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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, dear MXC users! I want to show you all ( maybe all ) commands for Lineage 2 developer mode. We know about " pv / sv / nv / stat l2 / show [ ] ", but let's see more commands for Lineage 2 developer mode. Credits: ExLite
  2. Χαιρετώ τα πλήθη μια ακόμα φορά για να σας πω πως μπορεί ένα nub χωρίς items να κερδιση 70 ευρώ με 10 ώρες φαρμ στον l2elite και μιλάω για τον παλιό l2elite (c4) που δεν έχει να κάνει wipe ποτέ εδώ και 14 χρόνια . 1)Καταρχήν εδώ και λίγες μέρες ο server όταν δημιουργείς νέο χαρακτήρα σου δίνει δωρεάν full items τα οποία είναι helper δλδ δεν κολλιούνται άλλα έχουν stats περίπου σαν weap +16(sa) m def san tateo +10 καλά armor stats ktlp μέχρι και soulshot … 2) Επισης εδώ και λίγες μέρες ο server έχει ενα leveling teleport --→Elven Ruins το οποίο σε 5 λεπτά γίνεσαι 78 lvl και μπορείς να πας από 5 lvl to μόνο που χρειάζεσαι όταν γίνεις 78 να μιλήσεις στο npc WOODROW-----Quest items και να πάρεις δωρεάν τα items για να αλλάξεις ειδικότητα πχ dark mage-→stormscreamer--→sperholler και μετα να πας στο giuld του παίχτη σου να ανεβάσεις απλά τα skill(είσαι full xp sp) άρα σε 15 λεπτά είσαι full items full lvl έτοιμος για φαρμ..... 3) O server τρεχει ενα event για ενα μηνα που εχει ως εξης αγοραζεις ενα Dagger απο το npc ΕΚΑNS το αποιο λεγεται baium dagger αuτο τα dagger για να το παρεις χρειαζεσαι 1 ωρα φαρμ ketra(token of love) 1 ωρα φαρμ valenos(festival adena) 1 ωρα φαρμ blasing swamp (moonstones)παρε Quest apo ivory 4)Οταν παρεις το dagger to event leei οτι αν το πας +14 κερδιζεις SA και REINFORCE σε οποιο weap nosa γουσταρεις αυτο δεν μας ενδιαφερει εμας εμεις θα το κανουμε trade στην Αden και θα ζητησουμε 7 DB +20 NOSA ναι καλα διαβασατε εφτά +20 dragonick bow τα οποια για να κανεις donate εχουν 70 ευρω ΑΝ τωρα το πας +18 τοτε να υπολιγιζεται γυρω στα 20 DB +20 NOSA δλδ περιπου 200 ευρω.(δες discord) 5)Για παμε το dagger +++++++ θελουμε θελουμε Βleesed weapon S εύκολο και αυτό πέφτουν στο forge of the Gods Low level περίπου 4-5 το εικοσάλεπτο kai αν εισαι μαγκας αφου το xp ειναι free κανεις και ενα wc(to chant of spirit ston l2elite einai magnus) και ενα song of reneal h και siren και γλυτονεις τα πολλα rebuff ….. 6)Αμα ασχοληθεις σοβαρα σε 10 μερες θα εχεις μαζεψει το λιγοτερο 20 weap +20(nosa) δλδ περιπου 180-200 ευρω η τα πουλας στο Discort tou server h πεζεις σε ενα server που δεν κλείνει ποτέ!!!
  3. ​In this guide, I'll explain you how to edit Interface.u ​ ​​0) Prerequisites ​Before going further, you need some basics about development, about variables, functions, and so on. If you don't have, learn before, then come back here after ! ​You also will use a lot of Hexa, be ready with it. ​L2 uses UnrealTournament Renderer/Engine. Any client modification could be bannable by server owners. Be careful about it. If you wanna try some mods freely, install a L2J server on your computer. ​​Also, you'll need some extra software (all free). ​First one, is L2encdec, in order to decryp L2 files. If you don't know it, then L2 editing/modding will be hard. I'll not provide any link about it, but it can be found in any FileEdit software. ​Second, you'll need 'UT Package Tool' (aka UTPT). Here : http://www.acordero.org/projects/unreal-tournament-package-tool/ ​Then, any Hex Editor ( XVI32 is a good one, but you can prefer Hex Workshop, google them to find a link, prefer latest version). ​And finally, you'll need a documentation, about UT scripting : https://mega.nz/#!jph2yZrS!CJpX9zLAK5ibG3CDWsjfN97KTycsY5WGRVDZ8xzFDy0 Read it, especially from page 27 - Script Format. READ IT ! READ IT ! Ok, lets go : 1) Decrypt L2 file ​Un-encrypt your interface.u : Use CMD, l2encdec.exe -d interface.u Write down (notepad) the "Header" version, in my case, Lineage2Ver111 A new file dec-interface.u will be created ​ 2) Find the script Open UTPT, then open your interface.u Go in the "Export Tree" tab, right click, full collapse. Then, you'll have to choice what you wanna edit. For this guide, I'll modify the "Rank Name" under the "Name" of a Target. So, the script to edit will be in "TargetStatusWnd", in the "HandleTargetUpdate". Right click on it, then "Decompile". You'll see the current script. If you understand nothing about it, STOP, learn about development before !! Save the full script in a txt file. (select all, copy, open notepad, paste, save) Find the line you wanna change, in my case, it's "NameRank = GetUserRankString(Info.nUserRank);" . I wanna change it to something like : "NameRank = GetClassType(Info.nClassID);" In order to find what functions are available to use, go to the "Name Table" tab. About vars or attributes (nClassID in my case), I didn't found any relevant list, but we will see after (in §4). In the "Export Table" tab, in your current selected script ("HandleTargetUpdate" in my case), right click, then "Analise Raw Object". A Hex table (read only) will appear. Here is the magic <3 In the menu, "Format then Auto Format". The Hex table will be 'sorted' by script lines. Find the line you wanna modify, by hovering all 'bubbles' If the interface is messed up, "Auto Format" again. When you found it, write down (notepad) the full Hex digits related to your line. In my case, it's "0F 00 65 0D 1C C8 0D 36 E4 0D 00 5F 02 16", which refers to "NameRank = GetUserRankString(Info.nUserRank);" ​ 3) Decode the Hex data Here is the hardest part of this guide. ​You now have to decode this Hex values, according to the PDF doc. Did you read it before ?? :) ​In the last step, we ended with a Hex data : 0F 00 65 0D 1C C8 0D 36 E4 0D 00 5F 02 16 ​In my case, 0F means EX_Let, so, the data after will be assigned to the right part. ​00 means EX_LocalVariable, so the next 2 bytes will be the left part of my expression. 6F0D is my local variable (NameRank in my case). ​1C means EX_FinalFunction, so the next 2 bytes will be the address of a function. C80D is my function (GetUserRankString in my case). ​36 means EX_StructMember, so a member of an object. The following 2 bytes will be the member. E40D is the member (nUserRank in my case). 00 means EX_LocalVariable, and it will be also the object (as it follows a EX_StructMember without declared object). 5F02 is my object (Info in my case). 16 is EX_EndFunctionParms, so the end of my function ( a closing parenthesis sign ) In my case, C80D will be changed, and E40D. First one is my function, 2nd one is the member of the Info object. ​ 4) Replace How to find the references to replace ? You'll have to find other existing scripts where the functions and variable you wanna substitutes are present. Decompile scripts with UTPT where functions/variables can be found (according to the retail L2 interface). For me, as it's related to classes, I thought that it could be present in the "DetailStatusWnd.UpdateInterface" script (as it's related to the "Character Status" (Alt + T) window) So decompile it with UTPT, then, use the "Find" function. When you found a interesting line, Analise Raw Object, Auto Format, found the Hex values related to the line, and decode it (see point 3) In my case, I found for the variable nSubClass the following Hex value : DC 0B, and for the function GetClassStr this Hex value : E5 0B So, C80D should be replaced with E50B and E40D by DC0B. ​You can use this archive https://mega.nz/#!e4AVkQKJ!d2Q7n0pFfh_mumUG7NLV193BJXlwSXhSIiS-6EZSh8U containing all H5 scripts from .u files, to see what functions/variables are existing. ​ ​ 5) Hex editor and Crypt Open your Hex editor. Find the initial Hex full value, and replace the Hex values according to point 4. Save. Encrypt with l2encdec, replace the <version> in the following CMD command by the version you wrote down on point 1 (111 in my case) l2encdec.exe -h <version> dec-interface.u (in my case, it will be : l2encdec.exe -h 111 dec-interface.u) A new enc-dec-interface.u will be created. ​ 6) Verify and Test Open the new file (enc-dec-interface.u) with UTPT, open the target script, Decompile it, and verify that it's OK. (copy all the script text, save on txt file, check with WinMerge against the same script, but from the initial file (point 1) could be a good solution) In your L2 client folder, delete the initial interface.u file, copy the new one (enc-dec-interface.u), rename it to interface.u Open your L2 client, and check :) Hope It will help ppl. Any comment in this topic will be helpful to improve it ! I'll maybe add some pics later. Let me know if pics are important to understand.
  4. Contents: Introduction Downloads Security Scrapping Cracking Checking Gifting Q and A Dumps Introduction: Hello people , since the i shared some cracked accounts , too many people were asking about a tutorial on to how crack some accounts on their own. This tutorial has everything you need , but if you still got more questions just send me a pm. Downloads: All in One (Mega | Mediafire) LoL Scrapper (Mega | Mediafire) LoL Cracker (Mega | Mediafire) LoL Checker (Here) Open Vpn (Official | Mega | Mediafire) Security: I am recommending Open Vpn because how fast and effective it is. Just make yourself an account and don't forget to press the connect button. Well you could always use your own vpn server or any other program. File included on download section with the official download link. Before you login to any of cracked accounts, make sure to use the Vpn. Scrapping: This is the process where you get yourself some good 50K fresh combos! First open league scrapper select a server. Now for the start point you will have to open your league client and find match history. Click one of the game and copy any enemy summoner name and paste it on the application. Let it run, when the process status = finished, press save. Now you can locate all the combo on the application root folder under the server you selected. It will divide the combo in 3-4 files. Cracking: Open the LoL cracker and select your server, press the proxy tab and grab some proxy. Now after you are done grabbing proxy, set the thread value of your choice. The higher you set it, faster it gets. If you have a shitty computer or internet, use 300-500. If you have good one you could go 600-1000. There's a option "More Lvl 30" will get you more level 30 accounts. Press start with your own combo, then find the file you scrapped with scrapper. There should be more than 2 files, so you could combine them or crack twice etc. Keep it running and it should give you some result which will be saved on root file of this program named "accounts". Checking: Open up the program named checker and press accounts - > import -> Find the "accounts" from LoL cracker folder. Select your server and keep it running. In no time, it should send ya some values. If you are trying to gift RP to your main account and you didn't find any accounts with good RP. Don't worry, there's more to it. If you see accounts with more than 8-9 skins, login and check if you could refund anything. If so, refund RP and add him to your friend list. Now if you don't have refund and man has some skins, just check for RP purchase history. If any transaction made with Cards, try buying RP from the store using the card method. If you are lucky you will find a credit/debit saved. Use that to buy whatever the shit you want. Gifting: Now you found the account and added them, you can wait 24 hours to send champs/skins/icon or you could play a bot game and get a skin/mystery skin right away. Make sure to always use proxy/vpn before you do so. No you can't send Gift to NA from EUW stfu. Q and A: Dumps: Format: username:pass NA (One - Two) EUW (One - Two) EUNE (One - Two) As i mentioned above, for any more questions send me a pm. I am not cracking accounts at the moment so stop asking for them. Hope this guide helped you. Full credits for the guide goes to: Maximum5
  5. this guide will go over how to create costumes for interlude and provide the resources necessary to do so [Hidden Content]
  6. this guide will go over how to create monsters PROPERLY with attack effect and sound [Hidden Content] 200 LineageMonster.serpent_slave moob.scapegoat_m00 0 0 2 4416 9 1.58181822 0 3 ItemSound.sword_big_9 ItemSound.spear_2 ItemSound.sword_mid_9 5 MonSound.Hit_normal_3 MonSound.Hit_Shell_3 ItemSound.shield_bone_1 MonSound.Hit_Metal_clang_11 MonSound.Hit_Wet_3 3 MonSound.serpent_slave_dmg_1 MonSound.serpent_slave_dmg_2 MonSound.serpent_slave_dmg_3 0 1 0 LineageEffect.p_u002_a 0 50.00000000 250.00000000 70.00000000 0 1
  7. this guide will go over how to create a new effect for l2 and how to attach it to a npc [Hidden Content]
  8. this guide will go over creating (or importing..) weapons using Unreal. this method allows you to put as many weapons as you want in 1 package! Benefits = organization, less clutter, flexible settings, high quality models, animated [Hidden Content]
  9. this guide will go over how to adapt effects and skills from higher chronicles and import them through interlude [Hidden Content] try and delete EditPackages=UnrealEd EditPackages=IpDrv EditPackages=UWeb EditPackages=GamePlay EditPackages=GUI EditPackages=Runtime EditPackages=RTInterface
  10. Short guide going over how to import and create hats using Unreal. Although the model used is already pre processed, this logic can be applied to any accessory. you can put as many meshes in this ukx as possible. no more oaukx/1 mesh 1 ukx. [Hidden Content]
  11. If something is missing report it. Last update: 28/10/2018 This list isn't finished yet. ====================================================== [ Codes ] Code Epic Boss Manager [acis] [ 'Baggos' ] Code Ingame Balancer (Acis 372) [ Zacapa ] Code l2jaCis craft enchant [ melron ] Code L2jaCis Plagueseeker Raid [ melron ] Code Mini Dance Global event [ Kara` ] Code Item change Class aCis 374 [ l2jkain ] Code Alternative Donation Manager [ melron ] Code Mini Trivia Engine [ xxdem ] Code L2jacis pvp auto enchant [ ThelwHelpRePaidia ] Code Olympiad End Console [ tazerman2 ] Code Announce Enchant Success [ ThelwHelpRePaidia ] Code Faction code for l2jacis 365 [ PaRaNoiC*] Code Facebook Like System [ melron] Code Ex-Guard Test [ pirama ] Code [Reshare] Champion Aura For L2Jfrozen [ FastCow ] Code User Panel [H5] [ `NeverMore ] Code Feanor For Acis 100% [ l2jkain ] Code L2Jfrozen //augment Command [ PaRaNoiC* ] Code Vip System + Vip Manager[Npc] [ 'Baggos' ] Code Multi Shop [Services/donate Npc] + Vip System [ 'Baggos' ] Code Tvt Event Reworked. (.tvtjoin / .tvtleave / .tvtstatus) [ 'Baggos' ] Code Multifunctionzone [ ^Wyatt ] Code Improved Buffs [ Sinister Smile ] Code TvT , Ctf and Dm for aCis [ l2jkain ] Code Vote Manager Npc V3 [ Reborn12 ] Code Interlude Auction Shop [ An4rchy ] Code Donate Manager Npc [ PaRaNoiC* ] Code Bots Prevention _V1.1 (Acis) [ Caparso ] Code Custom Cancel Task [L2Jfrozen] [ Designatix ] Code Acis Coupons + Redeem [ melron ] Code Acis Search For Item [ melron ] Code .dressme For Interlude. [ An4rchy ] Code AIO Buffer(Admin Command + Skills) [ Prince* ] Code Teleportcustom (Voicedcommandhandlers) [ tomalko ] Code Custom Enchant Skill List [ melron ] Code Lucky Pig Fixed + Update [ tomalko ] Code Captcha For L2Jacis [ Zacapa ] Code Pc Bang Point Event [ Hi_Profile ] Code Custom Pvp Zone [ `NeverMore ] Code Automatic Potions Free Code For All L2J Packs! [ numl0ckas ] Code Lifestone&bogs Stackable [ @Slash ] Code Ant Dual Box [ l2jkain ] Code Universal Scrolls [ Sinister Smile ] Code Individual Vote Reward System (By L2-Scripts) L2Network.eu [ L2Network.eu ] Code .combinetalismans [ Solomun ] Code Mini Reward System [ Sinister Smile ] Code Uber Cancellation. [ An4rchy ] Code Vote Reminder [ melron ] Code Autovote Reward System Top/hop/net [ Reborn12 ] Code .repair Character Voice Command [ Katherine ] Code Npc Crest [ Cronia ] Code L2Chaotic Zone With Change Maps [ tazerman2 ] Code Voting Reward(Hopzone,topzone) [ StealthyS4m ] Code Instances [ An4rchy ] Code Ls/bogs/scrolls Stackable Fully Working [ Handsome Banana ] Code Faction System [Unlimited Factions] [ AccessDenied ] Code Interlude Antibot [ Inthedash6 ] Code Open Any Url To The Player's Pc [ .Elfocrash ] Code Clan Reward Manager [ Reborn12 ] Code Armorstats When Enchanted +12 And +16 [ RpGiant ] Code Pvp Protection [ An4rchy ] Code Custom Race Starting Items [ iSparky ] Code Show Item Id [ Red-Hair-Shanks ] Code Auto Announce Online Players. [ Dεbian ] Code Achievements Engine [ madarismenos ] Code Noblesse Killing Barakiel [ Reborn12 ] Code Newbies Helper Npc [ 'Baggos' ] Code Hero For Limited Time (No Need Restart Or Log Out) [ AccessDenied ] Code Change Sex Item [ Reborn12 ] Code New Bypass For L2Teleporterinstance [ Hugey ] Code Olympiad Everyweek [ Red-Hair-Shanks ] Code Shift+Click To Npcs [ Designatix ] Code Droplist And Stats Npc [ tazerman2 ] Code Hopzone/topzone/network Vote Reward [Re-Share] [ An4rchy ] Code .geticon() Using Xml [ newChar.needHelp() ] Code Starting Buffs [ Gam3Master ] Code Balancer [ te0x ] Code Quest change auto equip Armors-Weapons [ AbSoLuTePoWeR ] Code Welcome To Me! [ Kraker ] Code Check Last Login Account [ madarismenos ] Code Olympiad Restriction Also Max Lvl 91 [ te0x ] Code Survey System 2016 [ protoftw ] Code Anti Bot [ Crazyboy* ] Code Casino Manager [ Crazyboy* ] Code Casinomanager,passwordchanger [ RaZoRॐ ] Code Fake Player Online (Real Time) [ madarismenos ] Code Interlude Max Lvl 85 Fix... [ L2KingWorld ] Code Player Kd Code [ ganjaradio ] Code Augment Skill Olympiad Restrictions [ madarismenos ] Code Auto Reward Hopzone/topzone [ Harut ] Code Noblesse Monsters [ ganjaradio ] Code Auto_Pvp_Killing_Spree_Announce [ pirama ] Code My 'best Of...' [ Kraker ] Code Killedbarakiel Setnobles Party [ axcel2 ] Code /resurrection Char [ pirama ] Code Dropevent [ João Vitor Barbosa ] Code Buy/sell/craft Zones [ Gam3Master ] Code Custom Effects At Echant Armor And More.. [ Admin@Abyssal ] Code Forbidden Names [ Gam3Master ] Code Nexus Engine [ Cray-Z ] Code Npc With Aura [ Gam3Master ] Code Special Share [ Joniredbull ] ====================================================== [ Npc's ] Npc Redesigned Npc's (Protoftw) [ protoftw ] Npc Enchant Npc [ Katherine ] Npc New Interlude Gm Shop {Stinkymadness} [ StinkyMadness ] Npc VIP Clan Buffer / Donation Clan Buffer [ Stewie ] Npc Gm Shop [ 007florin ] Npc Raidboss Status Manager [ Caparso ] Npc Noblesse Manager [ Gladicek ] Npc Pvp/pk Ranking Manager [ g1org1os ] Npc Npc Buffer Adapt To Acis 365 [ TheMark147 ] Npc Donate Npc [ protoftw ] Npc Custom Merchant / Item Market [ melron ] Npc Buffer V3 Updated [ g1org1os ] Npc Services Npc [ te0x ] Npc L2 Facebook Npc (Showcase) [ protoftw ] Npc Built-In Global Gatekeeper [ AstroGG ] Npc Fancy Augmenter! [ protoftw ] Npc Donation Npc / Item Market [ claww ] Npc [Collection] All My Npc's [ `NeverMore ] Npc Buffer (Tryskell) [ melron ] Npc Gatekeeper V1.0 [ Cronia ] Npc Beautifull Npc Collection By Poytsomaxias ;-) [ poytsomaxias ] Npc Yanbuffer - Scheme Buffer [ Luffy® ] Npc Augment V1.0 [ Cronia ] Npc Paysafe Donation Manager [ StalkerCoder ] Npc Vintage Gatekeeper And Buffer [ te0x ] Npc Ranking/statistics [ Caparso ] ====================================================== [ Sources ] Source Lucera2 Source Code [ vampir ] Source L2-Scripts Classic - Zaken. [ proGenitor ] Source L2jRoboto - A Fake Player Engine [ .Elfocrash ] Source L2-Excess Server Files (real files) [ teamviewer ] Source L2Excess Source Files [ Handsome Banana ] Source L2Jgeo Premium Geodata Hi5 [ maneco ] Source H5 L2Mythras Files - Sources, Compiled, Geo, Patch. [ Akar0 ] Source L2jSunrise Source 2017-10 [ proGenitor ] Source L2Cadmus Source Files [ djagripnos ] Source L2Junity Source [ UnAfraid ] Source L2Jfrozen Pack & Source & Backup [ M@dara ] Source DataPack Faction + Custom Mods [ Rumble ] Source L2 Acp (Account - Admin Control Panel) [ .Elfocrash ] Source Mega Adapt Code Faction-J-Frozen [ tazerman2 ] Source L2Jreunion Free Version [ `NeverMore ] Source L2Scripts - Underground [ proGenitor ] Source L2Arena Pack+Source By Kamex The Smartest. [ @MaDaFTW ] Source L2Jwz Pack [ TheMark147 ] Source Epilogue L2 Optimal (Based On L2Dc) [ thanosdk ] Source L2J Highfive Latest [No Gradle] [ AccessDenied ] Source L2 Acp 3.6 (Updated, Translated To Eng). [ AstroGG ] Source L2-Scripts Owned By Mardok [ mardok ] Source L2 Classic Svn/geodata Files [ henrar ] Source L2J Nice Team (Classic) [ krauser12345 ] Source L2J-Event Engine [ u3games ] Source Open Votesites On Player's Pc [ .Elfocrash ] Source L2Jadmins C4 [ fissban ] ====================================================== [ Guides ] Guide Work with and Create Java NPCs [ SamDev-Coder ] Guide Howto Fork And Keep It Updated [ AndreiD ] Guide How L2Acp Works And How To Contribute [ .Elfocrash ] Guide Java Guide / Java Data And Variables. [ Sawadee ] Guide [ Pl/sql ] - Simple Pl/sql Statement. [ Sawadee ] ====================================================== [ Tools ] Tool Updater Launcher - Dragonide Design [ gaara ] Tool Decrypter And Encrypter [ ganjaradio ] Tool Lineage Ii Finder V1.5 [Update 5] [ XtreMpOweR ] Tool Easy Changer For Xp [ ganjaradio ] Tool Give Augments Using Navicat [ Reynald0 ]
  12. Hello mates, Since all my previous posts was for H5 Chronicle so i think i’ll start post some content for Interlude Chronicle, so here is my first Interlude guide, but after all Java is Java, no matter Interlude, H5, … etc all are just Java files The Server Pack i’m gonna use in this guide will be ( aCis Rev.360 [Free Version] ), and for the IDE will use NetBeans, of course you can use Eclipse it’s just personal preferences. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements : – I expect that you have aCis Source Pack Installed on your computer or server – We won’t go through the process of installing and starting server, since there are a lot of good guides about this here. – You need a Java IDE (Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ or any else) i’ll use NetBeans but you can use Any. – Stay Relaxed, No Stress, Coding is just Entertaining. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- – How things happen in Game ? Well In Lineage 2 Every thing has two sides (Client and Server), whatever you do in Client (Game) it will automatically send a request to server, then server analyze this request, start processing it and response with a response . That data the fly between Client and Server called Packets , This Packets can be a Request Packet or Response Packet, and each Packet has special code or identifier, if you click here you will find the main Packets for Interlude. For Example : You Click on Community or ALT+B, your game client will send a packet to server called RequestShowboardwith code 57, this is sent from Client to Server, so it’s ClientPacket. So if we want to do any special thing when Player try to show the community board we need to find this packet code which since it’s a ClientPacket then it will be in that package : net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.clientpackets When Server Analyze that request and see things like if it’s enabled … etc it will reply with another Packet which is ShowBoard with code 6E (if board enabled ofc), and this is sent from Server to Client, so it’s a ServerPacket, and since it’s a ServerPacket so we can find it in that package : net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.serverpackets , and we can expect that this class or java file will be responsible for what will be shown on the board. By now we know how to find where magic happens, but what about more power ? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is Bypass and how it works ? Whenever you click on a button or a link for an NPC or even in Community Board this buttons and links meant to do something when a player click on it, but how it happens ? and how server knows which button player clicked and what should happen after that ? Well if you try to show the code of any l2j html file that contain a link or a button, for example i’ll view source code of aCis main buffer by @Tryskell, which located in gamserver/data/html/mods/buffer/50008.htm <html><body> <center><img src="L2UI_CH3.herotower_deco" width=256 height=32 /></center><br> Hello stranger!<br> I'm Tryskell. Yup, you're right, I created an avatar of myself and decided to share some of my powerful buffs in order to improve your pew-pew-bum-zap abilities.<br> What can I do for you ? Do you want to hear <font color="LEVEL"><a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Chat 9">my story</a></font> ?<br> <center> <a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_support player">Magic support</a><br> <a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_manageschemes">Manage my schemes</a><br1> <a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_editschemes none none">Edit my schemes</a><br> <a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_heal">Heal me and my pet</a><br1> <a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_cleanup">Cleanup all effects on me and my pet</a> </center> </body></html> Here you can see the attribute action contains something like : let’s split this action in parts and see what every part do : bypass : tells your client to send a packet RequestBypassToServer with OP Code 0x21 (0x identify a hex decimal > a numeric base 16 value ) -h : tells your client to hide the window on click event npc_%objectId%_Chat 9 : is the command that will be bypassed to server So if we wanna make a bypass to server we just wanna set the action of the link (<a>) or button to something like : “bypass -h command” or just “bypass command” But actually we still dunno what commands already available or if we can create a new custom ….. ----------------------------------------------------------- Track the Bypass down : I can just give you a list of possible bypass commands but i hate limitations, so i’ll give you a quick guide about how to find them and learn about what they do all on your own and then will give you some examples, also this will help you work with almost any pack or chronicle, so let’s see how it works. First packets sent to server will be sent to a class called L2GamePacketHandler.java, which in aCis it’s located at : net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network , and then this class will redirect that packet to the proper Handler or class depending on the received packet OPCode, and since we know that RequestBypassToServer have the OPCode of 0x21 so what about search about this in that Java File : As we can see it call a class called RequestBypassToServer, if we click on this class name : For Netbeans : Right Click > Navigate > Declaration (or CTRL+B) For Eclipse : Right Click > Go To > Declaration It will open that file we will find a part of the code like this (i removed some part just to be easier to read) : if (_command.startsWith("admin_")) { .... } else if (_command.startsWith("player_help ")) { .... } else if (_command.startsWith("npc_")) { .... } else if (_command.startsWith("manor_menu_select?")) { .... } else if (_command.startsWith("bbs_") || _command.startsWith("_bbs") || _command.startsWith("_friend") || _command.startsWith("_mail") || _command.startsWith("_block")) { .... } else if (_command.startsWith("Quest ")) { .... } else if (_command.startsWith("_match")) { .... } else if (_command.startsWith("_diary")) { .... } else if (_command.startsWith("arenachange")) { .... } So as we can see the current supported bypasses are commands that started with : Of course you can add another main custom command by adding another “else if” statement or even create a bypass handler or replace this one with an extended one. Why we don’t go further and inspect how this npc_ thing work ….. here the code of that section : else if (_command.startsWith("npc_")) { if (!activeChar.validateBypass(_command)) return; int endOfId = _command.indexOf('_', 5); String id; if (endOfId > 0) id = _command.substring(4, endOfId); else id = _command.substring(4); try { final L2Object object = L2World.getInstance().getObject(Integer.parseInt(id)); if (object != null && object instanceof L2Npc && endOfId > 0 && ((L2Npc) object).canInteract(activeChar)) ((L2Npc) object).onBypassFeedback(activeChar, _command.substring(endOfId + 1)); activeChar.sendPacket(ActionFailed.STATIC_PACKET); } catch (NumberFormatException nfe) { } } The first part can be lil confusing if you’re not very familiar with java, so lemme explain it to you . That part looking for a number that comes after npc_ that followed by an “_” for example : npc_123456 , and before we saw that command npc_%objectId%_Chat 9 , so here we expect that %objectId% is a number and yes it is since server will automatically replace %objectId% with a unique numeric identifier for the NPC you’re talking to, and it’s not the id you use to spawn it, since you may spawn that npc multiple times so server needs to identify each one of them. So for now we know that command is used like this : Later in this code we will find that part : final L2Object object = L2World.getInstance().getObject(Integer.parseInt(id)); if (object != null && object instanceof L2Npc && endOfId > 0 && ((L2Npc) object).canInteract(activeChar)) ((L2Npc) object).onBypassFeedback(activeChar, _command.substring(endOfId + 1)); activeChar.sendPacket(ActionFailed.STATIC_PACKET); Also let me explain this for you, this code will search the L2World for something with that unique identifier and if found it will use it as L2Npc object and call the method onBypassFeedback to process the command in our case the command will be Chat 9. So Lets Go to declaration of that L2Npc class (as we learned how before), and lets see what this onBypassFeedback do we will find something like this : if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("TerritoryStatus")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("Quest")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("Chat")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("Link")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("Loto")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("CPRecovery")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("SupportMagic")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("multisell")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("exc_multisell")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("Augment")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("EnterRift")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("ChangeRiftRoom")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("ExitRift")) { .... } As we can see we can now expect that we can use npc_ commands as follow : But in the previous example there were number 9 in the end as npc_%objectId%_Chat 9, what this would mean ? well here is the code of Chat command : else if (command.startsWith("Chat")) { int val = 0; try { val = Integer.parseInt(command.substring(5)); } catch (IndexOutOfBoundsException ioobe) {} catch (NumberFormatException nfe) {} showChatWindow(player, val); } As we can see here it will look for that number (9 in our case) and pass it to a method called showChatWindow , which will look for an htm file with same npc id ended with -9 for example this npc id is 50008 so it will looks for 50008-9.htm , and yes it’s right : Now we know how to track things down but one thing left, which is what if you found an bypass in an npc which you cannot find in L2Npc Class, well some npc don’t directly based on L2Npc type but sometimes it’s based on something else that based on L2Npc, for example this NPC in our example has a bypass like : this “heal” command not exist but if we go to our npcs folder in path of gameserver/data/xml/npcs , and we opened the file 50000-50099.xml since our npc id is 50008 and look into that npc definition you will find this : As you can see it’s based on L2Buffer, not L2Npc directly, so we can expect that this class called L2Buffer will contain a method called onBypassFeedback and it will contain an implementation for this “heal” command, but wait a second … you’ll never find a class called L2Buffer, simply because in aCis Packs L2Buffer will redirect to a class called L2BufferInstance and L2BlaBla will redirect to L2BlaBlaInstance, it’s just how aCis simplify things, so just keep that in mind we looking for L2BufferInstance … If we go to that class which is located in the package of : net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.instance (btw this package contains a lot of interesting stuff) we will find that part inside the onBypassFeedback method : Yay , it’s here, so if we want to use this command on another npc we have 3 options : – Add this code to the main RequestBypassToServer – Set the NPC type to L2Buffer – Create a new NPC instance and implement this on it Or we can even add it to community board :D ------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you learned something from this guide ? Personally i don’t learn any thing without getting my hands into it in real action, so why not create something real, like a multi function npc and as a bonus we will create a new NPC type as well, also we can work a bit with Community Board . . . let’s go friends ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 : Create a new NPC Type : Let’s Create a new Class in the package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.instance, and i’ll call it L2MultiFunctionInstance (Name it whatever u want but don’t forget suffix it with Instance) , Just right click on the package and New > Java Class : Now i’ll make it extends the L2NpcInstance or you can use L2Npc class only, but L2NpcInstance has cool implementation so i’ll go for it, and now Server will know it’s an NPC, but you may want for example extends L2BufferInstance to take benefit of Buffer commands or anything else that considered as NPC, but i’ll go pure in this guide , and to simplify thing and to not go off topic i’ll create a simple class code for you which you can use it and i’ll highlight the important parts : //TODO: Add your Custom Bypasses Here At this place we can add our custom bypass commands “data/html/custom/multifunction/” this is where our .htm files will be located for npcs with this type ------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 Create the Actual NPC So First let’s create our NPC, i’ll add it Below Tryskell NPC so it will be in file 50000-50099.xml : <npc id="50009" idTemplate="31324" name="Relina" title="Multifunction NPC"> <set name="level" val="70"/> <set name="radius" val="8"/> <set name="height" val="23"/> <set name="rHand" val="316"/> <set name="lHand" val="0"/> <set name="type" val="L2MultiFunction"/> <set name="exp" val="0"/> <set name="sp" val="0"/> <set name="hp" val="2444.46819"/> <set name="mp" val="1345.8"/> <set name="hpRegen" val="7.5"/> <set name="mpRegen" val="2.7"/> <set name="pAtk" val="688.86373"/> <set name="pDef" val="295.91597"/> <set name="mAtk" val="470.40463"/> <set name="mDef" val="216.53847"/> <set name="crit" val="4"/> <set name="atkSpd" val="253"/> <set name="str" val="40"/> <set name="int" val="21"/> <set name="dex" val="30"/> <set name="wit" val="20"/> <set name="con" val="43"/> <set name="men" val="20"/> <set name="corpseTime" val="7"/> <set name="walkSpd" val="50"/> <set name="runSpd" val="120"/> <set name="dropHerbGroup" val="0"/> <ai type="DEFAULT" ssCount="0" ssRate="0" spsCount="0" spsRate="0" aggro="0" canMove="true" seedable="false"/> <skills> <skill id="4045" level="1"/> <skill id="4416" level="16"/> </skills> </npc> Note that it has id of 50009 and type of L2MultiFunction (without Instance) ------------------------------------------------------------ 1.2 Create the html files Now the html part, we gonna create a folder called custom inside html folder and inside it will create multifunction folder which it’s where we gonna have our html files, First we need the main htm which will be on our created folder with name 50009.htm : <html> <body> <br> <center> <img src="L2UI_CH3.herotower_deco" width=256 height=32 /> <font color="D5C003">Hello Player</font><br> <font color="DDDEC0">I'm the Multi Function NPC with Awesome Customs</font><br> <button value="Open Another Chat" action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Chat 1" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <button value="Show a Multi Sell" action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_multisell 50009" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <button value="Multisell [Inv.Maintain]" action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_exc_multisell 50009" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <button value="Community Board" action="bypass _bbshome" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <button value="Acumen Buff - No Close" action="bypass npc_%objectId%_giveAcumen" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <button value="Teleport To Giran" action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_gotogiran" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <button value="Augment" action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Augment 1" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <button value="Warehouse" action="bypass npc_%objectId%_warehouse_deposit" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <img src="L2UI_CH3.herotower_deco" width=256 height=32 /> </center> </body> </html> Thanks to @Sinister Smile for the buttons, and to make it work, you need to have this file > Download Also we will need another htm file for testing which will be named 50009-1.htm : <html> <body> <br> <center> <img src="L2UI_CH3.herotower_deco" width=256 height=32 /><br > <font color="D5C003">Hello Once Again</font><br> <font color="DDDEC0">This is another Chat of me</font><br> <button value="Back to Main" action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Chat 0" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <img src="L2UI_CH3.herotower_deco" width=256 height=32 /> </center> </body> </html> ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1.3 Create the Multisell File I’ll Create a multisell file with name 50009.xml in multisell folder : <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <list maintainEnchantment="true"> <item> <production id="6608" count="1"/> <ingredient id="6579" count="1" /> </item> <item> <production id="5643" count="1" /> <ingredient id="151" count="1"/> </item> </list> --------------------------------------------------------------- 1.4 Start Server (If not Yet) and let’s Test Each one Open Another Chat : Action : bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Chat 1 This will Open the htm file called 50009-1.htm Show Multi Sell : Action : bypass -h npc_%objectId%_multisell 50009 This will Show a Multisell with id of 50009, and will show all items even items player can’t buy Multi Sell [Inv.Maintain] : Action : bypass -h npc_%objectId%_exc_multisell 50009 This will Show a Multisell with id of 50009, and will show only items player can buy (have the required items for it) Community Board : Action : bypass _bbshome Will Show Community Board if enabled, you can also use : Augment : Action : bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Augment 1 Will Show Augment Panel, also you can use bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Augment 2, to show Remove Augment Panel ----------------------------------------------------------- 1.5 Implement Missed Bypasses : So Now we need to add our custom bypasses to the NPC Type which are : giveAcument, gotogiran, warehouse_deposit Let’s get back to Java and inside onBypassFeedback in the Class we just created we will add this : if(command.equalsIgnoreCase("giveAcumen")) { SkillTable.getInstance().getInfo(1085, SkillTable.getInstance().getMaxLevel(1085)).getEffects(player, player); } else if(command.equalsIgnoreCase("gotogiran")) { player.teleToLocation(82698,148638,-3473,0); } else if(command.equalsIgnoreCase("warehouse_deposit")) { player.sendPacket(ActionFailed.STATIC_PACKET); player.setActiveWarehouse(player.getWarehouse()); player.tempInventoryDisable(); player.sendPacket(new WarehouseDepositList(player, WarehouseDepositList.PRIVATE)); } else { super.onBypassFeedback(player, command); } ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.6 Let’s Test this When we test this everything will be find except one thing, which is Warehouse, it will show deposit window, but when you confirm, it will not move items to warehouse, since in client packet of SendWareHouseDepositList it will check if the last npc was a Warehouse and our npc is not warehouse : And to Fix this it simple, just we can add another method to our custom NPC class which will make it pretend as being warehouse : @Override public boolean isWarehouse() { return true; } So we end up with this code : package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.instance; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.cache.HtmCache; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.datatables.SkillTable; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.template.NpcTemplate; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.serverpackets.ActionFailed; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.serverpackets.WarehouseDepositList; /** * Multi Function NPC Instance * * Made for MxC Bypasses Guide * * @author Sam Dev */ public class L2MultiFunctionInstance extends L2NpcInstance { public L2MultiFunctionInstance(int objectId, NpcTemplate template) { super(objectId, template); } @Override public void onBypassFeedback(L2PcInstance player, String command) { if(command.equalsIgnoreCase("giveAcumen")) { SkillTable.getInstance().getInfo(1085, SkillTable.getInstance().getMaxLevel(1085)).getEffects(player, player); } else if(command.equalsIgnoreCase("gotogiran")) { player.teleToLocation(82698,148638,-3473,0); } else if(command.equalsIgnoreCase("warehouse_deposit")) { player.sendPacket(ActionFailed.STATIC_PACKET); player.setActiveWarehouse(player.getWarehouse()); player.tempInventoryDisable(); player.sendPacket(new WarehouseDepositList(player, WarehouseDepositList.PRIVATE)); } else { super.onBypassFeedback(player, command); } } @Override public boolean isWarehouse() { return true; } @Override public String getHtmlPath(int npcId, int val) { String filename = "data/html/custom/multifunction/" + npcId + ((val == 0) ? "" : "-"+ val ) + ".htm"; return (HtmCache.getInstance().isLoadable(filename)) ? filename : "data/html/npcdefault.htm"; } } By Now we have our Multi Function NPC, But Guess what .... we have a Bonus in this Guide . ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2.0 The Bonus : How to Open a Multisell in Community Board Well i’m sure it’s easy for you now, all we need to do is to add another command to CommunityBoard since we can’t use npc_%objectId% stuff here ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2.1 Add the Command to the CommunityBoard.java You can find it in the package : net.sf.l2j.gameserver.communitybbs , Then we gonna add this code after the _bbshome code else if(command.startsWith("_bbsmultisell")) {MultisellData.getInstance().separateAndSend(command.substring(13).trim(), activeChar, null, false);} To look like : ----------------------------------------------------- 2.1 Add the Mutlisell Button to the Community Board Home Go to : data/html/CommunityBoard/top/Index.htm, and add this code any where you like it to appear : <br> <center> <button value="Multisell In Community" action="bypass _bbsmultisell 50009" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> </center> ------------------------------------------------------- 2.2 Now Build your Server Core and Restart Server to Test Now Guess What ?? it’s Working and we have Multisell in Community Board At the End i hope you learned something new, and i wish it’s useful to anyone Thanks and Regards
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Ε:Τι θα πρεπει να κανω αφου εχω την clan μου?ποιες ειναι οι πρωτες <<δουλειες>> ? Α:Καταρχην,πρεπει να πατε για mass clan-farming, mass clan raiding,mass clan pvping ωστε να καταλαβουν τα μελη σας,οτι ειναι τιμη τους που ειναι στην clan σας και αν θελουν να ειναι ακομα εκει πρεπει να βοηθανε σε ολους τους τομεις!Ωριστε και η σωστη μεθοδος (πιο πολυ για καινουργιους servers οπου τα clan halls δεν ειναι πιασμενα απο αλλους) Λοιπον...Πρωτα απολα,φαρμαρετε για το lvl up της clan.Aν ειναι pvp o server τοτε απλως πηγαινετε fg για να παρετε το blood mark στο στενο απτα αριστερα πηγαινωντας προς το cabrio αν ειναι low rate,το ιδιο ακριβως! Για το lvl 4,σε high το φαρμαρετε με λεφτα στον low rate,κανετε το quest που μπορειτε να το βρειτε απο τον adventurer's guide στα quests! Για το lvl 5 παρομοια με το προηγουμενο...παμε στα δυσκολα τωρα! Για το 6ο Level θα χρειαστειτε υποχρεωτικα κιαλλα ατομα μιας και θα χρειαστειτε 30 ατομα και 10.000 ποντους...(Οι ποντοι μπορουν να βρεθουν απο:βαζωντας ενα μελος στην ακαδημια σας και καθως παει lvl 40 και βγει κερδιζετε απο 400 εως 650 (απτο lvl που μπηκε, οσο πιο χαμηλα τοσο πιο πολλοι ποντοι!)αρα η θα ψαχνετε για μικρους δινωντας μια ανταμοιβη αν μεινουν και βγουν απτην ακαδημια και σας δωσουν τους ποντους η θα περιμενετε να βγουν οι heroes οπου καθε ηρωας ισουται με 1000 ποντους!Αφου φτασετε το 6-7 lvl μαζεψτε 50.000.000 και πανω για να αγορασετε ενα clan hall για την clan σας!Ειναι πολυ χρησιμο μιας και λειτουργει σαν αρχηγειο και απο εκει πατε ολοι μαζι σε sieges,bosses κτλπ! Ε:αφου εχω οργανωσει την clan μου,και εχω clan hall,members κτλπ...τι θα κανω με αυτους? Α:καταρχην θα ηταν καλο να εχεις πολλους nobless στην clan σου!Θα πρεπει να ξεκινησετε να πηγαινετε σε bosses ολοι μαζι,σε mass pvp's,και γενικα να εχετε πολυ δραση ΟΛΟΙ ΜΑΖΙ! τα bosses τα οποια ειναι καλο να ριχνετε και εχουν ενα respect αν τα φατε ειναι AQ,ZAKEN,CORE, BAIUM,ANTHARAS,VALAKAS. ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ:οταν ριχνετε ενα boss ο αρχηγος πρεπει να παιρνει το μεγαλο drop (εκτος κιαν το εχει ή δεν το χρειαζεται)και μετα μοιραζει Αναλογα με την θεση που εχουν τα μελη τα drops...οποιος δεν τυνει να συμορφωθει με αυτο απλως φευγει και γινεται στοχος αμεσα! Καλο θα ηταν να ανοιγετε μετωπα με αντιπαλες clans,ωστε να εχει ενα ενδιαφερον ο πολεμος,ενω σε ολους μας αρεσει να σφαζουμε ατομα χωρις clan η ευχαριστηση της νικης ενος clan war ειναι αλλο συναισθημα! Αφου ειστε ετοιμοι με levels,items κτλπ ηρθε η ωρα για τα 2 πιο σημαντικα κεφαλαια της clan 1)Heroes και Oλυμπιαδα 2)Πολιορκιες A.K.A Siege! Σ Χ Ε Τ Ι Κ Α Μ Ε Τ Η Ν Ο Λ Υ Μ Π Ι Α Δ Α 1)εδω ειναι απτις λιγες φορες που κοιταζουμε πρωτα απολα την παρτυ μας και μετα τους αλλους... αν εχετε πολλους nobless απλως κανετε feed για να εχετε τους δικους σας heroes!Πρωτος στοχος ειναι να βγει hero o leader και ο Subleader και αν εχουμε την ικανοτητα να βγαλουμε κιαλλους τοτε προτιμαμε τους πιο ενεργους και πιθαρχημενους παιχτες.... Παρενθεση:αν ειστε gladiator για παραδειγμα και εχετε αλλον ενα <<φιλοδοξο>> glady και βλεπετε οτι παιζει αγωνες και παει να σας παρει την θεση θα ηταν καλο να κανετε μια πρωτη συσταση και αν δεν σταματησει θα υπαρχει προβλημα μιας και θα εκδιωχθει απτην clan μας! 2)Feedαρισμα επιτρεπετε κανονικοτατα και θα γινει με τον απλο τροπο:Εφοσον ειμαστε οι δυνατοι του server κανουμε oλοι reg και αν ειναι ο δικος μας χανουμε,αν ειναι αντιπαλος τον παταμε κατω!Δεν χρειαζετε να κανουμε D-box με ιδιο class μιας και φαινεται παρα πολυ στους gm/παιχτες/spectators(apo cs αυτο αλλα anyway,καταλαβενετε τι θελω να πω) Τι θα κανω ομως με τις Πολιορκεις?Πως να τις οργανωσω σωστα? 1)Πρωτα απολα κανωντας assist εχετε πολλες περισσοτερες πιθανοτητες. 2)Το παρτυ πρεπει να οργανωνεται καπως ετσι: Nuke:healer,nuker,nuker,nuker,magnus-pow,bd,sws Tank:healer,tank,tank,pof-cov,bd,sws,healer Τωρα αν εχετε πολλα members κανετε μικρα nuke parties και μεσα στα nuke βαζετε archers,daggers κτλπ. Πως και ποτε θα επιτεθω?ποτε ειναι η καταλληλη στιγμη? Επιτιθεστε οταν κανουν ντου και οι αλλοι...εκμεταλευεστε τους αλλους που πανε να ριξουν το καστρο μεχρι να μπειτε στην αιθουσα του θρονου οπου εκει τουσ σφαζετε και παιρνετε castle...δεν ειναι αναγκη να το παιξετε ηρωες και να μπειτε πρωτοι πρωτοι...αφηστε να φανε αλλοι το ξυλο! Η επιθεση θα γινεται με μπροστα το tank party,και απο πισω το nuke με σκοπο οι range παιχτες να κανουν δουλεια στους αμυνομενους ενω ο τανκ θα τρωει το damage Ε:Πως θα πρεπει να συμπεριφερομαι στα μελη της clan μου? Α:Εφοσον εχετε τηρησει ολα τα αλλα θεματα που εχω αναφερει τοτε θα ειστε μια απο τις τοπ clan οποτε το να εχετε μελη δεν μπορει να υφιστατε και μια θεση στην clan σας θα ειναι περιζητητη!Οποτε θα πρεπειν να εχετε καποιους τυπους συμπεριφορας που πρεπι να κρατατε για να μην πεφτετε στην υποληψη των μελων σας! 1)Ποτε δεν λετε για κατι<<παρακαλω>>...οποιος δεν συμβιβαζεται απλως μπορει να φυγει και καποιος καλυτερος θα μπει! 2)Οταν λετε κατι ειναι Δ-Ι-Α-Τ-Α-Γ-Η-,Και οποιος δεν το δεχτει απλως φευγει! 3)Η σειρα διαταγων θα ειναι η ακολουθη:Leader,Party leader,subleader Σε περιπτωση πολλαπλων διαταγων ακολουθειτε αυτη την σειρα ωστε να μην εχετε προβληματα! 4)ΔΙΑΦΩΝΙΕΣ:εφοσον εχετε μια διαφωνια αναμεσα σε 2 μελη σας τιθεται ενα διλειμα σαν αρχηγος: Ποιος εχει δικαιο και ποιος οχι?Αν αυτο δεν ειναι ξεκαθαρο αναζητειται μια κοινη τομη και αν ουτε αυτο ειναι δυνατο τοτε καποιος απτους δυο πρεπει να γινει dismiss μετα απο <<συμβουλιου>> των ηγετων σας! Π Ε Ρ Ι C L A N S K I L L S E:Αλλο παλι και τουτο!Τι στο καλο ειναι τα clan skills? A:τα clan skills ειναι τα skills τα οποια ειναι διαθεσιμα για καθε μελος της clan αναλογα με την θεση του.Τα clan skills ειναι τα παρακατω (μαζι με τις πληροφοριες για αυτους που δεν τα ξερουν!) Clan Level 5 Clan Imperium Destruction Tombstone Grants the privilege of Command Channel formation. It only effects Sage / Elder class and above Clan Lifeblood 10 Earth Egg: A-Grade Ανεβαζει την <<Αναγεννηση>> του hp.Λειτουργει μονο σε Heir class και παραπανω Clan Magic Protection (1) 10 Angelic Essence: A-Grade Ανεβαινει η M.Def σας.Λειτουργει μονο σε Heir class η παραπανω Clan Vitality (1) 10 Earth Egg: A-Grade Ανεβαζει το μεγιστο hp που μπορειτε να πιασετε.Επειρεαζει μονο οσους ειναι Heir και παραπανω Clan Level 6 Clan Aegis (1) 10 Earth Egg: A-Grade Ανεβαζει την P.def σας.Λειτουργει μονο σε Knight class η παραπανω Clan Might Clan Might (1) 10 Dragon Heart: A-Grade Ανεβαινει η P.atk σας.Λειτουργει μονο σε Knight class και παραπανω Clan Morale Clan Morale (1) 10 Nonliving Nucleus: A-Grade Ανεβαζει την αναγεννηση cp.Λειτουργει μονο σε Elder class και παραπανω Clan Shield Boost Clan Shield Boost (1) 10 Dragon Heart: A-Grade Ανεβαζει την <<αμυνα ασπιδας>> (shield defense).Λειτουργει μονο σε Baron class η παραπανω Clan Spirituality Clan Spirituality (1) 10 Nonliving Nucleus: A-Grade Ανεβαζει το μαξ cp που μπορειτε να εχετε.Λειτουργει μονο σε Baron class η πιο πανω. Clan Level 7 Clan Aegis (2) 10 Earth Egg: A-Grade Ανεβαζει την P.Def που εχετε.Λειτουργει μονο σε knight class η πιο πανω. Clan Cyclonic Resistance Clan Cyclonic Resistance (1) Destruction Tombstone Ανεβαζει την αντοχη σας στις επιθεσεις με νερο.Λειτουργει μονο σε Viscount class η πιο πανω. Clan Fortitude Clan Fortitude (1) Destruction Tombstone Ανεβαζει την αντοχη στις επιθεσεις <<shock>>.Λειτουργει μονο σε Viscount class και παραπανω Clan Freedom (1) Destruction Tombstone ανεβαζει την αντοχη στις επιθεσεις <<hold>>.Λειτουργει μονο σεViscount class και παραπανω Clan Guidance (1) 10 Memento Mori: A-Grade Ανεβαζει το <<Accuracy>>.Λειτουργει μονο σε Baron class και παραπανω Clan Lifeblood (2) 10 Earth Egg: A-Grade Ανεβαζει την αναγεννηση του hp.Λειτουργει μονο σε Heir class και παραπανω Clan Luck (1) Cradle of Creation Κατεβαζει τις πιθανοτητες να εχετε death penalty οταν πεθανετε.Λειτουργει μονο σε Heir class η παραπανω. Clan Magic Protection (2) 10 Angelic Essence: A-Grade ανεβαζει την m.def σας.Λειτουργει μονο σε heir class η παραπανω. Clan Magmatic Resistance (1) Destruction Tombstone Ανεβαζει την αντοχη στο στοιχειο της φωτιας και της γης.Λειτουργει σε viscount class η παραπανω. Clan Might (2) 10 Dragon Heart: A-Grade Ανεβαζει την P.atk σας.Λειτουργει μονο σε Knight class η παραπανω. Clan Spirituality (2) 10 Nonliving Nucleus: A-Grade Aνεβαζει το μαξ cp που μπορειτε να ποασετε.Λειτουργει μονο σε baron class παραπανω Clan Vigilance (1) Destruction Tombstone Ανεβαινει η αντοχη σας σε επιθεσεις sleep.Λειτουργει μονο σε viscount class η παραπανω Clan Vitality (2) 10 Earth Egg: A-Grade Ανεβαζει το μαξ hp που μπορειτε να πιασετε.Λειτουργει σε heir class η παραπανω Clan Withstand-Attack (1) 10 Memento Mori: A-Grade Ανεβαζει την πιθανοτητα να εχετε shield defense.Λειτουργε Clan Level 8 Clan Aegis (3) 10 Earth Egg: A-Grade Ανεβαζει την p.def σας.Λειτουργει μονο σε heir class η παραπανω Clan Agility (1) 10 Memento Mori: A-Grade Aνεβαζει το evasion σας.Λειτουργει σε baron class η παραπανω Clan Clarity (1) 10 Angelic Essence: A-Grade Ανεβαζει την αναγεννηση του mp.Λειτουργει μονο σε heir class η παραπανω Clan Cyclonic Resistance (2) Destruction Tombstone Ανεβαζει την αντοχη στο νερο και τον αερα.Λειτουργει σε baron class η παραπανω Clan Empowerment (1) 10 Angelic Essence: A-Grade Ανεβαζει την m.atk σας.Λειτουργει σε viscount class h παραπανω. Clan Essence (1) 10 Angelic Essence: A-Grade Ανεβαζει το μεγιστο mp που μπορειτε να πιασετε.λειτουργει σε baron class η παραπανω Clan Fortitude (2) Destruction Tombstone Ανεβαζει την αντοχη σας σε επιθεσεις schok.Λειτουργει σε viscount class η παραπανω Clan Freedom (2) Destruction Tombstone Ανεβαζει την αντοχη στις επιθεσεις hold.λειτουργει σε viscount class η παραπανω Clan Guidance (2) 10 Memento Mori: A-Grade Ανεβαζει το accuracy σας.Λειτουργει σε baron class η παραπανω. Clan Luck (2) Cradle of Creation Μειωνει την πιθανοτητα να εχει death penalty και να χασει xp ο παιχτης σας.Λειτουργει σε Heir class Η παραπανω Clan Magmatic Resistance (2) Destruction Tombstone ανεβαζει την αντοχη στο νερο και τη γη.λειτουργει σε viscount class η παραπανω. Clan March (1) Cradle of Creation ανεβαζει την ταχυτητα των μελων σας.Λειτουργει σε baron class η παραπανω Clan Might (3) 10 Dragon Heart: A-Grade Ανεβαζει την p.atk σας.Λειτουργει σε knight class η παραπανω Clan Morale (2) 10 Nonliving Nucleus: A-Grade Ανεβαζει την αναγεννηση cp.Λειτουργει σε heir class η παραπανω Clan Shield Boost (2) 10 Dragon Heart: A-Grade Ανεβαζει την p.def ασπιδας..Λειτουργει σε heir class η παραπανω Clan Spirituality (3) 10 Nonliving Nucleus: A-Grade ανεβαζει το μαξ cp που μπορειτε να εχετε.λειτουργει σε baron class η παραπανω Clan Vigilance (2) Destruction Tombstone Ανεβαζει την αντοχη στο sleep.λειτουργει σε viscount class η παραπανω. Clan Withstand-Attack (2) 10 Memento Mori: A-Grade Ανεβαζει την πιθανοτητα να εχετε shield defense.Λειτουργει σε viscount class παραπανω (Ουφ τελειωσα!20 Λεπτα μου πηρε να το τελειωσω...) Για τις πληροφοριες για τα clan skill ΟΛΑ τα credits πανε στο pmfun.com Ε:Πως μπορω να τα βαλω?ειναι autolearn σαν τα skills των παιχτων? A:Χρειαζεσαι clan points που πως ειπα βρισκονται η απο το να βγαλετε heroes η απο academy! To share ειναι ΟΛΟ δικο μου και συμφωνα με το update στις 7/2/2010 ειναι ολοκληρωμενο κατα 97,5% Λειπουν καποια τελευταια στοιχεια που θα μπουνε αυριο!Πειτε μου αν εχω κανει καποιο λαθος για να το φτιαξω η να Προσθεσω κατι ακομα(η γνωση σας μετραει πολυ)
  14. what programs do I need to start this from 0 thx
  15. Hi, as people still asking questions how to make a custom splash screens, and I was about doing to my new project I decide to make a Video guide for changing splash screen. Sorry for my English, anyway that's was my first and last video guide :D Download tools used in video: http://www.4shared.com/zip/f8bLZgtKba/tools.html? I hope that's helped to someone.
  16. Hello to everyone! I would like to share with you my recent discovery, namely, the csgo guide. It seems to me, this info will be able to help beginners to rank up faster. It covers such issues as optimizing a pc before playing, launch settings, rank system, economics, devices you need to choose for this game, weapons and skins, etc. Here is the link: https://dmarket.com/blog/csgo-guide/
  17. Hello everybody,, I'd like to start saying that I didnt make this program, I only made the guide for it ;p Credits for the prog goes to > Sakaszli. In this guide I'll (try) you to explain how the prog works, and wath we can do with it. Basicly its a program wich contains all programs you need to add modifications to your system. All the changes you make wont effect the game-play of others,, neither they can see you got it! 1) The Download + Installation 1.1 Download Before we even can start you will have to download the program. Here is the site where you can download it > Click me to download Go to the link and simply click at "==Download==". Looks like this: 1.2 Installation Now we will go install the program. I'll chose for english language so everybody can follow easily. When you run the setup you will get this screen: Chose for your own language (if listed) and otherwise pick English. When you chose your language the setup wizard will begin. At the first screen just click "Next". On the next page you can chose where to save your program. Simply use "Browse" if you want to change the directory. When done, click "Next". This next option is not really nessairy, i never use them so i just disable it by ticking off the little box. If you do want it you can save it there or browse for another location. Afther then press "Next". If you want to create a shortcut you can click the little boxes. When ready click "Next" The next page is a little summary of the installation guide, here you can re-check all the paths and options you chose, if you want to change anything you can press "Back", if its OK just click "Install". Installing will just take like a second. When the program is installed just click "Finish"! and we are done installing. ======================================================================================= 2) The program If you open the L2Lige with the launcher (i always do) you can see we got 3 options. We will see them from the bottom up, so lets begin. ================= 2.1 About You dont really need this, but in here are all the people that helped making/testing the programs used. You can read it once and thank those people ;) ================= 2.2 L2 File Edit This version of File Edit is made by CriticalError. The version supports all clients from C4 upto Freya. I wont explain everything you can do with this program, cause this guide is made for l2lige. So open your launcher and click at "L2 File Edit" If you want to edit a file, always start with chosing the client. You can do that here: We will use these next options. I think u understand all the options that are listed right there,, Wont need further explination ;p ================= 2.3 L2 Lige Finally you made it trough,, now we gonna start the serious buisiness! ;) Everything you can do with L2 Lige can basicly also be done with L2 File Edit, or some other progs. Still, this prog will make it all a bit easyer ;p Lets start, Open your L2 Lige using the launcher. when you open L2Lige he will ask the language you want. You got 4 options, Polish, English, Spanish or Portuguese. To show you guys some things i'll use the English version, since everybody should be able to understand that ;p --------------------------------------------------- 2.3.1 Directory First you must change the direction to your client. In the new update of L2Lige there are 2 ways to change it. Go in your L2Lige to "Change Directory" There you got 2 options to chose, the new path finder, or the old one. >> Old Directory Well its really simple, mainly the same as with all other programs. Just click at "Change Directory". You will a little screen where you can search your l2-client wich you want to modify. You just have to search your Lineage2 folder, not your system. (In my case its E:\Michael!\Alles van Lineage\Lineage_FREYA) When found click "Ok" >> New Directory This is a new(er) version and its really easy in use. Just chose the disk where your l2-client is on and he will search it all for you! If you got several clients, then you can chose 1 specific client by clicking the little arrow. --------------------------------------------------- 2.3.2 Settings When you go to your Settings tab you will see several things. Here you have to say what client you are gonna modify. Let's explain it a bit. The first Lineage2Ver is the Header Version, you may keep this on 413. The option "Ini" will you only need if you go edit your "L2.ini-file", if you want to modify a IL client, chose for Interlude, if you want to modify a later client, then chose for Kamael+. The next Lineage2Ver is you L2Version, so here you got to chose the client you want to modify. Diffrent versions: C3 ----------- Chronicle 3: Rise of Darkness C4 ----------- Chronicle 4: Scions of Destiny C5 ----------- Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood Interlude ---- Interlude CT1_0 -------- Throne 1: The Kamael CT1_5 -------- Throne 1.5: Hellbound CT2_1 -------- Throne 2: Gracia - Part I CT2_2 -------- Throne 2: Gracia - Part II CT2_3en ------ Throne 2: Gracia - Final CT2_4en ------ Throne 2: Gracia - Epilogue CT2_5en ------ Throne 2: Gracia - Freya The next box you see are skins, try them maybe you like one more then the basic one ;) --------------------------------------------------- 2.3.3 System Patcher You will only need this when you use a retail system. Go to the tab "System Patcher" Chose the client you are going to use (in my case Freya so > CT2_5) If you want you can also tick on the following boxes > L2.exe, WildCard and UniChat. When ready click at "system Patching" You will see this> This may take some time... so just be patient ;) When its ready you will see "Press any key to exit". Well do it then ;) Your system is now patched and ready to add some modifications ;) --------------------------------------------------- 2.3.4 Npcname.dat With this tab you can edit the names/titles and colors or NPC's and Mobs. So lets see what we can do. Go to the tab "Npcname-e.dat" and click at "Load". (If you might get an error there are 2 things you have to check, 1. Is my system patched? 2. Did i use the right settings for my client?) Then, use the Find/Go to ID button to find the NPC you want to edit. I chose for Maximilian as example. In the next box you will see the ID this NPC has (For the GM's > //spawn 30120 will be Maximilian) -In the box title you can edit the title of the NPC > As example i changed mine to "I HATE YOU" In the box under it you can change the color of the title (Made mine pink-red) -If you want to change the name of a NPC you can do it in the boxes below It basicly works the same as changing the title If you finished editting all the npcs you wanted click at "Save" (next to load) and your Npcname-e.dat will be automaticly saved. Note: Do not click "Add", this button will add a new NPC to the list, wont change one! --------------------------------------------------- 2.3.5 Systemmsg-e.dat This is the one i like most. In this file you can edit every message that appears in your chat-box! (Ofcourse not the ones written by players...) To start click on "Load" [NOTE: C4 doesnt support on-screen messages, so if you want to edit systemmsg-e.dat from a C4 client you will have to import it and turn off "Onscreenmsg". So> First click "Load" then click "Import". A screen will open, there you can select the things you want to import (Not the onscreenmsg), then select the chronicle (C4) then click "Import". Again a screen will open, here you have to search your systemmsg-e.dat file. This may take a second, so just be patient.] You will get this: Lets see what we got. As we had in Npcname-e.dat we got here also a box to search your ID or name. If you want to edit a message, search the message and select it. Then you can change a few things. > Color of the message - You can change this at "Color [RGB]", if you just click in this box you will get a little screen with diffrent colors wich you can chose of. If you want to chose your own color follow the picture. (sorry thats it in dutch, but it takes the language of your pc i guess) > The message itself - If you want to change the message itself just select the message you want to change and write in the box "Message" what u want instead. > Itemsound - Here you can add itemsounds to your messages, so when the message you editted appears in the chat, you will hear the sound you putted there. (I dont really use this cause i think i would turn nuts of all those sounds ;) ) > On-screen message - If you want to add an on-screen message to this message then tick the box on. > Screen position - Here you can chose where the on-screen message will be displayed on your screen. (just click where you want it) > Time (in seconds) - This is the duration of your on-screen message, so how long it should be displayed. Do not take this to long... I can tell you, 1 second i long enough to read it. > Submsg - This is the message that will be displayed on your screen. You can write here anything you like to be displayed. If you succesfully editted the message you can just go to the next one, it automaticly saves the settings for the message. When you modified all the messages you want click "Save" and you are ready ;) --------------------------------------------------- 2.3.6 INI Files In this tab we edit 2 files at the same time, L2.ini and User.ini . I will first explain basic, and afther that advanced. Basic: Go to your "INI files" tab and click "Load" to open your files. Mainly you only need the boxes wich i marked red. and it mainly all speaks for itself, so here we go Server IP > Its the IP of the server you play (Here you can take the IP of the server for your bot programs ) Port number > The Port of the server you play Viewing Range > Distance how far you can see If you got a good pc, you can increase this range, if not i'd suggest to keep it retail GPU memory using > If you got a good pc, you can increase this, if not i'd suggest to keep this retail Zoom out speed > How fast you zoom out Zoom in speed > How fast you zoom in Next we got some extra things you can chose: Sounds: Turn them on or off Hide client window frame: No window frame around your client Ultimate zoom out: Scroll out really far! (Works for freya, already tested) Ghost Camera: Example > http://i.imgur.com/FfdVc.jpg When char runs, camera goes back to normal position: turn on or off Normal bri/con/gamma: Takes normal brightness, contrast and gamma. Middle mouse click: Hide/show fog: Fog disabled (normal when you look some further you see fog, then it wont) Super wallhack: Like shooting-games (example bit further) Hide/show floor: No floors! Hide/show pointer motion: doesnt show pointer anymore (That blue circle when you walk) Show/hide red thing around objects/players: Marks players red. (example next) Example: Me standing in front of clan hall, closed doors: Now i click on my middle mouse: Advanced: The advanced version is basicly your L2 File Edit. Only here you see user.ini and l2.ini next to eachother. You wont need this really much, only if you wanna add other things to your INI files. --------------------------------------------------- This was already my second guide about client modifications. Previous time i used several programs to edit everything, now i just needed 1. I hope you enjoy adding modifications to your clients and make your patch a bit colorfull! If there are any questions you can post them or mail me or Sakaszli. I will try to keep the guide up-to-date. In case of any bugs in the program send a mail to > kamilskor@o2.pl Credits: - Guide: Michaeltje - Program: Sakaszli Greetings -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guide should be fully updated right now,, if a new release of the program comes ill edit the guide when needed. <<<<<<08.01.2011>>>>>> +Some fixes (many in grids) +Now all forms are double buffered. <<<<<<29.12.2010>>>>>> +App rewrite +Full unicode support +RU files support <<<<<<16.12.2010>>>>>> +L2 ini files save fix (now Advanced + Basic) +Fixed translations. +No-phx interlude fix +New path finder (small path select fix). +Fix import in systemmsg-e.dat. if lines>20 then (import) +Big fix on systemmsg-e.dat ( for c5 c4 c3) , no error now. +Fix load settings (l2ver) +Form X,Y, maxymalized ot not save to file. +Some fix in main code...again xD <<<<< 25.12.2012 >>>>> + Refreshed links + Removed pre-made files (can't re-upload them since i lost them )
  18. Needed programs; Photoshop (any version) Plug-ins for photoshop L2Tool L2ViewUTX L2Decrypt L2Encdec i will give a link for L2Tool, L2ViewUTX, Plug-ins for photoshop, L2Decrypt and L2Endec. before you begin do this > > Make a new flolder called (however you want bla bla blaaaa) > Download & Extract the files from the download rar file Now lets begin .. follow this steps. P.S - You will find L2Font-e.utx in the rar. Steps Before to start all this steps make sure that you have made your background 1. Open L2ViewrUTX 2. Open L2Font-e.utx and choose loading02-e then click on save texture 3. When you save it you will get file named > Loading02-e.dds 4. Open the file VIA Photoshop (first install the plugins for photoshop, otherwise you will get ERROR) 5. Then you will get this Click me. 6. Then copy your loading screen (that you made in Photoshop, or Paint :D :D ) 7. Now just replace the original image with yours (keep in mind that you should follow the lanes) DO NOT RESIZE THE ORIGINAL PICTURE!!!! 8. When you are done, click FILE > Save AS ... > and choose .dds 9. Next go to the Flolder and Drag L2Font-e.utx and drop it over the L2Decrypt.exe and wait few seconds 10. Now you will get file named " L2Font-e.clear.utx 11. Now Open L2 Tool 12. You will get this > Click me slowly 13. Now click on the second box and add the L2Font-e.clear.utx (see where to click HERE SOFYLY) 14. Then choose the first box and add the loading02-e.dds 15. Then press SIMPLY press SET 16.Now drag the L2Font-e.clear.utx to L2Decrypt.exe and wait few seconds 17.Now delete L2Fond-e.utx and L2Font-e.clear.utx and rename L2Font-e.crypt.utx to L2Font-e.utx 18. Copy the file and paste in your systextures THATS IT !!! Now you have a new backgroud! If you have any questions, problems and whatever other bug, write in the topic i will help. DOWNLOADS: Files that you need : Click here Download l2 TOOL from here > Click Me P.S - Dont use the L2 TOOL from my RAR ( its making bugs )! And don't forget to open the read.txt file, or i will be very very sad.
  19. CSGO [V5.83] 13.03.2019 by Ganibal Status: Undetected 13.03.2019 Download: http://bit.ly/2ChRG8Z FEATURES: • Triggerbot - autofire or hold key mode, changeable delay • Aim assist - works with automatic weapons • Aimlock - selects the enemy closest to your crosshair and locks onto him. Works well with any weapon, especially the deagle and snipers • GlowESP (wallhack) - teammates (green), enemies (red), blue (vulnerable enemies - not having a firearm equipped, flashed or out of ammo) • Radar hack • No flash hack • Bunny hop
  20. Hello there. I'm looking for c3 or c4 source codes ( I wan't to create private server ). Anyone can help me with it? Or someone selling good sources? Thanks.