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Found 42 results

  1. Καλησπέρα παίδες μια ερώτηση ήθελα να κάνω.. λοιπόν έχω κάνει compile ένα παk πολύ ωραία όλα καλά μέχρι εδώ ο σέρβερ μου τρέχει κανονικά έλα ομως που τώρα έχω περάσει ένα κώδικα στο eclipe τι πρεπει να κανω για να γινει ο κωδικας στον σερβερ που τρεχει ηδη ? να ξανακανω compile game server που εχω περασει τον κωδικα? τι πρεπει να κανω ωστε να μην χασω τα αρχεια που εχω ηδη στον σερβερ που τρεχει κανονικα....
  2. Im trying to add a Giran Harbord Fly... im add the cliente side files and it work... I can use //ride_wyvern to go to harbord but i can't dismount the wyvern for "alture"... Any know how to resolve it?
  3. Hello I just got PERMANENT BAN in new server l2era. Brazon server... Any info how I can bypass it?
  4. i looking for the files only for the OLY DMG windows if some 1 can share! something like this
  5. Hello. Since our community is big, We decided to create our own L2 INTerlude server. Project start with this post. This not going to be any PRO or Moneymaking machine, but Our team is going to get some fun there. If You guys can share some informations, help Us and most important give Us some opinions will be very nice. Here are some important informations: What We need to do: Files Website Froum Machine Advertisement (not rly big since we don't expect big online) Here are some questions: L2OFF or L2J for someone with small experience in IT - wchich packs will be easier to fix, edit etc? Machine: where we can get like cheap machine for start to work with files etc? This thread will be edited with new informations as soon as We make some changes. Thanks You all for support and keep fingers crossed :)
  6. Hey there,so we're about to work on a lineage java server after a long time and i would like to ask you if the idea is attractive,or if you would just try or even play a server like this.Any comment would be appreciated,and of course any suggestion.Below is just the biggest part of the plan,but for sure some changes/addition will be done, Main Build idea: - The main purpose would be a simple and clean pvp based server,based on Interlude Chronicle. - Since nowadays it's hard to have a full server no matter how many players will be online,we think it's good to limit it. Gameplay areas will be limited as following : 1) Main Town: Dark Elven Village. 2) 3 Catacombs Zones, (1st zone for farm, 2nd zone for some Raid Bosses in it , 3d zone for pvp/pk). 3) Special Jail Zone for Mass PvP. Strong active market: - Gameplay's Economy: Based on Adenas,Gold Bars & Ancient Adenas. (customized prices). - Important Miscellaneous items will be rare and high worthing, hard to obtain. (Soul Crystals lvl 13,Lifestones,Bogs, Scrolls etc...). This way we'd like to have a strong market, high value items, active trades between players. Raid Bosses: - 4 Raid Bosses, with chances of dropping Raid Jewels, and/or items like lifestones,bogs,soul crystals,scrolls etc. - 1 Raid Boss for Noblesse status. - All raid bosses will require a number of 6 party members to enter.(All will be located in 2nd catacombs's zone.) Enchant System: - Safe Enchant: +3. - Max Enchant: +8. - 25% Normal scrolls, 35% for Blessed. - Augmentation chance for skill : 12%. - 1 Active Or 1 Passive. Rates: - XP,SP : x5000. - Adenas: x45. - Drop/Spoil: x2. - Seal Stones: x12. - Manor: x7. Others: - No Vote Reward system. - Starting 76 lvl. - A/S grade without SA, and need unseal. (will be on shop). - Shop with everything usefull. - Buffs Slots 22 + 2. Buffs duration set for 40 Minutes for all. - Sieges only for 3 Castles (Aden,Giran,Rune). - PvP Rewards. - Lottery system, customized prize for useful items.
  7. Remove the need to spam topics. A registered member should be able to read a guide no matter what. You can make it as download links are only shown to members above a certain postcount (10/20/whatever). The current system is retarded and makes people spam with no end. Tell me your thoughts. ps: I see no forum suggestions, issues, problems category and so posted here
  8. Hello, I want to work on sports betting websites and looking for the sites for sports betting exchange development. I want to know the full guidance to launch the sports betting sites for various sports betting game.
  9. Hello. Recently i got hit by nostalgia and wanted to get back to Lineage 2 after a break of 2 years. I searched for Interlude, C4 or High Five server to play at (classic is way too grindy and full of bots) and to my surprise I could only find a couple of highly populated servers, all with fake online of course but even 500+ real online is okay. These servers were all Russian and exactly the same. For Interlude the standard is mid rate with craft for A-S, while for PVP is the classic 2 week setup with very easy enchant and farm where you just have to grind for 2x d. Might or W.M in augments to deal damage. I wanna change that. I am looking to open a server using Advext L2off pack for maximum stability, where people will enjoy themselves either playing solo or cp. My general idea is a stable long term server with donations balanced in a way it doesn't affect the casual player as much, but enough to keep the server alive. That's my goal. A server that will be supported even with 100 online people as long as they have fun, no wipes, nothing. I want the server to be the stample when talking about Interlude just like L2Elite has been so many years on C4. The general ideas I have on mind, taking full advantage of the best files around are these. High Rate Server : x70 Adena Rate : x45 Buff Slots : 22+2 Buffer without songs, dances and specials. Buff Duration: 1H Buffs, 19 Minute Specials. 3 Minute Cat. Shop with everything you need. Up to S grade but without S.A that you have to farm it. Enchant : 3-16/14/14 Chance : 66 Normal 76 Blessed SubClass : Quest with Farmable Items. Noblesse : Retail Like. These are just the main ideas. I wanna hear suggestions and what you think. Thanks.
  10. Παιδια συγνωμη για το post αλλα χρειαζομαι βοηθεια σε κατι! Θελω να ξεκινησω να φτιαχνω δικες μου armors και weapons υπαρχει καποιος πληρης οδηγος με το τι χρειαζομαι και πως γινεται? Ευχαριστω!
  11. Anyone who could inform me how Stun actualy works in C4-IT-Freya-H5. If someone has stun (Player or Monster) and someone else stun him again before the previous stun expire what happen? 1. The previous stop stop and the new one take the place (so basically new stun from 0) 2. Both stun are stopping and stunned player lose stun buff before it expire? Also in case of 1. If the 2nd stun fails will it cancel the previous or is like nothing happened? Thanks a lot. PS. does the stun actualy has a 10% to stop upon 2nd stun as in L2J? i saw in code there is a chance of 1/10 to stop stun if new stun is coming. Also stun stops 2nd stun if its resisted. Is this valid?
  12. Hello, as some of you may already know, I am the founder and current administrator of L2AEPvP. A short introduction: L2AEPvP was found in 2011, in response to L2Pride's rapid decline. The goal of the project was to bring back the legacy C6 gameplay of L2Pride on a much more feature-rich and modern environment. The project is based on beta aCis revisions ( rev 140 or 160 ), the development is active since 2011 meaning that LOTS of things are changed. Due to lack of time administrating and managing the server the last years all L2AEPvP openings where handled by 3rd party people I personally trusted, but this didn't always meant that they did a good job, therefor I made this topic to find new motivated people to help me fulfill this project's goal. What I am looking for: People that have some sort of influence on L2Pride community. Decision making skills, leadership, honesty. Non-greedy. At least some basic understand on how L2 servers work on the back end. I am not interested in: Game Masters and anything related to ingame. Developers, Core or DP Changing my project's scope or target ( the server remains pridelike) People that never played L2Pride or L2AEPvP Sponsorship of any kind. What we currently have on the project: Stable server files that are able Best L2J, Interface and client coder. (me :p) Overpowered DP developer that can handle any complicated XML A VERY lazy but talented client developer ( VERY VERY ) Linux Dedicated Server Huge loyal community Server Discord : https://discord.gg/f2c5TkZ
  13. who want open server on my pc,my specs is 3,6 ghz ryzen 4 cores,8 logical processors 8gb ram 2 hard discs main is ssd 110 gb and the second 1 TB HDD,card graphics is 8 gb ram i cant give more infos u can check with teamviewer about connection dont know how to tell you the bandwith for more info for partners,who developer looking me can pm me on maxcheaters or on skype midenistis1, to do tests on server if can handle and more! i waiting about partners i will be only the machine
  14. Next year i will be studying computer science and i want to start learning more from now. Can l2 developing help me ? if you think that is not a good idea or there is a better way to learn about coding easier i would be grateful if you let me know . Thanks in advance for any reply
  15. Hello community, I want to know if this is working on the current servers (decent servers) PHX - Gold bar exploits - Enchant 100% (for ex: lol, what is this? this: more hacks here: but idk if are working.... who know? :P
  16. Καλησπέρα, Είχα κάνει ένα post σχετικά με την νομιμοποίηση εσόδων απο το εξωτερικό αλλά τελικά δεν μπόρεσα να βγάλω κάποια άκρη για αυτό λοιπόν έκανα αυτό το post. Έχω μια απλή ερώτηση, Ένας πελάτης θέλει να μου μεταφέρει 800€ απο Αμερική, ποιός είναι ο "καλύτερος" τρόπος να γίνει? Με εκτίμηση.
  17. Poios kserei na mou anoiksei enan server interlude me pack diko tou free for fun na dw ston upologisth opoios mporei kai exei to kouragio pm me ty!