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  1. Healer class: Eva saint Race: Human lvl 95 Equip: event immortal & Seraph robe set / requiem cutter+health Subclass: Elemental summoner Lv 68 Tank class: Hell knight Race: Elf lvl 96 Equip: event immortal heavy / requiem cutter+health 150 element Aguments: active reflect, active refresher, active lesser celestial Tyrr Warrior class: Titan Race: Kameal lvl 95 Equip: event immortal heavy / requiem dual sword+health 150 element Iss Enchanter class: Hierophant Race: Human lvl 95 Equip: event immortal heavy / requiem dual sword+health 150 element Subclas
  2. 5 bil adena OR 150 euro's basic equipment immortal event items/wepon, it has a few vitality items stored in WH no scam! even tho i have low post count. i sell couple of chars on diffrent forums add me on skype: Creselia11 if u want more info feel free to ask in skype/mail
  3. i know it not exacly what u looking for but if u dont find any and u may get intrested i have othell rogue 95/subbclas 76 shilen saint nobblese 55K mentee coins and really cheap :)
  4. max i can give u is my othell rogue 95 (spoiler/dwarf) 40K mentee coins in his pocket i know it doesnt fit ur requirments but if intrested let me know x)
  5. Hello neither do i have + reputation but however i could give everything to a friend of mine and u wil probaly trust him ^^ iss enchanter 95 lvl 42% cool looking orc fighter i used destiny stone on him did subbclass quest it has a subbclass lvl 51 treasure hunter NAIA server normal name Items: has birthday potions - 17 vitality mataining potions - 6 (3x 30 min) (3x 1 hour) viltality brithday cakes - 6 PC vitality (1 hour) - 13 vitality recovery potion - 2 XP rune's - 50% 5 hours & 100% 3 hours Mentee coins - 16,562 Energy of destruction - 170