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  1. WTS ITEMS AND ADENA ON L2.EU.COM WTS ADENA -3,5E/100kk (stock 1kkk+) WTS ITEMS - TALL H SET/ DC R SET cheap WTS ACCS: NECRO 78lvl with gear (dc r set + walhala) or naked EE - 78LVL with dc r set + homu+4 or naked BH 75 (allmost 76) tall h set or naked PRP 60lvl SE 55lvl Every time i try my best, also you can order some items, maybe i would be able to get it for you Never used any software so everything is legit. Pm here or skype: adenaeu
  2. I used to play on talking island x3 server and don't have time to play anymore so I am quitting. I have adena / items I am willing to sell but if this doesn't get any attention I will sell them pretty soon. The characters I have for sale are. - Gladiator level 60.9 currently using dual sls +4 full blue wolf heavy mix of top c and BO jewelry. - Prophet level 60 currently using divine set mostly top C jewelry - Sword Singer level 59 using top C gear - Bounty Hunter level 49 using top C grade gear - Hawk Eye level 48 using top C gear (no bow) - Necromancer level 45 has top C weapon no ro
  3. Hello everyone, i want to offer my adena. As farmer i can always offer u best price ( because u dont pay to resellers and mediators) and instant delivery. Plus its much more safe to buy from me because u buy direct from farmer without mediators chars who sells hundreds of billions to other buyers. I have adena at NA NCSoft servers: Naia 63b 8$ each Chronos 16b 9$ each Zaken 56b 6$ each Freya 2b 8$ each Payment: Skrill\Webmoney\Western Union. My stock, price and news about special offers u can check at last posts of this topic. Or better Contact me Skype Aqualang1st or icq 3664205
  4. SELLING CHEAP ADENA ON LIONNA SOLD EVERYTHING! BIG THANKS TO MC Adena: 1 Billion = 0.09€ (offer: 650b + Elegia Set = 49 € ) Elegia Heavy SET = 150B = 15€ Prophet for OLY (warrior earing/ring skills ++) = 15B = 3.70 € Adventurer (+30 skills, warrior ring/ear) = 15B = 3.70 € HELL KNIGHT (+30 skills, warrior ring/ear) = 15B = 3.70 € Elemental Master (+30 skills, warrior ring/ear) = 15B = 3.70 € Vorpal SET Full Element Lv 7 (Heavy, Light, Robe,) = 20B = 3 € Queen Ant Ring +8 = 60B = 12 € Selling stuff in this forum every now and then. GOT ANY QUESTIONS
  5. Character: Prophet: 64Level. EE: 64 Level. SE: 64 Level. SPH: x2 62 Level/ 68 Level. Crafter: 56 Level Spoiler: 62 Level SPS: 58 Level. BD: 62 Level. Items: All basic material recipe on crafter + All ss/bss recs. Tallum Heavy set Every character full C Grade. With Weapons C + SA Recipe's A grade armors. All kinds. Almost every material needed to craft them exept Asofe's. Adena/Donate coins 400kk~ / 500 Donate coins. If intrested send an email at: l2bnbx8@gmail.com
  6. Hello. L2 Lionna price 1kkk=1eu stock around 50b U can pm me here, or skype "afgan katoromski"
  7. As title says i am selling adena on L2 saga x20 Drop me a pm here or reply to the topic
  8. WTS 66b for 25e on L2 saga. skype: adam.sztula only paypal
  9. WTS Adena on GameCoast.net Off x7 Helios! Got 15 Bill Right now , 6 Euros per bill! Send me pm here or add me on skype : DrachaVonDrachen **Pay Via Paypal Only
  10. As the title says, I'm selling adena on L2 BNB gr x8 Interlude server. 1 Eur = 10 kk. Add me on skype: Lejohn Puppahh. Price updated.
  11. L2 Lionna WTS - Char- Trickster 85, 3 subs+noble, Vorpal Light set +6 7lv att Dominion crossbow - +7 300att, passiv pvp atk augument Vesper nagan found - +8 300att Vorpal Earring 2x, Vorpal Ring 2x, Elegia necklace 1x, Hero Cloak (black) Top pvp belt+6 Shirt cp Adena - 25B Skype: wirgil11
  12. Wts cheap adena on rpg club x5 only paypal
  13. WTS Items,adena,chars on e-global x7 for more information check Discord https://discord.gg/8dsvE (don't need install) or PM hire Top offer: Arcana (ac) 150 water att + DC set (robe) +TTS set 25kk - 1€ 28kk - 1€ Currently available chars: MM 80 (sub quest,75sub,noble) + coins for change name WC 78 (COV) /for more write PM/ Accept only paypal! Trusted accounts check other post
  14. Hello, Like title says i'm looking to buy adena /epics/ dc set PM me with prices Im also looking for Power lvl 3 chars ( 2x from 1-78 // 1x 60 -78)
  15. HELLO! I'm selling Adena on L2Evoke server! Cheapest price always!(i'm opened for negotiations =)) DISCOUNTS FOR BIGGER AMOUNTS if u found cheaper i'll make better offer O0 More info on Skype: ivstavrev (j0NZEE) Accept ONLY Here you can see my feedback: =====
  16. Selling Adena on eGlobal - 7x Price: 14m - 18,5m Adena = 1€ *Sold all. Thank you!* Discounts and offers: 100m = 7€ 200m = 13€ 300m = 18.5€ (16m per eu) 400m = 24€ 500m = 29€ 1B = 57€ (18.5m per eu) Master Acc with accounts: Prophet lvl 75, Spoiler 72 wit
  17. adena items few chars mats all u need full info: PM skype jghphhhf2 { 2pac pic / killuminati}
  18. Hello ;) I have adena to sell on server Core (Innova EU) ------------------ 1kkk=12,95 E ------------------ (for now only 1kkk in stock) Also have to sell -> Blessed Cutter R95 +6 (2SA: Health+P.Atc), 300 ->> OFFER ME Payment always first. (PayPal as gift) I have priv FB + ts3 server (i have micro ofc) pm me here or comment right below i am honest guy after transaction pls give me comment and + Adena in mail/trade or buyed from your shop (What do you whant) You can always pm me here ;) ;)
  19. Buying adena on Core for my group. Amount is not decided yet, most likely around 15-20b. Adena first, then instant money on PayPal. Since mostly I sell/buy privately I do not have reputation, but in case you need I can get recommendation from famous traders to your mailbox before the business. Please drop me a message but keep in mind there are sellers for ~10,5 EUR, I would like lower. Thanks in advance. edit #1 bought 6kkk for 9. Need 15kkk more
  20. Hello guys, we decided to move and play at e-global.com x7 gracia final server. we are able to offer you high level services - pwllvl, drivers, adena selling and other. All payment can be done in parts, we can go first with trusted members. Contact here or add skype coinsbomb for further info Items : DC Robe set MJ Robe set MAJOR ARCANA SET AM + 150 + ACU AM no acu SA 13 RED Adena - 1 euro = 12kk We accepting almost all payment methods!
  21. Looking for suppliers L2e-global.com Gracia Final x7 open 10 September Our website: http://l2GURU.PRO/ Contact us
  22. I'm selling 42kk adena 1kk = 2 USD If you need adena send me a pm. Thanks
  23. hello want to sell adena on l2warland.ru x20 1kkk - 1 eur paypal/qiwi skype - qwerty39rus2