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Found 47 results

  1. Kalispera paidia Poulaw Service gia Ps3 kai Ps4 Fat Versions Ta Firmware files mazi me to tutorial text gia to pws ginetai opios thelei kai endiaferetai as mou stilei msg :) timi : 25$ Methodoi pliromis : PayPal
  2. I just wanna address something because I'm tired of replying to the same question over and over again. During the past 6-12 months everyone in the forum and their grandma has pmed me asking me to sell them a Fake Players Engine i showcased a while ago. I refused every time saying that I'm done with l2j stuff. However people have been offering decent amounts of money to buy something like that. As far as I'm concerned I don't play L2 anymore so i couldn't care less, but there is something I like more than materialistic stuff. MONEY. So yeah even though i think it is pathetic that this is what it has become of that lovely game i spent countless hours, i decided to profit off of it on this way. However I won't launch something that i don't think meets some quality standards. I spent the weekend developing the bare-bones of the engine, random player generation, developing some basic AI (movement, following, attack) and stress testing the server to see how far i can go. Some if the features i have in mind Full fake player control panel in the admin area with Generation of a fake player from the panel with specific configuration AI Intelligence levels Taking control of a fake player and moving it through your admin player Fighting patterns Automatic player generation Save bots Minimal communication The ability to extend the AI system by writing your own behaviors as a developer Just give me some time and you will get what you want. Feel free to discuss. (Again i don't support this idea so don't take the piss. It is just a supply and demand thing)
  3. I hear l2 saga open on october with new russian files , what is this russian files? is like dragon-lionna etc ?
  4. hello post here some scripts for l2server example top pvp/pk top clans and other features (on-off and players online) all scripts in forum not working (have errors and cant fix)
  5. Hello guys !! I'm searching the forum after a long time and just looking for some guides to remember few things and just read !! I havent find that i was looking for, so if you can help me with any link from the forum or tell me some guides for low rate iderlude some goods builds of CP's and etc thinks. Just want your opinion and what you think about that ! thank you
  6. ive been out of l2 for quite a while but still have a lot of my custom stuff and server concept that i would like to work out, however i thought of turning it towards a mid rate instead of like a REAL custom server server will be heavily influenced by l2 classic (which is the future) and will have some zones and interface and skills from it as well as some changes to items as well as custom stats for S grade and 'refined A grade' class chances = warlord sk da necro summoners like classic refined A grade sets = example: normal tallum armor gives 8% attack speed, refined gives 10% or 12% runes instead of SA = promotes diversity and will just have 1 level due to client restrictions (https://l2wiki.com/classic/Runes) if this server was to be done on lets say a 20x how well would it do with the current community? would it be better if this was kept as a pvp server instead (originally made to start at 75 and cap at 80 with custom rates) will hav more detailed post later (had a pdf on what i did on custom server)
  7. I make a topic in which we can discuss random things about league of legends. new patch notes epic matches etc.. Next Poll: #1 Topic at MxC
  8. Hello guys i just instail myBB forum i send mail for new account & nothing happend !! i use google search for it but i dint find anything that could help me !! any idea ? its mybb crap forum? do you suggest any other?
  9. Poios mporei na mou kanei ton server online giati kapou skalonei. Exw ftiaksei kai noip alla den kserw ti paizei. Lan douleuei komple. Skype nom.imos
  10. Hey guys, im looking for a good video maker, any suggestion?
  11. Well i was preparing a big text with all the fancy words and beautiful pictures to persuade you that this is something new and unique, but nooo. You see, everybody can hide something behind big words but not everybody can offer something truly amazing, and in this case, words can't describe what Project LIPO is about. So, if you want to see something interesting check this out. You will forget everything else that is related to Lineage 2. Site: http://projectlipo.com/ Library: http://projectlipo.com/library/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ipotonic/ Discord Server: https://discord.gg/VyFKNGK The Official Opening is on 15th of July! -Soft Opening: 9/7/2018 (100 players/with invites) -Soft Opening v2: 12/7/2018 (+300 players/public) Project LIPO – The map of the Prologue The darker side of the map belongs to the Yin faction while the lighten one belongs to the Yang faction. At the center of each village lies their Nexus which players need to protect when they're under siege. There are 3 different areas were factions will fight daily with the most important one being the Neutral Zone. Why..? Because it contains the Marmoreal Altar that can change the course of the war! The Beta Test Every single phase and mode of the beta test has ended! The T-Shirt A sneak peak of the prototype
  12. Does any one have a link for lineage 2 h5 fully updated client? every link i got so far was not complete Thanks in advance
  13. Hi there, So, i'm working on a big project these days, and i want a good anti cheat i used l2sguard for 2 months but premium adrenaline works easily on it so what do you think is the best anti cheat ?
  14. Hello guys, I am coming back to this account after around 10 years, which I have been away from Lineage 2, even though I used to be a really avid player, only now, for some reason the spark of L2 has ignited again. Back then, I used to love everything about L2 and just played so many servers, hosted my own small L2J ones but what I really always wanted was to build my own L2 server from scratch, make it interesting and host it for other people. So, I was playing a bit of L2 recently in a randomly picked Interlude server and suddenly I just had the itch to go and attempt creating my own server, just to see what challenges are involved. Gladly, I have meanwhile became a professional software engineer so what used to be completely out of reach for me 10 years agp has now become completely doable. With that said, I started around 10 days to develop my own lineage 2 server in my free time; the more I developed it the more I wanted to continue! It took me around 4 nights to understand the encryption and have that part working well but thankfully it was solved. Right now I have around 5 half days of development into it and its becoming awesome. It is just a proof of concept but already feels like a childhood dream come true to have developed this! So about the server (currently supporting Interlude): It is programmed in C++ and will focus on high performance specs to reduce server costs and increase player capacity. It is being designed to scale more easily in case of need, so that for example we can run highly populated parts of the world in one machine and the rest in another. Another nice aspect is the abstraction over persistence, which will allow people to run this server locally without hassle (just unpack and play experience) and have fun in their world as GM. Currently I am still testing a multitude of features to fully understand the details of the game protocol so it is all very incomplete and full of temporary code experimentation; What I can do right now is to login with a character, run around, cast a few skills at NPC/Mobs, basic chat, using the gatekeeper to teleport only, basic inventory listing, shortcut handling and not much else. Though, one thing I was thinking is that this server should not go the same way as the others mimicking the official gameplay; for that it would be easier to just do small mods on the existing l2J server. Instead, I am thinking to have a highly extendable server capable of supporting plugins which provide actually interesting things. With this, I ask you for your opinion on what could be a really nice fresh experience for L2 so the server can be built from the start to support these things. As long as the client supports these actions, we can make the experience as different from the official as we want! Here are some things I was considering to do: Instanced housing (ability to teleport to a location with your friends which is actually unique just for you and customizable) Game modes (like perhaps team deathmatch in certain regions, MOBA like matches, Battle royale perhaps) Settlements (own specific places and hire NPC to help you farm materials) Owning and controlling aspects of entire areas, like lets say Cruma Tower, to distinguish the very highest players with these perks. Mob taming and other interesting changes to AI and what we can do with them AI player characters which could be like your minions, to lighten the burden of farming, they would have to be evolved and equiped by you etc. Eager to listen to your thoughts, thanks!
  15. Hello community, First... Why do I introduce myself? Because I have a great service that can give it another level to your project of L2. Who I am? Im Nasiferus, born in 1995. Im from Argentina, South America. Born Language: Spanish & Portuguese. Thanks to the place where I am , I know thousands of players (in south america) from Lineage 2. I represent the Latin Community in L2 Servers I have an advertising service, and support service. All infos about this here: Regards, /Nasiferus
  16. hello guyz! psaxnw interface patch gia gia inventory extra mpara, gia casting sta spells k debuffs! euxaristw polu osous mporesoun na me vohthisoun ek twn prwterwn kali sunexeia!
  17. Are there any discord server for l2 private server and adveritsement?
  18. Wtb website like this https://www.google.com/search?q=website+for+lineage&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiQ1MG3we_cAhVGzKQKHc2LC8wQ_AUICigB&biw=1280&bih=910#imgrc=7_E5SflELA0C8M: https://www.google.com/search?q=website+for+lineage&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiQ1MG3we_cAhVGzKQKHc2LC8wQ_AUICigB&biw=1280&bih=910#imgdii=ev6x3hYmoI58iM:&imgrc=k-9JIizHf5WInM:
  19. Aint here to write paragraphs. Just a quick and simple idea that would benefit many clans, cps and solo players. Everyone is playing L2 with a target, winning pvps. Just simply open a server that everything's on shop except augments. This way you will be able to get some donations and also help the players make fraps and have fun on their free time instead of nolifing. Cheers.
  20. Hello, i'm looking for any images and animations with Dark Avenger + panther :)
  21. hello guys today i start working on a faction project. so my idea is take some features from old faction because if all look's many and many server's is open with faction but never you find that old skype faction like flag's, guard, pray castle, event's, enchant system pvp, & 10% farm server. so i make that topic because i am looking one remember that server for open it again with new features & old features like a mix server old -> new. if any guy remember that server can add me in skype : typerakos i work toggeter without any cost just i can add him to GM list and maybe if server have ppl on and have donate i give him a cost from donate. tnx all.
  22. Hello all I Have Buy SP plan on L2jsunrise and no have reply for files or others.. You see if l2jsunrise are dead or not ? Pay for what...
  23. It's been a long time since I've been here. I will come at you straight, I want some info/answers to some of my questions: 1) How good of a dedicated machine I need to get for a interlude server for lets say 250 online 2) What are the cheapest options for protecting you server from ddos 3) anything more u can add
  24. Cheap rs 2007 gold on RSorder with 24/7 Live Chat New version of RSorder Mobile is live,visit:rsorder.com! -------------------------------------------- Work for RSorder: Get paid with Free rs gold:Work for RSorder to Get Paid with Free RS Gold -------------------------------------------- Payment Methods:Paypal ---------------------------------------------- Sell you Extra rs 07 gold & rs3 gold for real money! 24/7 Online Service for you! https://messenger.providesupport.com...capeorder.html -------------------------------------------- Giveaway: Next Roound Up to 80% off 750M OSRS gold and 4000M RS gold will come to you at 3:00 a.m. GMT on Sept 21!Ready to Snap from x-off-sale ------------------------------------------- long Term Code: SYTHE :7% off Code for Runescape Gold&RS 2007 Gold anytime! OSRSA10:10% off Code for OSRS Account anytime!
  25. Hello. I would like to ask one question. Wich one is better for today creating craft-pvp server, l2jacis or l2jfrozen? i'm talking about frozen 1132 revision and acis 368 revision. Thank you for your answers.