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  1. Hi, i downloaded L2JFREE pack (with source code) from this forum. I want to compile gameserver ( through pom.xml ) i tried using maven, eclipse + maven, but still i get this error [ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project l2j-gameserver: Could not resolve dependencies for project l2jfree:l2j-gameserver:jar:1.0.0: The following artifacts could not be resolved: l2jfree:l2j-commons:jar:1.0.8, l2jfree:l2j-mmocore:jar:1.0.4, l2jfree:l2j-test-tools:jar:1.0.2, org.apache.bsf:bsf:jar:2.0, bsh:bsh:jar:2.0: Failure to find l2jfree:l2j-commons:jar:1.0.8 in http://www.l2jfree.com/maven/ was cached