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Found 67 results

  1. Hello everyone I'm new in here, but if You are looking for cool graphics designs, send me a message. Soon I will post some previews of my work :D Thank You!
  2. https://lucera2.ru/threads/buy-lucera2-kupit-lucera2.1339/ people, what are you thinking about that pack?
  3. Hello everyone, We are craftnotion. If anyone want's a website, android app, ios app or hybrid app , contact us at biz@crafnotion.com . We provide a complete custom development at affordable price. Please check our site https://craftnotion.com for more details. thanks
  4. So in this topic we will discuss about the gaming console PS4 and its games... What do you think about that console and if you own one do you like it or not?
  5. Greetings, y'all beautiful people! I've been playing around with armors recently and I've had this great idea which I can't implement for some reason. First things first. I've made custom sets with stats and set bonuses etc. Now, the problem I'm facing is that I'd like to add something like lets say fire that surrounds them when the character wears the complete set, something like an aura of some kind. I've found this BEAUTIFULLY looking skill that is not used in the game but it is an active skill. I've made the skill passive with 2 seconds cooldown andtried TARGET_NONE/SELF/AURA. None of which helped. I couldn't make it so that it will show the visual effects. I've gone through most of the passive skills with extra effects that I could think of in order to figure it out but sadly I could not. So, what do You think? Is there a way to make an active skill act like a passive with persistent visual effects? Do you think something like this is possible and if so, which parts of the xml should be responsible for the persistent visual effect? Also, Ive tried to call both the skill andthe effect as part of my set's bonus. failed both times. :/ (This is a repost since my other topic was in the wrong section).
  6. I just wanna address something because I'm tired of replying to the same question over and over again. During the past 6-12 months everyone in the forum and their grandma has pmed me asking me to sell them a Fake Players Engine i showcased a while ago. I refused every time saying that I'm done with l2j stuff. However people have been offering decent amounts of money to buy something like that. As far as I'm concerned I don't play L2 anymore so i couldn't care less, but there is something I like more than materialistic stuff. MONEY. So yeah even though i think it is pathetic that this is what it has become of that lovely game i spent countless hours, i decided to profit off of it on this way. However I won't launch something that i don't think meets some quality standards. I spent the weekend developing the bare-bones of the engine, random player generation, developing some basic AI (movement, following, attack) and stress testing the server to see how far i can go. Some if the features i have in mind Full fake player control panel in the admin area with Generation of a fake player from the panel with specific configuration AI Intelligence levels Taking control of a fake player and moving it through your admin player Fighting patterns Automatic player generation Save bots Minimal communication The ability to extend the AI system by writing your own behaviors as a developer Just give me some time and you will get what you want. Feel free to discuss. (Again i don't support this idea so don't take the piss. It is just a supply and demand thing)
  7. ive been out of l2 for quite a while but still have a lot of my custom stuff and server concept that i would like to work out, however i thought of turning it towards a mid rate instead of like a REAL custom server server will be heavily influenced by l2 classic (which is the future) and will have some zones and interface and skills from it as well as some changes to items as well as custom stats for S grade and 'refined A grade' class chances = warlord sk da necro summoners like classic refined A grade sets = example: normal tallum armor gives 8% attack speed, refined gives 10% or 12% runes instead of SA = promotes diversity and will just have 1 level due to client restrictions (https://l2wiki.com/classic/Runes) if this server was to be done on lets say a 20x how well would it do with the current community? would it be better if this was kept as a pvp server instead (originally made to start at 75 and cap at 80 with custom rates) will hav more detailed post later (had a pdf on what i did on custom server)
  8. hello everyone , i would like to make a post in marketplace to trade some items but posting is not avaliable in this section and "my account cant use support" so i had to post here If anyone knows what i have to do , please let me know Thanks in advance
  9. Poios mporei na mou kanei ton server online giati kapou skalonei. Exw ftiaksei kai noip alla den kserw ti paizei. Lan douleuei komple. Skype nom.imos
  10. Hello, Dear Cheaters :P, I would like to have ur opinion about, what should have a pvp server? Rates.Items,Customs,Npcs,Zones anything in ur mind that u would like to have in one pvp server, you thing that will make ur staying time enjoyable, Thnx in Advance, i'll really appreciate ur opinions and suggestions. Best Regartz xMrShadyx
  11. What files your prefer to use for mid h5 server Sunrise Or L2j master https://maxcheaters.com/forums/topic/207918-l2j-master-proffessional-retail-high-five-emulator/?page=2
  12. Hello, I'm pretty new with creating websites and I'm willing to learn a lot but I think I need some guidance. I'm looking to make a website with account management. So players could change they lineage password or use they character info. Any suggestions where to look first? Any guides? What about donation systems? Do I need just to connect to main l2 mysql database or it's a lot more complicated ? What about security? I know that some questions might sound stupid but like I said I'm lacking of knowledge and hoping you can guide to the right path. Thank you
  13. Well i was preparing a big text with all the fancy words and beautiful pictures to persuade you that this is something new and unique, but nooo. You see, everybody can hide something behind big words but not everybody can offer something truly amazing, and in this case, words can't describe what Project LIPO is about. So, if you want to see something interesting check this out. You will forget everything else that is related to Lineage 2. Site: http://projectlipo.com/ Library: http://projectlipo.com/library/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ipotonic/ Discord Server: https://discord.gg/VyFKNGK The Official Opening is on 15th of July! -Soft Opening: 9/7/2018 (100 players/with invites) -Soft Opening v2: 12/7/2018 (+300 players/public) Project LIPO – The map of the Prologue The darker side of the map belongs to the Yin faction while the lighten one belongs to the Yang faction. At the center of each village lies their Nexus which players need to protect when they're under siege. There are 3 different areas were factions will fight daily with the most important one being the Neutral Zone. Why..? Because it contains the Marmoreal Altar that can change the course of the war! The Beta Test Every single phase and mode of the beta test has ended! The T-Shirt A sneak peak of the prototype
  14. Hi, I've been looking for info on these 2 things and I did not find much. The first topic is more logical and the other is unknown. 1) First of all, I have added the buff Chant Of Victory and it works perfectly. The problem is that when I add it to the Buffer, it does not work for me. I took out the requirement of spirit ore and I could not make it walk either. What problem can it be? 2) I made some new mobs taking the FOG ashuras as a reference. My doubt is that I still have not found out how to make them passive and that they do not attack when passing by. I tried to lower the agro range, but that's not it. Regards!! Spanish hola, he estado buscando info sobre estas 2 cosas y no encontre mucho. El primer tema es mas logica y el otro si desconozco. 1) En primer instancia, yo tengo agregado el buff Chant Of Victory y anda perfectamente. El problema es que cuando lo agrego al Buffer, no me funciona. Le saque el requerimiento de spirit ore y tampoco lo pude hacer andar. Que problema puede ser?? 2) Hice unos mobs nuevos tomando como referencia los ashuras de FOG. Mi duda es que todavia no encontre como hacerlos pasivos y que no ataquen al pasar por al lado. He probado bajar el agro range, pero no es eso. Saludos!!
  15. Greetings, I wonder if there is an existing addon that would allow the players to play pre-selected songs by either voting for them (like server-wide event of some sort) or single selection for 1 player only?
  16. Kalispera paidia Poulaw Service gia Ps3 kai Ps4 Fat Versions Ta Firmware files mazi me to tutorial text gia to pws ginetai opios thelei kai endiaferetai as mou stilei msg :) timi : 25$ Methodoi pliromis : PayPal
  17. I hear l2 saga open on october with new russian files , what is this russian files? is like dragon-lionna etc ?