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Found 11 results

  1. [L2J] L2Halcyon

    Do you like interlude pride, do you prefer gracia final, what about both combined? This is what L2Halcyon is all about a combination gracia final Pride with interlude features. (Hint: Legacy weapons can be found on our shops!!) = OPENING 17 DECEMBER 2017 18:00 = = BETA 15 DECEMBER 2017 16:00 = Rates Enchant Scroll Rates Depends on the item tier and there is no break penalty !! (Chatbox shows the chance, max enchant and penalty for each item.) On failure Normal: set to 0 | Crystal: -1 | Blessed: -1 (increased rates) | Legendary/Forbidden: enchant remains (increased rates) General Features Basic Starting Level: 80 | Max Level: 95 Wondrous Cubic All-in-one item given to all newly created characters which includes services such as teleport, regular shop, augmenting, skill enchant and more! Rebirth System Special system that allows a main class player to be reborn by setting his/her level to 1 and adding an additional random base stat depending on the class. Olympiad Olympiad is basic S-Grade equipment restricted with enchants being set to 5. Sieges Three castles are available for siege. Aden castle is basic S-Grade equipment restricted. Rune and Goddard have no gear restrictions. Classes Rarely played on PvP classes like Sword Muse, Spectral Dancer, Fortune Seeker, etc have been given additional skills and playstyle opportunities. Antibot We are running smartguard antibot ! Custom Items/Skills Unique Weapons | Rare Weapons | Epic Weapons | Rare Jewels | Relic Boss Jewels | Hundreds of hair/face Accessories with stats! Custom Armors Custom Jewels Custom Weapons Custom Skills Heros get race dependent custom skills with unique capabillities! Powerful "Forbidden" skills are available to buy and learn for each class respectively! PvP skills will automatically be obtained after specific amount of PvP kills. Custom Zones/Instances Zones Website Facebook Full list of our features
  2. [L2J] Lineage 2 Vehiron

    Hello everyone. I'm the administrator of L2Vehiron and i'm here to show you our server. As you saw already from the title, our server is L2j based. We are using the latest version of the known Pride pack, but we have changed alot of things that you will be able to explore as we move further. First of all, our server is fully customized with custom EXP rate. The pack has been changed in order to resurrect your will to play. Also, keep in mind that the project is still under development, things come and go. Enough talking, lets continue to more interesting stuff. Estimated Grand Opening Month : December / January Useful Links Website | Forum | Facebook | Contact us | Youtube | Change log | Promo Video (TBA) Website is under construction and is not stable yet. Change log will be announced this week. Client : Gracia Final. Rates : [Adena : custom] , [EXP : 9000x] , [SP : 3000x]. Enchant Rates : Depend on weapon, armor and scroll. Safe Enchant : Depend on weapon, armor and scroll. Max Enchant : +25. NPC : Fully customized Buffer, GM shop, PvP Merchant, Event Merchant, Blacksmith and more. Max. Level : 95. Auto Event Engine. Sieges every weekend. Fully working Community Board. Offline shop mode. Auto learn skills. Auto pick-up. Heroes every 2 weeks. Drop list by shift+click on mob. Fully reworked Wedding system. L2 Vehiron is based on L2Pride source.Our team has changed and reworked most features including Farm zones, NPCs, Community board and most importantly balance between classes. In particular, we have created new skills for weak classes like Shillien Saint and Tyrant. We have also changed their base stats like CON, DEX and INT.Finishing,we have changed the external appearance of most armors and weapons.Our key to success is the continuous development and the support of the players. You can find more information below. All In One Cubic An item that offers basic functions such as, ~ Custom Gatekeeper. ~ GM Shop. ~ Advanced Character Stats. ~ Symbol Maker. ~ Augmentation. ~ Password Changer. Custom Farm Zones Vehiron has 4 farm zones. The difficult range of the mobs differs on every zone. We have reworked the solo & party farm style so both options are worth. The following farm zones are ordered according to their degree of difficulty. - 1 - Cave of Trials is a newbie farm zone. You can only access it if you are using S80 Grade items or/and below. Variety of mobs can be found in there which in certain situations require party with a tank and healer. Also, there are raid bosses and powerful APCs that drop a lot of different things like Superior Accesories, Vinyl Jewels and more. - 2 - Ruins of Despair is an mixed farm zone.The zone is based on anti-ks mob system. That means, if you attack a mob,no one can hit it unless he is in your party/clan. You can access with any gear. Many Raidbosses such as Unspeakable Horror and Cruel rider spawn there. Also, watch out for APCs like Imagio Mage,Soul bender and more! - 3 - Cemetary is a hard party farm zone. You can find few solo monsters around the area but most are made for parties. Every mob has its weakness. For example, pus boomer take high damage from arrows. Oblivion deals massive AOE damage so killing it with ranged classes is preferred. Raid bosses such as Decarbia and Palibati are located there. By walking around, you can also find many APCs such as Cemetary Looter and Pilgrim. - 4 - (NEW) Forge of the Gods is the hardest farm zone. All of the mobs, APCs and raid bosses are resistant to every weapon except Vehiron, Dread and Unique weapons. Their drop rate is higher than every other zone. Fully customized mobs are located there with new skills, appearence and weapons. Many specific drops such as Cloaks, Agathions and Belts can only be dropped in there. Strongest APCs of the server spawn in there. Custom Events Custom events take place every 2 hours(might change). Winners and losers are rewarded with an amount of event medals. Additional reward system have been implemented such as First blood reward, First score reward, Killing spree reward & more. You can use event medals on our Event Merchant in order to buy Event Exclusive Items. Current running events are : Team vs Team As expected, team with the most kills wins. Registered people are divided into 2 teams, usually Red & Green. Domination Players are divided into 2 teams. In the middle of the map you can find a tower. Your goal is to stay under the tower and earn points. Team with the most points, wins. Deathmath Players spawn on a random map and must kill as many other players as they can. Only 8 people with the highest kills will get reward. Castle Siege Basically,its a representation of a normal siege. Players are divided into defenders and attackers. Attacker's goal is to pray and rule the castle. Defenders must hold it as long as they can. If the attacker's fail to pray in 15 minutes, then defenders will change to attackers. The event lasts for 30 minutes. Each side has 15 minutes to pray. This event is hosted manually. Capture the Flag Players are divided into 2 teams. Every team has its own flag located at their spawn. The goal is to steal the enemie's flag and return it to your own flag. Instances Instanced Zones are the game zones created separately for each party of players or a player who's entered the zone. It's impossible to meet any other party or player there. The point of having instances is that they allow players gear up quickly.That's why most of them are easy to do. L2 Vehiron has 3 instances which differ on difficulty. 1) Kamaloka is the easiest instance. You follow a path protected from different mobs.At the end,you have to kill a Raid boss. It requires 3 people to join and you can go in there once a day. 2)DVC Instance is a medium difficulty instance. You have to follow a specific path full of mobs. At the end,you have to kill Darion. Requires 4-7 players to join and you can join every 3 days. 3)Aden instance is a depended difficulty instance. You are teleported into a different dimension and u are able to kill ANY raid boss you want, but only once. Requires 4-8 people to join,once every week. 4)2 More instances will be announced later. Raid Bosses On L2 Vehiron you can find more than 150 Raid Bosses. They are divided into level categories. The standard are listed below, First, we have Level 85 Raidbosses. They have decent drops but reward you with a good amount of clan points and fame. Level 91 are next. They have decent drops and they reward you with many clan points and fame. Raidbosses more than 91 level such as Verfa, Lilith, Anakim and more are fully customized with balanced stats and skills. Their drops are almost the best on the server. Some of the items they are drop Unique weapons, Legacy Vehiron armor parts,Relic jewels and more. Finally, we have the STRONGEST Raidboss located at the Cave of Fire. You can teleport there using the AIO cubic. It drops the BEST items on the server such as Cloaks, Unique & Vehiron weapons, Relic and Vinyl Jewels. On L2Vehiron, you will also find a unique Raidboss shout/flag. What it does is simple. Every time the raidboss reach a specific amount of HP(80%,40%), a shout of with the name of boss will be shown on Global Chat. It will also flag every player at a radius of 2000(?). Forget about "Silent Killers". The main reason of this system is to keep the PVP at the highest level possible. Example of the shout : Custom Armors & Weapons L2 Vehiron has 5 types of custom armors.Every armor is fully customizable. List of the armors below. Dynasty Armor The cheapest and weakest custom armor. Can be bought from Advanced Merchant with silver and silver bars. [Usually used for farming because you receive 15% reduced damage from monsters] Vinyl Armor Vinyl is a Tier 3 armor. Can be bought from Advanced Merchant with different materials. Its usually used for PvP and Farm. Vehiron Armor Tier 4 armor. Can bought from Advanced Merchant with different materials. One of the strongest armors. Made for PvP and Farm. Adds skill Inner Fire*. Legacy Vehiron Tier 4 armor. In fact, its the same as normal Vehiron. The only difference is that each part adds specific stats. For example,boots add 2 run speed. Cannot be bought from any shop. Dropped from mobs and raid bosses. Can be equipped with normal Vehiron.Adds skill Inner Fire*. Dread Armor Tier 4.5 armor. The strongest armor of the server. You are not able to buy it yet or drop it from somewhere. Untradable after equip. Adds skill Lex Talionis*. L2 Vehiron has 6 standard weapon types. Please notice that there are more types of weapons such as S epic,S80 PvP epic and more. Those weapons are obtainable from PvP merchant by using PvP tokens. Those weapons are fully customizable and they are listed below. Dynasty Weapons Cheapest custom weapons. Can be bought from Advanced Shop or dropped from weak mobs at Cave of Trials. They are strong newbie weapons. They are known for the damage they deal to monsters. Icarus Weapons Tier 2.5 Weapons. Can be bought from Advanced Shop or dropped from certain mobs. Every weapon have a chance(depend on their enchant) to debuff your enemy. For example, the bow have a chance to bluff your enemy. Vinyl Weapons Tier 3 Weapons. Can be bought from Advanced Shop or dropped from certain mobs. Usually used for PvP. Not preferred for farm. Vehiron Weapons Tier 4 weapons. Can be bought from Advanced Shop or dropped from certain mobs. Strong for farm and PvP. Adds true damage on every attack. Adds active skill Sudden Flash*. Unique Weapons Can be bought from Advanced Shop or dropped from certain mobs. Can be used for farm but they are stronger for PvP. Every weapon have a chance(depend on their enchant) to debuff your enemy. For example, Bow has a chance to Silence your enemy. Dread Weapons Tier 4.5 weapons. Cannot be bought from shop yet. Every weapon have a chance(depend on their enchant) to debuff your enemy. For example, Bow has a chance to knockback your enemy. Also, Bow has a chance to cast Rigor Mortis* to yourself. Explaination of Unknown Phrases or words : Sudden Flash : For 5 seconds, your attacks,whether it'd be physical or magical, normal swings or spells, will be guaranteed to crit. Inner Fire : Instanly removes most debuffs on you. Lex Talionis : For 5 seconds, you reflect all damages done to you back at 500% power. Rigot Mortis : Greatly increases skills' reuse delay,attack and cast speed. Custom Jewels & Accessories Jewelry L2 Vehiron has 3 tier of jewels. They can all be bought from Advanced Shop or dropped from certain mobs and Raidbosses. Please notice that there are more jewels that can be bought with PvP Tokens from the PvP Merchant. [TIER 1]Dynasty Jewels S80 Jewels that can be bought from Advanced Shop using Silver, Silver bars & Zircons. Enchanting the set to 17 or above grants the owner a special bonus. Each one of them adds a special stat. e.g. Earring gives you 2 MEN. [TIER 2]Vinyl Jewels S84 Jewels that can be bought from Advanced Shop or dropped from Raidbosses. When all jewels are +15 or higher, damage received is reduced by 50. Each one of them grants you special stats. e.g. Ring gives you 2 WIT & DEX. [TIER 3]Relic Jewels Legendary Jewels that can be bought from Advanced Shop or dropped from certain Raidbosses. Every single one of them grants you bonus stats and effects. e.g. Valakas' Tremor gives you water resistance,debuff resistance, INT/STR +1 and more. Accessories L2 Vehiron has 2 tiers of accesories. Standard and Superior. They are divided into 2 other categories, Face and Hair. However, some of them can be worn on both categories. They are offering unique stats for different play styles. For example,if you are playing Aggressive Mage,then you should use Magic Glasses, but if you are playing defensive, you should use Metal Eye Patch. Standard Standard accesories are cheap but they provide all the necessary stats that newbies need to start. You can buy them from the Advanced Shop with Silver and Festival Adena. Face | Hair Superior Superior accesories are the strongest accesories. Their stats are high, just like their price. You can get them from the Advanced Shop or drop them from certain mobs. Face | Hair Custom Cloaks Every cloak on L2 Vehiron has something unique and special to offer. They are divided into categories which are Mages, Fighters & Tanks. Starting,we have Super hero Cloaks. You can get them by donating but they are also droppable from many Raidbosses. The cloak you need depends on your class. For example, Tanks use Halcyon Cape because it increases your received healing power. We also have Ancient Cloak which increases your P.def and can be dropped from many Raidbosses. Continuing, we have added 3 new Hero Cloaks. Each Class category(Mage,Fighter,Tank) receives a special color and statistics Cloak. You can only take/wear them if you are Hero. Finally, we have Vehiron aka Crimson Cape which increases your speed by 6 and can be obtained by capturing the Western Fortress. Custom Skills We couldn't let skills unchanged. So, most of them got reworked in many ways. Most of them are edited on the effects, other are edited on what they are used for. Also, new skills are coming on the road. They are called Forbidden skills. They are really powerful skills that you cannot get yet. Every class can learn up to 2 Forbidden skills for now. Last but not least, most toggle skills won't active because their effects are already automatically applied. However, toggle skills with some form of penalty(ie Parry Stance) are left toggle-able by the player. PvP Skills,Transformations,Name & Title Colors PvP Skills You get them by reaching a specific amount of PvPs. Some of them are Aggressive(ie Focus),other are defensive (ie Blessed Soul). Example of PvP Skills : Transformation Skills Transformations are almost the same thing. You get them by reaching an amount of PvPs. Every Transformation has custom stats and skills. Example of Heretic Transformation Skill : Name and Title Colors Your name and title changes color when you reach a specific amount of PvPs. Every time you change a stage,you get a new PvP skill. Additional information on the pictures below. 1000 PvPs : 2000 PvPs : 3000 PvPs : 4000 PvPs : 5000 PvPs : 6500 PvPs : 8500 PvPs : 12000 PvPs : Marriage System One of the most unique systems you have never seen before. By getting marriage on L2 Vehiron, you receive tons of advandages. At first place,you can use the voice command [.gotolove] which teleports you to your current partner(Cannot be used when your partner is close to a Raidboss). Secondly, once you are married with someone for more than 128(?) days, you will be able to trade your untradable items to each other. The last and best thing is that the more you stay married with someone, the more and better skills you receive. More information about the skills below. Intimate Defense - Drastically increase your partner's P.Def and M.Def. Love & Range - Get angry because your partner is (almost) dead. Useable when your partner is within 600 range and < 25% HP. Honeymoon - Heal both you and your partner at the same time and apply a heal-over-time effect temporarily. Useable when your partner is within 50 range. Rekindle - Raise your partner from death. Zombify - Turn your partner into a zombie for the lols. Nuptial Rush - Instantly rush to your partner's location. Usable range 900. Mob Statistic & Drop Viewer By pressing Shift & Click to a mob, APC, Raid boss or anything else than players, you can see their detailed stats, drops and descriptions. More information on the picture below. Estimated Grand Opening Month : December / January LINEAGE2VEHIRON.EUⒸ * Topic will be updated frequently. *
  3. Massivo ULTIMA L2 Gracia Final 3x L2OFF - Oficial Files 09 December, 2017 • 15:00 (UTC -3)
  4. We are Glad to announce the Lineage 2 BurN. Gracia Final Mid Rate server! Take a look at our features and gather your friends and come play! Facebook: Site: Forum: Rates and Features: Xp/sp: 30x Adena: 15x Drop/spoil: 5x Seal Stone: 2x ( Saints Necropolis 80+ ) Raid Boss Normal drop : 5x + Event Coin Raid Boss Normal exp/sp: 10x Epic Raid Boss drop : 1x (jewels epic ) 3x (items ) Knight epaulets drop: 3x (10-30 each guard) === Quest === Quest for recipe grade A and S: 3x drop (50% chance) === Game info === Max lvl 85 Subclass max lvl 85 Blue spoil Auto loot from mobs Offline shop Champion mobs Craft system retail VIP system (+50% xp/sp) Announcement for boss and Epic spams. Only 1 clan for alliances ( max 40 players in each clan) Hellbound and Tiat only in January Siege and Territory war every weekend Buff slot 25+4/12 Mana drug (Regen 100mana per sec) Barakiel last hit party nobles Events: TVT, DM, LM Olympiad 15/15 with weapon hero working Tiat non-instance No Commons items GM shop until grade b NPC buff (1h) Weapon buff ( to rebuff outside Town) Jobs without quest More than 70 bosses with extra drop (Event coin) NPC exchange (quest items for recipes) NPC event ( event coin for a lot of items ) Forgotten scroll only by Olympiad, event and Epic boss Twins instance 85 Gk facilitator to many places === Others information === - Core and Orfen Epic Jewel usable - Song, dance, and summons usable in PvP/farm - Cancel formula each skill cancel 3 with 10s reuse - First heros 15/12 - Balances donate with Fair prices === Boss === Core 16h + 30minutes Orfen 24 + 30 minutes Queen Ant 48+ 30minutes Zaken 72 + 30 minutes (door always open) Frinteza 4daya + 60 minutes Baium 5 days + 60 minutes Antharas 10 days + 30 minutes Valakas 10 days + 30 minutes Beleth 7 days +10 minutes Barakiel 16h + 10 minutes( each week the Spawn time go lower) Ketra and varka raid boss 16h + 10 minutes Others bosses 16h + 10 minutes All boss have they level at 83 Don't miss it Open beta 25/11. 12:00 -3GMT Grand opening 02/12 12:00 -3GMT Movie from our partner MH Studio
  5. Hello, Im starting next server with Gracia Final. And I want set here Rebirth system. Is here any1 who can sent me the files? Thank You.
  6. [L2j] Lineage 2 Rave

    Server Website: Server's Preview: Grand Opening: 14/10/2017 - 18:00 GMT+3 Server Features Gracia Final ANTI BOT – DDOS PROTECTION Rates: EXP: 9300x. Party XP: 2x. SP: 9300x. Drop: 1x. Max enchant +25. Max Level 95. Basic: GM SHOP Cat Prophet - Buffer Wondrous Cubic - AIO Item Global Teleporter Communityboard Coloured enchants Automatic Events Raidbosses Instances Olympiad Advanced PvP Colour Titles/Names Stats on accessories PvP Skill Master Forbidden Skills Working Epic/PvP Shop Items PvP Tokens - Randomly Taken from PvPing, the reward can be an enchant too Cloaks Talismans Belts Bracelets Armours & Weapons: Masterwork S Grade Dynasty Upgraded Dynasty Titanium Legacy Titanium Dread Dread Legacy Rykros Unique Weapons Epic / PvP Weapons Jewelry Raidboss Dynasty Vesper Relic Raidboss Εvents: The server is using Nexus Event Engine Also we have added a working Siege event And a 1V1 automatic event
  7. [L2J] L2Honor&Pride

    Hello MxC community, We are an experienced team willing to provide the best pride-like project. L2Honor&Pride is a custom pvp server running on Gracia Final client. = OPENING 14 OCTOBER 2017 18:00 = = BETA 10 OCTOBER 2017 16:00 = Basic Features Starting Level: 80 | Max Level: 95 Clan Starting Level: 5 | Max Clans per Alliance: 2 EXP: x9300 Max enchant: +25 Custom pve content Custom Items Custom skills Rebirth system PvP reward system Improved support classes Automated events and much-much more !! More details can be found here Website Facebook Skype (live:l2honorandpride)
  8. [L2J] L2 Smart Rates Exp: x10 SP: x10 Adena: x8 Drop: x5 asdSpoil: x5 Knigth's Epaulette: x1 Smart Information Server Platform: L2OFF - Oficial Files PTS Gracia Final Craft Retail Retail status Jobs 20 50k, 40 2,5kk and 76 Retail or Donate Mana Potion restore 200mp with delay 4secs Weight limit (Inventory) has been increased and slots too Nobless - Retail Subclasse - Retail Vote System Buffs System Comands .expon - turn on experience from mobs. .expoff - turn off experience from mobs. .offlineshop - shop oflline Raid Boss Baium Lv 80 Zaken Lv 83 Ant Queen Lv 80 Barakiel Lv 80 All drops and another's boss are retail include drop AQ Protection Ant DDOS Protection "Hyper Filter" Ant Bot: Smart Guard - Auto BAN Vote System Go l2smart site vote all banners each time we reach 400 votes all players online win 3 vote coin Vote coin - Trade / shop - on Notes Add bssd/ssd/bssc/ssc all grocer for adenas Add mana potions all grocers for adenas Add 150 holy atributte all weapons hero Change the value of giant codex 5500 to 2500 tokens in olympiad manager Add chance or amount in 15/20 quests ( amount x2 reward x2 change + 10% ) Add scroll safe +4 to +6 for donate ( is block +7 ..... ) Add skill ''NO BUFF" all characters ( blocks the receipt of buffs ) Shop Vote Shop Donate Shop Vip System Join us !!! :)))
  9. Hi everyone, thanks to Sauron, I was able to decompile and manually fix the whole Gracia Final AI. All sources can be compiled with MyExt64 compiler and the output seems completely right :) If you find any bug/error, please let me know. Download here
  10. [L2J] L2Crabbed

    Hello people, i'm here to present to you our new custom PvP Server, L2 Crabbed. My name is Growa. General Information To start with, our server is l2j based, fully customized and most of our features are fresh and new, that means that most of the things you'll see in L2 Crabbed, surely you haven't seen them in any other Gracia Final Custom PvP server. L2 Crabbed is a Custom PvP server. **~Our topic will be updated at times since we are still under developing~** *#*#*#*#Server is estimated to open mid/end of September. *#*#*#*#*# Website: Forum: (still under construction) Facebook: Skype: Features 1. New Advanced Community Board L2 Crabbed's Community Board is made from scratch. A fully unique pack of features only our server has. A quick Preview of our community board can be reviewed by watching our Video below. In a few lines what our Community Board provides. 1,a Home Tab Friendly player interface, includes all the basic functions a player will need during the game. No more commands starting with " . ". Engage, Divorce, Accessory Visibility and more are there. More details on the video provided. 1,b Raids Board Crabbed's Raids Board is here to provide players the ease to know any kind of information they need to know about any raid that is spawned in our server. Raids are special in our server since the boost a lot players' gear development. More details on the video provided. 1,c Clans Board Getting a clan plus managing a clan get easier for both players/members and their leaders. Clan recruiting mode, Check clans' active wars, check clan skills of a clan, Character Gear Viewer (only for clan leaders) who get a clan invitation request through the the recruiting function and more. Details on the video provided. 1,d Forum Crabbed's Forum is in game. Yes it is in game. We want all our players to join all kind all kind of discussions when it comes for server's greater good. More details on the video provided. 1,e Party Matching System Are you starting today alone? Did you leave your clan and you cant find anyone to make a party for PvP or Farm? This is your best friend. Register your character on the party match system and wait a party invitation from someone else, or start on your own a party and get in server's action. More details on the video provided. 1,f Friends Board New functional way of friend inviting, friend deleting, and player blocking through the Community Board. You can also check the list of the players you've blocked/friend aswell. More details on the video provided. --------------------- 2. Farming Zones L2Crabbed has 3 Farming Zones. 2 of them are safe and 1 is Chaotic Zone which will be enabled every weekend. Monastery of Silence - Party Farming(upstairs)/Solo Hard Zone(Ground Floors) Blazing Swamp - Easy Solo Pagan's Temple - All kind of difficulty - Chaotic Zone (AVAILABLE ONLY WEEKENDS) -------------------- Entertaining Functions 1. Events We are using update Nexus Engine version 4.2. Enabled Events are: Team vs Team Capture The Flag Domination Mass Domination Deathmatch Zombies Last Man Standing 2. Mini Events a. 1v1 b. 2v2 c. 3v3 d. 5v5 e. 10v10 All those mods come either as Korean Style or Party Fights #all events/mini events have custom new maps# 3. Poker You can now challenge friends and foes on the Poker table. 4. Siege Events 2 Teams sieging a either a fortress or a Castle (Aden, Rune, Giran, Oren) 5. Achievements System Achievement System is there to give you one more reason to achieve or repeat some achievements. Every achievement you get, you are rewarded with Fame. ------------------- Castle Sieges Sieges will happen every 7 days. Only registered clans and their allies are allowed to be in the Siege Zone. 2 Sieges will be available at the beginning Rune and Giran. #All sieges will NOT have item restrictions(only s or s80 etc. ALL ITEMS ARE ALLOWED) #Castle Sieges registration can happen either from each Castle's Messenger or in one Custom NPC in Main Towns. ------------------- Fortress Sieges Fortress Sieges are available once per 72 hours except from Western Fortress which can be attacked every 2 hours. ------------------ Clan Halls All Clan Halls are buyable on our Custom NPC located in Crabbed Village. Special currency needed to buy a Clan Hall. Combat Zones We are using 1 PvP Zone (perma flag), and 1 Chaotic Zone available in weekends(Pagan's Temple). Hunter's Village (Perma Flag Zone) Pagan's Temple (Chaotic Zone) ------------------- Armors,Weapons, Jewels and more custom items. L2Crabbed has 3 Tiers of Gear Tier 1/1.5 Cossmo Weapons/Armors/Jewels Tattoos Tier1 Claoks Tier1 Agathions Tier1 Accessories Tier1 Tier 2 Sterbio Armors/Weapons/Jewels Tattoos Tier2 Claoks Tier2 Agathions Tier2 Accessories Tier2 Tier 3 Zoxian Armors/Weapons/Jewels Relic Jewels Tattoos Tier3 Claoks Tier3 Agathions Tier3 Accessories Tier3 ----------------------- Dress Me System Every player has the right choose how his appearance will be among a big amount of choices on Armor/Weapons/Accessories. (No extra stats provided with Dress Me system) [video explaining the dress me system] ------------------ War Manager Arrange a clan war with another clan for 5 hours. A clan leader sends the war request through the Clan War Manager, the receiver clan accepts or declines the request. ----------------------- War Scroll An expensive item forcing a clan to be in war with another. The war will last 7 days. There will be a reuse time on each clan using this scroll,(They cannot spam this item.) -------------------- Instances L2Crabbed is running instances. Each one is designed for each player/[group of players] ability to deal with easy/medium/hard/[ultra hard] monsters. 1. Dark Cloud Mansion - Easy Solo Instance (Daily) 2. Kamaloka - Hard Party Instance (Daily) 3. Hall of Murder - [All kind of difficulty] Party Instance[5-7 members] (Every 3 Days) 4. Raid Chamber - [Random Difficulty] Party Instance[5-10 members] A random raidboss will spawn in your room. It could be a random lv.85 raid or even lv.95 Antharas :o(Every 3 Days) 5. Ultimum - [ultra Hard] Party Instance[10 members] A gorgeous, ultra hard raid will spawn in your room which has 2 more raids as minions. I suggest to avoid this one if you are not top geared. (every 7 days) -------------------- Core Client Modifications 4th Skill Bar has been added for easier gameplay. All skill reuse delays are now displayed on the icon of your skill. -------------------- The Grand Olympiad Grand Olympiad is some equal geared matchups between players on same/different class. Hero election happens every 2 weeks. Grand Olympiad Manager has been edited and became more functionable. Now Olympiad Rankings will give you a hint on how many points ahead is the first player in the list with the 2nd/3rd/4th etc. [screenshot olympiad manager] Anti feed system has been applied. We have put a new logger which will count damages done/received, players who disconnected during fight or players who removed their armors/jewels. Dont try to feed, you'll be caught 101%. -------------------- AIO Item L2 Crabbed gives on characters' creation an All In One item which most core functions are used from there. (Most of you are familiarized with it and know it as Wondrous Cubic, but its not the same any more) -------------------- Custom Buffer L2 Crabbed's Buffer is in main towns giving buffs to players. Buff sets are there for fast buffing. Buff schemes are available aswell. -------------------- PC Bang System Are you playing much in L2Crabbed? L2Crabbed rewards you with PC Bang Points. Those points are usefull on getting special Costumes from the shop for the dress me engine. ------------------- Vote System L2Crabbed loves both new and old players. Are you new and you want to make an easy start? Then go use our voting system and you'll be rewarded with a Vote Coin. You can vote times per day, that means 2 Vote Coins per day. Use Murphy NPC to get Limited time items. Most of the in game available items are there at a locked attribute level/enchant level.(You cant enchant/add attribute on these items, cannot trade/freight/sell aswell.) All the Vote Coins are wiped at 03:00 GMT every day. Server gives 1 Vote Coin to all online players on some number set as Voting Goal. So items in Murphy NPC which cost more than 2 Vote Coins can be aquirred only if players vote for the server. Some extra items can be purchased ONLY from the Murphy NPC so old players will always get some little benefit from voting. ------------------- Rebirth System L2Crabbed is using a Custom Rebirth system awarding players with a random extra stat each time. Every Rebirth level has different level of requirement. Requirements: Player 0 Rebirths: Requires 500 PvPs + Lv. 90 Player Loses: 200 PvP Kills + 1 Rebirther Player Earns: 200 Fame + +1 Random Stat [Mages --> INT/WIT/MEN] [Fighters --> DEX/CON/STR] Player 1 Rebirths: Requires 3000 PvPs + Lv. 90 Player Loses: 1200 PvP Kills + 2 Rebirthers Player Earns: 900 Fame + +1 Stat which was rewarded back on the 1st Rebirth Player 2 Rebirths: Requires 5500 PvPs + Lv. 90 Player Loses: 1200 PvP Kills +3 Rebirthers Player Earns: 900 Fame + +1 Stat which was rewarded back on the 1st Rebirth Player 3 Rebirths: Requires 8000 PvPs + Lv. 90 Player Loses: 2200 PvP Kills + 4 Rebirthers Player Earns: 1600 Fame + +1 Stat which was rewarded back on the 1st Rebirth Player 4 Rebirths: Requires 10500 PvPs + Lv. 90 Player Loses: 3200 PvP Kills + 5 Rebirthers Player Earns: 2300 Fame + +1 Stat which was rewarded back on the 1st Rebirth ------------------ Custom PvP Skills earned on PvP Point Goals *** To be updated ***** ------------------ Top Weekly Players are contesting every 7 days (most likely every friday) on many titles. Top Farmer/PvPer/Event Killer/Deaths/Pks will get an APC of them in Town of Crabbed. This is an automated unique engine you never saw before in any other server. ------------------ Antibot Protection L2Crabbed is botting safe. All the well known botting programs have been turned down, so no matter how much you try, you cant bypass it. ------------------ Main Towns Kamael Village Town of Crabbed (Custom Town, non retail one) ------------------ Enchants L2Crabbed is using a custom enchant rate system, different for each item Tier. All failure penalties are given to player's system chat. 3 Types of scrolls 1. Normal Scrolls 2. Crystal Scrolls 3. Blessed Scrolls ----------------- Grandbosses Our server has 12 Grandbosses. Those bosses have a random respawn time which is from 7-12 days. They require the right gear to be raidable, if you dont have it dont try them. Our Grandbosses are: Valakas Antharas Baium Tiat Beleth Baylor Queen Ant Benom Orfen Core Zaken Frintezza(2 Forms) -------------------- Raidbosses More than 150 Raidbosses are up in L2Crabbed ready to be killed. ------------------- Level System Xp Rate is easy high till 90 lv. After 90 lv xp becomes harder to get but more valueable than ever. Every character who is on main class and it has more than 90 level they rewarded with new custom skills amking their pvp easier.(Those skills are not adding any stats, but give the player great mobility and more) ------------------ Custom Name/Title color due to PvP //could add more colors based on pvps, prolly will do 1000 - Player name color changed to blue 2000 - Player name color changed to pink 3000 - Player name color changed to green 4000 - Player name color changed to yellow 5000 - Player title color changed to pink, player name color changed to light blue 6500 - Player title color changed to dark grey, player name changed to purple 8500 - Player name color changed to orange 12000 - Player title color changed to red, player name changed to dark grey 25000 - Player title color changed to dark grey, player name color changed to red ----------------- Custom Name/Title color due to PvP 1000 - Player name color changed to blue 2000 - Player name color changed to pink 3000 - Player name color changed to green 4000 - Player name color changed to yellow 5000 - Player title color changed to pink, player name color changed to light blue 6500 - Player title color changed to dark grey, player name changed to purple 8500 - Player name color changed to orange 12000 - Player title color changed to red, player name changed to dark grey 25000 - Player title color changed to dark grey, player name color changed to red ----------------- Transformations Gained due to pvp 200 - Transformation Rabbit 300 - Transformation Onyx Beast 400 - Transformation Cutie Pig 700 - Transformation Doll Blader 1100 - Transformation Frog 1400 - Transformation Heretic 1800 - Scroll of Battlefield Transformation Pixy 2500 - Scroll of Transformation - Red 2700 - Transformation Buffalo 3200 - Transformation Vale Master 3700 - Trasnformation Yeti 4300 - Transformation Oel Mahum 4900 - Transformation Saber Tooth Tiger 5500 - Transformation Gatekeeper 6100 - Transformation Unicorn 7900 - Transformation Young Child 8800 - Transformation Pumpkin Ghost 9800 - Transformation Golem Guardian 10800 - Transformation Inferno Drake ------------------- Global Shouts 100 - Trade Chat; 1500 seconds reuse (+) 600 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 1250 seconds 1001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 1070 seconds 2001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 935 seconds 3001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 830 seconds 6001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 750 seconds 7001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 680 seconds 8001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 625 seconds 9001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 575 seconds 10001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 535 seconds 15000 - Shout Chat available (!) 35000 - Hero Shout 1 minute reuse ------------------ Pincode System We achieved to import the best kind of security for players who either played another server using the same account or they shared their account with someone else. Players now are forced to put a 4 numbers PINcode on their character creation. Every time they try to log the character they will be asked weather to put the pincode or not. If they choose to put it, they will gain full access of the character, if they do not put the pincode they will be logged under limited session. Thats means that they will not be able to force a fight(pk), they will not be able to trade/delete/enchant items, they will not be able to leave clan and much more game changing functions. ---------------- TOPIC WILL BE CONTINUESLY UPDATED*****
  11. Well since i was looking a while for those Interfaces ( Visual Patch ) i will share them. So lets start with the interlude Interface ( Visual Patch ) Images : Link : And the Gracia Final Interface ( Visual Patch ) Images : Link : Well credits are unknown i didnt made those very beautiful interfaces. so if anyone know the credits i will put them below. ( Inside the inventory on Interlude Version there is a name "Diamond". It might be a server name or creator name if this gets confirmed i will put him as main creditor.