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Found 36 results

  1. Hello guys. I create this Newbies Manager[start up] for my project and now I want to share it with you! Player can't get Items/Teleport without to get the Third Class. Diff Link
  2. Hello there.. Here is my buffer from my old server.. (Main html made by prwtoftw) What's inside? Mage | Fighter set [config] Buffs/Dance/Song/Extra etc one by one Special buffs + Malaria Vote buff [If you want it, you can enable it, config] Scheme Buffer Code Preview > [Hidden Content] Code/HTML/XML > [Hidden Content]
  3. ExGuard team this is one patch for you see how work hwid , open url , Exception ip system ( for internet cafe ) i have change only protocol version so is very easy to bypass it ( is only for test servers ) Interlude Client java code and dll virustotal if don't work with your system can you download this
  4. Please bare with me on this one! :forever alone like a boss: So here it is an event engine named Zodiac currently contains 5 events(to be expaned) CaptureThem CastleWars PeloponnesianWar ProtectTheLeader Treasure Chests Sample: Bug fixes(from the separate events) ip protection system Time between events Initial start timer config about the reward that the players will be recieving You know how the event engines work so i won't make a big ass desicription, although pictures will follow once i get unbored from coding enjoy! Also: -Yes i will update it with mor events bug fixing -it is coded in l2jhellas but it is easily editable i won't help with bugs caused by your adoption proccess http://www.4shared.com/office/mjvhqE0X/ZodiacV4.html? V4 :not bad: :not bad: V2 Version: Bug fixin in Peloponnesian War Protectors Optimized Voting method optimized(will help feature updates) Html work Moved htmls to zodiac folder V3 Version: Added the same ip protection config Hard coded 2 htmls the voting one and the total votes Now after you vote an html will pop up with all the votes! (Pictures added) V4 Version: PeloponnesianWar bug fixed reported by Liquix New event added (Treasure Chests) Added config on how many minutes should the voting take place Small reworks!
  5. Hello i found a code in another forum and i post here. working fine in acis 365 Gameserver: http://pastebin.com/Pc2ZxS1L gameserver http://pastebin.com/ArftpRKH DataPck some pictures
  6. hello guys i share a good panel for low rate or pvp server is working in all project Update Link: https://pastebin.com/kpQ3rT7k Sql icons + code : here Update 28/11/2017 Some Photo Update link for any problem send me PM tnx!
  7. Hello guys, Before 4-5 months i created a script for a new raid in order to avoid all classic raids that are really boring... It isn't something special, but i always like different and unusual things... Plagueseeker Raid Starting with some special cameras while all players are paralyzed. When the broadcast end, the following features stands there: action task every 2 seconds: There is 20% chance to 'debuff' a random player if is healer class Debuffs: 20% chance for 15% chance for 10% chance for 50% chance for There is 5% chance to 1) Spawn some minions when the hp of the raid is lower than 40% in order to protect the raid boss (can be happened unlimited times with chance 5%). Minions will suicide after 10 seconds after the spawn time if not get killed. 2) Pick a random target and kill him instant. When the hp of the raid is lower than 50% Broadcast again some special cameras (while players are paralyzed again), an earthquake for 5 seconds and instant kill 10 random players around the raid in 700 radius (can be happened only 1 time). inactivity task If the raid boss not attacked for more than 15 minutes, all players are going back and raid will be deleted. * All the above features are meant to be used in a boss zone ( i used 150000 as a custom one in my pack). Any feature wont work outside of the zone, I wont share any thing like that since its just c/p. * Its your responsibility to use the necessary checks in order to avoid bugs like move the raid out of zone. I coded for me at coliseum with doors closed. Also you have to set by urself how the raid will be spawned (i was about to code the spawn thing but i dont remember why i didnt). I used //spawn just for the video . Code: [Hidden Content] Coded (if i remember well) in acis 370. Note: If you want to expand it or understand how a script can be coded, check this topic (if any other post is related to scripts and have informations post it)
  8. Hello there.. Here is my Epic Boss Manager from my old server. Nothing special, but some of you may need it. What's inside? Works only with retail Grandbosses. [No retail zaken id] Inform you about the status of Grandboss. Inform you about respawn time. Date/Time. Enable/Disable it on configs. # Announce Grandboss status. # Ex: If status for Antharas/Valakas/Frintezza change to 2 player get announce: # Grandboss>name is engaged in battle. # If status changed to 3: Grandbossname has been killed. Type .epic for details! # For Baium if status change to 1 - Baium is awake and fighting. # All Grandboses respawned - Grandbossname is spawned in the world! AnnounceGrandBossStatus = True [Hidden Content]
  9. Hello MxC users, That will be my first share, and looking for more :) First of all, the Arabic script is very special with two essential features: 1- It is written from right to left 2- The characters' shape changes according to their surrounding characters. For example: م ك ي ل ع م ا ل س ل ا> that's the problem Arabic chat faces ( ignore the space between letters, couldn't show you the problem exactly since mxc supports Arabic xD ) السلام عليكم > this is after the fix Anyway, here is the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/27hj4furl5la7y2/arabic chat.rar?dl=0 Note: I'm not a developer :/, I'm just a server owner that paid for this code and thought of sharing it. I used it for l2ro and it worked fine.
  10. I saw a guy trying to sell this code for 20E.... I thing you get what it is right? You have a chance to craft items with enchant. the only thing you have to do is to add 2 values in recipes.xml. example: <recipe alias="mk_leather_boots" id="69" material="1931-4;1882-8;1885-1;2130-1" product="40-1" itemId="2176" level="2" mpConsume="84" successRate="100" isDwarven="true"/> You can add enchant by adding enchantChance="70" enchant="4-19" (means you have 70% chance to get a random value from 4 - 19 as enchant) in case you want a constant value you can put it like "10-10" <recipe alias="mk_leather_boots" id="69" material="1931-4;1882-8;1885-1;2130-1" enchantChance="70" enchant="4-19" product="40-1" itemId="2176" level="2" mpConsume="84" successRate="100" isDwarven="true"/> rev 375 here is the code: [Hidden Content]
  11. Deleted all my shares a while ago but wanted to leave this one here because there are people selling this stupidly simple code. It's command based individual vote reward for Hopzone, Topzone and Network. Commands are .votehope, .votetop and .votenet. It is secured on both the account level and the IP level so it's as protected as it gets without adding HWID. It can be easily converted to a NPC based one. Code: https://gist.github.com/Elfocrash/a5ba37666dd9c4d3f9a9ec022301930c Link for gson 2.6.2 https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/com/google/code/gson/gson/2.6.2/gson-2.6.2.jar
  12. Hello everyone, i have code BossEvent for aCis 377. it takes me 15 minutes to code and quick test it so maybe there are some mistakes "or not". I test it quick and was fine, but if you find something wrong you can post here the problem and i will try to help. Maybe the code request more checks depends on your server features. Here is the code : https://pastebin.com/anzpX6mZ (Updated 03/01/2019) Credits : StinkyMadness Code can be used with @melron code :
  13. Hello forum, i was searching around and i saw on many forum's peoples selling this code for gold. (30-40 euro) rolf... That's who we are, sad... So this is one "Gift" from me for the new year. On this code you have the listed options: You can add as many zones you want. You can setup for each zone the running time. (On the current diff i have make Giran Arena and Gludin Arena). Gatekeeper command : <a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_pvp">Random Zone</a> The codes required more then 1 zone. Ofc you can add your own configs like "Auto Flag" "Auto Nobles" and whatever you want.. take this share like platform and work on it. DIFF is coded on aCis 377 revision - Feel free to adapt it in whatever revision or project you need. Credits : StinkyMadness Code : https://pastebin.com/iiu80L0i
  14. This code show up a window with a list of ur target's inventory , and removes an item or more . code is not mine i found it on net i think credits go to Zealar , i just readapted it to 374 aCis rev . anyway it may come usefull for wiping bot's inv or ... w/e code tested and workin . package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.handler.admincommandhandlers; import java.util.Set; import net.sf.l2j.commons.lang.StringUtil; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.handler.IAdminCommandHandler; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.instance.Player; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.item.instance.ItemInstance; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.serverpackets.NpcHtmlMessage; /** * This class handles following admin commands: * <ul> * <li>show_ivetory</li> * <li>delete_item</li> * </ul> * @author Zealar */ public class AdminInventory implements IAdminCommandHandler { private static final String[] ADMIN_COMMANDS = { "admin_show_inventory", "admin_delete_item" }; @Override public boolean useAdminCommand(String command, Player activeChar) { if ((activeChar.getTarget() == null)) { activeChar.sendMessage("Select a target"); return false; } if (!(activeChar.getTarget() instanceof Player)) { activeChar.sendMessage("Target need to be player"); return false; } Player player = activeChar.getTarget().getActingPlayer(); if (command.startsWith(ADMIN_COMMANDS[0])) { if (command.length() > ADMIN_COMMANDS[0].length()) { String com = command.substring(ADMIN_COMMANDS[0].length() + 1); if (StringUtil.isDigit(com)) { showItemsPage(activeChar, Integer.parseInt(com)); } } else { showItemsPage(activeChar, 0); } } else if (command.contains(ADMIN_COMMANDS[1])) { String val = command.substring(ADMIN_COMMANDS[1].length() + 1); player.destroyItem("GM Destroy", Integer.parseInt(val), player.getInventory().getItemByObjectId(Integer.parseInt(val)).getCount(), null, true); showItemsPage(activeChar, 0); } return true; } private static void showItemsPage(Player activeChar, int page) { final Player target = activeChar.getTarget().getActingPlayer(); final Set<ItemInstance> items = target.getInventory().getItems(); int maxItemsPerPage = 16; int maxPages = items.size() / maxItemsPerPage; if (items.size() > (maxItemsPerPage * maxPages)) { maxPages++; } if (page > maxPages) { page = maxPages; } int itemsStart = maxItemsPerPage * page; int itemsEnd = items.size(); if ((itemsEnd - itemsStart) > maxItemsPerPage) { itemsEnd = itemsStart + maxItemsPerPage; } final NpcHtmlMessage adminReply = new NpcHtmlMessage(0); adminReply.setFile("data/html/admin/inventory.htm"); adminReply.replace("%PLAYER_NAME%", target.getName()); StringBuilder sbPages = new StringBuilder(); for (int x = 0; x < maxPages; x++) { int pagenr = x + 1; sbPages.append("<td><button value=\"" + String.valueOf(pagenr) + "\" action=\"bypass -h admin_show_inventory " + String.valueOf(x) + "\" width=14 height=14 back=\"sek.cbui67\" fore=\"sek.cbui67\"></td>"); } adminReply.replace("%PAGES%", sbPages.toString()); StringBuilder sbItems = new StringBuilder(); for (ItemInstance item: items) { sbItems.append("<tr><td><button action=\"bypass -h admin_delete_item " + String.valueOf(item.getObjectId()) + "\" width=16 height=16 back=\"L2UI.bbs_delete\" fore=\"L2UI.bbs_delete\">" + "</td>"); sbItems.append("<td width=60>" + item.getName() + "</td></tr><br>"); } adminReply.replace("%ITEMS%", sbItems.toString()); activeChar.sendPacket(adminReply); } @Override public String[] getAdminCommandList() { return ADMIN_COMMANDS; } } register the handler and create : inventory.htm into gameserver/data/html/admin <html><body><title>Inventory : %PLAYER_NAME%</title> <center> <table width=270> <tr> %PAGES% </tr> </table> ___________________________________ </center> <br> <table width=270> %ITEMS% </table> </body> </html>
  15. Hello, i was searching for this command but i didnt found it in our forum so i decided to share it, below you can preview the html's How to install it? EASY: 1. GameServer\data\html\mods (add here the repair FOLDER not only the files) 2. GameServer\data\scripts\handlers\voicedcommandhandlers (only the file Repair.java) (dont forget to edit your masterhandler.java script) [Hidden Content] Credits: Szponiasty
  16. Hello, this event I was creating, but I do not know what else to do, I took a lot of it out and there is a lot to be removed, I can not finish it any more, so anyone who wants to finish is a good event... https://pastebin.com/raw/x9GwZugx
  17. Hello guys, Long time ago, i had to create zone using NPoly and due to fact that is pain in the ass, i've decided to make this code. It's not unique, it's just slightly helpful thing which is going to make your life easier and save a bit time. To understand how the zones work take a look @SweeTs topic. You will understand many things. What is it? You have to select the zone type (NPoly,Cuboid,Cylinder) Set the coordinates (//saveLoc will store the current loc) Once you set all the locs you can save it in xml via the button Store or //storeLocs The Z distance can be found zDifference ( i made it 1000 as default but its up to you and the zone). P.S Im so lazy to make the htmls good. (even the first one , its not my job :P) coded for aCis 374 @StinkyMadness *Update* (far better than mine) Using 1 HTML and not 3 HTML Designed like other aCis admin panel code
  18. Hello i want to share this ingame balancer its for acis 372 its useless for me now. Files/Code: https://www101.zippyshare.com/v/nMPZpOej/file.html
  19. Hello guys! I use this TvT Event and I have add/fix/remove some things. If you have already this event you will understand what I mean. Removed useless lines/methods. Isn't something special but I wanted to share with you. Mana potions/Escape scrolls,skills fixed. Problems with NPC respawn/spawn. Added Respawn delay on die, Noblesse on die, Do not lose buffs (with config), Reward after 5/8/12/15/20 kills without die & announce the name of player with the count of kills without die. (if you die, kills goes 0 again). You can find the option of the kills count on TvTEvent.java [Watch the lines]. Players can't be healed on event (with config). .tvtjoin / .tvtleave / .tvtstatus Config/Npc [http://pastebin.com/xUd4bJhN] Core [http://pastebin.com/vkGuh57i] Core FOR 360+ rev [http://pastebin.com/ZF85SVBk] Systextures-html [https://dir50.com/6kww37s9u3dy/Systextures-html.rar.html] LINK 2 [if you find problem]
  20. Hello guys, I had a request to make a donation manager but when i finished the guy decided to not open his server (wtf?) so the npc is now useless to me. What is this? A donation manager that selling packages with items and stats like nobl,rec etc. Categories can be added easily i will explain later Current added categories: Bronze,Silver,Gold,Platinum,Diamond,Master,Grandmaster How to configure it? Its configurable via xml How i can add items? <Package item="57,500"/> Will have as a reward 500 adena. How i can add enchanted item? <Package item="7575,1" enchant ="15"/> Will have as reward draconic bow +15 How to add stats like nobl? <Package noblesse="true"/> <Package autoDyes="true"/> <Package rec="50"/> It is can handle noblesse,auto dyes (depends on the current class of the player) and recommends. Some photos: I wont upload video ... I'm not sure about in which aCis rev is coded but it does not matter. Also i'm not friend with html designs, so don't hit me :D P.s Auto dyes system is setted up by my opinion about dyes. You can easily edit it in DonationDyes.java code data/html/mods/donate/ data/xml
  21. Hello, I will start explanation immediately. You all know that Top pvp doesn't mean Top player, right? Who is the best to 'judge' it? Players of course. So players can vote for the best of the server ( God ) , and every week the period ends. The player who has the most votes is the God of the server till period ends! In every period God is changed (unless current God has again the most votes). Every period ends at Sunday 00:01:00. (it's a cool time for that :P ). I will appreciate it if I see it in any server online around because it has sense as a feature , read my first 'question' of explanation again :P Must Read: You can vote offline players of course You cannot vote yourself ( lol ) You vote once in every period! You can see current ranking All can see who is the server's god in the God Manager All can see time remaining till period ends. There is //end_god admin command to end it manually (for every reason) No case sensitive in 'vote a player' textfield ADDED IP PROTECTION. God Manager is updating every 30 seconds! In next version updates (very very soon): Some basic god functions ( like announcements when login, hero , etc. It's the easiest part ! ) Watch this in HD full screen Code: http://pastebin.com/ERp6wsU0 For any bugs: geo.lioy (skype)
  22. Nothing special, just some small trivia engine I wrote back in 2012 for my server that I haven't been using since then because I dropped out this feature, so I leave it here if someone finds use for it package drake.aepvp.l2event; import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.File; import java.io.FileReader; import java.text.DecimalFormat; import java.util.ArrayList; import l2.ae.pvp.gameserver.ThreadPoolManager; import l2.ae.pvp.gameserver.model.actor.instance.L2PcInstance; import l2.ae.pvp.gameserver.network.serverpackets.CreatureSay; import l2.ae.pvp.gameserver.util.Broadcast; import l2.ae.pvp.gameserver.util.Util; import l2.ae.pvp.util.Rnd; public class TriviaEngine { private static final ArrayList<TriviaTemplate> _trivias = new ArrayList<>(); public TriviaEngine() { final File file = new File("./data/trivia.txt"); try (BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(file))) { String line; while ((line = reader.readLine()) != null) { final String[] explode = line.split(" - "); _trivias.add(new TriviaTemplate(explode[0], explode[1])); } System.out.println("Succesfully loaded " + _trivias.size() + " Trivia Quizes!"); } catch (final Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); System.out.println("Unsuccesfully loaded " + _trivias.size() + " Trivia Quizes!"); } if (_trivias.size() > 10) ThreadPoolManager.getInstance().scheduleGeneralAtFixedRate(() -> { TriviaEvent.currentTrivia = new TriviaEvent(); }, 1800000, 1600000 + Rnd.get(400000)); } public static class TriviaEvent { private static TriviaEvent currentTrivia; private static DecimalFormat df = new DecimalFormat("###.##"); private final long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); private L2PcInstance closeAnswer; private final TriviaTemplate trivia; public TriviaEvent() { trivia = Util.getRandomItem(_trivias); Broadcast(trivia.getQuestion()); Broadcast("PM \"trivia with the answer."); ThreadPoolManager.getInstance().scheduleGeneral(() -> { if (currentTrivia == this) { Broadcast("The correct answer was " + trivia.getAnswer() + ", unfortunately nobody found the answer before the deadline."); if (closeAnswer != null) { Broadcast(closeAnswer.getName() + " wins a small reward for being close enough!"); reward(closeAnswer, 0); } currentTrivia = null; } }, 90000); } private long getTimePassedMillis() { return System.currentTimeMillis() - startTime; } public void check(final L2PcInstance player, String answer) { final long timePassed = getTimePassedMillis(); toTrivia(player, answer, timePassed); answer = answer.toLowerCase(); final String correct = trivia.getAnswer().toLowerCase(); if (answer.equals(correct)) { fromTrivia(player, "That is the correct answer!"); reward(player, timePassed); Broadcast(player.getName() + " found the answer in " + format(timePassed) + " seconds!"); Broadcast("The correct answer was " + trivia.getAnswer() + "."); currentTrivia = null; } else if (answer.length() > 1 && (correct.indexOf(answer) != -1 || correct.startsWith(answer) || correct.endsWith(answer))) { fromTrivia(player, "You are close!"); if (closeAnswer == null) closeAnswer = player; } else fromTrivia(player, "Thats the incorrect answer."); } private void reward(final L2PcInstance player, final long time) { if (time == 0) player.addItem("Trivia", 6320, 1, player, true); else if (time < 4333) player.addItem("Trivia", 6320, 4, player, true); else if (time < 8666) player.addItem("Trivia", 6320, 3, player, true); else if (time < 91000) player.addItem("Trivia", 6320, 2, player, true); } private static void toTrivia(final L2PcInstance player, final String msg, final long timePassed) { final CreatureSay cs = new CreatureSay(0, 2, "->Trivia", "you answered \"" + msg + "\" in " + format(timePassed) + " seconds."); player.sendPacket(cs); } private static void fromTrivia(final L2PcInstance player, final String msg) { final CreatureSay cs = new CreatureSay(0, 2, "Trivia", msg); player.sendPacket(cs); } public void Broadcast(final String msg) { Broadcast.toAllOnlinePlayers(new CreatureSay(0, 18, "", "Trivia: " + msg)); } private static String format(final long time) { return df.format((double) time / 1000); } public static TriviaEvent getCurrentTrivia() { return currentTrivia; } } public static class TriviaTemplate { private final String _question; private final String _answer; public TriviaTemplate(final String question, final String answer) { _question = question; _answer = answer; } public String getQuestion() { return _question; } public String getAnswer() { return _answer; } } public static class InstanceHolder { protected static TriviaEngine instance = new TriviaEngine(); } public static TriviaEngine getInstance() { return InstanceHolder.instance; } } To connect it to your gameserver just put this somewhere in Say2.java if (_type == TELL && "trivia".equalsIgnoreCase(_target)) { final TriviaEvent trivia = TriviaEngine.TriviaEvent.getCurrentTrivia(); if (trivia == null) activeChar.sendMessage("Could not find an active Trivia Event."); else trivia.check(activeChar, _text); return; } Trivia data I was using (I generated this with a java program that was leeching QAs from various sites) https://pastebin.com/Bgei8Tpa Things you have to do by urself: Don't ask the same question within a time period Create your own QA data on trivias.txt Unhardcode the rewards or just edit them impelement a //reload feature The code is tested on live server and worked great, but it is not unit tested and I don't remember if these functions are regex vulnerable
  23. Well this code is simple, and here what it does: With a custom item that you can change (I used Tutorial Guide) you can summon a custom pet The custom pet by default is Dragon Bomber With the command ".copypet" and with a Monster, NPC... as your Target, you can change the visual style ~aka dressme, of your custom pet I find it funny and it's fast to code/add to your server, you can also edit the custom pet stats in the .xml file.For those people that don't like to have common pets, here you have the option to make any NPC or mob your own custom pet, hope you enjoy :) Credits: Wyatt Prieview Coded for L2jServer H5 Stable - Tested and working - by Wyatt http://pastebin.com/5MN1RvUk SQL here INSERT INTO `custom_npc` VALUES ('9005', '13085', 'Dragon Boomber', '0', '', '0', 'LineageMonster4.foxian_wizard_pet', '16', '24', '55', 'male', 'L2Pet', '40', '1673.054730000000000', '889.800000000000000', '6.500000000000000', '2.400000000000000', '35', '37', '30', '32', '20', '25', '0', '0', '388.11142', '223.63620', '265.02979', '163.64727', '253', '4', '333', '0', '0', '0', '35.00000', '170.00000', '0', '1'); INSERT INTO `npcaidata` VALUES ('9005', '7', '15', '0', '0', '1', '1', '1', '0', '0', '0', '0', '2', '2', '0', '0', '0', '0', 'null', '0', 'null', '0', '0', 'fighter'); ALTER TABLE characters ADD customPet INT(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0;
  24. A code i wrote for healers to receive pvp upon heal. https://pastebin.com/Ewgb6uv8 2 Things to adjust: 1. The method that calculate if healer has heal enough ( hasHealEnough ). I did the "calculate" randomly. Make it as you want base on levels or fixed heal value 2. Add the addHeal method to your Heal.java or whatever file your project has. And add the healerId of the healer who healed you.
  25. I think it not worth any money, when I bought it I was unskilled and too lazy, now everything changed, so I share some codes with you community, if you like it, every 1-2 weeks I will share unique codes, but I'm a little bit scary, because every server will have it, but nevermind. Download link: http://www58.zippyshare.com/v/IsY3qhhl/file.html Author and seller: Devlin Topic: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/181513-l2j-automatic-potions