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  1. Excellent person , perfect job. I love him :)
  2. Hello im searching a auto vote reward system+npc for all sites.
  3. We don't give up , we are make a huge promotion these days.We keep fixing problems and implement people ideas.
  4. Thanks , but listen. We are not paying any player to play like all other server do. Give us some time and then leave a comment. I don't know why you keep replie everyday.
  5. Thank you mate! Waiting you inside!
  6. exactly. You can use the community board to see the online players. Anyway for first day we had almost 70ppl. Of course from tomorrow we will start a lot of promotion on social networks , forums & toplists. Join us!
  7. 20 Minutes until GRAND Opening , we're hope to like our work see ya inside!
  8. This afternoon our server will open his gates at 19.00 gmt +2.. We are waiting you all !!
  9. Tommorow is the DAY get ready 19:00 GMT +2!
  10. We're still working on our server, dont miss the FRESH START at 11-2 19:00 GMT +2!
  11. No server don't failed at all. We just have some issues with our protection and we lost some people cause they can't login. So we decide to make a new fresh start to fix all problems. P.S FRESH START 11-2 19:00 GMT +2 DON'T LOOSE IT!
  12. Excuse me. Admin of this server it's me : https://www.facebook.com/AndrewElixir and really i don't remember when i scam you. Stathis is just a partner of this server. Thanks And who are you that told me kseftilismeno ypokoimeno? Anyway i don't give more significance. As i said , we will make a fresh restart. It was a wrong opening but we will do the best on this server. Till Saturday we've got a lot of time to check more things.Also if you have any kind of suggestion , speak with us on our forum : www.L2Force.com/forum. Thanks
  13. All of your reports gonna fix it on this week don't worry!
  14. Hello after 2 days with downtime and with the problem for our Protection we loose too much people because they can't login.We fix this and all problems that you report after the grand opening.But we think that we need a new fresh START without any problem.All problems are fixed! We read and hear all your suggestions to make our server better.We will make a WIPE so all players start from the beggining without any problem.We are guarranty that no one have any trouble to login! We will keep test in the week to anyone who can't LOG. You will learn news from here. Don't worry we are not lost, we just make a new fresh restart with our problems fixed. Thanks in advance to all who understand us!We are new server and we will keep fighting for the better! http://www.l2force.com http://www.l2force.com/forum And Don't forget, MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!