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    Gotta think of it..
  1. ^_^ The first one that noticed this fact.. :) But S84 is obtained by upgrades with really high prices. Maybe this is the main reason nobody likes him. :)
  2. Farm Zones arent still finished. And about the rest, its easier (like the rest) to buy common items and farm with them untill you collect enough adena. :) Everybody have been thru this.
  3. Revenger, having a will to do something is the main factor to create a good server. :) Im not here to swear, im not here to fight. Also i told few hours ago hardcore to edit the topic, its not my fault he didnt, and you could search for the older topic. I heard that a lot peoples liked the way the server is made but the problem is in low online. Well i dont blame anybody for this fact. Even if i have 0.1% chance and less this doesnt stops me from running a server :) Truly it did, once when we upgraded from x4 to x7.
  4. I didnt really wanted to write here.. but seems ill have to. First of all yes i have to admit that the server is l2j and its not something to be ashamed of. The guy made a mistake, i told him that we are l2j. I have never hided somewhere that l2headoff is l2j. Im not forcing anyone to start playing there. Its all your choice what you are gonna think and what not. "They" ? I never knew that 1 person is counted for many? http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=75435 have you ever read this topic to act like that? No you didnt im sure - shut up. And do you have any id
  5. Today opened!!! We also launch an event for the first clans of the server! The first 2(two) clans which reach 4 level are getting free clan hall at Aden.Only 1 clan will get a reward per IP/Account! www.l2headoff.com • Started: 28.09.2009 • Gracia Final • Rates: - x7.2 Exp - x7.3 SP - x7.0 Drop - x7.2 Adena - x6.0 Spoil - x1.3 Party Exp - x1.2 Party SP - x6.0 Manor - x6.0 Fish Reward - x6.0 Quest Reward - x6.0 Quest Drop - x6.0 Pet Exp - x2.0 Pet Food • Enchant: - 3 Safe Weapon - 4 Safe all items - 66% Chance - 16 Max Armors - 16 Max Weapons
  6. I have sended a PM with info to Maxtor to contact me, until then i cant do anything. BG: ni6to niama da naprawiat, predi malko govorih s tiah, uspokoi topkata, nezawisimo ot towa oba4e ot dulgo vreme diskutirahme towa s Nik i mai si mu doide vremeto. :) P.S. Are you banned now..? :}
  7. Not exactly.. triple the price and maybe he will keep his mouth shut enough to run away. And if you are not the one i banned yesterday ... However im sorry to all about the leeched topics. As you all know i cant control every single posted topic. I can only co operate with Maxtor as fast as he reply to my PM. Until then i have only suspended the read action at all the boards with your shares.
  8. If everything goes right, give a look at the jython file.. i mean the ones that loads the main functions of the buffer. :) By the way, check for errors on loading.
  9. omg omg.. stopp with those noobish comments.. as i see none of you read the topic link i gave here!!! 1. This wont be server 2. Its will be open source project 3. It wont be C4 anymore 4. It wont be Lineage 2 anymore 5. It will be based on Lineage 2 Engine 6. Fixing bugs idea is taken as well of course. 7. Read everything again. 8. Read the fcking topic. :P Thats why its called -> L2J New World... because -> Textures/weapons/armors/items/quests/NPCs and etc will be FULLY changed and modded... i agree its at least an year work for at least our first stable pack but
  10. wtf delete the thread!!! Its 2 years old!!!
  11. Got it! :) Taken in the DP Dev group. ;) Find me in msn
  12. Nope its an old "attempt" to restart a project which long time ago started making a totally different world. What i mean? I mean an open source server files and client files which are totally making different the L2 World.. #Stefoulis15 L2JC4 does exist and we can provide a full source files. #HaCkz0r [bG]Това е dev team който работи върхо не виждан проект до сега, прочети какво съм писал вътре за разбереш. :) [EN] This is a dev team on a project which was never seen until now, read what i have posted in the forum.
  13. If you dont understand whats this all about --> read below http://l2jnw.no-ip.biz/index.php/topic,91.msg998.html#new At least give it a read! :) The topic deserves it! :P If you already wanna flame me for something at least do it on PM.. :P Edit: THIS is a java dev team not a new server x.x
  14. Soon AMD Athlon 64bit AM2 5200+ 2.7 GHz dual core is coming up on the machine :P from little lag there wont be lag at all! :P Full geodata in both servers atm Adena rate is changed: x25 Record high rate: 75 Record low rate: 20