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  1. WTS: +5 Blessed Antharas Earring - 1200 euro +5 Blessed Valakas Necklace - 740 euro I Accept PayPal. Skype: endless596
  2. http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/79-previews-l2-private-servers/
  3. Hello. Guys i have for sell adena and acc with BP lvl 74 with all skills + 2 x rec earring tts 1 for ring and 1 neckl + karmian set. Adena for 0.4 euro and i have 50kk in stock. If you are intrested my skype is: shakall921 Cheers !
  4. Hi. Im looking for good clicker for bd. I need program that will click f1,f2,f3 every 2min and fallow one player. Thanks.
  5. Hello. I have for sell: ---------------------------- TH 60 lvl BD 65 lvl Adena ---------------------------- PayPal only.
  6. I love to hear that I'm scamed ppl. Give here proofs or shut the fuck up you idiot.