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Found 487 results

  1. Some people often ask me how to change the grade of weapons. For example, how to change a grade from grade A to grade S? Many developers make weapons, but set them with a different grade. Thanks to this manual, you will do everything yourself, and most importantly, you will learn how to do it yourself. Tools: L2FileEdit Navicat ( for Database ) or Notepad ( if your items are in *.xml ). Grades: ( In the client, the grades are numbered ). 0: NoGrade 1: D Grade 2: C Grade 3: B Grade 4: A Grade 5: S Grade 6: S80 Grade For weapons: Open weapongrp, using L2FileEdit. For example ( line of weapon ): 0 ID 1 1 7 15 0 DROP_MODEL DROP_TEXTURE ICON 95 1600 8 0 0 7 1 1 MODEL 1 TEXTURE 4 ItemSound.sword_small_1 ItemSound.sword_big_7 ItemSound.sword_mid_6 ItemSound.public_sword_shing_4 ItemSound.itemdrop_sword ItemSound.itemequip_sword 10 8 6 1 0 8 0 0 0 0 379 0 1 1 1000 0 -1 0 0.00000000 0.00000000 0.00000000 1.00000000 1.00000000 LineageWeapons.rangesample 0.94999999 0.55000001 0.55000001 11.00000000 0.00000000 0.00000000 Find this part there: ItemSound.itemequip_sword 10 8 6 1 0 After ItemSound.itemequip_sword ( for example ) count to the right 5 times, on the fifth number is the number of the grade. As you can see, in my example my weapon’s grade number is zero, so it’s NoGrade weapon. Change zero to 5 and the grade will be changed to S. Save it. Next: need to change weapon grade in Database ( or in xml package of you server project ). Find weapon table and find your weapon ID, next find column Crystal Type and change weapon grade to your ( for example to S ). !Important, client know numeric values for Grades but in Database need to write Grades like "S", "S84", "A" and etc. Try.
  2. Hello all, i have some problem to make script for captcha. I hope someone can help me to make anticaptha script. I have some info for one of the posible captcha options, i tke ifro from adrenaline script recorder. <html> <title> AntiBot Protection</title> <center> <br> <font color="FF0000">You have 60 seconds until you got Punished!</font> <br> <font color="FFFFFF">Select the correct answer:</font> <br> <br> <br> <br> <font color=444444> <a action="bypass -h answer 1">mLxt2eEer</a> </font> <br> <font color=00FF00> <a action="bypass -h answer 2">L2Extreme</a> </font> <br> <font color=444444> <a action="bypass -h answer 3">mt2LxeEer</a> </font> <br> <font color=444444> <a action="bypass -h answer 4">LtrmxeEe2</a> </font> </center> </html> Currect answers is aways whit 00FF00 color. Here the captcha photo.
  3. Archeage Unchained is a new and separate version of the MMORPG ArcheAge which initially released in 2013. This version of the game follows a buy to play business model and a non-pay to win in the cash shop. Is ArcheAge Unchained worth playing? Here are the reasons why people would like to play it. You can read this player's video or click this guide to learn more.
  4. Hey! I want to present you a Russian cheat that bypasses FaceIT AC. We have 3 versions of the cheat: standard, premium and uranium. They differ in functionality and protection screen Video The cost of cheats is listed on the website - Payment is accepted on Qiwi, WebMoney and PayPal.
  5. The most successful sublimation of the duelist, the core sublimation is B2 [brutal enthusiasm], immune bleeding when sucking blood, immune dizziness, immune dizziness, immune dizziness. With Brutal passion, one can get cheap PoE currency. A1 [Unbeaten Hero] Increases the attack speed by 10%. A2 [The Hardened Armour] gets the body B1 [Fighting as a war] removes all elemental abnormalities when licking the blood. Hits full of blood enemies will permanently intimidate them, increase 40% damage in the non-bleeding state, increase 200% in armor and armor. C1 [Enlightenment] You and your friends increase your damage by 35%, and you and your friendly increase your movement by 8%. D1 [Conqueror] has a 25% chance to taunt the enemy when hit. If you succeed in taunting the enemy in the near future, reduce the damage taken by 6%. If you succeed in taunting the enemy in the near future, you will return 1% life every second. D2 [Respectable Opponent] Increases the damage taken by your enchanted enemies by 20%.
  6. !! Γεια σας παιδιά, αν ψάχνετε για κάποια υποστήριξη Adrenaline Bot, είμαι ο σωστός τύπος !! Το moto μου είναι: Όταν πουλάτε κάτι βεβαιωθείτε ότι οι άνθρωποι ξέρουν πώς να το χρησιμοποιήσουν! Εκτός από την παροχή με τα επίσημα Adrenaline Keys, είμαι ο μόνος πάροχος στην αγορά που θα συμμετάσχει με συνεδρίες Team Viewer στον υπολογιστή σας, θα σας δείξει πώς να εγκαταστήσετε το Adrenaline Bot σας, θα ελέγξει όλες τις προϋποθέσεις του υπολογιστή σας για να διευκολυνθεί η χρήση του Adrenaline, θα εξηγήσει πώς μπορείτε να κάνετε τις ρυθμίσεις σας, πώς να εκτελέσετε τα scripts σας και πώς να αξιοποιήσετε το 100% της αγοράς του Adrenaline σας! Έχω τη δική μου ιστοσελίδα, όπου μπορείτε να αναζητήσετε αρχεία, δωρεάν scripts, οδηγούς και video tutorials: Είμαι επίσης ειδικός στην εκπαίδευση ανθρώπων που δεν έχουν χρησιμοποιήσει ποτέ το Adrenaline Bot, ανθρώπους που πάντα ήθελαν να το χρησιμοποιήσουν, αλλά δεν είχαν κανέναν να τους περιηγήσει σε αυτό! Για τους ανθρώπους που αγοράζουν τα Adrenaline Keys τους από εμένα, όλη η υποστήριξη παρέχεται δωρεάν, είμαι 16-18 ώρες online καθημερινά και μπορείτε να μου στείλετε spam όποτε εμφανίζεται ένα πρόβλημα! Ελπίζω να σας δω σύντομα, Καλή διασκέδαση !!
  7. Gold is an essential part in Archeage Unchained game. Everyone wants to get rich quickly, but it is hard to do. Players are always need archeage unchained gold to buy equipment, cosmetic items, mounts and other items or unlock the premium ArchePasses, so who will help them farm enough archeage gold? Do you know how to farm gold in Archeage Unchained? Check mmogah tips to make much archeage unchained gold. Silver per Labor Silver Per Hour Intensiver Trade Run Mining Logging
  8. Need to make a steady daily income in ArcheAge? Here I attache some gold farming guide to the players who need them. It's pretty easy farm that requires you to manage it just once a day.
  9. In this guide I will explain step by step how you can check, remove and create your zone. Happy reading Chapter I - Checking the type of zone (aCis case) The easiest way to find out the type of zone is to use admin command //zone_check, accessible also from admin panel, //admin -> server -> zone check. The output Chapter II - Removing the type of zone Now, when you know the type(s) of the zone (look above) and you want to remove it, go to the corresponding file (all zones are stored inside /data/xml/zones/). For instance, if you want to remove the peace zone, let's say from Primeval Island, you open the PeaceZone.xml and you search for the record. They are mostly commented <!-- xxx -->, so it's not gonna be hard as you think. <zone type="PeaceZone" shape="NPoly" minZ="-4792" maxZ="208"><!-- primeval_peace2 --> <node X="4850" Y="-4736" /> <node X="7294" Y="-4712" /> <node X="8529" Y="-820" /> <node X="3615" Y="-737" /> </zone> Simply remove that part of the code, save and voila. The beach is no longer a peaceful zone. Slap some asses Chapter III - Types of zones First of all, in order to create new zone, you must know possible shapes. From l2jwiki Cuboid Zones: ------------- Require 2 nodes (vertices), in order to make a Square, for example: O . . . . . . . . . . . . . . O O = Node (vertice) NPoly Zones: ------------ Require 3 or more nodes (vertices), in order to make a Polygon or another geometrical model, for example: O / \ / \ / \ O - - - O O = Node (vertice) Cylinder Zones: --------------- Require 1 node (vertice) and radius, in order to make a Cylinder. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * O * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * O = Node (vertice) * = Radius Chapter IV - Creating the new zone Cuboid Cuboid requires only 2 nodes as it's said on the image above. You must get only 2 nodes/vertices (by typing /loc ingame) and another two will be generated automatically. How? It's simple, when the two lines cross each other, the node is generated. Good example of the cuboid shape are Arenas. You get two opposite corners and done. <zone type="ArenaZone" shape="Cuboid" minZ="-3596" maxZ="0"><!-- dion_monster_pvp --> <node X="11947" Y="183019" /> <node X="12943" Y="184010" /> <spawn X="12312" Y="182752" Z="-3558" /> </zone> NPoly With help of NPoly, you can create any shape you imagine, there are no restrictions, but ofc.. You must create it with your "head", no crossing lines and similar crap Most of the zones uses NPoly, here is an example <zone type="JailZone" shape="NPoly" minZ="-2992" maxZ="-2792"> <!-- gm_prison --> <node X="-116390" Y="-251581" /> <node X="-112756" Y="-251617" /> <node X="-112720" Y="-248199" /> <node X="-116354" Y="-248217" /> </zone> Cylinder Cylinder requires only one, central point. You declare it's radius with rad="XX". Take the middle point, and simply rush forward, stop in place you want and compare the Y value, that would be your radius. - Image. <zone type="ArenaZone" shape="Cylinder" minZ="-2320" maxZ="-2120" rad="700"> <!-- hot springs circle --> <node X="151555" Y="-127082" /> </zone> When you decided which shape to use and you have the coords, don't forget the set/change it's type (in case you simply c/p another zone structure). If your new custom zone is called FlagZone, then you must declate it under type=" " <zone type="FlagZone" Basically, you can put the zone code to any file you wish, but the best way to keep things organized it to create a new file, in that case, FlagZone.xml - you can copy any existing file, rename it, remove all <zone> records and paste there yours. That way you know where to search if you want to add more zones or remove, extend or whatever. These are the available shapes. X and Y is obvious, now you wonder what should be the Z value. Well, basically Z value depends of the territory shape, if it's plat or bumpy, are there mountains or not. If it's plat, more or less, you should be fine with +-100 from the basic value generated from /loc. You can add bigger to be 100% sure that when someone ride the strider, fly with wyvern, will not leave your zone. When you are done with creating the zone, now it's time to see if it's working. Launch the server, go to the new zone and type //zone_check, else go to admin panel -> server -> zone check (chapter 1 screen). In case it's your custom zone, you can press Visualize All to see the shape. The result will be dropped adena on the ground, as you could notice on the screenshot above. Basically, that's it. If I forgot about any case, let me know, so I will update the guide. Your, SweeTy
  10. this guide will go over how to create a new effect for l2 and how to attach it to a npc [Hidden Content]
  11. Hello, check the pdf on the link [Update] Some other areas that the difficulty lvl is high but worth the risk and your time. 1.Garden of Eva 2.(Deep) Devil Island - Dolls 3.Pavel Ruins (very good exp and great spoil) You will find a PDF format guide (tutorial). I am wishing you lucky Spoils!
  12. this guide will go over how to create monsters PROPERLY with attack effect and sound [Hidden Content] 200 LineageMonster.serpent_slave moob.scapegoat_m00 0 0 2 4416 9 1.58181822 0 3 ItemSound.sword_big_9 ItemSound.spear_2 ItemSound.sword_mid_9 5 MonSound.Hit_normal_3 MonSound.Hit_Shell_3 ItemSound.shield_bone_1 MonSound.Hit_Metal_clang_11 MonSound.Hit_Wet_3 3 MonSound.serpent_slave_dmg_1 MonSound.serpent_slave_dmg_2 MonSound.serpent_slave_dmg_3 0 1 0 LineageEffect.p_u002_a 0 50.00000000 250.00000000 70.00000000 0 1
  13. this guide will go over how to adapt effects and skills from higher chronicles and import them through interlude [Hidden Content] try and delete EditPackages=UnrealEd EditPackages=IpDrv EditPackages=UWeb EditPackages=GamePlay EditPackages=GUI EditPackages=Runtime EditPackages=RTInterface
  14. HOWTO - L2 server with (transparent) proxies DISCLAIMER: I wrote this HOWTO without really testing it (I've configured it for my server more than year ago), so if you find any mistake, feel free to comment/ask, I'll try to update this HOWTO appropriately. Purpose of using proxies The standard old way of setting up L2off server involves one Windows Server that is connected directly to internet and players connect directly to it's IP address. While it's enough for a small server, it may bring few problems: If someone wants to DDoS your server, he just pays for some attack to your IP address. You're screwed. There may be players who experience lags because route from their network to your server isn't perfect (because of bad peering between player's ISP and your datacenter etc). You can't just tell those players "Try better ISP". Players from foreign countries may have good ping to datacenters in their country but not to your data center. Some of these problems can be mitigated by using proxies for your server: When someone buys DDoS attack to your login server on first proxy, you can just change IP address in your DNS and let your players login on your second proxy (you need to have domain name instead of IP address in your l2.ini). When someone buys DDoS attack to your game server on first proxy, players can still play on second proxy. When player has bad ping on first proxy, login will be bit slower but player can select second proxy with better ping and play on it You can also do the same with your website, just replace ports 2106 and 7777 with 80 and 443... What will you need Some basic knowledge about L2off, Linux and networking. Also you'll have to read few manuals. Linux router between your L2 server and internet, you can do it two ways (of course it must be configured to forward IPv4 traffic): real physical Linux router between them Linux as main operating system on your server hardware + L2 server in virtual machine (kvm-qemu). Linux servers (1 core & 512 MB RAM is usually enough) for proxies Copy of patched hauthd - READ INSTRUCTIONS THERE Script that will be able to restart hauthd when L2 server crashes/exits How to do it I will use following IP networks and addresses in this example: Networks: Local network between Linux router and Windows VM Virtual network between Linux router and proxies Addresses: on Linux router eth0 on first proxy eth0 on second proxy eth0 on third proxy eth0 on Linux router eth1 (for physical router) or tap0 (for kvm-qemu variant) on Windows server Local network interface on Linux router tun0 (OpenVPN server 1) on Linux router tun1 (OpenVPN server 2) on Linux router tun2 (OpenVPN server 3) on first proxy tun0 (OpenVPN client) on second proxy tun0 (OpenVPN client) on third proxy tun0 (OpenVPN client) Physical network: Logical network: Now proceed with installation and configuration: ROUTER + PROXIES: Install OpenVPN ROUTER: For each proxy, configure one instance of OpenVPN server with static key (it will have to run on different ports, for example 1194, 1195, 1196) PROXY: Copy static key from router, configure OpenVPN client WINDOWS: Make sure windows server can ping linux router (ping PROXY: Make sure proxies can ping server (ping / ping / ping PROXY: Setup NAT (find some way how to run it on every start!) iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -m tcp -p tcp --dport 2106 -j DNAT --to-destination iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -m tcp -p tcp --dport 7777 -j DNAT --to-destination You need this to make proxies forward traffic on ports 2106 and 7777 to windows server. ROUTER: Setup connmark (find some way how to run it on every start! If it's physical router, use eth1 instead of tap0!): iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -i tun0 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 7777 -j CONNMARK --set-mark 100 iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -i tun1 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 2106 -j CONNMARK --set-mark 101 iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -i tun1 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 7777 -j CONNMARK --set-mark 101 iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -i tun2 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 2106 -j CONNMARK --set-mark 101 iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -i tun2 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 7777 -j CONNMARK --set-mark 101 iptables -t mangle -i tap0 -p tcp -m tcp --sport 2106 -j CONNMARK --restore-mark iptables -t mangle -i tap0 -p tcp -m tcp --sport 7777 -j CONNMARK --restore-mark You need this to mark connections so you know where they came from. ROUTER: Setup policy-based routing (find some way how to run it on every start!): ip rule add fwmark 100 table 100 ip route add default via table 100 ip rule add fwmark 101 table 101 ip route add default via table 101 ip rule add fwmark 102 table 102 ip route add default via table 102 You need this to make packets go back through the right proxy. Otherwise you'll send those packets out via your router public interface which won't work. WINDOWS: Setup hauthd to use multiple proxies and add servers appropriately to dbo.server table WINDOWS: Make sure hauthd restarts every time L2 server restarts Useful resources Patched hauthd with basic instructions OpenVPN Static Key Mini-HOWTO Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO - Rules - routing policy database Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO - Netfilter & iproute - marking packets
  15. Short guide going over how to import and create hats using Unreal. Although the model used is already pre processed, this logic can be applied to any accessory. you can put as many meshes in this ukx as possible. no more oaukx/1 mesh 1 ukx. [Hidden Content]
  16. Χαιρετώ τα πλήθη μια ακόμα φορά για να σας πω πως μπορεί ένα nub χωρίς items να κερδιση 70 ευρώ με 10 ώρες φαρμ στον l2elite και μιλάω για τον παλιό l2elite (c4) που δεν έχει να κάνει wipe ποτέ εδώ και 14 χρόνια . 1)Καταρχήν εδώ και λίγες μέρες ο server όταν δημιουργείς νέο χαρακτήρα σου δίνει δωρεάν full items τα οποία είναι helper δλδ δεν κολλιούνται άλλα έχουν stats περίπου σαν weap +16(sa) m def san tateo +10 καλά armor stats ktlp μέχρι και soulshot … 2) Επισης εδώ και λίγες μέρες ο server έχει ενα leveling teleport --→Elven Ruins το οποίο σε 5 λεπτά γίνεσαι 78 lvl και μπορείς να πας από 5 lvl to μόνο που χρειάζεσαι όταν γίνεις 78 να μιλήσεις στο npc WOODROW-----Quest items και να πάρεις δωρεάν τα items για να αλλάξεις ειδικότητα πχ dark mage-→stormscreamer--→sperholler και μετα να πας στο giuld του παίχτη σου να ανεβάσεις απλά τα skill(είσαι full xp sp) άρα σε 15 λεπτά είσαι full items full lvl έτοιμος για φαρμ..... 3) O server τρεχει ενα event για ενα μηνα που εχει ως εξης αγοραζεις ενα Dagger απο το npc ΕΚΑNS το αποιο λεγεται baium dagger αuτο τα dagger για να το παρεις χρειαζεσαι 1 ωρα φαρμ ketra(token of love) 1 ωρα φαρμ valenos(festival adena) 1 ωρα φαρμ blasing swamp (moonstones)παρε Quest apo ivory 4)Οταν παρεις το dagger to event leei οτι αν το πας +14 κερδιζεις SA και REINFORCE σε οποιο weap nosa γουσταρεις αυτο δεν μας ενδιαφερει εμας εμεις θα το κανουμε trade στην Αden και θα ζητησουμε 7 DB +20 NOSA ναι καλα διαβασατε εφτά +20 dragonick bow τα οποια για να κανεις donate εχουν 70 ευρω ΑΝ τωρα το πας +18 τοτε να υπολιγιζεται γυρω στα 20 DB +20 NOSA δλδ περιπου 200 ευρω.(δες discord) 5)Για παμε το dagger +++++++ θελουμε θελουμε Βleesed weapon S εύκολο και αυτό πέφτουν στο forge of the Gods Low level περίπου 4-5 το εικοσάλεπτο kai αν εισαι μαγκας αφου το xp ειναι free κανεις και ενα wc(to chant of spirit ston l2elite einai magnus) και ενα song of reneal h και siren και γλυτονεις τα πολλα rebuff ….. 6)Αμα ασχοληθεις σοβαρα σε 10 μερες θα εχεις μαζεψει το λιγοτερο 20 weap +20(nosa) δλδ περιπου 180-200 ευρω η τα πουλας στο Discort tou server h πεζεις σε ενα server που δεν κλείνει ποτέ!!!
  17. Since i was asked for,here i'm. I will show you how you can change your server rates. Go to L2Server.ini under the 'Event's and change the rates there. Remember x100 means x1. Note:Don't forget that the EXP rate is same with SP rate.If you wanna change the SP rate only you have to use a script that i will share with you later. Phantasmo
  18. Hello everyone Today i will show you how to setup L2NET. Prerequisites L2NET L2NET-Updater L2NET interlude L2.ini Direct-X SlimDX SDK .Net Framework 4.0 Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package: Needed Configurations Lets start. Note if you want to setup L2NET for interlude server don't download L2NETUpdater 1st:We install all the above programs 2nd:We extract the L2NET and we put inside the other file with name L2NETUpdater.rar and we extract it,then we run the L2NetUpdater and it start updating the files and we just wait. 3rd:We create second system folder and we copy the files from system and we paste them to the system2 plus the l2.ini that you download from my link. 4th:After we press double click to the second system and we go to the l2.exe right click and then properties and we copy the position like the photo. C:\Program Files\L2WarGate\Lineage II\system2\l2.exe 5th:Then we go to the L2NET folder and we open the txt file with name Interface.txt 6th:Then we delete the old position,and we paste our position that we got from the system2.Be carefull and dont delete any of this numbers cause it will not work it must be like that C:\Program Files\L2WarGate\Lineage II\system2\l2.exe 7th:Open Lineage 2 and log in. Click on Start, then click RUN. Type CMD and press Enter. In the black window type "netstat -n" (without quotes) and press Enter. And search for the IP with port 7777 8th:After we got our server IP we open the loginlist.txt and we paste the ip there like that. 9th:Now follow my steps. 10th:Now ready to check if it works As you can see you can open the map by pressing File>Game window,to be sure that it works it must be like the photo below (you can see your chararacter name and stats).If you want to enable(green)/disable(red) L2NET you press Commands>Toggle Botting Thanks for reading my guide.
  19. A Small Guide maybe it will help some people to edit ;) this kind of patch is not laid me in sharing only for the reason that it is created individually for each player. And create a patch for all impossible. Therefore, I will explain a method of its creation. To make a patch, you need a number of programs: Before you begin, determine what skills you need to display. For example, I'll show you the process of creating such a patch for skill Noblesse Blessing (id 1323). The patch is that we replace the original animation skills to the animation on the similarity of "1 win", "two win", "3 win" and so on, but with a modified texture. (Id 6470-6489). There are other skills that use similar mechanics, but I will show the creation of the patch on the example animations win. Run the program L2Tool. And click on the "Browse" button next to utx line. Now we have to choose the file that contains the textures for the effects, which we will use. In this case, we need LineageEffectsTextures.utx file that is located in SysTextures folder. Select the file and click "Open." In the drop-down menu, find the texture called branch.v_01 and click on "export" button. Save the file in a place convenient for you and run Photoshop already installed plug-in NVIDIA. The plugin needs to work with the file format * .dds. View our exported file you should see something like the following picture: he file name and extension of I is different, so I exported the texture in any other way, but the process is not affected. Now back to the very beginning, when you had to decide what kind of skills you need to display. As I show an example for Noblesse Blessing, I will take this skill icon. You can use any other, though personally drawn. Find the desired icon can be, for example, based . We place our icon to a new layer in the document and change its size to your liking. After that, we need to select our layer for further action. This can be done either by using Photoshop tools or by clicking on the icon layer of the left mouse button while holding the Ctrl key. In my case, I pulled the original image on the whole area: Next, we go to the Channels tab, and remove the alpha channel, which remained from the original image. After that, we need to create a new alpha channel, which will be used in our new texture. To create an alpha channel, you must press a special button in the lower right corner on the Channels tab. In this case you must be assigned the object for which the channel is created. This is why we allocated the entire layer with our icon above. After the alpha channel is created, we need to save the new texture. Save the file must be in the format * .dds IMPORTANT! When you save a need to set the following parameters: Back in L2Tool program and click on the "Browse" button next to the line img Choose a texture, we just saved. If done correctly, the button set in L2Tool becomes the active program. Push it, thus replacing the old texture in a file on our new. Texture can also be immediately viewed by clicking on the view button Next we need to change the call using animation skills. To do this, run the program and open FileEdit it Skillgrp.dat file that is located in system_AVERIA_GUARD folder. Open and save the file must be in the 413th encoding, which is selected in the top panel of the program next to the chronicles. As an example, I'll use the animation skills "1 win's", then I need to find how the same option she had caused. ID skills "1 win" 6470, so the list on the file I find a string that describes this skill. I am interested in the column desc, which is the 11th in a row and is in front of the indication of the ability icon. Remember the highlighted option or write. s mentioned earlier I write an example to display Noblesse Blessing skills, so I need to replace a parameter with its animation on the one we memorized in the preceding paragraph. ID skills Noblesse Blessing 1323. Check the ID of the skills you can all be on the same basis , or any other. On L2kc ID is written in the address bar: Find the line of the desired skills, we are also using the file search. And replace it with option desc (at Noblesse Blessing is 1048) on br_event_015_01. As a result, in 1323 the line should look like the following: 1323 1 4 1 69 400 1 4.00000000 1 D br_event_015_01 icon.skill1323 0 0 0 a, none \ 0 0 8 10 0 a, none \ 0 IMPORTANT! Many skills have several levels, so for each level will have its own line in the file. The level specified in the second column. If you want to change the animation for all skill levels, it is necessary to change the desc parameter for each row of your ability. Save the file in the 413th encoding. Run the client through l2.exe in system_AVERIA_GUARD folder and check the result. Tip SP win only 20. There are others with such animation, but I think 20 is enough for all abilities. Therefore, I will write only their ID, and texture settings desc. Skill: 1 win, ID: 6470 Texture: branch.v_01, desc: br_event_015_01 Skill: 2 win, ID: 6471, Texture: branch.v_02, desc: br_event_015_02 Ability: 3 win, ID: 6472, Texture: branch.v_03 , desc: br_event_015_03 Ability: 4 win, ID: 6473, texture: branch.v_04, desc: br_event_015_04 Skill: 5 win, ID: 6474, texture: branch.v_05, desc: br_event_015_05 Skill: 6 win, ID: 6475, texture : branch.v_06, desc: br_event_015_06 Skill: 7 win, ID: 6476, texture: branch.v_07, desc: br_event_015_07 Skill: 8 win, ID: 6477, texture: branch.v_08, desc: br_event_015_08 Skill: 9 win, ID : 6478, texture: branch.v_09, desc: br_event_015_09 Skill: 10 win, ID: 6479, texture: branch.v_10, desc: br_event_015_10 Skill: 11 win, ID: 6480, texture: branch.v_11, desc: br_event_015_11 Skill: 12 win, ID: 6481, texture: branch.v_12, desc: br_event_015_12 Skill: 13 win, ID: 6482, texture: branch.v_13, desc: br_event_015_13 Skill: 14 win, ID: 6483, texture: branch.v_14, desc : br_event_015_14 Skill: 15 win, ID: 6484, texture: branch.v_15, desc: br_event_015_15 Skill: 16 win, ID: 6485, texture: branch.v_16, desc: br_event_015_16 Skill: 17 win, ID: 6486, texture: branch .v_17, desc: br_event_015_17 Skill: 18 win, ID: 6487, texture: branch.v_18, desc: br_event_015_18 Skill: 19 win, ID: 6488, texture: branch.v_19, desc: br_event_015_19 Skill: 20 win, ID: 6489 , texture: branch.v_20, desc: br_event_015_20 Big Thanks to Alec
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  21. Guild Wars 2 Weaponsmith Leveling Guide 0-400 OverviewBecoming a Weaponsmith allows the player to craft axes, daggers, greatswords, hammers, mace, shields, spears and swords and as a result, compliments many playable professions. Weaponsmiths can also make consumable sharpening stones that boost your power. Similarly to becoming a Huntsman, this guide is more expensive than Cooking or Artificing, but it is notably quicker because of it. It’s also possible to recoup some of the initial outlay of money from the weapons you craft, to then sell back to the vendor or to list/salvage on the Trading Post. Unlike becoming a Chef or Artificer, leveling this and the remaining crafting professions can still take some time (about an hour if you have all the ingredients). This method however is quicker than Jewel crafting. Similarly to becoming a Huntsman, there are a large amount of ingredients involved so it’s always worth paying careful attention to what you have and haven’t bought. It’s also recommend you check your crafting bank in the event you already own some materials. Total Cost: 20g (with the potential to recoup 2g) Please note: It is always recommend that you place Buy Orders for crafting ingredients or components. This will take a period of time to gather them all, but will save you money. Ingredients to PurchaseWeaponsmith Vendor 171 Lump of Coal 90 Lump of Primordium From Trading Post ​240 Elder Wood Log 144 Green Wood Log 54 Seasoned Wood Log 72 Soft Wood Log 162 Hard Wood Plank 796 Iron Ore 256 Mithril Ore 180 Platinum Ore 72 Claw 18 Pile of Shimmering Dust 72 Small Venom Sac 2 Crystal Shard 8 Molten Core 16 Molten Shard 13 Onyx Fragment 24 Bronze Axe Blade 27 Bronze Spear Head 27 Large Green Haft 13 Carrion Mithril Plated Inscription 27 Berserker’s Hard Inscription 13 Malign Bronze Plated Inscription 11 Malign Green Inscription 27 Rampager’s Elder Inscription 27 Rejuvenating Seasoned Inscription 27 Resilient Green Inscription Crafting0-75 Make 48 Green Wood Plank Make 24 Small Green Haft Discover Malign Bronze Axe with Bronze Axe Blade, Small Green Haft, Malign Green Inscription Make 10 Malign Bronze Axe Discover Resilient Bronze Spear with Bronze Spear Head, Large Green Haft Make 26 Resilient Bronze Spear Discover (Master) Malign Bronze Axe with Bronze Axe Blade, Small Green Haft, Malign Bronze Plated Inscription Make 12 (Master) Malign Bronze Axe 75-150 Make 94 Iron Ingot Make 18 Soft Wood Plank Make 9 Iron Shield Backing Make 9 Iron Shield Boss Discover Simple Sharpening Stone with Iron Ingot and Pile of Shimmering Dust Make 5 Simple Sharpening Stone Discover Minor Sigil of Strength with Iron Ingot and Onyx Fragment Make 12 Minor Sigil of Strength Make 9 Iron Plated Dowel Make 9 Ravaging Iron Plated Inscription Discover (Master) Ravaging Iron Shield with Iron Shield Boss, Iron Shield Backing, Raving Iron Plated Inscription Make 8 (Master) Ravaging Iron Shield 150-225 Make 18 Seasoned Wood Plank Make 171 Steel Ingot Make 36 Steel Shield Backing Make 36 Steel Shield Boss Discover Rejuvenating Steel Shield with Steel Shield Boss, Steel Shield Backing, Rejuvenating Seasoned Inscription Make 26 Rejuvenating Steel Shield Make 9 Steel Plated Dowel Make 9 Pillaging Steel Plated Inscription Discover (Master) Pillaging Steel Shield with Steel Shield Boss, Steel Shield Backing, Pillaging Steel Plated Inscription Make 8 (Master) Pillaging Steel Shield 225-300 Make 90 Darksteel Ingot Make 54 Hardwood Plank Make 27 Darksteel Spear Head Make 27 Large Hard Haft Discover Major Sigil of Sanctuary with Darksteel Ingot and Crystal Shard Discover Berserker’s Darksteel Spear with Darksteel Spear Head, Large Hard Haft, Berserker’s Hard Inscription Make 26 Berserker’s Darksteel Spear Discover Major Sigil of Doom with Darksteel Ingot and Molten Shard Make 7 Major Sigil of Doom 300-350 Make 80 Elder Wood Plank Make 128 Mithril Ingot Make 40 Large Elder Haft Make 13 Mithril Hammer Head Make 27 Mithril Spear Head Discover Rampager’s Mithril Spear with Mithril Spear Head, Large Elder Haft and Rampager’s Elder Inscription Make 26 Rampager’s Mithril Spear 350-400 Discover (Master) Carrion Mithril Hammer with Mithril Hammer Head, Large Elder Haft, Carrion Mithril Plated Inscription Make 12 (Master) Carrion Mithril Hammer Discover Major Sigil of Doom with Mithril Ingot and Molten Core Make 7 Major Sigil of Doom Guild Wars 2 Weaponsmith Leveling Guide 400-500 In this guide we take your Weaponsmithing level from 400 to the maximum of 500. The joy of leveling Weaponsmith to 500, similarly to Artificer, is the fact it's so simple based on the very limited combinations. Unfortunately, it is very expensive. Please note: It is always recommend that you place Buy Orders for crafting ingredients or components. This will take a period of time to gather them all, but will save you money. However, due to the current price increase of the below Tier 6 materials there is little value, at this time, of crafting Weaponsmithing to 500. Total Cost: Around 200g Ingredients to PurchaseFrom Artificer Merchant Carrion Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Cleric's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Rampager's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Valkyrie Orichalcum Imbued Inscription From Trading Post 70 Glob of Ectoplasm 286 Orichalcum Ore 210 Ancient Wood Log 4 Small Ancient Haft 5 Large Ancient Haft 5 Ancient Bone 5 Elaborate Totem 20 Powerful Venom Sac 5 Pile of Crystalline Dust 5 Vicious Fang 2 Orichalcum Axe Blade 3 Orichalcum Dagger Blade 3 Orichalcum Dagger Hilt 1 Orichalcum Greatsword Blade 1 Orichalcum Greatsword Hilt 4 Orichalcum Shield Backing 4 Orichalcum Shield Boss 2 Orichalcum Sword Blade 2 Orichalcum Sword Hilt 3 Orichalcum Hammer Head 8 Assassin's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription 2 Cleric's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription 7 Shaman's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Crafting400-425 Make 143 Orichalcum Ingot Make 70 Ancient Wood Plank Make 35 Orichalcum Plated Dowel Make 1 Orichalcum Dagger Blade Make 1 Orichalcum Dagger Hilt Make 1 Orichalcum Greatsword Blade Make 1 Orichalcum Greatsword Hilt Make 2 Orichalcum Shield Backing Make 2 Orichalcum Shield Boss Make 2 Orichalcum Spear Head Make 1 Orichalcum Sword Blade Make 1 Orichalcum Sword Hilt Make 2 Orichalcum Mace Head Make 1 Carrion Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Make 1 Cleric's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Make 4 Rampager's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Make 1 Valkyrie Orichalcum Imbued Inscription Discover Superior Sharpening Stone with Orichalcum Ingot and Pile of Crystaline Dust (you need 3) 425-450 Discover Assassin's Pearl Carver with Assassin's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Dagger Blade and Orichalcum Dagger Hilt Discover Assassin's Pearl Shell with Assassin's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Shield Boss and Orichalcum Shield Backing Discover Carrion Pearl Shell with Carrion Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Shield Boss and Orichalcum Shield Backing Discover Cleric's Pearl Shell with Cleric's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Shield Boss and Orichalcum Shield Backing Discover Rampager's Pearl Carver with Rampager's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Dagger Blade and Orichalcum Dagger Hilt Discover Rampager's Pearl Sabre with Rampager's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Sword Blade and Orichalcum Sword Hilt Discover Rampager's Pearl Shell with Rampager's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Shield Boss and Orichalcum Shield Backing Discover Rampager's Pearl Broadsword with Rampager's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Greatsword Blade and Orichalcum Greatsword Hilt 450-475 Discover Cleric's Pearl Carver with Cleric's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Dagger Blade and Orichalcum Dagger Hilt Discover Cleric's Pearl Crusher with Cleric's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Hammer Head and Large Ancient Haft Discover Shaman's Pearl Sabre with Shaman's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Sword Blade Orichalcum Sword Hilt and Glob of Ectoplasm (you need 5) Discover Shaman's Pearl Bludgeoner with Shaman's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Mace Head, Small Ancient Haft and Glob of Ectoplasm (you need 5) Discover Shaman's Pearl Crusher with Shaman's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Hammer Head, Large Ancient Haft and Glob of Ectoplasm (you need 5) Discover Shaman's Pearl Impaler with Shaman's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Spear Head, Large Ancient Haft and Glob of Ectoplasm (you need 5) Discover Shaman's Pearl Reaver with Shaman's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Axe Blade, Small Ancient Haft and Glob of Ectoplasm (you need 5) Discover Valkyrie Pearl Shell with Valkyrie Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Shield Boss and Orichalcum Shield Backing 475-500 Discover Shaman's Pearl Carver with Shaman's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Dagger Blade, Orichalcum Dagger Hilt and Glob of Ectoplasm (you need 5) Discover Shaman's Pearl Shell with Shaman's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Shield Boss, Orichalcum Shield Backing and Glob of Ectoplasm (you need 5) Discover Assassin's Pearl Sabre with Assassin's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Sword Blade and Orichalcum Sword Hilt Discover Assassin's Pearl Bludgeoner with Assassin's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Mace Head and Small Ancient Haft Discover Assassin's Pearl Reaver with Assassin's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Axe Blade and Small Ancient Haft Discover Assassin's Pearl Broadsword with Assassin's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Greatsword Blade and Orichalcum Greatsword Hilt Discover Assassin's Pearl Crusher with Assassin's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Hammer Head and Large Ancient Haft DiscoverAssassin's Pearl Impaler with Assassin's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, Orichalcum Spear Head and Large Ancient Haft
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  23. Photo Compressor is a tool which enables you to compress the photos to smaller sizes without losing the original quality. Some times you need to take them on the right way to make a perfect solution. Let's start off by talking about how you can reduce the size of the image without losing quality. Then check some free web tools and plugins through a professional view. Tips, Tools and How to Reduce Image File Size Without Sacrificing Quality
  24. Hello! I decide to share with all Photoshop users, New and old, the way to make our own custom brushes in photoshop! In this tutorial, we'll learn how easy it is to make our own custom Photoshop brushes! Photoshop ships with lots of great brushes for us to use, but it's way more fun and interesting to create our own, especially after Adobe completely revamped the brush engine in Photoshop 7, adding unprecedented painting ability to what was already the world's most powerful image editor. Since the types of brushes we can create in Photoshop are limited only by our imagination, we'll design a very simple brush here just to see how quick and easy the whole process is. We'll also take a look at a couple of Photoshop's dynamic brush options in the Brushes panel to see how we can change the behavior of the brush after we create it. Let's get started! Step 1: Create A New Photoshop Document Let's begin by creating a brand new Photoshop document which we'll use to design our brush. Again, the purpose of this tutorial is not to learn how to create this exact brush, but rather to see how the process works from beginning to end. I'm going to create a new 200 x 200 pixel document by going up to the File menu in the Menu Bar at the top of the screen and choosing New. Or, for a faster way to create a new document, press Ctrl+N (Win) / Command+N (Mac) on your keyboard: Go to File > New. This opens the New Document dialog box. Enter 200 for both the Width and Height options and make sure the measurement type is set to pixels. Also, make sure the Background Contents option is set to White since we need white to be the background color for the brush: Create a new 200 x 200 pixel document with a white background. Click OK when you're done to accept the settings and exit out of the dialog box. A new 200 x 200 pixel document, filled with white, will appear on your screen. Choosing An Initial Size For Your Brush Photoshop allows us to create brushes as large as 2500 x 2500 pixels, but as they say, just because you can doesn't mean you should. At that size, you'd be painting with the virtual equivalent of a floor mop. Also, painting with very large brushes requires a lot more memory and horse power from your computer which can slow your system down considerably. For typical work, you'll want to create brushes much smaller. The size at which you initially create the brush will become its default size, and it's important to note that brushes we create ourselves are pixel-based brushes, which means they're essentially images and behave exactly the same way as regular images when it comes to resizing them. Brushes will usually remain crisp and sharp when we make them smaller, but if you increase their size much beyond the default, they'll become soft and dull looking. The general idea, then, is to create your new brush just large enough to suit your needs, which may involve a little trial and error. The 200 x 200 pixel size I'm using here usually works well. Step 2: Select The Brush Tool Let's create our new brush using one of Photoshop's built-in brushes. First, select the Brush Tool from the Tools palette, or press the letter B on your keyboard to quickly select it with the shortcut: Select the Brush Tool. Step 3: Select A Small Round Brush With the Brush Tool selected, right-click (Win) / Control-click (Mac) anywhere inside the document window to display the Brush Preset picker, which is a miniature version of the full-blown Brushes panel that we'll look at a bit later (and we'll examine in much more detail in another tutorial). The Brush Preset picker allows us to choose from a list of preset brushes (which explains its name). To select a brush, simply click on its thumbnail. I'm going to click on the Hard Round 5 Pixels brush to select it. If you have Tool Tips enabled in Photoshop's Preferences, the name of each brush will appear as you hover over the thumbnails. Press Enter (Win) / Return (Mac) once you've chosen your brush to close out of the palette: Select a small round brush from the Preset picker, then press Enter (Win) / Return (Mac) to close out of it. Step 4: Make Sure The Foreground Color Is Set To Black Back when we created our new document in Step 1, we made sure to set the background color of our document to white. The reason is that all brushes in Photoshop are Grayscale, meaning that a brush can contain only black, white, or shades of gray in between. Areas filled with white become transparent, so you won't see them when you're painting with the brush. Areas filled with black will be 100% visible, and if your brush includes various shades of gray, those areas will be partially visible depending on how close they are to black or white, with darker shades of gray being more visible than lighter shades. If we were to turn our new document into a brush as it is right now, the entire brush would be transparent since it contains nothing but white. Painting with an invisible brush may make an interesting statement artistically, but for more practical purposes (like this tutorial), you'll most likely want a brush you can actually see, which means we'll need to add some areas of black to the document. The black areas will become the visible shape of the brush (known as the brush tip). Photoshop paints using the current Foreground color, and as luck would have it, the default for the Foreground color is black, which means there's a very good chance yours is already set to black. You can see the current Foreground and Background colors by looking at their color swatches near the bottom of the Tools palette (the Foreground color is the swatch in the top left). If your Foreground color is set to something other than black, press the letter D on your keyboard to quickly reset both the Foreground and Background colors to their defaults: The Foreground color is the color the brush will paint with. Step 5: Paint A Series Of Horizontal Brush Strokes Inside The Document Window With the small round brush selected and black as your Foreground color, click inside the document window and paint a series of short horizontal brush strokes. For added variety, alter the thickness of the strokes by changing the size of the brush using the handy keyboard shortcuts. Press the left bracket key ( [ ) to make the brush smaller or the right bracket key ( ] ) to make it larger. You'll find the bracket keys to the right of the letter P on most keyboards. When you're done, you should have a column of brush strokes that looks something like this: A column of messy, random brush strokes. Step 6: Create A New Brush From The Document To create a new Photoshop brush from the document, simply go up to the Edit menu at the top of the screen and choose Define Brush Preset from the list of options (depending on which version of Photoshop you're using, the option may be called simply Define Brush): Go to Edit > Define Brush Preset. Photoshop will pop open a dialog box asking you to give your new brush a name. I'm going to call mine "My New Brush". You'll probably want to choose a name that's a little more descriptive: Name the new brush. Click OK when you're done to close out of the dialog box, and that's all there is to it! We've successfully created a brand new custom brush in Photoshop that's ready and waiting to help us bring our creative vision to life. You can safely close out of the brush's document at this point. To select the new brush any time you need it, first make sure you have the Brush Tool selected, then right-click (Win) / Control-click (Mac) anywhere inside your document to open the Brush Preset picker. Scroll down the list of available brushes until you see your brush thumbnail (newly created brushes will appear at the bottom of the list), then click on the thumbnail to select the brush. Press Enter (Win) / Return (Mac) once you've selected it to close out of the Brush Preset picker: Select your new brush from the Brush Preset picker. With the new brush selected, simply click and drag inside your document to paint a brush stroke: The newly created brush in action. It's a good start, but I think it's safe to say that at this stage, my new brush will be of limited use. Fortunately, now that we've created a brush tip, we can change and control how the brush behaves as we paint with it using Photoshop's Brush Dynamics, found in the main Brushes panel, which we'll take a quick look at next! Step 7: Open The Brushes Panel We've seen how to select a basic, ready-made brush using the Brush Preset picker, but if want more control over how our brush behaves, we need Photoshop's main Brushes panel, which gives us full access to some truly amazing options. We'll save our detailed look at the Brushes panel and all of its controls for another tutorial, but let's take a quick look at a few ways we can use it to alter the appearance of our brush strokes. To open the Brushes panel, either go up to the Window menu at the top of the screen and choose Brushes from the list, or press the F5 key on your keyboard (press it again to close the panel), or click on the Brushes panel toggle icon in the Options Bar (click it again to close the panel): The toggle icon in the Options Bar opens and closes the Brushes panel. This opens the main Brushes panel, the big brother of the Brush Preset picker we saw earlier. By default when you first open the Brushes panel, the Brush Presets option is selected in the top left corner of the panel, which displays the same small brush icons along the right that we saw in the Brush Preset picker. To select a brush, simply click on its icon. Scroll down the list to your newly created brush and click on its icon to select it if it's not selected already. The very bottom of the Brushes panel displays a preview of what the brush stroke currently looks like. Since I haven't made any changes yet, the preview looks exactly the same as the brush stroke I painted a moment ago: The main Brushes panel in Photoshop set to the Brush Presets option. Step 8: Adjust The Brush Tip Spacing Click on the words Brush Tip Shape directly below the Brush Presets option in the top left corner of the Brushes panel: Click on the Brush Tip Shape option. In the real world, if you were to paint with an actual brush, the brush would lay down a continuous coat of paint on the paper, but that's not how Photoshop works. Instead, Photoshop "stamps" the document with your brush tip as you drag your mouse. If the stamps appear close enough together, it creates the illusion of a seamless brush stroke, but if the stamps are spaced too far apart from each other, the individual stamps become obvious and the brush stroke appears ridged. Depending on the effect you're going for (like creating a dotted line, for example), you may want a lot of spacing between the stamps, but in most cases, a seamless brush stroke is more desirable. With the Brush Tip Shape option selected in the Brushes panel, we can control the spacing between the stamps with the appropriately-named Spacing option at the very bottom of the panel. Spacing is controlled as a percentage of the width of your brush tip, and by default, it's set to 25%, which means that if the width of your brush tip is 100 pixels, Photoshop will lay down a new stamp every 25 pixels as you drag your mouse: The Spacing option controls how frequently Photoshop "stamps" the brush tip as you paint. For a smooth brush stroke, this default setting is usually too high. I'm going to lower mine down to around 13%. To lower the Spacing amount, either drag the slider towards the left or enter a specific value directly into the input box. You'll see the preview of the brush stroke updating to reflect the changes to the spacing: Lower the Spacing amount for a smoother looking brush stroke. Now, if I paint a stroke with my brush, it appears smoother because the individual stamps are closer together: With the brush tip "stamps" being closer together, the stroke appears smoother. Step 9: Select The Shape Dynamics Option Click directly on the words Shape Dynamics below the Brush Tip Shape option we selected a moment ago, which gives us options for dynamically controlling the size, angle and roundness of the brush tip as we paint. Make sure you click on the words themselves. Clicking inside the checkbox to the left of words will turn the options on but won't give us access to their controls: Click directly on the words "Shape Dynamics". Step 10: Set The Angle Control To "Direction" The main problem with the look of my brush stroke is that no matter which direction I paint in, those horizontal lines that make up my brush tip remain, well, horizontal. Let's fix that so the brush tip will follow the direction of my mouse cursor. With the Shape Dynamics option selected, change the Control option for the brush tip Angle to Direction. Again, you'll see the brush stroke preview at the bottom of the panel update to reflect the change: Change the Control option for the Angle to "Direction". I'll paint another stroke with my brush, and this time, things look much more natural. The brush tip is following the direction I'm painting in: A more natural looking brush stroke. Step 11: Set The Size Control To "Pen Pressure" (Requires Pen Tablet) If you're using a pressure-sensitive pen tablet like I am, you can tell Photoshop that you want to control the size of the brush with your pen. With the Shape Dynamics options still selected, change the Control option for the brush tip Size to Pen Pressure: Change the Control option for the Size of the brush to "Pen Pressure" (if you have a pen tablet, that is). With the Pen Pressure option selected, I can easily control the size of the brush stroke on the fly, giving my custom brush an even more natural look: The size of the brush can now be controlled dynamically with pen pressure. Credits to: Steve Patterson from PhotoshopEssentials
  25. Hello , i don`t know if someone posted any guide and i`m sorry if i did doublepost but i didn`t fiind any. I see that here are alot of good players and i wonder if someone can help me with a full guide for a doombringer I play a hight rate hi5 (pretty strange server) ,i got acces to everything that i may need...rb`s ,full items/skills if you can give me a good guide/tips for doombringer i would be gratefull its my first time when i play this character and it seems very powerfull here ...and i see people with different buffs/armoor/dyes/playstile i don`t know what they use but they are so ovp , (few normal hits = dead) i think they use some buffs from other character or smthing.. weapon max+ 16 / armoor max + 12 , rates 1000x , max 3 sub., olf t-shirt who gives me STR+ DEX+1 CON+2 WIT+1 MEN+1 and agath who gives me +4% atk.speed counter critical and chant of protection desen`t stack So if you can help me with: -Dyes -Subclass certification -Buffs -Armoor (vesper/vorpal/elegia) -WEAPON SA -boss Jewels -Skill enchants -belt -wep . atr. i guess it`s dark -wep augment / augments they don`t use skill attack pretty much...just normal hits and hit really really hard