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Found 16 results

  1. @Tryskell Exposed you as a host when you invite people for a party.
  2. The "I Followed your tutorials but failed" person Person: Hi, how are you? Kara: Good. Person: You seem very nice person and helpful on forum and i'm checking your guides so thanks for posting them. Kara: No problem. Person: Can you help me set-up a server on my PC via teamviewer cause i L2J forum is down Kara: The "Getting my Salary at the End of the Month" person Person: Yoo friend you here? Kara: Yes, tell me. Person: Mate i want make a server, better than Liona cause they are full of bugs, i am player years now, i know exatly what people want and i want create their ideas. Kara: Ok so,, tell me what exactly yo... Person: Wait mate i tell you, i started years ago playing friend when ( 5 hours later ) Person: ..Understand? So can we do this? Kara: Yeap. It's a bit expensive cause too much but.. Person: Mate i don't have money now can we start and i pay you at the end of the month 100% promise! Kara: The "Friend's Server" person Person: Hello kara Kara: Hello. tell me. Person: I just quit <server> with my friends cause they banned us for being too pro and we decided we want open a new server for fun. Kara: Whats the detail-info of your request? Person: Well for now just a community board, full balance, full npc's, donate system, event engine, custom attribute system, paypal autodonation, live currency system some armors we found shared, the weapons from pride, logo in all our npc (you create our logo too), stack-subs. Price for what? Kara: idk 250e? Person: hmmm its too expensive we are just friends here can we do for 30 $ ? we pay you half now half after. Kara: ... The "Cheap" person Person: Yo kara can you do a vote system for me? Kara: Sure. Person *Gives Teamviewer details* Kara: I prefer payment first... Person: But vote system its 2 line code and i can find shared too many codes + last time i paid 10 euro for balance system, so let's say what i paid it also include the vote system Kara: The "I have Unique Ideas" person Person: Hi Kara, are you from maxcheaters? Kara: Yes tell me. Person: Well i want make a C6 server and i got bored of same ideas over and over so i want make a unique server and people enjoy playing. Kara: What idea do you want to be implemented and on what pack? Person: Well i want make pride like but with stack-sub system and add make 3 new instances Kara: k..
  3. English Official Spam Topic Here you can spam as much as you want, talk about anything, etc., as long as you follow a few simple rules. There may be no post count here, but continuous, nonsense replies such as "sadsadas" or "σpam" will be deleted. Flaming other users is not allowed here. Users flaming will be punished with a karma smite or a ban (depends). Posting improper images, such as ones with nudity or gore content, is prohibited. Any user posting such pictures will be immediately banned. Advertising other websites in here is not allowed. If you do this, you will be punished (Permanent Ban). We (staff) own the right to delete ANY post with or without a reason. In this thread we speak ONLY English. Nothing less, nothing more. The first insult even if you make it on a friend for fun is a ban. Flaming with highly insulting or racist comments are forbidden. Advertising of any kind is prohibited. Discussions about staff (Who left, got promoted, demoted and such) is forbidden. This will end up to 1 month ban as a warning. Rules can change anytime, with or without notice. Before posting in here you shall check the first post to be updated aswell. Thanks, MaxCheaters® Staff.
  4. Hello, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new forum, bitcoin has been getting into the good of our lives, here we are discussing everything about bitcoin, we buy, we sell please respect our forum and our members http://bitcoincheaters.com/ We offer promotion free VIP Membership to 30 first register members in our forum when you done register sent mail to : admin@bitcoincheaters.com to obtain free VIP Membership ! Thanks
  5. A Leaked video of maxtor when someone donate
  6. Δες ταινίες σε απευθείας σύνδεση χωρίς καμία διαφήμιση μέσα στην ιστοσελίδα μας. ΜΟΝΟ ΣΕ (720p,1080p) και σε 3D. Watch movies online without any advertising inside our site. ONLY (720p, 1080p) and 3D ▶ Youtube Subscribe here.. Εγγραφείτε εδώ Στο επίσημο κανάλι Promovies Online https://goo.gl/q6pZWz ▶ Facebook Fpage: https://goo.gl/o9r6uC ▶Website https://promovies.pro
  7. I come to make a denounce to all, do NOT USE... or STOP use topl2jbrasil. I've been analyzing some of the top sites for a few months, and I've found concrete evidence that topl2jbrasil is a corrupt site and no have suficient traffic. The first positions are being sold, some sites even offline are obtaining automatic votes by the own system of topl2jbrasil. We have several evidence, including the denunciation within their forum, which was then erased by the corrupt administrator who could not justify his actions. How it works? The first 8 positions are already prepared for certain servers, the automatic voting system activates as soon as someone surpasses one of these sites, it is impossible to surpass them. The corrupt Administration! When I made the first complaint, after having surveyed the evidence and analyzed the site for months in order not to make a slanderous denounce. The first 8 positions had more than 116k of votes for each of those servers involved. The administrator decided to reduce these votes to 16k, not to draw the attention of other users who might come to question this. Therefore, my denounce was excluded. After the denounces, no server was banned or had their votes removed. This is further evidence that administration is involved, selling positions. And the servers that did not buy positions and use votebot, also did not have the votes removed, because they generate profit every month buying banners. Warning! If you register in the top L2jBrasil, you will be giving players to mafia servers, totally corrupt and you will not receive any traffic.
  8. Hello,i would like to ask how i can put pictures on my posts?i tried [.img] URL [./img] but it didnt work
  9. Εύχομαι σε όλο το φόρουμ, καλές γιορτές, με υγεία και ευτυχία σε ότι ποθούμε. Το νέο έτος, να φέρει ότι στερηθήκαμε και με το παραπάνω. Επίσης, να μην ξεχνάμε πως εκεί έξω υπάρχουν άνθρωποι που ειδικά αυτές τις μέρες χρειάζονται την βοήθειά μας, είτε σε αγαθά υλικά είτε σε οτιδήποτε άλλο. Καλό είναι λοιπόν, αν έχουμε 3, να δώσουμε το 1 εκεί που χρειάζεται αν στις περιοχές σας γίνονται συσσίτια ή αυτού του είδος συγκεντρώσεις. Η κάθε βοήθεια από τον καθένα μας είναι αρκετή... Έτσι, αν μπορούμε ας βοηθήσουμε και εκεί.. Καλές γιορτές και πάλι με υγεία πάνω απ'όλα!!!
  10. @Mobius You took my code and add it in your project :D ? L2GeoLocation.java ? Hehe
  11. Seense we dont have a section for music i decide to make a theard where we could post anything related to music For example you can post something like: -Preview Review of an album -A Musical video you like -Ask for song you dont know by showing a video , add , etc -Put wtf are you listening at the moment -Or what ever that is related to music This is the main part of topic ^^ Only 1 Rule , if you post a video , check the link of the vid it isnt dead The offspring - You are gonna go far kid http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=fRxHHZEqwpw
  12. Hello, since @Kara` receives lot's of hate for no reason, let's support him in his difficult task to be Global Mod.Would you like him to be promoted,yes or no and why? Please leave your vote.Follow Him and live your best moments under his managerial skills. Kara for G.Mod, Kara for BanHammer award!
  13. Auleon

    EN Rank

    Give me legendary rank and Spam Team