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  1. drama o xdem? ksekolate mankes :v oloi tn hatarete kata kairous
  2. First of all,your site needs Interlude client's link,not only your patch.
  3. Yparxei to wtfast cracked atm? Thimamai palia pws to eixa alla einai outdated,exei kaneis idea? Pm me.
  4. You are too good zed that you dont know the itemization :)
  5. The akward moment when you have to change your whole gameplay since new rito changes in jungle . Every year shame sh1t.
  6. Nai genika 10 xrono eimai gia na pisteuw oti lene. Eixa katebasei k ta 2 k dn douleuan kan mexri smr. Enw stn kolito m douleuan kanonika g kapoion logo.
  7. Episis gnwmi oti tha dw tn apantisi sas meta apo kana xrono k an? Kappa
  8. Gnwmi to oti ekleise to popcorntime k se emena douleuei kanonika? Ti sto peos exei ginei? Hax.
  9. Im not going to be aggresive or something,but unranked accounts going banned soon or later. So if you decide to buy a clean account,you must be sure that you arent going to give a negative feedback as soon as the trade is done.
  10. MPEITE EDW,TA DIXNEI OLA K SIMFEREI http://www.twitch.tv/firefox_aurora http://www.twitch.tv/mathew_d