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  1. WTS SE lvl 64 with 16 days sub. WTS Adena 1kk = 2e. PM me here on forum.
  2. Hello, we are a new group in Skelth (euro classic), at this moment we are selling Adena, Powerlevel from 34 till 46 (for now) and 2nd Class Quest service, everything we farm and exp is complete legit, no bot usage adena price: 2.5$ per 1kk Adena 2nd Class Quest (all of them): 8$ for powerlevel service u can contact us in this skype: we are accepting QIWI / WebMoney / PayPal as payment methods you can check our other posts: powerlevel: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/73-marketplace-powerlvl-support/ driver: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/213224-any-server-d
  3. Doombringer - Skills +15/30 skills - VNLF +6/6/4/4/4 Set Full Att - Nagan + 7 + 300 Holy + Focus - Nagan + 6+ 300 Earth + Health + Found + Active PVP DUEL - Vorpal/Vesper/Oly earrings - Tezza/Oly Neck - Elegia/Vorpal/Oly Rings - Belt PVP Skill Attack - Hero Cloak, Tezza, Zaken, Freya cloaks - 25k Fame - 80k Oly Tokens - FA for nick change - ~10kkk adena If you need adena 1kkk - 0.3e PM ME HERE OR USE SKYPE FOR CONTACTS: PM ME HERE OR USE FACEBOOK FOR CONTACT: https://www.facebook...21050851436887/
  4. WTS adena/mats on lineage2dex genesis x25 PM Thanks and have fun
  5. WTS Adena on Core EU server. Prise: 1b - 7 euros. Current stock 10b (more will be later). Pm here or skype: tekion4o.
  6. Hello everybody. Buy you adena/armor/epic/char/weapon. (Lots of) My contacts E-mail : ariel_why@mail.ru Skype: r33tfreez (r33team.com & Adrenalin5.ru Консультант) Website: r33team.com I give any warranties.
  8. As topic says, WTS CHAR , ITEMS on L2Classic.club! Shilien Elder 46 lvl karmian set and C jewel from luxury , SOLD also avadon set, demon set, top c jewel C seal, and 50kk adena <-- package 28 euro if u sell all this stuff should be around 85-90kk Selling stuff cause i have no time to play anymore ! PS . Keep in mind that I've been scammed before the same way so this time i m gonna use middle man services. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello, i'm selling adena/chars at rpg x3: 100kk=7e chars: Grand Khavatari: 84/75/75/75 nobl SE: 84/75/72 nobl WC: 83.90/65 (+great fury) SWS: 85 (sub q done) BD: 84 DOD: 80 only paypal and i don't go first skype: eligijus.siupynas
  10. Hello! Adena L2Tales (Dragon's Sin of Wrath) 0.20€ = 1b every day stock 50b++ (skype live:cheapadenanow) payeer,qiwi,webmoney stock now:100kkk
  11. sell adena on tales 0.3e=1b stock:100kkk paypal payeer qiwi webmoney skype: nefaya1
  12. Hello Selling: Doombringer account with following items: Armor: Elegia set +6 FULL ATTRIBUTES Jewels:: Vorpal earring; zaken earring, tezza neck, vorpal rings all ++++ Weapon freya: ++11 full attributes more than 12b adena and 80+ saga coins Whisper me in interested
  13. Selling adena and items on L2TALES 1kkk= €0.60 Got 20kkk ++ On stock for the moment Items: Freya Necklace, and vorpal jewel set. Vesper Noble set fully attributed Vesper Weapon Fully attributed and +7 Acumen! If interested please pm me here on the forum. If you buy the account i can make a nice price. (There are more small items that have a value).
  14. WTS: - AQ - 2 LEFT - Zaken - 1 LEFT - Baium, SOLD - Antharas SOLD - Valakas SOLD - Orfen - Frintezza - 1 LEFT - Imperial Crusaders Sets + attributes and clean - Draconic Leather Sets - Major Arcana Set - Draconic Bows + Focusa + 150 atts - Arcana Maces + Acumen - Heavens Divinder + Health - Saints Spear - ADENA - instock 5kkk+ PM ME HERE OR USE SKYPE FOR CONTACTS: PM ME HERE OR USE FACEBOOK FOR CONTACT: https://www.facebook...21050851436887/
  15. Hello Guys! Wts Legal Adena on L2E-Global Interlude х 25 Best price in the world 75kk - 1$ In Stock 3.5kkk E-Coin 10=0.7$ In Stock 390 S Weapon! AM/DB SA - 28$ AM/DB not sa - 20$ S DUAL + 4 - 37$ S Dual - 30$ Majestic Leather set - 6$ Dc robe set - 4$ Sealed Teteossian set - 10$ Exp Service Any Single Chars 80 lvl + sub 79 lvl - 40 $ Any Support (pp,ee,warc,se,ol) 78 lvl - 15$ Pumped from the ground up a new character. Time of order exp 20-36 hours. Skype - VjuhMoney Payment Method: VI
  16. As on every Tales till now adena is now in stock and up for sale. If you see lower price pm me. Zerker - Skills +10 - Dyn L Found + 6 + 60 ATT - Nagan + 300 + Focus - 150 FA - 30kkk - Tezza Cloak 1kkk = 0.4e Instock = 100kkk+++ PM ME HERE OR USE SKYPE FOR CONTACTS: PM ME HERE OR USE FACEBOOK FOR CONTACT: https://www.facebook...21050851436887/
  17. Im selling DB+6 FOCUS. Server: L2eu.com x7 Lionna Price: 40€ Skype: kyvany_69 PM here or Skype.
  18. Adena na serwerze Lineage 2 Rpg-Club x3 H5 1 kk to 0.80 zł Bonusy i zniżki za większe ilości adeny. Możliwość wystawienia aukcji na allegro oraz standardowo płatność Paypalem. Nie pasuje ci cena ? Zawsze możesz sie skontaktować i może coś wspólnie ustalimy. Mam także na sprzedaż konto ze spoilem lv 79 + Fenrir 78lv (top sprzęt), zaliczony cabrio. Telefon kontaktowy: 661057304 Mail: kakashi913@gmail.com Skype: Bastic913
  19. WTS ADENA ON RPG-CLUB x3 H5 1kk = 0.15 euro // 100kk = 15 euro stock : 150kk++ payment = paypal add skype : aplamhden666
  20. Helloo everyone!! I Am Selling some Adena/DP/Items on L2Redmoon.eu Currency: *trusted* sold a couple of stuff in this forum Proof Proof 2 Proof 3 got any questions? ask in pm. Skype: (click to add) z00pie
  21. close topic
  22. As title says I'm selling adena on Innova Core official server. Currently I have 100b+ adena to sell. (10€/1b) Also if you like to buy any in-game item just let me know which item you are interested in. Payment only thru paypal as gift, when i see payment, you get adena right away. For more info or questions, pm me here or write me for skype/viber.
  23. RPG x3[Party] adena: ~40kk I use only paypal! contacts: skype:manutdadena private message
  24. PWLVL.COM is a fast growing recognizable company which works in e-commerce since 2015. Why to choose us: - The best prices; - Instant delivery; - Our main task is your satisfaction; - Amazing customer support! If the key or service that you are looking for is not listed on site, then do not worry, it’s likely we will still able to supply you with it! Just let us know what you’re looking for by contacting our team via links provided at the bottom of this post. Feature for buyers: AFFILIATE PROGRAM!(clickable)Invite your friend and buy any stuff for free! Feature