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  1. Wynn elemental 101, freezing invoke+elemental call learnt skills slightly enchanted tank DA 100 skills slightly enchanted noblesse+exalted lvl3, full sub skills pvp def belt from oly shiny elemental shirt +10 exalted cloak exalted tiara talismans: annhilation+hunter+venir lv7 (+3 str bracelet) helios retributer+3 300 eternal robe set 1236 attribute +3/3/3/5/6 requiem avenger 2xHealth SA Eternal heavy set +6 3x120 attribute zaken earring +4 COC stun earring +3 freya necklace +5 dynasty ring x2 brooch 5slot with: opal 4, ruby 4, diamond 4, emerald 4, garnet 4,
  2. Main: Wynn Elemental master 100lvl (73%) Dual: Sigel DA 99lvl (10%) sub1: sph 80lvl sub2: spoiler 80lvl GENERAL GEAR Brooch lvl5 with: Ruby lvl4 / Opal lvl4 / pearl lvl3 / diamond lvl3 / obsidian lvl3 / sapphire lvl3 / emerald lvl3 Commando belt Replica tiara old elemental shirt annihilation talisman lvl6 venir talisman enhanced octavis bracelet sturdy fishing rod exalted lvl1 finished exalted lvl2 missing: olympiad games + mentee marks + epic tauti + epic istina WYNN GEAR+SKILLS Apocalypse retributer +4 300water 2xSA Seraph Leather Set +6/4/4/4/4 3x60 attribute paulina dyna
  3. Feoh soultaker 98.5lvl sub phantom summoner 62 sapphire lv3 opal lv2 Skype: nikosdekal
  4. Selling adena and donate coins on 1kkk - 3.5 euro 100 DC - 6 euro discounts and gifts on big purchases
  5. 99lvl(and 18%) yul ghost sentinel // 93 lvl dual iss dancer // 69lvl sub sorcerer apo thrower +3 300holy x1 sa(atk.speed, p.skill crit rate) venir talisman lvl4 destruction talisman brooch 3 slot with: ruby 3, opal 3, emerald 2 115 energy of destruction armor: paulina dynasty jewels: paulina dynasty exalted Q: 4k mobs killed, 30shouts, tiara 2/5, oly+coc 0/80 PA account until 26/5/2017 skype: gamekaidernw
  6. Wont go through that coz it's late, i will just leave some proof here to begin with, he pms, wants to buy a L2 char i sell, shows me proof (http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/184810-9997-othell-gh-on-core-eu-also-eso-acc/page-2) and i ask him to pm me with CashOut account as he does seems like a legit guy, but he isnt i copy-pasted the skype conversation below. he is using one of the following skype IDs: http://prntscr.com/e4me2c ban por favor ;)
  7. EE 84lvl nobl, 3subs BOE, protections, mag.will, enlightment, divine inspiration lv4 19199 fame 4goblets for tezza Q weapons: FDS acumen clarity vesper caster Armor: vesper noble set +3 Fire/water/earth/wind 5parts lvl4. dark 2 parts lvl4 zaken soul cloak pailaka shirt C grade belt moirai sigil Jewels: 5x vorpal jewels +3 cloak of flames +6 premium account 2 head accessories (including valakas slayer) kookaburra 86 skill enchants: recharge 13cost erase 8cost mana burn 15cost resist shock 7power clarity 13power poWater 10penalty mana gain 8time block ww 7chance trance 13chance m
  8. Kalhspera magkes, epeidh rwtane arketoi, tha kanw ena mikro post sxetika me to Bot sto l2 (osa gnwrizw egw toulaxiston). Sorry gia ta greeklish alla me voleuoun perissotero l2.net / l2walker / l2phx : SPANIA tha vreis server pou na doulevoun akoma auta ta software. poly duskola zRanger : Poly kalo pvp-assisting software (alla kai bot sthn premium ekdosh tou) pou den yparxei pleon! (tyxeroi osoi eixan agorasei lifetime licence kai to exoun akoma) kala me ola auta pou DE doulevoun, ti doulevei omws? 1. Adrenaline. edw k merika xronia no1 bot. Yparxei palio version (1.71)cracked kai ta pio