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  1. Well i like a lot the transparent background. So i find out that spalsh style signatures rocks at least for me. For example if you ask me, i don t like your signature.. it s just a simple image x by x nothing special.. i m bored to play with lights in order to make a simple image to look better or edited..
  2. Cropping is easy with Pen tool for better detail.. But it's a boring work, so most of the times i found the characters ready. The problem is always ideas.. Some more...
  3. I think so .. I want credits for this Medal if you gonna use it. Thanks.
  4. Interlude is the most popular from retail like servers till high rate ones. All the big clans / communitys playing Interlude mid - pvp rate servers from x35 / x100.
  5. Καλημέρα, Και τα 2 smartphone έχουν λειτουργικό σύστημα Android βασισμενο σε lynux απ οσο γνωριζω. Lag ειναι ενα χαρακτηριστικο που εχουν τα Android αλλα με κανα restart τη μερα στρωνει. Σαν πρώην χρήστης Samsung Galaxy S4 και μετά απο 1.5 χρόνο λειτουργίας μπορώ να σου πω να πάρεις το S4. Έμεινα υπέρ ευχαριστημένος. Η Samsung διαπρέπει καλύτερα απο την LG σε αυτό τον τομέα. Ένα ακόμα + στο S4 είναι η αναβάθμιση σε Android Lolipop 5.1 κάτι που το G2 δεν έχει και δεν θα έχει εκτός και αν το φλασάρεις εσύ κάτι που δεν θα σου συνιστούσα. Το S4 λάβε υπόψη σου έχει Super Amoled Display Gorilla
  6. In my free time i m creating Lineage 2 signatures. I present you my art work. I can create for you something so feel free to ask it.
  7. Hello all, Looking for a mature guy to build for me a nice L2J Interlude Server with a lot of Items ( custom weapons, armors, jewels ) in my computer for personal use in order to create awesome L2 Signatures for forums with Photoshop. I have a lot of people that asking for something cool when they see my skills on it. Maybe i could make some money from that. If the job is properly done we can discuss about the payment methode. Computer (Laptop) specs: Windows 10 home 4 gb ram 500 gb hard drive nVidia Geforce 630m Here i present you some Signatures so you can check and rate m
  8. To Ground den exei simeia gia na ta 8esw simetrika pos na kaneis 50 - 100 npc se simetriko kuklo xwris na mporeis na 8eseis ena simeio ws simetria ... apo to ground ... gia na katalaveis ti 8elw na kanw ... Medal Event ! 50 - 100 Tombstone(npc) se simetriko kuklo. Se kapoio akuro simeio tou map ... teleiws epipedo kai xwris details sto ground. Prosvasi 8a exoun ekei mono apo Global GK pou anoigw egw. Auto de ginete me to xeri ..
  9. Geia sas 8elw na kanw merika npc spawn alla prepei na einai simetrika! dld as poume 8elw na kanw enan apoluta simetriko Kuklo me npc. Eite p.x. otan einai sieges, stis Town na sponarw 50 buffers se mia grammi. Ap oti katalavainete omws auto de ginete me to xeri .. Gnorizete an uparxei kapoio programma pou na sou dinei auti ti dunatotita? Euxaristw.