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  1. Server's focus is to keep it as retail as possible in terms of old school gameplay.The server has a perfect system of class balancing and is already well balanced since is based on L2OFF platform. Grand Opening 20 April 2018 19:00 WEBSITE: http://eternalwars.eu choose Gracia Final FORUM : http://eternalwars.eu/forum UCP : http://eternalwars.eu/ucp DISCORD : https://discord.gg/sjJeG4T FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/eternalwars Experience x3 SP x3 Party Experience rate x1 Drop x3 Spoil x3 Quest x1 Enchant
  2. Hello people, i'm here to present to you our new custom PvP Server, L2 Crabbed. My name is Growa. General Information To start with, our server is l2j based, fully customized and most of our features are fresh and new, that means that most of the things you'll see in L2 Crabbed, surely you haven't seen them in any other Gracia Final Custom PvP server. L2 Crabbed is a Custom PvP server. **~Our topic will be updated at times since we are still under developing~** *#*#*#*#Server is estimated to open mid/end of September. *#*#*#*#*#
  3. Safe +6 max +16 Xp 500 sp 500 adena 1000x drop 1x auto events PvP color Drop boss lvl 65+ area Farm ketra / monas come check out our server !! expecting 100+ Website ::>>>>>> website Page Facebook >>>>>>page face
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, einherries of Valhalla-Age project! We've prepared special Adventure for you! Who will be the king after all?! «Ragnarok» Gracia Final - X15 Chronicles that got its popularity in the golden era of Lineage 2. 22 January at 20:00 Created by projects with more than 11 years of history Valhalla-age & La.kiev.ua New server We are waiting for you on January 22 at 20:00! Visit discussion thread Great combination of game capacity and labour intens
  5. AMBUSH X7 SERVER Based on Gracia Final PTS Official Platform START ON Friday, January 12 8:00 PM (GMT-3) - 11:00 PM UTC OBT START Monday, January 8 8:00 PM (GMT-3) - 11:00 PM UTC http://l2.gxzone.com/ http://foros.gxzone.com Server is hosted in the USARATESXP/SP: amount x7 Adena: amount x5 Drop amount x7 Spoil: amount x1/x5, chance x7 Raid Boss EXP: x1 Raid Boss: x3 - Chance Drop Epic Boss: x2 - Chance Drop y Adena Quest EXP x3 - Quest Reward x1(we're going to change some important quests)CHARACTERISTICSTrader Bot - FREEDual Box - 2 FREENPC Buffer -
  6. Do you like interlude pride, do you prefer gracia final, what about both combined? This is what L2Halcyon is all about a combination gracia final Pride with interlude features. (Hint: Legacy weapons can be found on our shops!!) = OPENING 18 DECEMBER 2017 16:00 = = BETA 15 DECEMBER 2017 18:00 = Rates Enchant Scroll Rates Depends on the item tier and there is no break penalty !! (Chatbox shows the chance, max enchant and penalty for each item.) On failure Normal: set to 0 | Crystal: -1 | Blessed: -1 (increased rates) | Legendary/Forbidden: encha
  7. Server Start: 16/12/2017 - 11:00 +1GMT Webiste: http://l2teardrop.net Features: http://l2teardrop.net/en/info/server-info/
  8. Massivo ULTIMA L2 Gracia Final 3x L2OFF - Oficial Files 09 December, 2017 • 15:00 (UTC -3) http://l2.omassivo.com.br/?page=info
  9. We are Glad to announce the Lineage 2 BurN. Gracia Final Mid Rate server! Take a look at our features and gather your friends and come play! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LineageBurN/ Site: https://www.L2BurN.com Forum: http://www.l2burn.com/forum/ Rates and Features: Xp/sp: 30x Adena: 15x Drop/spoil: 5x Seal Stone: 2x ( Saints Necropolis 80+ ) Raid Boss Normal drop : 5x + Event Coin Raid Boss Normal exp/sp: 10x Epic Raid Boss drop : 1x (jewels epic ) 3x (items ) Knight epaulets drop: 3x (10-30 each guard) === Quest ===
  10. Hello, Im starting next server with Gracia Final. And I want set here Rebirth system. Is here any1 who can sent me the files? Thank You.
  11. Hello MxC community, We are an experienced team willing to provide the best pride-like project. L2Honor&Pride is a custom pvp server running on Gracia Final client. = OPENING 14 OCTOBER 2017 18:00 = = BETA 10 OCTOBER 2017 16:00 = Basic Features Starting Level: 80 | Max Level: 95 Clan Starting Level: 5 | Max Clans per Alliance: 2 EXP: x9300 Max enchant: +25 Custom pve content Custom Items Custom skills Rebirth system PvP reward system Improved support classes Automated
  12. Server Website: www.l2rave.com Server's Preview: Grand Opening: 14/10/2017 - 18:00 GMT+3 Server Features Gracia Final ANTI BOT – DDOS PROTECTION Rates: EXP: 9300x. Party XP: 2x. SP: 9300x. Drop: 1x. Max enchant +25. Max Level 95. Basic: GM SHOP Cat Prophet - Buffer Wondrous Cubic - AIO Item Global Teleporter Communityboard Coloured enchants Automatic Events Raidbosses Instances Olympiad Advanced PvP Colour Titles/Names Stats on accessories PvP Skill Master Forbidden Skills Working Epic/PvP Shop Ite
  13. www.l2smart.com Rates Exp: x10 SP: x10 Adena: x8 Drop: x5 asdSpoil: x5 Knigth's Epaulette: x1 Smart Information Server Platform: L2OFF - Oficial Files PTS Gracia Final Craft Retail Retail status Jobs 20 50k, 40 2,5kk and 76 Retail or Donate Mana Potion restore 200mp with delay 4secs Weight limit (Inventory) has been increased and slots too Nobless - Retail Subclasse - Retail Vote System Buffs System Comands .expon - turn on experience from mobs. .expoff - turn off experience from mobs. .offlineshop - shop oflline
  14. L2Klasika Lineage Gracia Final x5 L2off platform no donation ( no pay to win ) no premium accounts No botting No dualboxing http://l2klasika.com
  15. http://lineage-infinity.eu/ French Server In a very short time, the launch of the brand new server L2Infinity will take place, the selected chronicle is Gracia Final, but with a perspective of evolution that aims to make the server persist in time. The sources used are L2OFF. So no bugs (or a few), more information below: OPENING FRIDAY 2017/09/15 AT 6:00 PM ======================================== NPC Buffer/GmShop Evolutionary System Rates Rates: XP 25/SP 25 Adena: 15 x Spoil Rate: 20 x Drops: 10 x Quest Drop/Adena: 3 x General - 1 hours Buff (20 + 4
  16. L2 Pleasure is based on a well known pack which is loved from a big number of people. We took this pack and brought it to another level. Every small and bug or miss-working has been fixed. Furthermore we have applied more functions and features ready to satisfy even the most requiring player. We keep in mind that the thing keeping a server a fun place to play is to keep in touch with the players' momentum. Thats what our staff going to try for, communication is the key for everything. We'll try to answer everyone's question or petition almost in time. Our staff consists from a team based on
  17. Lineage 2 Zenith Website : www.L2Zenith.com Forum : www.L2Zenith.com/forum Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/L2Zenith/ Beta and Grand Opening Server beta will set date in the middle of September and will last a day or two, after we close the beta we will continue with the Grand Opening the next day. Date will be updated on the website and forum soon. About Project Ladies and Gentlemen our team proudly presents L2Zenith. Server runs on Gracia Final and it's based on Pride Source. Secure server, running on a 1/1gb connection, DDoS protected. Make sure to join our acti
  18. >>Site : www.l2nuke.com<< >>Page : https://www.facebook.com/L2nuke/<< >>Safe +8 Max +16 Donate +20<< >>Blessed 100%<< >>No Custom<< >>Farm Easy<< >> + Info Site/Page << Open 15 Agust 2017
  19. Hi everyone, just in case it happens to you (it's probably rare bug): Today, regular airship between Gracia and Gludio has stuck on my server. I'll try to find some real fix for it in my ext but in case you encounter this bug and don't want to restart whole server, this command should help (or at least helped me): //aship regular 0 Cheers :)
  20. Server's Rules No offensive language towards the staff. Always respect them. NEVER beg/annoy the staff for things like items, enchants, spawns, points etc. Spam is not allowed and its up to GM's/Admin's decision to jail you or even ban you (depending on the type of the spam). You are NOT allowed to use any kind of bug(s)/exploit(s) that gives you some kind of advantage. If you found any then you have to report it at the forum ASAP. If you don't report it and you get caught using it then you can be jailed, banned or worse (not kidding). You are also responsible of reporting bugger
  21. Opening date: 30.06.2017 18:00 Start OBT: 16-06-2017 Server timezone: UTC+1 Server platform: Hellbound PTS (not java) Rates: Exp/Sp: x75 Adena: x50* *Notice: Lv1 to Lv40 adena rate is constant x50 / Lv41 to Lv85 adena rate is dropping by x0.56 on each level ending at x25@Lv85 SealStone: х10 (amount) Drop: chance х30 Spoil: chance х15* *Notice: Old method: if chance >100% quantity multiplied RB exp/sp: x5 RB drop: chance x5 Epic: x1 Quest (reward adena/exp/sp): х10 Quests: Drop amount: x10 / Reward: x2 Seductive Whispers A Game of Cards Delicious Top Choice Meat Seekers of the Holy
  22. Legends of Lineage Launch : 30 June 2017 Beta : Undetermined Site :http://legendsoflineage.com/ We from Legends Of Lineage are pround to presents to you our Gracia Final 50x server World: PLAYEASY that will lauch 30 June at 19:30 UTC -3. we would love to see you be part of it. It is always been one of Legends priorities to serve quality and quality do we assure. We invite you and your friends to come and play Legends of Lineage PlayEasy 50X on 30 June 2017 at 19:30 UTC-3 . Lineage II is a game best played with your friends and people you know.
  23. Promo Video Server Features Client : Gracia Final ANTI BOT – DDOS PROTECTION Rates: EXP: 9000x. Party XP: 2x. SP: 1000x. Drop: 1x. Enchant Rates Max enchant +25. Max Level 95. Basic: GM SHOP Cat Prophet Wondrous Cubic Global Teleporter Communityboard Coloured enchants Automatic Events Raidbosses Instances Olympiad Advanced PvP Colour Titles Stats on accessories PvP Skill Master Forbidden Skills Working Epic/PvP Shop Items PvP Tokens Cloaks Talismans Belts Bracelets Armours & Weapons: Masterwork S Grade Dynasty Master
  24. New Server Gracia Final Pvp join: l2absolutepvp.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfvsjOcoDkw Server Client: Gracia Final Server Type: Custom PvP Open Server 26/6/2017 No donate Starting Level 85 DDoS protection Dedicated Servers Free Armor/Weapons For New player Custom Tattoo Custom Cloak Custom Talisman Custom Jewels Custom Armors ( Vesper,Titanium,Epic ) Custom Weapons ( Vesper,Titanium,Mordor,Icarus) Custom Hair Accessory Custom Raid Boss Custom Raid Boss Castle Custom Pvp Flag Auto Custom Sub Class Lvl 80 Enchant Rates Safe Enchant: +30 Weapon Max Enchant:
  25. Current Status : Open Beta !. (15/07/2017) Chronicles : Gracia Final Server files : L2OFF - MyExt64 Server type : Fun - PvP - Pk - Roleplay Allowed - not forced. Rates : Exp. x3 SP. x3.2 Drop. x3 Spoil. x2.8 Hello. Today I will present and show a preview of a project I have in my heart since few years. You would ask "why now only ?" Well I needed time to learn and have money for this and a team to support me. So the server is an L2 OFF gracia final based on Leak + fixes from us. It use MyExt64 from Emca (thank you again that a great project you have.) So it feature what Gracia Fina