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  1. Well i had 30 minute free so i coded a faction for aCis, in which you can set unlimited factions no just 2. The code contain the Npc Instance, exceptions and stuff like that. I will update the code more soon.. Ps. i havent tested or idk if it works in some part so if you want apply the patch and write me.. Code here Update 2.0 Code Update 3.0 Code (Optimized code, fixed some things, added reward with no config yet) 18/1/2016 Sql files: /* MySQL Data Transfer Source Host: localhost Source Database: acis Target Host: localhost Target Database: acis Date: 17/1/2017 6:47:13
  2. Hello guys I'm looking for 2 codes: VIP access lvl: players with this lvl will get double exp/sp for 30 days and a way admin to add/remove or see the remaining days on the admin panel (I checked this code but it doesn't work on my project it has many errors that need convert from acis to freya and I only need a simple vip system only for exp/sp) Double EXP/SP on Friday-Sunday: well I can't find out what I should change to make it work
  3. Hi Guys ,,, i need code .combine talismans for my server high five >> please help me .
  4. Hello Everyone i will share here one Clan Manager can be a helpfull npc cause many servers want to reward clans with clan lvl etc there is no price is all based on clan members count all settings with configs Here We Are : Preview: Datapack Htmls : http://pastebin.com/1KS9GxJg Core : http://pastebin.com/NBfiya9S Have Fun..!!
  5. Hi i wanted to share this "addon" its nothing special since you know Armors giving stats when all parts enchanted over+6 and this simple patch allows you to give stats when the Armor is enchanted also to +12 and +16 here we go: Index: java/com/l2jserver/gameserver/datatables/ArmorSetsTable.java =================================================================== --- java/com/l2jserver/gameserver/datatables/ArmorSetsTable.java (revision 5101) +++ java/com/l2jserver/gameserver/datatables/ArmorSetsTable.java (working copy) @@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ try { con = L2DatabaseFactory.getI
  6. Custom Race Starting Items v1 # New players Starting Items ( Human ) # Default: False EnableHumanReward = False # Human Fighter HumanFighterHelmID = HumanFighterChestID = HumanFighterLegsID = HumanFighterBootsID = HumanFighterGlovesID = HumanFighterWeaponID = # Human Mage HumanMageHelmID = HumanMageChestID = HumanMageLegsID = HumanMageBootsID = HumanMageGlovesID = HumanMageWeaponID = # New players Starting Items ( Elf ) # Default: False EnableElfReward = False # Elf Fighter ElfFighterHelmID = ElfFighterChestID = ElfFighterLegsID = ElfFighterBootsID = ElfFighterGlovesID =
  7. Im looking for auto vote reward code hop/topzone for Gracia Final
  8. Hello guys, as title says i would like to share with you community board for Acis. Code: http://pastebin.com/0UVv7YS4 Also i made an archive with the htmls so you can skip creating them. Just download the archive and move the folders in your CommunityBoard Folder. http://www.4shared.com/rar/O-21NjwZce/CommunityBoard.html To receive Donation and Report notice you have to create folders called donations and reports in gameserver/data. The file that is generated in folders donations/reports once seen must be cleaned. Otherwise players wont be able to send a donation or a report notice aga
  9. Hello, since i'm disappointed with the forum and i'm bored i made a code. I haven't test it but if there is any problem you can write bellow. What it does it basically you set how many hours you want your player to be hero and you set him hero. He can log out and login he is still hero until time is over and hero removed automatically. It use database to store. Sql file: /* MySQL Data Transfer Source Host: localhost Source Database: none Target Host: localhost Target Database: L2j Date: 6/1/2017 5:52:35 μμ */ SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0; -- ---------------------------- -- Table stru
  10. Hello to all member MaxCheaters and happy new year, this is my first share in this community and I hope to be helpful for some people. With this code you can make your life more easy when you make Gatekeeper for your server also you can edit location of your Gatekeeper and when server is Live without change something inside XML or SQL files. You have to add this line inside HTML of your L2TeleportInstance gameserver\data\html\teleporter\30080.htm <a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_player_go_to 83305 148038 -3413" msg="811;to custom location"><font color=LEVEL>Char Tele
  11. hello, i search on forum how to make olympiad every week or 2. i search also on acis forum to. i didnt find anything. i ask friends how i can do it..some of them ask for money to make it ..jezus. http://pastebin.com/gJEWRV8c here is the code. + currentTime.add(Calendar.WEEK_OF_MONTH, 1); <---everyweek if you want 2 week just change 1 to 2. p.s if you are already run olympiad it would not work. you must re-install olympiad table from navicat table name Olympiad_data. if you get this error on Gameserver "failed to load data from database, default values are used." open Olympiad_d
  12. Hello everyone. It's been long since I shared anything, but lately I've been getting tons of annoying pms, asking for fixes on my old vote reward system(the one I shared here like 2-3 years ago). The old system was working fine at first, but there have been many changes at vote sites the last years, so it ended up being out of date. Anyway, this system is designed much better using an OOP approach in order to be easier to add more vote sites as well. The only thing you have to provide is the configs and the getVotes() method and you're ready. It's coded on one of aCis latest versions,
  13. Nothing special but... huh anyway! Support : Interlude Tested : aCis & Frozen net/sf/l2j/gameserver/GameServer.java import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.datatables.HerbDropTable; +import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.datatables.IconsTable; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.datatables.ItemTable; StringUtil.printSection("Items"); ItemTable.getInstance(); + IconsTable.getInstance(); SummonItemsData.getInstance(); net/sf/l2j/gameserver/datatables/IconsTable.java +package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.datatables; + +import java.io.File; +import java.util.HashMap; +import java.util.Map; +import java.util.lo
  14. Starting buffs for newbie characters. ### Eclipse Workspace Patch 1.0 #P Hero-GS Index: config/players.properties =================================================================== --- config/players.properties (revision 36) +++ config/players.properties (working copy) @@ -5,6 +5,15 @@ #Amount of adenas that a new character is given, default is 100 StartingAdena = 250000 +#Newbie Characters have starting buffs +StartingBuffs = True + +#Starting Buffs for Mystics. +StartingBuffsMage = 1204,2;1085,3; + +#Starting Buffs for Fighters. +StartingBuffsFighter = 1204,2;1086,2; + # If True, whe
  15. Hi everyone. :) My first time here, I want to share with you some of my mods... check below! - AIO A system that transform you into a support, adding skills (buff type) of all other classes. Different of all others, I did a task that add a character, catch the duration of his privileges and subtract by current calendar in millisecond. Basically every time you enters in game, you're added to the Task list, enabling server to remove the character's privileges at the exact moment of his duration. - Pvp Color/Skill A system that apply name/title color, also add some skills (not stored in
  16. Hello Member to mxc i create one easy code for check last login from account!Soory for bad Engilsh dont test this and i dont know if work retail :) :) Updated ### Eclipse Workspace Patch 1.0 #P aCis_gameserver Index: java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/model/actor/instance/L2PcInstance.java =================================================================== --- java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/model/actor/instance/L2PcInstance.java (revision 5) +++ java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/model/actor/instance/L2PcInstance.java (working copy) @@ -15,8 +15,10 @@ package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.instance;
  17. any one can learn me and help me to add some with eclipse to l2jacis rev 362 ? i want to add AIO Buffer and vote reward system ! if any one can help please add me on skype: thelion639 or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007133359148 Thanks !
  18. first here is a max lvl 91 with normal xp bars <experience level="80" tolevel="4200000000" /> <experience level="81" tolevel="6300000000" /> <experience level="82" tolevel="10500000000" /> <experience level="83" tolevel="16800000000" /> <experience level="84" tolevel="27300000000" /> <experience level="85" tolevel="44100000000" /> <experience level="86" tolevel="71400000000" /> <experience level="87" tolevel="115500000000" /> <experience level="88" tolevel="186900000000" /> <experience level="89" tolevel="302400000000" />
  19. L2jFrozen Survey System Originally made for l2j I adapted it for l2jfrozen and I also changed some typing mistakes Survey System is a system where you can ask all online players a question.You can have up to 5 possible answers.Your question will be announced after you start the survey and players can have the opportunity to vote with a "yes" or a "no" , or whatever your answers will be. After installation you can use these commands: //survey_start //survey_results //survey_end And for players: use .survey to vote Preview: //
  20. Copy from l2jacis to l2jfrozen work 100% http://rgho.st/6cDtBxqKH Images! Index: head-src/com/l2jfrozen/gameserver/custom/Antibot.java =================================================================== --- head-src/com/l2jfrozen/gameserver/custom/Antibot.java (revision 0) +++ head-src/com/l2jfrozen/gameserver/custom/Antibot.java (revision 0) @@ -0,0 +1,134 @@ +package com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.custom; + +import java.io.File; + +import com.l2jfrozen.Config; +import com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.model.actor.instance.L2PcInstance; +import com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.network.serverpackets.NpcHtmlMe
  21. package com.l2jfresh.gameserver.model.actor.instance; import java.util.StringTokenizer; import java.util.NoSuchElementException; import com.l2jfresh.gameserver.Announcements; import com.l2jfresh.gameserver.model.actor.L2Npc; import com.l2jfresh.gameserver.model.actor.template.NpcTemplate; import com.l2jfresh.gameserver.network.clientpackets.Say2; import com.l2jfresh.gameserver.network.serverpackets.Dice; import com.l2jfresh.gameserver.network.serverpackets.ExShowScreenMessage; import com.l2jfresh.gameserver.network.serverpackets.NpcHtmlMessage; import com.l2jfresh.gameserver.network.serverpa
  22. Casino Manager: 1.) Go to: head-src/com/l2jfrozen/gameserver/model/actor/instance 2.) Create new .Java file 3.) Name it: L2CasinoInstance 4.) Paste This Inside: package com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.model.actor.instance; import com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.ai.CtrlIntention; import com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.network.serverpackets.NpcHtmlMessage; import com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.network.serverpackets.SetupGauge; import com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.network.serverpackets.SocialAction; import com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.templates.L2NpcTemplate; import com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.thread.ThreadPoolManag
  23. Hello, I can make 5 free codes for Maxcheater community, just say it, codes need to be easy, because I don't have any good skills, but if you have idea and want it to your server, say here, I will try to make for FREE. I'm using L2J_Server core, it is High Five client, but I can try to create for aCis/L2JFrozen. Topic with done requests: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/188225-free-code-requests-done-anonymous-zone-other-stuff/
  24. I'm selling a For Honor PS4 Closed Alpha Code With 3 Invites.
  25. Hello in HoN (Heroes of Newerth) there is a number Called KD (Kills / Deaths) This is like a rank system in the game, if u have a bad KD then it means u are kinda bad So ive made a code for L2 that shows the Player's KD The Code Is Based To Deaths Counter (http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/137616-sharedeaths-counter/?hl=%2Bdeaths+%2Bcount) (Not Full!) The Code Is For H5 (Fandc Project), Not Tested ### Eclipse Workspace Patch 1.0 #P OFandC2 Index: java/l2f/gameserver/model/Player.java =================================================================== --- java/l2f/gameserver/model/Player.