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Found 34 results

  1. Hello everyone! It's been a while since my last post here due to lots of real life businesses and liabilities, however I am back with a very helpful topic for every serious guy who have the will and knowledge to make his dream come true but lacks of some basic staff like a good budget. Why am I doing this? Lineage 2 was always a passion I had and I still have it. It's like a very creative hobby for me and that's the way its gonna remain. So, I care less for profit and more for good ideas and good projects which will attract people and will have great chances to success. I also do not have a lot of time to invest and that's why I am not building anything on my own or with my partners. What am I looking for? Serious guys, serious plans, realistic goals. I can invest in any kind of project, even if its a java or off private server or a development team or even a website related to Lineage 2! Any kind of project! However, in order to do this I will have to be sure that I am dealing with reliable people who have a completed plan based on 2018's reality, so be sure that I will completely ignore projects or guys who do not meet my requirements. What can I offer? 1) Budget aka $$$ 2) Advertisement/Promo/SEO knowledge 3) Connections (developers, designers, video makers etc.) 4) Community (I have a big contact list of L2 Players) You can message me or reply below with a brief description about your idea/project and why I should cooperate with you. I also have a discord account and we can chat there in private for all the details regarding the project and our deal (if any). Thank you all
  2. Hello everyone! As title says, I am looking for a partner to make a C4 project. So if there is some oldschool lover interested, please feel free to contact me. For more detailed discussion better add me on skype. Skype: rmutagen@gmail.com
  3. Well i was preparing a big text with all the fancy words and beautiful pictures to persuade you that this is something new and unique, but nooo. You see, everybody can hide something behind big words but not everybody can offer something truly amazing, and in this case, words can't describe what Project LIPO is about. So, if you want to see something interesting check this out. You will forget everything else that is related to Lineage 2. Site: http://projectlipo.com/ Library: http://projectlipo.com/library/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ipotonic/ Discord Server: https://discord.gg/VyFKNGK The Official Opening is on 15th of July! -Soft Opening: 9/7/2018 (100 players/with invites) -Soft Opening v2: 12/7/2018 (+300 players/public) Project LIPO – The map of the Prologue The darker side of the map belongs to the Yin faction while the lighten one belongs to the Yang faction. At the center of each village lies their Nexus which players need to protect when they're under siege. There are 3 different areas were factions will fight daily with the most important one being the Neutral Zone. Why..? Because it contains the Marmoreal Altar that can change the course of the war! The Beta Test Every single phase and mode of the beta test has ended! The T-Shirt A sneak peak of the prototype
  4. Hello everyone, we are developing new web manager for Lineage II and I want to ask you if you are interested in it. If yes, please give me some ideas what you like to see there. Right now we are half way in finish and manager has this features: List all of your characters Current game progress to next level (% same as ingame) Stats of character (HP, MP, CP) Items in your inventory (+ images and name of item) Items in your warehouse(same as inventory) Clan if your character have one PvP statistic (other players can see it and for player with the most PvP kills is shiny trophy as reward - that means everybody will see you are the king of the server) What we are planning to add? New map of available bosses and where they are Crafting feature (you will see what you need for item you select and what you already have for it in your inventory Teleporting(player can once per day teleport himself to selected city - this feature you will be able to turn on/off) Please give me some ideas what could the manager do better Shigatora
  5. I had this for a couple of years now, worked on it, trying to put the info back piece by piece. Thought other would find it useful, so I share it with you. Its full of great info about L2Off, was the greatest community back then. Miss those times :) Even today when I play around with off server packs I find myself searching on that archive for info, and in most cases i find it. Attachments dont work, I still have them but they are scattered all around on my drives. Maybe in time I will mange to put them back. So without further ado: Registration is disabled, its for reading purposes only! Hope you find it useful.
  6. I'm, looking for the best l2off dev and ofcourse trusted. to talk for a l2off project or maybe l2j i will talk with it whitch one is the best now. because l2off is PTS files so maybe java runs better. Anyway, I want to see him closely and talk. payment max 1000 euros.
  7. Hello guys. Today I donate a server but I am 5 hours already and I can not start it. then i post it on forum but no reaction. Everyone recommends that you do not have to buy a server because they have a terrible support.
  8. sorry if i post in wrong section does anyone have interlude ai.obj decompiled? thanks in advance!
  9. Dimensional Games Lost In The Mythical Island Game Overview Lost In The Mythic Island, is an MMO First Person Shooter /Survival game. Where players must work together or separately, to Survive in a mythical Island that they have found themselves in. The game includes many unique features, like custom physics, also it combines many type of games such as Role Playing, Survival, and Shooter games.The game includes three different Game modes for players to enjoy. Game Modes The game will consist of three different Game modes. Story mode, Deathmatch, and Finally Capture the Flag. Story mode Inside story you will play based on the game story in an open world, where you will find scary creatures, meet other players, form guilds, and of course, survive! Deathmatch Players will be put into a map, where there is only one rule. Be or be killed. Players will have to use all of their skills to gain the most points before the end of the Match. Capture The Flag A team set game mode, where players will work together With their team to capture the enemy flag, and return it To their base. Links: Website: http://lostinthemythicisland.com/ Itch.io: https://lmi.itch.io/litmi Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/lostinthemythicisland/ Player.me: https://player.me/litmi/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DimensionalGam4 Indiedb: http://www.indiedb.com/games/lost-in-the-mythic-island Discord: https://discord.gg/4YvVXRa Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lostinthemythicisland Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/themythicstreams Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/6uS7nch
  10. Hello everyone, I need someone to tell me these areas that appear in the image, please. It's for a special event. https://scontent.faep12-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/34743703_2005019396428962_6078657284064411648_n.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=3d1642c47790515a136cec7ed1673b0d&oe=5BB29C1D
  11. Hello all , who know kamex , he is trusted person or not?
  12. https://www.pvtech-ecu-research.com/ i need someone to crack me this software so I can have full access.... if you can do it send me a price !
  13. Hello, I have a problem adding the eclipse repository. This is SVN: http://subversion.assembla.com/svn/L2jFrozenInterlude/trunk/ The point is that when I try to add SVN as a repository, it will write the error: svn: PROPFIND of '/ svn / L2jFrozenInterlude / trunk': 502 Proxy Error (http://subversion.assembla.com) I do not know what I'm feeling about four years ago, it all went without a problem, and SVN normally connects to my browser. Please tips and hints. Thank you in advance
  15. I am looking for a guy graphic to make banners lineage 2
  17. Hello guys, im new here, long time ago I had few running projects, now I see everything changed. I decided to run probably hard farm pvp server this summer, something more different concept. So im very intrested in every person thinking with brain - opinion. My plan is: Go on Interlude. Go with l2-scripts.com and buy Platinimum Pack - 2375$ (http://l2-scripts.com/index.php?productID=584) Advertise for 500-1000$ before start. How do you think guys, how much online possible to get in start and later how much keep it? Also im looking for people to develop this project, so if you have what to offer for me, for example you good at advertise, work with server files, read and answer players tickets, maybe you good at something else. Just write me what do you think, maybe you have ideas and maybe we will find solution. Im glad to pay x % every month from donate, depends how much work and your time you gonna invest. Waiting for your opinions, questions. Not waiting for jealous people comments. Im not a kid, I run few businesses in real life, so im not talking, im doing - this summer server gonna be started (I hope) :) Cheers guys! Its a good chance to be with me and grow.
  18. Hello guys , im reffering to most skiled i think and experienced Java Dev's , who knows how to code java and work with it.What i would like to ask you guys is that ,i want really to start learning how to code java files , write java codes and start working with Java . What's my point , i like the Lineage 2 game , and maybe someday ill try to do something on my own , so i would like to ask , is there a really good guide of really nice website where i could really learn good things at least in 1 year? I mean i want at least in 1 year to understand what im doing and what i'm coding , maybe not a year maybe longer i don't know that deppends of the time i will have free. So my point is that could you share please with me some really nice and understoodable guides so i could start ? I understand that "Google" helps ,etc but almost that "Forum" created for some reason , and i know that here there are a lot of experienced guys and really skilled that maybe somehow could help me in my start , i would be really greatfull. Thanks for reading ))) Best regards !!!
  19. Hi guys where in system edit those ?? Thank u x
  20. Hello! Many years have passed and now i wan't to make something old school. Just wanna to know your guys opinion about C4 project. What you think about rates? What is better? Clean retail c4 gameplay without any custom npc / items or something pvp based? Thank you!
  21. Does anyone knows how can i make the char just falls ? One way that he don't need to put his kness on the ground ? He Just Falls... Like on this video
  22. Whats wrong with those two? Everyday they spend their 5 rep points in adding them onto random posts of each other Many people on skype came lately and told me that virus ask huge prices for stuff that are shared in russian sites. More than 2 people in 1 month came and said he ask 100 and 300 euro for 3-4 NPC's that 2 min later they downloaded from ru sites. Ex. http://l2rr.ucoz.ru/load/npc_for_interlude/npc_ndwarf_warrior_for_interlude/8-1-0-1861 and i hope those persons who are VIP in this forum to check this topic and reply to confirm it if you think i lie or so. Whats the advance of being russian? You can join and read unreadable sites that others can't reach or search? I'm 100% that most of the work of ViruS is shared, still 5000 reputation and 100000 euro prices. ViruS has more than 200 topics in Marketplace. So basically everytime i make a code i should make a new topic? I'm the idiot who post all my codes in 1 topic as a list a? Why i have to see ViruS, ViruS, ViruS, ViruS, ViruS, ViruS, ViruS, ViruS, ViruS, ViruS, and then other WTS topic? Maxtor you're 7.5 years busy adding the banned group and ignore basic stuff. Got scared by Elfocrash for losing money and added the "Agreement statement" upon enter in site but for people who make 5000 topics and abuse the reputation system you close your eyes. Ps. ViruS stop using 3D's max LOGO in your video thumbnails. You don't know how to use 3D's max, other than just import -> export
  23. Hello, I'm pretty new with creating websites and I'm willing to learn a lot but I think I need some guidance. I'm looking to make a website with account management. So players could change they lineage password or use they character info. Any suggestions where to look first? Any guides? What about donation systems? Do I need just to connect to main l2 mysql database or it's a lot more complicated ? What about security? I know that some questions might sound stupid but like I said I'm lacking of knowledge and hoping you can guide to the right path. Thank you
  24. What's exectly better Java pack's ACIS with a lot of features or OFF files ADVEXT64 with less features for mid / low rate server?
  25. Hey It's been a while since I was working with Lineage 2, but after I've moved to Windows 10, I have this annoying issue: - when I start the game, it shows Lineage 2 Splash Screen in 256 colors. I've searched for L2.exe settings, in L2.ini, in game - all is setuped as 32-bit. Few months ago I was creating custom splash screen for one client, and I've solved this - it was a small thingy, but I don't remember it now. If someone knows how to change the 256 setting, let me know, thank You. BTW: I don't remember if it wsa OS or L2 thingy, so I didn't crete this topic in Clent Dev Section. Take care Ave