about H5 chronicle
  19. Last week, we introduced the next update of WOW, Patch 8.3, which is also known as Vision of N'Zoth. The update is set to release on January 14, 2020, that is, before that, you still have some time to make good preparation. World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth has been one of the least alt-friendly expansions in the title’s history. Gamers attempting to play more than one character have been faced with the same steep hill of grinding reputation and materials for the key “essences” that plug into the Heart of Azeroth, BfA’s legendary neckpiece, as they did on their main characters. In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to prep a new alt for Patch 8.3, the Visions of N’Zoth content update, which is launching January 14. Upgrade the characters First of all, you'd better level up the characters to 120 as quickly as possible, and the commonly used methods are to pre-order the Heroic edition or better of the Shadowlands expansion, which could give you a level 120 character boost, 390 item level gear and a decent Heart of Azeroth neck level. If you are still leveling up your characters, there are several events for you to pay attention to. Until January 7, you could earn a passive experience boost for alts when the old-school Alterac Valley battleground comes to an end, and with the Celebration Package 15th anniversary, you'll get 1.5-2 levels per battle for alts. Unlock races and zones It provides a lot of opportunities to unlock different races in World of Warcraft, such as Nazjatar and Mechagon through completing a series of challenges and quests until opening up new zones. When the Magni quests are available, you can improve your Heart of Azeroth to level 35, even higher. While the Mechagon zone with the quests that become available to you midway through the Nazjatar sequence, you could get the Pocket-Sized Computation Device until finish the necessary quests. Level up items Good items are the key to determining the outcome, while the rapid way to build up the gear or items is via Benthic armor in Nazjatar to earn pearls, which could upgrade any piece of gear you want. It's worth crafting and upgrading gear for your alt character, and it could also earn XP and improve the skills when completing task, instead of waiting for another crafter make the armor. Surely, these are just some basic strategies for alt characters in WOW, and further information will be shared in later content. Get that Heart of Azeroth leveled Midway through your Nazjatar opening questline — right about the time you might be tempted to abandon it and go do world quests — Magni will show up demanding your attention. Don’t skip this step! Doing this short questline buys you Heart of Azeroth level 35, which you’ll want BEFORE you start doing all those yummy Azerite world quests. Build your item level The single fastest way to build up your gear (solo, at any rate) is via Benthic armor in Nazjatar. For each five pearls you earn, you’ll be able to buy a new epic 385 piece of armor, and once you’re fully kitted, you can start spending those pearls to upgrade pieces as you desire. Unfortunately, with the close of the patch, Benthic armor won’t be as stunningly good as it is now, because the bonuses for being in the Eternal Palace raid won’t apply to the new Patch 8.3 raid content. Still, this is a great way to get started on gear. You should also try to get a group for a mythic (level 0) world tour, as this will drop more gear than mythic plus runs, to start, though the pieces only begin at item level 400. You can only do each dungeon once a week on mythic 0, so focus on getting each dungeon complete once. Folks in Looking for Group can be choosy even for mythic 0 runs, so definitely stock up on Benthic (see above) and Looking for Raid (see below) gear first if possible. The Eternal Palace LFR difficulty dungeon requires overall item level 380 to enter, which is easy if you’re a Shadowlands boost. You’ll definitely want to do all wings here as well, though again, the loot here starts at item level 400. Crafted gear scales up to item level 440, so it’s worth making if your character has the profession to wear it. You may just want to collect materials from Nazjatar and have another crafter make the armor, rather than waiting to progress through the questlines needed to upgrade your own skill, depending on how impatient you are. Consider how to attack your essences Heart of Azeroth essences are absolutely the worst part of leveling a new alt. Several essences become easier to get in Patch 8.3; in particular, those essences that require reputation will now require Revered rather than Exalted to obtain (including The Unbound Force in Nazjatar and Purification Protocol in Mechagon). Still, some essences are easier than others, and with brand-new essences coming in Patch 8.3, it might be worth taking a second- or third-best essence instead of going through the torturous grind for your best in slot. You’ll want to read up on your best in slot essences, including the new essences coming in Patch 8.3, before deciding what’s worth the effort. For details on the release of WOW Patch 8.3, please visit , IGVault is the most Safe Place to WOW Classic Gold for Sale , our proprietary security technology,PlayerGuardian, keeps you, your payments, and your trades protected and private. The protections below are provided to all iGVault buyers.
  20. Hello guys, is any working method to bypass l2updater to stop it from updating and deleting my interface for interlude? :P (Check attached file)
  21. Short guide going over how to import and create hats using Unreal. Although the model used is already pre processed, this logic can be applied to any accessory. you can put as many meshes in this ukx as possible. no more oaukx/1 mesh 1 ukx. [Hidden Content]
  22. Some people often ask me how to change the grade of weapons. For example, how to change a grade from grade A to grade S? Many developers make weapons, but set them with a different grade. Thanks to this manual, you will do everything yourself, and most importantly, you will learn how to do it yourself. Tools: L2FileEdit Navicat ( for Database ) or Notepad ( if your items are in *.xml ). Grades: ( In the client, the grades are numbered ). 0: NoGrade 1: D Grade 2: C Grade 3: B Grade 4: A Grade 5: S Grade 6: S80 Grade For weapons: Open weapongrp, using L2FileEdit. For example ( line of weapon ): 0 ID 1 1 7 15 0 DROP_MODEL DROP_TEXTURE ICON 95 1600 8 0 0 7 1 1 MODEL 1 TEXTURE 4 ItemSound.sword_small_1 ItemSound.sword_big_7 ItemSound.sword_mid_6 ItemSound.public_sword_shing_4 ItemSound.itemdrop_sword ItemSound.itemequip_sword 10 8 6 1 0 8 0 0 0 0 379 0 1 1 1000 0 -1 0 0.00000000 0.00000000 0.00000000 1.00000000 1.00000000 LineageWeapons.rangesample 0.94999999 0.55000001 0.55000001 11.00000000 0.00000000 0.00000000 Find this part there: ItemSound.itemequip_sword 10 8 6 1 0 After ItemSound.itemequip_sword ( for example ) count to the right 5 times, on the fifth number is the number of the grade. As you can see, in my example my weapon’s grade number is zero, so it’s NoGrade weapon. Change zero to 5 and the grade will be changed to S. Save it. Next: need to change weapon grade in Database ( or in xml package of you server project ). Find weapon table and find your weapon ID, next find column Crystal Type and change weapon grade to your ( for example to S ). !Important, client know numeric values for Grades but in Database need to write Grades like "S", "S84", "A" and etc. Try.
  23. this guide will go over how to adapt effects and skills from higher chronicles and import them through interlude [Hidden Content] try and delete EditPackages=UnrealEd EditPackages=IpDrv EditPackages=UWeb EditPackages=GamePlay EditPackages=GUI EditPackages=Runtime EditPackages=RTInterface
  24. If something is missing report it. Last update: 28/10/2018 This list isn't finished yet. ====================================================== [ Codes ] Code Epic Boss Manager [acis] [ 'Baggos' ] Code Ingame Balancer (Acis 372) [ Zacapa ] Code l2jaCis craft enchant [ melron ] Code L2jaCis Plagueseeker Raid [ melron ] Code Mini Dance Global event [ Kara` ] Code Item change Class aCis 374 [ l2jkain ] Code Alternative Donation Manager [ melron ] Code Mini Trivia Engine [ xxdem ] Code L2jacis pvp auto enchant [ ThelwHelpRePaidia ] Code Olympiad End Console [ tazerman2 ] Code Announce Enchant Success [ ThelwHelpRePaidia ] Code Faction code for l2jacis 365 [ PaRaNoiC*] Code Facebook Like System [ melron] Code Ex-Guard Test [ pirama ] Code [Reshare] Champion Aura For L2Jfrozen [ FastCow ] Code User Panel [H5] [ `NeverMore ] Code Feanor For Acis 100% [ l2jkain ] Code L2Jfrozen //augment Command [ PaRaNoiC* ] Code Vip System + Vip Manager[Npc] [ 'Baggos' ] Code Multi Shop [Services/donate Npc] + Vip System [ 'Baggos' ] Code Tvt Event Reworked. (.tvtjoin / .tvtleave / .tvtstatus) [ 'Baggos' ] Code Multifunctionzone [ ^Wyatt ] Code Improved Buffs [ Sinister Smile ] Code TvT , Ctf and Dm for aCis [ l2jkain ] Code Vote Manager Npc V3 [ Reborn12 ] Code Interlude Auction Shop [ An4rchy ] Code Donate Manager Npc [ PaRaNoiC* ] Code Bots Prevention _V1.1 (Acis) [ Caparso ] Code Custom Cancel Task [L2Jfrozen] [ Designatix ] Code Acis Coupons + Redeem [ melron ] Code Acis Search For Item [ melron ] Code .dressme For Interlude. [ An4rchy ] Code AIO Buffer(Admin Command + Skills) [ Prince* ] Code Teleportcustom (Voicedcommandhandlers) [ tomalko ] Code Custom Enchant Skill List [ melron ] Code Lucky Pig Fixed + Update [ tomalko ] Code Captcha For L2Jacis [ Zacapa ] Code Pc Bang Point Event [ Hi_Profile ] Code Custom Pvp Zone [ `NeverMore ] Code Automatic Potions Free Code For All L2J Packs! [ numl0ckas ] Code Lifestone&bogs Stackable [ @Slash ] Code Ant Dual Box [ l2jkain ] Code Universal Scrolls [ Sinister Smile ] Code Individual Vote Reward System (By L2-Scripts) [ ] Code .combinetalismans [ Solomun ] Code Mini Reward System [ Sinister Smile ] Code Uber Cancellation. [ An4rchy ] Code Vote Reminder [ melron ] Code Autovote Reward System Top/hop/net [ Reborn12 ] Code .repair Character Voice Command [ Katherine ] Code Npc Crest [ Cronia ] Code L2Chaotic Zone With Change Maps [ tazerman2 ] Code Voting Reward(Hopzone,topzone) [ StealthyS4m ] Code Instances [ An4rchy ] Code Ls/bogs/scrolls Stackable Fully Working [ Handsome Banana ] Code Faction System [Unlimited Factions] [ AccessDenied ] Code Interlude Antibot [ Inthedash6 ] Code Open Any Url To The Player's Pc [ .Elfocrash ] Code Clan Reward Manager [ Reborn12 ] Code Armorstats When Enchanted +12 And +16 [ RpGiant ] Code Pvp Protection [ An4rchy ] Code Custom Race Starting Items [ iSparky ] Code Show Item Id [ Red-Hair-Shanks ] Code Auto Announce Online Players. [ Dεbian ] Code Achievements Engine [ madarismenos ] Code Noblesse Killing Barakiel [ Reborn12 ] Code Newbies Helper Npc [ 'Baggos' ] Code Hero For Limited Time (No Need Restart Or Log Out) [ AccessDenied ] Code Change Sex Item [ Reborn12 ] Code New Bypass For L2Teleporterinstance [ Hugey ] Code Olympiad Everyweek [ Red-Hair-Shanks ] Code Shift+Click To Npcs [ Designatix ] Code Droplist And Stats Npc [ tazerman2 ] Code Hopzone/topzone/network Vote Reward [Re-Share] [ An4rchy ] Code .geticon() Using Xml [ newChar.needHelp() ] Code Starting Buffs [ Gam3Master ] Code Balancer [ te0x ] Code Quest change auto equip Armors-Weapons [ AbSoLuTePoWeR ] Code Welcome To Me! [ Kraker ] Code Check Last Login Account [ madarismenos ] Code Olympiad Restriction Also Max Lvl 91 [ te0x ] Code Survey System 2016 [ protoftw ] Code Anti Bot [ Crazyboy* ] Code Casino Manager [ Crazyboy* ] Code Casinomanager,passwordchanger [ RaZoRॐ ] Code Fake Player Online (Real Time) [ madarismenos ] Code Interlude Max Lvl 85 Fix... [ L2KingWorld ] Code Player Kd Code [ ganjaradio ] Code Augment Skill Olympiad Restrictions [ madarismenos ] Code Auto Reward Hopzone/topzone [ Harut ] Code Noblesse Monsters [ ganjaradio ] Code Auto_Pvp_Killing_Spree_Announce [ pirama ] Code My 'best Of...' [ Kraker ] Code Killedbarakiel Setnobles Party [ axcel2 ] Code /resurrection Char [ pirama ] Code Dropevent [ João Vitor Barbosa ] Code Buy/sell/craft Zones [ Gam3Master ] Code Custom Effects At Echant Armor And More.. [ Admin@Abyssal ] Code Forbidden Names [ Gam3Master ] Code Nexus Engine [ Cray-Z ] Code Npc With Aura [ Gam3Master ] Code Special Share [ Joniredbull ] ====================================================== [ Npc's ] Npc Redesigned Npc's (Protoftw) [ protoftw ] Npc Enchant Npc [ Katherine ] Npc New Interlude Gm Shop {Stinkymadness} [ StinkyMadness ] Npc VIP Clan Buffer / Donation Clan Buffer [ Stewie ] Npc Gm Shop [ 007florin ] Npc Raidboss Status Manager [ Caparso ] Npc Noblesse Manager [ Gladicek ] Npc Pvp/pk Ranking Manager [ g1org1os ] Npc Npc Buffer Adapt To Acis 365 [ TheMark147 ] Npc Donate Npc [ protoftw ] Npc Custom Merchant / Item Market [ melron ] Npc Buffer V3 Updated [ g1org1os ] Npc Services Npc [ te0x ] Npc L2 Facebook Npc (Showcase) [ protoftw ] Npc Built-In Global Gatekeeper [ AstroGG ] Npc Fancy Augmenter! [ protoftw ] Npc Donation Npc / Item Market [ claww ] Npc [Collection] All My Npc's [ `NeverMore ] Npc Buffer (Tryskell) [ melron ] Npc Gatekeeper V1.0 [ Cronia ] Npc Beautifull Npc Collection By Poytsomaxias ;-) [ poytsomaxias ] Npc Yanbuffer - Scheme Buffer [ Luffy® ] Npc Augment V1.0 [ Cronia ] Npc Paysafe Donation Manager [ StalkerCoder ] Npc Vintage Gatekeeper And Buffer [ te0x ] Npc Ranking/statistics [ Caparso ] ====================================================== [ Sources ] Source Lucera2 Source Code [ vampir ] Source L2-Scripts Classic - Zaken. [ proGenitor ] Source L2jRoboto - A Fake Player Engine [ .Elfocrash ] Source L2-Excess Server Files (real files) [ teamviewer ] Source L2Excess Source Files [ Handsome Banana ] Source L2Jgeo Premium Geodata Hi5 [ maneco ] Source H5 L2Mythras Files - Sources, Compiled, Geo, Patch. [ Akar0 ] Source L2jSunrise Source 2017-10 [ proGenitor ] Source L2Cadmus Source Files [ djagripnos ] Source L2Junity Source [ UnAfraid ] Source L2Jfrozen Pack & Source & Backup [ M@dara ] Source DataPack Faction + Custom Mods [ Rumble ] Source L2 Acp (Account - Admin Control Panel) [ .Elfocrash ] Source Mega Adapt Code Faction-J-Frozen [ tazerman2 ] Source L2Jreunion Free Version [ `NeverMore ] Source L2Scripts - Underground [ proGenitor ] Source L2Arena Pack+Source By Kamex The Smartest. [ @MaDaFTW ] Source L2Jwz Pack [ TheMark147 ] Source Epilogue L2 Optimal (Based On L2Dc) [ thanosdk ] Source L2J Highfive Latest [No Gradle] [ AccessDenied ] Source L2 Acp 3.6 (Updated, Translated To Eng). [ AstroGG ] Source L2-Scripts Owned By Mardok [ mardok ] Source L2 Classic Svn/geodata Files [ henrar ] Source L2J Nice Team (Classic) [ krauser12345 ] Source L2J-Event Engine [ u3games ] Source Open Votesites On Player's Pc [ .Elfocrash ] Source L2Jadmins C4 [ fissban ] ====================================================== [ Guides ] Guide Work with and Create Java NPCs [ SamDev-Coder ] Guide Howto Fork And Keep It Updated [ AndreiD ] Guide How L2Acp Works And How To Contribute [ .Elfocrash ] Guide Java Guide / Java Data And Variables. [ Sawadee ] Guide [ Pl/sql ] - Simple Pl/sql Statement. [ Sawadee ] ====================================================== [ Tools ] Tool Updater Launcher - Dragonide Design [ gaara ] Tool Decrypter And Encrypter [ ganjaradio ] Tool Lineage Ii Finder V1.5 [Update 5] [ XtreMpOweR ] Tool Easy Changer For Xp [ ganjaradio ] Tool Give Augments Using Navicat [ Reynald0 ]