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  1. I agreed with most of the part until i saw this "They are 200% better of l2jserver.". Look, it's good, im ok with that, but it's not even close to how good l2jserver is. You won't really see the quality code of l2jserver in many projects in general for the developing world.
  2. Don't sell them. Trust me words and don't sell them. I could have sold the whole map, heroes and models from Dota, Dota 2, LoL and other games. Listen to me and keep things unique until you find a legit way to protect your work. Stuff i made and never sold. Be unique and keep the good work.
  3. Ama erthei me DHL na arxhseis na klais. An oxi, tote ola komple. Mhn epilegeis ta first class delivery pote.
  4. Do i look like i am some sort of charity case? I get whatever i want with my money, i don't need to strive for a scholarship. You on the other hand have a TERRIBLE degree from a technological educational institute of patras. Wow great mate. It's like 14k points to get in. I scored 18400 and i still rejected everything in greece. You poor poor boy. I guess you need no sympathy :((((
  5. Im sure you know everything. (Oh, it is called university and there is no free university in the UK. I'm sure you know nothing about foreign educational systems so i can spare you. Oh and no matter the knowledge, i am way more hirable than you for A TON of reasons, my degree being one of them.) Cya around, working on a security system.
  6. I am referring in the languages you can code moron. I though it was obvious but i guess i have to explain everything to you.
  7. We are not on the same job. That's the thing. I'm both electrical and software engineer while you are still just a OOP coder cuz i cant even call you a programmer. Even in 30 years i might not be as good as you but you will still be my employe. Deal with it.
  8. xdem you are the sort of guys that i come to with ideas and they code for me for a standar wage while i make thousands. That sucks, doesnt it?
  9. We both know why. We both know that we would love to have others as front mans and we keep doing our thing quietly on the background, getting all the money and evading all the drama. Even if you did own it, it would be wise to hide it.
  10. You mean this .getreward which unafraid is providing for free? https://github.com/UnAfraid/topzone/blob/master/l2j/game/data/scripts/handlers/voicedcommandhandlers/VotingReward.java Moron.
  11. nah, i cba. if someone wanna upload it and send me a link i will update the topic.
  12. depends on the rev you are talking about. esios went private after rev 164 or something. Many things changed there.
  13. They remade the icons, You cant just call the overlay.