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  1. Dear friends! The time goes by, and many of you have become interested about our project future. And today we want to tell you some our plans for the L2PRIDE development in the area of Lineage 2. Paying attention for the numerous questions and requests from our players, we decided to open the Gracia Final Mixed Pride Style project which you have been looking for a long time. More information about the date and features of the new server will be published this summer. What we can guarantee? Quality and interesting concept of Gracia Final. Unique platform of the server. Guar
  2. GENERAL RATES Exp/SP: x9300 Adena: x5000 Drop: x1 Spoil: x1 Quest Drop: NO QUEST Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1 Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +20 Enchants L2Strain is using Costum Enchant Rate System,Different for each item tier. Types of Scrolls: Normal Scroll,Crystal Scroll,Blessed Scrolls GAMEPLAY CONFIGURATION Server Platform: L2jServer Maximum Clients per PC: 2 L2Strain Buffer In Main Towns giving buffs to players! Buff slots: different Buffs each Class Skills are auto learn. Automatic loot for monsters. M
  3. Anybody can tips me some description for AI parameters of NPCs? Currently GF server. At first, me interest what is it this a param for NPC in ai.obj: myself.p_state != 3 This uses in this timer: EventHandler TIMER_FIRED_EX( timer_id ) { if( timer_id == 2001 ) { if( gg::GetAbnormalLevel( myself.sm, myself::Skill_GetAbnormalType( SelfBuff ) ) <= 0 && myself.p_state != 3 ) { if( myself::Skill_GetConsumeMP( SelfBuff ) < myself.sm.mp && myself::Skill_GetConsumeHP( SelfBuff ) < myself.sm.hp &&
  4. ISTARY L2OFF/PTS - Gracia Final x15 Grand Opening: July 4th, 2019! From the UnderGames Community (4+ years online and counting), comes Istary! Gather your team and clash against the top Sides in LAS, while everyone tries to fight their way to victory from scratch! Check our teaser website here! [RATES] XP/SP: x15 Adena/Drop/ Spoil: x7 Raid Boss XP/SP: x15 Raid Boss Adena/Drop: x7 Quests: x1 Clan Hall Price/Rent: x10 [Downloads] Client: DD System patch: DD System patch (Windows 10): DD [Activity Schedule] Full Li
  5. FEATURES [Client] The server is running on Gracia Final Client. [Enchant Rates] Enchant rates are totally custom. They depend on the item you are trying to enchant, the enchant scroll that you are using and the enchant level of the item.When you place the item to the enchant box , just before pressing start , you will be informed via a message on the chat about the success chance and the failure penalty. [Other Rates] -Fast leveling to level 85. From level 85 to level 95 the leveling process is slow. This is to get players immediately into the PvP situation w/o putting
  6. L2 Trion - Gracia Final Website: https://l2trion.com Type: Craft Rates: 75x Drop: 10x Spoil: 20x Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +16 Scroll Normal: 50% Blessed Scroll: 60% Buffs: 30 Dances & Songs: 16 Time buffs: 2h Classes: 100% Quests: 100% Geodata: 100% Special Drops Blesseds, Codex, Event Medal: Raid & Grand Boss.
  7. Pride Hard Core server is ready to open the doors for everyone for a long term period! This server is based on original Pride platform which was made by Dav. Why we are better and why it is necessary to choose us ? We have designed the server to be UP for a long period of time and when you will need to feel in the real Pride server, there always gonna be a stable 24/7 server for you! Don't miss this project away and give a try! The quality of our server and technical support won't make you be disappointed! WEBSITE: WWW.L2PRIDE.PW DISCORD: CLICK TO J
  8. Well since i was looking a while for those Interfaces ( Visual Patch ) i will share them. So lets start with the interlude Interface ( Visual Patch ) Images : Link : And the Gracia Final Interface ( Visual Patch ) Images : Link : Well credits are unknown i didnt made those very beautiful interfaces. so if anyone know the credits i will put them below. ( Inside the inventory on Interlude Version there is a name "Diamond". It might be a server name or creator name if this gets confirmed i will put him as main credito
  9. ---OTB LIVE--- https://l2big.net/ Come and test it! We would like present to you all L2OFF GF server low rates 2x. No future wipes or seasons. Only possibility in future that server will be upgraded to upper L2 version like Gracia Epilogue and it will be decided by vote in forum. From players to players who misses hardcore game play, without over crowded GM shop with useless items and PTW systems. Server build as it should be in retail version, all skills and functions works as it should work. -New DOTA2 event Team vs Team with DOTA2 HER
  10. Rates: * Rates - Xp x9300 | Sp x3000 * Enchant - Custom Based on scroll and item. There is info showed in-game. * Augmentation: Info is showed in-game. Unique Features: * Custom AIO (All In One) Item. Includes: Gatekeeper, GM Shop, Symbol Maker, Character Information and much more! * Working Castle Sieges. * Champion System. * Auto Reward for every online player (one for each IP). * Auto Server Restarter. * Nexus Event Engine with varius events. * Custom Scripted Items (Hero Item, Nobless Item, Farm Booster etc). * Custom Solo PvP Zone. * Many Raid Bosses.
  11. Caution! Full dive into the best chronicles of the Lineage 2 Gracia Final x20 - this is a combination of the classic Mid-Rate concept. Simplified character development, high relevance of crafting, a lively market and the original PVP system. Chronicle: Gracia Final Server time: GMT+3 Core: OFF-Like (PTS) Start date: 8:00 pm GMT+3 February 22 OBT date: 8:00 pm GMT+3 February 11 Rates EXP & SP: x20 Adena & SealStone: x6 Spoil: x6 Drop: x10 Drop Knight's Epaulettes: x5 amount, with chance 70% Fame: x2 Attribute Stone
  12. Dear Friends of http://www.lineage2dex.com ! On 26 oct , our Gracia Final x7 server have successfully started! During this time, we have stability, growing markets in towns, a lot of solo players and small groups, as well as large clans participating in big wars. Hundreds of players are already enjoying the game! If you are looking for a stable, long-term server with high online. Join now! Useful links: Register : https://lineage2dex.com/reg Updater : https://forum.lineage2dex.com/resources/60/download Client GF : https://forum.lineage2dex.com/resources/59
  13. L2 TRION PVP SERVER The best private server of Lineage 2 ® game in the Gracia Final version. The world of epic battles L2 TRION server came in the year 2013 with the main objective of bringing fun, entertainment and incredible moments to several players in love with the Gracia Final version of the Lineage 2 ® game. Version: Gracia Final Experience: 1000x Skill points: 300x Skill points in group: 2x Adena: 1000x Drop spoil: 30x Minimum Safe: +16 Max Safe: +21 Normal Parchment: 53% Blessed parchment: 1
  14. Grand Opening: 26 October 2018 at 19:00 (gmt+1) OBT: ~12 October 2018 at 19:00 (gmt+1) Site: https://l2e-global.com/ Forum: https://l2e-global.com/forum/ All info about server: https://l2e-global.com/forum/threads/gracia-final-x7-october-2018.32749/ Basic rates: EXP & SP x7, Raid EXP & SP x7 Exp & SP depends on monster level, which you farm: From 1 to 77 level of monster - static x7 rate; Starting from 78 level of monster - from x7 to x4 gradually. Premium Account provide +30% personal EXP and SP bonus.
  15. General Information Basic Starting Level: 80 | Max Level: 95 Enchant Scroll Depends on the item tier. (Chatbox shows the chance, max enchant and penalty for each item.) Olympiad Olympiad is basic S-Grade equipment restricted with enchants being set to 6. Sieges Three castles are available for siege. Aden castle is basic S-Grade equipment restricted. Rune and Goddard have no gear restrictions. Custom Items/Skills Custom Armors Custom Weapons Custom Skills Heros get race dependent custom skills with unique capabilli
  16. Lineage 2 Scarlet Legendary 20x Gracia Final server Chronicle: Lineage 2 Gracia Final EXP/SP: 20x / Party EXP/SP: 2x / Drop: 10x / Spoil: 10x / Adena: 25x https://legendary.lineage2scarlet.com/ Register your account! Begin Your Journey Today Connect: https://legendary.lineage2scarlet.com/connect/ Discord: https://discord.gg/VKZAzZq Memorable Raid Bosses Event - Daily, every 16 hours Legendary 20x Gracia Final Server Features Server type "Normal/Classic" with PvP(vE) & Craft NO custom items (Retail Only!) We don't h
  17. Custom Mob AI Dav has developed a new form of AI that will allow mobs to behave more intelligently to make farming much more interesting. This also applies to APC's and Raid Bosses, which have some nasty skill combos. APC's Artificial-Player Characters, a term coined by myself, these mobs that have the appearance of real players adds a nice contrast to the usual humdrum of L2's mobs' appearances. Much of these APCs you will encounter appear and act almost exactly like a normal player, with skill sets of the corresponding classes they represent. They will kite you if you have
  18. We are really glad to see you there and we would like to wish you a huge welcome ! > Lineage 2 Alendria is entering into a new phase and we are very excited to finally be able to launch our PvP server that will offer quality & nice amount of fun. It has been designed in a way to allow different player's styles and bring balance to the game. If you are looking for a decent server with good working admins and where you will be able to spend your day fighting without having to farm too much, then you are in the right place to enjoy it ! Please feel free to check our features a
  19. L2Hayze Reborn Dear Lineage II Players, Recently L2Hayze closed because our new project Kemosa (A continuation of Hayze but on the Infinite Odyssey client) was about to open. However after opening Kemosa and having many issues found by testers and players, we decided that it wasn't fair to our player community to close the server they were already enjoying when the continuation to that project wasn't fully ready and running smoothly. So we have decided to do two things. 1) Hayze and Kemosa will remain separate projects not forcing anyone to upgrade to the next server. Both will
  20. Grand Opening Date August 03 at 20:00 GMT +3 Beta Phase Date was on : 21.07.18 Web site Forum Facebook YouTube GENERAL INFORMATION Customer: Gracia Final Tariffs: [EXP custom] [SP custom] [Adenes to order] Mod: good against evil Start lvl 75 Max lvl: 85 Enchant Betting: 40% Max Enchant: +16 Buffers NPC Prophet Buffs / etc Buffs / dances / songs PVP = Adena + Exp + mats The game manager (Massive PVP) works 24/7 with mini-games to win a faction between them. War-manager (grouped PVP) works 24/7 - Olympiad || 1х1
  21. O melhor servidor privado do jogo Lineage 2 ® na versão Gracia Final. https://www.l2trion.com
  22. We are happy to announce the opening of the Lineage 2 Infinity (French server) on Friday, June 1, 2018 at 8:00 pm (French time)! In order not to waste time, you can now download the Gracia Final Client in the Join Us section of our website. The L2 Infinity Patch will be available on the opening day of the beta test. SERVER Chronicle: Gracia Final Website: http://www.lineage-infinity.eu/ Forum: http://www.lineage-infinity.eu/forum/index.php Grand opening: 01.05.2018. OBT: ONLINE RATES Rates: XP 10x / SP 10x Adena: 10x
  23. StarisReborn - Beta Grand Opening 29.05.2018, 18:00 GTM+2 Gracia Final 10x Rates Exp:10x Sp:10x Adena:10x Drop:10x Spoil:10x Quest Reward:4X Quest Drop:4X Raid drop:10x Party exp:1.6x Enchant rate:65% Blessed enchant rate:75% Features Lottery, with rewards from 2.000.000 adena for one number Fortress working: (20-50) Knight's Epaulette at drop. Geodata Mana Potion: 300 mp, reuse: 5 sec. Npc Buffer with Basic buffs,Dances/Songs and 3rd Buffs (no resists, cat, malaria, dwarf) Gmshop up to B grade Change class withouth quest Subclass with quest(
  24. Lineage II Pride Reborn! Server features: -Customized Global Gatekeeper, item shop up to normal S grade, deluxe NPC Buffer (instant group buffs), and Luxury Trader. -Custom 3 tiers of weapons and armor sets (including all Kamael armors (custom skill add on equip)and weapons) and C2 style god\'s blade, dragon\'s tooth and dual tears of a fallen angel (weapons that also add custom skills to your char when you equip them). -5 new custom raidboss jewels. -Customized 99 hair accessories that give a variety of bonuses. -Customized Tattoos each giving a different b
  25. Site : http://legendsl2.com Forum : http://legendsl2.com/forum/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/legendsoflineage/ Opening of server Legends 50x May 11 19:00 (UTC -3) Lineage 2 Gracia Final Dear Friends! We are pleased to announce the grand opening date and rates of the Legends server! Opening will be on May 11th at 19:00 (UTC -3). Server will be start on Gracia Final with Updates for Freya High Five soon. Server Features Rates: Experience (EXP) 50x Skill Points (SP) 50x Adena 35x Spoil 5x SealStones 5x Knight Epaulets 3x Quest