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  1. hello, Help I need a code ??? in gs i wrote this _Guard = Guard.getInstance(); if (!_Guard.isInitialized()) { throw new Exception("Guard:Wrong key"); } (If this true the gameserver will run ) gameserver/guard.java here I need your help please help means so: Here I need to write code like that: will check (see) if there is such a key (12345) in key.java then the it will be true and gamesrver get true and will run gameserver/key.java example: 12345 1111 and so with me thanks
  2. Help people i need this code Enchant Scrolls in one stack(icon) ?
  3. Hi, I need java code which works like this : In the core is a sheet of ip's for example (1-,2- and so on) then if a person has a particular ip and it is not available in this list that gs does not start May be someone have that is such a code? ? //sorry for my english