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  1. played all his c6 servers was pretty fun even if we hate him he make great servers good luck
  2. his product simple stoped working on all servers he decreased his price to like 15 Eur from 40 etc not worth interface is nice but when a person dont keep his own words then no even worth my 2 cents thats all
  3. see what? they say it's l2j platform and seems lucera based.
  4. when you add them the head gear is missing... i mean the look is complete but only the helm is missing from each part for interlude
  5. Very nice job dude, now that is something useful.
  6. Bring back the smf times lol.
  7. Highly supported and 100% reccomended as client development services. :)
  8. If you are goin to make more transparent interface better remove everything so people can see clearly the whole thing better, FFS. Guys you should stop messing with the interface and start paying attention more to the utilities of it.
  9. Hello there. Welcome to our community.
  10. Kaneme add sto skype file mou mpwro na se boi8isw se oti xriazese me to l2 :) romeo.mxc
  11. That is a different UI from higher clients, it is possible if you adapt the textures but you have to edit the interface anyway so good luck finding someone to do it for you :D
  12. if you can adapt this exactly for interlude i can pay whatever price you ask :)