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Found 80 results

  1. Long story short, iˇm noob whoš looking for some directions to right way. Everything about l2OFF, im interested to start with OFF rather with J, i got bunch of questions, ill try give some answers my self and correct me if im wrong: 1. Compiler - "a tool that can be used to have "ready for game files", for L2OFF can be used Microsoft Visual Studio." 2.Decompiler - "Vise versa of compiler, also can be used with Microsoft Visual Studio?" 3. L2OFF Language - is it C++ and PHP ? 4. Advised OS to run L2OFF server would be Microsoft Server 2008 RS 32 bit version? - can end up having memory limit issues 5. How to understand if user has compiled or non compiled ? - I would assume by looking at file extensions like .class, that probably is not possible to open? or can? 6. Alright, i have shared OFF source, what is the first thing developers normally do? - I mean i want to have clean files with what to learn to, i think i found some 7. Lets say im interested to create ALT+B panel onto L2OFF source, where should i start? (ingame ALTB is disabled), does it use html language for community board? 8. How does scripts work? with source i have, there are scripts, are they run automatically, or there are certain functions that will call them? For example (i dont have it), lets say i got TvT script, how could i run it? or there is some global function that read everything thats inside "scripts folder", and is activated based on command or time? 9. lets assume, im interested to write whole TvT script from scratch, where could i start? is there a library that can be used ? Should i be using Microsoft Visual? is there a functions library? Some Advise for installation, right now ive managed to run off, but without NPC exe, for some reason VM Machine that im running (windows server 2008 RS 64Bit) is not showing BOOT.INI, ive already tried to reveal the hidden content, but its just missing, i would assume its because of VMware-is there anyways possible to run directly from windows 10 machine (64bit), also does anyone know direct link for windows server 32 bit or 86bit ? ISOs ive downloaded from MS did not get installed by Vmware for some reason. Another issue was about IP Configuration, i mean on VM ware i would not use WAN (whatsmyip lookup) to setup over lan ? - ive tried Bridge, host, NAT (definitely not working :D). But seemed to be not working, Running on L2 on same VmMachine , it works, when i either use: (Virtual IP) or, i did try with WAN aswell, but on host machine still does not connect through, any advise? - Im bit confident that i missed something really tiny and easy. Also could or would, anyone share Interlude, HF or GF source that is not "TOO TERRIBLE", but is clean from customization, so i could use that as my first files to learn and train on top of these (i believe i would need decompiled?, what would be the compiler?) Thanks for the efford folks!
  2. Discussion Lineage 2 Classic 2.5

    Hello dear MaxCheaters users! We are looking for testers for our Classic 2.5 server based on L2OFF PTS, the project will remain under anonymity until we correct everything that our testers will report to us. Currently the server is running! We want to announce you that you'll be rewarded in game and as well on our future forum if you decide to support us by now. Possible rewards: Premium Account, VIP Account, Boosters, Forum VIP, Forum Experienced Tester, 50 Euro Vouchers, 25 Euro Vouchers and many other prizes. In order to contact us, you'll have to write me a personal message which contains your Skype ID, we need to stay in touch with our testers and communicate all the time! P.S. We're looking for testers that played on Official servers (4game servers) and not for those who were playing on java servers by l2j-scripts. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hello guys. I would love to get in touch with the staff from l2 racesupremacy. This was one of the most unique private servers ever made on G3 client. If anyone has any information can you please let me know. If the staff see this message me here via the post or pm i just want to ask a few questions. Cheers, MarkoPolo.
  4. Ψάχνω άτομο να μου κάνει setup compile enan private server sto pc m me teamviewer me antamivi opoios endiaferete as me kanei add sto fb δημητρης κουρτης(vertigo)
  5. Hey guys, I see that we have so good files for H5. Too many projects and so many good files and different developers for H5 files, and almost all of then are so good. But... Why there is no good files for Interlude? All interlude files is always bad. I have so many files for interlude but they are all trash files. What is the best files WITH SOURCES for l2j interlude?
  6. To whom it may concern, Thinking about making old school server. Just pm me or comment bellow. Looking for people with L2 OFF Dev knowledge, previous experience. Rates should be would probably be something close to this. EXP/SP: 7x Adena: 5x Raid drops: 2x Epic raid drops: 1x Spoil rates: chance 5x amount 1x Quest rate: Retail-like Party EXP retail-like Retail-like Events Features Best geodata Offline shops Travelers’ weapons Cursed swords (Akamanah, Zariche) – disabled first months Increased quest rates EXP x2 Max. enchant +16 (rates retail-like) Epic bosses spawn time reduced to 5 days Baium 7 days Valakas and Antharas. No Wipe and Corruption due hardcore limited GM accounts. Donations Only non-game effecting items (Cosmetics and 2nd class change items)
  7. Hi, When was death penalty debuff introduced into the game? In C5 or IL?
  8. Hello, im building a team for a new l2j server, if anyone is interested reply here or send me a pm for more info. Some basing info, the client will be Gracia Final - L2jserver
  9. Good afternoon, for past couple of weeks i've been thinking about launching a off server, H5/GoD/Classic - but i would like to know what people would be mostly interested in ? What i personally want? Would like to achieve self sustainable server, would not mind about profits as my main goal is to build a gaming related network. Probably only donatable item would be Premium Account with 30% boosted exp/drop etc. or maybe some designed skins - but that's pretty much it. I've done some calculations regards investment and i think i would be able to reach 800 - 1200 player base concurrently online (it's close to 5 digit numbers). Server should be untouchable by GM's and Admins, self driven economy (i would have 3 moderators running bot hunting, with very limited commands). So main question is, would it be interesting to have GvE type of server ? or x30 - x50 PvP? x10 hardcore? or Aeron style quick pvp (i love their work, just amazing) ? Also what platform, GoD/HF/Classic 2.0 ? Please leave your ideas down below, i will definitely check them out. Progress: - Domain purchased (for next days will be busy with building a web/forums) - Website is up - We will launch and work on Aero styled insta pvp L2OFF H5 - Forums up and running Thank you
  10. Questions: 1. Does 4 hours in real life equals in 1 Day in Lineage 2? 2. Do game broadcast SunRise and SunSet upon night and day? 3. L2J set to broadcast sunset every 10 minute (using sleep thread), is that ok? Or should be done instant with a threadpool Ex. 21:00 Broadcast night until 6:00 morning e.t.c ?
  11. Hello, I have a very simple question. Would there be any interest in C5 low rates server? It would be built on l2off platform. Eeverything would be working, even the clan system.
  12. Looking for website statistic script
  13. Hi everyone, did you notice that whole HopZone site recently started to run some kind of miner that eats up to 100 % CPU? Shame! EDIT: If you don't want HopZone to steal your CPU, add this to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts file
  14. Hello everyone, i managed to parse retail scripts from c++ to java and create one java project that simulates 100% retail features etc i would like to know which npcs are extra in high five chronicle from freya Here is an example in what i am working on ps. i will not share it or sell, i would like to know only which monsters added in H5 after freya Thanks for your time!
  15. In this topic,i would like to give you My opinion & My suggestions, on how you can create and manage your server,and what you can do in order to keep players. We see a lot of one week servers, and desperate people who can't stay anywhere for long time to play. Server Creation *First of all,when you create something,you need to have a purpose.For instance,ask your self why is this server gonna be created for?.. fun,or for showing off your dev skills,or for any other reason.You have to find the purpose that you want to open your server,so you can build it in such a way to meet your expectation and accomplish your purpose. *Work with a team,find teammates,exchange opinions and work together.Teamwork will give you the chance of having a company,and create a team environment,wich will make your job funnier and easier.Work together in every aspect of server,decide together and it will lead to better results. *Take your time building your server,and don't hurry.Patience is the key.In order to be successfull you'll need time to adapt and import your server's features,you'll need time to test everything in detail for the better productive result.If you don't want to give time on it,then forget it. *Give more effort.Yes,working on a server needs a lot of effort and energy,there are no people who can accomplish their goals without giving in their best efforts.If ur not in the mood,or you don't want to give your best then simply let it go. *Combine Developmenet skills with your Gaming experience.Build,code and modify your server so it can meet your standards of your own experiences as a player.Play the game a lot,grow your experience,and adapt it into the game. *Do it as you wish,and don't listen to other people.They will always gonna have an opinion,about what's right or wrong to do for the server,others will like,others not.Meaning is you have to create it as you like.No matter how your server will look like,people will always have something to make noise for. *Don't Copy other Servers Features and Names.Be creative is a must.You can have some similiraties or ideas from other servers,but don't completely copy their whole content.You look low skilled and non productive. *Pay attention to what people like on your own. Join big servers,check the best time that fit people to play (summer,winter) ,take an idea on what people need and why they play such servers,and use players needs for your own server's advantage. *Balance (?). In my opinion you cannot balance a server.However,it is possible to work smart,be carefull what stats you improve or low to the game. Before you're going to edit anything,read and learn carefully what EVERY buff/skill effect is and how it's used,and do the same for gear (every ring/jewel/neck/armor part/weapon). I suggest not even edit anything,unless you're going for a custom server. Gameplay & Management *Support every single player who would like to ask something,be polite and guide them through your server's gameplay.Treat newbies well and with patience. *Show your communication skills to players,be active. A good communicator can keep players by being in contact with them every day for many hours,talking for server related things,wasting time with them,being friendly and make them feel they belong on a friendly gaming environment. *Organize a server programm. Make server Automatically restart daily at some time. Make events work daily and on specific time. *Prepare players for big events.Announce events planned by staffers earlier,announce big sieges and unique bosses respawn time earlier. *Modify mobs/bosses drops,make the drop usefull items,but not overpowered *Don't make a high enchant system. (It would be good if max +12-16) *Give them a reason to farm,make farm items usefull *Reward your players daily with some short amount of usefull items,currency. *Extend server. Make updates,do additions,make new currency,change areas for farming/pvp,change npcs templates,renew server every two weeks, and update your server while you are well organized,while you know wha changes you'll make and you know how to make them. I believe that admins in general miss or don't do a lot of these things mentioned above,what are you thinking guys?
  16. SWGFlurry : Star Wars Galaxies Private Server SWG Pre-CU Server with CU, NGE Items. Village Jedi Unlock Enabled. Flurry Offers Custom Content, Unique server features only found on Flurry, We try our best to pump out content for our community every 7 days, looking forward to having you join our community. Selectable Xp at Character creation 1x 2x 2.5x Double Xp is available every Friday - Sunday Server Percs 10 Base Planets 24 Custom Planets 35 Playable Player Professions 37 player races/species to choose from Pre-CU, NGE, CU Vehicles Pre-CU, NGE, CU Armor Pre-CU, NGE, CU Clothing Pre-CU, NGE, CU Weapons Pre-CU, NGE, CU Decorations Pre-CU, NGE, CU Housing No Looted Weapons Or Armor "Weapons and Armor are crafted only from players" Componentes, deeds, rare items,craftbles, collection items. Enhancements, decorations, junk, paintings, TCG, all can be found in many loot tables and much much more. World bosses Unique Poi's Tons of new badges to earn Unlockable Jedi profession Main Website Main Forums Live Server Wiki Custom Live server Resource Map Custom Automatic Galaxy Harvester Resource Integration Jedi EnabledPublish9Enhnaced Crafting SystemCollection SystemArtifact SystemSilver Loot CratesGold Loot CratesPlatinum Loot CratesHeroic Boss Loot CratesNew Crafting Professions
  17. geia sas paidia: zhtitai dev gia update aCis project apo 360-365 kai an ginetai gt oxi mexrei 372! workspace apo to pc mou internet exw kalo 60Mbps down 30Mbps up ms 10 pc 4gb ram win 7 64bit i3 cpu den tha exei provlima!
  18. Hello people , I started this project about a week ago. It's a Patch Updater for an upcoming L2 Server. I want your opinions and suggestions on what to add or remove and of course if you like it. Automatic Self Updates like any game-launcher out there. Coded with VB.Net language with encryption as well. Links can be changed via URL without having to change any codes. Able to change the download path via .ini file outside or inside system folder. Images will be included as well. Not the PSD files due my copyrights. Automatic display latest news from WordPress Posts or text files Automatic Server status Report
  19. Hello people , I started this project about a week ago. It's a Patch Updater for an upcoming L2 Server. I want your opinions and suggestions on what to add or remove and of course if you like it. Automatic Self Updates like any game-launcher out there. Coded with VB.Net language with encryption as well. Links can be changed via URL without having to change any codes. Able to change the download path via .ini file outside or inside system folder. Images will be included as well. Not the PSD files due my copyrights. Automatic display latest news from WordPress Posts or text files Automatic Server status Report
  20. So long story short ever since L2 Revolution came out i couldn't stop thinking how good the game would be if it didn't have the restrictions and the paywalls it has. I've been working on creating the login server and after a lot of decompiling and tests i was able to replicate the login process outside of the application programmatically . It is just a simple back end forth over simple SSL and it happens as part of the java side of the app so i was able to emulate it because i decompiled the APK. The gameserver connections is a TCP socket connection over the 12000 port. The problem is that the payload of the packets is encrypted (ofc) but the whole decryption thing happens inside the UE4 side of the app and im not good with encryption so I don't know how to find the key. I would assume that a key is being exchanged during the login but there was nothing i could find. Anyone tried to do something similar or anyone good with packets and encryption? Thanks
  21. Ρε παιδιά ξέρετε κανένα βοτ που να δουλεύει στον Θα παρακαλούσα μόνο όσους όντως ξέρουνε και όχι άτομα που απλός θέλουν να πουλήσουν ένα βοτ .... Που στήν τελική δεν θα δουλεύει ... Αν υπάρχει κάποιο βοτ που να δουλεύει και αυτό δεν είναι φρεε το αγοράζω μόνο άμα μου το αποδείξεις ότι όντως δουλεύει .. ευχαριστώ
  22. Hello everyone. How are you today? My name is Mike and i’m from Greece but i live in UK. I know that some of you will say: You will be a scammer, will run away, try to ''steal someone'' , it is a useless, bad idea etc ... I'm posting this only because I AM TIRED TO START IT ON MY OWN !!! Someone maybe cant afford all the outgoing money that's why i'm HERE to share everything !!!! Try before judge !!!!!!! IF SOMEONE DON'T HAVE HUMAN TRUST OR HAVING A BAD DAY etc PLEASE keep it for your self and don't reply me. THANK YOU I was wondering to know if someone want to be my partner or looking for a partner. What i mean? For me is simple. PS: * I had my own pack few years ago, L2jFrozen started from 0 to Live server. For some reason, my Deticate 'Company' PC they took back the PC because i was late to pay him for the next month [ 1 hour late ] so i lost my Server,Pack EVERYTHING !! For some reason, my 4shared account does not work ( can’t log in ) So i’m looking for someone to start it from 0 or if someone got any Pack and he want 'partner' to work together on it. What i can offer to you? 1. Dedicate PC. ( Me & you will have access ) 2. WebSite. ( Me & you will have access ) - No Forum experience yet. 3. Good Knowledge of Developing 4. In-game, fixing Files and Eclipse Source etc ... 5. HONEST, TEAM WORK and TRUSTABLE 6. Available 18:00 - 02,03,04:00 GMT ( UK Time ) Much more .... What i need from you to offer me? First of all!!! ( No. 1 ) 1. HONEST, TEAM WORK and TRUSTABLE 2. Good knowledge of Developing 3. Own Pack or we can start from 0 4. Available any time _ prefer 18:00 - 02,03,04:00 GMT ( UK Time ) Anyone is thinking to reply me a bad comment PLEASE DON'T DO IT but keep it for your self !!!! Thank you. Mike
  23. w/e they idiots and made check inventory system, but when u check phantom player, its show just armor not weap / jawels ;((( 99/100 players at giran phantoms, np brazonka/mouserinko keep going with your shity serbers phantom : real playa:
  24. PLR1 = Player 1 is a friend of mine and had a dispute going on in PayPal against L2Mid's GM SkyLord. My friend left L2Mid server and I (PLR2 = Player 2) logged in his 2 accounts to check if there was any items worth I could ask him for. Moments later I logged off and logged in on my own accounts (3 boxes) and started playing. Then I got moved to jail with one of my characters and GM SkyLord started the conversation shown in screenshot below. After the discussion was over, he moved my other 2 characters to jail, disconnected me (to prevent me from taking screenshots, but luckily I took it while we were chatting) and left my characters in jail until now. He says he has proof of us both having the same IP (which he doesn't, because I live in Brazil and my friend lives in United Kingdom), but you can notice by yourself many contradictions in his words: 1. He's pming me asking for my friend, so he KNOWS we are not the same player. 2. After telling I just logged in his accounts but we don't share the same IP, he says he's sorry but that I need to contact him (my friend) and tell him to close dispute. 3. "All accounts will be blocked", "Sorry I need to protect myself" and "I can't help you sorry" is another proof that he knows we are not the same, but he has to do something to hurt my friend (PLR1 = Player 1). 4. Finally SkyLord admits that if HE (my friend) doesn't close PayPal dispute I will be banned. Ps. I just censored our nicknames for privacy but I don't mind revealing it if anybody wants to see, because we did nothing wrong after all. I also have all the original unedited screenshots in case someone doubts it. TL;DR Because of a PayPal dispute with my friend regarding donations, GM SkyLord from L2Mid decided to BAN ME to somehow hurt my friend. I've never donated to L2Mid and had NOTHING to do with their PayPal dispute. So think twice before playing there, kids. It could happen to you. I personally will never be setting foot in L2Mid ever again. Bye!
  25. Hello im playing in an interlude server and i messed with the system i used a patch and the thing is that the anti buff now is not working, anyone know in which folder is the file for antibuff located or how the anti buff file is called so i can replace it? in the skill screen i can see the anti buff but its black and i cant use it. Thanks In Advance