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  1. Selling chars on Skelth - Accepting money only Via Skrill or Western Union! Tyrant lvl 70 - 270€ (BW heavy set+3, Dragon Grinder, Top B fists +3 othell lvl 7, B/A Jewlery) Warsmith lvl 52 90€ (Got all shots in craft book D/C/B grade) Propeth lvl 49 75€ (52 lvl skills with deathwhispher, Karmian set, C jewlery, dys, weapon with iss lvl 7) Phantom Ranger 60 lvl 80€ 75€ Propeth lvl 49 (skills from lvl 52 with deathwhisper), karmian set, C jewelry, weapon with iss lvl 7 - 70€ 55€ Blade Dancer lvl 58 (Duals C grade with lvl 8 iss rune) 80€ 70€ sold for 65€ via Western Un
  2. Good server, they actually care about preventing people from boting.
  3. Gonna make sure to clear it, send question here I will reply asap.
  4. List will be updated added stuff/removed stuff: ALL CHARS ARE MANUALLY LEVELED & ALL ADENA/EQUIP LEGIT! Warcryer lvl 56+ (full skills researched) It comes with Divine Robe set C grade Jewlery It have many xp scrolls 30% 100 € SOLD FOR 90 EUROS Blade Dancer lvl 58+ (Full skill researched) It comes with Zubei Heavy set C grade jewlery Dual C grade with Iss lvl 7 It have also some xp scrolls 30% 130 € Phantom Ranger lvl 60+ (Full skills researched) Can come with equip or without Equip. 100 € Equip & Items for sale: Doom Light Set Plate
  5. Send in private message your offer and skype and you will be added if offer is proper.
  6. As it says in title! [skelth]Clan hall in gludin [skrill only!] Write me offers in private message and write your skype, if its serious offer I will add you and we can talk about it! Expectations for clan hall are around 200+ euros
  7. Selling Hawk Eye 52 lvl and 70% Eminence bow +8 str -10 con Plated Leather set Top C jewlery Another 15 days left on the account Blade Dancer 48 lvl Mid D Duals Compound armor Another 15 days left on account payed Warcryer lvl 50 and 70% Elven Mithril set (7 Movement speed) Another 15 days on the account payed For each char I need an serious offer, you can send me your skype in private message and I will add you in case an offer is serious enough
  8. Special sale: Blessed Earing of Zaken +5 Added
  9. You can order adena/chars Special sale: Blessed Earing of Zaken +5 Payments can be send by PayPal and Skrill For any questions you can ask here on forum or on skype: topitemtrader Reminder: we do not trade you stuff before we receive payment!