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  1. If you are thinking about starting a new L2 interlude server or want a great server pack replacement try L2JOrion Pack. I have used L2JOrion interlude pack for 4 years. Players may not like my concept, but I have NEVER had a complaint about geo data or files. I have tested acis and lucera packs, and I prefer L2JOrion. Maybe 5 or 10 years ago L2OFF files were better.. but not today. If you are interested in a new file pack try L2JOrion. https://www.l2jorion.com/ The support is outstanding and are willing to work with noob admins. The quality of the customs I have requested from L2JOrion developers to add to my server is amazing. I'm not being paid nor an agent of L2Orion. Just want you to know this is a great pack with great support. I am sure there will be developers that will disagree and tell me that I'm full of shit, but from an ADMIN's perspective and working with players, I have been very satisfied.
  2. A warning about https://www.elmorelab.com The image exposes how these "developers" attempt to protect a selected group of players; not allowing others to name them, nor allowing other players to discuss cheats, bots or errors. A perfect example of poor service. note. the image does not contain punishable offenses, just the most clear evidence of corruption, not even insults, just metropolitan terms at most, enjoy. FULL SIZE LINK: https://i.imgur.com/7zvqvWw.png
  3. Hello , i need people that played that server , if staff is also here and see that please contact me 🙂 i got good C6 l2off files and got the knowledge to make something similar with new tweaks 🙂
  4. ==================================================== ==================================================== Hello MXC ! I created this thread to discuss about best ideas and their implemented for my Interlude project ! From January 2021 and nowadays i working on my Lineage II Interlude server ! Im okay with any kind of your critics ! What is implemented on the server at this moment : 1. Updated Characters animations from Fafurion's Client. (Mostly For Human Fighters, Orc Fighter Male, DE Male Fighter) Thanks for help to @NevesOma Human Male Fighter Human Female Fighter Orc Male Fighter DE Male Fighter 1.1. New hairstyles as default ( non hats or accesorie) Elf Female Elf Male DE Male Orc Male Orc Female Dwarf Male Orc Shaman Male Human Male And others... 2. Community Board with All services (on Russian i know... i will translate l8r...) Main Buffer Teleport 2.1. Also added Improved Combat Buffs from higher chronicles 3. Added Isle of Prayer location (thanks to @deMEV with Geodata) Chromatic Highlands Crystal Fields "Small" Deco Fly around Parnassus 3.1. "New" location with own new quests (Based on Golden Ram, Alliance with Varka/Ketra, S-Grade Recipes Quests) 3.2. Removed "Korean Random" on Quest Rewards, now you can choose recipes you looking for. 3.3. Same procedure with Item Skills AKA Life Stones New S-Grade Items ( Visual ) Major Arcana Imperial Crusader New S-Grade Sets Bonuses ( Based on Popular A-Grade Sets) Certain sets can only be dressed as appropriate classes ( Dynasty Sets System) Also have a visual difference when equip Blessed Epic Jewellery Sytem (slightly reworked bonuses ) : Can be obtain from Epic Bosses or exchanged Blessed Jewellery also increases success chances of abilities And Ofc New Strider 😄 Project also includes Chaos Interface with a lot comfortable function.
  5. Hello, which one do you think is the best interlude server files project? How much does it cost and I need a provider that can provide ongoing support.
  6. We present you the Lineage 2 Servers Ranking We are constantly working on our website, trying to develop it as fully and quickly as possible to ensure the highest traffic received by the server Administration and the most comfortable new server search for players. Our advantages: - Quick and convenient server search by chronicles, rates, opening date and position in rating. - Website without bought or artificially inflated votes. - 2500 daily visitors on our website, statistics: http://prntscr.com/rg9x4x - Possible to view and leave comments about the server. - Constant work on improving and increasing website traffic. Our Contacts: E-mail: admin@l2topservers.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2topserverscom Skype: live:l2topservers.com
  7. I want to make a continuing list of bad and good servers based on integrity, behavior, and actions of the server Admins/GMs. This will give players some insight to the good servers to play and bad servers to avoid. The objective is to stop the BAD server owners from wasting our time and taking our money, and direct our time and money to the GOOD server owners that deserve and respect their players. Either BAD server owners will change their behavior or they will disappear from lack of trust and funding. Interlude: L2Class 10x(closed without notice) > Opening as Lineage2ROHHIRIM 5x (ADMIN never responds to players)(ADMIN- Aitan) L2Supreme 50x(closed without notice) > Opening as L2Centos 50x (ADMIN never responds to players)(ADMINS-Devian/Dark/Adam) L2Escape 10x(3rd time closing in 6 months) > Opening as L2Unity 10x(ADMINS-GoldFinger/Specter) L2Reborn 1x online 1+ years. Active Admin L2Elmore 1x online 2+ months Active Admin L2Raptor 35x online 5+ months Active Admin L2Temida 8x online 3+ months Active Admin L2Forever + L2Atiesh Active Admin(Hypest) L2Warland 12x online long term. Active Admin(Zeus) La2Dream 50x Wipe every 3-4 months. Active Admin I play interlude servers so I will add more as I play more. I encourage others to post servers(any chronicle) good and bad. Please make sure your information is based on Admin/GM integrity and behavior(server wipes, lack of response, corruption, donation theft). NOT technical(bugs/low population) or personal conflict.
  8. So New trend on private servers market? H5 dead and Interlude specially low rates Reborn,Etina etc.. are rising.
  9. Innova won claim on russian federation against following free-shard servers. Source: https://mos-gorsud.ru/mgs/defend?dateFrom=&dateTo=&declarer=Иннова+Дистрибьюшен&caseNumber=&statementNumber=&author=&intellectualPropertyObject= List of projects for which the lawsuit was filed: - projectessence - l2reborn - asterios - beyond - l2e-global - valhalla-age - rpg-club - ketrawars - l2europa - gamecoast - scryde there are many other servers that are not listed yet and will be flagged tho.
  10. Sup ma dudes, Ive a question regarding Alt B on Interlude. I know Interlude has its limitations and it is a Chronicle that I hate with all my heart. Is there anyone that can tell me how to "reset" alt-B cache? On Freya and Upper, when simply clicking on an button inside the ALT B it redirects without problem to the new page. But on interlude.... It sends it to an blank page instead. Only "works" again if you change the painel page up there. Is there a packet that needs toe be sent before refreshing the current html to the player? Is there anyone with experience on Interlude Community board that has had this before? Thanks.
  11. Hi, any good webhosting for L2 server ? maybe with ddos protection for good price ? 🙂 thx btw not Hyperfilter 😄
  12. Hello folks, I wish to hear the players and not only them opinion about skill Flames Of Invincibility timing increasing from 30 sec to 1 min for more longer and intense pvp on LOW rate server. Please free hit your opinion here its good or bad idea ! :) Thank You ! :)
  13. Hello there, i found Rivenverse Studio they make promo videos for lineage 2 server etc.. Is there anyone who has bought services from this guy? https://rivenverse.com/
  14. Hey so I’ve started playing on this new interlude server L2unchained. Since they have frenzy set to H5 values you’re not only seeing destros dominate pve, which is a refreshing change of pace. Most classes are actually played now and it doesn’t feel like you’re gimping yourself too much, playing what you like 🙂 so my question is: are there any experienced phantom summoners around here? I’d like some advice about progressing and most efficient leveling spots etc. any help would be appreciated ❤️
  15. Hello MXC Community i am new in this forum and i want to discuss here a question L2Warland Protection Write in .NET like Celestine say can bypassed? From my Experience i try to bypassed without success We request from Adrenaline programmers to bypass they promised us a fix that but never happen. at this time in L2warland Protection cant used BOT or Interfaces without get kick or ban after a time So i want to request this perfect MXC Staff if is possible to bypasswed or no? if is possible i want to show us a Video for 15 Minutes to prove that they say Vision is correct thread category? we discuss about Lineage2 protection. Vision you Lock my tread why not like you? Vision i have the right to discuss something in this Forum? Democracy Won all the time, Hitler die before many years .... Thank you
  16. Does anyone know how to edit this? https://imgur.com/a/PBSm9Ba
  17. looking for testers interlude xp,sp x5000 no custom items currently working on it, i need testers to feedback about any bug or anything else. Skype: la2equinox system: https://gofile.io/d/9xoDs8
  18. Just wanna know if there is any other trusted middleman existed on mxc other than Pufa and Ugleethyn? As both of them are not replying to my pm, probably busy irl. Require middleman service today, thanks!
  19. Hello, can someone explain me, the differences between siegeable clan halls? Bandit Stronghold - team_battle Devastated castle- siege How the fight are going in team_battle and How is it going on on siege. agit_begin [devastated_castle] 34 siege agit_begin [bandits_stronghold] 35 team_battle When is the end? Thank you
  20. I tried to add a new look to the game, but there was no way. what should I do? How to decrypt ukx and utx files? I don’t have tools
  21. Hello, thinking to come back in the l2 scene since a long-ass break. I used to work on l2j sources and I'm looking for something new and fresh. I heard for L2jMobius being really decent and active. I literally have no clue what those guys do good or how they work. Is there anyone who has worked on Mobius sources or have decent experience with their activities as a fork? Thanks in advance.
  22. Looking for someone who can copy this website and send me,thank you. https://linezeus.gr/
  23. Im speaking in the name of Enchantress: Well in first place I joined the server because I wanted to know more about the Chronichle. I'm coming from h5 ,this guy was spamming me for 2-3 years trying to bring me to his server cuz he knows I have a clan in h5, after I donated 60 eur and he knew that I brought him 3-4 pts that donated over 2-3k eur on his server he just decided to give me 1k Eur... in my balance I can't proove the valor at this momnent cuz he banned my master acc.... Everyone knows for example this > kwcptr_ is getting endless Coins we are talking about 15-20k Eur in his balance only to play Random running into places... Also About the Evilhero Fake ban only to win reputation into server to earn Respect from the community in the same day Evilhero got ban ,Evilhero was already starting a char with all the items from his acc banned and exping... and ADM from Innadril, Fabio gave him many lvls then you wonder How Evilhero Reached lv 82 in 1 day and 5h?after getting ban this is all a marketing and also many others proove how he scammed money of CLS and things like this that i'm not going to put here cuz this is up to the ppl that got scamm to come here and say what kind of GUY HE IS... I had to defend myself after he tries to use my name to defame others server by using my name ,how you can see in picture UP.... I hope y'all understand my indignation.
  24. A Crowded Community from around the world League Players Amazing Giveaways be a part of this community to win a TurboSmurf Account Discord: TurboSmurfs Proof of Winning deuss selly store