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Found 23 results

  1. Hello everyone, i am unsure if i am allowed to post here so i am sorry if i am not. Anyways here i am writing offering everyone 10 euros, note that you have to be 18 years old or later. All you have to do is register an account and verify it. You receive coins, transfer them to me and i pay you (payment can be through paypal, or game packs like league of legends). YouTube Video (Click Here) Discord channel for full instructions: https://discord.gg/BdEjAT6
  2. Boys and Girls, Men and Woman. Apache Helicopters and what u want to call yourself. I've won a Donation Membership from another event I've won. But because I'm already a VIP, I cannot get it redeemed. Topic: With this Post, I want to "give" it away to a random user of this forum. All you need to do is write a simple poem, in English, about Lineage 2. Rules - Poem need to have the word "Lineage" in it - Need to have atleast the name of 1 location inside the lineage 2 world. eg: Death Pass - Be 4 lines or less. - Keep it simple. How will the best poem be chosen?
  3. Hello Cheaters. We've decided to run a new shares competition for our members. The competition starts now (21/08/2018) and ends at 31/08/2018. At 01/09/2018 we will announce the winners. About the Competition: All you have to do is make shares on our forums and post here your shares links. Every share of yours but without your credits (meaning you're not the creator), if we decide it's helpful and worth will award you 1 point. Every share with your credits (meaning you're the creator), will award you 3 points. Every share with or without
  4. We have just start a contest with 6 prizes. 1st. Your earnings + Google Nexus 7 Table 2nd. Your earnings + Allview A5 Quad 3rd. Your earnings + Ipod 2 GB 4th. Your earnings + Quartz GT Watch 5th. Your earnings + Quartz GT Watch 6th. Your earnings + Quartz GT Watch Take a look here: [/color] Link to register: here
  5. Hello guys i am Stereotype and i would like to suggest you a GFX Event named VOTW (Vertical of the week). First of all im gonna start a discussion topic to let you know about it and also to see how much people are going to join. So share your impressions, and let the wave of discussion start. For exemple this is a vertical signature: (Image was taken from the past sotm) I will give you more information once i get some positive feedbacks in this topic and i will start the main topic on the events section. Thank you very much.
  6. Hello folks, I'm in glad position to announce the new Event for the most popular private server! Information This will be a poll contest on which we will add every Private Server name requested from its Owner. You only have to announce on your server's community to visit www.maxcheaters.com & vote for your server. Poll will be created after we gather up the servers' names. Poll will run for 10 days. Rules Only Owners can participate. Only Live servers can participate. All kind of server can participate like old servers with already big community. Your
  7. Christmas coming in a few days, so we will need a christmas logo as soon as possible. It will replace this one: - The size must be 600px × 140px - Format jpg,png,gif - Must include "The Best Cheating Forum" ! The winner will gain Donator or V.I.P Status and award of his choice. End Date : 18/12/12
  8. Hi guys time to change a christmas logo after ending christmas days and coming 2012 ! So remake this logo : Text : MaxCheaters.com Subtext : Cheating since 2004 Size : 500px × 120px Format ( ONLY ) : Jpeg, Jpg, Png, Gif. Starting Date : 7.1.2012 Ending Date : 12.1.2012 Now about reward is +1 award on your profile. (You select image) 16p x16p Best Regards, -MixMasteR. DejaVu. : v1 : v2 : SoFaKi : v1 v2 TEOGR_hItMaKeR : DarkTerror : v1:
  9. Hello folks I'm here to announce you the 1st competition of 2011. Information: All you have to do guys is to post your shares of 2011. every share which haven't your credits but was/is/will be very useful for forum will be rated with 1 point. every share which have your credits will be rated with 3 points. every share which will be made from now to the end of this competition will be rated with 5 points. guides like guides about one class of l2 will be rated with 1 point. Unless it's a mega guide or it will be consider by judges as very useful -
  10. Remake MaxCheaters.com Logo and win 100k Adena ! Size: 400px × 80px Format: Jpeg, Jpg, Png, Gif . Size in MB: Not more than 2MB. 1 or less is better. Words to include: MaxCheaters.com , The Best Cheating Forum , 80.000+ Members. Images to include: From Lineage, wow or any other would be better, Award: 100k Adena (= 1 VIP+1 Donator)
  11. Rules are simple: 1) Video must be from 4+ minutes at least. 2) Video must be uploaded in Youtube (and other sites if you want). 3) Video in HD is a plus to win the price! 4) Dont forget to add nice music, effects, videos from L2,WOW,CS must be in too! 5) Dont forget to mention our community numbers "75k members" , "since 2004" , "the best mmorpg" , and whatever else you want! 6) There must be at least 7 videos at the end of the month! otherwise it will take longer to end. Contest starts: NOW Contest ends: in 1 Month from today! Winner price: 150k Aden
  12. ENGLISH Hello ladies and gentlemen! Here I am, announcing the second L2j related Competition! Information Everything is simple. The only thing you've got to do is to make shares, related to L2J. Rules [*]You must include the "Competition/Contest" prefix at the share's title. If you don't, the title will either be fixed, or the topic will be considered as "out of the competition". An example: [Competition - Share]L2j Faction Engine [*]You must give the proper credits if the share is not yours. [*]You MUST post the guide/code at this section: [share] Linea
  13. [Contest] MaxCheaters.com Intro Site! Win VIP account + L2mxc AIO! Intro Site for Maxcheaters.com will be our homepage for this domain: MaxCheaters.com . With this intro site, all visitors , will have the ability to choose where they want to go: 1) MaxCheaters.com Forum 2) L2Mxc.com Interlule Website. 3) (Some of our banners) All participants must follow these rules in order to participate in this contest: - Make an intro site for Maxcheaters.com in any programming language they want. - It can include html,java,css - Images must be jpeg,jpg,gif,png .
  14. [Contest 2010] MaxCheaters.com - Win 4x Uploaders Status! Well, Grisom and i Came up with an idea to make forum grow on those sections that are kinda .. "dead" -So what you will have to do in this competition in simple, share new programs/hacks/exploits in CS-WOW-L2 boards and by the end of january the winners will get the status of uploader- The prizes: 1st) Uploader status (+3 Karma + Award) 2nd) Uploader status (+3 Karma) 3rd) Uploader status (+2 Karma) 4th) Uploader status (+1 Karma) -EVERYONE can participate in this event,
  15. Suggest Boards for MaxHackers.com® New Site and win a Free Lifetime Platinum Membership! The rules are simple: - Include all boards for this forum(not just one or two) - Make a suggestion or tell us why you think a board is nessesary. - Do not spam - Do not judge others opinions. - Do not double post. - Make one suggestion per post. Make as many posts as you want. Example: MaxHackers Section 1 - Introduce yourself - Board 2 - Board 3 MaxHackers Section 2 - Board 1 - Board 2 - Board 3 - Board 4 A little info about thi
  16. RESULTS The only person with 1 mistake was MaCe, but he answered bonus question (the award) so I think he deserves karma. Congratulations to you MaCe! And other let me down, you should have been nolifing more at mxc! ;D Correct answers: Answer one: 2006 December (first activity) or 2005 November (creation). Answer two: JudgeDredd, Maxtor, Warmaster Answer three: koTs0S and xxrxx Answer four: 4 Answer five: K4rMaArr0ws Answer six: Gold Member, WoW Moderator, L2 Moderator, Global Moderator Answer seven: 1.12.2009 Answer eight: fdLP (or Mafia_007) with Vet
  17. Hello, i'v made this contest, because Maxtor is to busy to made that 4 meh, then here you go me :) We need to make new logo for L2 MxC Forum is now looks like that, It must be . png w/o background Sizes; 256px × 34px text ofc L2 / Lineage 2 MxC/MaxCheaters, ideas i left to you! The winner win Karma :P We need it hurry, then bring your ideas in here!
  18. Well, I hope you'll enjoy this Contest ! Only 1 WINNER ! EXTENDED DEADLINE of the CONTEST is 10/12/2009 ! The Rules are simple : Can Partecipate ALL members who have 100+ post (to see they're active in forums). All Usergroups can partecipate (Maxtor too) ;D Only 1 Entry per Member (means you can apply only 1 set / member). The Signatures must follow some Rules like : Each of them must be similar of the corrispective MemberGrops (you cand do a Green SIgnature for Admins). So here are the colors. Administrator Global Moderator L2 Moderator CS Mod
  19. As X-Mas approach its time togive some kind of happiness! this competition is for smited users ONLY! i start a series of (most of times silly and offforum) competitions(4) from topics i see created from users in offtopic/spam/wow/general discussion/photoshop boards etc. in order to improve your karma ONLY if you have negative karma UNTIL -4(i dont care if users are VIPs,donators,users or the reason of the dekarma i just want only smited users to join! THE 2 FIRST GUYS THAT WILL ANSWER COMPLETELY WILL BE AWARDED WITH +1 BOTH AND CONTEST ENDS! The rule is 1 #1 a competitor
  20. Remake Banned Logo Im talking about his image: - Award: 1 Donator Member! Dimensions MUST be 100px × 100px You have 10 days from: 17.10.10 Until: 27.10.10
  21. Hey gang! Are you skilled movie creators? Then don't miss your chance! New Maxcheaters Video Contest is taking place now, and it's your chance getting nice rewards. What is the theme? Well, of course the theme is obvious. Theme is Maxcheaters forum itself. Why would we create a contest that wouldn't be of service for us? You will have to describe maxcheaters board using animated scene, a video. If you are a long-time member of our board, you should remember there was a contest hosted like that a long time ago, so this one is pretty similar to the previous one. Except of the prizes, wh
  22. Remake Maxcheaters.com Official Logo and Win a Platinum Membership: You have to edit this: The logo must include these words: MaxCheaters.com The best cheating forum - Do not change background - Do not change size - Make it .gif (low kb) - Add "50.000 Members" words IF you want - Add "v2.0" words IF you want.
  23. Hello everyone , this is the beginning of a new event ... As you see in the title , it has as theme , L2J Developing ... What do i mean when i am saying developing and what you are on about to do... In this event , the best GUIDE win ... And what type of guide?The guide which is says more , and more analeticall the usages of L2J , how to setup a server ... a newbies developer infos ... We are opened 4 you to not have a basic theme .. You can even do a guide HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN L2J SERVER to HOW TO COMPILE .. or w/e you think... We will reward those guides that people