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  1. in one week server will be empty
  2. safe 0 max 5 / normal enchant 40% blessed 65% / think different time has passed we are all adults most of community has resposibilities " i believe " .
  3. Just from seeing features it seems similar to other L2custom servers out there. Waiting for opening for making a valid review. Forum will be up after opening?
  4. thanks for the information i didnt understand most of the main part as i am completly newbie but i got your point.
  5. (GR) ευχαριστω φιλε για την συμβουλη θα το κοιταξω μιας και αποφασισα να ψαχτω για καποιο course.
  6. i will try your suggestion thank you Thank you for all the information. I believe going with only guesses is the right thing to do as you overthink everything until you find a solution but i will start first with a course and then i will do what you did.
  7. (GR) οχι φιλε μου δεν εχω κατι συγκεκριμενο στο μυαλο μου ακομα ψαχνομαι με τι γλωσσα να ξεκινησω να μαθαινω σαν εντελως αρχαριος και με android δεν εχω σκοπο να ασχοληθω στο κοντινο μελλον .. ευχαριστω για το reply παντως ..
  8. thanks for the reply .. do u know any place where i can learn through tasks or any similar suggestion?what language u suggest to start with ?
  9. Next year i will be studying computer science and i want to start learning more from now. Can l2 developing help me ? if you think that is not a good idea or there is a better way to learn about coding easier i would be grateful if you let me know . Thanks in advance for any reply
  10. κατεληξες σε western union ? εχω δει να χρησιμοποιουν και moneysafe και κατι αλλες παρομοιες εταιριες
  11. i cant register in forum it says "The letters you typed don't match the letters that were shown in the picture." but i write everything correct
  12. Anyone know a custom server worth joining with no crazy donations and good amount of players?