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  1. gelaste gelaste k egw 8a gelaw meta omws... krataw ipomonh akoma...
  2. N@B 8es na deis to forum shmera lg down na doume edw k twra 8es na to deis? na gelasoume lg ;) 8elw na fer8w an8ropina ean m spastoun ta neura exei telio8ei to 8ema gia na to lew, mporw k to kanw dn ginome tsampa rezilh...
  3. You don't know nothing about DragonHunter and me... You can't understund me, only him can understund..!
  4. Ti nwmizeis re paparidio noobidi oti dn mporw na klasw trixa? as me ban k 8a doume ti asteia 8a lete meta 8a gelasei k o petinos kaifalas...! exw xanw msn alla eseis oloklirh douleia mazi me forum.
  5. The dragonhunter hacked it, 80048831 this error have can't login, remember i can make this forum ONE SHIT if don't beliveath me, then will do nothing, make only ban me and see the forum down 4 ever ;)
  6. DRAGONHUNTER If you don't give me back my MSN: LifeOwner@windowslive.com the MaxCheaters Forum will make it down for ever, if don't beliveath me tomorrow make it DOWN! Maxtor worn i can make it this, talk to dragonhunter my probleam or the our forum will make it one shit.!