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  1. It's balanced in terms of your elo system working. But if there would be a formula in balance of classes then you can't put that into your High-Five equation.
  2. Nothing seems to happen when i click on the links and even the latest posted links
  3. As the title says. I also sell 2x Unsealed Tallum Robe Set and 800 donation pounds half price.
  4. As the title says. I want wc or pp 78+ in asterios x7 phoenix i deal only through known people
  5. What would that do any difference? We all know the Skype was a scammer, i saw posting him making no difference. Note 9 failed me with the pic. Will be re-updated. So apparently i found out that my fake skype was created username matispurec. When actually the original Skype is matispure. But the interesting part is that i am MatisPurec in facebook. So before creating the Skype, the scammer needed to know my name on facebook. The only person i traded through facebook is Citygamer. Everybody else is on Skype. Compelling evidence? No. Interesting tho? , yes. I have reason to believe the culprit of this all is actually our beloved citygamer. However i have been wrong before, more than you think. It was terrible mistake to post it that early, since it would need more investigation and more time. Which now for me because of the workload is quite tough. Do you guys think if i write petition to innova and tell them that some of my friend scammed me in my computer by sending mail with my items and i need to find out what friend it was maybe they can trace to a connection? If you do not want this post here through lack of immediate evidence then delete it, i am perfectly aware in case citygamers being innocent this might be market problem for him. I'll create new post with better connections which make more sense and if anybody has had experience with this known scammer i ask you to contact me. There is usually some kind connection which find out the truth.
  6. Why did you ask my paypal and acted like you just logged out Skype and then started telling me random bolony? Anyhow today was really hard to deal with This since i had clan war in csgo right at the same time when i was trading. So the evidence is quite random but i have an idea what needs a little effort. Therefor i ask this forum to give me time for a better report. 48 hours before delete of the thread.
  7. I have already couple deals made with this guy in Facebook. Really known guy and i have had really great deals with him. Never had any problem. Recently i started selling my Feoh with items and a looot of scammers have tryed to act as somebody else, as Pufa and so on. But i have made deals with them before so they are also in my facebook or in my skype. For example i got Pufa in my skype. Citygamers in my Facebook, and so on. Anyway, today some guy Citygamers skype added me into Facebook and acted like a natural scammer, i told him, that we have made a lot of deals in Facebook so lets talk in Facebook. In my head i thought i got him. But totally to my surprise then Citygamers started talking to me in facebook, confirming the guy in skype was him. This is the confirmation picture in Facebook [This is his authentic facebook, can prove], look at the time: Skype: Look at the time So he later tells me that they can make two skypes and that it is possible. But in Facebook he knows everything the guy in Skype said. First he is aware of the items then he denies them. I don't have very much video evidence because i found out that i am being scammed and then i pressed button for 10 minutes nvidia recorded. Part 1: LOOK guys, i am not the perfect person or a wizard that i know everything. I can't blame everything but it it was strange as fuk and i got scammed.
  8. Feoh 105 Skills enchated some +18, some +15, some +10. Shirt Shiny Elemental +10 Diamond 4, Venirs 13 Emerald 4, Talisman Longing Ruby 4, Talisman Hunter Abundance Sapphire 4, Sayha 7(lvl 5,4,3 in wh) Pearl 4 ears +10% m atk PARTY CAKE 80+ Freya scroll of storm 200+ VIT xp potion 25+ Dark rune, vital rune 50+ premium 20 days + XP rune 200% 15d Set R99 +8PVE Robe +17 Specter Retri +15% Crt dmg(aug) Skype: matispure
  9. I have toons need of powerlvl. Send me your offers and when i don't respond then i am not interested. ISS is 101 Feoh is 105 Both have 200% Runes and premium
  10. WTB Adena Core 5.5€ 1b I would like to buy a lot.
  11. nice! wish we could see some dmg tho
  12. Hello, since i am going cold turkey i wanna get rid of my stuff real quick. Selling level 56 WC: All buffs learned. It's naked(with a lot of boosts) Email is unique to the account, you will also get a clean email with the account. (probably wise to use a middle-man like Pufa if he agrees, i did a deal with him before and it was really fast and smooth) 120€ LVL 44 Gladiator With VIP lvl 4 12,5k VIP POINTS. 804 NCSOFT coins. Char is naked. 60€ Because of the ncstuff. Adena in stock: 41kk (currently i am also selling other items in the game, so it rises) Adena million is 4.3€, quite reasonable considering the market is booming like mad dog right now. NEW STOCK 41kk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Full Plate Set (+4fullbody,+3helm,boots+0,gloves+0) - 10kk Shamsir*Shamsir +5 (top C, same stats with raid*raid) - 13kk Brigandine Set +0 With the FULL PLATE SET my skype: matispure