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  1. Where can i download the system for the beta ??
  2. Like my Titel says I'm Looking for a dev Team for a new project What i Need is : Webdesigner Dev's Video Designer And some guys for adversting (maybee) Pm me at Skype and Show me u work and Tell me u Price Skype : AyPixta
  3. http://www.l2equanimity.com/this server is since 7 years open and they never have wipe the server
  4. Bcuz u failed with u server maybee :O i also did a server with nevermore´s files was succes 500 ppl on a high rate server at first day also i have tell them some ideas bcuz of cancel system i hope u have add it nevermore ^^
  5. gl with u server ^^ prepare to join :P
  6. y with conversation its going faster and u need to use just 1 time sacrefice and u got more time to buffs with u buff swords thats my exp