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Found 24 results

  1. This is my second Necromancer olympiad video. I will continue upload Necromancer videos from different clients. We are playing at l2 classic giran NA. You can follow our Clan channel here ; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6UMtUa5oXmgwwuTp2NoIrg
  2. Hi guys i tryin to play DA and is hard for my My build is +4 str - 4 con and VNH. Weapon- Vesper cutter focus and i have still problems on oly. Maybe my build is completly wrong? Some suggestions? Most important skills are +30 im talking about H5 chronicle
  3. this guide will go over how to create a new effect for l2 and how to attach it to a npc [Hidden Content]
  4. this guide will go over creating (or importing..) weapons using Unreal. this method allows you to put as many weapons as you want in 1 package! Benefits = organization, less clutter, flexible settings, high quality models, animated [Hidden Content]
  5. Short guide going over how to import and create hats using Unreal. Although the model used is already pre processed, this logic can be applied to any accessory. you can put as many meshes in this ukx as possible. no more oaukx/1 mesh 1 ukx. [Hidden Content]
  6. this guide will go over how to create costumes for interlude and provide the resources necessary to do so [Hidden Content]
  7. this guide will go over how to adapt effects and skills from higher chronicles and import them through interlude [Hidden Content] try and delete EditPackages=UnrealEd EditPackages=IpDrv EditPackages=UWeb EditPackages=GamePlay EditPackages=GUI EditPackages=Runtime EditPackages=RTInterface
  8. Hello there guys...i hope you are doing great (ah its feel so nostalgic coming here after all those years ) I'm looking to open an l2j server and i'm looking for some guidance on the matter like about the legal matters with ncsoft, client modification and if i can avoid it on h5 using hosts, protections from bots and third party programs. I already did some research but i'm looking if someone can give me a complete picture...in pm of course. Thank you for your time and i will appreciate any help!
  9. old post: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/197769-free-html-coding-for-your-server/ give free services about L2 Servers html / code / help / client send me pm or add skype:typerakos tnx ATTENTION THIS IMAGE IS ONLY FOR SHOW WHAT I MEAM
  10. this guide will go over how to create monsters PROPERLY with attack effect and sound [Hidden Content] 200 LineageMonster.serpent_slave moob.scapegoat_m00 0 0 2 4416 9 1.58181822 0 3 ItemSound.sword_big_9 ItemSound.spear_2 ItemSound.sword_mid_9 5 MonSound.Hit_normal_3 MonSound.Hit_Shell_3 ItemSound.shield_bone_1 MonSound.Hit_Metal_clang_11 MonSound.Hit_Wet_3 3 MonSound.serpent_slave_dmg_1 MonSound.serpent_slave_dmg_2 MonSound.serpent_slave_dmg_3 0 1 0 LineageEffect.p_u002_a 0 50.00000000 250.00000000 70.00000000 0 1
  11. [glow=red,2,300]1. Introduction[/glow] In this guide we will learn how to edit the loading screen of any chronicle. I have seen some guides in forum but much of them had some errors and when people try to enter game they get crash. However in this guide I will try to guide you step by step to get the expected result. [glow=red,2,300]2.What is loading screen?[/glow] The loading screen is the picture that appears when you are waiting your char to log in. As im using Interlude, my original loading screen would be this one: [glow=red,2,300]3. Programs that we will need:[/glow] ● Link 1 mediafire (rar) ● Link 2 megaupload (rar) ● Link 3 4shared (rar) * All links are the same [glow=red,2,300]4. Rar content:[/glow] The above rar contain: ● Paint.NET 3.5.10 installer ( ??? ) --> Install it where you like. We will use this program to convert DDS files to PNG so we can easily edit them without any plugins. ● UE2Runtime installer --> Install it where you like too. ● L2Tool ● L2Endec ● L2Decrypt ● Encrypt UTX ● You will need any version of Photoshop too, search in google [glow=red,2,300]5. Guide:[/glow] The first thing we will do is extract the rar, in the desktop for example. Now we need to find the loading screen to edit it. This file is packed in l2Font-e.utx of our systextures folder (C:\Program Files\Lineage II\systextures) so copy it to the folder where we have all our tools. Now that we have all files in the same folder, let's drag and drop our l2Font-e.utx on l2decrypt to decrypt it. This will open it and after waiting 5 seconds or so will appear this: We have to remember number that appears in ... using Version 121. Click on enter and l2decrypt will close. Also now we have a new file: L2Font-e.clear.utx (You can erase the original l2Font-e.utx if you like). Now we have our file decrypted, however, to open it with the UnrealEditor we need to make it "readable". For this we will use the l2tool. Double click on it. In the third line (which begins with UTX...) select our L2Font-e.clear.utx and click on the Line2-> UnrealED button. Agree and select a location to be saved (I recommend in the same folder to overwrite the previous L2Font-e.clear.utx and not create thousand files). Now we have our L2Font-e.clear.utx ready to open with UnrealEditor, so open it and checking that you are on "textures" tab, go to file -> open -> and select our L2Font-e.clear.UTX: Now go to the tab where says AgitMap and select Skins. Here we have the original loading screen (Texture loading02-e * [DXT3]), we right-click on it, click on export to file and select any location, desktop for example. (Do not close the UnrealED) Well! We now have a new friend to play with on the location where we selected in Unreal (desktop in my case) the loading02-e.dds. Now comes the editing, we have two ways: ● Edit with Paint.net directly (This program may called your attention, but is one of the few wich can read the dds format without plugins) ● Edit with Photoshop (be better) I'm going to edit it with Photshop and, as it doesnt read .dds, I will open the loading02-e.dds with Paint.net and I will save it as .png (File -> Save as) to make it readable by Photoshop. Now open this .png with photoshop and edit it as you like, we can leave the black bar where appears the NCSoft credits, remove, put new images ... what you want ... But respect image size and dont write anything below LOADING bar... Once you have finished your editing, save it again as .png. Now we will re-open the loading02-e that we have in png with paint.net and we're going to save as .dds (File --> Save it as): A new tab will appear with saving options, put them like that: (DTX3 / Interactive setting / Perceptual) We have finished with editing. Return to Unreal where we still have the old loading02-e, go to File --> Import (verifying that we are in the textures tab) and select the loading02-e that we have edited. It appears another tab settings, you must put it like this: Now we have the new loading02-e loaded so now go to file --> save and save it in the folder where we have all the tools (Remember, I put in it desktop) We are almost done. The only need now is to re-encrypt it again to allow client to recognize it. Go to the folder from the beginning, where we have the l2Font-e.utx we have just saved, do right-click on encrypt UTX and click edit. Paste that if isnt: l2encdec -e 121 L2Font-e.utx * In case your file is named different from L2Font-e.utx, change it for the file name ** In case your version is different, change 121 for yours (second image of the guide, where we used l2decrypt and I told you to remember a number) Save it and run the UTX encrypt. This will give us a new file, the hoped enc-L2Font e.utx. Move the enc-L2Font e.utx to your systextures folder, change his name for L2Font e.utx and... You have finished! Congrats! But... wtf we must check how it looks not? [glow=red,2,300]6. Comments[/glow] I would like to apologize because the pictures are in Spanish and most people dont understand it, I have tried to specify all to make understable by everybody. If you have any doubt post here and we will solve it. [glow=red,2,300]6. Credits[/glow] Images and guide by me Comment ;)
  12. Maybe will useful for any L2OFF/L2J developers or admins. Thanks @eressea for info. Line format: where, [TIMESTAMP] - date time in format - 11/18/2018 14:58:19.061. Java format - "MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss.SSS"; [CHAT_TYPE] - integer chat type (starts with one space); [SENDER_OBJECT_ID] - object ID of sender; [RECIEVER_OBJECT_ID] - object ID of reciever if it's PM message. Otherwise always 0; [SENDER_LOC_X] - sender X coordinate; [SENDER_LOC_Y] - sender Y coordinate; [SENDER_LOC_Z] - sender Z coordinate; [MESSAGE_TEXT] - message text with replaced all "," (comma) to " " (space) symbols; [SENDER_NAME] - the sender real name (case sensetive); [RECIEVER_NAME] - the reciever real name (case sensetive) and optional. For non PM chats this param "" (NULL). Example: if you wtire the PM message like ["rootware test message.] then will used in log file the real name Rootware. Log example:
  13. yo guys can anyone help me on how to update ur LoL account checker.. i think there is a way by which u could just update the settings.json file and have it updated kindly would love if you could help thanks
  14. Καλησπέρα μελοι του MaxCheaters στο συγκεκριμένο topic θα μάθουμε πως βάζουμε ένα config στο l2jacis. Ας αρχίσουμε αρχικά βρίσκουμε το code που θέλουμε. Εγώ διάλεξα αυτό εδώ. Πατήστε εδώ για να πατέ στο link Εάν θέλουμε να κάνουμε καινούριο φάκελο για τα configs πχ customs Μπορούμε να φτιάξουμε έναν φάκελο με όνομα custom και εκεί μέσα να βάζουμε τα αρχεία.properties αλά ας δούμε και πως γίνετε αυτό. ας αρχίσουμε :D Οπου έχω - σημαίνει πως πρέπει να βγάλω. εάν έχω + σημαίνει πως πρέπει να βάλουμε :) ανοίγουμε το config.java java/net/sf/l2j/Config.java πάμε λίγο πιο κάτω λίγο κάτω και βλέπουμε public static final String SIEGE_FILE = "./config/siege.properties"; από κάτω βάζουμε public static final String CUSTOMS_FILE = "./config/customs/customs.properties"; κάνουμε search public static int CLIENT_PACKET_QUEUE_MAX_UNKNOWN_PER_MIN = 5; // default 5 ακριβός από κάτω βάζουμε /** Customs Settings */ public static boolean STARTING_BUFFS; public static List<int[]> STARTING_BUFFS_M = new ArrayList<int[]>(); public static List<int[]> STARTING_BUFFS_F = new ArrayList<int[]>(); τώρα κάνουμε search loadClans ακριβός από πάνω βάζουμε /** * custom settings. */ private static final void loadCustoms() { final ExProperties customs = initProperties(CUSTOMS_FILE); STARTING_BUFFS = customs.getProperty("StartingBuffs", true); String[] propertySplit = customs.getProperty("StartingBuffsMage", "1204,2").split(";"); STARTING_BUFFS_M.clear(); for (String buff : propertySplit) { String[] buffSplit = buff.split(","); if (buffSplit.length != 2) _log.warning("StartingBuffsMage[Config.load()]: invalid config property -> StartingBuffsMage \"" + buff + "\""); else { try { STARTING_BUFFS_M.add(new int[]{Integer.parseInt(buffSplit[0]), Integer.parseInt(buffSplit[1])}); } catch (NumberFormatException nfe) { if (STARTING_BUFFS_M.equals("")) System.out.println("EROOOOOOOOOOOR WITH STARTING BUFS"); } } } propertySplit = customs.getProperty("StartingBuffsFighter", "1204,2").split(";"); STARTING_BUFFS_F.clear(); for (String buff : propertySplit) { String[] buffSplit = buff.split(","); if (buffSplit.length != 2) _log.warning("StartingBuffsFighter[Config.load()]: invalid config property -> StartingBuffsFighter \"" + buff + "\""); else { try { STARTING_BUFFS_F.add(new int[]{Integer.parseInt(buffSplit[0]), Integer.parseInt(buffSplit[1])}); } catch (NumberFormatException nfe) { if (STARTING_BUFFS_F.equals("")) System.out.println("EROOOOOOOOOOOR WITH STARTING BUFS"); } } } } τώρα κάνουμε search loadServer(); από κάτω βάζουμε // Customs settings loadCustoms(); τώρα κάνουμε ότι κάνω στης φωτογραφίες για να φτιάξουμε το αρχείο Αφού τα κάνουμε όλα αυτά ανoίγουμε το customs.properties και μέσα βαζουμε #Newbie Characters have starting buffs StartingBuffs = True #Starting Buffs for Mystics. StartingBuffsMage = 1204,2;1085,3; #Starting Buffs for Fighters. StartingBuffsFighter = 1204,2;1086,2; Αυτά για αυτό το topic. εάν σας άρεσε αφήστε ένα comment :D True για να το ενεργοποιείστε False για να το απενεργοποιήσετε Εάν έχω γράψει κάτι λάθος στο topic παρακαλώ γράψτε μου ένα comment από κάτω στο topic για να το διορθώσω. :)
  15. Hello there. I'm looking for c3 or c4 source codes ( I wan't to create private server ). Anyone can help me with it? Or someone selling good sources? Thanks.
  16. As the title says , today i 've made this guide (mostly for newbies) to avoid the same questions again and again from newbies. Also you 'll be able to find something new in client editing in the end of this guide. It something really easy but i 've never seen it in the forum. Regards. Programs that we need i) File Edit File Edit For C4 Client File Edit For C5 Client File Edit For Interlude Client File Edit For Hellbound Client File Edit For Kamael Client File Edit For Gracia Part 1 Client File Edit For Gracia Part 2 Client File Edit For Gracia Final Client File Edit For Gracia Epilogue Client File Edit For Freya Client File Edit For High Five Client File Edit For God Chapters - How to edit i) Server's Name ii) Item's name & description iii) Skill's name & description iv) Server's Messages v) Server's Name in the window Chapter 1 - Editing Server's Name (Servername-e) As you can see in the picture below, in order to change server's name you just erase Bartz and write any name you want. Also if you have multiple gameservers and you want to change in all gameservers the names, then based on the id on your left you just erase the name it writes and replace it with your own. Chapter 2 - Editing item's name & description (Itemname-e) It's really simple to edit an items name. Here we have as an example the wooden arrow. Just replace the "wooden arrow" with anything you want. With the same way you can change the desrciption. Just replace the currect descrption with yours. Chapter 3 - Editing skill's name & description (Skillname-e) It's really easy to edit the skills. As you can see in the image you just have to replace the name and the description with your own. The only thing you need to notice is to change the name and the description in all levels otherwise its gonna have different descriptions in certain levels. Chapter 4 - Editing server's messages (Systemmsg-e) As you can see in the picture you just have to replace the message you want with yours. As you have noticed i have in a red square some more things. By editing these things you are able to change the color of the text. Chapter 5 - Editing server's name in the window (l2.int) This is something that (as i noticed) does not exist in this forum. It's really easy to be edited. So as an example i have taken the name from l2momentum. Check the images below and you will understand what i mean.
  17. HOWTO - L2 server with (transparent) proxies DISCLAIMER: I wrote this HOWTO without really testing it (I've configured it for my server more than year ago), so if you find any mistake, feel free to comment/ask, I'll try to update this HOWTO appropriately. Purpose of using proxies The standard old way of setting up L2off server involves one Windows Server that is connected directly to internet and players connect directly to it's IP address. While it's enough for a small server, it may bring few problems: If someone wants to DDoS your server, he just pays for some attack to your IP address. You're screwed. There may be players who experience lags because route from their network to your server isn't perfect (because of bad peering between player's ISP and your datacenter etc). You can't just tell those players "Try better ISP". Players from foreign countries may have good ping to datacenters in their country but not to your data center. Some of these problems can be mitigated by using proxies for your server: When someone buys DDoS attack to your login server on first proxy, you can just change IP address in your DNS and let your players login on your second proxy (you need to have domain name instead of IP address in your l2.ini). When someone buys DDoS attack to your game server on first proxy, players can still play on second proxy. When player has bad ping on first proxy, login will be bit slower but player can select second proxy with better ping and play on it You can also do the same with your website, just replace ports 2106 and 7777 with 80 and 443... What will you need Some basic knowledge about L2off, Linux and networking. Also you'll have to read few manuals. Linux router between your L2 server and internet, you can do it two ways (of course it must be configured to forward IPv4 traffic): real physical Linux router between them Linux as main operating system on your server hardware + L2 server in virtual machine (kvm-qemu). Linux servers (1 core & 512 MB RAM is usually enough) for proxies Copy of patched hauthd - READ INSTRUCTIONS THERE Script that will be able to restart hauthd when L2 server crashes/exits How to do it I will use following IP networks and addresses in this example: Networks: Local network between Linux router and Windows VM Virtual network between Linux router and proxies Addresses: on Linux router eth0 on first proxy eth0 on second proxy eth0 on third proxy eth0 on Linux router eth1 (for physical router) or tap0 (for kvm-qemu variant) on Windows server Local network interface on Linux router tun0 (OpenVPN server 1) on Linux router tun1 (OpenVPN server 2) on Linux router tun2 (OpenVPN server 3) on first proxy tun0 (OpenVPN client) on second proxy tun0 (OpenVPN client) on third proxy tun0 (OpenVPN client) Physical network: Logical network: Now proceed with installation and configuration: ROUTER + PROXIES: Install OpenVPN ROUTER: For each proxy, configure one instance of OpenVPN server with static key (it will have to run on different ports, for example 1194, 1195, 1196) PROXY: Copy static key from router, configure OpenVPN client WINDOWS: Make sure windows server can ping linux router (ping PROXY: Make sure proxies can ping server (ping / ping / ping PROXY: Setup NAT (find some way how to run it on every start!) iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -m tcp -p tcp --dport 2106 -j DNAT --to-destination iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -m tcp -p tcp --dport 7777 -j DNAT --to-destination You need this to make proxies forward traffic on ports 2106 and 7777 to windows server. ROUTER: Setup connmark (find some way how to run it on every start! If it's physical router, use eth1 instead of tap0!): iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -i tun0 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 7777 -j CONNMARK --set-mark 100 iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -i tun1 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 2106 -j CONNMARK --set-mark 101 iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -i tun1 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 7777 -j CONNMARK --set-mark 101 iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -i tun2 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 2106 -j CONNMARK --set-mark 101 iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -i tun2 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 7777 -j CONNMARK --set-mark 101 iptables -t mangle -i tap0 -p tcp -m tcp --sport 2106 -j CONNMARK --restore-mark iptables -t mangle -i tap0 -p tcp -m tcp --sport 7777 -j CONNMARK --restore-mark You need this to mark connections so you know where they came from. ROUTER: Setup policy-based routing (find some way how to run it on every start!): ip rule add fwmark 100 table 100 ip route add default via table 100 ip rule add fwmark 101 table 101 ip route add default via table 101 ip rule add fwmark 102 table 102 ip route add default via table 102 You need this to make packets go back through the right proxy. Otherwise you'll send those packets out via your router public interface which won't work. WINDOWS: Setup hauthd to use multiple proxies and add servers appropriately to dbo.server table WINDOWS: Make sure hauthd restarts every time L2 server restarts Useful resources Patched hauthd with basic instructions OpenVPN Static Key Mini-HOWTO Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO - Rules - routing policy database Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO - Netfilter & iproute - marking packets
  18. If something is missing report it. Last update: 28/10/2018 This list isn't finished yet. ====================================================== [ Codes ] Code Epic Boss Manager [acis] [ 'Baggos' ] Code Ingame Balancer (Acis 372) [ Zacapa ] Code l2jaCis craft enchant [ melron ] Code L2jaCis Plagueseeker Raid [ melron ] Code Mini Dance Global event [ Kara` ] Code Item change Class aCis 374 [ l2jkain ] Code Alternative Donation Manager [ melron ] Code Mini Trivia Engine [ xxdem ] Code L2jacis pvp auto enchant [ ThelwHelpRePaidia ] Code Olympiad End Console [ tazerman2 ] Code Announce Enchant Success [ ThelwHelpRePaidia ] Code Faction code for l2jacis 365 [ PaRaNoiC*] Code Facebook Like System [ melron] Code Ex-Guard Test [ pirama ] Code [Reshare] Champion Aura For L2Jfrozen [ FastCow ] Code User Panel [H5] [ `NeverMore ] Code Feanor For Acis 100% [ l2jkain ] Code L2Jfrozen //augment Command [ PaRaNoiC* ] Code Vip System + Vip Manager[Npc] [ 'Baggos' ] Code Multi Shop [Services/donate Npc] + Vip System [ 'Baggos' ] Code Tvt Event Reworked. (.tvtjoin / .tvtleave / .tvtstatus) [ 'Baggos' ] Code Multifunctionzone [ ^Wyatt ] Code Improved Buffs [ Sinister Smile ] Code TvT , Ctf and Dm for aCis [ l2jkain ] Code Vote Manager Npc V3 [ Reborn12 ] Code Interlude Auction Shop [ An4rchy ] Code Donate Manager Npc [ PaRaNoiC* ] Code Bots Prevention _V1.1 (Acis) [ Caparso ] Code Custom Cancel Task [L2Jfrozen] [ Designatix ] Code Acis Coupons + Redeem [ melron ] Code Acis Search For Item [ melron ] Code .dressme For Interlude. [ An4rchy ] Code AIO Buffer(Admin Command + Skills) [ Prince* ] Code Teleportcustom (Voicedcommandhandlers) [ tomalko ] Code Custom Enchant Skill List [ melron ] Code Lucky Pig Fixed + Update [ tomalko ] Code Captcha For L2Jacis [ Zacapa ] Code Pc Bang Point Event [ Hi_Profile ] Code Custom Pvp Zone [ `NeverMore ] Code Automatic Potions Free Code For All L2J Packs! [ numl0ckas ] Code Lifestone&bogs Stackable [ @Slash ] Code Ant Dual Box [ l2jkain ] Code Universal Scrolls [ Sinister Smile ] Code Individual Vote Reward System (By L2-Scripts) L2Network.eu [ L2Network.eu ] Code .combinetalismans [ Solomun ] Code Mini Reward System [ Sinister Smile ] Code Uber Cancellation. [ An4rchy ] Code Vote Reminder [ melron ] Code Autovote Reward System Top/hop/net [ Reborn12 ] Code .repair Character Voice Command [ Katherine ] Code Npc Crest [ Cronia ] Code L2Chaotic Zone With Change Maps [ tazerman2 ] Code Voting Reward(Hopzone,topzone) [ StealthyS4m ] Code Instances [ An4rchy ] Code Ls/bogs/scrolls Stackable Fully Working [ Handsome Banana ] Code Faction System [Unlimited Factions] [ AccessDenied ] Code Interlude Antibot [ Inthedash6 ] Code Open Any Url To The Player's Pc [ .Elfocrash ] Code Clan Reward Manager [ Reborn12 ] Code Armorstats When Enchanted +12 And +16 [ RpGiant ] Code Pvp Protection [ An4rchy ] Code Custom Race Starting Items [ iSparky ] Code Show Item Id [ Red-Hair-Shanks ] Code Auto Announce Online Players. [ Dεbian ] Code Achievements Engine [ madarismenos ] Code Noblesse Killing Barakiel [ Reborn12 ] Code Newbies Helper Npc [ 'Baggos' ] Code Hero For Limited Time (No Need Restart Or Log Out) [ AccessDenied ] Code Change Sex Item [ Reborn12 ] Code New Bypass For L2Teleporterinstance [ Hugey ] Code Olympiad Everyweek [ Red-Hair-Shanks ] Code Shift+Click To Npcs [ Designatix ] Code Droplist And Stats Npc [ tazerman2 ] Code Hopzone/topzone/network Vote Reward [Re-Share] [ An4rchy ] Code .geticon() Using Xml [ newChar.needHelp() ] Code Starting Buffs [ Gam3Master ] Code Balancer [ te0x ] Code Quest change auto equip Armors-Weapons [ AbSoLuTePoWeR ] Code Welcome To Me! [ Kraker ] Code Check Last Login Account [ madarismenos ] Code Olympiad Restriction Also Max Lvl 91 [ te0x ] Code Survey System 2016 [ protoftw ] Code Anti Bot [ Crazyboy* ] Code Casino Manager [ Crazyboy* ] Code Casinomanager,passwordchanger [ RaZoRॐ ] Code Fake Player Online (Real Time) [ madarismenos ] Code Interlude Max Lvl 85 Fix... [ L2KingWorld ] Code Player Kd Code [ ganjaradio ] Code Augment Skill Olympiad Restrictions [ madarismenos ] Code Auto Reward Hopzone/topzone [ Harut ] Code Noblesse Monsters [ ganjaradio ] Code Auto_Pvp_Killing_Spree_Announce [ pirama ] Code My 'best Of...' [ Kraker ] Code Killedbarakiel Setnobles Party [ axcel2 ] Code /resurrection Char [ pirama ] Code Dropevent [ João Vitor Barbosa ] Code Buy/sell/craft Zones [ Gam3Master ] Code Custom Effects At Echant Armor And More.. 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  19. Do you want to level fast from 110 to 120? Do you want to level quickly on your first character? Do you want to max out your character as quickly as possible? Welcome to this wow leveling Guide which is intended to help you begin your Battle for Azeroth experience as well as establish a foothold into your Level 120 adventures that will empower your character develop into Kul Tiras and Zandalar!
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  21. Hello Guy! I would like to share our in-depth Guide about Cosmetic Items in Diablo 3 (Includes a lot of information about Cosmic Wings, Pets, Goblins, Tips & Tricks and more) Enjoy: Odealo - Cosmic Wings, Pets and Other Cosmetic Items in Diablo 3
  22. Hello! I will be showing you how to get free Netflix and Hulu accounts without the possibility of leaching and changing password so every one can have some Netflix or Hulu account ! I did some research and found that someone already made a similar topic and i thought i would still do it because the one i saw was outdated ... What you will need ? Not much. The only thing that you need is Google Chrome. This is super easy to do and wont take long at all. 1) Open Google Chrome 2) Add this extension: (EditThisCookie) https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/editthiscookie/fngmhnnpilhplaeedifhccceomclgfbg 3) Go to Netflix home page ( http://netflix.com ) or Hulu home page ( http://www.hulu.com ) 4) When you are at the home page click the cookie on top right corner and a "tap" will come up. Press the import cookie ( the middle button on the top of the tap, ( hover over it to see the name ). 5) When you click on import cookie another empty tap comes up. What i want you to do is copy and paste one of these codes and paste it inside "import cookie". There are 4 codes that are working right now. 6) Once you have one of the codes copied and pasted in the box press that green check mark on the button and refresh the page, you will be instantly put into a Netflix/Hulu account. CODES FOR NETFLIX: http://jaguartrials.net/downloads/Netflix-July-16-2016.txt http://jaguartrials.net/downloads/Netflix-July-16-2016-2.txt CODES FOR HULU: http://jaguartrials.net/downloads/Hulu-July-16-2016.txt http://jaguartrials.net/downloads/Hulu-July-16-2016-2.txt Credits: jaguartrials
  23. Java Data and Variables There are 8 primitive data types. he 8 primitive data types are numeric types. The names of the eight primitive data types are: byte short int long float double char boolean There are both integer and floating point primitive types. Integer types have no fractional part; floating point types have a fractional part. On paper, integers have no decimal point, and floating point types do. But in main memory, there are no decimal points: even floating point values are represented with bit patterns. There is a fundamental difference between the method used to represent integers and the method used to represent floating point numbers. Examples int yr = 2006; double rats = 8912 ; For each primitive type, there is a corresponding wrapper class. A wrapper class can be used to convert a primitive data value into an object, and some type of objects into primitive data. The table shows primitive types and their wrapper classes: Variables only exist within the structure in which they are defined. For example, if a variable is created within a method, it cannot be accessed outside the method. In addition, a different method can create a variable of the same name which will not conflict with the other variable. A java variable can be thought of as a little box made up of one or more bytes that can hold a value of a particular data type: Syntax: variabletype variablename = data; Source Code ( demonstrating declaration of a variable ) class example { public static void main ( String[] args ) { long x = 123; //a declaration of a variable named x with a datatype of long System.out.println("The variable x has: " + x ); } } Source Code public class MaxDemo { public static void main(String args[]) { //integers byte largestByte = Byte.MAX_VALUE; short largestShort = Short.MAX_VALUE; int largestInteger = Integer.MAX_VALUE; long largestLong = Long.MAX_VALUE; //real numbers float largestFloat = Float.MAX_VALUE; double largestDouble = Double.MAX_VALUE; //other primitive types char aChar = 'S'; boolean aBoolean = true; //Display them all. System.out.println("largest byte value is " + largestByte + "."); System.out.println("largest short value is " + largestShort + "."); System.out.println("largest integer value is " + largestInteger + "."); System.out.println("largest long value is " + largestLong + "."); System.out.println("largest float value is " + largestFloat + "."); System.out.println("largest double value is " + largestDouble + "."); } } Sample Run The largest byte value is 127. The largest short value is 32767. The largest integer value is 2147483647. The largest long value is 9223372036854775807. The largest float value is 3.4028235E38. The largest double value is 1.7976931348623157E308. Dear Baggos mentioned on my previous post that a guide related to variables would be nice so here it is :) Thanks.
  24. i need a walker working on an interlude server pvp craft x70 if possible can you tell me