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  1. there is no working bypasser yet for L2walker
  2. +1 i need it to. there is always one in towalker.com but it fail's everytime at Gameserver fail
  3. if this server is homemade give me Custom Server better then this with Custom Armors and Weapons and all other things, only Freya.
  4. Hi There All. First of all i want to say that this is not my server, like one guy say's it's not my server but i'm playing there and this server need more players )) so let's begin about server Enchant Rates *Safe +8 - Max +30 *Normal Scroll 75% *Blessed Scroll 100% Server Rates Clan skills 100% *Exp = x8000 *Sp = x10000 *PartyXp = x2 *PartySp = x2 *DropAdena = x8000 *ConsumableCost = x1 *Spoil = x1 *DropItems = x1 Certification Quest Working 100% Olympiads Working 100% Heroes skills 100% Global Gatekeeper Custom Weap
  5. i hate when people say "make sure your Antivirus is disabled because antivirus say's that it's virus" lol that's cannot be like that, anyway i dont trust people who say that, never Disable your antivirus never disable your antivirus when you have downloaded something and it's say's it's a virus never DISABLE ANTIVIRUS!!!
  6. tell me please how to add this ? if possible please write me in PM Please THank You
  7. there is to new OOG Walker for Freya maybe someone have Verificator ?
  8. i think there will be soon OOG Walker for Freya. Hope Hope Hope ))
  9. to farm faster, to use skills faster with walker