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Found 42 results

  1. Hello guys First let us introduce ourselves, we are a group of people with over 10 years of gaming experience, our goal is to open a fully function Lineage 2 interlude server, we want to make probably one of the best private servers out there and we are looking for an experienced developer to talk about business. If someone is interested to cooperate with us please let us know via our email: LPMstudio@hotmail.com and we will be glad to work after we make a deal.
  2. Remover all life stone level or drop percent I tried removing from the server gave errors How can you lower the fall? interlude package
  3. hello i want to make a lineage 2 classic private server. i'm looking for a partner that can help with this.
  4. :: Chit works on :: Anti-cheat status: - EAC: Undetected * - Built-in HWID Spoofer (bypass ban on iron) Game version: - Last Features cheat: - Supports all game modes; - No FPS drawdown when using a cheat; - Accurate aimbot with advance on the distance and movement of targets; - Protection against ban on iron (HWID Spoofer); - Works in full screen game mode; - The ability to stream through OBS c cheat; SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: - Intel processor (AMD NOT SUPPORTED!) - Windows 10 version 1809 Chit functions: :: Screenshots :: ::Download:: http://bit.ly/2JmTC67
  5. Looking for any guide step by step - i can buy it. Checked Sunrise ,not even a validation email back waited 1 day.
  6. I'm kinda interested to start my L2 classic server. I recently started to play it again and felt some nostalgia but really would like to setup my server and make some money out of it if possible, not p2w though i was wondering how hard is it to create and manage a private server by yourself, and is it profitable?
  7. Looking who make websites like l2liona and other similar desing pm
  8. Lets talk about this crap
  9. I am thinking in making an facebook advertising with the value of 50 euro's. My question is : do you think is it worth? should i see some results?
  10. Hello to all. When voting on Hopzone.net with vpn gives an error (Request blocked by VPN / Proxy / Server. Please contact HopZone.Net) Cleaned cookies, etc. The result did not change, who faced with such help please.
  11. Hello guys , i couldn't find a specific section for this theme so i opened it here . So , my uncle need an online coffee delivery , ofc with a menu , a validate that user is in x radius of the City , and firstly the payment will be by cash. So there is 2 ways ( app and a site). I prefer a site , because app must support both of android and IOS phones (so we need 2 fee's on both of the stores),(i think that android is 25 euro for ever and for IOS its a price every month , i don't know exactly , inform and correct me if i am wrong) . So a site will be better , all devices can use it , both PC-Smartphone's and if any1 search for it in google will find it easier than having an APP .So my question is how you think that the whole site service will cost , my estimate is more than 100 euro's but i want more experienced answer's . In the price ofc i don't calculate the host and domain name . PS: Some of the big online delivery's like efood,Deliveras aren't available in the City. So i want an estimated price for this service
  12. put time on items I tried using item_life_time = 30 Vanganth pack does not work. help item_begin weapon 10305 [dual_aioxbuffer] item_type=weapon slot_bit_type={lrhand} armor_type=none etcitem_type=none recipe_id=0 blessed=0 weight=2080 default_action=action_equip consume_type=consume_type_normal initial_count=1 maximum_count=1 soulshot_count=1 spiritshot_count=1 reduced_soulshot={} reduced_spiritshot={} reduced_mp_consume={} immediate_effect=1 price=0 default_price=38000000 item_skill=[s_critical_chance3] critical_attack_skill=[none] attack_skill=[none] magic_skill=[none] item_skill_enchanted_four=[none] material_type=adamantaite crystal_type=s crystal_count=1900 is_trade=1 is_drop=1 is_destruct=1 physical_damage=274 random_damage=10 weapon_type=dual can_penetrate=1 critical=8 hit_modify=0 avoid_modify=0 dual_fhit_rate=50 shield_defense=0 shield_defense_rate=0 attack_range=40 damage_range={0;0;40;120} attack_speed=325 reuse_delay=0 mp_consume=0 magical_damage=119 durability=95 damaged=0 physical_defense=0 magical_defense=0 mp_bonus=0 category={} enchanted=0 html=[item_default.htm] equip_pet={0} magic_weapon=0 enchant_enable=1 can_equip_sex=-1 can_equip_race={} can_equip_change_class=-1 can_equip_class={} can_equip_agit=-1 can_equip_castle=-1 can_equip_castle_num={} can_equip_clan_leader=-1 can_equip_clan_level=-1 can_equip_hero=-1 can_equip_nobless=-1 can_equip_chaotic=-1 item_end
  13. The video game industry remains among the fastest growing economic sectors in the world and Ukrainian companies are very much part of this process. According to research firm NewZoo, the global games market is going to make around USD 135 billion in revenue in 2018, which is almost twice as much as in 2012. Forecasts continue to predict double-digit annual growth for years to come. Companies with Ukrainian roots or offices in Ukraine have had a fair share of success in the global gaming industry, contributing to its fast-paced development with a vast variety of games ranging from mobile titles to top-tier PC and console franchises such as Metro by 4A Games or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. by GSC Game World. Virtual Items, Real Value As to in-game items monetization technology and service, DMarket offers the gaming community an online platform where gamers can trade in-game items among themselves while developers gain revenue from every transaction fee. Someone who is not really into gaming might look down on such trading, assuming it is just another way for immature gamers to waste their time while not really generating serious revenues. However, such thinking is hard to justify when confronted by the relevant figures. Early this year, a virtual rifle from a game called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sold for record high price of USD 61,000. To be more exact, this was a so-called skin for a rifle, a graphics file that changes the rifle’s appearance without changing its gameplay parameters. This trade alone is a good reason to take the market for virtual goods more seriously. The sums involved can often be mindboggling. Total annual turnover in this fledgling industry is currently several billion dollars or even dozens of billions according to different sources. Most of those billions are circulating around a few games and many of the featured titles belong to a single developer. The in-game trading industry presently covers roughly 6% of the global gaming audience of 2.4 billion people. The overwhelming majority of gamers have no opportunity to resell assets earned or purchased in their favorite titles. This is where the creators of the company saw a window of opportunity.
  14. Hello guys i would like to know why there are no Freya Server's around?Also people want to play on H5 Servers witch are PvP or Mid-Rate kind of x50-100 max?
  15. Is there any Interlude/ High Five/ GF or even classic server that has low rates with a buffing system. As a casual player I want the nostalgic experience but don't see the point in dragging buffers round with me everywhere I go (especially when it takes time to get setup in an area just to get PKed). it is tricky as there would be constant arguments about the 76+ buffs from PP SE EE and DOMI/ WC, SE and EE being healers and DOMI being a good support class but we are in 2019 and I wouldn't mind playing without running the mentioned buff bots around for more fun. The mentioned classes wouldn't be useless as if you did have them in party you would't need to go back to town to rebuff. But still to keep the SWS's and BD and focus on making them part of party system. Make them more attractive to play. Does anyone agree/ see where I'm coming from? Does anyone know a similar server?
  16. Hey, was wondering what is the best concept for Interlude? I got distant from this chronicle, while working on H5, but now, when all the projects are over, I want to work on C6. But I need general idea what people do still expect from such a chronicle? Going to tops and finding top 5 Int. projects shows that people like: * Mid/craft, like la2dream. * PvP no custom and custom. This says buffers + mp potions, just "farm" a bit and lets go pewpew. Basically, i have a such idea, to make mid craft, w/o any shops or buffers (basically, I've coded myself a mini buffer, which allows to get "main buffs" - might/shield/acu etc. for 1 hour to get grinding started, as level gets higher, buff time is reduced), the alternative is to have buffer boxes as the old times.(Ofc, buff time is original, except song/dances - which would be 5 mins). The best catch is that you can make your buffer character - buff shop. Buffs from buff shop will have 1hour time buffs (30min for songs/dances) . If you have "slow" pc (which I dont believe guys, that at 2019 such people have computers who cant load 3 pc), the buff stores would solve you couple of problems. Also, no MP potions, which would require EE/SE. Maybe, just MAYBE, an old MP potion which works like HP potion, but with a small recharge of MP %. All quests required, maybe some requirements won't be needed. But the basically question is - do people want this old classic gameplay? It's 30-50x rates. Or they just want to go insta level 80, make pvp, quit and repeat in another project? Because interlude is short in terms of mid/craft gameplay, so i was thinking of expanding it by this idea.
  17. Hello,i would like to order this for a interlude server: https://imgur.com/a/Lsrb7nz my questions are : 1.can i connect to it with remote desktop?like on a dedicated? 2.can i install all the programs i need ? like ecplipse,navicat...etc 3.what is the average delivery time?(when i can start using it?)
  18. Hello guys i know this is wrong section , i dont know where i should post .. so if some1 mod wanna move it at right section I m wonder why alibaba prices are so low , i found Laptop Razer OP stats about 600-700 $ Why cost so low ? is safe to buy from alibaba ? can you share please your knowlege abou this? i must pay something extra if i order a laptop at Greece? izizizizizizizizizizizizi
  19. Do we have any chance of playing one of those server again or any chance to have this type of server again ? L2 extreme, Forever, mxc etc...
  20. Καλησπέρα παίδες μια ερώτηση ήθελα να κάνω.. λοιπόν έχω κάνει compile ένα παk πολύ ωραία όλα καλά μέχρι εδώ ο σέρβερ μου τρέχει κανονικά έλα ομως που τώρα έχω περάσει ένα κώδικα στο eclipe τι πρεπει να κανω για να γινει ο κωδικας στον σερβερ που τρεχει ηδη ? να ξανακανω compile game server που εχω περασει τον κωδικα? τι πρεπει να κανω ωστε να μην χασω τα αρχεια που εχω ηδη στον σερβερ που τρεχει κανονικα....
  21. So good evening MxC community, Im here to explain you few things about last 2 days in la2lovelyaden. facts: Celestine as Ghost Sentinel in oly rank had 46 points and still he was second on the list same goes for my WL Silykos 84 points (kinda lot of points for those POV. Well i decide to contact Anne aka administrator about "feed" hes words was like you can "feed" also. Ok easy for me so i start getting "feed" by dropping errors in my oly matchs. How i did that? google is your best friend try it. then after he jail most of my ppls he was spamming me on forum like this. How? Kinda easy, use L2PHX with warehouse system to make save enchant then use Strider to dupe your items like 1x1 2x4 4x8. there are lot of videos that even an newbie can learn and use it. There are some SS that i manage to take before he give me Ban on 13 accounts. lot of ppl gonna remember Slave an orc in giran trading +10+11 weap. made over 4k TKT with those trades over 10 sb +11 over 10 db+10 for trade first day in server: same name same char different class in 3 days ( there aint any option to rebase NOT even via Donate) p.s @Celestine took over 2k Donate coins for giving him 4 NPC, kinda good deal? @adr.bot can confirm everything he was by my side.
  22. i looking for the files only for the OLY DMG windows if some 1 can share! something like this
  23. Hello. Since our community is big, We decided to create our own L2 INTerlude server. Project start with this post. This not going to be any PRO or Moneymaking machine, but Our team is going to get some fun there. If You guys can share some informations, help Us and most important give Us some opinions will be very nice. Here are some important informations: What We need to do: Files Website Froum Machine Advertisement (not rly big since we don't expect big online) Here are some questions: L2OFF or L2J for someone with small experience in IT - wchich packs will be easier to fix, edit etc? Machine: where we can get like cheap machine for start to work with files etc? This thread will be edited with new informations as soon as We make some changes. Thanks You all for support and keep fingers crossed :)
  24. Hey there,so we're about to work on a lineage java server after a long time and i would like to ask you if the idea is attractive,or if you would just try or even play a server like this.Any comment would be appreciated,and of course any suggestion.Below is just the biggest part of the plan,but for sure some changes/addition will be done, Main Build idea: - The main purpose would be a simple and clean pvp based server,based on Interlude Chronicle. - Since nowadays it's hard to have a full server no matter how many players will be online,we think it's good to limit it. Gameplay areas will be limited as following : 1) Main Town: Dark Elven Village. 2) 3 Catacombs Zones, (1st zone for farm, 2nd zone for some Raid Bosses in it , 3d zone for pvp/pk). 3) Special Jail Zone for Mass PvP. Strong active market: - Gameplay's Economy: Based on Adenas,Gold Bars & Ancient Adenas. (customized prices). - Important Miscellaneous items will be rare and high worthing, hard to obtain. (Soul Crystals lvl 13,Lifestones,Bogs, Scrolls etc...). This way we'd like to have a strong market, high value items, active trades between players. Raid Bosses: - 4 Raid Bosses, with chances of dropping Raid Jewels, and/or items like lifestones,bogs,soul crystals,scrolls etc. - 1 Raid Boss for Noblesse status. - All raid bosses will require a number of 6 party members to enter.(All will be located in 2nd catacombs's zone.) Enchant System: - Safe Enchant: +3. - Max Enchant: +8. - 25% Normal scrolls, 35% for Blessed. - Augmentation chance for skill : 12%. - 1 Active Or 1 Passive. Rates: - XP,SP : x5000. - Adenas: x45. - Drop/Spoil: x2. - Seal Stones: x12. - Manor: x7. Others: - No Vote Reward system. - Starting 76 lvl. - A/S grade without SA, and need unseal. (will be on shop). - Shop with everything usefull. - Buffs Slots 22 + 2. Buffs duration set for 40 Minutes for all. - Sieges only for 3 Castles (Aden,Giran,Rune). - PvP Rewards. - Lottery system, customized prize for useful items.
  25. Remove the need to spam topics. A registered member should be able to read a guide no matter what. You can make it as download links are only shown to members above a certain postcount (10/20/whatever). The current system is retarded and makes people spam with no end. Tell me your thoughts. ps: I see no forum suggestions, issues, problems category and so posted here