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  1. Don't find anything... locking the topic... If u want lvl/aggro patch use L2Lige...
  2. Yeah =/ Well... i`m using the l2lige for mob`s lvl/hp/zoom =)
  3. How did u edited the .dat files? Can u make one for Freya? Thanks in advance! =) (sorry, I can't test now) edit: Man I'm really noob... on Freya just SHIFT+CLICK on mob...
  4. Someone? I've tried the one for Gracia Epilogue but doesn't work for me (obviously). Thanks in advance!
  5. Try l2net, it's no so simple to use, but has a lot o options! Sorry but I don't know how to help u with the l2walker...
  6. That`sj a big problem that I had with l2net =/ try to let the option ~auto unstuck~ marked and if you are using a close fighter also marks the option ~walk befora atack~(something like that). good luck!
  7. Very nice... Or you can just RECORD the buying packets with l2phx and resend then and buy infinity BSOE =)
  8. Maaaan!!! Greatest Tutorial EvER!!! Worked 100% for me (l2 freya version) Thank you! xD~
  9. Really good tutorial man, help's me a lot! L2alpha =) worked
  10. I've always used the 3.1.8, but it seems to getting old, doesn't work on a lot of servers... Anyway, I also think that's the best, thanks for share! Sorry for my bad english.
  11. The camera one doesn't work for me =/ I use much is the 'site:www.mediafire.com "file to download"' very usefull for me :P anyway, goodshare :P
  12. Nice share man! It helps me a lot!! Thanks again! :D
  13. Well, I think that's the wrong section. It's not a hard thing to configure, everyne must already know how to do that, anyway GS :P * sooooorry, bad english... *