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Found 47 results

  1. I dont know if im in right section . im lookiing for some one to create me a good clan crest + ally. High quality . pm me or leave your skype in commends
  2. Hello guys , did you miss my Lineage2 videos , don't worry !!! Today i bring you a brand new video , once afgain from la2dream server. You can see everything you want , lvl 40 twinks for AQ fights , big epics like Frintezza , Baium and Antharas and of course a smal siee on Giran Castle. I want to notice this server sides are very stable , you will never know who will win!!! Special thanks to tr1ada clan side and to my newest CP #Nip , Well done guys Don't forget add me like , subscribe and share the video if you like my videos , your like and share is a big +++ for me , THANKS !
  3. ¡Un administrador podría ayudarme con alguna calculadora de daño y tiempo para la olimpiada en un interludio! Gracias !
  5. Our clan looking for 1 nuker cp (full cp, with drivers) for L2Dawn (x3) L2OFF interlude that will open Sept. - Oct. Right now are are 3 "rusher" cps with drivers and 1 "normal" cp. Our plan as always is to get first Nobless, first epics, first heros and rush for the top. - Guarantee Our clan CP's is from Poland, Russian, Greece and we communicate each other with English. Send me pm with your cp name, any kind of video - pictures and tell me on which servers did you played. Best regards
  6. Hello guys a question about L2 OFF. How I can increases the max. players in clan lvl 5? its possible in L2 Off? In C4 the max is 40 members but I need more slots.
  7. 4FUN Leader: Xardas Clan Members: 150 Current Server zMEGA x20 ( start 4th January 2018 ) Past Servers: L2Dex L2Dream L2Realm Contact: PM ME on forum Recrutation: ON only PL Looking for some Polish people who want to join zmega x20 :)
  8. Hello guys there is an event going on.So for the first siege they are giving 20 euros to the clan leader of the clan that wins GIRAN .The reward will be given via paypal so the winner of this event must have paypal.
  9. LF active American players to play with us on the GvE server. Will be alot of fun non stop pvp let me know if your interested or just hop on our discord and say hey
  10. Hello community ! We are a group of friends that played together on many servers and now we want to join on at the opening on the 29th of December. Depending on the number of players we manage to gather,i will decide if we will make our own clan or if we join other clan as a CP. To make a better opinion about us,take some time to view our clan videos from previous seasons of L2Damage on our channel : Few things that we are looking for from you guys : 1) Basic assisting/positioning knowledge . 2) Headphones + Microphone ON for Teamspeak 3 . 3) Having the posibility of donating ( we will play archers setup,since all of us will donate and without auguments archers hit low damage ) 4) We will speak English language in PvP , since we are from different countries At this moment , i am looking for people who master the cardinal/archer/warlord classes.Feel free to contact me at Skype adress : pi2de.2010 if you have questions or if you want to find out more informations about us.
  11. Farming to make clan lvl up and pvp if you are interested check it out.
  12. Hello, I would like to sell my clan on server Skelth. Info: Clan lvl 4 Clan hall in Dion town 50k CRP - used for clan skills All clan skills lvl 2, some important skills lvl 3 If you are interested, send me offer in PM here. Thanks
  13. Hello, i have some questions about lineage 2 players: 1.Are there still people who want clan+cp's for low or mid rate servers, 4-25x High five chronicle? 2.What most people like now, farm,rbs or fun like sieges and pvps? 3.Which clans are liked more (internationals,russians,polands,bulgarians)? 3.1) Why you prefer it? 4.Which communication programs you prefer? Please answer on these 4 questions like investigation. This survey will help to many players and clan leaders, thanks in advance Example-1.0) 1. I like the big clans+cp and i prefer low rate servers (4-10x) 2. I'm a fan of farm&rbs killing 3. Bulgarian clans 3.1) because are accurate with promised services and good's with the communication 4. Skype
  14. Pedia mipws mporei kapios NA m ftiaksei ena ally/clan crest me ta arxika CA mesa??? Re magkes tosa atoma edw mesa enas NA brethei NA me boithisei dwrean den yparxei?? O allos Mou stelnei dwse Mou 15 eyrw n s ftiaxw crest..tha ithela an mporei kapios NA kanei ton kopo NA Mou ftiaxei ena ally crest kai WS antalagma tha exei thn eygnwmosinh Mou kai ton sebasmo mou
  15. I use frozen looking have to change clan lvl up price Example 1 lvl 20 k sp and 650k adena Need change for less amount of adena Any Help guys?
  16. Hello! I playing on and i looking for members for my new clan to fck old clan on server, My nick is "Edited" and i play on sph. Looking for activ and ppl who want play :)
  17. Ok , me and my friend started playing l2 ketra wars multy craft its a mid rate server with craft and sh1t it has arround 15-20k online players and 90% of them are russians, so we're trying to find a clan there with english speaking guys or girls , if anyone is playing there and could help id appreciate
  18. Hello people! I'm trying to remake my clan and i will need all the help i can get.By my side,stands bogaS,my co-leader,an experienced player that plays with me for more than 4years.We started this clan in Octomber 2014 and since then we managed to get good players in clan,we trained them so they know how to behave in teamfights,and we acomplished many successes(Video from L2Mora in signature below.LoL+CS1.6 videos on my YouTube channel : pqTeSTpq). All the time we played in inferiority,disconsidered and offended by other clans,but hey,can't be loved by everybody.At the moment we decided to join 16.06.2015 beta opens. About recruiting...Requirements: - respect my decisions. - we recruit international players - play by the rule "there is no I in TEAM",you are not the best or the worse player from clan,so dont be too cocky/too dissapointed about yourself or your knowledges...we all learn new things everyday. - microphone+headset and Raidcall...this is our forum,our team-gathering place,our fun zone. - classes you have to know to play with very good :archer(saggi+ghost santinel),support(tank,warlord,overlord,cardinal) and mages(sps/sorc).I dont ask you to be pro playing any of this classes,but to play exceptionally good at least 2 of these.For the moment im looking for 1pro cardi+archers/mages. - NO FLAMING/RAGING.I learned a lot from my mistakes and now im ready to tell you i wont rage on defeats like i would do in the past,so i expect the same thing from you too. - i dont recruit any of your "friends"/relatives/etc unless i consider he is a good player and he is willing to play with us for long-term. - Read and understand the recruiting requirements very good.It is pretty pathetic if you add me,decide to welcome you in our team and at 1st defeat u rage/flame when i said specificly that this isnt allowed. Contact : pi2de.2010 -> skype adress.
  19. Hi,What items i need For Pray on Siege?and what skills OR,, Can anyone Help me? THANK YOU
  20. Hey, i want to start playing L2 once again and so i'm looking for a clan or a server. I'll not talk much, so here are my pretentions: -It must be in the range of Prelude - Hellbound. -It must be under 50 x rates. -If you suggest me only a server, it should be kinda new, i don't want to start playing alone on a full geared server just to try catch up the others. Also the population must be between 100 and 500 players. -if you are member in a clan and need me there, i will play any class there is no problem in that but keep in mind that each of them got it's needs, i will not join as a buffer for you and looking for party with other players than "our" clan. Got no problem with population number of the server if i join a clan. -i find no problem joining a "duo" in a new server, if you found a awesome server and need another partner in the game for a small party + some boxed buffers it is just great.
  21. I need people who will join and interesting play with me to reply here to get contact O0 best mid rate server ever for me ! we can play as maxcheaters clan
  22. Hello this is MrWilson the owner of Lineage Diamond server and i would everyone to have a look about our server in and leave us some comments about it. Our goal is to create a community different, UNIQUE that everyone will like it. Thanks for your time, MrWilson * Here is a sneaky Preview Building And of course , since Giran Harbor will be our trade zone , we ought to put something protective around it Looks like the Diamond Rain did damage Giran Harbor and everything around it too ! Just look at that ship .. It makes you wonder what happened to the rest of it , and the crew .. Are they still alive somewhere?!
  23. Hello As a member of the clan PlayboyStars announces that recruit active players but also CP. We are an international clan, all players are welcome. We have stricken the people who play without unnecessary quarrels. We play only chronicle Interlude from rate x50 to x150. First of all, we have fun, because Lineage 2 is a team game. For more information pm or TeamSpeak 3 ( Leader:Antonator VCL:Seya We offer: -own TeamSpeak3 -nice atmosphere -many pvp -trips are: rb, siege etc. -help and cooperation -active players Requirements: -cooperation in a team -activity -culture -help (RB, siege, etc.) -experience -ts3 Language: English and Polish