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Found 77 results

  1. Hey have a nice year all here I start with one good post its good for first time! i think I Will create better next times its my first please dont hate!
  2. Hello dears, Happy new year everyone! Yesterday i have make speak with one friend about old server gracia final 2010-2011. I like to remake it because my friends love it. I have already pictures and videos ingame npcs,custom instances,custom farm etc. but the most important i dont have it, the old patch of l2revolt. if anyone have l2revolt old patch please send me pm. i have search to many hours in google,4shared etc but nothing, thanks and have a nice day.
  3. I just noticed that I'm spending about 13 - 15 hours a day on this server for past 5 weeks, would be waste not to stream it , right ? :D Atm working on yogi
  4. Hi everyone,I'm looking l2 support themes like or some like this.Thanks
  5. Hey guys, I'm planning of making low rate high five server but what i need to know is which files matches what i want I heard about l2jsunrise and advext64 in my opinion l2jsunrise is better for me because i'm going to add many custom features but i'm afraid that the quests has some bugs or something since l2jsunrise is mostly for pvp servers :/ give me your ideas suggestions ..
  6. how do i start the l2server with the ssd HD and the other ssd databse and windows for l2server hd ssd intel 500gb for database hd ssd sansung 850 500gb windows hd 15k 2tb and where can I find a good seller L2OFF Interlude stavel without being Advext64 Project 3x and 7x retail ?
  7. Hi all, i created server on windows, i wen to ubuntu server, i upload all files thru FTP.. It works with no problem on windows, but on linux half of npc are not spawned... here is console: ---------------------------------------------------------------------=[ NPCs ] BufferTable: Loaded 1 players schemes. HerbDropTable: Loaded 2 herbs groups. NpcTable: Error parsing NPC templates : File: /home/admin/Desktop/Arena/gs/./data/xml/npcs/custom doesn't exist and/or is not a file. NpcTable: Loaded 4459 NPC templates. WalkerRoutesTable: Loaded 12 NpcWalker routes. DoorTable: Loaded 547 doors templates. StaticObject: Loaded 29 templates. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21399 is higher than respawn delay. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21399 is higher than respawn delay. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21399 is higher than respawn delay. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21399 is higher than respawn delay. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21403 is higher than respawn delay. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21403 is higher than respawn delay. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21403 is higher than respawn delay. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21403 is higher than respawn delay. L2Spawn: Random respawn delay for NPC id=21403 is higher than respawn delay. i checked npc xml files, theese are in.. btw this list is very long i coppied only few lines. WINDOWS SERVER CONSOLE : ---------------------------------------------------------------------=[ NPCs ] BufferTable: Loaded 1 players schemes. HerbDropTable: Loaded 2 herbs groups. SevenSignsFestival: Reinitialized engine for next competition period. SevenSigns: The Quest Event Initialization period has begun! SevenSigns: Next period change set to Fri Jan 05 12:58:36 GMT 2018 NpcTable: Error parsing NPC templates : File: C:\Users\Home\Desktop\Arena\gameserver\.\data\xml\npcs\custom doesn't exist and/or is not a file. NpcTable: Loaded 6474 NPC templates. WalkerRoutesTable: Loaded 12 NpcWalker routes. DoorTable: Loaded 547 doors templates. StaticObject: Loaded 29 templates. P.S. I was not able install fresh database so i have EXPORT my sql database and then import into Ubuntu... I have found topic like mine but there was no answer just "use fresh original acis pack from but the problem is that i use fresh.. i only created 1 npc, teleporter... Anyway database spawntabe and spawntable_4s has same rows like in windows.. i tried everything, checkout svn again, build, upload into UBUNTU SERVER and same story... no npc like gk or shop, just mobs and ch managers etc. Please any help.
  8. Hi, I would like to know wich L2J is the trustest at this momments if there's anyone working, for interlude if canbe, thanks I don't care if is free or paid.
  9. The fact is that when you play Path of Exile, you're sure to die once or more, especially when you are facing tough enemies and bosses. No matter how good you are, you'll experience the death of a character, especially your first time. Dying cannot happen in the Standard league because there's no penalty at all. However, when you get into Hardcore, you should be careful. For those who want to know what may make them killed in the game, there are some main causes of death in Path of Exile. Knowing these cannot guarantee you will avoid death completely, but at least you know what to take care and prevent deaths. Regardless of how to buy PoE items, it’s not exactly interesting to die after all.
  10. Hello and Happy New Year to everyone! Me and my friend finally finished our website and server after 1 month of work. But there is one big problem which we didnt thought about. Our servers Host... 1. Soooo first of all we need a dedicated server right? 2. What should we be looking for? like what upload speed would suit us, what specs of the hosts Pc? 3. Is there really no way to host the server from our house? we live in greece so keep in mind that we dont have the best internet upload speed. 4. Can anyone suggest a good , reliable and fair (in money) Hosting Company? Because we saw some prices like 200 Euro and tbh we dont want to give all that money. Thanks for your time guys!
  11. Hello everyone. On current moment i`m develope new script engine for PTS server. Attach mono engine to the L2NPC server MakerScript example Allowed using old and new script engine. Profit: Using .net frameworks Easy developing. Using any program language supported mono. Easy adding new features add new methods add new fields add new script events (for some need extend l2server) Better performance. Mono support JIT compilation. Now i`m testing technology on PTS C4, after will be add support for GF. In future will be work not only on l2npc. Planning for sell I will listen to any suggestions
  12. 1. What purpouse does "CachedScripts" have? - I believe it's there just to quickly have skills/items ingame without restarting whole thing. it Can be removed ? 2. How to setup premium on Vangath Latest GF source? - I've found out that Vangath did not really deal with that, but I need to find a way how to setup Premium status on player, is there a skill effect? or is there any other ways to do it? //setpremium 999 does not really work, it will be removed right after relog or restart 3. ServerExt.ini Questions: 3.1 EnableStatisticsPacket=0 <-- What exactly does it do ? 3.2 MaxMultiSellQuanity=10000 <-- I assume this is how many ID's will be loaded from /scripts/multisell.txt, is there a reason why there is a option for limitation? 3.3 DeadlockTimeout=60000 <--What is that exactly, I tried to search net, did not really find questions particullary for L2 3.4 AllowDropAugmentatedItems=0 <-- I've been bit lazy, but will try it tomorrow, is it responsible for trading augmented items ? if enabled, does it drop augmented items upon PK aswell ? 3.5 RequiredUpdateMsgId=3018 <-- Where can I find MsgId's, could it be client side system folder ? 3.6 DropGetReuse=500 <-- It is very logical, but same time, is there a reason why delay upon drop item pickup ? 3.7 CustomTraitSystem=0 <-- This must be Vangath's special systems, can you tell me more about it, what purpouse that is? 3.8 [CLIEXT] Version= <--I understand that CliExt is a 3rd party software protection that calculates exactly the size of L2 players should be running, if its below or above, then it will block them? CliExt is generated same time when Extender is being compiled 3.9 What is Dominion Manager ? 3.10 If Dominion manager is enabled and set siege cycle once a week, what happens with Territory war ? is it automatically set based on siege info also on 1 week? 3.11 VitalityDecrementRate=100 <-- What purpouse is that exactly, can you bring me some examples ? 3.12 FrenzyRaidBossDmgPenalty=0.50 <-- Is it damage multiplier based on penalty of player = Raid Boss ? Higher level = More dps raid boss does? 3.13 DisableMagicRandomDamage=0 <-- Can you clarify please 3.14 PledgeAsAlliance=0 <-- is it better to have overlord only for alliance? 4. secure.ini 4.1 ScriptSecureEnabled=false <-- What security does it have? I noted that L2Server when launched it imports the scripts 5. perfmon.ini <-- What purpouse does it have? 6. L2Server.ini 6.1 useAuthTimeManageSystem=false <-- Is it simply time stamps? 6.2 UserPathFind=true <-- What is path finder? Could it be if user makes click in game, it will find a way to get to that clicked point? Should I be using pathfinder generators? Based on what pathfinder is being generated? 6.3 WorldCollision=true <-- What purpouse does it have? Is it just making sure NPC's does not collide eachother upon spawning ? 6.4 ExceptionMailing = false <-- I have not figured that out, all I know is that if something is in mailing mode, it's kind of "DISABLED" 6.5 MailServer= <-- have no clue 6.6 IOBufferCount=80000 <-- how many packets are being read ? 6.7 AgeCheckType=0 <-- I found it bit hilarious, is it really checking the players age ? I believe from registration right? what happens if enabled? 6.8 playtimelimit=0 <--- Does it kick out a user if limit has been reached? telling go get some sleep ? 6.9 newinspector=false <-- What is inspector? 6.10 newinspector_checkonly=false <-- Same as previous? 6.11 EnablePacketShuffle=true <-- What protection does shuffle give? 6.12 MaxSpawnNumPerOneTick=50 <-- Can you tell me more about it, what does it do? 6.13 MaxDespawnNumPerOneTick=200 <-- Same as previously mentioned 6.14 newinspectorversion=serverdata.dat <-- Serverdata.dat just says 60 6.15 isnonpk=false <-- Does it not allow PK on server? or PK is not received upon a PK kill? 6.16 TestServerPenalty=false <-- WHat purpouse? 6.17 LogMsn=false <-- have not figured that out 6.18 fontcheck=0 <-- is it better to have it enabled? 6.19 What is BBS and Writelevel of BBS ? 6.20 Pledgenamevaluerate is it received fame from clan wars upon kill and war wins, sieges? 6.21 What is GIP ? 6.22 PCcafe is normally used ONLY by PREMIUM users? 7. firewall.ini 7.1 What purpouse firewall.ini have? Also there are tons of lines of OpCode_NUMBER = NUM / NUM 8. L2NPC.ini 8.1 What relation does L2NPC.Exe have with geodata? it has MAP and asking for directory of geodata 8.2 IsEventServer=0 <-- What is meant by that? 9. L2COMM 9.1 is it possible to have my web forums synced with L2comm ? 10.L2Cache.ini 10.1 [MyOdbc] world_db=FILEDSN=lin2world_0x.dsn;UID=w;PWD=w <--what purpouse does it have? 11.2 shared_db=FILEDSN=lin2world_0x.dsn;UID=w;PWD=w <-- Why Shared odbc? I haven't seen such setting in other L2OFf Sources 11.3 [QsCheck] <-- What is QScheck CLIENT SIDE DEVELOPMENT I don't want to sound as "Lazy" but is it possible you could send or point in right direction for tools used for editing icons,skills particullary for GF and HF - downloaded way too many crap past 2 weeks ... OTHER QUESTIONS Does anyone know if smart guard support Vangath files? Does anyone have PCCafeCoupon.Dat file?? Version A: Is there any guides of how to make game launched only from L2Updater, not from L2.exe Version B: Someone interested to create own Auth system, to launch game from Browser? Paid of course!!!
  13. Hi guys, Which l2j pack project in your opinion is the most stable and worth on building a l2j mid/nocustom pvp/custom pvp server? Personally I started from l2jfrozen but pack had serious issues and the project got closed. Now I've seen they are trying to revive it but unsuccessfully(they haven't made pack publicly accessible this year and they are very slow). After that was using acis for few years but got disappointed with constant bullsh*t updates, dev team not focusing on what needs to be working. Pack for them is a sandbox to try out new java concepts, even if you might break what's working already. Who had experience with aCis will know what I mean. There are tons of successful aCis servers just because admins took pack while it was somewhat stable (~1-2 years ago), and applied only necessary fixes manually from updates. Other than that latest aCis updates for this year was like shifting furniture around the house in the weird way, not inventing something new. Tried out luceral2 a couple years ago and it seemed nice. After it was bought by another dev team source is not available anymore and old one had really serious bugs. Personally, I think this java project is the most stable now, however we will never have access to the source bcs admin is afraid of 10000000 new forks appearing thus ruining his business. That said, I would like to hear your opinions, maybe there is some another pack out there which would be stable, would have source access?
  14. Celestial Bloodlust is an upcoming 3D MMORPG. We've used Kevin's tutorials for networking and Unity (C#, may use some other scripting languages too). Links Discord Channel: Website: Game Setting The game will happen after a war of gods. The planer (name) will be the main planet, where before everything was peaceful, except some underworld monsters which were being kept in the underworld, but after the end of the war the planet has gotten corrupted. Races turned into each other, leading at a war, while they were forming three new kingdoms, but also these monsters broke free. Some races also got disappeared (humans). Races & Classes Gorons - People made of Rock - Classes: Strongarm (Tank) Greyguard (Fighter - Strength) Rocken (Mage - Rock & Earth Elements) Characteristics: Lower Speed, High HP and Strength and Low Mana, High Dmg, Low Stamina, High HP regen Shared Abilities: Strengthen (Increase armor self-buff), Stalagmites (AOE stun, around them) Hives - People that look like bees - Classes: Light Sentinel (Archer) Scout (Fighter - Agility) Beesop (Mage - Air and Bug Elements); Characteristics: Will be able to fly, high speed and Agility, Low HP and Mana Shared Abilities: Sting (Poising attack), Invisibility buff Zoras - People that look like fish - Classes: Ocean (Mage - Water Element) Prophet (Support and Healer) Caller (Summoner - Mostly with fish) Characteristics: Will swim faster with no HP loss, will be invisible and with high speed underwater when not in fight, fish won't attack them, Higher HP regen in water, Lower speed when not underwater Shared Abilities: Tsunami (Water attack), Mana Steal (Will steal mana from a target) Planeswalkers - Elemental Beings Wisp (Assassin - Critical Damage) Entity (Mage - 2 Chosen Elements) Being (Summoner of the 4 Elements) Characteristics: Able to gain experience 1.5x faster than all other races. However, Elements that give them disadvantage deals x4 damage towards them and they suffer stat reduction from normal classes Shared Abilities: Able to change Elements at any given time. Have the ability to turn to dust which cannot be targeted and reform with the elements present Dryads - People made of trees - Classes: Nature Sentinel (Archer) Treewalker (Summoner) Nature Singer (Mage - Nature & Earth Element) Characteristics: Low HP and Very High Mana, WHen they will be in a forest will have high HP and Mana regen Shared Abilities: Mass Root (Will root everyone around), Nature Veil (Will become invisible, but won't be able to attack or use any skill) Aragonians - People that look like dragons - Classes: Slayer (Fighter - Agility) Blazer (Mage - Fire Element) Dark Sentinel (Archer) Characteristics: Will have burnt (not usable wings), When inside fire will have ultra HP regen Shared Abilities: Eruption (Will deal a huge amount of damage to self and players around), Fly (Will be able to teleport to traveled locations) Game Gods Evil Gods: God of Death (Legor) - Will have many hands holding weapons with each hand, 1 head, black colour, red (shinigamy) eyes, closed mouth, wings made from bones, black cape with a hood. Goddess of Rot (Bistel) - A black mask will hide her face, grey colour, skeleton, will hold a scepter and a book. God of Fire (Firon) - Will be like a humanoid dragon, will hold 2 axes and will have burnt wings. Good Gods: Goddess of Sun (Solstres) - Will shine, angel wings, golden colour, white cape, will hold 2 shining daggers, white (Kaguya's) eyes. God of Nature (Plantor) - Hi will look like a tree and will hold an eye. God of Ice (Gondor) - Will look like the picture. The info will be updated soon with fotos and more!
  15. Good day community, I had the pleasure of playing on the L2Gold server back in the day when it was in its prime and I have enjoyed it so much that from time to time I tried different servers in order to regain that excitement and enthusiasm that L2Gold offered to players, unfortunately, every single attempt has been a failure resulting in a quick buck for these poor unemployed people that did it for the money and not for the sport. Therefore I decided out of pure fanaticism for the game to open my own server only for myself, I am not interested in sharing it with anyone else besides a very close circle of friends. With that being said, I am looking to hire a developer that can help me start an Interlude server from scratch exactly the same as L2EuroGold used to be if you guys remember the server's name changed a couple of times when it was being sold and bought by different people. I am looking for someone capable enough to design the best server in its mirror image of what L2Gold used to be, with the same custom L2Gold items and with the best DDOS protection and fastest running connection. Now I don't know the exact details of what is needed or what it will take to put a server like this on its feet but if anyone could advise it would be greatly appreciated. The person that I am looking to hire must have proven skills that demonstrate him/her as being more than capable of getting this done for me. I hope this is the right place to post this. Thank you for your time.
  16. How to edit Experience.class or l2jserver.jar ? Need change lvl up 80% , i have 78% :D
  17. Discussion Active GM

    Active GM/DEV looking for server. No money needs. Contact
  18. Anyone know how to set max lvl to my server? it just for my local fun and to improve my experience to development ... thnx
  19. Hello dear Max Cheaters... Recently i have started playing on a low rate (x5) high five server. The problem is that after all those years i really cant remember where the adena and the big buys come from... Despite the classic "play the market" tip anyone would have any suggestions for a fighter cp / Warlord with full party behind him ? (current gear lvl s84). And from your experience on low rate servers that have been up for two months, which items are the easiest/most efficient to sell/buy daily ? Never really "played the market" my self so if anyone could give deeper thoughts on that would appreciate it ! :) :) Finally recommendations about efficient farming spots for warlord are welcome :D Thanks in advance.
  20. Hello everyone. The last days i wanted to start playing on Official and i wanted to ask some things. First of all which class you suggest me to start? And why? Have in mind that i will start solo for now but i may bring some friends later but for now i'm on my own. I prefer Farming classes like spoiler, dread, etc but i haven't played on any client after High Five so i don't really know which class worth to start there. And secondly which server to choose? Freya or Naia? And why? Thanks in advance.
  21. Long story short, iˇm noob whoš looking for some directions to right way. Everything about l2OFF, im interested to start with OFF rather with J, i got bunch of questions, ill try give some answers my self and correct me if im wrong: 1. Compiler - "a tool that can be used to have "ready for game files", for L2OFF can be used Microsoft Visual Studio." 2.Decompiler - "Vise versa of compiler, also can be used with Microsoft Visual Studio?" 3. L2OFF Language - is it C++ and PHP ? 4. Advised OS to run L2OFF server would be Microsoft Server 2008 RS 32 bit version? - can end up having memory limit issues 5. How to understand if user has compiled or non compiled ? - I would assume by looking at file extensions like .class, that probably is not possible to open? or can? 6. Alright, i have shared OFF source, what is the first thing developers normally do? - I mean i want to have clean files with what to learn to, i think i found some 7. Lets say im interested to create ALT+B panel onto L2OFF source, where should i start? (ingame ALTB is disabled), does it use html language for community board? 8. How does scripts work? with source i have, there are scripts, are they run automatically, or there are certain functions that will call them? For example (i dont have it), lets say i got TvT script, how could i run it? or there is some global function that read everything thats inside "scripts folder", and is activated based on command or time? 9. lets assume, im interested to write whole TvT script from scratch, where could i start? is there a library that can be used ? Should i be using Microsoft Visual? is there a functions library? Some Advise for installation, right now ive managed to run off, but without NPC exe, for some reason VM Machine that im running (windows server 2008 RS 64Bit) is not showing BOOT.INI, ive already tried to reveal the hidden content, but its just missing, i would assume its because of VMware-is there anyways possible to run directly from windows 10 machine (64bit), also does anyone know direct link for windows server 32 bit or 86bit ? ISOs ive downloaded from MS did not get installed by Vmware for some reason. Another issue was about IP Configuration, i mean on VM ware i would not use WAN (whatsmyip lookup) to setup over lan ? - ive tried Bridge, host, NAT (definitely not working :D). But seemed to be not working, Running on L2 on same VmMachine , it works, when i either use: (Virtual IP) or, i did try with WAN aswell, but on host machine still does not connect through, any advise? - Im bit confident that i missed something really tiny and easy. Also could or would, anyone share Interlude, HF or GF source that is not "TOO TERRIBLE", but is clean from customization, so i could use that as my first files to learn and train on top of these (i believe i would need decompiled?, what would be the compiler?) Thanks for the efford folks!
  22. Discussion Lineage 2 Classic 2.5

    Hello dear MaxCheaters users! We are looking for testers for our Classic 2.5 server based on L2OFF PTS, the project will remain under anonymity until we correct everything that our testers will report to us. Currently the server is running! We want to announce you that you'll be rewarded in game and as well on our future forum if you decide to support us by now. Possible rewards: Premium Account, VIP Account, Boosters, Forum VIP, Forum Experienced Tester, 50 Euro Vouchers, 25 Euro Vouchers and many other prizes. In order to contact us, you'll have to write me a personal message which contains your Skype ID, we need to stay in touch with our testers and communicate all the time! P.S. We're looking for testers that played on Official servers (4game servers) and not for those who were playing on java servers by l2j-scripts. Thank you in advance!
  23. Hello guys. I would love to get in touch with the staff from l2 racesupremacy. This was one of the most unique private servers ever made on G3 client. If anyone has any information can you please let me know. If the staff see this message me here via the post or pm i just want to ask a few questions. Cheers, MarkoPolo.
  24. Ψάχνω άτομο να μου κάνει setup compile enan private server sto pc m me teamviewer me antamivi opoios endiaferete as me kanei add sto fb δημητρης κουρτης(vertigo)
  25. Hey guys, I see that we have so good files for H5. Too many projects and so many good files and different developers for H5 files, and almost all of then are so good. But... Why there is no good files for Interlude? All interlude files is always bad. I have so many files for interlude but they are all trash files. What is the best files WITH SOURCES for l2j interlude?