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  1. I want to buy too, can u contact me?
  2. bereline


    Hello, can u help me? Which version do i need? and with some bypass?? Thx for help
  3. So, can u help me? Idk how set up bot for this shit ... :(
  4. Thx, i try Andrenaline forum, because i dont know how to ...
  5. How do I set up Adrenaline for spoil in Beast Farm? I think, how i set up ITEM: golden spice, to be used just twice for mob? When i set up golden spice for use, its used again and again. Does anyone have SCRIPT for spoil in BF? Thx a lot
  6. Idk why, but now it works. Maybe i must have only ONE type of LURE in inventory ... hm? EDIT: again -> screen
  7. Hello everyone, I'm playing on L2 Tales, use andrenaline bot, but FISHING doesn't work. Can anyone write SCRIPT for FISHING? Look at files, andreline writes this ... I have ROD and BAIT too ... whats the problem? :O Thx!
  8. Where i download adrenaline crack version for redemption.ws? Thx a lot!